Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash – one solution to all skin problems 

In a country like India, you will find people with different skin tones. Living in such a diverse country, here people have to face different climatic conditions, and every climatic condition has some harsh effects on our skin. We all know very well that healthy skin results in healthy Body. To keep ourselves healthy we should take proper care of our skin. So, normally we all use Sunscreen during Summers or go for Cold creams during Winters but still are hardly satisfied with what we are using, especially the females we have to suffer more as we are more concern about the skin and its complexion than Men. Overall it is very essential to take proper care of your skin in all seasons. For this, the most trusted brand “Vicco” has recently launched a new face wash named as “Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base Face Wash”. ‘Vicco’ the name itself is enough for the people to use its products. Vicco is well known for all of its products, based on aunthentic Ayurveda. We all know Ayurveda has a rich tradition of using plants and its leaves and other products to treat various skin ailments. So, Vicco products are made from natural ingredients and are quite effective and also pocket friendly.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash product

Vicco is one of the oldest and the most trusted beauty products manufacturing brand. With ages Vicco has been a famous household name and saw thousands of ordinary Indians becoming its loyal patrons. It’s amazing properties ranges from flavouring curries to sterilize the wounds and for grooming a women. The main intention of this brand is to build a place in the heart of the youngsters too.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash tube

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is a one step solution for all skin problems and is a unisex product. It is aunthentically ayurvedic which has microbicidal properties of turmeric which helps prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads with every wash. Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash helps in removing skin impurities and provides oil-free skin. If you use it regularly for few days you will definitely find the result.

Some of the advantages of Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash are:

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash can be used by normal to oily skin people and is also an ideal product for both Men and Women.
This face wash comes in an easy to use tube packaging with a skrew cap. The best thing about its packaging is, it is hygienic and its compact size makes it travel friendly product.
It has mild Honey and Turmeric mix fragrance, which in-turn provides a refreshing and soothing effect.
Since Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is enriched with anti-bacterial properties, it helps to cure many skin problems like acne, dark spots, pores, etc and provides smooth soft skin.
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is available in two different variants-30gm and 70gm. So, it is easy for the customer to first try a small pack before going for a big one.
It is a value for money product since a 30gm product values Rs. 40 and a 70gm piece values Rs.80.
While using Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash, you just have to take a small amount of it on the fingers and massage gently all over the wet face and neck. It lathers well and cleanses all the skin impurities and also removes dirt, excess oil and everyday’s mild makeup. Finish the cleansing process using Vicco turmeric cream for dry skin and Vicco turmeric WSO cream for oily skin.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash packaging

After a regular use you will find the result, your skin will be soft, smooth and refreshed. It also controls oil secretion for a good amount of time and makes skin clean. For many Indians, who might have moved from using Vicco products to any desirable cosmetic brand cannot cope up with the glorious past of “Vicco Turmeric nahi Cosmetic, Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream”. Vicco Turmeric Cream With Foam Base Face Wash is readily available at any medical store. You can also buy the product online from any of the below mentioned link.
Vicco’s own e-store :

Also Available on other online portals like Shopclues and Amazon



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Are you summer ready !!!

Mumbai and summer seem to be synonyms to me now. Every Mumbaikar would relate with me when I say summers are like bread toasts on pan. It’s mid-May and we are struggling to beat the heat. Being a microbiologist, I know that summers are best temperature for microorganisms to grow fast and hence we tend to fall sick more. I am going through the same phase right now, because eating outside made me sick but as an adult, we can handle the situation. But what about our kids? Are they ready for summer? Have you made plans on how to make summer friendly for children? Are you making  amazing summer drink for kids.
I am sure you must have made all possible arrangements to make this summer cooler but with so many activities to distract them, food is never their priority. And since they aren’t receiving enough nutrition, they become more prone to diseases.

pediasure cookies and cream
Lara and mahesh bhupathi unveiling pediasure

Make your kids summer ready with Pediasure cookies and cream flavor- An amazing summer drink for kids

Recently I came across Pediasure which has launched a new cookies and cream flavored powder for kids. My daughter doesn’t like drinking plain milk and hence I always make sure that I add something which is healthy and tasty to drink. Pediasure comes as a saviour to me as it contains 37 nutrients which help support height & gain weight, and boosts immunity & brain development. The newly launched flavor is the best since kids love cream cookies so much!

