10 Women Entrepreneurs of India 2022

Welcome, 2022!

The year 2021 was no less than a lesson. This year took “We are all in this together” quite seriously. We have learned so many things this year. From what family means to each one to learning and following our passion. “How to start your own business” was googled more than “How to find a job” according to research. We all have seen how people promoted “Vocal for Local” promoting small business stores, offering them a platform itself. And one of the most inspiring things was that women entrepreneurs found a new zenith in 2021.

We all saw how tremendously the Nykaa IPO did in the past year. It did so well, that the founder and owner of Nykaa – Falguni Nayyar became one of the richest women entrepreneurs of India. This made me think there are so many wonderful women entrepreneurs I know of who have been working so hard and with such passion – that I should write something about them.

So, here is a list of 10 Women Entrepreneurs of India to look forward to in the year 2022.

Disclaimer: This is not a survey article; all the rankings and descriptions are the writer’s thoughts and to promote the women entrepreneurs in India.

Falguni-NayarThe business queen did not just wear the crown overnight. She worked 20 years as an investment banker with Kotak Mahindra. It was after those 20 years she left her job to pursue her dream. One of the parts of the dream, as we are all aware of, came into the picture post the Nykaa IPO releases. Nykaa sells online cosmetics, skincare, and wellness products. Now it also has different branches namely, Nykaa Luxe, Nykaa Fashion, and others. The company offers more than 850 brands – both homegrown and international ones and has introduced 35 physical stores. She got the title of “Most Powerful Business” in the year 2017.

The Shark Tank India lady power! Yes, a lot of people had been wondering about the panel for Shark Tank India. But once you know who Ghazal Alagh is, there won’t be a little surprise left. So, Ghazal Alagh is the founder and CEO of the brand called Mama Earth. Yes! The brand has been doing all the talking in the market. There are influencers, celebrities, and people going crazy about the products by Mama Earth. This made-in-India company is led by Gazal and her husband Varun Alagh. Gazal has been vocal about how she came up with the idea for her brand. There were skincare brands in India that have already made a strong space in the market, what was the need for another? How did she think this would make any difference? Well, Gazal has said in her interviews that there were products and brands available for kids and adults but she faced issues with their ingredients when the duo was parenting their child. She said that there were certain toxins banned outside India but were used here. This was what needed to be changed. Mama Earth is a brand no one needs an introduction for. It has already been introduced and Gazal the woman and Mom’s power behind the brand is all in for success and adding a lot of achievements to her list.

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Malini Agarwal, you all know her right? Oh, sorry, my bad – MissMalini as she is better known as is one of the most recognized faces on the internet. When it comes to Bollywood – you know MissMalini has got you. So how did her journey begin? And why do we need to look forward to her journey specifically? Well, she founded a lifestyle blog around a decade ago, yes, the time when Digital Media had just been born. She took her passion for writing and Bollywood and mingled it to form MissMalini. Today, MissMalini Entertainment has a reach of over 40 million across every platform and has a huge list of some really powerful investors. She has outgrown herself in the past years from writing a blog to now being a writer of her own book. And the best part is? We think that this is her journey alone – well, she is paving her own path in this patriarchal world along with being a mom. That is definitely telling something about her, right?

The Moms Co. is a wellness brand that has made its space in the market and is ready to grip it strongly more than ever. The founder, Malika is the daughter of an army officer, she is an MBA graduate, a wife, and a mother – ah well, she is the perfect fit for Mom Entrepreneur! Malika has a story a lot of women in India would relate to. She had a simple life, yet she made her own way in her journey to be one of the top entrepreneurs in India.

She has said in her interviews how her husband and she would carry a red suitcase which would be filled with products for her daughter. As she was so used to the baby care products available in London. But at some point, this became a tedious job to ask friends to get diapers, baby lotions, moisturizers from abroad. And had to make a hard switch to Indian Brands. She then knew they would have to make something in India and hence, Moms Co. was born and there is no looking back since then.

Being a wife and traveling is a thing very happily accepted in Indian Culture. Though the culture is changing and now girls are traveling solo not just in India but abroad. Well, do you recall any familiar names who made this culture shift happen? Well, it is a no-brainer – Kamiya Jani! The founder of Curly Tales. Kamiya always wanted to be a news anchor. She started off with her journalism degree and her career being an editor, video producer, and finally being the anchor for ET Now. Kamiya had achieved her dream. But there was something she discovered that changed her life. She always loved going on weekend trips where she would discover new places, visit new cultures and that made her find her wanderlust feeling brimming with all strength. She left her job and founded Curly Tales, an online platform where you find the best places to visit, food to eat, and calm your thirst for traveling!

