All my readers, who have been a part of my extended family, know my journey so well. Sometimes, while I am writing my blogs, I feel no less than having a conversation with my people. And you are aware of how I have been working on my blog – as an influencer, a mom, travel, and lifestyle blogger – I also take care of my family. Rather, run my family.

My routine life is no less than a surprise sometimes. Each day is so different than the other- especially when it comes to food. Breakfast and dinner are rather easy to manage. But when it comes to the evening snack time, which happens to be Angel’s and Aarti’s favorite time of the day, each day is a surprise! Well, not just for my children, I am sure a lot of moms would relate with me on this. Snack time is no less than fun-filled banter with the kids. Everyday questions such as “What’s in for snacktime today? Mumma, what’s new? Something tasty? Something fun?” bring along numerous yes-no conversations. Am I right? Or Am I right!

Kids will always want something that is yummy, exciting, and fun, which translates to junk food in their minds. As a mother, like most of you, I am not comfortable giving them junk food every day. But I certainly do not want this banter daily around snack time – it is anyway hectic to decide what snacks to make. But, but – I am not here to share with you my sad story rather give you a solution to this banter that I found. 

Healthy noodles?

You read that right! Saffola Oodles, as quirky as the name, is instant noodles, but with a twist. It is a #NoMaida noodles. It is made with whole grain oats. Just like any mother, I was skeptical to try this as there are numerous products in the market available which claim to be “no maida” but we all know the reality behind them, right? So, I checked the ingredients- and as it turns out it has 0% Maida, these are Oats Noodle. And it has a very yummy masala taste, which is loved by my kids! You can vouch for my words that your kids would absolutely enjoy their snacktime now! It comes in a unique ring-like shape, which not just grabs the kids’ attention, but the shape also makes it easy to eat with a spoon or a fork and is easy to chew.

And the best part? It just takes 5 minutes to prepare! Isn’t that great? Also, you can customize your Saffola Oodles, there are some amazing recipes you can try out with it. My favorite way is to add finely chopped veggies in the noodles so that the kids also take their veggies intake. I love it when I make my own recipe of healthy noodles in a soupy consistency, the masala, the taste, and the slurp! To be honest, it is so yum, I would have never been able to guess that it is a healthy snack, but I think I am pleasantly surprised ���


We have all grown up hearing success stories of amazing people. How one finds its own path goes through a gazillion of barriers, sometimes, and yet succeeding. Success stories are often motivating to hear and read. Sometimes they inspire you to follow their footsteps while others carve their own path. I discovered I was among the second type. I have been very vocal about my journey – beginning as a passion, a hobby – I have carved out my own journey. Taking each step as a learning ladder. Falling, pausing, and yet again marching ahead.

Now that I look back, young Snehalata would be so proud of what I am today. Taking my blogging journey as a hobby nurturing it ahead by making it a career, when none considered it one! I never wanted to make fame out of it, it was always a happy place, my blog. So, while I went a step ahead, I learnt it is my happiness with writing, sharing and creating ideas, I never pressurized myself, as it was always me being happy. And I never had to.

Well, my taste and interests in blog themes and the slow transition will definitely tell you about my blogging journey. Beginning with the love for food – starting sharing my food blogs, slowly the interests in fashion and beauty products representing my views on xyz products. Traveling, one that has another place in my life, I shared my travel stories. Amd today being a parent – sharing my experience that I went through so that others can learn from my tricks, tips, and learnings.

And today I very proudly share my journey in each sphere on my blog. While seeking myself, within me – I found my Blog and somehow it became my happiness. The way I would like to call it my happy place. I am sure you too must be having your happy place, or something that fills happiness in you and that represents you in the best way! Seek for yourself, you will always find happiness.

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Before you plan to buy a home it is better to get a professional home inspection done. In most cases, you can make the purchase only if you are satisfied with the inspection like the Whistler Homes for Sale. Thus if you do not approve of inspection results one can cancel the contract, get the deposit, and get the contract null and void. Also, if you desire you can negotiate with the seller and reduce the price or make the repairs to resolve the existing problems. Thus a home inspector is required so that you do not face any issues. Therefore if you are looking for Calgary homes for sale then first connect with a home inspector.

