One player card game Solitaire has been popular for ages and it never fails to amaze and entertain the players.  As the tag line of the site says always free, always fun, all the time, the site Solitaire never kills the spirit of the users, rather it boosts their happiness.

One of my favorite sites to play the game is it is a free site where you can kill your free time in the most entertaining way. Rather it is not an exaggeration to claim that while I am on the site I forget all my worries and it works as a rejuvenating site for me.

The game is very easy to play plus the website is user-friendly and thus irrespective of being either on the tablet, laptop o mobile one can play the game with utmost ease. Importantly if you are playing the game and get stuck and want to undo or refresh it has that option also. Thus the game is perfect for exercising the brain.

Now when on the site what I like the most is that if I get bored with solitaire I have the option to play various other games. Thus no matter what they will entertain you. Each game on the site is carefully picked and placed here so that the visitors are glued to the site.

How to start the game?

My love for solitaire is for ages rather it has grown stronger and deeper with each passing day. The Classic Solitaire game automatically deals with the cards to the tableau. If you do not like the card or the stock or the game then the option to start the new game is there. The game is timed and starts only when you click the button. The game puts up a win-loss ratio and thus it works as a motivation to win the game. On the top right corner, there is the place that depicts the current score. Thus if you press the new button then the stats are not affected. Rather it shows me as the winner because when I am stuck I use and win the game. After all the site is there to help you do away with stress and not increase it.

The statistics button shows the number of games played thus despite spending hours as it’s addictive I know when you stop. The game has the option to ration the user, unlike the other gaming sites which just let you play mindlessly till the point you get irritated by the game.

how to play the classic game of solitaire?

It is easy and very simple just the set of the cards are required to be made. That is the cards need to stack in the sequence of K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and, A with no mixed suits. It may sound easy but then, in the beginning, one may get stuck but then gradually the game gets so intoxicating that you move from easy to hard levels.

To win the game it is needed that the cards are moved from the table to the foundation. The game ends when there are no possible moves. The game ends but one can start a new game.

Moreover, not only this game but there are several other games that one can play like Mahjong, Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid and many more. Of these, I love Pyramid the most. There is a pattern to remove the pyramid and thus display my creative skills here and win the game.

Churails – Upcoming show on ZEE5

Women empowerment is one of the hot topics that has attracted a lot of eyeballs off lately. The debate seems to be unending. From prime time debates to films and shows – women empowerment has been showcased with different perspectives. One such upcoming show on ZEE5, “Churails” is based on the same topic. The show talks about how women from different walks of life meet each other, unite, and starts a battle to expose their unfaithful husbands.

Churalis - Zee5 Show
Image Source: ZEE5

About the Show Churails:

As the name of the show suggests, “Churails”, it is a perfect metaphor what the world considers a woman if she courageous enough to fight for her rights. There have been a lot of times when we hear about cases of women being harassed, not just in the outside world but also in her house. The show successfully is able to portray the plight of women and how she when is adamant can fight for herself. I find this show a perfect portrayal of womanhood. The characters: a wedding planner, boxer, and a lawyer might be just another thing, but there is a character as a rough as a murderer.

The show is nothing more but a perfect portrayal of equality in its truest sense. If a woman is loyal in her relationship she deserves every right to receive the same from her partner. One of the best points that I took from the trailer was that the show is not just speaking about working women or housewives or a middle-aged but women from every walks of life.

Representation of Women in Society

We live in a society where people have boxed thinking regarding women. A woman is called names in every aspect of her life. From a working woman who works hard to achieve a career to a girl who wants to make a career in sports. Not only this but a woman who is a homemaker, asking loyalty and some respect in return is thrashed by our patriarchal society. The society concludes, rather calls an opinionated woman as “Churail”, so if that be #MainChurailHoon.

India has a lot of women achievers, who have constantly broken this chained thoughts and made us proud globally. They are names like Mithali Raj, Mary Kom, Hima Das, Saina Nehwal, are some of the names we can count on our fingertips. The diversity speaks in itself, not just in the practical world but also in the show “Churails”.