How does an idea click you cannot guess whatsoever? It could be while you are conversing with an old friend or while you go through your own experiences. Naiyya, founder of BabyChakra found her click when she saw her friends who were new parents struggling with certain problems. She did her research, went through hundreds of QnA threads on Facebook groups, and came with a resort. BabyChakra is a platform where parents can access local services related to parenting, maternity, and childcare. All your problems can get solved – all thanks to BabyChakra – rather all thanks to the mom Entrepreneur – Naiyya Saggi.

Working as a lawyer, fighting cases, and going through laws – Shouger Doshi, the founder of Rainmaker Consultants, knew she always wanted to be the Boss Lady! No one to command her what needs to be done, being seamless, as they say with her decision making. Well, how can someone be so sure about their career – well, Shouger gets it from her Dad. She considers him as an inspiration. She was a little quirky in her thoughts, why do we say so? Normally people want to pave their path just like their parents, especially girls, before marriage. But Shouger wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father accurately. She says, “I knew that eventually that is what I would do once I became a mother but the path was not as easy – being an entrepreneur looks glamorous, behind it there were ounces of blood, sweat, and tears. After entertaining many “what if I fail” thoughts, I decided to go for it, start small and take it one step at a time!”

It took Shouger 8 years to set up three companies and publish a book and make herself a name in the industry. She vividly speaks about her “self-doubt” being the biggest challenge in her journey. In an interview with us, when asked what it is being a mom and an entrepreneur? She said, “Being a mother is the most amazing, life-changing experience and all the moments with my son from the best part of my life. Being a parent is not my only identity – I am also a daughter, a wife, a sister, a business owner, a pet mom, an author and I like to don the many hats that life has bestowed me with” She adds “ So, I balance it by having great teams in place both at home and at work and by scheduling on Sundays for the entire week

Founder and CEO of Brand Communications, Tripti Gandhi, learns her own way – the skill, rather than the art of being an entrepreneur. She has 12 years of experience in the field of PR and marketing. Influencer marketing has become a thing today, with so many creators on the rise, Tripti has paved a path in the market where she is among the pioneers in the industry. She has not only managed her house, kids, like all of our amazing mom entrepreneurs in the list mentioned above but has made her a strong space in the market. Starting with a small team of 10 to 15 clients in her clientele, today, her company boasts a clientele of 300+ all spread across different sectors both domestically and internationally.

Another amazing addition in our list of Mom Entrepreneurs is Tejal. From her website to her Instagram page, you get the glimpse of her life. She has so much aesthetics and makes engagements an effortless gig. Her business The Mommy Network offers you services from getting you connected with different brands to offering you marketing and other services.


Baby Wearing and Parenting with compassion – reads her Instagram Bio. There is a thing about mom entrepreneurs she not just focuses on her business but keeps her family – along with her kids so compassionately. She is a proud mom entrepreneur. Sharing her experiences with her audiences, making them connects, answering their FAQs is all her page is about.

Oh, dear Lord! What an amazing list of mom entrepreneurs to look forward to. This is the India we all have been anticipating – the world where women entrepreneurs boast their success not just like any other business but tackling their houses and keeping in check with their children. We wish to add more names to our list each and every year!



This Rakshabandhan, We Celebrated Bonds Beyond Brothers!

We have reached that time of the year where festivities have begun sparkling in the entirety of its glory. And one of the most wonderful festivals – Raksha Bandhan – is not far off. Even though the times have been difficult, few people have made our lives comparatively easier and brought comfort in some or the other way.

So, when I came across Nickelodeon’s Rakshabandhan campaign where Dora, Rudra & other toons encouraged children to honour the frontline workers at Wockhardt Hospital, it got me thinking how we can celebrate our bonds beyond our brothers, our families.

That being said, here are 5 bonds that can be cherished and celebrated this Rakshabandhan!

Healthcare staff for their selfless service

Ever since the pandemic struck, the medical staff have been the backbone of the country. Not only have they sacrificed their time, energy, and efforts in these testing times but also kept us, and our loved ones protected from the novel virus. This year how about we celebrate Surakshabandhan by expressing profound gratitude towards them, cheering, and making them feel extraordinary? 

Our teachers for giving it their all

As much as difficult it was for kids to attend school remotely, it was equally hard for teachers to adjust to the new normal and guarantee that learning and imparting knowledge doesn’t stop. They have in a real sense made a special effort.

