Best Keratin Shampoo for Hair

Do you get lured by those ads which show long, smooth, and super shiny hair? If your answer is yes, then I am also in the same boat. I have always given importance to my hair while growing up. But, as soon as you are engaged with your kids, household chores, and becoming a working mom, you often tend to forget yourself.  In this article, we discuss the best keratin shampoo for hair.  

And, when a woman undergoes the stage of pregnancy, due to hormonal imbalance, your body suffers a lot of changes. Apart from all the physical changes, I had massive hair fall. I am not even exaggerating. 

I tried to apply a lot of homemade hair masks but to be honest, I barely noticed any difference. So, while I was searching for the best keratin Shampoo and Hair Mask, I came across a brand named Trichup Keratin Shampoo and they have the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask. 

I have been using this for a month, so I can share my opinion about the products. 

Trichup Keratin Shampoo – Best Keratin Shampoo

Trichup Keratin Shampoo - Best Keratin Shampoo

As you know, I am always super excited to try out new products but I was sceptical about using a new brand for my damaged hair. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance and best keratin shampoo for hair. And, you won’t believe I saw a noticeable change within the first wash. 

Results right after the first wash

  1. There were fewer hair strands on my comb. 
  2. I noticed that my hair became shiny and reduced frizziness. 

Results after using it for one month

After trying it out for a month, I saw a lot of changes in my hair. 

  1. Visible shine and volume to my hair.
  2. Prevented hair fall and hair damage after pregnancy. 
  3. Imparted manageable hair and goodbye to frizziness.
  4. Hair elasticity has increased.
  5. Repaired the hair cuticle damage.

Will I still continue to use this product?

I would definitely be using this product as it is affordable and there is always a discount on this product on Amazon. 

Trichup is best Keratin Shampoo and enriched with Keratin protein which helps to rebuild the layer of keratin protein on our hair and helps to regain its shine and volume which helps to bestow soft and lustrous hair. 

Along with the benefits, I would prefer to use this shampoo because it is suitable for all hair types and the best part is that it is Made in India. The brand has 40 years of excellence and is available in more than 40 countries. 

Will I recommend This Product?

Yes, I would recommend this product to everyone, especially the new moms who are facing a lot of hair fall because of the pregnancy and the weather as well.  You can buy the Trichup Keratin Shampoo on Amazon and VasuStore as well. 

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask 

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask

Recently, I have tried a lot of hair masks from different brands, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. So, I took a chance and tried another hair mask, named as Trichup Keratin Hair Mask. Since I came to know the benefits of the Keratin protein for the hair, I tend to use those hair products. 

Trichup - Hair Mark

Results right after the first usage

  1. My hair became super-duper shiny right after the first usage. 
  2. There was no frizziness even after a week

Results after using it for one month

Since it is required to use a hair mask twice in a month. So, I have again used the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask along with the Trichup Keratin Hair Shampoo. Guys, you won’t believe, these two products worked like magic on my hair. 

  1. Get the Hair Spa vibes at home. 
  2. Super shiny, frizz-free, and volumized hair.
  3. Less hair breakage and reduced the split ends too. 
  4. Cleanse my oily hair scalp and made it well-nourished too. 

Will I still continue to use this product?

I am in love with the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask and the visible results have left me awestruck. Now, I can style my hair without worrying about the damage. 

Will I recommend This Product?

My review on the product has already answered this question and YES, I would recommend this product if you want to make your hair healthy, soft, and smooth, then do try this product. You can buy the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask on Amazon and VasuStore as well. 

Definitely, It is best Keratin Shampoo and hair mask and I am super excited to try other products from this brand as well. If you want a review on a specific product from this brand then let me know in the comment section and I will surely be making a detailed review.

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Whenever we are ready to welcome the newborn member of the family, new toys, clothes, baby food, sanitization, and of course chair for baby are the most considerable things. Recently, as you all know that I gave birth to a baby boy, Aarit. And, we have started buying all the necessary things a month before he was born as we don’t want to miss on things. Be it their clothes or toys, I am always specific in choosing things for my kids so how can I skip buying bouncer chair for my new baby boo?


