Surrounded by beauty while traveling in Leh Ladakh – Day 3!

Leh Ladakh Diaries Day – 3

After traveling in Leh Ladakh’s some beautiful places and taking rest in the evening, the next day after having breakfast they left from the Hotel to visit the remaining places of Leh. From the Hotel, they directly went to Shanti Stupa. It was a beautiful place with mind-blowing architecture. The Shanti Stupa was having a two level of construction. The first level was having the statue of Gautam Buddha embellished in Gold color and Dharmachakra and the second level depicts the life, enlightenment and the death of Gautam Buddha. They moved the wheels of the Dharmachakra and made wishes.

They also took the round of entire stupa praying and enjoying the glittering beauty of traveling in Leh Ladakh, as what majority of devotees who visit this place do. The walls of the second level were painted with colorful pictures which depict the complete life of Gautam Buddha. The construction of this beautiful monument was the joint effort of the Japanese and Buddhist monks. The architectural designing of Shanti Stupa is entirely different from the typical Ladakhi style. It is one of the popular spots of Leh-Ladakh and every tourist visiting Leh make sure they don’t miss this place.

traveling in Leh Ladakh

After visiting the unique monument Shanti Stupa, they all went to see the Hall of Fame Museum. It is a museum located on the Leh-Kargil road and is constructed by the Indian soldiers in the memory of all the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in different wars for the safety and security of our country. There were several things to see in that museum. The museum was built in two storey and each floor was having few sections. On the upper floor, there was a section named as OP Vijay Gallery, there were several weapons displayed which were used in Kargil war.

In another section on the same floor, there were various apparels and amenities used by Indian Army of the Siachen region. There were also many pictures showing the struggle of Army officers in glaciers and heavy snow-clad regions. Then in one of the section on the ground floor of the same museum were the pictures of the soldiers who fought in Kargil war and also the pictures of all the soldiers, along with their information, who sacrifice their lives for the well- being and safety of the country.  Watching all those pictures made them realize, how precious the sacrifice of our Indian Soldiers is it is only because of them each and every Indian is living a safe and fearful life.

traveling in Leh LadakhOn the back side of the Museum, there was a parade ground were daily during sunrise and sunset a parade is carried out by few Indian Soldiers in the memory of the all the Shahid Soldiers. Just a few steps far there was a graveyard, with the graves of the Shahid Soldiers. On the ground floor, there was a section which showed the history, culture and other important facts of Ladakh. It also consists of a souvenir shop where tourists can buy several items including caps, t-shirts, some show pieces related to Ladakh culture, many designs and sizes of dream-catcher, dry-fruits, and pashmina shawls, etc.  The money they collect by selling the above products is then used for the well-being of Indian Soldiers. At last, they showed a video which was actually a documentary on ‘Operation Vijay’of about 35-45 minutes. After watching that video, the tears were rolling from the eyes of an almost every person watching that documentary, since the video was very heart touching and emotional too.

traveling in Leh LadakhAfter visiting both of these places they left for Nubra valley, it was a 6-7 hours journey. So, in my next post, I will tell you about the journey of traveling in Leh Ladakh day-4.

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  1. Anita Singh Reply

    Kitni shaant aur khubsurat jagah hai, aapne to hume ghar baithe itne acche se sab dikha diya 😍😍

  2. Kavita Singh Reply

    It won’t be wrong if I say that I am jealous of people who have already visited this heaven on earth. Such serene captures and beautiful write up.

  3. The pictures are breathtaking. The place looks very peaceful. I am looking forward to a visit soon. Thanks for the detailed information.

  4. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Trust me I am just in love with your Leh travel posts and feel like visiting myself with these amazing pics

  5. Leh is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life.The snow claded mountains the fresh water lakes the adventure and the beautiful site seeing in leh

  6. Ladakh is so captivating and you can never have enough of it. When I went there last year, I could not believe that such a beautiful place exists in India.

  7. Ladakh is a beautiful place heaven on earth . Especially to enjoy the beauty people go by road. I would love to visit once for sure.

  8. At hall of fame museum we watched a story which was all about how our soldiers protect us , all details about war and honestly it made me cry. What an amazing place this is

  9. Shanti Stupa is such a peaceful place to be. I have encountered this in most hill stations, never missing the opportunity to pay a visit to this serene temple. I’m wishing to go Ladakh once, and your post gonna be so useful.

  10. Dr.Amrita BASU Reply

    I have my tickets booked for Leh.Loved thos virtual trip to gorgeous nature.Stunning pics

  11. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    I have never been to leh laddakh and the shanti stupa calls me! Love the vibes! Plus the museum and the army amenities and the parade! Everything is just beautiful… Looking forward to the next post!

  12. It’s in my travel list to visit leh ladakh. It’s so beautiful and amazing place to visit.

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  14. Ladakh will always be special to me coz we went there when it was not such a touristy place like it now has become. I was reminded by your post about the serenity Shanti Stupa had then. We two alone standing there in sun above us literally felt like I had reacched the top of the world or maybe heaven

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