When Do You Need to Visit Gynecologist other Than Pregnancy

A gynecologist is a doctor who deals with women’s health, with a special focus on the reproductive system. Gynecologists handle cases pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth, obstetrics, menstruation, hormone disorders, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), fertility issues, and more.

A gynecologist can be a male or a female doctor, and we suggest that you select a doctor you are comfortable talking to without feeling shy. Not being able to explain your problem to a doctor will only cause you more trouble. It is advisable to go to the same gynecologist unless you have a strong reason not to. Your regular doctor will know your case history and can offer better treatment in most instances.

Though it is not necessary for a woman to visit the gynecologist for every small issue, pregnancy is not the only time a woman would have to visit her doctor. We have listed below some of the situations you will need to visit a gynecologist.

  • Severe Menstrual Pain and Heavy Bleeding

    • If you have always had heavy bleeding, it is probably just how your body functions. But if you have noticed a sudden increase in bleeding and if it lasts for more than 4-5 days, booking an appointment with your gynecologist is suggested. Excess pain and heavy bleeding can be a sign that something in your system is not right and has to be treated.
  • Safe Sex and Family Planning

    • We cannot emphasize enough the importance of safe sex. Many women avoid visiting a doctor because they don’t want to answer questions about their personal lives or sexual activity. But without this information, the gynecologist cannot offer you the right solution.
    • Buying over the counter contraceptives could adversely affect your menstrual cycle and cause long-term problems in conceiving a child. Contraception, pregnancy termination, and sterilization should be handled by the doctor. Self-medication could even put your life at risk.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

    • If you are experiencing a burning sensation, pain, discomfort, ulcers, etc., in your vaginal region, do not silently bear it. You could be suffering from an infection and it is necessary to identify the main cause of the infection. Visit your gynecologist in Bangalore to make sure that you are not suffering from any serious health issues.
  • Endometriosis, PCOS, or UTI

    • Conditions like these require medical attention and can be determined only after a few tests. Talk to your gynecologist and clear your doubts. Ask questions to know how to control the conditions and lead a healthy life.
  • STIs

    • If you fear you could be suffering from STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), immediately visit our gynecologist and get it treated before it affects your overall health.
  • Sexuality and Health Issues Related to Same-sex and Bisexual Relationships

    • You might face a few issues talking to a gynecologist in such instances, so it is important to find a doctor who is compassionate and understanding.

Breast disorders, frequent urination, sexual dysfunction, congenital abnormalities, etc. should not be neglected.


 Disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.


3 Tips to Finding a Car Racing Game That Fulfills Your Need for Speed

Over the weekend, we organized a gaming night where my friends came over to play some games. Being big fans of car racing games, one of my closest friends got me to check out this article which he came across and I found them to be really useful.

Great Car Racing Games

All this while, I’ve been thinking that I have played all the top racing games there is, only to find out after reading this article, that there could be more. Here are some tips on how you find car racing games that will definitely be worth your time.

Choose popular games that are highly rated

When you are about to start playing a new game, you might worry that you’re probably going to be unsure how good it’s going to be. The safest bet, therefore, is to look for games that are already popular. Some examples include Redline Rumble, Need for Speed and Fast Racing 3D. One common way to check for more popular games would be through gaming review blogs that specifically rate car games.

Alternatively, you can also find online forums and portals that discuss the latest games that are becoming popular. This way, you can easily find people online to play with. Not only does this make it interesting, but is a great way to compete for the hall of fame too. Certain games such as Hot Wheels, Track Builder, and Dream Car Racing are some good examples of popular online games.

Look out for games that let you play offline

Some gaming apps let you play offline. Most often than not, it is offered as an in-built feature giving you the option to download the game so it could be played without the need of an internet connection. You may also find that online gaming can be quite distracting at times and with an option to play offline, this feature can come in handy sometimes.