The event was an eye-opener as the esteemed panel comprising doctors, nutritionist and celebrity couple Lara and Mahesh Bhupathi, discussed how summer growth if one of the most important time in a kids life. It is their #TimeToGrow.

Insights from Event

Us mommies also got to taste the new flavor made by chef kichaa aka Nihal, and it was such a treat for us adults I cannot wait to see how my kid will react to it! As a mother, I am super happy as I have now made my kid summer ready. Now I can send my angel for all summer camps with a bottle of Pediasure. I suggested to my friends to make kids summer ready by boosting their immunity, growth and development with such health drinks. Pediasure is a complete nutrition cup for your kid. Pediasure Cookies and Cream is truly an amazing summer drink for kids.Being a mother I know kids get bored of same flavor too so make sure you give Pediasure cookies and cream in different ways. Take it as a parenting hack from me and I know you and they will love it. For instance, you can make banana smoothie with Pediasure Cookies and Cream which is an amazing summer drink for kids one day.

Ingredients  for Banana and Pediasure shake

Banana mashed 1 piece🍌

Condensed milk 2 tbps

1tbsp PediaSure cookies and cream flavor powder.

1 glass milk

Honey 🍯



Take a jar, put all ingredients and churn it to give a nice smoothie texture and serve to your kids.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure


2)You can also try making a moose with whipped cream using PediaSure cookies and cream to make another amazing summer drink for kids.

Ingredients for pediasure moose

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar

2 tbsp of Pediasure’s Cookies and Cream flavor

One cup of plain vanilla icecream

Method :

Take double ice bowl 🍚 and stir all the ingredients to give a fluffy mixture and serve it small shot glasses and serve with lot of fruits.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure

Or You may also like to make a spread and give it to your kids with oats bread, or make healthy ice candy of same banana shake.

If your kid is a fussy eater, these hacks can ensure your kid is getting proper nourishment.
I hope my tips and tricks will help to keep your kid summer ready and you can make many recipes using  Pediasure Cookies and Cream to make  amazing summer drink for kids.


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#BlogchatterA2Z 2018 was a perfect month for churning brain via blogging . This was my first year of participation ,and I learnt a lot of things which was otherwise impossible . This is my reflection post after successful completion of my blogchatter A2Z blogging challenge. Let me tell you the whole journey from the day I registered, I knew few things already as previously my Friends have participated but still you can’t understand the depth of well until you dive in. This year I thought of diving into the challenge without giving a thought ,as I believe success comes from the day when you give a start. The day I registered, I didn’t get any mail and I thought I already done everything from my side, until I saw a tweet coming from blogchatter handle about the theme reveal post . I was surprised, as I haven’t received any mail regarding the same, so tweeted back to get answer and found that I had not done registeration properly. This made me to register again. Another day I got to know about the twitter group of blogchatter where group of blogger are kept together so that they engage and discuss on all spheres of topics related to #blogchatterA2Z . I met many new and some old blogger friends who always gave inspiration and motivation to write and submit the link exactly at 12 pm ,which I did only up to Few letter,but then I failed miserably and started getting late day by day . Luckily I completed Z on time and did all secret activities given by blogchatter, which were really easy and good to cheer up all bloggers .
As you all know that my theme was #Travelwithkids , initially it was easy to find the keyword related to alphabets but as soon as I reached Q ,all problem started as we had to search for a good topic to right. MY x,y, z were most difficult but I did it some how and my best blog came out to be Z post .
Want to read all my blog ,you can read here.
So let me tell you my achievement
1) good daily traffic
2) improved moz rank
3) habitual to writing
4) loved what others wrote .
5) got good commment and exchange or comment.

Want to read all my #BlogchatterA2Z 2018 post  then click here.


How to Wash Virgin Hair Bundles?

Proper care for your virgin hair bundles is well paramount to achieving a long-life span for your extensions. Malaysian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair weave, these hairs are natural like your own hair and the maintenance required is not quite different from what you do with your natural hair.