It is super necessary for the newborn baby as it provides optimal comfort to the baby and helps them to sit, eat, or even play. So, after searching a lot of websites, I found a perfect bouncer & rocker for baby, it’s Joie Meet Dreamer-Petite City Bouncer  by Joie Baby on Toys4all

My baby boy has been using it for more than a month, so I think I can write a detailed review of this new bouncer chair for the baby.


Best Features: Why I choose it over other brands?

Along with the price, I noticed a different set of features, while comparing different bouncer chair with other brands as well. So, let me share it with one by one!

  • There are 3 positions of the reclining seat where the baby can sleep, play, and eat in a proper position.
  • The support of the bouncer chair is removable and washable. The seat pads are covered with a soft fabric which makes it more comfortable for the child.
  • The bouncer chair comes with 2-speed soothing vibration pairs, 5 lullabies, and 5 nature sounds to calm down the baby.
  • It also offers two different positions for adjustable leg rest for better comfort for the baby.
  • Durable plastic, lightweight material and the ability to hold the weight capacity up to 15 kgs seems promising.
  • The safety of the baby is ensured by the 3-point harness with a soft lower buckle cover.
  • The toy bar is rotatable as well as removable as per the baby’s preference.
  • It can also be converted into a stationary seat.

Honest Experience with the Bouncer Chair for Baby

Chair for New Born Baby

I am completely satisfied with the features of the bouncer chair because it has provided the ultimate level of comfort to my child. My baby, Aarit really loves his new chair. He sleeps, plays, and eats in his chair. Although he is too small to tell his likings yet I can totally see how fond he is of his dreamer bouncer chair.

The best part of the dreamer bouncer chair is that it is easy to transport. It can be really folded in flat and it is easier to carry all around. And, if your child don’t like the toys on the dreamer bouncer chair, you can take it off too.

Here’s one tip for you, never leave your baby on this chair alone, make sure you always stay nearby all the time.

Should I recommend it to the new parents?

I know it might seem to a lot of new parents that the Joie Meet Dreamer-Petite City Bouncer is a bit on the pricey side. But, comparing its features and the comfort it has provided to my little one is incomparable. I would highly recommend it to all the parents to definitely try it out if you are looking to buy a bouncer chair for baby.Chair

If you have tried it out, then you can share your feedback in the comment section below. To check out more Joie Baby products, visit their official Instagram handle – @joiebabyindiaofficial

Best Animated Movies on ZEE 5

The days have been passing and we have almost lost count of the quarantine day, isn’t it? Now sitting at home and chilling with your family is the new normal. Working from home and doing home chores isn’t the only thing that you can do at your home. We all have discovered the love for cooking and happiness in playing games like ludo with the family. But, kids wanted to go out and enjoy their summer days and as a mother, I won’t take the risk. 

So, what do we do now? How about watching some of the best animated movies on Zee  5 with your kids during this quarantine period? This will not only make them happy and engrossed but also help you relieve your nostalgic childhood moments. 

Recently, we have been binge-watching some of the best animated movies on ZEE 5 and I have a long list of my favourites, but I would like to cut down to the top 4 animated movies to watch on ZEE 5 with your kids. 

  1. Love U Ganesha 

If you and your kid is a fan of Ganesha series, then I can bet that you will love this animated movie. In this movie, it gives a heartfelt message to the young generation at the end of the movie. The meaning of the proverb “God helps those who help themselves” is well explained in the movie. The story is based on fifth-grader Chintu who complains about his life, exams, and school to the Lord Ganesha. Check out the movie and find out how Lord Ganesha helped him to become a better person. 

Love U Ganesha
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Mother Teresa 

Your kids might be well aware of Mother Teresa. They have heard her tits and bits of the work she had done for the social upliftment. So, ZEE 5 presents a whole animated movie based on the real-life story of Mother Teresa and who has helped a lot of people selflessly. 

Mother Teresa
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Cinderella

Believe it or not, you have always read or watched or heard stories about Cinderella. And, when it comes to the best movie for kids, my daughter will surely love watching Cinderella on repeat. This animated movie has given us a positive hope at the end of the movie. Whenever I watch it with my daughter, it just gives me nostalgia about my childhood. 

Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Krishna Makhan Chor 

Just like the Ganesha series, this Krishna series is most loved by my daughter. You might have seen different versions of animated Krishna series on TV. And, it’s the time to relive your childhood moments by watching one of these best movies for kids. In this movie, it will depict how Kansa Mama tried to kill the Krishna baby but despite all the problems, how Krishna succeeded in all his missions. 

