Baking With Kids

Keeping your kids occupied during the Lockdown period is a challenge in itself. If you are a parent and have loads of ‘work from home’ assignments from your workplace, then you can relate it.

It is important to feed their mind with innovative yet playful activities so that they can forget about going out and playing with their friends. That’s why I am taking up A to Z Blogging Challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z and sharing another activity with the alphabet ‘B’. It’s baking with kids. Trust me, it’s such a playful yet super yummy activity for your little ones.

I know you all must be worried about the safety of this activity. But, if you are using precautions, then it can be such an amazing activity for your kids. You can start with easiest baking recipes for your kids like chocolate cupcakes, banana muffins or even iced biscuits too.

Why Baking With Kids?

Baking is a kind of activity which is enjoyed by everyone, isn’t it? Just imagine the wide smile on a kid’s face when they can see their handmade chocolate cake in front of them. It gives them immense pleasure and a sense of achievement. Moreover, they will learn about what all ingredients are mixed into the process of making a delicious baking recipe.

Baking with kidsMaterial Required for the Baking With Kids

The materials for baking are generally dependent upon the item you are trying to bake with your kids. The most common is a baking tray, hand gloves, an oven and ingredients based on your recipe.

Angel and I baked a super tasty Nutella cake which includes flour, sugar, cocoa, egg, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla essence and of course Nutella.

How to do “Baking With Kids”

There are no specific instructions for baking with kids but just make sure the whole process of baking should be looked after by the adult and under their supervision.

So, we mixed all the ingredients in the required proportion and preheated the oven before baking. We greased our baking tray and poured the batter into the tray and set it in the oven for 3-5 minutes.

Let me know if you need a detailed recipe for this super delicious Nutella cake. I am happy to share that as well.

Key Learnings
  • I explained the benefits of each ingredient and why it is used in the process of baking.
  • The portions of the ingredients have helped my daughter to understand the importance of fractions and measurements.
  • She started to understand the little details that go behind the scrumptious dessert.
My Overall Experience

It was such a great experience and I must say this activity is worth giving a try. My whole kitchen was messy after this activity but it was really fun to bond over the mommy-daughter relationship.

So, try out this activity with your kids too and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures and tag me @sneha_261013 on Instagram.

BlogchatterAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘C’! Can you guess it?

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It’s April 2020 and finally the whole month of A to Z blogging challenge! Isn’t that great! I have been participating in this challenge for the past 4 years in a row. And, I know I might be a little late for the theme reveal but I can surely say it’s worth the wait. 

After a lot of brainstorming, I wanted to pick up which is something relatable to the niche of my blog as well adaptable for my readers too. 

So, the topic for this A to Z Blogging Challenge will be Fun Activities to do with Your Kids During Quarantine period. 

Not just in India, but also the whole world is suffering from the pandemic crisis, coronavirus. That’s why a lot of people in the world are practicing ‘Social Distancing’ to avoid the spread of this severe disease. From Bollywood to Hollywood Stars, everyone is engaging themselves in different fun-filled activities with their families to make the best of the quarantine period. 

It becomes difficult to control the urge of your children to go out during this summertime. Rather than just complaining about being bored, I am spilling out some great activities that will keep your kids equipped and make them learn new and exciting things. 

I know your kids might be forcing you to let them play outside with their friends. But, do not let them go out. Teach them about the coronavirus, its symptoms and how they prevent this chronic disease. As children and old people have low immunity so they are more prone to this crisis. 

So, I request all the parents to indulge in these indoor activities with your kids and other family members so that you stay at home and be safe. 

I can understand that it is going to be a long week but we can all get through this and don’t forget to share the pictures of these activities by tagging me on Instagram @sneha_261013 

I will be posting the first activity with the first alphabet ‘A’ within a couple of hours! So, stay tuned for this A to Z Blogging Challenge!


Depicting a true and lifelong journey of motherhood is always misinterpreted. So, I am thankful to ZEE5  to give a gist of motherhood into comedy-drama series, Mentalhood I have just watched the trailer and I can’t wait to watch the most relatable series which interprets a large chunk of my life.

Trailer Review of Mentalhood

The initial seconds of the Mentalhood trailer is completely relatable to the mundane life of any mother. From waking up the kids to packing their lunch to taking care of the household chores, is an everyday task for every mom in this world.