Washing your virgin hair bundles before fixing or sewing them in per time is fairly necessary because it helps to restore its shine and keep the virgin hair bundles alive. It will restore you hair to its natural state. Our recommended hair cleaning method is by employing to co-washing. It is simply cleansing your hair with a moisturizer conditioner without the use of shampoo. The conditioner is meant to provide your hair with enough moisture to keep it from tangling while bringing the luxury of softness to make the hair bouncy. Shampoos are only meant to remove dirt and oil build up from the lot of products you have applied to your hair overtime. If fancy a wash using some shampoo and conditioner, make sure to use moisturizing models of these products, they work more effectively that way. Just because we care for your virgin hair bundles and we want to make sure you are ultimately satisfied with them, well take you through the step by step process of washing them effectively.

1.Comb and detangle: Depending on how long it takes before you decide to wash your virgin hair bundles, you might need to use a wide toothed comb, brush your bundle out gently. This is necessary because the bundles would have definitely formed into tangles.

2.Tie up your bundle:  Based on how full your virgin hair bundles are, tying them up in rolls with a band is a good maintenance measure. Make sure to tie them at the weft a little tightly so that they don’t drag out while washing.

3.Apply shampoo: Using your preferred moisturizing shampoo, apply a generous amount to your already tied up bundle. Ensure there is enough of the shampoo applied thoroughly around your bundle.

4.Wash: Scrub gently in a downward motion. It is important not to scrub the hair too hard as the strands might come off. You could also make use of your wide toothed comb to ease your washing by brushing down gently.

5. Apply conditioner: After applying shampoo and washing, go on to apply your favorite moisturizing shampoo and wash in a downward motion to.

6.Rinse with water: After washing to your satisfaction, deep your tied bundle in a bowl of warm water. You could rather let your bundle sit under a flowing tap to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner. Repeat the process until the product clears off from the bundle.

7.Towel dry: You do not want your bundle getting soiled just after washing, so, make sure to use a dry clean towel to wipe the wetness out of your bundle.

8. Hang to air-dry: Concentrated heat from driers cold be harmful to your virgin hair bundle, so, it is advisable to hang out it out on a line (rope) to air-dry all traces of moisture. Make sure that your virgin hair bundle is completely dry before installing.

Lengthy hair appears is the in-factor this year. From celebrities towards the girl nearby, everybody appears to become sporting it. Nothing nowadays is permanent as everything continues altering, so it’s advisable that you need to choose a change occasionally. Altering how you look through real human hair extensions is a factor that you could enjoy and test out how you look. Extensions really are a simple means by which it’s possible to drastically alter the size of their head of hair. You just need to determine whether lengthy locks are appropriate for your or otherwise, before for you opt for real human hair extensions.

It might happen that you’ll see people everywhere sporting lengthy hairs. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll also provide go for it . simply because everybody goes legitimate extensions nowadays. You must realise that does not everybody is a perfect candidate legitimate extensions. Extensions can be achieved both with real real hair with artificial synthetic hair. You have to go to your stylist and discover if you’re ideal candidate for hair extension or otherwise. When the stylist advises you from extensions, you best need her advice. Otherwise, you might just finish up causing harm to hair.

Perform a proper research and discover exactly what the advantage and drawback to real human hair extensions are prior to going for this. You are able to take the aid of Internet to locate any information that you would like about real human hair extensions. If you’re not very convinced with the info that you simply find on the internet, you are able to discuss this for your buddies who’ve gone through this process. Those are the best individual who let you know precisely what advantage or disadvantage this process has. After knowing about extensions, you are able to go on and do that to test out how you look if you think confident with the process.

Real human hair extensions or real hair extensions are pricey when compared with artificial extensions. Well if the caliber of hair extension is nice and whole factor looks incredible for you, Home theater system . won’t hesitate to spend cash to pamper yourself. The substitute extensions are constructed with synthetic hair and odds are there this might not look real. Well as you are tinkering with how you look, you might as well settle to find the best. There are various methods through hair wigs may be put in your hair. It may be through connecting, by utilizing clip-ons and by using glue which are made from certain chemicals.