My Recommendation:

I would completely recommend the show “Churails”. The reason is not just it being a women-centric show but because the show has such a strong message that our society needs to address upon. It is not a man Vs woman, it is a woman VS the society in general. She needs to fight for herself if she wants to take a less-traveled path. This is one of the bubbles that the society has created for a woman, which this show clearly portrays.

These should not be just a topic of debate but a right to be implemented. The show has some amazing characterization and the story will make you binge watch it

Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron

I have a friend who is a housewife and had a dozen of clothes to iron every day. She used to hate doing this as her iron was not easy to use. One day co-incidentally I met her and while having a conversation, she discussed her problem of old Iron and its difficulty in use. It was only a few days back that I read about the new Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron and its dynamic features. So, the moment she discussed her problem with me, the very first thing I suggested her was the Pristine Pink Steam Iron. I told her about the many amazing features of Pristine Pink Steam Iron one by one.

Let me explain why I suggested her Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron and its unique features.

Pristine Pink Steam Iron is an efficient ironing machine which can be used for removing all kind of wrinkles from the clothes. This steam Iron machine is powerful and is operable on 1300 watts, which allows you in removing the wrinkles from cloth in less time. It is light in weight and also very durable to use. The ergonomic design makes it look very classy. It also has 40 gms of steam shot capacity, which allows you to iron thick clothes easier as compared to ironing using other Ironing machine. Even the other type of clothes like cotton, linen etc can be done easily and firmly using Pristine Pink Steam Iron.

      The company Maharaja Whiteline has launched Pristine Pink Steam Iron as its new product.It gives you a great performance with elegant design. This Iron has a tank capacity of 150 ml which allows a consumer to iron several clothes without the hassle of refilling it very frequently. The design of Pristine Pink Steam Iron is made using several unique techniques. It has a swivel cord and ergonomic handle which makes this Iron more convenient in use. It also has an adjustable control knob which allows you to set the temperature of the Iron according to the requirement of the clothes. Along with such great features it also has vertical steam output feature through which you can easily iron even the hanging clothes and curtains. Because of its 40 gm steam boost capacity it helps to iron even the smallest and stubborn areas of the clothes.

It helps rejuvenate your clothes instantly and make them look new.It has a variable power steam settings and fast and easy filling techniques. This Pristine Pink Steam Iron is ISL certified and is safe to use at home because of its Auto Off characteristics. While ironing using Pristine Pink Steam Iron, you just have to give one push on the area and what you will get is crease-less fabric. 

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Just few days back, she called me and the review she gave after using the Iron for few days was just unbelievable. She was sounding very satisfying and happy. This is a review of one person but I am sure, if you decide to opt for Pristine Pink Steam Iron, your decision will be undoubtedly a correct one. Get more details in below link :


Wonderchef Nutri-pot

On 18th August, Saturday Wonderchef, the pioneer brand in the field of healthy and innovative kitchenware has launched a unique kitchen appliance. The event was held in Mumbai. They named Nutri-pot as ‘Kitchen’s Personal Robot’. Wonderchef  Nutri-Pot is an outcome of about 14 months of market research and product development.

Wonderchef Nutri-pot
MD Ravi introducing the brand

Some of the benefits of Wonderchef Nutri-Pot are:

  1. It provides cooking healthy food daily preventing over cooking of the food and keeps all its precious nutrients intact.
  2. It has 18 smart pre-set functions, which makes cooking of your favorite dishes more easier and smarter.
  3. It has a timer set within it, called as Delay timer through which you can set fixed time for any of your favorite dish and can use that particular time for some other use like shopping or for office work, etc.
  4. Along with the Wonderchef Nutri-Pot you also get a Recipe book which has customized recipes for Indian Kitchen written by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Nahid Khilji.
  5. One can also customize your own recipes using the manual mode of the product Wonderchef Nutri-Pot.
  6. It also has the quality of keeping the food warm for hours using the Automatic keep-warm function.
  7. It is a great product with 6 litre as the capacity and gives complete freedom while cooking as it requires no supervision and it cooks your given dish perfectly and silently.
    Wonderchef Nutri-pot
    Recipe book with nutripot

Why Nutri-pot is intelligent.