In the series, Karishma Kapoor as Miera is a small-town woman and a mother to three children. She aspires her kids to get admission into the same school as superstars of Bollywood. Beyond their schooling, Miera encourages her children to take up an audition for different brands and wants them to be as famous as ‘Taimur’.

Anuja Joshi’s character is played by Sandhya Mridul who claims that perfectly raised kids are no less than the biggest achievement of any mother’s life. Tillotama Shome plays the character of Preity in Mentalhood. She makes a statement that parenthood is solely dependent upon mothers.

Shruti Seth as Diksha who wants her children to be connected to nature. Namrata is a working mother who believes that mothers can be professionally successful and can take care of their children perfectly. Dino Morea plays the character of Aakash who is a stay-at-home father and considered himself as the mommy of his babies.

The latter half of the trailer turns an emotional turn and an exact representation of motherhood. Not just motherhood, they have highlighted the bits of zero-tolerance against a bully, molestation, child abuse and more. All in all, it is a rollercoaster ride of every mother where everything seems an easy thing to do from a distance, but when you are the mother in parenthood, then it will surely seem like a mental hood.

Source:: Video Streaming Platform Zee5

How Mentalhood series is the apt representation of Motherhood?

As a mother, I have been in a lot of difficult situations and no-one has ‘the right thing to do’ guide during their motherhood phase. Every mother has their own journey. They all learn from their mistakes and experience. Each experience is no less than a new lesson.

Different challenges faced by different mothers with their separate professions with just one motive and that is to be the best in their parenting and to shape their kids into a good human being.

Here are some of the points that are super relatable from the mother’s perspective:

  • The mundane chores of the mother and still they aren’t appreciated in society.
  • Pushing your kids to be the best version of themselves.
  • Guiding the difference between what’s good and bad to your children Understanding your child’s behaviour through their different life stages.
  • Balancing your profession and motherhood is a tedious task.
  • And last but not the least, the trailer ends with a line that says “Every day is madness in a mom’s life. It’s not motherhood, it’s a mental hood.”

Hats off to the director, Karishma Kohli to address the hard work of different mothers in raising their kids irrespective of their profession, gender or behaviour. She has depicted the story of motherhood from different angles by showcasing working mothers, stay-at-home parent and more. She has highlighted as well as answered the question of every husband, ‘Tum din bhar Ghar par rehti ho, what do you do all day?’

This series, would give me a break from all the saas-bahu flicks and makes me feel more appreciated about the feeling of motherhood.

Do I recommend it?

Needless to say, I would 100% recommend it to my reader and suggest them to go and watch it on ZEE5. This comedy-drama series is fun to watch with or without your better half. I am not able to control my excitement as it will be streaming on 11th March. Are you going to watch it too? If you do watch it, then do let me know your reviews on the new Mentalhood series by ZEE5 in the comment section.

Frequent Urination in the Second Trimester

Pregnancy is one piece of news that comes with various repercussions. I have been sharing with all my readers about my experience with my second pregnancy. This is one of the other such problems I have been going through. ­­­­I am in my second trimester and complications have added up. I assure you this isn’t a rant blog post. I accept that pregnancy is a beautiful experience that comes with complications, sometimes. I use my blog as a platform to let others learn from my experience. Also, let me spill the beans – the issue I am about to discuss and share is “Frequent Urination”.

Frequent urination in the second trimesterFrequent urination in the second trimester is one of the common problems. Well, I wasn’t aware of this issue. As I have been letting you know that my first pregnancy was filled with more excitement and my age also played a vital role. I am 35 years old and this is my second pregnancy therefore, I do not know about a few things until I experience it. 

Now, several conditions follow up to frequent urination. However, things change my perspective when I read articles on the topic. So, I would let you all know about the issues I have been through. Also, I will be including the other factors that can lead to frequent urination in the second trimester. Here we go!

The Cause of Frequent Urination in the Second Trimester:

Before we discuss the precautions and treatment it is very important to know about the root cause. In my case, when I entered my second trimester, I also caught a cold. Now, initially, the first thought for frequent urination came to my mind directed to two things. First, it was because I had caught a cold and was going through a lot of coughing. Secondly, it might be because of less water intake. 