Additionally, playing an offline game lets you play whenever and wherever you want as long as you have a device with sufficient battery power. Since it does not depend on the internet connection anymore, you want to play car racing games more freely now. It’s a great way to kill time when you are in a remote area with pretty much nothing else to do. There are many free gaming apps offered that has the offline feature and it’s best that you look out for them.

Use Disney characters to create racing challenges

Sometimes, you might want to sit back and play a relaxing family-friendly car racing game that is suitable for everyone. This is especially important if you’ve got children who might be interested in playing a game or two. One way to go about it to choose a racing game with Disney characters in it. It’s a great way to find a game that is age-appropriate yet keep everyone entertained.

Some games such as Lightning McQueen and Cars 2 are the popular ones. There are few other popular ones that are inspired by movies such as Radiator Springs. They are a great way to experience your favorite Disney movies too. Certain games even allow you to interact with your   Disney characters. So, do watch out for those!


There are many ways on how you could go about satisfying your need for the adrenaline rush or simply playing a game that is both relaxing yet provides you with similar entertainment. Nevertheless, I hope you find the above tips useful as you begin to embark on a car racing journey or continue to look out for more entertaining games.

Ease your life with online grocery Dunzo in Bangalore

In this fast-paced life, we tend to eat food from outside because we don’t have time to buy groceries and cook our own food. But now, with Dunzo which provides the service of ordering online grocery in Bangalore, you don’t have to worry anymore. Dunzo has given an enormous advantage to the people living in Bangalore.

We all have a selective and preferred grocery store or a stall because they give us a free handful of dhania (coriander) with other vegetables. 

So, you might be wondering what makes Dunzo different from other online grocery stores? Well, other stores won’t allow you to select from your favourite shop because they generally have their warehouses which deliver the groceries to you. With Dunzo, you can find your favourite grocery store online and order your preferred groceries from the same.

I can understand the pain of going to a supermarket to buy a few things. Stocking up all the items in your cart and then waiting in the checkout line while grabbing a packet of chips to quiet the hunger pangs, well this is my regular story of visiting a supermarket. 

But with Dunzo, you can surely skip the long checkout queues. All you need to do is order your required groceries, and you are done! It is more than just an online grocery in Bangalore; you can also order your medicine online. 

Kabeer Biswas, the founder of Dunzo, realized the inadequacy of the time. He recognized the emergency and unavailability of the on-demand facility in the city. And, after researching more on the obstacles, he came up with a solution, i.e., Dunzo. It also provides the facility to finish your mundane tasks which include picking up your clothes for dry cleaning, finding a plumber to fix the leakages and many more. With the hustle and bustle of the city, this service can be relaxing for everyone.

What makes Dunzo Different?

With the first-class services, Dunzo is not limited to being an online grocery in Bangalore. 

  1. There is no restriction on the minimum amount on a single order.
  2. Completes your task within 60 minutes.
  3. FREE delivery for new users.
  4. Order anything, anywhere and anytime.

Check out more services offered by Dunzo

Do you want to know what Dunzo can do for you? Then here is a list of the services that will convince you to try it once. 

  1. Your grocery shopping is sorted.

 Buy the best online grocery in Bangalore with just a click. Order vegetables, fruits, meat or raw eggs with no hidden charges. 

  1. Enjoy the fastest food delivery from favourite restaurants.

Relish into the delicious and lip-smacking food from your chosen restaurants. So, now you can afford to skip cooking a meal and enjoy watching your favourite movie with yummy food. 

  1. Send packages and gifts to your mates.

Delivering packages, flowers or gifts on special occasions can be difficult. But not now, say congratulations with a lovely gift. 

  1. Get the pet supplies in no time.

Keep your pets happy by surprising them with their favourite dog food or some tasty food treats. You can order it from various stores available on the app.

  1. Pick and drop anything.

Forgot your laptop charger at home? Don’t worry! The pick and drop facility will make things easier for you.  