Wonderchef Nutri-Pot cooks your food faster. Wonderchef Nutri-Pot consists of intelligent micro-computer inside it, which keeps the pressure and temperature at an optimum level and thus prevents over-cooking and burning of food. It uses optimum amount of water for cooking. It also has tight-fitting lid which traps the steam rising from the food within the pot thus retaining all the important nutrients of the food cooked. The hard-anodized inner pot of this product is hard and non-reactive encuring years of hassle-free cooking.

Wonder chef Nutri pot
The design of Nutripot

The event was conducted by Managing Director Mr.Ravi with Chef Mr. Chetan. Mr.Ravi discussed about the product Wonderchef Nutri-Pot and also how to use it. Along with Chef Chetan he made two recipes live using Wonderchef Nutri-Pot, one is Dal Makhani and other one is Cake. The cake turned out to be very soft and it was just melting in the mouth. The recipes are mentioned below.

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  1. Cake 


1/2 cup Maida

500 gms sour curd

¼ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ cup of vegetable oil

½ tsp vanilla essence

5 tbsp powdered sugar


Seived  Maida, Baking powder and baking soda together and keep aside. Take curd in another bowl, mix powdered sugar well in it and add vanilla essence and keep it for rest. Now add oil after you see bubbles in curd. Stir it properly. Also add half cup of hot water or more if required. Then mix the sieved mixture in this and mix it well and then pour the entire content in the Wonderchef Nutri-Pot and set the timer for 35 minutes. The soft, fluffy cake will be ready in the mentioned time period.

  1. Dal Makhani-

Dal makhani made in Nutripot


¾ cup black soaked urad dal

¼ cups soaked kidney beans (rajma)

1-2 tbsp ghee

1 bay leaf (tej patta)

2 large tomatoes finely chopped

1 tsp coriander powder

½ tsp turmeric and cumin powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

¼ tsp garam masala

Salt to taste

2 tbsp fresh cream or as required

Water as required

Coriander leaves for garnishing



In a nutri-pot add ghee and sauté bay leaf for a minute till it releases its fragrance. Then add tomatoes and sauté for while add turmeric, coriander, cumin powder and salt one by one. Then add red chilli powder and garam masala powder and allow cooking the masala. Once the masala releases the oil add the soaked dal. Add the consistency of water. Then close the lid of the Nutri-pot. Allow it to cook for the desired time. Once the dal makhani is ready add the fresh cream and garnish with coriander leaves.


Difference between Pressure cooker, oven, and Nutripot

Pressure cooker and oven needs continuous supervision, whereas Nutripot don’t require supervision. Just tuned according to timer and temperature, everything will be done and stopped according to time. Even if you are office goer, you can schedule cooking and it will remain fresh when you come back.  Any-one can cook without any knowledge of cooking using recipe book. If you don’t want fry masala, it will taste same as you add everything together. Its one time investment and you save lot of time and energy.

Nutri-Pot is available for pre-booking on and in retail stores across India. 





The Vaya Drynk Bottles

vaya drynk bottles
multipurpose vaya drynk bottles

In this fast paced life, everyone is rushing with just one objective in their mind – to achieve success and climb on to the top of the ladder. But in doing so, they are not only ignoring their own health but also their kids’ health. We lead an unhealthy lifestyle, skip our regular meals and replace them with junk food. While eating outside can be fun sometimes, but if it becomes a part of our regular lifestyle it can result in several health issues. Especially while drinking water, we need to be very cautious as potable water is the key to a good health. Moreover drinking enough water is essential for the normal functioning of the body.  The Vaya Drynk bottles are saviour for moms like me who needs such multitasking product.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles for FamilyVaya Drynk