Krishna Makhan Chor
Image Source: ZEE5

Watch these series and let me know in the comment section which one do you and your kids liked the most? And, also let me know if you want me to write or review any other series. I hope you will have the best quarantine with your kids by watching these best-animated movies on Zee 5 . Stay safe and stay home. 

“Users can access the entire ZEE5 content library on 5 screens simultaneously. Get ZEE5 subscription today and enjoy binge-watching. Download the latest version of ZEE5 Android App & ZEE5 iOS App today.

Top 4 shows on Zee 5 for the Kids.

Live Streaming of Wedding Ceremony

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth a million.

Today’s generation has now increasingly replaced television channels and cable with Live Streaming services. Gone are the days when Live Streaming was only associated with cricket matches and concerts, when now it has hugely gained its popularity in wedding circles. 

However, with the ongoing situation leading us all to call off any kind of social gatherings, weddings being one of them, we still have an option to attend a wedding after all. 

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, you can still have a big fat Indian wedding amidst the lockdown – through Live Streaming in co-ordination with Wedding Photographycandid wedding photography

We bring you the nitty-gritty of how Live Streaming works and what you should consider when you opt for live streaming services. 

But first, what exactly is Live Streaming?

Live streaming means broadcasting the function or event live to the audience with the help of internet. The media is transmitted while it is recorded, allowing viewers to watch or listen to it in real-time.

How does Live Video Streaming work?

First and foremost, you would require a technical expert to stream and air the entire event without any hiccups. Though we still haven’t reached a stage where live streaming has been fully automated, we can surely hope in the future, this process does not need our intervention. The process of live streaming begins with a camera. Whatever the camera records, a cable connected to it will carry it to the encoder system. Here, the encoder converts the entire content and airs it through the internet.

In layman’s terms, content is taken from a camera, encoded, and streamed through the internet. Voila! 

Companies servicing live streaming activities have a small crew – backend team working remotely and one technician who travels to the event spot. The technician then helps with the technical set up and supports the videographer and photographer during the entire live stream process. All you need is a high-definition video camera, a good internet connection, a firm tripod, and a trusted person to handle all of this!   Pre-wedding photoshoot

How to view a Live Stream?

Viewing of a live stream happens through a platform. This platform can be a social media platform or a private website platform. 

Professional companies will give you a private website platform for security purposes. The custom link can then be shared in advance with family and friends across the globe, for example, you want your extended family living in Hyderabad to see your wedding happening live in Delhi, this custom link will allow you to view the wedding on the stipulated date.

The current situation has had many resorts to a Live Stream wedding of their loved ones. In Hyderabad, we have seen Live Streaming as an increasingly popular choice for weddings! 

There is no hard and fast rule to the number of people who can view this live link, however, one cannot download the footage once the live stream ends. But the good part is, these links can be viewed up to a period of months, depending on the live streaming company you have chosen.

If you have a smartphone or smart device with a good internet connection, no one can miss out on anything! 

Live Video Streaming has been a huge refuge to everyone who missed out on being physically present for important events. 

Today, to enjoy this option, all we require is the right tools. With the variety of platforms, the highest quality Live Video Streaming experience is possible.

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Zee5 Shows for the Kids

Covid-19 and the lockdown have made all our lives turn upside down. There are a lot of things to do, however, with kids involved a lot of things change. People are suggesting watching more content now that we have all time. But what about the kids? I believe it is very important to make the kids watch a show that is their age-appropriate. And thanks to ZEE5, us parents need not have to struggle in finding different shows.

You can find an array of shows available on ZEE5. All the shows are of different genres. We all know there are a lot of platforms available yet what makes ZEE5 an exception is that they have a different kid’s section. This shows you what is new on the platform, what is trending, and you should not miss the ZEE5 Kids recommendation category. 

So, below are the top 4 shows that I would suggest and is a must-watch for the kids. These shows are a mix of superpowers, fun, friendship, and moral value lessons that your child will learn about staying at home. Interesting top adventure shows for kids.


  • The Jungle Book:


The Jungle Book
Source: Video Streaming Platform Zee5

There is no introduction needed for The Jungle Book. Us parents also have sweet memories with all the characters. From the adventures of Mowgli, the guide by Bagheera, and the fun with Baloo. The Jungle Book series teaches your child a lot of things in a fun way. You can too watch along with your kids and take a deep dive into nostalgia. 