Now, ordering online groceries in Bangalore won’t appear to be a difficult task. You can get your task done by paying the money for the order and the delivery charge. The delivery charge for the order will be as low as Rs. 20 for initial 3 Km and Rs. 10 for each km after that. 

Check out the dunzo app on Play Store and Apple Store today. Give it a try and share your experience with me in the comment section. 


The best shoes for my workout and sports activities.

Believe it or not, sports shoes play an influential role in beginning a proper workout regime. Not all shoes are made for running or working out, so you need to pay attention to your workout footwear. 

Choosing the right sports shoes to kick start your workout can be a strenuous task. Because of hundreds of factors which includes, as comfortable as an old shoe, super stylish for a gym selfie and above all, fits in the budget. 

Recently, I have been prompted about starting a workout routine. So, I went to the mall and bought workout clothes. The next day, I started working out in my new gym attire that is paired up with the regular shoes. After running for 10 minutes, I felt the strain over the toes. Initially, I chose to ignore the pressure and continued working out. After 30 minutes, I felt the burning sensation all around the sole. 

How I got Mochi sports shoes gift from my husband?

So, as I told my husband about the incident, he asked me to switch the regular shoes to sports shoes. My husband took me to the Mochi Shoes. To be honest, before visiting the Mochi store, I never knew they have a great collection of sports shoes. From running shoes to sneakers, they have everything. Then, I was tempted to buy two pairs of sports shoes for myself and one pair for my husband. They have a tremendous variety of shoes for men and women. 

Now, that I have been working out in those shoes for over two weeks, I think it is the best time to give a short review to all my readers and inspire them to work out in the right shoes.
  • Perfect for Running or Jogging


If you want to enhance your running or jogging speed without going over on your ankle, then choosing Mochi sports shoes can be a great deal for your feet. Whether you jump, spin or sprint, they provide the extra cushioning on the soles to reduce the stress. 


  • Fits like a glove


While working out, we want to focus on our muscles, not on the strain over soles, right? So, finding a perfect size that fits comfortably is no big deal for the brand. According to me, wearing the wrong sized shoes for a workout is like eating soup with chopsticks. 


  • Provides Super Chic Look


Want to work out yet look fashionable? With a variety of colors, patterns and trendy design, you can have a gala time at the gym. Well, no kidding. I have purchased the pink and grey colored shoes that match my workout outfit perfectly and gives me that perfect mirror workout selfie.


  • Greatly Affordable


There is a myth that good running shoes have to be overpriced or not-so-affordable. These shoes are totally pocket-friendly, and I am sure that you will end up buying more than one pair of workout footwear.  


  • A New Workout BFF


If you aren’t motivated about starting a workout routine, then make these sports shoes as your workout BFF! Because they are super long-lasting and will be there for you in the longer run.  Also helps in Adventurous activities

During my fitness journey, I have realized the importance of investing in good sports shoes and trust me; in the end, it will be worth your money. So, if you are considering to indulge in the fitness routine, then you should check out running shoes by Mochi Shoes because they can withstand from the strain and protect your feet from chronic injury. So, it is time to sweat out and keep up your heart rate in comfortable footwear.

Tell me the comment section, which is your favorite shoes that you prefer to wear during the workout? 


Is Pediasure Good Enough for Your Fussy Eater? #GrowRight


Parenting is no less than a herculean task and it’s a journey of cozy cuddles and dinner table fights. If you are a parent, then you will totally relate with this. Serving your kid with the proper meal can be a tiring task if your child is a fussy eater. But, is filling your picky eaters with Pediasure the right choice? Many a times, my friends ask me about healthy drink for kids.

Being a fussy eater not only influences the eating habits but also can lead to underdeveloped growth of the body as well as their mind.[1] If you area mother of the foodie fusspot then you find it stressful too, right? Many parents overlook the poor eating habits of their child. But, it is really important to keep a check on what your youngster is up to. Initially it will affect their activity levels but later on, they will be predisposed to more diseases which means low immunity.

How I found out Pediasure ?