Vendors, security guards and sweepers for working during the pandemic

While we all were inside our homes, vendors gave it their all to ensure that the daily essentials were met. The security guarded our gates and helped us in numerous ways. Sweepers were combating the disease by maintaining the cleanliness. How about cheering them by giving few treats, essentials, etc. and celebrate Surakshabandhan with them?

This Rakshabandhan, let’s all pledge to break the stereotype and celebrate the festival in the most unconventional way. Your sweet gesture can brighten up someone’s festival! 

However, this rundown will be endless, we should commend this Rakshabandhan in the most offbeat manner. Happy Rakshabandhan! 

Best Animated Movies on ZEE 5

The days have been passing and we have almost lost count of the quarantine day, isn’t it? Now sitting at home and chilling with your family is the new normal. Working from home and doing home chores isn’t the only thing that you can do at your home. We all have discovered the love for cooking and happiness in playing games like ludo with the family. But, kids wanted to go out and enjoy their summer days and as a mother, I won’t take the risk. 

So, what do we do now? How about watching some of the best animated movies on Zee  5 with your kids during this quarantine period? This will not only make them happy and engrossed but also help you relieve your nostalgic childhood moments. 

Recently, we have been binge-watching some of the best animated movies on ZEE 5 and I have a long list of my favourites, but I would like to cut down to the top 4 animated movies to watch on ZEE 5 with your kids. 

  1. Love U Ganesha 

If you and your kid is a fan of Ganesha series, then I can bet that you will love this animated movie. In this movie, it gives a heartfelt message to the young generation at the end of the movie. The meaning of the proverb “God helps those who help themselves” is well explained in the movie. The story is based on fifth-grader Chintu who complains about his life, exams, and school to the Lord Ganesha. Check out the movie and find out how Lord Ganesha helped him to become a better person. 

Love U Ganesha
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Mother Teresa 

Your kids might be well aware of Mother Teresa. They have heard her tits and bits of the work she had done for the social upliftment. So, ZEE 5 presents a whole animated movie based on the real-life story of Mother Teresa and who has helped a lot of people selflessly. 

Mother Teresa
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Cinderella

Believe it or not, you have always read or watched or heard stories about Cinderella. And, when it comes to the best movie for kids, my daughter will surely love watching Cinderella on repeat. This animated movie has given us a positive hope at the end of the movie. Whenever I watch it with my daughter, it just gives me nostalgia about my childhood. 

Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Krishna Makhan Chor 

Just like the Ganesha series, this Krishna series is most loved by my daughter. You might have seen different versions of animated Krishna series on TV. And, it’s the time to relive your childhood moments by watching one of these best movies for kids. In this movie, it will depict how Kansa Mama tried to kill the Krishna baby but despite all the problems, how Krishna succeeded in all his missions. 

Krishna Makhan Chor
Image Source: ZEE5

Watch these series and let me know in the comment section which one do you and your kids liked the most? And, also let me know if you want me to write or review any other series. I hope you will have the best quarantine with your kids by watching these best-animated movies on Zee 5 . Stay safe and stay home. 

“Users can access the entire ZEE5 content library on 5 screens simultaneously. Get ZEE5 subscription today and enjoy binge-watching. Download the latest version of ZEE5 Android App & ZEE5 iOS App today.

Top 4 shows on Zee 5 for the Kids.

How to Stayed Motivated on TikTok

TikTok is a place where everyone belongs – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, etc. Being an inclusive platform, it encourages users to be their authentic selves, express themselves creatively in a safe and positive environment while fostering a community of like-minded individuals. You can find various types of videos on the platform and what’s been trending on the app has been motivational videos. You can find almost any type of motivational videos on the app, from encouraging you to be positive, lead a healthier lifestyle, or even stay on top of your fitness goals, TikTok as a community encourages you to stay motivated and keep motivated. 

Staying motivated is extremely important to beat the chaos in your life.  When difficult times throw us off our game, and that’s where you can always rely on TikTok to find motivation. TikTok aims to inspire creativity and spread joy and the diverse content offered on the platform ensures that every viewer finds something suited to their interests. Several users have been uploading motivational videos on TikTok to spread positivity and bring joy to the lives of others. In fact, #motivationalvideo has 415.8 million views on TikTok. If you are feeling happy, sad, demotivated or anything really, you can definitely find some motivational tips on TikTok to encourage you. We’ve scoured the platform and through hundreds of profiles to bring you the best of the motivational videos that are a must-watch. Here are the top five videos and motivational accounts we recommend you follow on TikTok to get your daily or weekly boost to stay positive and be motivated. 

