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A holiday that holds both the spark of the city and the serenity of the sea. Sounds perfect, right? What about a vacation in a city on the sea? Intrigued yet? Imagine getting everything you ever wanted on vacation come true – from dining under the starry sky to exploring destinations by a ship to trying your luck on a poker table.

Forget about an international holiday, go for a cruise holiday on the newly launched Cordelia Cruises! Whether you’re a solo traveler, an adrenaline junkie, a parent wishing for a holiday with little ones, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway, Cordelia Cruises offers the best holiday to you. You won’t even have to cross the borders as these cruises will bring the world to you!

Come on board, let’s take you through 5 magical moments that Cordelia promises to offer you.

A vacation with family sparks joy in me. I have been looking to plan a trip with the family for a while now. So, after a lot of research and consideration – we finally went on a trip and this wasn’t an ordinary trip. It was a cruise trip! We got the Cordelia Cruises book – which took us from Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep – Mumbai.

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Itinerary Details:

The Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep trip on the Cordelia cruise is a 5-day night tour. I was pretty excited about the idea of traveling on a cruise, let alone living on the cruise and visiting such beautiful locations. The cruise gives you an opportunity to cruise on the Arabian Sea and experience the astounding panoramic view of the ocean. What a delight it is to stand near the stand and experience how huge the sea is, the horizon, the skyline – it is breathtaking. The experience is peaceful and leaves you full or sometimes void of emotions!

The minor details:

  • Route: Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep – Mumbai
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
  • Luxury stay in a well-maintained cabin of the Cruise
  • Kids friendly and comfortable stay
  • Luxurious amenities for an unforgettable experience

My Travel Experience:

I love to share my experience with my audience and therefore, I cannot miss this opportunity for Cordelia Cruise.

Starting from step one, of leaving our house, we left at 1 pm and reached the Mumbai Jetty port at 3 pm. Once you reach the Cordelia Cruise, you need to go through a process. The process includes security checks, sanitization of luggage, paperwork, and documentation.

In terms of the basic documents that are mandatory for the security check, include the following:

  • Identity Card- preferably Adhaar Card
  • RT – PCR report is a must for all the passengers
  • Boarding Pass confirmation

This process is a 3-step check and posts these checks you are then sent to the bus which leads you to the main cruise.

Here comes the fun part!

Inside the Luxurious Cordelia Cruise

Once we entered the cruise the first thing was that our luggage was sanitized. There is a photography point on the cruise where you can get a lot of pictures clicked also, those same photographs will be given to you when you enter the ship.

The very first thing you notice on the cruise is the Reception area, which is on the 5th floor. Now, the 5th floor is the most fun and happening floor. One of the major reasons is that all the activities are held on this very floor. The floor has a Marquee theater – a lot of shows are organized here. There are magic shows, Punjabi shows, and a mix of different shows are held from time to time. The capacity of the theater is 400 people. Next, is the Chairman’s Club, where there is constant slow music – on guitar and instruments played. A completely apt ambiance for a romantic dance or dinner with your better half. The Chairman’s club has a restaurant as well. However, the Chairman’s Club is a chargeable activity, which you can enjoy.

Speaking of the charges, the Wi-Fi facility is available on the cruise. The Wifi is priced at $20 for 48 hours.

You can also get a lot of paid activities booked for yourself or the kids – which include fun games like Tambola. There is also an additional show, which is available only for the 18+ adults. The show includes dance by the Russian dancers, this is an activity mostly preferred by couples. So, if you are interested you can opt for it.

Isha Nirvana, who is the cruise director – is the one-stop for all solutions. She periodically announces the activities that are ongoing, where they are being held. She lets you know about each and every detail so accurately and politely. This is one thing I would like to make a constant note of – the hospitality and the staff of the cruise is so humble and always ready to help.

The Room Reveal

Let us talk about the place you are going to live in. Firstly, you are allotted key cards. Now, the number of people staying in the room is equal to the number of cards you receive. So, we were allotted 4 cards altogether. This key card is used as a payment card as well. You have to get the balance re-filled in this. There are no cash transactions that happen on the cruise, except that in the Casino.