As a working woman and a mother I can understand that it is very difficult to handle home, office and lead a healthy lifestyle, all at the same time. But “where there is a will, there is a way” is a famous saying we all have heard, and if we decide to hold the reins of our life, then there is no stopping us. Hence today, I shall highlight the qualities of “The Vaya Drynk Bottles” that is designed especially for office goers and multitasking moms like me who have a lot on their platter.
In each and every walk of life we should be more conscious of the stuff that we buy; the products should not only be useful but should also be environment friendly, and ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottles’, does exactly the same.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles- travel friendly

I being a travel blogger, and after knowing the qualities of ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottle’ have started using it and have come to the conclusion that it is my best travel companion. It is immensely useful during long journeys as it maintains the temperature of the water as it was during refilling the bottle. My daughter who attends her dance class, carries her energy drink in The Vaya Drynk Bottle. The bottles are a convenient option as one can sip directly from the flask. I am soon planning to purchase one more for unit for my hubby, as the ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottle’ also comes with two glasses that are attached to the top of the bottle. One can use this bottle for Yoga classes as well as while going for Gym. While travelling in a car, the sipper can be used to carry Tea or Coffee. The Varya Drynk Bottle is leak proof because of its magnetic latch.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles- Step towards sustainable environment

At present, the government is creating a mass awareness to create a sustainable environment. As such many campaigns are put in place to promote eco-friendly and organic products and minimize plastic use. Many of us have even introduced these changes in our daily lives by carrying our own bags while shopping, carrying water bottles to office and switching to organic foods. However, not everyone among us carry water bottles, and this is the most important habit one should inculcate; be it your office, gym, or any other place. Inculcating this habit will be the biggest helping hand towards a Sustainable Environment wherein you ‘Say No to Plastic’.
It is said that children follow in the footsteps of their parents and by carrying a water bottle to wherever we go we are not only educating them to carry their own bottles and be conscious towards environment but we are also making sure that their health remains sound and safe.

The Key Features of The Vaya Drynk Bottles are:Vaya Drynk bottle

1)The bottle has a sleek design and so is very handy.
2) It can be used as a sipper for beverages and also as a flask or a glass.
3)It has a food grade sustainable steel body with a non-slippery base.
4)You can use it to store water, juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, etc.
5) It comes in two sizes – 600 ml and 350 ml.
6)It has Vacutherm Technology which maintains the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle as it is. It keeps liquid warm for 8 hours and cold for 12 hours.
7)The outer cover of the bottle is made up of BPA free plastic, which means it is environment friendly thus promoting the cause of Sustainable Environment.
8)The price of The Vaya Drynk Bottles varies from Rs.1290 to Rs.1800 based on the model you choose.
9)It comes in four colour options – Gold, Silver, Purple and Black but now it will come in more options like vaya tiffins.
10) It is very eye catchy and matches your style statement.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash – one solution to all skin problems 

In a country like India, you will find people with different skin tones. Living in such a diverse country, here people have to face different climatic conditions, and every climatic condition has some harsh effects on our skin. We all know very well that healthy skin results in healthy Body. To keep ourselves healthy we should take proper care of our skin. So, normally we all use Sunscreen during Summers or go for Cold creams during Winters but still are hardly satisfied with what we are using, especially the females we have to suffer more as we are more concern about the skin and its complexion than Men. Overall it is very essential to take proper care of your skin in all seasons. For this, the most trusted brand “Vicco” has recently launched a new face wash named as “Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base Face Wash”. ‘Vicco’ the name itself is enough for the people to use its products. Vicco is well known for all of its products, based on aunthentic Ayurveda. We all know Ayurveda has a rich tradition of using plants and its leaves and other products to treat various skin ailments. So, Vicco products are made from natural ingredients and are quite effective and also pocket friendly.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash product

Vicco is one of the oldest and the most trusted beauty products manufacturing brand. With ages Vicco has been a famous household name and saw thousands of ordinary Indians becoming its loyal patrons. It’s amazing properties ranges from flavouring curries to sterilize the wounds and for grooming a women. The main intention of this brand is to build a place in the heart of the youngsters too.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash tube

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is a one step solution for all skin problems and is a unisex product. It is aunthentically ayurvedic which has microbicidal properties of turmeric which helps prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads with every wash. Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash helps in removing skin impurities and provides oil-free skin. If you use it regularly for few days you will definitely find the result.