  • Mahendra Dogney: He is a motivational speaker with 3.3 million followers on TikTok. He is an extremely popular creator and regularly updates his channels with topics like why you should let go of anger, why action speaks louder than words, and why you should avoid repeating the same mistakes. Check out his videos here
  • T S Madaan: Through his TikTok videos, he talks and touches upon a wide range of issues such as how can you become rich, how to maintain positivity even when you are surrounded by negative people, and how human beings must never shy away from helping each other. You can check out his TikTok videos here.
  • Garry Randhawa: Garry speaks his heart out to inspire the viewers. Whether you are looking for motivation for your career or your love life, Garry has something in store for everyone. His videos on TikTok are a must watch! Check out his videos here.
  • One Percent Club: If you want tips and inspiration to be successful in life, definitely check out this  TikTok creator. Sonu Sharma enthrals his fans with power-packed motivational videos.
  • Vedantu Motivation: Arvind Arora encourages his fans to make the most of the challenges thrown at you. He recently made a TikTok video about the life lessons we can learn from an acid attack survivor.  You can watch his videos here.

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How To Manage 2 Important Cs Of Education – Competition and Collaboration

There is an age-old saying that “Two heads are better than one”! This should be practised in today’s time too so that children can understand the importance of collaboration and also know that there is a very thin line between competition and collaboration.

We all are aware that the human species is competitive in nature. We have been and will always compete for everything, be it food, marks, achievements, or even chocolates! But, at the same time, we are also great collaborators. Teamwork can be seen in sports, presentations and even in learning. We all should aim for all the goodness that competition and collaboration can bring together and minimize the negative effects.

With competition, the challenge is that students like to win and tend to go overboard in achieving that. But that shouldn’t mean that we exclude competition completely. There should always be a healthy blend of collaboration and competition. We know that competition makes students anxious and tends to hamper their concentration. The competition also often restricts them from learning from one another. Most of the time when a child concentrates on rewards, he/she becomes less invested in the task and their performance declines.

Competition is fundamental to human nature and drives us to strive for better results. We should teach students to view and respond to competition in a positive way, instead of it having a negative effect on them. The only way we achieve this is by presenting collaboration as a competitive advantage! Collaborative learning is said to promote a higher level of thinking and information is preserved for a longer period of time.

By establishing clear group goals as well as individual accountability, collaborative learning can play an important role and it helps in keeping the group focussed on the task.

We often think that the students should collaborate so that they can learn together. But, if the task is too simple to complete alone, collaborating will not help them. Collaboration is rewarding when children think that the task is too complex to be solved alone and has many pieces to it. Complex activities are challenging, stimulating and engaging and it requires teamwork and knowledge sharing. In such cases, children should identify the problem and through research and discussion come to a solution which must be then put forward together.

Teachers should aim at creating a collaborative learning atmosphere for children, as it will help them build confidence as learners and discover that the sky is their limit. Through this, they will also rely on all the children in the class and not just their friends. This will make them go to each other for help first rather than reaching out to adults. This will eventually help them become independent and find solutions to their problems. Here, teachers should also make sure that collaboration doesn’t cause any negative impact on the students’ mind and they don’t see it as competition.

Getting along and engaging with others is the building block of many situations in life and everyone should learn how to give and take, share, play to their strengths and draw in other people to fill the gaps. It is a very important social skill and shouldn’t be treated as a competition. It is a very important skill that will be helpful throughout life and will also help build relationships, be it with family, friends, colleagues or even clients.

Sometimes while working together, students complain about collaborative groups, this often has to do with free-riding of one member who lets others do all the work and then eventually benefits from the group grade. Freeriding can be eliminated by creating small groups of not more than four to five people so that non-participation becomes difficult and individual contribution can be monitored too.

We often see that various projects are based on efficiency to create a product in the most efficient way. This means that we often ignore the process of collaboration. Discussions help students share their experience and promote consensus which is important to collaboration.

Written By,
JBCN International School, Chembur

About the ‘Caring Hands Initiative’ by ICICI Lombard

As a part of the companies CSR Activity, ICICI Lombard has started the ‘Caring Hands Initiative’. So, what is this initiative all about? And how does it benefit society?

ICICI Lombard – Caring Hands Initiative

Caring Hands Campaign is an initiative launched by ICICI Lombard that aims at providing preventive healthcare services to underprivileged children. The uniqueness is that the company engages their own employees as volunteers in this project and they happily do their bit for this remarkable service. The initiative has been launched in 2011 and since then it has been a catalyst in affecting the lives of 1, 76,000 children in more than 300 schools across the country!