In my case, the former reason – my cough was the reason for the frequent urination. I consulted my doctor and she recommended a few medicines and exercises. 

Now, I read some articles and discussed it with some fellow mothers. I got to know that the main cause of frequent urination is when the blood flow in the kidney increases by 35% to 60%. Excessive blood tends to produce 25% more urine. 

One of the most common reasons is the pressure on the women’s bladder because of the growing uterus. Because of the increased pressure, a woman tends to go through frequent urination, especially in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is because in these 3 months the baby is growing heavier, it tends to move in the pelvis area. 

The Symptoms of  Frequent Urination in the Second Trimester

Now that I had been experiencing frequent urination in my pregnancy, there was a catch. Every time I needed to urinate, the reason, the pattern could be different. Sometimes you might feel a constant urge to pee but when you get into the washroom, the amount is very little. Whereas on the other hand there are women who might even go through the leakage. The following could be because of the following:

  • Coughing
  • Laughing
  • Exercising
  • Sneezing

As I said, in the beginning, my frequent urination was because of the frequent coughing. So, it is really important to answer ‘why’ in this case. Coughing created pressure on my bladder and therefore, I had the urge to pee every time I coughed. Sometimes, I didn’t feel the pressure and leaked. It was quite embarrassing for me at times.



  • This could be your reason:

One of the reasons for other women might be that of UTI – Urinary Tract Infection. It is during pregnancy when women are expected to suffer from UTI most. The UTI symptoms are as follows:

  1. Cloudy appearing urine
  2. Red, pink, or highly concentrated urine
  3. A strong pungent or foul smell of urine
  4. A burning sensation while urinating
  5. Pain while urination

The Treatment:

Frequent urination during the second trimester of pregnancy or pregnancy, in general, cannot be resolved. It is only after the birth of the child you will get rid of it. The symptoms mentioned above will only fade after a few weeks of giving birth. I too feel irritated and frustrated with this issue. However, this is something I cannot do away with. When I consulted my doctor, she told me the same thing and I had to learn it the hard way. There were a few bladder strengthening exercises. These won’t stop the urination number, however; it will help you in controlling them better. 

Something you might be doing in order to deal with frequent urination, whatever the reason is:

The one recommended by my doctor was something that goes on as follows:

  1. You need to tighten the muscles of your pelvic and imagine that you are trying to control the urine flow
  2. Now you need to hold for the muscles at least 10 seconds or for as long as you can
  3. After 10 seconds release the muscles you were holding
  4. You will need to repeat the above steps 15 times in a single set

One of the best ways to know that you are doing the exercise correctly is no one getting to know that you are exercising. 

It is very important to consult your doctor. Since there could be other complications or reasons for your frequent urination. As I have been saying – each pregnancy is different. Each woman goes through different experiences. 

My Advice/take on Frequent Urination in the Second Trimester

Chang in the hormone levels is the major reason that leads to frequent urination.

Additionally, the fluids in the body also make you run to the washroom now and then. To be honest, in my case I could not even think of stepping out of the house – neither for work nor for personal work. 

As I mentioned earlier, there were times when I had to use a sanitary napkin or so if I had some prior commitments. There is nothing as a remedy that you can get to completely get rid of this. This is one such situation that will gradually improve. So, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from completely avoiding drinking fluids or consuming liquids. That is a big NO-NO. 

The liquids play an important role in the growth of the baby. You have to be hydrated properly to avoid any other unwanted complications. Therefore, my advice would be to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Of course, you can avoid drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks in that matter. 

Also, lastly, I would say you must drink your liquids and consume your fluids more during the day and lesser before going to bed.

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Atlasware Products

Every day my morning starts with preparing tiffins for my husband and daughter. However, the major issue I face is with packing. There are times both my daughter and husband liked the lunch but sometimes the oil gets spilt in the bag due to leakage. How much I may try to tighten the tiffins, there is still some leakage on the sides which not just ruin the taste but the bag as well. 

I usually pack two tiffins for my daughter, Angel. One has the usual chapatis and vegetables and the other has fruits. She came home and told me that the apples had turned black. Now, what could I do with it? I was very frustrated. Like any other mom and wife, I love to pack lunch for my family and would want the food to remain intact and especially “Fresh”. 

