My journey… Nirvana Adventures : Inception of a beautiful journey’s idea…


Have you wondered how movies inspire us? Well I am not speaking about the Horror genres that terrify us and bring out the best goose bumps ever. Here my reference is to the ever beautiful movies you never get tired of watching like Into the Wild (Hollywood film released in 2007), Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (how the entire group travels to Manali for that trekking experience in the Himalayas) or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) where three friends decide to go on an adventurous trip. Sipping on coffee, watching out the clean blue sky with some tint of white clouds here and there what reminded me was the amazing awe filled experience of Farhan Akhtar sky diving in the sky. Could I do that? Of course I can but that would take time. Would that be a possibility that I could do this near Mumbai? Well not sky diving at least paragliding  at Nirvana Adventures is what I have been wanting to do from a long, long time.

spectacular view at Nirvana Adventurs
GoPro view of Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures
Tandem Paragliding

Asked a lot of friends but they could not help. Finally Google suggestion worked out wonders and Nirvana Adventures Paragliding Club is what I came across. Keep reading as today I am going to make you walk through an amazing adventure I had at Fly nirvana, one of the best and oldest schools of Paragliding which is almost 20-year-old, ISO CERTIFIED SCHOOL, and did a Tandem Paragliding and what an experience that turned out to be.

Tandem paragliding
Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures

At Nirvana Adventures they make sure you don’t go home disappointed. Tandem paragliding team ensured that I got the experience, thrill and excitement of paragliding without having to learn it, myself. What this means is that I enjoyed the experience of flying like a pro for ten minutes or more without any training or any kind of previous experience, thanks to an experienced tandem pilot, state of the art equipment and breathtaking sites (which I am never going to forget).

Tit for Tat

Yes, what you do is what you get. So what did I do? I let the pilot do his work. What did I get in return? I enjoyed the ride and savoured the amazing experience, as I settled for nothing less than a bird’s-eye view of beautiful hills and long and far stretched green fields. Well you do visit gardens and fields and forests but very few people who dare to fly get to see this top-view. It was indeed a wonderful experience. Those 10-15 minutes in the air made me realize, how beautiful the earth is!!! How the mesmerizing beauty of our mother nature comes out to be when we go up and watch this beauty come alive.

Word from the owner…

When I got a chance to speak with the owner herself it turned out to be an amazing conversation. She said, “Nirvana Adventures came into being in 1997 to fulfil your dreams of free flight by offering a safe standardized and encouraging atmosphere to anyone interested in taking up the sport of paragliding as a hobby. It all began with the discovery of ideal paragliding sites in 1996. With time, energy and dedication Nirvana Adventures became a pioneering paragliding school that in turn led to the transformation of Kamshet into a world paragliding destination. When Nirvana Adventures first began, there was a lot to achieve. The area was remote and paragliding was unheard of in the region. There was a dire need to concentrate and focus on creating basic infrastructure to meet the immediate needs.

Owner of Nirvana Adventures
Photo with owner of Nirvana Adventures

Nirvana Adventures actively involved the local village community at all stages – from making tea and drinking water available, supervised parking, providing ISD telephone service and initiating the use of the local jeeps as transport. It was a Herculean task indeed! Every year Nirvana Adventures commemorates the decade long journey undertaken together with the local community, our students and visitors.

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Since 1997, Nirvana Adventures has always extended a hand to anyone who’s interested in joining the magical world of paragliding. Today we’re a full-fledged adventure company who teach, cherish and share some unbelievable paragliding and outdoor adventure experiences to numerous students and visiting pilots from all over the world. Many of them come back every week, month or even annually. Nirvana Adventures has become a second home for these pilots. Vibrant and seamless paragliding communities where you can fly make new friends and feel at home.”


As I got to know more that Nirvana Adventures are the oldest and most reputed paragliding school in the country. They are India’s First & Only ISO 9001-2008 Certified Paragliding School. They are the ones responsible for discovering the paragliding sites at Kamshet and transforming this remote region into a paragliding paradise drawing paragliding enthusiasts from all over the country and the world.

Accomplishments at Nirvana Adventures
Rahul Gandhi at Nirvana Adventures

Their commitment to keep abreast with the latest in this new and developing sport in terms of best training practices, state of the art equipment and infrastructure and a strong emphasis on safety has ensured this place as leaders in the sport of paragliding.

Today they are a full-fledged adventure company and a reputed paragliding school. Numerous students & visiting pilots come to Nirvana Adventures from all over the world, many of them coming back every week, or month or annually.

Coaching Process

Here at Nirvana Adventures they follow the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s (BHPA) progressive training system, a step by step approach that ensures a comprehensive, grounding in all the skills and knowledge ensuring high standards. They have developed a training program that is enjoyable and satisfying in a country holiday atmosphere set amongst the hills 2200 feet above sea level.

Training at Nirvana Adventures
Students undergoing training during course

When you arrive at Native Place they allot a set of equipment to you (glider, harness, helmet and radio) for my exclusive use during the period of my course. You are also given a training record, manual and log book and will be exposed to other reading material and paragliding videos. Your instructors live under the same roof and are always at hand should you have any queries.

At the appointed time you will leave for the flying site along with the Nirvana crew. Your lesson in the field will begin on flat ground where you begin learning to fly the glider while safely on the ground. After a brief demonstration by your instructor, you’ll put on a harness and learn ground handling (how to control the glider on the ground), launching and landing skills with your instructor running alongside you. Day one is dedicated to ground training.

Your first flights will be undertaken in controlled conditions. The training hill you fly from, the wind speeds you take off in and the glider you fly are all selected keeping your level in mind. You will start with hops or low-level skimming flights where you fly a few feet above the ground. When you feel comfortable and can demonstrate good control of the glider, we’ll move to the training slope where you’ll practice solo flights from a higher altitude. First flights are short and at the landing area an assistant will be waiting to guide you into a smooth touchdown. Most students fly at the end of their second training day.

Under the guidance of your instructor calmly talking to you on radio during your flight you will learn to take off, make gentle turns, judge the wind direction and land gently and gracefully as an eagle. You will then be on your way to mastering the art of powerless flight.

Theory lectures and video sessions are held at the guesthouse. Each day dedicated transport takes you to the flying site and back. After an active session at the site you come back home to Native Place to enjoy great food, great company and great views.

Although I did not get a chance to do this extensive course. I had to gather the details for my favourite blog readers so that you get a glimpse of this amazing experience.


Native Place

Had enough of Nirvana Adventures? When I started knowing about this place I too thought this but somehow this place kept surprising me. Out of the factual things I mentioned in the article that’s how it was but at the end of the day don’t we all miss home? Well I was missing my childhood days when we as a family went to the native place and enjoyed the simplicity of nature. This is when I came across Native place. Naah!! This is not my travel experience from a different place, this is just what Nirvana Adventures offers to the people who would love to stay.