For this initiative, equipment and ophthalmologists are arranged by the employees and they successfully conduct eye check-up camps every year one day in December, which is now earmarked as the Caring Hands Day at ICICI Lombard. The most encouraging and rewarding aspect of this initiative is that the employees whole-heartedly participate in the activity for the underprivileged children. Approximately 50 percent of employees volunteer for this activity every year which is an overwhelming response and, the support indeed is remarkable.

My Experience:

I recently visited two schools in Worli which were run by the government for the financially weaker sections of the society to witness the CSR initiative by ICICI Lombard. The Adarsh School and Jan Skishan Sansthan accepted ICICI Lombard’s request and the eye-vision camps were conducted for all the children from standard 5th – 8th. Seeing this amazing CSR activity, I was pleasantly surprised how dedicatedly the ICICI Lombard employees worked. A group of employees volunteered for this praiseworthy initiative. The children were given certificates and even gifts for participating in the initiative. They were encouraged to participate and take interest in the eye care program by making them aware about its importance.

The activity included conducting an eye check-up for children of 9-13 years in schools. It has been seen over the years that children from underprivileged sections are not been provided with proper eye care. Appropriate care was not taken for these kids and not even basic spectacles were available to them. During the activity, it was clear that many children had poor vision. A significant percentage of underprivileged children suffering from poor vision were given appropriate guidance. The volunteers who conducted the camps identified several cases of poor vision caused due to delayed diagnosis and parental ignorance and provided these children with corrective lenses.

Caring Hands has grown tremendously over the years. From 11,000 children in the first year, i.e., 2011, the number of children touched through the programme grew to 36,217 in FY2018. The eye spectacles have been recommended to 5582 kids across 105 locations at 288 camps. ICICI Lombard has screened over 2, 00,000 underprivileged children and distributed 25,000 spectacles to these kids so far.

This makes me immensely proud to share about this unique initiative with all you readers. I am glad to witness the betterment of the children myself. Having correct lenses and improved vision at the right age is essential. ICICI Lombard is doing a great job for underprivileged children with this activity. Mostly, eye care is something which is neglected until it is too late. However, proper care and treatment are vital else there can be tremendous hazardous effects.

#CaringHands is an initiative which is a need of the hour for these children who are the future of our country. I completely support and encourage Caring Hands by ICICI Lombard for helping young minds to have a clear vision. This is a wonderful step towards growth and development for the children.

10 Most popular and fun hobbies for every women

Everyone of us must have experienced this situation at least once in our life when we are extremely bored and clearly don’t know what to do. Majority of us waste that precious free time watching television, refreshing our social media accounts or choose the best and easiest option of giving up everything and sleeping.
Most of us don’t know that what we do in our free time can actually have a very big impact on our life and help us in improving our performance in the professional world as well. We have made this process easy for you by listing down some cool and fun stuff that you can do when you have a lot of spare time. Below are some amazing hobby ideas for women. So the next time when you are lying down and thinking of something to do, consider these life changing habits that will cost you absolutely nothing but will add tons of value to your life.

Become a designer

Yes, that’s true. You can become a designer in your free time and the best part is you don’t need a fashion designing course for that. There are a lot of DIY Clothing hacks videos on the youtube that you can try or make your own clothing hacks. This is one of the best hobby ideas for women which will give you a whole new wardrobe without spending a lot on new clothes by reusing your old and boring clothes in a new way.

Pen down your thoughts

Everyone has a creative side. You might not know what hidden gem you have inside you.If you are a person with a lot of spare time and can do wonders with your words then this hobby is for you. You can start your own blog where you can pen down your random thoughts or you can write a novel or maybe some short stories or even poetry. Writing helps in relieving stress and also enhances creativity, imagination and focus. Today blogging is best way to start your journey for Mompreneurship.

Learn a new language

Learning is a life long process and knowledge is never ending. So it is better to learn something new instead of sitting idle and wasting your valuable free time. You can always learn a new foreign language. Having knowledge of other foreign languages helps you in your personal as well as professional life and another plus point here is that learning a new language is so engaging that it helps you to recover from stress and also maintains your mental health.

Show your photography skills

Yes, we know you are a great photographer but you’re just hiding your talent. Do not limit yourself to your selfies. Go outside explore the world and start capturing each and every beautiful moment. Photography has a number of options; wildlife, nature, food and what not. This hobby of yours will give you a lot of beautiful and sweet memories. So, grab your DSLR or your phone and get on thejourney for capturing the perfect moment. Photography is the best hobby ideas for women as it is mostly not time bounded .