Just to find the perfect lunch box for my daughter and husband, I have wandered from shops to shops and brands to brands. But to my failure, I could not get what I wanted. Either they leaked oil or ruined the food due to the tightness of the lunch box. But then, it was one day I was searching online about the essentials. I found a brand named Atlasware – tiffin boxes and water bottles. I had not heard about it but I wanted to give it a try after I read it. To be honest I thought even if it did not work, I won’t be surprised. Since I had already been juggling between these things.

AtlaswareHowever, when I received the products and used them, to my surprise, the Atlasware lunchbox is the perfect essential that I was looking for. And I loved it so much that I got a coffee maker and an atlasware water bottle along with it. Below is a mini-review for the same:

  1. Stainless Steel Tea/Coffee Maker: 

The major reason for me splurging on buying a coffee maker was because I am a coffee enthusiast. Just like any other Indian household, I need to make coffee, tea a lot of times in a single day. Sometimes, the count is from three cups to four. Whereas, there are times when we have guests in our house and the count is uncountable. Of course, it depends on the number of people visiting us. Nevertheless, I have been in search of a coffee maker that does not require rocket science to understand the working. All you need is grounded coffee, which I call an extra, in a layman’s language. 

Coffee makerThat’s it. Fill the equipment with water, add the grounded coffee, and put it on the source of heat. Tada! The tea/coffee is ready to be served. Can you get anything easier and quicker?

  1. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box:

Now, the first question that came to my mind was, what could be different here? It is a tiffin box after all. Plus I did not have any expectations. But the Atlasware tiffin box was the one that tick marked all the unique features I wanted. The food remains fresh until the last bite. The tight seal assures no leakage – as I was pissed off with the yellow marks on the bags. The brand guarantees a 10 hours heat retention along with it there is no contact with the food and the plastic used in the product. To be honest this was the line that enticed me to buy it. Also, we all are aware of the worst effects of food and plastic. 

Atlasware- Tiffin BoxesThe lunchbox is 100% BPA free and has an anti-skid base which allows stability to the food. The lunch box is available in three sizes – 475ml, 725ml, and 1000ml containers. Choose according to your needs.

  1. Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle:

I have always been using an insulated water bottle. My reason for choosing insulated was to let the water remain hot or cold until the last drop. Sometimes, Angel is suffering from a cold, I give her warm water so that she can sip it from the bottle when at school. When I came across Atlasware bottles my conditions added up. I came to know there is more to it than just assuring the water to maintain its temperature. The Atlasware bottles preserve flavours and freshness, which is a must – no one wants to drink smelling water. 

Atlasware - Water BottlesThere is no rusting in the material even after regular use. It comes with a year warranty, so back on it. The design and shape of the water bottles make it all the more unique. Also, it is available in a variety of colours and sizes – so you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices.

My reviews are all genuine, I have never been promoting the usage of products just for the heck of writing a blog. I have always been vocal about the fact that I, being a mother, a wife, and a homemaker who focuses on the health of my family. The priority is always crystal clear. Atlasware has been a new entrant in my kitchen and household needs and I can say that it is there to stay. Also, before I forget to mention the pricing of all the products is budget-friendly. They are a value for money!

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Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

You are experiencing things you have never felt before. Not just physically, but emotionally too you are on a roller coaster. You have started losing sleep and remaining agitated throughout the day. Someone advised you to practice yoga, but should you or should you not? Okay, we will leave that for you to decide; for now, you can at least try scanning the benefits of practising yoga.

yoga in pregnancyYoga is different from exercising. Yoga is more than just physical fitness. It compiles stretching with light breathing exercises and meditation practices which make you clear-headed, more relaxed and create suppleness in your body, thus getting you ready for childbirth.

Generally, women are scared of the twists and turn in yoga. But, did you know that yoga is safe for you?

Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

Get relief from your common pregnancy complaints – The challenges of pregnancy are, of course, many. Are nausea, headaches and those odd sensations in the body not enough that pregnant women also complain of restless legs, heartburn, and insomnia?

By circulating blood throughout the body, yoga prepares your body for sleep, helps to alleviate the discomforts of acid reflux, restless legs, and back pain. You can fall asleep faster and also sleep better, which will further keep you fresh throughout the day. 