Native Place at Nirvana Adventures
Property view inside native place

The term ‘Native Place’ in India means one’s ancestral home or village. It is a place where an entire family converges during vacations and other occasions to spend time together. For generations, native place has played a pivotal role of a sacred waterhole which kept families together and traditions alive.

Please Note

For travellers coming for the first time should know that Native Place is NOT a resort but a guesthouse, offering home-stay facility. I do recommend that everyone who wants to visit should go through Nirvana Adventures’ website thoroughly in order to check out what facilities are available/ not available at their guesthouse before making a reservation. Native Place is a charming guesthouse, situated few hours away from Mumbai, just off the old Mumbai-Pune highway. It is nestled in a utopian hamlet, Kamshet, blessed with scenic beauty created by the Vadivali lake and the surrounding mountains. The unique design of the guesthouse flows down the sloping hillside, offering a spectacular view of the lake and the mountains.

Treatment Received

Welcome pamphlet: A Welcome Pamphlet available in my room contained useful information. It has a lot of information about Native place’s guesthouse and garden, site-seeing, emergency numbers etc. Do read it when you arrive so you can be familiar with things around.

Guest Rooms: Native Place has spacious rooms with attached baths – Lake Front Room 1, Lake Front Room 2, Sun Room, N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. 4 bunk zones (Dorms) as well as tents – Tents and Dorms are provided with comfortable mattresses, sheets and pillows, and has a separate area of restrooms. Choose whichever is preferable.

Accomodation in Tents at Nirvana Adventures
Tents at Native Place

Living / Dining Room: The guesthouse has an informal living/dining room next to the central courtyard, with a wide staircase spilling out into the porch. You can find numerous hangout spaces within the guesthouse and in the garden. Just relax and unwind.

Food: Delicious home-cooked buffet style meals are prepared offering you the local flavours. Many of the ingredients are grown in our own garden. Menus are prefixed; if you want to order snacks / beverages, there is a separate menu at the Kitchen.

  1. Food at Nirvana Adventures
    Simple food- Healthy living

    IMP: All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are ONLY served in their common dining area of the main guesthouse. Timings are fixed.

They do have an extra menu (available in the kitchen) for guests who may want to order snacks. But this service is sometimes suspended at short notice.

Food Supplies: The best part about Nirvana Adventures is that they support the local economy by purchasing most of their ingredients from the local market and directly from the farmers. They have a policy of using fresh local produce. Not only does this enhance the quality of the food we serve, but also reduces the ‘food miles’ travelled to reach the plate and, thus, the level of carbon emissions generated. The rice they serve is a variety grown especially by farmers in this region and the pickles are homemade. So all the ingredients come from their own garden.

No Room Service: Being a guesthouse, they have limited staff and do not offer room service.

Guests are not allowed into the kitchen and they do not allow refrigeration of your personal foods and beverages. Pets are not allowed. This is keeping in mind comforts of all guests who come to Native Place.

Eco-friendly: Native Place strives to be a sustainable and eco-friendly venture by conserving water and not littering I too contributed for the cause.

Native Place  Garden: In the garden they have a preference for indigenous plants that attract birds and butterflies and other wild life to the garden. These plants survive on limited water and fertilizer, thereby ensuring that we use fewer resources. They also follow permaculture principles and the Nateuco method of organic farming, making their own compost (amrit mitthi) and reusing their own resources.

Garden Discovery Cards: They have compiled a series of Garden Discovery cards for you to explore the many delights and treasures in the garden. They urge us to use the same and promote it as well.

Discovery cards at Nirvana Adventures
Informative Discovery Cards containing details of plantations in Native Garden
Checklist for a traveller like me

Climate: You can visit Kamshet any time of year – October to January for winters, February to May for summers, and June to September for blissful rains. Due to its geographical location, the days are warm and evenings cool. December and January can be particularly cold at night.

Clothing: Casual attire suits best. November/December/January: Light Woollens for the evenings and early mornings. Rest of the year: light attire all day and night.

Health and Misc: Native Place is located 13 km from the nearest stores. So, do keep this in mind while packing, and carry your preferred medicines, toiletries, etc. They do have a first aid kit in-house.

What to watch out for?

Staff : Native Place, today, has been able to create employment opportunities for the local youth (a much-needed contribution from every sector of our country). Almost all the staff members belong to Kamshet and villages around Kamshet, who are groomed, trained and appointed for specific roles and responsibilities in the guesthouse.

Organic Food at Nirvana Adventures
Staff collecting Rocket leaves for evening Salad

Architecture : Built keeping the weather, geography and earthy aesthetics in mind, the architecture of Native Place is designed to blend with the cascading hillside, overlooking the Vadivali Lake. It has airy rooms with high ceilings and many windows and ventilator openings to keep rooms additionally cool in summer. The central courtyard and many large openings funnel fresh air into the house at all times that made my stay refreshing. Laid with China Mosaic the roofs are not only delightful to look at, but also effective at keeping the ceiling cooler (this feature was the best as I love art and ventilation as well).  In addition, the trees and shrubberies all around help in keeping the atmosphere pleasant throughout. Nature was at its best rather it was put in use at its best.

Electricity : To counter the frequent power cuts that peak in summers, Native Place has a back-up generator that powers fans and basic lights indoors. In addition, they have a solar-cum-windmill that powers outdoor lights. We use energy-efficient bulbs to reduce electricity usage and, thanks to solar panels, we have hot water running on the bathroom taps and they are working towards going completely off the grid. How eco-friendly and cool is that.

Water : At Native Place strong emphasis is on water conservation, which is why they use micro filtration and reverse osmosis to produce potable water, drawn from the nearby lake. The residual waste water is treated on site, using Reed Bed technology and is used to irrigate a part of the garden. Furthermore, in the garden, they have consciously chosen species of plants that survive on less water, and have adopted various methods to reduce water consumption.

Taste the Authentic : Traditional mango pickles, crunchy salads of fresh vegetables picked from the Native Place garden, a wide spread of multi-cultural vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies … food at the Native Place guest house is all about tasting the authentic. After the whole adventurous ride I savoured these delicacies to the fullest. The buffet was served at the common dining area at fixed timings during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes you ought to be punctual to enjoy those special meals.

Meals:   Speaking of meals they had a typical menu. No you won’t get a special cook or chef here. It’s your native remember? Native Place has an exclusive Buffet service as I mentioned earlier with the Breakfast having options such as Upma (Semolina Porridge), Poha (Spicy Puffed Rice), Anda Burji (Scrambled Eggs), Bread, Butter, Jam and Tea. Lunch had some of my favourite with Dal (Lentil Soup), Rice, Roti, 2 Vegetable Dishes, 1 Salad and Pickles. (1 Chicken dish for non-vegetarians). Dinner had Palak Paneer, Aloo Mutter, Jeera Rice, Egg Curry, salad, Pickles (On weekends, dinner begins with vegetable soup). Weekend Special has Freshly Barbequed Chicken, Jacket Potatoes and Butter Naan. With No Room Service, Native Place gives you the full responsibility to get out of the room as we all did back at our native place.