Try food styling

You love cooking. Right?Lets do something more than just cooking and serving. You have a hidden chef inside you. So next time when you get extremely bored try something with food styling. Decorate your food with colors, designs and patterns. Yes you heard that right you can show your creative side to decorate cakes, cookies, salads etc. and the best part is that these colors, designs and patterns are delicious as well. Food styling is inborn hobby ideas for women in some  cases, like my mom she never serves food without decorating it. She believes that food is eaten by eyes first and then nose and then mouth. And people who dont use 5 senses while eating are not eating consciously.

Play with colors

Bring out the child in you and play with colors. Painting as a hobby can give you a lot of self satisfaction and help in bringing out your feelings on a paper soaked in different colors. In your free time you can paint your heart out or maybe join a painting class to excel in this field. You can also create amazing art pieces to decorate your house or make some extra cash by selling them! Painting is also destressing in some cases where women can express their feelings thru their far the most destressing hobby ideas for women.

Bring out the musician in you

We all love music, Music brings out your expression and helps in connecting with yourself. If we talk about the best hobby ideas for women then learning a musical instrument can make a good use of your free time. And who knows? You might be the next Hendrix!

Make your own garden

Once in your life you must have dreamt of having your garden with lots of flowers, fruits and trees. But due to shortage of space it seems impossible. Gardening is the hobby which helps us to connect with nature and the good news for you is that you can have a small garden in you flat or apartment. All of us have heard about terrace gardening. Whenever you have ample of free time give it your small terrace garden and in return it will give you flowers and fruits which will add to the beauty of your home. My mom does this as she feels satisfied when she gets fruits and vegetables from her own plants. And she flaunts her plants and grown fruits on her watssapp group.

Volunteering and helping others

This hobby idea for women is well suited for people who always want to give something to others. You can volunteer in different organisations which work towards providing helping hands to the needy. There are a number of options, if you’re in love with animals you can join an aninal shelter as a volunteer or you can helpin raising funds for charity or you can also help by donating food, clothes an orphanage or an old age home.

Start collecting

Collecting is the best hobby idea for women that can grow you into a more observant and disciplined person. It is a fun task to collect things of same type. First of all you have to decide what you want to start collecting. There a huge number of options available for people who are interested in collecting antiques. You can make your own library by collecting different books or you can make a stamp book full of different stamps or you can collect pebbles, precious stones, art works and a lot of other things. Pick anything of your choice and start collecting and flaunt your collection in front of your family and friends.

Not only this, there are a number of other hobbies which can help you connect with yourself and will help you make efficient use of your precious free time. Go down in the comment section, tell us what is your favorite hobby and what you find the most interesting in the above list to try out next time when you are free or if you have any other hobby ideas for women.

GOD’S OWN COUNTRY-Kerala under floods

Kerala is witnessing the worst nature’s call with enormous and dreadful pouring of water from everywhere which resulted in disastrous floods. Almost it has been a week, be it a newspaper, news channel or social media all are inundated with images and posts of the furious floods of Kerala. At present the condition of Kerala is very bad, everywhere you will find people battling with rising waters, risk of bridge crash and shortage of basic necessities like food, medicines and shelter. Kerala Floods have now become the Most dangerous natural calamities of nation.

Kerala : the place close to my heart

You must have seen my blogs on #GoKerala which was God’s own country in real sense. But why then God showed his anger on his own state. I don’t want to argue with God right now but I want you people to help people and donate in any way you can. The best is CM fund or state fund. I donated through NGO, paytm and Amazon as i felt safe and scam less. But be aware of such scammer as your help may not reach the needy. I believe if you can really help, nothing like it. I have my close friends staying there and they have arrived at their Mumbai home and trying to help from Mumbai so that it reaches the people who are in actual need. Today’s (23/8/18) newspaper had every information needed to donate through right agency and hence I thought to share with you .