  • Fight stress and anxiety – Your husband is scared of you now because you could any time be yelling at him for something trivial. It’s time you become mushy-mushy again!

The slow breathing and gentle movements of yoga can help you feel relaxed and improve your stress level. The meditation and relaxation practices help to release the tension out, that you have stored unconsciously in your body, and cope with stress in a better way. Further, yoga brings blood pressure and heart rate at healthy levels, thus improving your overall health and well-being. 

  • Have a healthier pregnancy Every pregnant mother wants to prepare beforehand for labor and ensure that her fetus is healthy. For this, you need to strengthen your body during pregnancy, your lower body in particular. 

Studies have shown that practising yoga during pregnancy reduces the chances of preterm labor as well as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a condition in which the baby doesn’t grow at a normal rate inside the womb. Yoga improves the birthweight of the baby and also facilitates easy and more comfortable labor by increasing the strength, flexibility, and endurance of the muscles much needed for childbirth. Moreover, yoga aids recovery after delivery. 

  • Stay physically active – It is a well-known fact that staying active during pregnancy is very important for several reasons; a crucial one is that you become less prone to the risks of complications in pregnancy.

Yoga, which is gentle and tailored according to the needs of an expectant mom, is an ideal activity to keep you physically active and fit. A walk in the morning and evening is a good habit, but incorporating a short yoga routine, with your medical doctor’s advice, can be very effective. 

Safety tips before you practice yoga

  • Get a medical opinion from your doctor or physical therapist to understand what is safe for your body.
  • Practise yoga under a certified instructor. Prioritize prenatal yoga over your regular classes.
  • Exercise in moderation, don’t do anything painful. Never strain yourself. If needed, modify your poses accordingly.
  • Ensure utmost care while bending, twisting or turning your body; more specifically while transitioning in and out of poses.
  • Stay hydrated. Wear proper yoga clothes, those that have a loose fit. Practice in an open area or a well-ventilated room. 

What do you need to avoid during your pregnancy?

  • Lower spinal or deep twists, and twisting along the midline (you can cramp your baby’s space)
  • Asanas or exercises on your stomach, i.e. with your face down
  • Overstretching, major backbends, and inversions
  • Lying on your back for more than 3 minutes (especially after your first trimester)
  • Any exercise that may cause even a mild abdominal injury

pregnancy yogaPregnancy is mama-baby time, you need to be gentle on yourself now. Take time out from your busy work and home life for a short and regular pregnancy yoga routine. And when you go for your classes, you will meet other expectant mommies too; sharing your pregnancy journey – the experiences and challenges – with them will be so much fun.

If we tell you that yoga is safe for you throughout your pregnancy, then will you not HIT THE YOGA MAT today?

Author Bio:

I’m Darfashan Parveen, a passionate blogger who loves to read and write about Pregnancy, Parenting, and Baby Care to make people aware of parenthood challenges and easy ways to overcome them. Apart from Blogging, I’m a foodie who loves travelling and dancing. For more write-ups, you may visit my website:

Learn the meaning behind Food Bias

Before sharing my experience, I would like to clear the term, ‘Food Biases’ for my readers. Food Biases are saying ‘no’ to certain food items without any concrete reason. Furthermore, neglecting or accepting certain food groups without any proper argument or reason behind it is a food bias.

Food Biases

Well, from the past couple of decades, I have been doing it. As a matter of fact, you might be doing it knowingly or unknowingly. For example, I went to the supermarket with my husband to buy regular household items and other snacks to munch. So, I was scrolling my eyes through the shelves of biscuits, cakes, wafers and more. But, my eyes just stopped on a packet of biscuits because the outer packing claims to be ‘high in fibre’. And, without thinking twice, I just purchased the packet. 

Likewise, little kids tend to avoid a new food item without any reason for it. They might not like the taste or maybe the visual appearance of it. But, it can be difficult to make them understand the benefits of that particular food item. 

How You Can Steer Clear of Food Biases?

My daughter has never been a picky eater but I can understand the pain of the parents when their child neglects certain food groups. Because getting all the nutrition from a single set of food seems impossible.