Multi activity adventures : Feel the excitement of climbing hills and scaling new heights. Go mountaineering! Flying Fox, Rock Climbing, Abseiling / Rappelling, Hiking, Jummaring, Valley Crossing, Ropes Course, Outdoor Surviving Techniques and Team Games are the options for Adventure Lovers.

So what are you waiting for ?

Nestled in a remote valley in the Sahayadri Mountain Range, it is located 2 and half hours from Mumbai, 40 minutes from the hill station of Lonavala, and is accessible via the Mumbai-Pune expressway and rail. Trains and buses ply to Kamshet every day from Mumbai (via Lonavala) and Pune. Get your journey planned and get set to this place. I highly recommend this place for those travelling alone as well as with their family as it is an excellent getaway for all the Adventure lovers and if you are not the adventure type then go on get yourself comfortable in the warmth of Mother Nature. Be it the serene beauty from the top being flying in the limitless sky or being in the lush green trees and bushes and greens all you have to do it visit that place to enjoy both or any.

What makes this place attractive is its location (being so close from the hustle of Mumbai), it is yet so calm and has so many things to offer. So go on and grab this opportunity to find peace from your daily ordinary life.

Check out this beautiful video of our wonderful experience at Nirvana Adventures

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This is a sponsored post written for talking about car safety features and how to maintain cars for long use.  However the views expressed  are completely personal.

Why safety of cars?

Safety of Car turns to Safety of Yourself. It is always better to be safe then to be sorry. Everyday we read of mishaps on road that takes various lives. Rash driving and speeding may be the cause but at the same time failure of the vehicle might also be the reason. No matter how careful you drive or the amount of experience and skills you have, you are not safe unless your vehicle is in good condition and to keep it in good condition it should be maintained properly.

Why maintanance of the car is important ?

Maintenance of the vehicle plays an important role in your safety on the road. When you are having your own Car, it is your duty to maintain your car properly to ensure Safety of Car. Routine maintenance of your Car should be done regularly. Yes, it is true Routine Maintenance of Car may involve your valuable time and also money but I think, yours and your loved ones Life is more precious than anything else. Neglecting the condition of your vehicle, imagine heavy rain is pouring and you are driving on the highway and suddenly the vision gets unclear because of the false wiper blades or what if while driving any of your Car part fails because of negligence, may result in unpleasant and dangerous consequences. In such circumstances, you are endangering the lives of the people with you too. Prevention is always better than Cure, is what we all know.

Car is my second home.

While travelling, travelers consider their car as their second home. So it’s one’s duty to ensure Safety of Car even while you are out of your home. Knowing the percentage of crime happening in our country, theft and hijacking of the vehicles especially the cars have crossed all the records. If you go to the shop or to the office, or when you hit the gym, or in the circumstances where you find your Car to the only one present in the parking, you should always ensure the Safety of Car. 

1) First of all make sure always that your Car is locked properly and have no valuable belongings in it when you leave. 

2) . Even in slow-moving traffic you should always keep your valuable out of sight and safely in the boot or box or under the seat of the Car. 

3) . One should avoid going to the crime spot alone and at night or early morning.

4) . While driving you should follow all the traffic rules.

5) . One should always carry Car documents and insurance papers every time you take your Car out.

6) . Always follow speed limits, since people often disobey speed limit which in turn increases the chances of fatal accidents and affects the Safety of Car.
7) . One should not Drink and Drive.
8) . While driving a Car during traffic should try to maintain safe distance in the front.

It’s obvious one cannot mitigate the risks of being a victim but at least can minimize the chances of falling prey to the attackers by taking the precautions and following the above tips. You should consider the fitting of anti-theft device to ensure Safety of Car, through which your Car can be traced easily during any emergency. If you take proper care of your Car, your Car will last longer and work better and you can get a good resale value too. Additionally a proper maintained Vehicle is a Safer Vehicle.

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One of India’s most well-liked and sprightly destinations, Goa is a blend of adventure and leisure altogether. From water sports to being the party animals to tranquilizing yourself by the seashore, Goa remains the unbeatable attracted spot for family trips, friendship thrills as well as for people who love to wander alone.


You can choose Goa anytime of the year hinging upon your specifications.

If you want to tap into one of the jewels of wisdom, the Calmness of mind, you would want to look forward to visiting from Mid-November to Mid-February. The weather during these months is pleasant and serene. If you want to revel in the Sunburn Festival and the party celebrations of the Christmas Eve and the New Year, December is your month to visit.

Goa becomes quite cheaper during the months from March to May, when the weather turns hot and humid. Though the tourists are seen relaxing on the beaches under the roasting sun, the Indians can opt for the Hotel stays for relaxation from their routine life.

Mid-June to October is the enticing time for the monsoon lovers. The serene Goa is lit with the trickling of raindrops and leaves the beauty of Goa all the more breath-taking.


You step in Goa, you either relax and laze around or you kick start for the day with excitement level at the peak for the day’s thrilling adventures.

Activities in Goa, the beach destination must be interconnected with the water. So, we have a number of water sports to engage ourselves into, which shall give you a sort of serenity because you’ll be by the sea and also help you dive into your thrill zone.

BANANA BOAT RIDES – One the most entertaining water sports in Goa, Banana Boat Rides bring along cool pleasant wind across your hair with amusing bumpy rides through the waters.You can enjoy this ride at some of the best beaches in Goa like Calangute, Agoda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, and Anjuna.

#JET SKI RIDE – Jet Skii brings in the rush of the sea and forms the exciting speedy adventure for you. It is quite a thrill sport in Goa.

SCUBA DIVING – Goa, a hot tourist spot is enclosed with the Arabian sea with underwater life in abundance. Scuba diving takes you into the underwater fantasy land which houses fish of varied color pallet, turtles, and aquatic plants. Scuba diving gives you the peace of mind and a vibrant underwater paradise.

DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS – The gushing water brings an appealing look to our eye and the sound of the water, a soothing experience. Dudhsagar waterfalls have a good old railway track showing a magnificent of the tall white cascade. The waterfalls are surrounded by rich flora and fauna. It is called ‘River of Milk’.

SNORKELLING – The crystal blue waters of the sea in Goa shall tempt you to go Snorkelling, a close up of colorful coral and dazzling tropical fish. Along the way to the Islands, the boatmen stop the ride in the middle of the sea and they give you a chance to have a unique lifetime experience. Some of the best snorkeling spots in Goa are Sinquerim Beach, Grande Island, Monkey Island/ Palolem Beach.

DOLPHIN SPOTTING – Dolphin spotting is great fun activity especially for sea lovers and kids who indulge in it with splendid enthusiasm.The beach belt of Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute, Baga have easy access to the best dolphin spotting.