After you have extensions done, you have to take special proper care of them, so the extensions can remain for any lengthy time. Make sure to follow, all aftercare regime the stylist insists upon do. Based on your aftercare regime, your real human hair extension may last from 4 to 6 several weeks. It’s all with you, to possess a wonderful new hairstyle or follow the same hairstyle you have been sporting for any lengthy time.

My first Book-Review: Age Of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium by Rajamayyoor Sharma
The first glimpse:

The Book “ Age Of Azmoq” is a story of an imaginative  world narrated in a so real manner that you feel every line turning into picture. Brilliant author Rajamayyoor Sharman has taken quite a different take casting the characters. The picturesque beauty of the village, the characters of villagers, the celestial weapons. And most importantly the war sequence which I felt as if I have been to Mahabharata and someone narrating the war sequence like sanjay used to speak to dhritrashtra. Every chapter was described as one moment of the story in detail.

Look of the cover page:

Author has given lot of thoughts while creating the cover page; the texture is a matt texture, with lot of colors like a painting ,The circular towns over the hills looks so celestial and feels like a discovered town after excavating the hills. The feel when you the touch the book is cold and smooth that it attracted me immediately as I received.

About the Author: written on the book

Rajamayyoor Sharma is a first-time author, who as far away from the writing world before this book series took hold in his mind. He is a management consultant, with a degree in engineering from BITS Pilani and an MBA from IIM Bangalore in India. He currently lives in Bangalore with wife, son and parents. He loves to spend his spare time reading anything with a story, watching movies with his wife and playing games with his son.

The story in crisp words: Age of Azmoq

Villasbora, a village created by author is a world to its own people. They are isolated from real world and have no connection with outer world. The village is beautiful than imagination but villagers don’t consider it as beautiful as they don’t know the dirty outside world. They are busy in their own work; no one speaks to each other unless they have some work. The village never saw any outsider who can describe this beauty to them until an old man comes to their village. The beauty is so well protected and everyone has lived up to 130-140 years. And at 60-70 they considered themselves as young.

The village has deep buried reserve of Azmoq metal that has celestial and super natural powers can control and conquer anything .this metal which is much coveted to transform into weapons and moulded into any powerful things as it has those myriad powers. The war takes place across 5 continents and 7 oceans’ just to get control over this Azmoq reserve so that they can conquer higher seats of this imaginary world. The whole story revolves around mind reading and weapons and how the village was discovered in search of Azmoc.  Valantian Imperium, a group of powerful people guard and also controlling the revolutions across the world to protect their power and to set the balance in the fantasy land.


Story takes you to mythological era and the sometimes to natural beauty of the village and make your brain imagine so many pictures and also improving the vocabulary. The mid part of the book becomes more interesting when the search for Azmoq starts


: The book is too long and it takes at least 7 days to finish reading. Some chapters were not really needed where the author describes about mind reading in details and also describing the beauty of village again and again. Some weapons were beyond my imagination. Since the book is fiction genre anything is possible.

Final note:

Overall the book is really good when you have love for fiction but becomes too lenghty at times but scenes which you have read takes back to book to read more and more. A true reader reads till the end. The book had everything from fantasy to wars and beauty to discovery, author tried to cover so much in one book and part 1 has lead me to wait and read the second book too.

Book details:

Name: Age Of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium part 1

Author: Rajamayyoor Sharma

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-93-5291-777-8

My Rating: 3.5/5

The above review is original and are my honest opinion after reading it for 7 days. I am Thankful to Blogadda for sending me a copy to review.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program  for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!