Some of the advantages of Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash are:

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash can be used by normal to oily skin people and is also an ideal product for both Men and Women.
This face wash comes in an easy to use tube packaging with a skrew cap. The best thing about its packaging is, it is hygienic and its compact size makes it travel friendly product.
It has mild Honey and Turmeric mix fragrance, which in-turn provides a refreshing and soothing effect.
Since Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is enriched with anti-bacterial properties, it helps to cure many skin problems like acne, dark spots, pores, etc and provides smooth soft skin.
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash is available in two different variants-30gm and 70gm. So, it is easy for the customer to first try a small pack before going for a big one.
It is a value for money product since a 30gm product values Rs. 40 and a 70gm piece values Rs.80.
While using Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash, you just have to take a small amount of it on the fingers and massage gently all over the wet face and neck. It lathers well and cleanses all the skin impurities and also removes dirt, excess oil and everyday’s mild makeup. Finish the cleansing process using Vicco turmeric cream for dry skin and Vicco turmeric WSO cream for oily skin.

Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash
Vicco Turmeric Cream Foam Base Face Wash packaging

After a regular use you will find the result, your skin will be soft, smooth and refreshed. It also controls oil secretion for a good amount of time and makes skin clean. For many Indians, who might have moved from using Vicco products to any desirable cosmetic brand cannot cope up with the glorious past of “Vicco Turmeric nahi Cosmetic, Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream”. Vicco Turmeric Cream With Foam Base Face Wash is readily available at any medical store. You can also buy the product online from any of the below mentioned link.
Vicco’s own e-store :

Also Available on other online portals like Shopclues and Amazon



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Are you summer ready !!!

Mumbai and summer seem to be synonyms to me now. Every Mumbaikar would relate with me when I say summers are like bread toasts on pan. It’s mid-May and we are struggling to beat the heat. Being a microbiologist, I know that summers are best temperature for microorganisms to grow fast and hence we tend to fall sick more. I am going through the same phase right now, because eating outside made me sick but as an adult, we can handle the situation. But what about our kids? Are they ready for summer? Have you made plans on how to make summer friendly for children? Are you making  amazing summer drink for kids.
I am sure you must have made all possible arrangements to make this summer cooler but with so many activities to distract them, food is never their priority. And since they aren’t receiving enough nutrition, they become more prone to diseases.

pediasure cookies and cream
Lara and mahesh bhupathi unveiling pediasure

Make your kids summer ready with Pediasure cookies and cream flavor- An amazing summer drink for kids

Recently I came across Pediasure which has launched a new cookies and cream flavored powder for kids. My daughter doesn’t like drinking plain milk and hence I always make sure that I add something which is healthy and tasty to drink. Pediasure comes as a saviour to me as it contains 37 nutrients which help support height & gain weight, and boosts immunity & brain development. The newly launched flavor is the best since kids love cream cookies so much!

The event was an eye-opener as the esteemed panel comprising doctors, nutritionist and celebrity couple Lara and Mahesh Bhupathi, discussed how summer growth if one of the most important time in a kids life. It is their #TimeToGrow.