Also, after inspection, if you observe that there are no problems in the house still getting a house inspection done will be of immense help. It helps you to ascertain the real value of the house. The home inspector gives a report which can help in either getting loan or further lending the house. A good house inspection gives you valuable insights in the property for future maintenance and repairs. The inspector will help you to make an informed decision regarding the actual cost of the house versus what are paying and if there is any difference then it can be sorted.

Thus it is clear that one should always be the best home inspector as the home is a fixed asset and will stay there for long. It is a fixed asset thus one should be careful before making the investment. Therefore to choose the best home inspector considers the following points:

  • Choose the inspector who wants you around the complete process of inspection- It is advisable to have the clients during the inspection process. It is desired to have a completely transparent process so that there are no hidden factors or loopholes that are discovered later on. Thus if you want to get a home inspection done ask the home inspector if ha the provision for you to be there or not. Explain to him why it is important so that he can explain to you the complete merits and demerits along with the pricing aspect. Thus as a buyer, you are in a much better position to ascertain things and be satisfied with the valuation process. If the home inspector does not allow you then it could signify any discrepancy in the process thus avoid going with such a home inspector. Therefore make it mandatory that the home inspector takes you for inspection rather than just showing you the report towards the end.
  • Check their experience- it is important that you select a home inspector who has experience in the task. There should be reviews about them on their website. Client testimonials along with home reports and a sample report will signify the working of the home inspector and whether or not you should go with them or not. Check the reports if they have clarity in their reports or not. How the reports are formatted. A good report should identify the defects, explain what their implications are, and give suggestions to improve them. A good report should have photos and if these are missing then it is a red sign and you should not opt for the home inspector.
  • Verify if the inspector is a member of ASHI, NAHI, InterNACHI, or any other professional inspector groups- it is mandatory that one chooses an inspector from any professional group. If the inspector is not associated with any professional groups then it is a red sign. Association from a group assures the quality of work or provides a guarantee that the home inspector is professional and has the required training. Also, it shows that the home inspector has an idea of the trends in the market and works accordingly.

Therefore once the above points are clear and the home inspector whom you are considering then it will further help you to get the property of your choice. Thus as much important, it is to find the property finding a home inspector is also of equal importance.

Balzano Yoga Blender

Including fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet is a great habit to develop. It is a better idea to add fruits and vegetables into your diet if you are too lazy to cut them and eat them raw. You got it accurately. It is about squeezing fruits. Juicing will be easy if you have a decent juicer in your kitchen.

balzano juicer

Nothing beats a glass of fresh, delicious fruit juice before leaving to work or after returning home. To do so, you must first find an excellent juicer that meets your requirements.

A cool glass of morning juice might help you feel more energized and get your day started on the right foot! With the help of Balzano Yoga Blender, you can make mouth-wateringly delicious juices in a matter of minutes! What’s impressive about this blender is that it keeps the nutritional worth of fruits and veggies intact, allowing you to get the benefits. It also saves you time by providing you with a selection of healthy juices at the touch of a button!


The Balzano Yoga Blender has a novel Cyclonic Motion and an incredible 600W engine that guarantees excellent outcomes in a short measure of time! The blender is easy to clean and has a minimal plan that occupies little room on your kitchen counter.

The Balzano Yoga Blender Auto Seed Separation tool is a one-of-a-kind feature.

What more can the Balzano do? Why is it so expensive? Should you purchase it? Our article answers these questions.

Features of Balzano Yoga Blender

  • Super Quiet

The yoga blender is extremely quiet, with noise levels below 60 decibels, thanks to its moderate pace and precisely constructed assembly.

  • Save time, and it’s simple to digest

You can save time in the kitchen by using auto seed separation, and you won’t have to eat fruit seeds with little nutritional value.

  • The technology of stone grinding

The only blender that does not chop fibre and instead chews it between the teeth of specially designed plates, getting maximum nutrients from ingredients organically.