As soon as you enter the room, you see a wardrobe, attached washroom, and there are two beds in total. These two beds can be joined or you can open them from the top in order to make a bunk bed. So, we converted our beds into bunk beds and made 4 beds. The beds are appropriate for 2 adults and 2 kids.

There are different rooms available according to your preference. There is a stateroom, a luxury room as well.


  • Variety of towels – hand towels, bath towels.
  • Toiletries – soap, and body wash only.
  • Hair Dryer

You need to get your own shaving kit, toothpaste, and brush. These are not included in the room kits.

All about the Food

One of the most essential parts of traveling is food. There are a lot of people who travel for food. When we finalized our trip with Cordelia Cruises, my major concern was the food – because I was traveling with my kids and one of them is a toddler. The mothers out there will relate to me that baby food is a major concern. But I was at ease when I experienced the food at Cordelia Cruise.

There are a variety of food options available on the cruise. Not just food options, but you have a number of options available on where you want to have your food. Do you want a royal restaurant or a sea view dinner, all up to you and your mood?

Starlight Restaurant is a royal dining area, where you have multiple cuisine options available in Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Jain Food, Baby Food, and you can also make a special request if need be. The food, in my opinion, was blunt, however, you can let the staff know about it, they will customize the food accordingly.

When you go to the 10th Floor – you have an option for sea-view dinner as well. One and the only issue I had with the space was that it was too hot to enjoy your food.

Basic Amenities:

  • 8 bottles of Bisleri kept on a daily basis in your room
  • Tea and Coffee are available on a regular basis, throughout the day
  • You can bring your snacks on the cruise if traveling with kids

On the 6th floor, there is a place named – Connections. Here a lot of workshops are being held from time to time. Workshops include Magic Workshop, painting workshops, and others.

The 9th floor of the cruise has a library and a kid’s playing area. There is also a Bridge tour that operates on the 9th floor. The bridge tour is a tour of the captain’s room. Here the Captain of the cruise himself lets you know about the cruise, how the ship sails, what is the temperature at that time, how does the wind affect the sail, where you are at the moment, how the cruise works, etc.

The 10th floor has a rock climbing area for the kids. There is a dome restaurant, which also has a gym above. The Dome Restaurant is a lounge bar, where you can drink and have food. Then there is a pool bar – where you can enjoy your drink with your partner or mates. Then you have a pool, which is available for both the kids as well as the adults. The DJ is always playing in this area.

One of the most exciting parts is the food court. The food court is opposite the pool. There is a sun deck above the food court. Sun deck is the topmost part of the ship, here you can enjoy a scenic view of the sunset, sunrise – which are unforgettable and unbelievable at the same time. You can also come and do yoga, or practice exercises.

My Experience is rather 2 Cents!

Being a parent was an amazing experience. The kids enjoyed themselves to their best and additionally we were able to experience a calm and peaceful trip. One of the major reasons for the peace was the hospitable staff. I cannot stress enough on this that the staff was very friendly, always there to help you out with your queries if there were any. As everything on the cruise was well-defined and clearly pointed out. There are also certain pointers that I would like to mention that might help you if you go on a Cordelia Cruise trip. These are:

  •  A baby stroller is a must for the baby: One of the main reasons is because you would not want to carry the baby for different activities back to back.
  • There is a lift everywhere – it makes your commute from one floor or hall to another easy and smooth
  • For elders there are additional activities available, which include: Casino, there is a camera in the casino, the management is great, and this makes the Casino a fun part of the cruise

According to my experience, the 6th floor and the 7th floor have the best view of the sea. You can enjoy the sunset and the sunrise here. Definitely, the 10th floor is the topmost floor, yet the 6th and 7th floors have the best view in my opinion. The issue on the 10th floor is that it is an open area, so the heat gets you directly. The heat becomes difficult to absorb at times. Therefore, on the 6th and 7th floor, there is a balcony area, where there is less heat but an amazing view, kind of similar to the 10th floor.

Trust me when I say that the experience with Cordelia Cruises was as exciting as the tone of my blog. This was an experience everyone should divulge in, if you love to travel want to have a peaceful getaway at least once in their lifetime. If you would also like to book Cordelia Cruise, you can check out their packages on their official website.

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