Being a ‘Mommy Blogger’ I have investigated and composed various blogs on nutrition in the child. Stuffing green vegetable in your kid’s mouth can be really frustrating. You appreciate and understand the requirement of the nutrition but your toddler won’t be able to appreciate this. Lack of adequate nutrition in the foundation years will bring with it a lot of disadvantages including in their academic performance.[2]

It won’t be noticeable initially but it will show symptoms in their adult life.

My Experience with Pediasure as a healthy drink for kids.

To be honest, I have seen numerous advertisement for PediaSure. I would never have thought that I would choose PediaSure. Because, I was still grappling to find the answer to the question, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ Angel, my daughter, has always been very obedient and docile. But, when it comes to eating healthy, she turns up her nose. I have tried to trick her in every different way but I always end by giving up.

But, then this has to stop! I can’t feed her with junk food all the time. I had made some strict rules for the family to avoid junk but her constant nagging and whining over food gets on my nerves. Due to this, she wasn’t at a healthy weight as per her height percentile. I was really worried and tensed about the whole scenario. So, one of my friends told me how she fulfilled the nutrition needs of her fussy eating toddler with PediaSure. Also, she told me some more benefits of Pediasure and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  And my search for something healthy ended up with a healthy drink for kids with Pediasure.

Is Pediasure Good For Kids?

This is indeed a true story. After my friend convinced me to buy Pediasure, I was still skeptical and was questioning myself, ‘Is PediaSure good for my kid?’ So, my husband suggested that I pay a visit to the Pediatrician as they will help guide us better about our child’s nutrition.

My Pediatrician told me that a pack of PediaSure is packed with 37 nutrients and high quality protein which completely fulfills the checklist of nutritional needs in kids. The ingredients used in the process of PediaSure is infused with prebiotics and probiotics helps to supports the immunity of the child. A scoop of PediaSure consists of Choline, Taurine and Omega 3 and 6 which help in the growth of children’s brains in the initial years and it does not have any artificial growth hormone. It contains nutrients that help in bone growth. So your child can grow right!

After my Pediatrician assured me about choosing Pediasure and cleared the question behind: ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ I instantly went to the market and bought a bottle of Pediasure. As Angel loves the chocolate flavor, I brought Pediasure in chocolate flavor. It also comes in 3 more flavors.

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My Final Thoughts

The results were apparent in the first month of consumption of Pediasure. And the best part is that she is loving the flavor too. We went to the doctor for a regular checkup and she had started to reach her healthy weight as per height. My husband and I are really satisfied and happy with the results of using Pediasure. I am really happy that I chose this bottle of wonder. Not just that it is super tasty and chocolaty but also it will help to grow kids better and make them the best version of themselves. Now, I can completely answer the question, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’

Do I Recommend Pediasure to Fussy Eaters?

With no doubt, I do recommend as Pediasure is good for kids. If you are a mommy still struggling to find the answer of, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ Then, I will definitely recommend you to give it a try to this healthy drink for kids.

In this phase of parenting, I have learned that kids normally refuse to eat or taste new food. But certain food groups should never be neglected. Feed your kids with the same food as for the rest of the family and try to praise and encourage them to try new foods. Show them the benefits of eating different foods which will tempt them to give it a try.




Cheering for Puneri Paltan: Maratha Kabaddi Team #BhaariPaltan


best kabaddi team
kabaddi team

Just like the Indian Kabaddi Team is a great pride for India, Puneri Paltan holds head high for Maharashtra. It’s a kabaddi team in the Pro Kabaddi League from 2014, which tends to represent, Maharashtrian city, Pune. 

To be honest, I have never gained any interest in sports. But, as a child, I have always loved playing kabaddi with my friends in school. As I grew up, my interest was kind of faded away. But, whenever I watch the Pro Kabaddi League, it makes me cheer up for my favourite team, Puneri Paltan

If you ask me, what’s the best thing about Puneri Paltan, I would say that they have fought the toughest battle with great team support and gave their opponents a tough time during the game. The Pro Kabaddi League has immensely gained popularity over the past few years. Kabaddi was one of the most underrated games in India, but due to the PKL, it has helped boost the viewership of the game. 