  • Technology for a cyclonic waterfall

The meals revolve in a cyclonic motion and are stone ground/repeatedly chewed; just like yoga and Ayurveda prescribe, we chew the food 32 times before eating it.

  • The texture can be controlled.

With the yoga blender, you can now fine-tune the smoothness of your drink. The only blender with a low speed and naturally pre-chewing of fibre in juices, smoothies, and soups, resulting in low oxidation and nutrient preservation.

Pros of bender:

  • It is known to create more squeeze than another juicer, henceforth gainful for colossal families. You can deliver a new glass of juice in less than a moment with the machine. It will save a lot of time, especially for a large family. They wouldn’t need to go without the nourishment they require.
  • A few groups accept that since juice machines prepare juice so rapidly, a large part of the essential supplements is lost all the while. In any case, the opposite is valid for Balzano Yoga Blender. Without warming or harming the supplements fundamental by the human body, the Balzano ensures valuable proteins.
  • Individuals as of now live in a swift-moving and rushed environment. They disregard the significance of eating and even eating regimens. Individuals go to juices to top off their bodies with the supplements they require.

Cons of blender:

  • It is powered by the mains and doesn’t consist of a battery.
  • Another component to consider while making juice is the sugar content, as the organic product may rapidly raise the sugar content of a generally good smoothie.
  • Another potential burden is the expense. The high cost of cold squeezed juice is referred to by numerous individuals as motivation to keep away from it.


The lone blender that utilizes an old-fashioned Ayurvedic strategy for squeezing and mixing, extricating 100% sustenance with fibre included, actually like biting and ingesting leafy foods. It guarantees that the entirety of the supplements from the veggies and organic products are conveyed to your body through the juice while likewise saving you time. Exploit the most innovative possible solution.

Online Gaming

I’m sure playing games was your favorite pastime as a kid. Let’s go back in time! Do you return home from school, having your lunch, completing your schoolwork, and hanging tight for different children in the structure to gather you to mess around?

Wasn’t that always your favorite part of the day?

Given the significance of dynamic free play in physical activity, the drop in physical gaming in kids adds to the proof of a decrease in play. There is a growing body of data indicating children’s physical activity is declining, especially as they get older. Parental monitoring or encouragement, parent’s job obligations, parent’s risk perception, and neighborhood (urban versus rural) are only a few examples.

Even though it is obvious that dynamic free play is helpful to kids’ wellbeing and prosperity, not all play is dynamic, and not all genuinely uninvolved play is unsafe. Data shows the evidence for video game play’s educational and developmental effects. As long as active and free play are balanced, all sorts of play can potentially contribute to a child’s healthy growth. Play is essential for a child’s health and well-being, as it provides the groundwork for adult behaviors that influence adult health and well-being. For a variety of causes, the play has evolved over the years.

Will this generation’s children have the same recollections as their parents? Since a considerable lot of them invest their energy in a virtual world playing computer games, the appropriate response is no doubt no.

Physical gaming era

Hopscotch a famous jungle gym game in which members throw a minuscule article into numbered spots of an example of square shapes set apart on the ground, then, at that point jump or jump through the spaces on one of the two legs to recover the item.

Langdi is a popular children’s game. A player from the opposing team is sent to tag as many defenders as possible while hopping on one foot. The side with the most defenders tagged wins.

Hide and Seek is a popular children’s game in which players hide in a designated area and wait for one or more seekers/denners to find them. The denner closes his eyes and counts up to a predetermined amount before attempting to locate the hidden players.

The game is an Indian version of the popular western game “Tag.” The game is played between two teams: one of the thieves (chor) and the other of sipahi (police). The sipahi try to catch the chor, and then it’s their time (that is, the chor become the sipahi and vice versa)

The gaming industry on the internet is exploding. More than a few billion people played computer games in 2021, fueling the industry’s 8% growth.