PARASAILING – For someone who desires to have a look at the vast blue ocean from a height and feel the gushing wind, Parasailing is a sport for you. You get a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery and the rolling hills. Candolim beach, Anjuna beach, Majorda beach, Baga beach and Dona Paula beach offer you this exciting sport.

CHRUCH & TEMPLES: Goa is famous for its churches and matter of fact there is only one temple. The thing I like was the way they keep it clean & tidy.


Goa is an exquisite mix of land and water & lush greenery and rocky hills. The best holiday chosen for its Beauty of Beaches is a great spot for leisure.

Vagator / Anjuna Beach – The Anjuna Beach in North Goa is lined up with tall palm trees and is known for its trance parties. This beach rarely gets crowded. It is a good beach for those who choose to relax their mind.

Calangute / Baga Beach – Calangute and Baga are two adjoining beaches that are definitely the most happening beaches of Goa. People enjoy the waters, relaxing and playing.

Aguada / Candolim Beach – A beach in North Goa and is one of the best beaches of Goa for lovers of water sports. It’s a great place to spend the day. One can choose to participate in a number of fun activities. The imposing Fort Aguada stands tall at one end of the beach making it look magnificent.

Varca Beach – A beach in South Goa, is quiet, calm and almost free of pesky hawkers. The major attraction of the beach is the Dolphin-watching. A number of hotels and resorts are located nearby and therefore stay is never a problem.

Palolem Beach – It is small, only about one mile long, and crescent-shaped beach. One can view the whole beach from either end. On either end of the beach are placed rocks which make the beach unique in its beauty. It is definitely one of the must-visit beaches of Goa.

So, as we see the party capital, Goa carries a lot of adventure and also is a perfect place for rejuvenating one’s mind. This is exactly why I call it a quick escape for adventure and leisure. So, on your next trip to India’s most chosen holiday spot, make sure you partake in the happening water sports and also pursue the jewel of wisdom, a peace of mind by lazing out at the beaches.

#GoKerala with HolidayIQ and Kerala Tourism to explore the #unexploredKerala

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6 Unique Things You Must Have To Know About Kerala

           November 2017  was the best lifetime experience for me as I had a chance to be part of Go Kerala trip. This trip was organized by HolidayIQ and Kerala Tourism. Lately, you must have seen my travel post on Kerala,  day wise. Do read all the blogs related to my #GoKerala trip. Though we are heading towards 2018, I Shared 6 unique things in Kerala you have to know.

I still can’t get over the memories I collected from those 12 days. They were real vacations for me. ‘Vacations do make people happy’ is a famous saying, and this one was the best vacation which was unplanned but best-experienced one.

So are you planning to go to Kerala in 2018, then you must read this article which will tell u my experience which you should not miss? Since I know planning a trip considering all the family members can be a bit challenging task. I would make easier for you. If you read this article, I am sure you will never regret when you come back from Kerala.

Kerala is amongst one of the most mesmeric and most enchanting places to visit in India. That’s why it is called “God’s Own Country”. Its immense natural beauty, enigma behind the flora and fauna, calmness and purity of Beaches, beauty of its backwaters and its rich heritage makes it a tourist paradise.

Let me take you to some of the must-do experience in Kerala.
1) Sadya-
 sadnya-6 unique things

          Sadya is a traditional multicourse vegetarian meal usually served on Banana leaf. Typically in Sadya, banana leaves are used as plates. Kerala and its traditional vegetarian Sadya is the combo to one another. It consists of Rice, some side dishes, savouries, pickles and also desserts. It is the basic dish served during festival occasions, weddings or birthday parties in Kerala. It is basically served as lunch and people are supposed to sit cross-legged on the floor on a mat to have it.

Kerala is always been appreciated and fascinated by its cuisine. I still remember my first sadya at Pranavam homestay where the old couple made sadya especially for us and they served me as well. I still can’t forget the taste of pachadi – kind of pineapple raita. Take my words sadya define and complete your Kerala trip. It’s one of the best traditional food served in some pattern and its most healthy food. This is one of the best traditional meal from Kerala unique things.

2) Spices-

 spices- 6 unique things of Kerala

           Kerala is called as a ‘Land of Spices’. Kerala Cuisine is known for its spicy and hot foods. Kerala is famous for production and export of Exotic Spices. Spices like Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Pepper, Turmeric etc. Pepper is known as ‘King of Spices’.

Since Kerala is called as Land of Spices so this place does no compromise with the quality and originality of Spices. The climate of this place is favourable for the recurrent cultivation of spices. The best cardamom I bought from Kerala was from spice routes houseboats. But costly but I have never smelled such beautiful cardamom fragrance. I wud prefer to buy it when you are in Alleppey. And the best part is you can see allspice plants and trees of spices. Spices of Kerala are unique things and unique test.

3) Backwaters and Snake Boats-

 snake boat- 6 unique facts of kerala

          Backwaters are one of the magnetic points of Kerala. The two most popular backwater destination of Kerala are Alleppey and Kumarakom, where the maximum percentage of tourists visit to enjoy Houseboats. Snake Boats are actually the boat which resembles the shape of hooded Snake and it has some unique things. It is also the traditional war boat of Kerala.

Kerala Backwaters are a chain of Lagoons, lakes and canals. We enjoyed backwater in many places but the best was Munroe Island which takes you to, 40 Min ride to the small village of Munroe and also shows you fish farm and prawn farming.

4) Traditional keralan Outfit-

 Traditional Women Outfit

          Traditional clothing in Kerala is an unique things and it reflects their simplicity and intrinsic lifestyle. White and off-white are the most preferable colour of the traditional costume of people in Kerala. Mundum Neriyathum is a traditional dress worn by Women in Kerala. A local Women may wear a Mundu or Saree depending on the occasion. It is made up of pure cotton. For weddings, they prefer Kanchipuram Saree made of silk and have zardozi or Kundan work on it.

Whenever you visit Kerala you will find the majority of Women in their traditional attire. It depicts purity and delicacy. Luckily our last travel meet up was very different and they gave us to wear traditional Sarees and also for my family one mundu and cute dress for the angel. So it’s my recommendation that you must try to wear once, even for one picture, wear it with grace, and I’m sure u will never forget those lovely moments.

5) Traditional Dance-


          Kerala is one of the substantial states of India when we talk about culture and tradition, the classical dance form of Kerala holds an exceptional place in the history of culture and tradition of India. Kerala is famous for its two classical dance forms Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, which captivate tourists worldwide.

Kathakali is one of the most graceful classical dance forms. It is basically a realistic and the oldest form of theatre in the world. This dance form means story-play. It was originated about 500 years ago and includes a combination of dance, drama, music and ritual.

Mohiniyattam this dance form embrace diverse features of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi dance forms. It is a form of semi-classical form and is performed only by women and is broadly identified by Sangeet Natak.

