Here’s why growing up with siblings is a great experience!

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The best relation in the world, we can say is that of Siblings. Siblings relationships are said to be one of the long lasting relations right from birth to death. Other than Parents, Siblings are the one who understands each other in the best possible way. The relationship of Siblings outlast marriages, survive under all the circumstances of life, have lots of love, quarrels but still at the end they are always together. This relationship whether it is between two sisters, two brothers or between a Sister and a brother, it flourishes with time and distance.

Growing up with siblingsIt is saying, “No matter how old you become but when you are with your siblings, you will definitely revert back to your childhood”. The best memories majority of us cherish lifetime are that of Siblings stories, Siblings talk. Some silly talks, stupid ideas executed by either of our brother or sister, studying during exams, playing together, enacting like others, etc are some of the common Siblings stories which every adult wishes to live again and again in their life.

I have a younger brother and I am the elder one. Today after getting marrying, there is not a single day, when I didn’t miss him and his mischievous talks. The way he loves me, the way he fights with me and the way he used to run far away after teasing me on silly things, etc. I just pray God and thank him for giving me such a helping loving and caring brother. Now talking about Siblings talk, Brothers and Sisters can say and share anything and everything to one another that no one else can do.  There is also a saying” Brother and Sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends.” There can be no best friend for a person other than their Siblings. So, it is also always recommended by our elders that one should always be nice to your Siblings because they are the best link of your past and most likely to stay with you in the future. Growing up with siblings is the best gift.

Growing up with your Siblings is a great experience. What kind of person you are…? or How is your nature..? but one thing is true, you learn a lot from your Siblings, they literally shape your life. It is also heard, if you have a Sibling younger than you, he or she protects you from several feelings like loneliness, guilt, fear, self-consciousness etc. Growing up with siblings can be a healing experience in this regard.

Some special moments spend with your loved ones are cherished forever. My personal experience of my journey right from childhood until today with my younger brother is memorable. The time spent with him being his elder sister was more like being a mother to him. He always supported me in my decisions and always stood as a pillar to fight with the problems coming in my way. I still remember the mischiefs done by us during our childhood days when we used to boss around and make our parents listen to our silly complaints. We used to fight over silly and stupid things but couldn’t stay talking to each other for a long time. Our prime time used to be playing with toys and going for cycling and also playing badminton after our school hours. Many times he used to give me the bribe of chocolates for completing his school work. Really, when I think of my Siblings talk, I feel words will not be enough to express my feelings. This is why growing up with siblings is a blessing.

At last, I would like to say “Siblings will take different paths and life may separate them, but the love and bond which they share always remain still and flourishes with time.”

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Snehalata Jain, Mother, Lifestyle blogger, Traveler, Foodie and has a knack of parental advice. She loves to travel with her family and especially her daughter angel so that she can teach her kid the real life experience. A Micro Biologist and lecturer by profession, a full time mother and blogger by choice. She is a social media pro since 2012 handling over 100 profiles till now. Stepping to blog was her decision when she realized that whatever you do or experience, documentation makes it authentic. She loves photography and traveling and creating unique recipes which are healthy and tasty. She writes what she experience during her trips. About Blogsikka : It was just a quick decision to make my lifestyle blog , while searching for blog name. I wanted a name which is not related to specific things as my life is so dynamic that I can’t stick to one thing. I love travelling and eat delicacies from around the world. My love doesn’t stop here , infact I love to cook delicious thing which I see during my trips and replicate at home. Blogsikka is all about my own experiences of life and i write whatever i experience. And my backbone support is my husband DILKHUSH SHAH who is chartered accountant by profession and a hard core traveler by passion. He is the reason behind my all trips. DO FOLLOW MY BLOG : and my all social media tabs


  1. Zainab Raazi Reply

    Having a sibling teaches a lot before we step out in the real world! Loved your point of view as well. Also, a companion and bff right when they are born is a perk :)w

  2. You are right, Sneha. Our siblings are our oldest and most enduring relationships we have , apart from ur parents.
    Loved what you shared about your younger brother and you.

  3. Siblings are my first best friend always, love the way you have written about your childhood with your brother

  4. Beautiful story straight from your heart. I enjoyed reading about the loving bond you share with your younger brother!

  5. Having a sibling is the best gift anyone can have. The bond is special, the feelings are special and the moments we spend with them is precious.
    #Siblingtalks #Siblingstories

  6. So true no matter how old you become the friendship and bond that you develop with your sibling is unlike anything else. And they can always understand better than anyone else.

  7. Indeed siblings bonding is a unique one in the world. This special bond not only is a stress buster but also, gives a moral support in any situation of life

  8. Siblings are always our near n dear ones. Though after so many fights we still need each other to do more…!!! That’s the real essence of Life.

  9. Lots of definitions for siblings are turning up… I’m sure by the end of the month we should be able to compile a neat collection of interesting ways of communicating the relationship bond between siblings.
    Interesting post…

    Arvind Passey

  10. Ruchi Verma Reply

    It’s always fun and you create magical memories everyday with siblings and I really treasure those memories

  11. You have beautifully captured the sweet sentiment behind the sibling relationship. I agree that the sibling bond is like no other. We are best friends, late night advice givers, entertainers and shoulders to cry on!