Online gaming

The COVID-19 pestilence essentially affects our life, including how we invest our energy and manage strange events. Numerous people went to video gaming as a type of entertainment after significant stretches of being cooped up at home because of the COVID-19 scourge in 2020. Around 60% of respondents said they were playing more multiplayer games during the pandemic in a worldwide overview directed in June 2020, no uncertainty to some degree to supplant the vis-à-vis association that was seriously confined, if not altogether prohibited, during parts of the emergency.

online chess

Easygoing players have become faithful because of the availability of web-based games that exploit the segregated time and comfort of video gaming stages.

Initiatives like #, which urges individuals to mess around for mingling and stress alleviation, may have a decent effect. Even though gaming can be a useful way of dealing with stress for most individuals, it can likewise be hazardous for others. Significant stretches of social disengagement and innovation-based exercises risk solidifying hurtful way of life designs, making readaptation troublesome once the COVID-19 emergency has passed. To upgrade physical and mental prosperity all through the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusted and viable gaming approaches are required.

Pros of online games

While extreme screen time and gaming effects affect the cerebrum, this doesn’t imply that individuals can’t profit from it. Truth be told, when done with some restraint, it very well may be a decent sort of mental exercise and unwinding.

In logical terms, the cerebrum is animated, making it piece together accessible data and concoct a quick arrangement. Subsequently, more intellectual gifts for critical thinking and memory improvement are created. When addressing challenges, it empowers innovativeness and logical reasoning.

Online games

There are different existing and new games to look over, giving players a wide scope of alternatives. Web-based gaming has become a standard type of amusement in places where the broadband web is accessible.

Past research has shown that games affect individuals’ states of mind and contemplations. The discoveries uncovered that while playing their number one game, the body makes fewer pressure synthetics. Distressing sentiments are supplanted with bright thoughts, and endorphin creation is improved.

Even though gamers invest the majority of their energy playing internet games in a similar sitting position, this doesn’t imply that their bodies are very still. Openness to on the web or virtual games urges the cerebrum to organize various faculties to accomplish the game’s ideal result. A solitary web-based game can at the same time animate the visual, aural, and engine detects. To put it another way, it improves performing multiple tasks capacities.

Web-based gaming additionally permits you to produce cash if you utilize the right stage. They can get huge potential prizes dependent on their degree of difficult work. Yet, just in case you’re somewhere around 18 years of age. Kids may embrace a more inspirational perspective about gaming as cash develops. Dominating matches can likewise bring in your cash. If the gamers have the essential abilities and ability for web-based gaming, they can rake in some serious cash.

Cons of online games

Regardless of how advanced the internet platform is, many people all around the world try to take advantage of online users. Cyberbullying is one method by which these individuals will profit. It’s a common method of diverting gamers’ attention away from the game.


How it Started?

“Blogging had never been a career option for me. It began as a passionate hobby. I loved writing and sharing my travel journeys, my love for food, and giving lifestyle advice. I started blogging during a period when no one thought it could be a chosen profession. However, for me, it never meant to be something I took lightly. I was very passionate about my writing, learning new things about the platform, exploring new ideas and everything that could help me grow.”

How it’s going on?

Today, content creation has become an industry of its own. Brands, organizations, and startups are hiring professionals for the dedicated designation. When I look back, I see my growth as a mark of achievement of all the struggles I went through – approaching brands, learning new ways of creating content. The lessons I have learned – I committed mistakes, I learned from them. The journey has not been a smooth ride. If there were slides, there were speed breakers as well. I am very privileged and thankful that I had my husband as pillar support standing on my side. Having said this, the fear of failure never stopped me. Since I started it as a passion project, I was always excited to create new content, never raced for numbers. Even today, where brands look for eye-catching numbers, my clientele returns to me for my work. The quirky ideas and my professionalism. I like to go a step ahead with my clients to give the best output. It is what makes me content, satisfies me. And is one of the reasons my clientele not just increases but they also come back. I feel proud of myself that despite the competition I am now one of the top mom bloggers of the country. That does speak about a lot, correct? At least it does to me.