Here are some of the ways which have helped me to steer clear from the Food Biases:
  • Get creative with your food presentation skills

Sometimes, kids tend to eat those food sets which are visually appealing. Making a plain sandwich might not work but adding big eyes with cucumber and tomato slices make it irresistible. 

  • Tell them the importance of nutrients and vitamins for the growth of their body 

Explaining to them why certain food groups are actually good for their mental and physical growth helps them to understand why they should be eating it. Like telling them that eating something will make them strong and tall like a tree may help them visualize what strong and tall means.

  • Don’t be impatient

Never force or stuff your child with certain food which they don’t like, especially if they are trying it for the first time. Offer the food item to them again after a few days, maybe in a different form. Also, there are higher chances that your child will try out the new food item under a positive social environment – like a friend’s tiffin in school. So, give them their own little time to experience it.

My Daughter’s Result with PediaSure


While trying to help my daughter Angel steer clear of food biases, I was also searching for a nutritional drink which can also act as a health supplement for her physical and mental wellness. 

Then my Pediatrician recommended PediaSure to me. She explained that it has growth nutrients that support height, weight gain, immunity and brain development for your child. 

I tried and tested the product and I have seen visible growth within a span of 90 days. 

After trying it out for a longer duration, I am able to see the visible results, not just physically but mentally as well. She is more active than before and makes an extra effort to stand out from the crowd. 

The Grow Right Charter by PediaSure has totally helped me to track Angel’s overall performance. The proper nutritional intake has never been neglected on a structured mealtime schedule. 

I was delighted to discover about PediaSure. Due to the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables, I might not be able to give her complete nutrients but with PediaSure, it has fulfilled the nutrient requirement for complete growth of my child. 

Do try the above methods to avoid encouraging food biases in your child and tell me what your experience was!

#GrowRight  #PediasureIndia

Food to Eat During Pregnancy

People are always heard saying that pregnancy is an experience, which completes a woman. Entering motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings. Then after a woman has conceived the child and it is growing in her womb the reality check happens. However, what is told latter is the most important part. Undoubtedly, becoming a mother is an emotion one cannot explain in mere words. Bringing a soul into life is nothing less than magic. I am expecting my second child and I am sharing my experiences of each month in my pregnancy diaries. I have been given a list of food to eat during pregnancy, especially the first and second trimester.

food to eat during pregnancy

There are a lot of things that revolve around pregnancy. One of the major advises given by doctors, relatives, and everyone around you is that you must take care of yourself and eat healthily. As said my diet in the first month was very abrupt and inaccurate, if you may call so. I did not feel like eating anything. There were fewer cravings to eat food than to not eat. In addition to it, there are a lot of changes my body and routine is going through. One of them being the diet. My diet has taken a toll on me already. From the first month until now.

Nevertheless, I knew I have to take care of the child growing in me more than anything else. A woman needs to maintain a healthy diet, especially during the first and second trimester. The body goes through so many, it needs extra calories of around 350 to 500, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.hormonal changes.

Below are some of the important tips and tricks I would like to share with you, which I have learned throughout my journey until now.

Increase the intake of the following eateries during pregnancy
  1. Dairy Products: These are the best products to consume in your pregnancy. To fill your calcium and protein needs, dairy products are a must-have during pregnancy. Especially yoghurt – which is the best option if you do not like consuming milk. Lactose intolerant people can also tolerate yoghurt.
  2. Legumes: Legumes consists of peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, and peanuts. They have a huge amount of iron, fibre, folate, protein and provides you with all that you need to eat during pregnancy. It would come to you as a shocker, but there are a lot of pregnant women who are unable to consume the nominal amount of folate in their diet.
  3. Fresh fruits: My doctor always says Eat fruit as much as you can and if you can take fruit as it is, it’s much better as juicing it sometimes changes its natural fibres. The juice is good only in case you are not able to eat. Fruits directly eaten fills your tummy and your digestion system starts working in proper mode creating more enzymes to digest your food. Coconut water is a must in case of dehydration and mineral deficiency. Everyone says you should not eat papaya or pineapple. But eating two to three pieces sometimes won’t harm you. Do not eat in first trimester these two fruits, later you can ea if you wish in small quantities. I do eat papayas n pineapple as mix fruit salad. I get muscle sprain attack in the night, that’s due to less calcium, so I make sure that I take my daily calcium tablets daily. Try to eat more pomegranate as much as you can as healthy munching. Healthy breakfast and hot breakfast is always good. In case you feel your fetus is moving less and you are missing it. Give a sugar boost to urself and see your baby kicking faster.
How to manage your food habits during pregnancy

There is no rocket science to understand that you need to eat healthy and clean when you are expecting a baby. Especially during the first trimester, you need to eat fibrous food. Food that is rich in calcium, iron, and protein. It will be nice if you eat home-cooked food and ensure that you maintain a balanced diet.

