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The days have been passing and we have almost lost count of the quarantine day, isn’t it? Now sitting at home and chilling with your family is the new normal. Working from home and doing home chores isn’t the only thing that you can do at your home. We all have discovered the love for cooking and happiness in playing games like ludo with the family. But, kids wanted to go out and enjoy their summer days and as a mother, I won’t take the risk. 

So, what do we do now? How about watching some of the best animated movies on Zee  5 with your kids during this quarantine period? This will not only make them happy and engrossed but also help you relieve your nostalgic childhood moments. 

Recently, we have been binge-watching some of the best animated movies on ZEE 5 and I have a long list of my favourites, but I would like to cut down to the top 4 animated movies to watch on ZEE 5 with your kids. 

  1. Love U Ganesha 

If you and your kid is a fan of Ganesha series, then I can bet that you will love this animated movie. In this movie, it gives a heartfelt message to the young generation at the end of the movie. The meaning of the proverb “God helps those who help themselves” is well explained in the movie. The story is based on fifth-grader Chintu who complains about his life, exams, and school to the Lord Ganesha. Check out the movie and find out how Lord Ganesha helped him to become a better person. 

Love U Ganesha
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Mother Teresa 

Your kids might be well aware of Mother Teresa. They have heard her tits and bits of the work she had done for the social upliftment. So, ZEE 5 presents a whole animated movie based on the real-life story of Mother Teresa and who has helped a lot of people selflessly. 

Mother Teresa
Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Cinderella

Believe it or not, you have always read or watched or heard stories about Cinderella. And, when it comes to the best movie for kids, my daughter will surely love watching Cinderella on repeat. This animated movie has given us a positive hope at the end of the movie. Whenever I watch it with my daughter, it just gives me nostalgia about my childhood. 

Image Source: ZEE5
  1. Krishna Makhan Chor 

Just like the Ganesha series, this Krishna series is most loved by my daughter. You might have seen different versions of animated Krishna series on TV. And, it’s the time to relive your childhood moments by watching one of these best movies for kids. In this movie, it will depict how Kansa Mama tried to kill the Krishna baby but despite all the problems, how Krishna succeeded in all his missions. 

Krishna Makhan Chor
Image Source: ZEE5

Watch these series and let me know in the comment section which one do you and your kids liked the most? And, also let me know if you want me to write or review any other series. I hope you will have the best quarantine with your kids by watching these best-animated movies on Zee 5 . Stay safe and stay home. 

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Top 4 shows on Zee 5 for the Kids.

4 Best Animated Movie on ZEE5 make most of your Lockdown Time
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4 Best Animated Movie on ZEE5 make most of your Lockdown Time
4 best-animated movie on ZEE5 that make most of your lockdown time and which are best for your kids as well. Read more about the movies here.
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  1. Kids like variety. And for parents they need to make sure that they are watching which his good. This is a good list. I would like to start with Makhan Chor.

  2. Swati Mathur Reply

    Hey thanks for sharing. Me and my kids have not seen Mother Teresa. Would love to watch this on ZEE 5 as they have some very good shows.

  3. Even we are glued to ZEE5 during the weekends binge watching our favorite shows. These list of animated movies looks great, would be so much fun watching it with my son.

  4. Wow i was looking for Zee5 series to watch with the kids but I was coming across only those for adults. Thanks for this list. They will surely enjoy Love U Ganesha the most.

  5. Wow this is great list of amazing shows for kids. I was looking for some animated mythological series for my you Ganesha sounds like a perfect option. Will make them watch this for sure.

  6. My son and I are regular viewers of Netflix Children and Disney + Hotstar but after reading your post, it seems we must check out the Zee5 options too.

  7. Thank you for sharing this options with me that allows animated movies and sure she would love the Krishna movie

  8. Wow! These are great suggestions. My both kids love to watch animated movies. I am noting down and hopefully, we will enjoy these all very soon.

  9. These are some of the great options to enjoy for the kids. My son loves animated movies and we are gonna enjoy for sure

  10. My nephew has started watching few of these and trust me he is enjoying them a lot. Last weekend we both watched it together and he couldn’t stop watching such shows.

  11. These are some of our fav shows and of my little ones’ too. Besides being entertaining, these are also informative. Thank you! Looking forward to an expanded list 🙂

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