How to get the best water purifier for home?
      Water is renewable source of energy, only if you save for future life. Water is life.  In fact water is that precious diamond which we can’t  afford to loose at any cost.  Water is we and we are water, I am not wrong in saying  this, as our human body consist of up to 60% of water.  It is must for everyone to live on Earth. Water plays a very important role in everybody’s life, right from opening eyes to closing eyes. We start our day in the morning  with water till going to the bed, you need water. But do you know the potable water is different from regular water. Potable water is the drinking water, anything else is used for other purposes like cleaning and washing.  We just can’t compromise with purity of water for drinking. What you need is the pure water and Best water purifier for home in India .
       The question here arises is whether the water people drink in urban area, coming directly from tap without purifying it, is it safe….?  Some people think that water in any form or from any place is always pure and is safe to use and drink but in my opinion it is not true because to live a healthy life it is very essential to drink pure water since water is one of necessity for our body. On a planet like Earth where Global warming is increasing with a jet speed and in the big cities with over populated people,  creating  pollution which is directly affecting potability of water especially for drinking. Major Concern is about the purity of both surface and groundwater. This is a growing issue because as the population grows, it becomes more important to understand how to manage the use of water and to drink and get pure water. What if people misuse water and makes more impure water, we wont have potable water. Because of its impurity and contamination , a day will come when people on Earth will have scarcity of water.
        There is no planet like Earth which is both rocky and having flowing water. Without water, we cannot even dream of life. Although our planet  has wide lakes , vast oceans and rivers but the amount of freshwater is about a small fraction. Since we all know clean drinking water is a necessity to make sure hygiene because there is rapid growth of number of ailments and diseases due to impure drinking water.  You cannot all the time rely on mineral water so here is the need of Best Water Purifier for home in India . Yes it is true, knowing the advantages of purifiers majority of people are using water purifiers in cities but rural areas stay as it is, because people are not aware of the different purifiers available in the market and its importance. Even if people are aware of the purifiers still it becomes a challenging task to choose which one is the Best Water Purifier in India. Finding the best water purifier for home in India is half a battle won to stay healthy and fit.
         When you as a consumer think of purchasing a water purifier the first question arises is what kind of purifier?  Is it RO, UV or UF?  Then they decide on storage capacity?  or Which technology is the best one? And many more question like this to select best water purifier for home in India. Livpure a brand making Best Water Purifier in India provides solutions to every question raised by the customer and provides  perfect solution with the best product and service. Since It contributes in providing clean and pure water with a diverse set of water purifiers having different types of water purifying techniques. Their main products consists of RO and UV water purifiers which provides purified water which is not only free from bacteria, viruses and germs but is also free from dissolved chemicals. Livpure provides a range of water purifiers for home as well as commercial use in India.
RO water purifier
          RO or reverse Osmosis water purifier uses RO membranes to purify water. It is one of the most popular water purifier in India. In this type of technology water get filtered under pressure through a semipermeable membrane to remove heavy metals like arsenic, fluorides, mercury and other dissolved impure salts. RO water purifiers are mostly used in houses and companies. Since it involves high cost in maintenance and wastes a lot of water during purification process people mostly opt for other purifiers of Livpure.  But Ro purifiers are best in places like Gujarat and Rajasthan which have more hard water.
UV water Purifier-
          The search of majority of people to find a Best Water Purifier in India ends here.  UV purifiers use ultraviolet purification technique to clean water. It uses UV radiations to kill germs, bacteria and viruses and make drinking water free from viruses causing water-borne disease like cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Unlike, RO water purifiers, they do not remove dissolved salts from water which are important for our body as well do not make water acidic in nature.
Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier
 Commercial water purifier
           Livpure also provides commercial RO water purifiers  for office use.  For commercial purpose Livpure gives a 5 stage purification including activated carbon and Ro technology with a purification capacity of 50 litres every hour.
Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier
UF water purifier
          UF water purifier uses Ultrafiltration membrane to purify water. As compared to RO purifier membrane UF purifier membrane has slightly larger pores. These purifiers clean the water containing bacteria and germs from the rainy and muddy water. UF water purifiers are manually cleaned by flushing all blocked germs thus making it last for longer time and involves low maintenance.  One of the is Gravity water purifier.
Gravity Water Purifier
             In the list of the best water purifier in India even this purifier is best fitted. These water purifiers do not use electricity for purification, they use activated carbon technology.  Most cost effective and is the best option to select in urban areas where there is shortage of electricity.
Livpure Brahma Gravity Water Purifier
Disclaimer:  The article written above is to make people aware about water purifiers in India. In no way i am promoting this as the only water purifier. The water purifier depends on you, which is best suited for you according to place you stay or the water quality which comes. Many a times the purifier selection is based on the level of purification needed, storage tanks  capacity and amount of impure water what you recieve.