Kerala flood help
Today’s Times of India newspaper for Kerala flood help numbers

The flood situation is something that can happen to anyone. Who can understand this better than a Mumbaikar, who themselves has experienced the consequences of dreadful floods during 26th July. Thinking about that day when the entire Mumbai was drowning in water, it gives a goose bump even today. This flood is 10 times more than Mumbai flood. I know when I didn’t see my dad for three days in flood. I can imagine the pain people must be going through while searching for their kins.
Because of disastrous rain, Kerala till now have experienced the loss of more than 8k ,crore rupees and lives of several people, which is increasing with the passing days, the death-toll in this flood hit state has reached to more than 350 people. Since, Kerala is a tourist place and has very beautiful and pleasant weather during Monsoons, it is said many foreigners and tourists people have also been trapped at many places. So, at several places of Kerala, relief camps have been organized to help people and also to remove them from danger. More than 60,000 people are leaving in the relief camps, from that about 40,000 are at Wayanand. A total of about 53,501 people have been shifted to 439 relief camps. The worst affected areas of Kerala are Kozhikode, Idukki, Malappuram, Kannur, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kochi, Alappuzha and Wayanand, etc.

Looking at the condition of Kerala, the Chief minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan said, “The water level of several dams in Kerala has increased, crossing all the danger levels, especially the Idukki dam. So, they were forced to release those Dam water”. He also said they are trying their level best to help the flood affected people in all possible ways and are also asking helping hands from all the other states. He also undertook a aerial survey of rain-ravaged areas in Idukki and Wayanand, said Kerala was in the midst of an unprecedented flood havoc and calamities, which in turn has caused immeasurable misery and devastation. He announced a compensation of Rs 10Lakh to the people who lost their homes and land and Rs 4Lakh compensation to those who lost their lives in the floods.

Hearing about the incidents on the News channel and also reading about them in the Newspaper gives a goosebumps. I just imagine how much the people in Kerala must be suffering, seeing all their valuables, land, home, their relatives, etc flowing along with the disastrous flow of water in front of their eyes and they can do nothing, just can cry out for help or can blame the nature and God. 2 fisherman were drowned on last Saturday, when their boat capsized off Tiruvandrum, while in another incident the bodies of a mother and daughter were found in a waterlogged area behind their house at Kuttanad in the Alappuzha districts, this are the few incidents which came in limelight, there are many such incidents of flood victims who lost their lives and properties which are unknown to us. If you see on news channel you will find people especially the kids and old people crying out in pain for help and asking for food and medicines like beggars. Many rich and sophisticated people have come on footpath, their condition has worsened to such an extreme extent that even you will find tears rolling out of your eyes if you see them.

Although the red alert has been lifted from 12 districts of Kerala but still the water level has not significantly decrease in these areas. Various government agencies are carrying out the rescue operations and also preparing to deal with a possible outbreak of water-borne diseases. Both the Centre as well as State governments are coming forward to save the God’s own Country. Although the rain has subsided now in the several parts of Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts, many districts are still inundated, where injured and affected people are waiting for rescue boats and helicopters. Many residents who had moved to the terrace or the other floors of their buildings have raised alarm for help because of their deteriorating health.

How other states and nation are helping Kerala floods affected people

The Maharashtra state government has also given a hand of support with around 7Lakh litres of water in the wagons for the flood victims in Kerala. Each wagon contains around 50,000 litres of water. Even from Bollywood many Filmstars have come forward to help Kerala financially. UAE also offered a financial assistance of rs.700Crore. HAM radio operators are helping in rescue operations in flood devastated Kerala by tracing stranded people through their last cell phone location and then sharing that information with officials and army people. Also, over a dozen of FMCG firms, including ITC, Coco Cola, Pepsi and Hindustan Unilever have announced to supply water bottles, medicines, food and other necessity items to flood-hit areas in Kerala. Maruti Suzuki India said, they will donate a rupees of 3 Crore for Kerala Relief Work.

It has been witnessed that people from all over the country are providing helping hands in all possible ways. A Kerala based Mumbaikar Mr. Karthik Murali has created a group of 20 friends and created packages and cartoons of necessary things, for Kerala flood victims. Likewise many people, firms, organizations etc, depending on their capacity have taken initiative and are doing their best to help Kerala flood victims.

It is also said Rail and road traffic services have been restored in most of places in Kerala and many people returned to their places safely but many of them found their electrical appliances and furniture completely ruined. Also, at some places of Ernakulam and Thrissur districts the incidents of snake bites have been noted.
In flood affected areas of Kerala, around 32,000 people have been rescued and 3500 people have received medical help by the armed forces. Knowing, about such a critical condition of Kerala and of the people staying there, we can try to help in all possible ways and should pray God to help them come out of this dreadful condition.


PS : KERALA STATE HAS BEEN VERY CLOSE TO MY HEART AND THAT MADE ME #blogforKerala. Kerala Tourism has always done best to give tourist new experience every time you visit but today they are experiencing the worst. Lets help Kerala to rise again and live like before. Together we can.