6) Marinated Pineapple-

Marinated Pineapple

           It is basically a Keralan snack, available easily at the streets of Kerala. It is a type of snack in which the pieces of pineapple or any fruits are sliced or chopped in and are dipped in the jar containing the special water made by adding salt and green chillies in it. It tastes very delicious but is spicy. Whoever tastes it once, will never forget it and will take along as a memory as I have taken.

I truly speaking this is the best unique thing I have tasted in Kerala.

Throw yourself into unknown territories, and experience the unexplored part of the earth. Gone are the days when we used to plan holidays and enjoy the same old itineraries, experienced by many. After 12 days of Kerala holidays, where we explored the unexplored part of it, which was the lifetime experience for my family.

Being a hardcore traveler, I was looking for another exploration, and luckily the mail popped from IndiBlogger, they are in collaboration with SterlingHolidays organized Indimeet, at ITC grand central Mumbai on 7th December 2017.

Sterling Bloggers Meet

About Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays was previously called as Sterling Resorts. It was a Holiday lifestyle company and was assimilated in the year 1986 in Chennai, India and established its first Resort. It was named as Lake View Kodaikanal. It explored at a very rapid speed and by the year 1988, it had 11 Resorts.

In 2010, Sterling Resorts changed their name to Sterling Holidays, because they felt their Resorts, products and Services are Ultimate and Delivers a wonderful Holiday Experiences. It has collaborated with RCI(Resort Condominium International). It is able to provide facilities in more than 100 countries across the world including India.

The indimeet organized by Indiblogger in collaboration with Sterling Holidays started with a warm welcome from IndiBlogger 

Team indiblogger
Team indiblogger

Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (chief marketing officer) started his presentation with a light mood and introducing himself as a hardcore traveler.

Sterling Holidays CMO
Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (Chief Marketing Officer)

He said after traveling a lot, he himself wanted a change in holidays, and this is how the concept of #HolidayDifferently came to his mind and the whole transformation started to change the look of sterling holidays.


sterling holiday banner

By the establishment of Sterling Holidays people found new and unique ways of Holidaying but today with the new name, new logo and with all exotic flavors Sterling Holidays have come up with distinguishable and fresher one.

the transformation
Presentation was given by Mr. Peshwa Acharya (Sterling Holidays Chief Marketing Officer)

Overview of Presentation

sterling resorts view
Sterling Resorts views

Sterling Holidays provides you with a wide range of National as well International Holiday Packages with unexplored and rare visited places so that you can enjoy the new experience and have hassle-free Holidays with Family and Friends.

Sterling discovery
Sterling is a world of discovery

It offers the best prices on all their Services, whether you buy a complete tour Package or take an Individual Service. Sterling Holidays is counted amongst the most prominent leisure tour operators in India.

sterling holidays discoveries
A world of discovery awaits you

Sterling Holidays has 29 exquisite Resorts, in spectacular destinations across India. Their resorts are world class. They have been crafted after giving lots of thoughts, which not only gives the best stay experience, but also the best view from each room. All sterling resorts have Spa’s, Ayurvedic massage centers, swimming pools, bars and game zone for kids.

Experience is the new way to holiday
Experience is the new need

Holidays in past were all about common itineraries including normal menu and a tiring traveling experience but the Sterling Holidays has come up as a Rising Star for all the Travel lovers to eradicate their travel related problems and provide the best services in completely new form.

sterling holiday presentation
Some Slides from Presentation

Basically, sterling holidays are the pioneer in the holiday package system. But now they are giving a fresh look to their packages. They are catering to each individual feeling and giving a unique experience to everyone.

presentation slide

Sterling Holidays Resort Services for Customer

Initially, their focus was on safe, clean, hygienic holidays, but today they have upgraded themselves where along with this, every moment of your vacation is an immersive experience.

They are not only targeting tourists who go by itineraries but also looking to grab the attention of traveler who wants to try something new.

I feel travelers are best storytellers and they want everyone to be the storyteller of the experiences they give you in form of Vacations. Totally Transformation is in making now with sterling holidays where they are creating happiness for you while you are on vacations.

People who want to experience a joyful Holiday and wants to explore new destinations with breathtaking and inspiring experience should go for Sterling Holidays.

The Holiday destinations they provide are completely unique with stunning views and unexplored places. Their mission is to deliver luxurious service Resorts so that travelers can have a lavish stay with memorable memories.

They currently have 31 properties spread across India. Out of which 17 are owned by them and rest are on lease. They are focusing on expanding their properties in scenic areas and regular destinations places. They have a huge land bank of their own and may develop it to expand as a Resort.

New Look for Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays has come up with completely new and fresh look with a new identity. Sterling holidays not only revamped their logo but also the colors of the logo. The new logo is made up of small beads in increasing sizes and three different colors.

new look of sterling holidays
Logo design of Sterling Holiday

The color yellow symbolizes sunny happiness, warmth, and friendship, the color. Royal Purple tells about the rich experiences and discoveries and the color Warm Red represents the desire and passion of People who love to travel.

The graphics depict the elements of nature surrounding the resorts and the joy of a relaxing vacation. The logo is in the form of Pinwheel, signifies People, Experiences, and Places as the three Brand Pillars.

When the logo is put together it gives a beautiful essence and a message of being Vibrant, Delightful, Energetic and Contemporary.

Along with logo now they also have a new mascot called Raja Rex who is a discovery mascot so that the holiday gets an entirely different look.

presentation clip

They are the first-holiday company who has door to door travel insurance, which is equal to 100% insurance for customers.

holiday insurance slide

Plus Each resort celebrates some special days which comes under 100 days of Joy.

sterling holidays offer

Sterling holidays most visited resorts are Dindi, OOTY, Darjeeling, and sterling Corbett. These resorts are totally immersive and peaceful places which will take you close to nature.

view from presentation

Tagline of Sterling Holidays

 ”In Whatever We Do, We Seek To Leave The Customer So Satisfied That He Feels That It Is Not Just A Holiday, But The World Is Itself Truly Wonderful”.

Whether a person is thinking to be a member or to just have a holiday trip, Sterling provides everything at reasonable prices and in a Typical Sterling Way.

Sterling Holidays aims to deliver fun-filled, Comfortable and affordable Holidays to each and every client.

And with the energetic pose, the indimeet ended with a lot of learning and sharing which one can see from this pic.

team sterling holiday

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Christmas is called as a festival of joy. I just love Christmas- the decorations, celebrations, highlights, bells, trees, gifts, Santa Claus, etc. Christmas is a winter festival and winters are always cozy and winters bring a lot of joy and memories. Being a Mumbaikars we always plan for vacation during Christmas vacation from 24th December to 2nd Jan.  So let me take you to different places in India to celebrate Christmas or winter vacation. 

Before that let me tell you that I am connecting this post with a blog train. So peeps!!Welcome to the Winter Express – Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more.  Don’t miss to join this magical ride with our Winter Express.