The success of the Puneri Paltan is the equal efforts of the coaches, mentors, trainers and of course the team players as well. Over the past few years, they have played around 112 matches and successfully won 45 matches, which is considered to be a tremendous score in the Pro Kabaddi League. The strategic attacks in the game make them stand out from the other teams. The top performers of the Paltan’s are considered to be Pawan Kuman Kadian and Girish Maruti Ernak with the 23 Raid Points and 18 Tackle Points respectively. 

The most talented captain of the team is Nitin Tomar and he is one of the great players among his team members and also known as ‘UP ka Bahubali’. Not only his achievements in the Pro Kabaddi League is outstanding, but also he represented Indian Kabaddi Team at the Kabaddi World Cup in October 2016 and managed to win the match with other team players. 

My favourite players from the team have to be Amit Kumar, Darshan Kadian, Deepak Yadav, and Sagar B Krishna. Their gameplay is completely a treat for the eyes. 

Tell us your favourite team players from the Pro Kabaddi League in the comment section below!

As the exciting tournament is all set to kick-off, let’s have a look at the upcoming schedules for the Puneri Paltan team. So, that you can mark your calendar or set up your reminder to cheer up pride of the Maratha. 

Calendar of matches

DateTeam Vs Team
14th September, SaturdayPuneri Paltan VS Gujarat FortuneGiant
15th September, SundayPuneri Paltan VS Patna Pirates
18th September, WednesdayPuneri Paltan VS Tamil Thalaivas
20th September, FridayPuneri Paltan VS Bengaluru Bulls


Do you love watching Pro Kabaddi League, just like I do, then follow the latest updates of the Kabaddi matches on the Dream11 application. Get the best LIVE experience of the matches and support your favourite team! I am going to support my favourite team, Puneri Paltan. Tell us your favourite team in the comment section! It’s time to hone your strategy skills for Kabaddi.

Makeup Essential That Every Bride Should Include in Their Trousseau

Weddings are one of the most significant moments for everyone including the family, friends and of course the bride-to-be. With the enthusiasm of starting a new life altogether, there is emotional stress as
well. And, the top of all is shopping for the wedding trousseau. Only dream is to look best on d day. And brides start searching for beautiful bride gowns, Jewellery and most importantly bridal makeup products .

Makeup productsBeing a mommy, I still remember those days and it was no less than a hectic yet exciting task to cover up all essential in my suitcase. So, according to my experience, I can help you to tick off must-have in your wedding trousseau.

Apart from attire and other accessories, I will be focusing more on the makeup kits for the bride.

Because believe it or not, makeup can be the ultimate saviour on the days after your wedding. So, let’s check the list – make sure you add into your wishlist and start shopping!

1. For The Face

There are tons of products available in the market to get flawless, brighter and glowing skin, that every bride craves for. Primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blushing are essential products for the
base in the makeup kits for brides.
But, make sure to choose the right shade of the face products that suits and matches your skin tone.

2. For the eyes

Let your eyes speak more words by adding the eye makeup products in the makeup kits for the bride.
Eyeliner, eyeshadow pallets, eyebrow pencils or gels, eyelash curler, kajal, and mascara should be your holy grail when it comes to eye makeup.
It will assist you to give more definition to your eyes by making it appear larger and brighter. But, make sure to experiment with different colours and combinations before experimenting on important days.

3. For the Lips

Almost everyone loves the idea behind the soft and luscious lips. So, what can you do to make it more attractive? Using fruity lip balms, lip liners, lipsticks to make your lips stand out.

Try out different shades of lipstick in matte, creme and glitter before sticking to one. Use a lip liner which can give the illusion of perfectly shaped lips. Lip balm will shield your lips from any reaction while making
it soft and supple.