Furthermore, speaking about the blogging journey, this scene has changed completely. And I, being a pioneer in the industry, have witnessed that change. When very few brands a very few bloggers were available in the market, today, every 5th person is an influencer – creating content, striving towards success, and adding to the ever-increasing competition. People are starting their blogging journey today. They are creating content some amazing and high-quality content. They get viral as well as build a fanbase stronger than ever. I get inspired by people like Jessica Bishop. They push me hard to think more creatively and bring out unique content daily. I have taken every opportunity that came my way. Right from travel blogging to lifestyle content creation. In addition to it, when my daughter was born, people say your career halts when you give birth to a child. Well, I created an opportunity out of it. I loved sharing my journey, my experiences of parenting with my audience. And luckily, it was much appreciated by my audience. So, instead of holding myself back, I stood to race ahead. Life gives me so many reasons to stop but I chose not to.

Honestly, I have never thought of the monetary benefits of Influencer Marketing– yes, it is a perk and there is no harm in charging for one’s hard work. But the zenith to go ahead every time with every opportunity is because of my passion for my work. There are a lot of lessons I have learned since day 1. I stepped into the blogging world and learning until today as I write this. I strive to keep on learning and keep on progressing for better growth and my loving and supporting audience.

Vaccine for Coronavirus

The COVID pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. The world is facing severe conditions due to the rise in the cases of COVID which is now being termed as the second wave. The lockdown situations are also getting extended with new guidelines and restrictions. Amidst this, the launch of more COVID vaccines in the country such as Sputnik V brings hope.

Vaccines are a great way to stop the spreading of the disease. WHO says that at least 60-70% of the world’s population needs to be vaccinated before the chain of transmission can be broken. So in case you’re on the fence of should you or should not get vaccinated, let me tell you now – vaccination is essential!

If you’re worried about safety, it’s better to #KnowYourVaccine than to allow rumours and misinformation to affect your decision making.

Vaccine for coronavirus – is it safe or not?

  1. Careful testing

There is a lot of research and quality control that goes into the development and manufacturing of vaccines. No vaccine is introduced in the country without the regulatory bodies clearing it for safety and efficacy. So you can be assured that vaccines like Covishield, Covaxin and recently Sputnik V are safe. And they help you from developing severe side effects in case you contract the virus.

  1. Side effects are normal

Vaccines are developed to teach your body how to fight a disease. It is therefore common to experience mild to moderate side effects. This happens because your immune system is learning how to fight. Low-grade fever and body ache are normal. But I also know of people who have got the vaccine with no side effects. That does not mean that the vaccine was ineffective. Everybody reacts differently.

  1. Vaccine efficacy

Vaccine efficacy is a percentage reduction in a disease that received the vaccine under a clinical trial. So if the vaccine’s efficacy is 91.6% as in the case of Sputnik V, it means that more than 90% reduction is seen in new cases of the virus.

Sputnik V

  1. Know Your Vaccine

With the amount of fake news spreading from WhatsApp university, it’s essential you gather the data from credible sources like WHO, govt bodies, etc. before deciding what vaccine to put. Even then, make sure you also consult your doctor and are prepared to deal with the side effects, if any.

A good way to know how you can trust a vaccine is by checking its performance, what kind of side effects it has and its high efficacy. Sputnik V, for example, is based on a proven human adenoviral vector platform with a long-term safety profile and no serious side effects. The quality and safety of Sputnik V are, among other things, assured by the fact that, unlike other vaccines, it uses a 4-stage purification technology that includes two stages of chromatography and two stages of tangential flow filtration. This purification technology helps to obtain a highly purified product that goes through mandatory control including the analysis of free DNA presence. In addition, the volume of nucleic acid is several dozen times lower in adenoviral vectors compared to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (1 to 2 mcg vs 50 to 100 mcg, correspondingly).

I know we’re all going through a déjà vu with the pandemic, what with talks of lockdowns and surging cases and vaccine stock getting over. It’s a difficult time for all of us but I know that we can fight this, together. So, keep your family close, don’t forget to wear your masks when you step out and maintain physical distance. Remember vaccines are your friends.

Take care of everyone and makes fitness your habit.

I am excited because it’s April again and finally the whole month of the A to Z Blogging Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z! Every time it makes me super thrilled! I have participated in this challenge for the past 4 years and trust me it is an immense pleasure to be a part of such amazing competitions. I hope I am not too late to reveal the theme but I can assure you that it’s worth the wait.