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Winter blog train 2017

I would like to Thanks to Cheniadukia for introducing me and sending the Winter Express to my station.

So let me take you to more in-depth of Christmas celebration. In this winter festival, families come together overpowering the worries,  drink some wine together and eat delicious food including cakes and pastries.

It is an amazing festival celebrated with lots of joy and enjoyment but to experience the best of it one has to be at the right place. Not everyone is at home for Christmas and new year and there can be a number of reasons why you love travelling during Christmas and New year.

Why You Should Travel During Christmas

Travelling gives us time to think, observe, explore and learn new things- culture, food, history. It also gives us time to understand the circumstances and certain things happening in the world. Travelling is one of the best ways to enjoy life getting away from the daily routine.

People travel mostly during holidays and during festivals, people get enough holidays. So merging holidays with festivals and the beginning of New year 2018 is the best way to utilize the holidays along with festival celebration. Here is a list of some amazing places which are in India and are budget-friendly, you can visit any of these 8 best places and can have a wonderful Christmas.


Goa Beach

This is first place which comes to everyone’s mind when it is to be visited during Christmas and New year. Goa has the impression of celebrating Christmas and New year with immense zeal and pomp and show.

It is called as a party capital of India, during Christmas this place gets livelier and one can actually feel the warmth of Christmas and New year.

The entire city is decorated with flowers and lights. Even the beaches and restaurants serve special Christmas lunches and dinners and have live bands playing. If one has to celebrate Christmas and to welcome New year 2018 in Portuguese style, it is the best place.


Pondicherry beach

For a French-style Christmas and New year 2018 celebration, it is the best place to visit. If you are seeking for an amazing Christmas celebration with peace then this is the best place. Like Goa, Pondicherry also has a good population of roman-catholic, which means it has its own way of celebrating this joyful occasion. It is the replica of Goa, on small scale.

The locals are high on energy during Christmas in the seaside town and there is excitement in the air. They have lovely Christmas decorations and lights and the mass is held in Tamil. During the Christmas season, Pondicherry becomes brighter and you can feel the celebration in the ambience and you are compelled to be a part of it.



Kerala is the home of several churches and very well we can guess that it is also one of a good place to celebrate Christmas and to welcome New year 2018. Each street is decorated and churches remain open for the entire night. The restaurants offer heavy discounts on food and beverages.

It is a place where you can celebrate Christmas and New year 2018  in the traditional way. Adding to the joy are the beaches and serene backwaters, where you will surely love to spend time. The food available in Kerala during just can’t be missed. The relaxed ambience of the households infused with the festive air is ideal for Christmas holidays.


Marine Drive

Mumbai is yet another and also one of the important ones in the list of places for Christmas and New year celebrations. The bakeries are replete with season’s best desserts and the shopping malls are decorated in a beautiful way to give the festive mood. For a metropolitan style celebration, this is the best place to visit.

From Christmas markets to midnight ceremonies to family gatherings, you will experience all in Mumbai. Especially, the areas of Churchgate, Bandra hill road are some of the places you should visit in Mumbai to fell the spirit of this festival.

Daman and Diu

Daman beach

For a coastal style Christmas celebration and lavish welcome of New year 2018, this is the place you are looking for. It is situated to the coast of Gujarat, the union territory of Daman and Diu was once a Portuguese colony.

From the Portuguese folk dance to other cultural Portuguese traditions, you will get to see a variety of performance in Daman and Diu. It is the place away from noises with vibrant lamps brightening the night sky and the streets bustling with celebration.



Searching for the place away from the city crowd to celebrate Christmas and a peaceful New year 2018  then Landsdowne is the place, visiting this place during Christmas will give u untouched and unspoiled feeling from busy life.

You can visit this place with friends, family or with your special one to make your festival celebration more memorable. It is full of hills have bonfire, music, beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

The serene hilltops, pines and oaks and crisp invigorating mountain air promise to make everything all more magical.

Planning a vacation for Christmas and welcoming the new year 2018  is sure to burn a hole in your pockets especially if you plan to go to popular tourist places. As more people head to commonly known places, the rates for food, stay and travel automatically hike. So to solve this problem I have a list of places which can be visited during Christmas holidays that too at a much cheaper rate.



It is a small tourist town visited not only by Indian tourists but also by Europeans and Russians tourists. It has several beaches and also some religious spots to visit. So one can opt for this place to have a change of having some temples also to visit along with beaches and have a very beautiful and spiritual beginning of the new year 2018.



It is a village in the Sindudurg district of Maharashtra. It is about 60kms from Goa. It is known for its pristine sandy beaches. It is a very beautiful place and also easy on the pocket. One can also have home-stays here, where they provide home-cooked food.

Now I hope you are able to set any unnecessary plans aside and make a plan to visit either of the above-mentioned places which are suitable to you and also whichever fits your budget, to enjoy Christmas music, have some hot cocoa in chilling winter and grab the beautiful Christmas decorations away from your house.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now, it is the time for departure, so meet Winter Express next at Harleen  Station. Stay hooked on this journey with the Winter Express!!

Last day of #GoKeralatrip was coming to end and my eyes were getting wet as I didn’t want this journey to end. One of the best trip of my life and I would like to thanks for the last time to @HolidayIQ and @KeralaTourism for this amazing life Time opportunity.

Nayyar Dam

Having said that after enjoying a satisfying and luxurious stay at Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention centre and after having breakfast we moved our journey further and reached Neyyar Dam.

Nayyar dam
Nayyar dam

It is a gravity dam situated on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. It was established in 1958 and is a very popular picnic spot, many tourists are found visiting this dam.

Especially animal lovers and beauty lovers enjoy this dam a lot. It has a huge lake and a dense growth of trees and plants surrounding it. It is a famous Picturesque picnic spot for families, friends as well as solo-travellers.

It has a beautiful Tower and a Deer Park. Being a nature lover we immensely loved the beauty of this place. After visiting this dam I was feeling really fresh and satisfied.

Neyyar Lion Safari Park

After having lunch we proceeded further and visited Neyyar Lion Safari Park which was located nearby the Neyyar Dam.  Actually, it is a part of Neyyar Dam.

Lion safari
Lion safari

There we got lucky to see 5 lionesses at 5 different spots but they were very well. I wish forest departments can make them healthy by giving proper food and medication.

So let’s support to save tigers also had a crocodile rehabilitation and research centre. It has 12000 hectares of natural vegetation in the form of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It has a beautiful and enchanting view of flora and fauna and several trekking options. I went to Agasthyamala Park.

it was about 1868m high and is also a famous picnic spot. The view of the fragile slopes and flat meadows from that height was so adorable and lovely which just cannot be expressed in words but can only be felt.