4. For the Hands

You might be wondering why to pay attention towards hands, but choosing a good nail paint and a hand cream can make a visible difference. Trust me, even the perfectly manicured hands will require some pop
of colours from nail paint and extra nourishment from a hand cream.

So, you need to invest in a good hand cream and a bunch of different nail paints.

5. Makeup Brushes

Essential products in Makeup kits for brides would never be completed without the mention of a sturdy set of makeup brushes and sponges, right? Applying makeup with your fingers is a complete no-no. Different
makeup brushes can help you to apply your makeup easily and help you to blend properly. So, investing in makeup brushes is completely essential. Makeup kits for brides can help to relieve the stress of looking good without even a makeup artist. Of course, you need basic makeup skills too. But, you can try out with different makeup products.

6. Jewelry

Add that extra charm to your whole look by matching the outfit with sparkling personalized getnamenecklace Jewelry .

Don’t forget to bookmark this article, because it will surely support you to tick off everything on your checklist. I hope this article is the complete guide on everything you need to own in your bridal makeup
vanity. If you want to know more about on such topics then do let me know in the comment section below.
Happy reading!

If you are an avid fisherman, you will likely have amassed quite a collection of rods, reels and tackle to help you in your quest for that elusive monster catch. When you are not fishing, storing your equipment is something to consider, and with that in mind, here are a few do’s and don’ts for storage of fishing tackle.

Do Keep Fishing Rods in Their Bags – The correct way to store your fishing rod is to put them in special bags, which are sometimes called holdalls, and this will protect the delicate finish. Prior to storing any type of fishing rod, you should thoroughly clean the sections, before putting each section into the special sleeve, and when you buy fishing rods, you also receive a suitable bag, and whether the rod is a single piece, two pieces, or even three sections, each would have a corresponding sleeve in the customised rod bag.

Don’t Leave Hooks Lying Around – Barbed fishing hooks can be very dangerous, as they are very sharp, and once embedded into a finger, for example, a barbed hook will be difficult to remove. Your tackle box has many drawers and compartments, and all hooks should be kept in small plastic containers, which should then be stored in one of the many drawers in your tackle box.

Do Clean and Service your Fishing Reels – The typical fishing reel is exposed to the weather, especially if used on saltwater fish. After a good clean, you should remove the line spool, then lubricate the reel as the manual instructs. Keeping your reels in good condition will ensure that they work properly when it matters. Store fishing line in a dry place and make sure the line is not exposed to direct sunlight, as this can damage monofilament fishing  line.

Fishing gear
Image Source: Unsplash

Don’t Leave Bait in Containers – Whatever bait you use, it must be disposed of when storing your equipment, and by washing out bait buckets, they will be ready for use when the season begins again. If, for example, you forgot to throw away your ground bait, when you next open the container, the smell will be overwhelming, and this could affect the fishing.

Do Clean your Lures – If you use artificial lures, they should always be kept clean, and with each lure in its own plastic container, there won’t be any accidents with hooks. All end tackle; floats, weights, spinners and hooks, should have special compartments in your tackle box, and this will ensure you don’t get tangled up.

Don’t Put Anything on Top of your Fishing Rods – It is essential that your rods are not under any pressure, as this could damage a section, and the best way to store rods is in the upright position, with each in its own bag. PVC tubing is another great way to store your rods, just cut off a length of suitably sized PVC tube, fit caps on both ends and you have a safe storage solution. These can be hung from the garage ceiling, which doesn’t take up much space, and as the rods are out of the way, they can’t get damaged.

Fishing gearImage Source: Pexels

Your fishing equipment is quite an investment, and if you take good care of your rods and reels, they will give you many years of trouble-free use.

