I have been on the road for a couple of months. There have been special occasions that my family wanted to celebrate and what better than to travel? And traveling is not new to me. I have been travel blogging for years now and yet each travel has its own experiences and something new to teach me. 

As an avid traveler, I am always on the lookout for products that seamlessly blend functionality with style. My recent discovery, the personalized tote bag from TPC, which has proven to be an absolute game-changer for my journeys.

From the moment I received the bag, I was impressed by the quality of work that has been put into making it. The durable material not only gives it a chic and timeless appearance but also ensures longevity, withstanding the wear and tear of frequent travel. For me the real test of bags has been the quality of chain and stitches. And for this bag, I must say the attention to detail in the stitching and finishing is top notch. 

What truly sets this tote bag apart is the personalized touch it offers. I opted for a customized design that reflects my personality, making it stand out in a sea of generic bags. And I took this bag to my cruise trip recently. The classy beige color and solid textured appearance not only make a statement but also help me easily spot my bag in crowded airports or bustling city streets. Especially with my name on it. 

Let us talk about the major giveaways this bag has to offer, especially in terms of space:

  • The spacious interior is a godsend for a traveler like me who tends to carry a myriad of essentials. The bag easily accommodates my travel wallet, snacks, a water bottle, a light jacket, and even a small umbrella.
  •  The well-thought-out design includes multiple pockets, both inside and outside, allowing for organized storage of my phone, passport, and other smaller items.

One of the key highlights for me is the versatility of this tote bag. Its size is perfect for use as a carry-on during flights, and it conveniently slides under the seat in front of me. Moreover, it has become my go-to bag for exploring new destinations. This  tote bag effortlessly transitions from a stylish accessory to a practical and reliable companion.

The sturdy wooden straps are comfortable to carry, even when the bag is fully loaded. The reinforced handles give me confidence that the bag can handle the weight without compromising on comfort.

All-in-all, the personalized tote bag has exceeded my expectations in terms of both style and functionality. I posted a lot of pictures with the bag on my Instagram handle and there were tons of queries of where the bag was from? I got my bag from TPC and as per the quality and look of the product I am super happy with the purchase.

It has become an indispensable part of my travel gear, adding a touch of personalization to my journeys while offering the practicality and durability every traveler desires. I highly recommend this product to fellow wanderers who appreciate a perfect blend of fashion and utility in their travel accessories.

The other product I got my hands on from TPC itself was a personalized passport cover. I got my name attached to the passport cover as well. One of the best parts or the eye-catching part of the cover is the glitter! I have been wanting something that stands out for the cover. The market is full of customized passport covers, but what I was looking for was something not mundane. And this one from TPC just nailed it. 

Crafted with a keen attention to detail, this cover is more than just a practical item; it’s a stylish statement that adds a touch of elegance to my journeys. The exterior of the passport cover boasts a high-quality glitter finish, giving it a luxurious feel while ensuring durability. The personalized touch comes into play with the beautifully embossed initials or design of your choice. It’s a subtle yet distinct way to make my passport uniquely mine and adds a sense of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

Inside, the cover features precisely designed slots for the passport itself, providing a snug and secure fit. The slim and lightweight design of the passport cover makes it easy to slip into my pocket or carry-on, ensuring that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to my travel essentials. Despite its sleek profile, the cover provides reliable protection for my passport, shielding it from wear and tear throughout my journeys.

Beyond its functional benefits, the personalized passport cover has become a conversation starter. Fellow travelers have started to inquire about the exquisite design, and I take pride in sharing the story behind the customization. I was really surprised with the quality TPC has provided for both the products. It’s a small detail that adds a personal and memorable touch to my travel experiences.

The personalized passport cover is more than just a practical accessory – it’s a stylish companion that enhances the overall travel experience. Its combination of quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and personalized details make it a must-have for anyone seeking a touch of elegance in their travel gear. I would highly recommend this passport cover as well as the tote bag to those who appreciate the perfect blend of style and functionality on their journeys.


Snehalata Jain, Mother, Lifestyle blogger, Traveler, Foodie and has a knack of parental advice. She loves to travel with her family and especially her daughter angel so that she can teach her kid the real life experience. A Micro Biologist and lecturer by profession, a full time mother and blogger by choice. She is a social media pro since 2012 handling over 100 profiles till now. Stepping to blog was her decision when she realized that whatever you do or experience, documentation makes it authentic. She loves photography and traveling and creating unique recipes which are healthy and tasty. She writes what she experience during her trips. About Blogsikka : It was just a quick decision to make my lifestyle blog , while searching for blog name. I wanted a name which is not related to specific things as my life is so dynamic that I can’t stick to one thing. I love travelling and eat delicacies from around the world. My love doesn’t stop here , infact I love to cook delicious thing which I see during my trips and replicate at home. Blogsikka is all about my own experiences of life and i write whatever i experience. And my backbone support is my husband DILKHUSH SHAH who is chartered accountant by profession and a hard core traveler by passion. He is the reason behind my all trips. DO FOLLOW MY BLOG : and my all social media tabs

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