Okay! This year I have come up with an amazing pick-up that is quite adaptable for the new parents. So the topic of the A to Z Blogging Challenge is A to Z of becoming an effective parent. In this topic, I will share my experience and what I have learned throughout my parenting journey.

I know how tough it is to be a parent. And, raising two children made me realize how important proper parenting is for your child as well as for you. I have two kids named ‘Angel’ and ‘Aarit’ and trust me they have made me learn so much about parenting. I believe it is not a chapter where you can learn everything and implement but my experience and some guidelines will make this experience easier for the new parents.

Choosing this as my theme was quite genuine.

There is a lot to understand about parenting. Yes! Not being a good parent always works but being an effective parent is what makes you a good parent. You might have searched a lot on the internet ‘how to be a good parent’ but have you ever searched about ‘How to become an effective parent’. No worries! Finally, I am here to spill some secrets of being an effective parent.

Learn the A to Z of becoming an effective parent with me. Well! I might not have mastered my parenting tricks with my kids but I have surely learned what works the best. Do you want to master the art of parenting then let us together learn from the basics?

I am here to share all my experiences with you. I will start with the Alphabet ‘A’, So stay tuned for this A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Balzano Blender Review

The invention of the blender has indeed proven to be highly helpful for humans. No other blender can work as efficiently as Balzano Nutri blender 500W. The heavy-duty Balzano Nutri blender 500W makes our work easy in blending anything in large and in small quantities. So be it your spicy dips or healthy dips, you can make all in super easy ways with Balzano Nutri blender 500W.

Balzano Blender

The best advantage of the Balzano Nutri blender 500W is that it comes very handily. So, now is the time to replace your traditional mixer with a Balzano Nutri blender 500W.  The blender is perfect for taking care of all your kitchen needs. I recently ordered my Balzano Nutri blender 500W, and I am totally in love with the blender’s Italian sleek design.

The Exclusive features of the Balzano blender that will make your purchase worth buying

  • The great blender is designed with a complete Italian concept. The design is sleek and compact, making it very easy to handle the Nutri blender 500W and use it.
  • This is also quick and easy to manage.
  • This expert design blender lets you effortlessly mix and grind the most challenging ingredients in just a few minutes. You can easily use the blender to blend wet and as well as dry ingredients.
  • The powerful rated 500W motor is potent and also comes with overload protection for continuous operation. The jars of the blender are entirely BPA free Tritan jars.
  • The product is super sleek and compact. This astonishing review will definitely force you to get your hands on the amazing blender.
  • Also, these Tritan material of these Jars are imported from the USA.
  • Unlike other blenders, it is easy to get the hang of Balzano Nutri blender 500W and also to control it. Also, you can manage the power with one single button. The easy twist operation of the blender allows you to pulse, grind, and blend.
  • As it is essential to make sure that the jar should be fixed tightly before you start the operation, the double interlock system of the Balzano blender makes the blending hands free.
  • You don’t have to stand in front of your blending jar for a long time, as the high quality and specially crafted stainless steel blades of the Balzano jar will provide you with the most satisfactory results in no time.
  • The leak-proof BPA Tritan jars make the storing of all the wet and dry ingredients super easy. The operation with the Balzano Nutri blender 500W is also with very less voice. The pots can also be cleaned effortlessly as they do not create any mess at all.
  • The excellent Nutri blender 500W comes with two blades which is- One blending blade and another grinding blade, and also with two other separate jars- One is 250ML jar and other 500ML jar.

So, Dear readers, these features make this Balzano blender super-efficient in terms of cost, maintenance, cleaning, and user experience as well. The blender comes with a universal blade, which is dishwasher safe and hence does not need any sharpening—the compact design of the Balzano Nutri blender stores very little space compared to bulky food processors. The food processor also tends to extract all the required antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins from your food for complete nourishment.