Say No to Excuses for Fitness with Anytime Fitness

It is smashingly effortless to make unachievable New Year’s fitness resolutions than veritably sticking to it every day. But rather than accusing the absence of motivation, I would choose to indict my extended working schedule at the office or spending the surplus time in nurturing my family. I truly keep the faith that taking out a chunk of time every day, a good amount of willpower and persistent hard work will lead to the success of a fitness. Do you feel the same? If you are a working mommy or stay at mom and seeking any motivation story, then stick till the end as Anytime Fitness Gym bring something special for you.



Anytime fitnessDifference between Before Pregnancy and after Pregnancy.

Before giving birth, I was super attentive to a healthy lifestyle. I love devouring in salads and once in a while, I have a burger as well. To be honest, I never fancied going to gyms or any health and fitness classes. I have always appreciated my pregnancy phase because being a mother can be challenging yet satisfying. After my Angel was born, the motivation was to lose the baby weight healthily without any crash diet or popping to gyms. But, I was continually switching my roles from changing the nappy of the baby to finishing the to-do-list at work. I really aspired to get back on track but my responsibilities never gave me a chance to spare out some time for physical fitness. I have killed my hopes to fit back into my favorite skinny jeans. But, somehow I accomplished to lose a few kilos by following up healthy diet routine. After losing a few kilos, I wasn’t able to lose more and I have happily admitted my fate and my body. There are times when I stop by and looking myself in the mirror. I tend to hold my tummy and fuss about it. In the end, I never made any more efforts to get down on my healthy weight.

Do it now or never: A step towards Healthy Lifestyle

A month ago, I was feeling lethargic and stressful continuously for few days. At first, I ignored and considered as a symptom for work pressure but then, I noticed a constant gain in my body weight and poor routine. I concluded that I can’t pull off this any longer.

I have always been a good role model for daughter and I need to explicate them that personal health is way more influential than anything else. So, for the first week, I was completely determined about my workout and diet but then within the middle of the second week, everything fall off. My husband has witnessed me fighting this battle and suggested me to enroll in the nearby gym, Anytime Fitness.

Experience at Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness
tradition of saying Hifi to all customers

Initially, I was skeptical as I don’t want to join any fitness club. But, then I have to do it for the betterment of myself and my family. On the first day at Anytime Fitness, I was extremely reluctant. The acknowledged trainers were really kind and warm at the gym. They trained me professionally with different types of equipment at the gym. They guided me the do’s and don’ts of the exercises and understood my goals which, catered my health performance daily.

I am sure with a span of a few months, not just I would loose a few kilos but also I would learned the meaning of being healthy. Anytime Fitness is a major part in bringing back to me into shape and making me look more confident than before.


My Routine for Healthy Lifestyle


  • Drinking a warm glass of water after waking up early in the morning.
  • Walking (or sometimes, jogging) to the nearest Anytime Fitness Gym
  • A professional trainer helped me to workout in the gym.
  • Eating a combination of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  • Always keeping myself hydrated.


Would I Recommend Anytime Fitness?

I don’t need to think twice before answering this question. Of course, I would recommend to every mommy, who is struggling to follow a healthy routine.  Anytime Fitness has more than 4500 gyms, which makes it the largest gym chains in the world. They are currently helping people to achieve their fitness goals in 34 countries and 7 Continents.

  • World’s Largest Gym Chain
  • Top-notch Professional Gym Trainers
  • Optimum health equipment for workout
  • Customized Individual Training
  • Group Classes and Functional Training
  • Understand their client’s fitness goals
  • Safe and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Help to achieve fitness goals
  • Affordable gym membership

After subscribing the 1-year membership of Anytime Fitness, you will be able to access their training or gym centers all around the world. So, you won’t have any excuse to start your fitness journey. For more details you can check their website here

Don’t wait for the next year to make new year’s resolution. This Mother’s Day, take an oath to be fit for yourself. It will be a great way to boost your family to stay fit and follow healthy eating habits. I hope this would help and inspire all the mommy, who crave to transform their bodies and also be the greatest mother that they are.

