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Ladakh a land of high passes is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and culture. It has snow-clad peaks which kiss the clouds, serenity exists in peaceful lakes and time seems to stand still since there is no rush and bush in their life. Life in Leh is full of divine, spirituality and you will find surprises at every turn of your journey. You cannot predict about nature and climate at Leh-Ladakh because it frequently changes. You will find hot during daytime and during night time you might require winter wear. If you are planning to visit Leh Ladakh you should carry Umbrella, winter wear as well as summer wear.

Leh LadakhKnow About Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir and its culture is closely related to Tibet. Leh is the largest town in Ladakh followed by Kargil. Majority of people living in Ladakh are Shia Muslims and remaining are mostly Tibetan Buddhists. A few years back Leh-Ladakh was a place visited by the majority of foreigners, but recently it has gained popularity as a tourist destination among Indians too. Top tourist attractions in Leh-Ladakh are Chang La, Khardung La, Nubra valley, Pangong lake, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Hall of Fame, Thiksey Monastery, Alchi Choskor Monastery, Magnetic hill, Zanskar valley, Lamayuru Monastery, Hemis national park.

How to Reach Leh Ladakh

There are several ways to reach Leh, one can take a direct flight to Leh from Mumbai. You can also take a flight from Delhi to Leh from major airlines such as Indian Airlines or Jet Airways. One can take road journey either from Manali or Srinagar. It takes a two-day journey from Manali to Leh with a night halt at Sarchu. On the other hand, Srinagar to Leh also takes a two-day journey with a night halt at Kargil. But most of the tourists who prefer coming by road routes comes from Srinagar than Leh and then Manali. All the road routes are open from May to October.

Leh LadakhSince Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude i.e. above 10,000 meters above the sea level, anybody traveling at such a high altitude are bound to find difficulty in breathing. One could also suffer from high altitude sickness which happens due to the low atmospheric oxygen level. Some of the common symptoms of high altitude sickness include giddiness, lack of sleep, digestion problem, loss of appetite, etc. So, some of the safety measures should be considered if you are planning to visit Leh Ladakh.

  1. Travelers are asked to take enough rest once reaching Leh-Ladakh to acclimatize to the higher altitudes.
  2. It is recommended to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

Places to Visit

Although Leh-Ladakh is considered as a hardy adventurous destination, it is also an ideal honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. Some of the romantic places to visit Leh Ladakh honeymoon packages include Pangong Lake, Nubra valley, and Sham valley, etc. Although Leh-Ladakh is a huge region with numerous places to explore, still travelers prefer either 7 nights 8 days or 8 nights 9 days package. The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from April to June. During this time period, one can get the clear vision of scattered landscapes and clear sunny weather.

LadakhFrom July to August, the weather in Leh-Ladakh cannot be predicted, because during this time period many regions of Leh-Ladakh experiences rain, landslides, and even cloudbursts, still many travelers visit during this time too. From the September month, Leh-Ladakh experiences snowfall at many places thus giving a start to the chilly weather with shining sun in the afternoon. From October to March, this place becomes unbearably cold thus tourists don’t prefer to visit Leh Ladakh during this time. However, adventure seekers and hardy travelers prefer during this time for unreliable treks and also for a trek on the frozen river called as ‘Chadar Trek’ for which Leh-Ladakh is famous all over the world.

Knowing about the beauty of Leh-Ladakh, it becomes everyone’s dream to visit Leh Ladakh at least once in a lifetime. Recently my sister with her husband visit Leh Ladakh. She went through Heena Tours and Travels for 7 nights 8 days packages. She preferred Heena Tours amongst the other tours because Heena Tours is specialized in providing pure veg with Jain food.

Since Leh-Ladakh is a place with the majority of people having non-vegetarian food, you will hardly find pure Veg restaurants and Pure Veg Food there. So, if you are a vegetarian it is best option to go through Heena Tours and Travels. She shared the experience of her entire journey with me, which I am going to describe in this blog.

Experience of Leh Ladakh Trip

She took a direct flight from Mumbai to Leh using GoAir. After reaching the Leh Airport, they were received by one of the tour members and were dropped at the booked Hotel. They were also a few other couples from other places of India and also three families from out of India. Since they reached during lunchtime, the tour guide asked everyone to have lunch and then to gather at the Hotel’s lobby to share a few tips and to discuss the scheduled of the following days.

He, first of all, made everyone aware of the symptoms of the high altitude sickness and asked everyone to carry their own personal water bottle wherever they go and to have plenty of water. He then said the first day is for rest to acclimatize to the high altitude sickness problem since they were at above 10,000 ft above sea level. He further said many among them might find difficulty in breathing because of the low atmospheric oxygen level and might also fall prey to altitude sickness.

For some of them, it was not much than a boring speech with no meaning unless they saw some females and kids started having breathing problem and dizziness. It was only after that, those people took the words of that tour guide seriously. He discussed all the symptoms of high altitude sickness and also shared the essential remedies for it.

  1. He asked everyone to take complete rest till next day.
  2. He also asked everyone to speak less.
  3. To have plenty of water or to have water mixed with some energy powder like Glucon-D, Electoral powder, etc.
  4. To carry a camphor in the handkerchief and to smell it whenever they feel scarcity of oxygen or breathing problem.
  5. To carry the necessary tablets with them, whenever they travel like Crocin, Calpol, Avomine, etc.
  6. He also discussed the group oxygen cylinder and about the personal oxygen cylinders which travelers can carry with them and can use during emergency or while having major breathing problems at several other high altitude places like Khardungla and Chang la.

Even my sister was affected because of the high altitude, she had a problem in breathing and also dizziness during the beginning hours and it took her about two to three days to adjust to the high altitude atmosphere. The same day they took complete rest in the hotel room and some of them preferred to visit the Leh market which was nearby the hotel.

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