If it seems to be time-consuming for you, you can always freeze large portions of dishes during the weekend. Having said that fresh food is always preferred, but to save time or your energy there are various healthy diet options available. If I buy freshly frozen eatables, I make sure to check the ingredients and thereafter make my purchase.

Additionally, you can always freeze vegetables. You can chop the vegetables and freeze them over the weekend. This can then be used now and then in your routine diet.

Drink lots of Water apart from the fluids during pregnancy:
This is one such thing, which either you are pregnant or not being told about it. However, undoubtedly, water is one thing that needs to go in you in a huge amount. Water must be drunk until you quench your thirst.

Foods that you need to avoid during pregnancy

Keeping it simple and raw, since a lot of times a lot has been said that you need to avoid and so and so dish. However, we tend to make mistake their and eat them. Therefore, the following are the food items which must be avoided:

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Eggs
  • Fish – swordfish, shark, tilefish
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Soft cheese
  • Ready to eat food items
  • Alcohol

Being vegetarian, we lack in protein content in food hence I majorly rely on sprouts. But people who eat Non-vegetarian food, must take a protein-rich diet.

Myths that go around about the eating habits in pregnancy

There are certain myths that I have come across during my pregnancy:

Food Craving: About food cravings, initially people used to say that it is such that a woman has a sudden craving or eating ice cream. It must not always be the case, sometimes the body lets you know that it needs such an item because it requires the nutrients available in it. Not the particular food item. I don’t have any craving, I only crave for food be it Normal meal like Dal chawal or Roti sabzi. I just want to eat something, so I keep many healthy munchin with me. Though sometimes I like to eat pickles or odewa but that’s only when my taste buds are dead.

Morning Sickness: A lot of times it happens that when I woke up, I felt morning sickness and thought if I would not eat anything it will be alright. However, I was wrong. Our body needs food to gain energy and so does the baby that is growing in you.

You are eating for two: A very cliché saying that goes around are “you have to eat for two lives”. This certainly does not mean that you need to eat twice as you were initially consuming. You need to increase your calorie intake of around 200 calories or above. And especially in your first trimester, you are not eating for two people.

Key Takeaway of what to eat during pregnancy

You must work with your doctor, to know and list down an eating plan for yourself during pregnancy. Each trimester might come up as a different one, you must be craving for something in one and not feel like eating in another. You need to gain weight, but how much is what your doctor will be able to decide and let you know better.

Most of the time our baby’s organ development will occur during the first and second trimester. Therefore, it is important that you are as healthy and kept as much you can be during any crucial time of this stage.


The Best Gift Ideas for your loved ones are Personalized Gifts.

Who don’t love Personalized gifts. As adults, we know one thing that everyone needs is love and pampers. We need to give them some memorable moments which will add cherish. Moreover, we see the fact that teenagers love to enjoy their birthdays. Their birthdays are one of the special day which is special to them. They want to live every moment of that day. In Childhood, we start with getting wishes from our loved ones and wearing some fancy clothes to their school. The toffee distribution is one of the coolest things in one’s life. But All celebrations are nothing without gifts.

Personalized Gifts
oil painting

Gifting is truly an art. Gifts are nothing but love in material form. Every time we plan on gifting someone, the first question arrives, what to gift? Yes! We think, think and think over a thousand times on deciding what to gift your loved ones. The same is followed by will they like it or not? Here’s a solution to all of it. A gift for a lifetime, a gift you can give to anyone you know. I’m talking about gifting a hand-painted custom Portrait out of our favorite pictures. A capture once missed is always regretted but painting will never hurt you, I promise.