Neyyar Lion Safari Park has hundreds of species of fauna which includes The Asian Elephants, Tiger, Leopards, Reptiles and also Amphibians like King Cobra, Frogs, Tortoise, etc, I was lucky to have a look at those animals but while having a look at the wild animals of the Zoo I was unable to believe my eyes and was thinking like even these type of animals to survive on earth.

I even had a boating experience in Neyyar Dam and had a beautiful panoramic view of the entire area. It is the best place to visit who wants to enjoy scenic views. Then we reached Udaya Samudra Resort and had dinner there.

Uday Samudra Resort

Udaya Samudra Resort an excellent Resort, was located along the Kovalam Beach, just 15 meters from the sea. It is a luxurious 5-star leisure Beach-Hotel. It offers a  cosy cluster of rooms with gorgeous views of Arabian Sea.

Uday samudra main gate
Uday samudra main gate

It is constructed with defined architecture, spacious lawns and 3  blue swimming water pools.

Uday Samudra Resort
Uday Samudra Resort


It also had all basic facilities including gym, Spa, salon, ayurvedic massage centre etc.

Samudra Beach

One day in the morning we tried hands-on fishing and have a look at the fun of fishing on Samudra beach.

Fishing at samudra Beach
Fishing at samudra Beach

We pulled the strings to catch the fishes with local fisherman and look at produce we got.

Fish catch after hardwork
Fish catch after hard work

After that we had Lavishing lunch at Udaya Samudra Resort we visited Varkala Beach.

Varkala Beach

Varkala beach
Varkala beach

Varkala Beach is located in the south Kerala, in the Trivandrum District. It is an ideal holiday destination for the tourists interested in having the peaceful location. It is amongst the 10 seasonal beaches in the world because of its stunning beauty of landscapes, brown sand and sea.

Fun at Varkala beach
Fun at Varkala beach

It is also popular for Beach activities like Swimming, Sunbathing and other Water Sports. It gives an amazing view of Sunset. Varkala Beach is also called as Papanasam Beach and it is believed that taking bath at this beach washes away all your sins.

This beach is also famous for Spa, Mineral Springs and Ayurvedic Centres and offers best treatment and therapies. It was really a very clean Beach and is a place where local people used to follow their rituals. The view of a small hill makes the site more attractive and beautiful.

If you are seeking Peace from your daily life, this Beach can be a perfect place to visit and refresh yourself.After enjoying at Varkala Beach we returned back to Udaya Samudra Resort, had Dinner and overnight stay there.

The very next morning was the last day of our trip. After having breakfast we had a traveller meet at the Same Udaya Samudra Resort.

There we discussed our whole trip with its suggestions and our experience.All couples shared their experiences. They offered all the women of the trip the traditional Kerala Sarees.

All male wore Mundu and my angel wore Kerala traditional dress. We ladies tried the Sarees and had amazing Photoshoots as a couple. Our Journey closure ended with a note of Thank You from the Ceo of Holiday IQ to all the travellers.

Travellers meet with HolidayIQ and Kerala Tourism director
Travellers meet

My journey of holidaying in Kerala ended with sweet and memorable memories in my heart which will never fade. As I started in my first blog ” That footprints on beach may  fade way, but memories in my mind will never.”

Thank you every one for this wonderful journey of #GoKerala

As you must be reading my #GoKerala stories from last few days the journey which we started is about to end in next 2 days so, here I am taking you to my experience of Day 7 & day 8 where I visited Munroe Island, Alappuzha and many more places.

Alappuzha – “Venice of the East

Alappuzha is a city on the Laccadive Sea in the south of Kerala. It is famous for Houseboat cruises along the rustic Kerala backwaters. It is referred as the “Venice of the East”. It has always been important place considering the Marine Life. It is also famous for boat races, backwaters holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. It is the popular picnic spot. It is a must visit for all who seek to explore Kerala’s vast beauty.

Alappuzha also offers a great climate. The houseboat industry of Alappuzha is amongst the famous in the world. It has been likened to a canal car park during the peak season. We had an amazing houseboat experience.

Alleppey Houseboat Experience

The Houseboat traveling was a bit expensive but it is worth spending on its unique and amazing experience. Even I had a houseboat experience and in my opinion, it was very good.

The houseboat is called as ‘Spice Routes Luxury House Boat’. In which there is a variety of House Boats named as of spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, etc.


Lunch at Spice Routes Luxury House Boat
Lunch at Spice Routes Luxury House Boat

The Houseboats are of different sizes, which has either 1-room, 2- room, 3-room or 4-room depending on the size of House Boat.

Luxury House Boat

The meal was provided in the Houseboat cruise itself, or we can prepare food with our own hands as the kitchens were also available for preparing food for your own taste. They provide both veg and non-veg food.

Check-in at Alappuzha Beach

The very next day, in the morning after having breakfast I visited Alappuzha Beach. It is a famous beach located in Alappuzha town and is also a regular tourist attraction.

Alappuzha Beach
Clean & Amazing Alappuzha Beach

This beach hosts many events like Alappuzha Beach Festival. It has an old pier which extends to Sea.

Munroe Island

Then I visited Munroe Island. There I checked-in at Munroe Island Cottage. Had our food and then the local people shared with us the procedure of making ‘Local Taadi’.

Munroe Island

It is basically a traditional drink of that place made up of coconut branches. At first stage, it tastes very similar to coconut water but if you keep it for few days by covering it with clay and pots it ferments and then the drink which you get after fermentation is called as ‘Taadi’.

small boat for a ride at Munroe Island

Then we were taken in a small boat for a ride over the river for about 35 to 40mins where they showed us the fish farming and prawns farming areas and also different types of water animals and variety of snakes.

Beauty of Munroe Beach

Munroe Island is located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river. You can reach this Island by road, rail and Inland water navigation. It is a hidden pearl in the backwaters and is composed of a cluster of 8 Islands.

Experience at Munroe Island

Each one of them is separated by small water channels and lakes. Some of the Island’s main attractions are the narrow waterways, canal cruise, and the famous Kallada Boat Race. It was really a lovely and peaceful trip, especially the boating, I got to see rare species of birds and fishes. While traveling by boat we had a very good experience of village life and felt like experiencing my childhoods days of Grandparents village and had very tasty and delicious traditional lunch.

Quilon Beach Hotel

Quilon Beach Hotel

After that, we reached Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention center. It is 65 km north of Trivandrum.

Qullon Beach
Quilon Beach

It is a luxurious 5-star hotel located at Kollam, facing Arabian Sea and Backwaters. This hotel also offered Spa facilities and swimming pool.

It has cozy rooms which provide beautiful sea views and also has satellite flat-screen TVs. Each room has bathroom and grooming kits and Bathrobes in it.

The hotel serves local and international cuisine both if required it also has a pastry shop and a bar. We had a night stay at this Luxurious hotel and had a sound and safe sleep.

You can check out My whole Kerala Tour Journey to make sure you don’t miss out any wonderful place to visit.