What is Happiness? 

In philosophy, happiness word is derived from  Greek concept of eudaimonia, which means good life, or flourishing life. Happiness to me means a smiling face of my daughter in front of my eyes daily morning . It is  that thing when you see  parents gave a  big smile on your achievement.


Happiness comes from ?

                Happiness is something which comes from within. It’s a state of mind, for you it may be happiness, but for some one may not be. For me happiness is to travel ,travel not as solo but with family. Travel has been always my most important part of life and most of happiness or emotions comes when I am travelling with my daughter. Happiness is having  one coconut water from using three straws together as a family. Or when I see my angel enjoying the experiences and adventurous ride and comes out as a achiever.

Happiness is

  • watching a baby smiling for the first time .
  • meeting an Indian in a foreign country.
  •  meeting your old school friend after a long time with your kids.
  •  eating mom made food after 5 years when you come from foreign country.
  •  being a reason for some one smile .
  •  watching old couple supporting each other, where they know  that they might leave each other after sometime, but still want to help and spend good times with each other.Happiness
                      Whenever I see my daughter helping  other kids in garden and behave maturely at age of 5.6 years, I feel proud on my parenting. Happiness is not something to find ,it’s exist within you, it lies with in you, and you need to excavate it from deep layers of sadness.
                It is very important to be happy to live a good life but unfortunately, happiness has disappeared from the lives of most people. As many people have different ideas of happiness. Some people find happiness in money,  Some people in love and some people feel happiness in others happiness, as they know they are reason behind happiness. Some people feel happy and satisfied  when money, name and fame is prospering and they are doing good in career.
According to some recent studies, some habits attract happiness.  And in order to keep it up, here are few of tips to be always happy.
1. Be satisfied
2. Stay in the present
3. Be positive
4. Bring positive thinking
5. Be with people with positive thinking.
I hope this post made you smile and helped you to understand what is happiness. so guys smile…….. 😉Happiness
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#Cutting paani to Save water

How much water is essential in our life, that other google  will clarify your doubt, but my moto is to save water from the daily chores.  We waste water without having the sense of  how we waste water in gallons 

Here are the following ways we waste water on daily basis to Save water

1) while serving water to anybody at our home generally we serve full glass, and they don’ drink.
So I suggest you guys what ever the water left over just collect into a bucket and use that for other purposes like using in washing utensils, or putting in plants etc. Or else share using a bottle instead of transferring in to glass. You can drink water from above.
2) when ever we use water for utensils make sure you fill two buckets and wash them, instead under a flowing water. Also throw this water in to your plants.
3) Make sure your all taps are tightly closed so that not even a drop is get wasted or I would suggest that keep bucket down so that you can collect as much water as possible.
4)Try to close tap while doing brush, you can save good gallons of water
5) Try to use quick shower in two minutes  while bathing instead of filling  that 50-100 liter bucket, this  will help to save water. Dont shampoo your hair daily, twice a week is enough.
6) Use wipes outside when you travel so that you are hydrated and dont waste  much of water in keeping your self hydrated from outside.
7) Wash car only twice a week or try to clean it with just a wet cloth with minimum water.

8) If you use washing machine for clothes  then use it twice a week when you have collected enough clothes for washing.

9) Don’t waste blank paper because each paper is made from trees and to make one paper 10 gallons of water is used.

10) In summer try and drink more water than wasting on any other form so as to save water and share water.

  1. *These are the few daily chores you can do at home
    Now I will suggest you to save water outside and on festivals
    Water is an essential component of our life and its importance get high during festivals, weddings etc.
    What I did was I attended a marriage in Rajasthan where I saw everybody is enjoying and as it was grand wedding there were a good amount of crowd over there, as everybody knows Rajasthan is hot state where water is utmost importance. But on wedding season no body cares about so I saw many small bottles were lying there and nobody was using it, they were about to throw all those bottle, so what I did was I collected all bottle and there was a construction happening near by so I took all bottles and distribute among themselves.

Do watch video that i shared on mu community that people should save and share water

As everybody always says to use less water during holi festival, I would say to go on beaches just play with only water, it saves two thing, your skin and wastage of water.
In hotels people use tank and tanks of water, there should be strict law of using water in hotels.
Water drop  is the most precious diamond of our life with which our life gets shine, so take care of  it and keep it as you are saving your diamond in your lockers.

The #CuttingPaani initiative by Livpure is all about being  water wise and making aware of  the concept of use only the amount of water which is needed. #IndiChange,