Have you ever dream of  jewellery  like Diamond Engagement Rings, its obvious that every girl imagine this dreamy picture in her life like me. Every girl imagines that one day a young gentleman will come to me with precious diamond ring and propose me to stay forever with him.

Emerald diamond engagement rings is peculiar and will also be among the largest purchases you purchase for the one you love. Therefore, the choice process ought to be carefully performed, assuring that you simply choose the eventual ring. You will find large figures of various diamond engagement rings available, and each aspect of the ring could be distinctively selected. The stone, rare metal, size, and form of the diamond engagement ring could be altered to fit your taste and budget.  

There’s a range in the plethora of prices when looking for moissanite engagement rings with respect to the gemstone and rare metal it’s set within. You may think that spending more will make you the very best, however stepping into debt isn’t a great choice. Spend only what you could afford so you understand your choice of purchasing the ring. Round diamonds are typically the most popular, and also the shape that you’ll see within the jewelers probably the most frequently. They may be many different sizes, carats and cuts based on your financial allowance for that diamond engagement rings. Heart diamonds are unique and also have be popular for diamond engagement rings however, they’ll cost much more. Princess diamonds are increasing in recognition and can give a supremely sparkly diamond engagement ring. The metal the ring is placed within is really a personal choice, and could be gold, platinum or white-colored gold, which look excellent with diamonds. Making the effort to check out the different gemstones will make sure that you purchase exactly what you long for.

The marriage can cost you enough, but it’s well worth the expenditure. Diamonds have course are extremely beautiful gemstones, however, knowing that the partner loves it may accumulate like a bonus and you may design your personalized engagement ring. Designer vintage aquamarine rings are extremely fashionable, and can make sure that you are getting exactly what you long for. The central gemstone could be a variety of shapes with respect to the style that you need.

Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream 

            Be it a woman of any age group, the most they are concern is of their looks. It’s the Woman’s tendency, they want to look stunning and gorgeous at any particular age, be it in their 50’s or 60’s. Blemishes can make you feel under confident sometime or what if you face the problem of blemishes…?. I am sure you don’t want patchy or uneven skin. But There is no need worry, to solve the problem of every woman or  Mommy, Mamaearth have come upon with new product i.e. Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream. It is an awesome product and I am here to share with you the experience which i had after using blemishes.

Why Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream ?

   Recently I had attended a marriage at my native place. Since everyone knows that I use all branded product for make up, my so called relatives used my compact and foundation without even asking me and someone who had lot of pimples and acne used my sponge. That infection was contagious like hell on my face. I tried many home remedies to remove many blemishes also tried skin medicines but nothing worked. Someone suggested me to use Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream. After 10 days the visible changes on my face was so prominent that i actually forgot about blemishes, until my friend who met me after two month told me that your face is so clear.

How Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream works ?

            Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream is very effective cream and is enriched with organic Daisy Flower extract, Vitamin C and Mulberry extract. It is made of Glycerine, Shea butter, Lavender oil, Geranium oil,  Aqua, Hydrogenated Olive oil, Vetiver oil, etc. The ingredients mentioned are very beneficial for skin and when they are used together, the resulting product will surely be extraordinary and so is the Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream.  It’s market price is 599 rupees and the quantity is 50ml. The cream comes in white bottle and has a sturdy pump. The shape of the bottle is very lovely and it is also travel friendly, you can carry it and can adjust it at any of the small corner of your luggage bag while travelling. The packaging of this product is very economical and hygiene, as it contains a pump dispenser which helps prevent contamination of product from outside pollution and also from you own fingers.

How to apply Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream ?

           Now you must be thinking How to apply it and what are it’s benefits…?. Its application is very simple, you just have to take few drops of Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream and apply it lavishly and slowly on freshly cleaned skin, starting from the neck moving your palm in circular motion towards upside of your face. For best results use it twice a day. It clears all dark spots and removes pigmentation from deep.

How Effective is Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream ?

           The day from its launched till today, this product and it’s effective use has shown a remarkable growth.  Its unique and natural extract not only makes its organic but also prevents melanin synthesis to give your skin a glowy effect. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also non-greasy and gets easily absorbed by the skin once applied. It reduces pigmentation and also restricts the melanin deposit appearing as dark spots, patches or hypertension, overall giving you a complete fresh and clean skin.  Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream has no harsh chemicals and is free of Parabens, SLS and Mineral oil. It is also Dermatologically tested and can be used for normal, dry, oily, sensitive or any combination skin. Yes, it’s true it has a strong smell but it can be neglected knowing the extraordinary benefits of it.