  • Bablu Dablu:


Bablu Dablu
Source: Video Streaming Platform Zee5

The Bablu Dablu series is about the Bear Brothers and how they always land up into new troubles posed by the Logger Vicks. It is their strong bond of friendship and wit they win over him and solve the problems successfully. The series is a complete package of fun and moral values that needs to be inculcated in a child. The show tells lessons of friendships and how one should help one another. 


  • Bandhu and Budbak:


Bandhu and Budbak
Source: Video Streaming Platform Zee5

An amusing adventure of two 10-year-old boys named Budhdeb and Badrinath. Like any other cartoon, this duo finds themselves into a ruckus in every episode. There are fun ways how they fall prey to the misfortunes. However, what makes it different is the light-hearted comedy, which is a complete escape from the everyday boredom. 


  • Kung Fu Masters of the Zodiac:


Kung Fu Masters of the Zodiac
Source: Video Streaming Platform Zee5

This is a completely different take on saving the world. The villain of the show named Nian threatens to destroy the world. Then the group of twelve comes together and trains a boy and turns him into a star kid. This is a fun show where the kids will get a complete fun package of entertainment. This show is a perfect watch for the kids as it provides a superpower enthusiasm. And the best part is the feel-good vibe your child gets at the end of every episode. 

My Recommendation:

Television and films have a huge impact on our kids. Being a mom, I feel there are a lot of things that the child learns through shows and films than us. And the process of the later is quicker too. Therefore, it is important for us parents to keep a check on what content our children are consuming. I 100% recommend the above-mentioned shows available on ZEE5. The major reason being the moral values taught in the shows adds to the learnings of our child in a positive manner. 

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Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With Kids

Who doesn’t love Zebras and Zebra Patterns? Well they are cute and appealing, don’t they? So, in this blogging challenge, we are going to learn about Z for Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With Kids. 

If you have stick till last, then you might know that this is the last blog of the AtoZ Blogging Challenge with #BlogchatterA2Z and I have written about complete A to Z fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period.

Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With KidsIn this blog, I am going to share about how you can make Zebra Print Gift Wrapping paper with your kids with the minimalistic material. If you are planning to give gifts to your friends after lockdown then why not spice up the gifts with the wrapping paper.

Trust me it is super easy to make and require fewer efforts and time too. So, let’s get started. 

Why Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With Kids?

Zebras are one of the cutest animals and your kids might have seen them on TVs, the internet, or even in zoos. And those zebra patterns on clothing or different materials are in trend. And with these simple tricks, you can not make Zebra printed gift wrapping papers but also mugs, paintings, or whatnot! 

Material Required for the Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With Kids

For making zebra print Gift Wrapping Paper with kids, all you need is a white chart paper for gifting, pencils and black paint (or even a sketch pen will work too)

How to do “Zebra Print Gift Wrapping With Kids” 

There is no specific process or the way to make the zebra print gift wrapping papers with kids. As you have seen, the zebra patterns are pretty random. So, google for the Zebra pattern and take the white sheet. Try to draw the lines randomly with the light hand. And then fill the black colour inside the patterns and let it dry. 

Now, you have your own customized zebra print gift wrapping paper. It’s too simple, isn’t it? Well, you can also make it more colourful by choosing any favourite and fill the white space to give it a different vibe. 

Key Learnings 

It was a different yet new activity for me and my daughter as well. We haven’t tried to make gift wrapping paper before. But, now that we have tried it out, we are going to experiment with different colours and it has also encouraged us to try out a variety of animal printed gift wrapping papers. Let me know in the comment section if you need a video or a blog on some other patterns. 

My Overall Experience

As you don’t need to follow any instructions and draw different patterns randomly, it turns out a great gift wrapping paper. We had a lot of birthdays during the lockdown and we are going to cover all the handmade gifts with these zebra print gift wrapping paper. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your own Zebra print gift wrapping paper that you have made with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

BlogchatterA2ZSo, we have completed the A2Z blogging challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. I am so happy that I have received such a positive response from my readers. If you want me to make more series like these then please let me know in the comment section and I will be happy to do it for you. 

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Yoga Session With Kids

Are your kids becoming a couch potato during this quarantine period? It’s okay if they are demanding new snacks or if you are feeding them with the new snacks, but then should spend their energy otherwise it would develop a layer of fat on their body. 