Personalized Gifts
paintings for Valentines day

BookMyPainting is one such one place you can rely on finding Personalized Gifts such as world-class handmade Paintings. All their artists are professional and experienced. They are a technology-enabled platform with a super-smooth user experience. All the paintings are fully Handmade. Yes! You heard it right, no machine used. They have a wide range of art style and size options and all you need to do is upload your picture.

Are you not sure what size might do wonder for you? Here I am gonna have your back as always.

The art style totally depends on the personality of your Loved ones i.e. The recipient of the gift. If they have black and white, classy personality Charcoal drawings are a win-win to have. The monochromatic look, the superfine contrast are going to win their hearts.  These  gifts not only gives them feel special but will always be with them. That’s the magic of Personalized Gifts.

Personalized Gifts
Charcoal paintings

If your loved ones do have a taste of royalty and colors, the best option will be Oil painting portraits. Oil Portraits are the oldest art form in Portraits. They can even last a lifetime if preserved well. Oil has this royal feel, because of being painted over canvas. Oil paintings must be your call if you’ve got an elegant and ecstatic taste.Personalized Gifts

And here comes the old school watercolor. If the recipient has a kid inside, then this is your winner. The color splashes are gonna make them relive their childhood. It’s a great option for baby Portraits as well. This Christmas You can gift such portraits to kids.

Personalized painting
Water color Painting

If you have a kick for something different, then you should try the only available color sketches. These are prepared with pencil colors and have the classiness with the color of sketching. These will make them fall in love with you again. You’ll be honored with a kiss for sure.

Gifts are something which are always valued bu emotions. The gifting era has changed and has been more customer-oriented than ever. This is a gift which will make you stand out of the queue of a regular gifted  and you’ll be the rock star. So let me know what art style you’re gonna get for your painting?

Happy Gifting!

When Do You Need to Visit Gynecologist other Than Pregnancy

A gynecologist is a doctor who deals with women’s health, with a special focus on the reproductive system. Gynecologists handle cases pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth, obstetrics, menstruation, hormone disorders, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), fertility issues, and more.

A gynecologist can be a male or a female doctor, and we suggest that you select a doctor you are comfortable talking to without feeling shy. Not being able to explain your problem to a doctor will only cause you more trouble. It is advisable to go to the same gynecologist unless you have a strong reason not to. Your regular doctor will know your case history and can offer better treatment in most instances.

Though it is not necessary for a woman to visit the gynecologist for every small issue, pregnancy is not the only time a woman would have to visit her doctor. We have listed below some of the situations you will need to visit a gynecologist.

  • Severe Menstrual Pain and Heavy Bleeding

    • If you have always had heavy bleeding, it is probably just how your body functions. But if you have noticed a sudden increase in bleeding and if it lasts for more than 4-5 days, booking an appointment with your gynecologist is suggested. Excess pain and heavy bleeding can be a sign that something in your system is not right and has to be treated.
  • Safe Sex and Family Planning

    • We cannot emphasize enough the importance of safe sex. Many women avoid visiting a doctor because they don’t want to answer questions about their personal lives or sexual activity. But without this information, the gynecologist cannot offer you the right solution.
    • Buying over the counter contraceptives could adversely affect your menstrual cycle and cause long-term problems in conceiving a child. Contraception, pregnancy termination, and sterilization should be handled by the doctor. Self-medication could even put your life at risk.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

    • If you are experiencing a burning sensation, pain, discomfort, ulcers, etc., in your vaginal region, do not silently bear it. You could be suffering from an infection and it is necessary to identify the main cause of the infection. Visit your gynecologist in Bangalore to make sure that you are not suffering from any serious health issues.
  • Endometriosis, PCOS, or UTI

    • Conditions like these require medical attention and can be determined only after a few tests. Talk to your gynecologist and clear your doubts. Ask questions to know how to control the conditions and lead a healthy life.
  • STIs

    • If you fear you could be suffering from STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), immediately visit our gynecologist and get it treated before it affects your overall health.
  • Sexuality and Health Issues Related to Same-sex and Bisexual Relationships

    • You might face a few issues talking to a gynecologist in such instances, so it is important to find a doctor who is compassionate and understanding.

Breast disorders, frequent urination, sexual dysfunction, congenital abnormalities, etc. should not be neglected.


 Disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.


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