Spending time with family and enjoying holidays is the best feeling one can ever experience. I thank God from bottom of my heart because I am seriously feeling lucky to experience this beautiful feeling. Moving further on our journey it’s day 5 today I visited the most trending & famous place from the movie Bahubali that is  Athirappilly Falls.

Day 5 Begins with Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum.

After having breakfast we reached Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum. It is an old traditional 2-story building. It is the museum showing the evolution of the traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicines.

This museum is located in Thaikkattussery, near Ollur in Thrissur, Kerala. This museum was inaugurated by the late president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. It shows the history of the variety of ayurvedic medicines from ancient to modern times. It also has a library, which includes the books on Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines. The book also describes various branches of Ayurveda. The library also includes different eye-catching digital images and a 3-D gallery. The 3-D gallery shows traditional educational treatments using ayurvedic medicines and its present developments and also a collection of raw herbs used for manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines. After visiting this museum I realized that Ayurveda is and will always remain nature’s best remedy for the majority of health problems.

Bahubali Fame The Athirappilly waterfall

After that, we went to Athirappilly Waterfalls. It is situated in Athirappilly Panchayat in Thrissur district of Kerala.

Athirappilly waterfall
Athirappilly waterfall

Athirappilly is the largest waterfall of Kerala and is nicknamed as “Niagara of India”. It is 80 feet tall. Athirappilly waterfall is close to the dense forest and also has different species of flora and fauna.  Athirappilly waterfall is the most visited waterfall in Kerala. It is situated in a beautiful location and the climate was very thrilling. One can see this waterfall from upper as well as a lower end. Athirappilly waterfall is the waterfall which was shown in the blockbuster movie Baahubali.

The continuously falling water of the waterfall was given the milky waterfalls looks. The water there flows with very high-speed so one has to be very careful especially when having kids and old-age people with them.

Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge.

Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge
Click From The Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge

Then we visited Thumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge. It is the well-known tourist spot on the way of Athirappily Waterfalls. It is built across the Chalakkudy River.

Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge
Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge

Standing on two pillars this bridge also works on the principle of the cable-stayed bridge with lightweight concrete-steel viaducts on both the sides of the river. It hangs and also gives sounds when you run over it.

Tumburmuzhi Hanging Bridge


It also has the famous Butterfly park, which has the natural habitat of Butterflies. It has almost every species of Butterfly in the world. At this place, one can enjoy a lot and can have a view of nature’s beautiful creation of butterflies and flowers together. If you reach this park early morning you can see more of the bigger butterflies like birds, which we missed out to see. It is much less known stop, a lot of travelers missed it. But in my opinion, it is the good place to spend happy time with family and friends.

After reaching Seashore Residency we had an dinner It is a place which serves a high amount of non-vegetarian food because the tourist who visits there is the majority from Arab, so we found it bit difficult to get pure vegetarian food., this is how we ended our day 4.

Muziris Heritage Project

We started our 5th day by visiting Muziris Heritage project. We visited hop and hop the boat, the experience of traveling in that boat was amazing. It is an ancient port town in little Kerala, which still holds it’s beauty that is filled with history and culture.

Muziris Heritage project
Muziris Heritage project

The Government of Kerala has initiated the Muziris Heritage Project to reinstate the historical and cultural significance of the legendary port of Muziris. This region is dotted with numerous monuments of the old age era.

port of Muziris

The entire project is designed to involve and integrate the local community in all it’s development initiatives. The history lovers should visit it once.

hop and hop the boat.
Hop and hop the boat.

Paliam Kovilakam Museum

Ancient Artifact
Ancient Artifact in The Paliam Kovilakam Museum

Then we visited the Paliam Kovilakam Museum, which is built-in the Kerala style. The architecture of this museum shows the hybrid of Kerala and Dutch styles. It is functional and highly efficient two-story building of old age times.

Paliam Kovilakam Museum
Paliam Kovilakam Museum
Carved wooden staircase
Carved wooden staircase

The building has beautifully carved wooden staircase and thick walls with splayed openings.

It has a circulation space in the private area of the building which insulates the interiors, making the place cooler. Again this was a beautiful historic place to watch.

Ancient watch
Ancient watch in the Paliam Kovilakam Museum

Dutch Palace

Moving our journey further we then visited Dutch Palace. It is a Mattancherry Palace, actually a Portuguese palace popularly known as Dutch Palace. In the early decades of 16th century, the Portuguese build this palace and presented it to the king Veera Kerala Varma with the hope of establishing trading relations with the kingdom.

Dutch Palace
Inside The Dutch Palace

This palace is two-storeyed building build in traditional Kerala style with 4 separate wings openings into a central courtyard. From outside, the palace was decorated with white walls in the front and was having sloping roofs. It has long and spacious halls, the ceilings of the halls were decorated with wood carved with floral designs which looks very elegant. This palace also has a fascinating collection of mural paintings and antique furniture and weapons.

Visit St. Francis Church

From there we visited St. Francis Church, it is said to be the oldest European church in India. It was originally built-in 1503 and has great historical significance. It is well-known for its beautiful architecture and ambiance. The church is made of wood and mud. It is situated in the middle of the fort constructed by the Portuguese.

St. Francis Church
St. Francis Church

This church was reconstructed in 1516 and was dedicated to the patron saint of Portugal. The church has a lofty structure with a timber-framed roof covered with tiles. It has a stepped pinnacle constructed on both the sides of the church which gives a very impressive look and signifies old heritage. The interior of the church provides a magnificent view.

Visit Fort Kochi at Greenix village

At last on the 5th day, we visited the Fort Kochi at Greenix village. Greenix Village is a cultural art center of Kerala which promotes varieties of traditional dance forms under one roof.

traditional dance
traditional dance forms at Fort Kochi

This cultural art center also has an art gallery restaurant, a curio shop and a bookshop. The village opens at 6:00 a.m and closes at 10:00 p.m.

Greenix village
Greenix village

We also experienced the traditional dance forms of Kerala and a Marshal art form called as Kallaripatu.

Checked in Bolghatty Palace Hotel.

Bolghatty Palace Hotel
Front Side of Bolghatty Palace Hotel

Bolghatty Palace Hotel is a former palace built by Dutch and is located on the island known as Bolghatty island in Kochi. It is the beautiful palace with the exclusive mansion and four palatial rooms.

Bolghatty Palace Hotel
Inside The Bolghatty Palace Hotel

It provides the travelers with the world-class amenities and a luxurious place to stay during holidays. It is the place of peace in the midst of the bustling city of Kochi.

My Hubby Ringing The Bell

This resort is a combination of leisure with business and is popularly known as “Honeymoon Paradise”.

Bolghatty Palace Hotel.
My best click in the Bolghatty Palace Hotel.

The resort is neatly surrounded by the giant umbrellas of refreshing green trees. There are also six lake view cottages in this resort. It looks really amazing and let’s see how we feel and what else we experience after staying at this resort.

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