Insights from Event

Us mommies also got to taste the new flavor made by chef kichaa aka Nihal, and it was such a treat for us adults I cannot wait to see how my kid will react to it! As a mother, I am super happy as I have now made my kid summer ready. Now I can send my angel for all summer camps with a bottle of Pediasure. I suggested to my friends to make kids summer ready by boosting their immunity, growth and development with such health drinks. Pediasure is a complete nutrition cup for your kid. Pediasure Cookies and Cream is truly an amazing summer drink for kids.Being a mother I know kids get bored of same flavor too so make sure you give Pediasure cookies and cream in different ways. Take it as a parenting hack from me and I know you and they will love it. For instance, you can make banana smoothie with Pediasure Cookies and Cream which is an amazing summer drink for kids one day.

Ingredients  for Banana and Pediasure shake

Banana mashed 1 piece🍌

Condensed milk 2 tbps

1tbsp PediaSure cookies and cream flavor powder.

1 glass milk

Honey 🍯



Take a jar, put all ingredients and churn it to give a nice smoothie texture and serve to your kids.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure


2)You can also try making a moose with whipped cream using PediaSure cookies and cream to make another amazing summer drink for kids.

Ingredients for pediasure moose

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar

2 tbsp of Pediasure’s Cookies and Cream flavor

One cup of plain vanilla icecream

Method :

Take double ice bowl 🍚 and stir all the ingredients to give a fluffy mixture and serve it small shot glasses and serve with lot of fruits.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure

Or You may also like to make a spread and give it to your kids with oats bread, or make healthy ice candy of same banana shake.

If your kid is a fussy eater, these hacks can ensure your kid is getting proper nourishment.
I hope my tips and tricks will help to keep your kid summer ready and you can make many recipes using  Pediasure Cookies and Cream to make  amazing summer drink for kids.


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#BlogchatterA2Z 2018 was a perfect month for churning brain via blogging . This was my first year of participation ,and I learnt a lot of things which was otherwise impossible . This is my reflection post after successful completion of my blogchatter A2Z blogging challenge. Let me tell you the whole journey from the day I registered, I knew few things already as previously my Friends have participated but still you can’t understand the depth of well until you dive in. This year I thought of diving into the challenge without giving a thought ,as I believe success comes from the day when you give a start. The day I registered, I didn’t get any mail and I thought I already done everything from my side, until I saw a tweet coming from blogchatter handle about the theme reveal post . I was surprised, as I haven’t received any mail regarding the same, so tweeted back to get answer and found that I had not done registeration properly. This made me to register again. Another day I got to know about the twitter group of blogchatter where group of blogger are kept together so that they engage and discuss on all spheres of topics related to #blogchatterA2Z . I met many new and some old blogger friends who always gave inspiration and motivation to write and submit the link exactly at 12 pm ,which I did only up to Few letter,but then I failed miserably and started getting late day by day . Luckily I completed Z on time and did all secret activities given by blogchatter, which were really easy and good to cheer up all bloggers .
As you all know that my theme was #Travelwithkids , initially it was easy to find the keyword related to alphabets but as soon as I reached Q ,all problem started as we had to search for a good topic to right. MY x,y, z were most difficult but I did it some how and my best blog came out to be Z post .
Want to read all my blog ,you can read here.
So let me tell you my achievement
1) good daily traffic
2) improved moz rank
3) habitual to writing
4) loved what others wrote .
5) got good commment and exchange or comment.

Want to read all my #BlogchatterA2Z 2018 post  then click here.


How to Wash Virgin Hair Bundles?

Proper care for your virgin hair bundles is well paramount to achieving a long-life span for your extensions. Malaysian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair weave, these hairs are natural like your own hair and the maintenance required is not quite different from what you do with your natural hair.

Washing your virgin hair bundles before fixing or sewing them in per time is fairly necessary because it helps to restore its shine and keep the virgin hair bundles alive. It will restore you hair to its natural state. Our recommended hair cleaning method is by employing to co-washing. It is simply cleansing your hair with a moisturizer conditioner without the use of shampoo. The conditioner is meant to provide your hair with enough moisture to keep it from tangling while bringing the luxury of softness to make the hair bouncy. Shampoos are only meant to remove dirt and oil build up from the lot of products you have applied to your hair overtime. If fancy a wash using some shampoo and conditioner, make sure to use moisturizing models of these products, they work more effectively that way. Just because we care for your virgin hair bundles and we want to make sure you are ultimately satisfied with them, well take you through the step by step process of washing them effectively.