The unique benefits of Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream
  1. Travel friendly
  2. It is organic.
  3. Non-greasy and helps reduces blemishes, it does what it claims.
  4. It is Dermatologically tested and can be applied on any skin tone and type.
  5. It is available online, so can purchase it from anywhere and anytime.


Final Verdict


           Overall, I like this product a lot, the perfect blend of organic and natural product has helped me to lighten my blemishes and has made my skin look much better. Regular use of Mama Earth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream will surely give you a positive result. At last, I would definitely like to recommend it to the Woman who are currently facing the problem of Blemishes. Also women who have pigmentation can use to see visible changes.



Travel in style with InstaCuppa products this summer

Have you ever heard of InstaCuppa products?? Do you know exactly what are they?? Are you curious to know what I’m talking about!!! Then read and follow below.

Summer is approaching!! And you can probably feel the heat already, isn’t it? Being Mumbaikar and a local train traveler, I know how it feels to stay in hot. We burn liked boiled egg. Be it in your home, or in office or in local train. You just need one thing is water, drinks and juices.

As a mom, travel blogger and a housewife, I keep my family hydrated and Healthy. I ask my daughter and my hubby to drink liquid in 2 hours interval. I make sure that we take a minimum of 2 litre of water or liquid intake. But in summer we take more water and liquid things to keep ourselves hydrated all the time. After giving thought that is the water intake is enough, don’t we need essential vitamins and minerals to fulfill other requirements for body? In summer we usually see we release more sweat, which is good in one way as it cool down your body, but also some essentials salts too get evaporated along with water. Sweating is most common reason for skin disease like skin rashes and infections. To overcome this issue during summer, I make detox and energy rich water. But to make fruit infused water, it become tedious job and hence prefers to buy ready-made juices and soft drinks. I am sure you also must be doing same. Make energy water and keep it in jar. Like, I used to slice fruits in a jar with water and every time strain and give it to the family. But then comes one savior and that is

  1. InstaCuppa Cold brew infusion Pitcher-


Now let me first tell you about the brand “InstaCuppa”. “InstaCuppa” is a brand with healthy innovations. It was started by a software engineer from a small south Indian town. His idea behind these innovations was to help everyone drink healthy, tasty and nutritional boosting drink anywhere. InstaCuppa products use very least plastics and use more of 100% BPA free Tritan, stainless steel, Bamboo or glass which are harmless. InstaCuppa products are always lightweight, durable and portable accessories which help you enjoy your favorite energy drink anywhere be it your gym or your jogging garden, or could be your office. Healthy drink not only gives you water content for your body but replenish important minerals and vitamins, lost in hot scorching summer. Instacuppa products are meant to reimagine the flavours. They are dedicated to offer products & resources for a flavor rich natural beverage experience.

Now let me take you back to the product I was talking about and that is: InstaCuppa 3 in 1

This InstaCuppa unit is made up of Tritan to polyester material, comes in 1300 ml.

  1. Highly Durable and Impact Resistant.
  2. This unit is a compact model to carry everywhere.
  3. 100% BPA free
  4. Recyclable
  5. 100% customer satisfied product
  6. Colour (Transparent jar + Black kit) + Black inferior glass
  7. Cone: comes only in Black colour but I feel this is the best colour to own.

How to use it: To make your own DIY water/fruit infusion water/detox water



Slice fruits which you want to make drink for.

Slice Lemon slices.

Some pieces of ginger

Some leaves of Mint

Some pieces of Cinnamon


Take filtered water in big jar.


Put all the ingredients and fruits in a infuser jar.


Now immerse infuser Jar in main Jar and close it tightly and keep it in room temperature for 2-3 hours. For chilling cold, you can add ice cubes to it, either in infuser jar or directly to main jar. Your energy drink is ready. Watch the below video to know how to do.