#AFFitMom  #GymForMoms  #MomsFitnessGoals #FitMothersDay




What to do with old Sarees – 10 Creative Hacks


Draping your mother’s saree for your school’s annual function, rolling your paintings and projects inside a worn out saree, wrapping an old silk saree over your pillow; there is no girl who doesn’t have a memory attached to her mother’s sarees. A saree, after all is not just a piece of apparel or garment but a symbol of ethnicity, traditional glamour and Indian tradition. If your mom’s wardrobe too, is filled with her old sarees with no idea what to do with them, here are ten amazing creative hacks to recycle and reuse these old sarees. Read on.

  1. Create Classy Cushion Covers

Old sarees with ethnic style borders or shimmering golden thread embroidery can make up for terrific cushion covers and pillowcases. Simply cut out a strip from the saree according to the size of the cushion. Fold and stitch it to form a wide slit as an opening to insert the cushion. Plug it with hooks or a zipper of your choice.

  1. Make a Sling Pocket Bag

Also known as jhola bag, a sling pocket bag is quite a buzz among college girls and even among the ladies at kitty parties. To do this, scissor out two layers of your saree. While a single layer is okay, if you wish to create a sturdy bag, you can add double layer of saree cloth. Then, stitch the side to form the cup of the bag. Top it off with button hooks, or if you can work with a sewing machine, you can also add zipper and side pockets.

  1. Stitch an Anarkali Kurti

If your wardrobe houses an old chanderi saree and you have a knack of kurtis, this is the idea for you. Take out your saree and get a one-of-a-kind kurti stitched by the tailor that will make you look even more gorgeous.

  1. Go from Traditional to Trendy

Wondering how to glam up your college fashion collection without drying up the entire pocket? Your mom might help you, no seriously. If your mother has got an old saree, there are plenty of ways you can create some trendy outfits out of them. Let’s say, if you love trousers, you can create a cool pair of trousers. If you like to loose fitting overcoats, you can create a summer style poncho. From pants to crop tops to shorts and shirts, the limit is only your imagination.


  1. Decorate Your Walls


Yes! Your old sarees can be used in home décor too. Cut out strips of saree to form a wall hanging. Or you can decorate the edges of your photo frames with these strips. If you’ve got a cotton saree, why not create a wallpaper out of it. And the simplest of all, take some empty wooden or metal frames and hang in folded saree pieces as it is, for a bohemian style wall décor!


  1. Doll up in a Saree-Dupatta

Each time it’s not a cost-effective option to purchase a brand new outfit for a wedding or a family function; as these outfits cannot be worn on regular basis. Your old sarees come to rescue here. Take out an old saree, flip it over a salwar-suit, a plain kurti or a pair of palazzos, as a replacement for the dupatta. Especially if you’ve some old chanderi sarees or kanjeevaram sarees in your trunk, this idea can reflect magic in your outfit. Just try it and see!

  1. How about a Lehenga-Choli?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a hand-stitched wedding outfit. If you have a wedding invitation approaching and you haven’t selected that perfect lehenga, you might as well consider one of your old chanderi silk sarees to get one stitched. In fact, this way offers you the necessary freedom to choose the design and style of the lehenga choli.

  1. Cut out some Saree Scarves

While a cotton saree’s scarf will work for summers, a silk saree’s scarf will look cool with winter cardigans. Since saree comprise of a long piece of fabric, you can create multiple scarves out of one saree. Stitch for yourself or gift it to your girlfriends.

  1. Create Some Curtains & Draperies

In India, this is a common trend these days. Whether it’s an old net saree, a cotton cellulose saree or a chanderi saree, you can create some eye-catching draperies and curtains from them. In fact, some designers even design entire upholstery themes totally from recycled saree material!

  1. Sleep in Silky Soft Quilts

Just like cushions, if your quilts too demand a fabulous fabric cover, your old sarees are there to pave the way. Moreover, if you keep these quilts in bags, the bag covers can also be stitched using your old  chanderi saree.

So, how are you going to get creative with your collection of old sarees? Share your ideas with us.



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