This blender is especially perfect for the Indian kitchen. So you do not have to think much before purchasing it. Place your order and start enjoying your delicious smoothies right away. The blender also allows the preparation for baby food in seconds. And also supports hands-free grinding with excellent double interlock functions. You can easily place the order online and receive the blender in a short time.

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7 Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas

First of everything is special. Be it the first day at school, first love, first date, or first kiss. But the first year of marriage is like the first flowers of spring – warm and beautiful. 

Twelve whole months have passed since you have united as one, but the first anniversary refreshes all the memories you have spent together as one. 

You would definitely want this to be special for your husband by getting the best possible gift available to you.

Traditionally, a paper was regarded as a symbolic gift for the first marriage anniversary. However, the clock has become a significant gift symbolizing the passage of time.  

It is also wonderful to give a thought to more personalized gifts than just a mere clock.  Custom gifts have more emotions attached to them and make the best first gifts. 

We have wound up 7 best first anniversary gifts ideas that you can consider presenting your hubby on your day of love. 


  • Handmade First Anniversary Couple Portrait From Photo


Anniversary Couple Portrait

You may have an entire album of your photos together but a handmade couple portrait hung on the wall of your bedroom can give your relationship a very intimate touch. 

A portrait can grow upon a person with time. A relationship may have ups and downs, and a portrait has the power to heal you through the downs. 

As a couple, you may change a hundred houses, but this handmade portrait of your best day will stay with you forever. Ou can also ask wedding photographers to provide a beautiful image of a couple and gift it on a special day. 

In fact, PortraitFlip has to offer a wide array of mediums to choose from. If you want a portrait as a table piece, go for watercolour but if you want it to form the dominating décor of your room, oil medium it is. 

PortraitFlip’s professional artists will do a wonderful job of making your couple painting look as realistic as the photo. A 100% money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions leave no room for complaint. This way, be assured that your portrait will be in good hands. 


  • Custom Star Map


Star map

If you have a snapshot of the sky on the night of your wedding, nothing can beat this gift. 

It frames the stars that aligned together on your best day. It is completely customizable, and you can personalize the template, colour, font and can add a message of your choice. 

Bring all the stars and sky you promised your hubby before the wedding on your first anniversary. 


  • Origami Wall Clock


Origami Wall Clock

Paper was considered as a traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary but has slowly been replaced with a clock. 

It can be a task selecting between the two since there are so many gorgeous options available in the market.

We have taken the burden off your shoulder and found mid-ground – an Origami Wall Clock. 

This modern clock has shown some detailed craftsmanship and comes in pastel shades to compliment any wall. It also works as a pleasant home décor piece. 


  • Vows On Canvas


Vows On Canvas

The centre of any wedding is the wedding vows. The words are embedded with a lot of love and the promise to be there for each other. 

Getting those vows imprinted on a canvas is a wonderful way to revisit your day of marriage and bring the colours back to life. 

Instead of keeping those vows locked in the chambers of the subconscious mind, get it framed and put it on the wall. So, the next time your husband does act as he promised, show him the vows. Power weapon.


  • Customized Anniversary Wine Carrier


Customized Anniversary Wine Carrier

One for each year. Nobody needed a reason to have wine, and this customized wine carrier lets you celebrate every milestone. 

It comes with three layers, one to use each year. Engrave your milestones and pop open a bottle of wine the day you achieve it together. 

The idea is to drink and grow together until you are wasted and old. 


  • Customized BoobleHead


Customized BoobleHead

Framing photos of the wedding has become old school. Obviously, they are your most cherished memories but definitely fabricated. 

Take out the moment of the day that you spend together and gift him a bobblehead made out of that moment. Original, realistic, and much more fun. 

A 3D scene of a regular day you have with him feels more like a marriage than the day of the wedding. Best part? It nods! 


  • Time Capsule


Time Capsule

People have done this since time immemorable, though their reasons were different. You do it for love. 

Fill a box with your and his favourite keepsake – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – and dig it the deepest bed of your garden. 

Years down the line, when it will be just one out of the two, this time capsule will take to the beginning of the era? 

Just in case you forget it there, your grandchildren will have an inspirational love saga to look up to.

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