  12. Rightly said. Siblings are the one we can rely truthfully during good and bad times. Even now, when I think of the sudden loss of our dad some 20 years back, I’m able to feel the love and support from my siblings to overcome that toughest situation. I’m always grateful to my sister and brother.

  13. I have 2 young siblings and trust me, it’s the best experience ever. You learn so much from them while you’re growing! They are your best friends ❤️

  14. Memories remain intact and recalling these beautiful moments rejuvenates us to the core. I am sure by the end of this blog train, once again, the old albums would be dusted and people will spend some time pouring their concentration on siblings…and am certain, people will exchange pleasantries and have a great laugh on the silly things that we did together with the siblings.
    #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk #Angtatva

  15. Siblings are friends forever. They fight over silly and makeup on everything. They are the best partners in crime.

  16. Siblings can be beneath buddies for life while they don’t even know it. They laugh and cry together. They are always there for you. Such a beautiful article it is.

  17. I got nostalgic as I have so many memories of me and my sister. Be it fights, love, incredible support and sacrifices sibling relation can never be described in words.

  18. I totally agree with you. I too miss my sibling a lot, especially after marriage. when your loved one is away you miss them more and realize their importance

  19. Yes… from our mayaka this is the lifetime strong relationship which stay with us other than parents. I too miss my siblings & the moments which we spent together.

  20. Brother- sister relationship is beyond awesome. I love the way you have described you and your bothers relationship. Even after my marriage I am missing my bros so much. Awesome post..

  21. Lovely picture of you and your brother. I agree with you. Siblings are the best and there is no other relationship like siblings.

  22. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    I have an elder brother but when I was born he was sent to a relatives place in city for studies and i hardly met him in 10 years.. i used to tie rakhi to his photo! But now, when I came to the city, we have bonded really well and it’s amazing! 😍

  23. I have a younger brother and know how precious it is to have someone to share stuff with as well as fight over the silliest things. Sibling love is simply beautiful.

  24. Beautiful thought, amazingly written, it seriously made me go through the childhood will definitely share it with my friends too

  25. Preety tiwari Reply

    Beautiful take on the relation between siblings I am all teary eyes n m on a ttio down the memory lane true siblings will take different paths but their love will always keep them together in a special way

  26. I agree, sibling love is one of the most beautiful relationships. It’s a lifelong relation filled with fun and entertainment

  27. Sashya Srivastava Reply

    You are blessed… siblings are best friends to be always there for you throughout your life

  28. How cute? I too have two sweet and annoying siblings and they are miles away from me. I was reminded of them by each word of yours.

  29. Siblings are our first and best friends indeed, how I miss my baby brother and our banters. After having kids, it has become very difficult for me to call him for many days but the bond is the same as always. That’s the beauty of this relationship, no? 🙂

  30. I agree the relation of siblings is the longest apart from the relation with the parents. May the relation between you and your brother flourish with every passing day.

  31. Every word you have mentioned resonates so well with my emoitional being. So true, that siblings will grow up, grow apart and have seperate lives, but yet they will be bound with love. Lovely!

  32. Absolutely! My daughters friends have younger sisters and she was feeling she can’t have as much fun with a younger brother. Will share your post with her.

  33. You’re right. Siblings are really special. No matter how old we grow they’re the people we can be completely ourselves with.

  34. Siblings are special. They are BFFs since childhood, saves us in situations, keep secrets hidden and advisors. Loved your interpretation.

  35. i grew up with my brother and now my 2 kids remind me of childhood. i dont think a family is complete with just one kid. siblings are great friends too.

  36. Having a sibling is like having a friend for life. I miss having a sibling specially during all the festivals like bhai dooj or rakhi!

  37. I have an elder sister and it is a big comfort knowing that I will always have someone by my side through thick and thin

  38. This is such a heartwarming post, Snehalata.

    Well, I was the only child to my parents. However I can totally relate to your feelings about sibling relationship. True, siblings are one’s first best friends.

  39. Although I am the only child, I still have a close bonding with my cousins and we grew up together so I can say how much fun it was.

  40. growing up with the sibling is a truly a great experience…my sister and I now stay in different cities and miss everything. Glad I came across this post

  41. Brothers are such loving folks irrespective of elder or younger. But when the brother is younger the relationship has so much more care and naughtiness in it

  42. Its a lovely read dear, really siblings bonding are so special I am the only daughter so I have no siblings, but my cousin is more than sibling to me. Will share my story soon 🙂

  43. Yes as an elder sister, you become a second mother for him. You are lucky that you have such a sweet and supportive brother.​ #SiblingTalk

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  45. Beautiful post. Siblings are special, no doubt. And a younger brother I believe makes life interesting and brings a different perspective around too

  46. so true growing with a sibling is lot more easier than growing up as a single child. Obviously, you have someone to count upon.

  47. Hey I too used to bribe my sis for copying my assignments. I even used to bribe her for listening my chapters that I prepared for my exams. When I was in hostel, I used to miss my sis so much and during that time only I realized the importance of siblings. #SiblingStories #Siblingtalks

  48. I loves to read this quote “There can be no best friend for a person other than their Siblings”.It’s so true in every ways.
    Lovely read.

  49. What a beautiful post. Indeed life seperate brother n sisters but the bond remains forever. Every moment with sibling is the part of beautiful memories.
    Yogita Joshi

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