No, I am not turning into a parenting and traveller blogger into a nutritionist. But, as an adult we need to burn some calories throughout the day, so do our kids too. 

If you are following this series, then you might know that I have participated in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z and the topic for this blogging challenge is the list of fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. 

We have come a long way and this is the second last alphabet of the series i.e., Y and Y for Yoga Sessions with Kids. I know I have included exercise as one of the activities in this series. But, yoga and exercise are two different things. And, moreover, you should need to know the basic asanas of Yoga as it has multiple benefits.

Yoga Session With KidsWhy Yoga Session With Kids?

Earlier kids are used to busy with their homework, schools, and playing and now they don’t have to do these things until the lockdown is over, so why not teach them something different. Yoga isn’t a one-day activity like most of the exercises. If you want your kids to practice yoga and gain its benefits, then they need to do it consistently. 

Material Required for the Yoga Session With Kids

If you know yoga perfectly then you just need a yoga mat to perform all the asanas. If you don’t know, there are a lot of YouTube tutorials that teach step by step Yoga Asanas that you can do with your kids. 

How to do “Yoga Session With Kids” 

Before starting away from the yoga asanas, tell them about the Yoga along with its history. Also, don’t forget to tell the benefits of Yoga to our mind and body. Because this might tempt them to follow it regularly. 

Teach them the breathing techniques. One of the most known breathing techniques is to inhale the oxygen until the count of three and exhale it by making a buzzing sound like a bee. Let them repeat this breathing technique 3-5 times and let them identify the sensation when they repeat this activity. 

Now, start with some of the basic poses like Cobra Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Frog/Squat Pose, Butterfly Yoga Pose, Puppy Pose, and Balancing Flamingo Pose. With every yoga pose, tell them their benefits and keep an eye on their moments if they are doing it correctly or not. 

Key Learnings 

As we all know, Yoga enhances flexibility and also gives a much needed mental peace. I have also added meditation along with the yoga sessions to multiply its positive effects. 

My Overall Experience

It was such a great activity to do it with kids and you can also invite other family members to participate as well. This will help to encourage the child and it can be a great habit that might be developed within your kids. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of doing Yoga with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

Blogchattera2zAnd stay tuned for the next yet last activity from the alphabet, ‘Z’! Can you guess it?

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Xmas Tree Cards With Kids

I know that December is still 8 months away to prepare for Christmas. But, still, we can learn and develop new skills, isn’t it? Not only do you make Xmas Tree Cards with your kids but also other cards you can make with your kids too, it’s just a matter of creativity. 

To fill your lockdown time with some fun-filled activities, I have participated in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z and the topic is the list of fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. 

And, the alphabet for today’s blog starts with the letter ‘X’. And X for Xmas Tree Cards with Kids. 

Xmas Tree Cards With KidsEveryone is spending their time painting, sketching or drawing, you can also take out some time and make some creative Xmas tree cards with your kids. 

For most of the cards that I have made on the theme of Xmas, I have taken their inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram as well. 

Why Xmas Tree Cards With Kids?

Greeting cards plays a special role whenever it comes to gifting. And, when the card is handmade then it is priceless for the receiver. There are other festivals where you give cards to your loved ones but we have chosen Christmas because my daughter loves making cards on Christmas day for her friends. 

So, that’s why we thought that it would be a great idea to try out different kinds of Xmas Tree Cards during this lockdown period. 

Material Required for the Xmas Tree Cards With Kids

In this blog, we are just going to make one kind of Xmas Tree Card with Kids. And, the materials required for the card are a green coloured paper (for the tree), a red-coloured paper (for the background to give Chrismacy vibes), different coloured papers, fevicol and a pair of scissors. 

How to do “Xmas Tree Cards With Kids” 

It is a very simple and super easy Xmas Tree Card that I have made with my daughter. I have taken the reference from YouTube and here’s the complete video. 

You can watch and practice the step by step process of making Xmas tree cards with your kids. I have made other Xmas Tree Cards as well if you want me to make a video on all those cards, then please let me know in the comment section below. 

Key Learnings 

It helps to evoke the emotions of gifting towards their friends and family. The amount of hard work and emotions that goes behind making a handmade card is precious. 