1.Comb and detangle: Depending on how long it takes before you decide to wash your virgin hair bundles, you might need to use a wide toothed comb, brush your bundle out gently. This is necessary because the bundles would have definitely formed into tangles.

2.Tie up your bundle:  Based on how full your virgin hair bundles are, tying them up in rolls with a band is a good maintenance measure. Make sure to tie them at the weft a little tightly so that they don’t drag out while washing.

3.Apply shampoo: Using your preferred moisturizing shampoo, apply a generous amount to your already tied up bundle. Ensure there is enough of the shampoo applied thoroughly around your bundle.

4.Wash: Scrub gently in a downward motion. It is important not to scrub the hair too hard as the strands might come off. You could also make use of your wide toothed comb to ease your washing by brushing down gently.

5. Apply conditioner: After applying shampoo and washing, go on to apply your favorite moisturizing shampoo and wash in a downward motion to.

6.Rinse with water: After washing to your satisfaction, deep your tied bundle in a bowl of warm water. You could rather let your bundle sit under a flowing tap to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner. Repeat the process until the product clears off from the bundle.

7.Towel dry: You do not want your bundle getting soiled just after washing, so, make sure to use a dry clean towel to wipe the wetness out of your bundle.

8. Hang to air-dry: Concentrated heat from driers cold be harmful to your virgin hair bundle, so, it is advisable to hang out it out on a line (rope) to air-dry all traces of moisture. Make sure that your virgin hair bundle is completely dry before installing.

Lengthy hair appears is the in-factor this year. From celebrities towards the girl nearby, everybody appears to become sporting it. Nothing nowadays is permanent as everything continues altering, so it’s advisable that you need to choose a change occasionally. Altering how you look through real human hair extensions is a factor that you could enjoy and test out how you look. Extensions really are a simple means by which it’s possible to drastically alter the size of their head of hair. You just need to determine whether lengthy locks are appropriate for your or otherwise, before for you opt for real human hair extensions.

It might happen that you’ll see people everywhere sporting lengthy hairs. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll also provide go for it . simply because everybody goes legitimate extensions nowadays. You must realise that does not everybody is a perfect candidate legitimate extensions. Extensions can be achieved both with real real hair with artificial synthetic hair. You have to go to your stylist and discover if you’re ideal candidate for hair extension or otherwise. When the stylist advises you from extensions, you best need her advice. Otherwise, you might just finish up causing harm to hair.

Perform a proper research and discover exactly what the advantage and drawback to real human hair extensions are prior to going for this. You are able to take the aid of Internet to locate any information that you would like about real human hair extensions. If you’re not very convinced with the info that you simply find on the internet, you are able to discuss this for your buddies who’ve gone through this process. Those are the best individual who let you know precisely what advantage or disadvantage this process has. After knowing about extensions, you are able to go on and do that to test out how you look if you think confident with the process.

Real human hair extensions or real hair extensions are pricey when compared with artificial extensions. Well if the caliber of hair extension is nice and whole factor looks incredible for you, Home theater system . won’t hesitate to spend cash to pamper yourself. The substitute extensions are constructed with synthetic hair and odds are there this might not look real. Well as you are tinkering with how you look, you might as well settle to find the best. There are various methods through hair wigs may be put in your hair. It may be through connecting, by utilizing clip-ons and by using glue which are made from certain chemicals.

After you have extensions done, you have to take special proper care of them, so the extensions can remain for any lengthy time. Make sure to follow, all aftercare regime the stylist insists upon do. Based on your aftercare regime, your real human hair extension may last from 4 to 6 several weeks. It’s all with you, to possess a wonderful new hairstyle or follow the same hairstyle you have been sporting for any lengthy time.