Quality 10/10

Color 10/10

Durable 10/10

Slice 10/10

Portable 10/10

Result 10/10

Time consuming: Yes as it takes 2-3 hours to get your energy drink ready.

But you can keep on refilling again and again, till you feel the taste has reduced. You can add fresh fruits and water as in when required. I am truly satisfied with this product and I hope my summer goes well. This product is best when you are travelling with kids and they don’t want to drink plain water. Give them energy rich drink which is homemade.


Second InstaCuppa product which I am using is InstaCuppa French press coffee maker.

  1. French Press coffee Maker-

Let me tell you the usage first. Are you a coffee lover, then you will well understands it real usage. I love coffee as it is my stress buster and real aroma of coffee comes. The processed coffee using pressure to get the mother liquor of pressed coffee taste better than just normal boiled coffee. You can also call it as a thick concoction of coffee. Why we love coffee at cafeteria, because they have big machines to press the coffee beans and get the exact extract of Coffee, which is require to get added to the milk. So, that the coffee gets brewed completely into the milk. That’s why we do love café style coffee. This would make our life better because brewing on a gas makes my coffee bitter and gives me different taste every time.

Let me explain you How to use this French pressure

  1. Take coffee beans and grind it coarsely.
  2. Take 1tbs of coarse grind coffee for every 100ml of water.
  3. Slowly pour water in a jar (Make sure the water is 90’c Hot). Then simply stir with stirrer.
  4. Let the coffee brew for 4-5 mins and press the plunger down.
  5. This will separate the solid and liquid from each other and stops brewing process.
  6. Now add boiled milk if you want to make milk coffee or just French pressed black coffee.



  1. High grade borosilicate glass, which shows you Red colour of Coffee.
  2. 3 part superior filter so that you get clear coffee with no particle in it.
  3. Stainless steel mesh filter-this is very thin mesh which only allows the liquid to come out.
  4. Smooth plunger mechanism to give you good press plus to separate the coffee powder from it.
  5. FDA approved component-so its harmless.
  6. 100% BPA free.
  7. Heat resistant handle.
  8. Easy to pour, to avoid spilling.
  9. 600 ml capacity 6 cups in one time.
  10. Ease in cleaning.

For me this comes as an instant coffee maker with less of mess.

REVIEW: I give 10/10 for all the features as I have used it and it’s so impressive.


Now, the third InstaCuppa product which is one of my favorite is InstaCuppa premium milk frother.

  1. InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother-

This is cutest InstaCuppa product of all I have. This is so small, compact and sling that you can carry while you are travelling. First of all this is battery oriented and hence you don’t need electricity for frothing. The machine works on mechanical process and hence the froth is easy and shock proof. So, basically this product is used to froth milk for your coffee or you can also make buttermilk.

How to operate :
  • Put up batteries and use directly into milk cup to start its frothing effect in milk


  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Very good quality of the body.
  3. Non inert material.
  4. Works on battery.
  5. Portable/ durable
  6. Comes with wall socket to hang on wall.
  7. So slim to carry in your pocket as well.
  8. I can’t stay away from using it now.


         4) Vacuum Insulated Water bottle-

Now this was the most stylish, tall, huge and very useful InstaCuppa product. This Vacuum water is made internally from good stainless steel which double wall vacuum installation. This water bottle keeps original liquid flavors as its BPA free, sweat free, lead proof, high-grade 1818 stainless steel. Keeps water hot for 12 hours and cold water for 24 hours.

This product also comes with three accessories that is infuser land of jar for limes and two lids, one for drinking and one for closing, so that you can travel with it anywhere. This water bottle carries good volume of water so that you are always hydrated with energy drink.

HOW TO USE IT: This InstaCuppa product is east to use like normal water bottle, just add fruits if u want to use it’s as a infused water while travelling so that you can get enough supply of vitamin C. You can use cold or hot water as per your choice, while travelling, the temperature of water never changes



Colour: Black

Quality: high-grade Tritan outside and stainless steel inside.

Leakproof: Keeps the liquid on same temperature as it was filled.


Overall, these 4 InstaCuppa products have made my kitchen with more innovations. I am sure now, my guest would be more happy and jealous too as I own these beauties.

For more info on product Refer to website at : Instacuppa store

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