My Overall Experience

Angel and I had a great time by making a lot of different Xmas tree themed cards. It was such a fun and creative day. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your Xmas tree shaped cards that you have made with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

Blogchattera2ZAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘Y’! Can you guess it?

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Watch a Movie With Kids

As the whole month of April is locked up in our homes to protect ourselves from the pandemic crisis, we might forget to do fun things as well. Let me ask you a better question: when was the last time you watched a movie with your kids with a tub of popcorn or any other snack? 

Just like their education, a little fun is also important. That’s I have participated in the AtoZ Blogging challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z wherein I will be sharing with you a lot of fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. 

I have already completed the alphabet U, and today’s alphabet starts with ‘W’ and what’s better than W for watching a movie with kids. 

I know this sounds super simple activity to try out with your kids. But, it is important to bond over and spend some quality time with your family by watching your kid’s favourite movie. It might be a new movie or maybe an old one, it doesn’t matter. What matters is making out the best time with your family.

Why Watch a Movie With Kids?

Watching a Movie with kids over weekends seems so normal before the quarantine, isn’t it? Since now we can’t go out but we can still premier the movies on Hotstar or Amazon Prime and watch their favourite movie. 

Material Required for Watching a Movie With Kids

Watching a movie with your kids will not require any materials except a movie that you want to watch with your kids. You can either download the movie or can stream online as there are a lot of apps available on the internet. Let me know if you 

How to “Watch a Movie With Kids” 

There is no specific process to watch a movie with kids. All you need is to decide which movie you and your kids prefer to watch and then fix the proper timing for the movie. Complete your daily chores or tasks, prepare your snacks for the movie. Then just switch off the lights of the room and play your movie with your kids. 

Trust me, it is going to give a cinematic feeling of watching a movie at your home. If you need me to tell you the best movies to watch with your kids, then let me know in the comment section. I will write a separate blog for you. 

Key Learnings 

It helped us to make your family bond stronger than before. And, we took our mind off from the lockdown scenario and frustration while sitting at home. 

My Overall Experience

For a second, we forgot that we were screening the movie on our TV screen at home. The whole experience was surreal for all the family members. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of watching movies with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

BlogchatterA2ZAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘X’! Can you guess it?

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Virtual Tour of Museums With Kids

As you know that, this year, we all have been cancelling our summer vacation plans and we all need to stay at home to stay safe. But I have a great idea where you can be in quarantine and still go to your favourite vacation place with your kids, for free. Isn’t that amazing?

I am happy to tell you that I have participated in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. The topic that I have selected for this challenge is the fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. Today’s alphabet starts with the letter ‘V’ and the activity is the Virtual Tour of Museum with Kids. 

Yes, you’ve read in right. And you might be wondering how’s it still possible? Let me tell you the proper steps and you can let your kids travel all around the best museum in the world virtually. 

Why Virtual Tour of Museums With Kids?

We have to stay in our respective homes in order to not get infected by the COVID 19 but still, you and your kids can expand the horizon without even leaving your house. Whenever we are travelling with kids we want them to give an ultimate educational experience so that they will remember it forever. So, the Virtual tour of Museums will surely give you the same experience. 

Material Required for the Virtual Tour of Museums With Kids

If you are thinking of doing a Virtual Tour of Museum with kids, then all you need is a computer (or laptop) and a working internet connection. That’s it. 

Virtual Tour of Museums With KidsHow to do “Virtual Tour of Museums With Kids” 

Doing a Virtual Tour of Museums with Kids isn’t rocket science and you don’t even need a lot of material while doing it. I know you can’t touch or feel the things but the 3D image and zoom-in, zoom-out features are no less than real experience. 

Here’re some of the websites that I have referred for doing a Virtual Tour of Museums with Kids: 

  1. Natural Museums of Natural History 
  2. Google Art & Culture 360 degree videos
  3. Detroit Institute of Arts
  4. The Vatican Museum
  5. Space Center Houston app

Key Learnings 

Visuals can be a great helping hand in the educational sector for children. My daughter tends to learn faster when it is explained through a picture or a video. These 3D tours have helped her to know about historical things. 

My Overall Experience

Angel has always a knack for history, museums, and of course travelling. And, since she knows why can’t we travel this summer, she loves taking virtual tours online. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of taking a virtual tour of museums with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

And stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘W’! Can you guess it?

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