Unwinding with Kids

Being a mom, have you ever came across a  situation where you just want to run away from home or scratch your hair out. Well, I go beyond my saturation level when demanding guest comes to stay at home without prior notice. If you live in the joint family, this pain of tolerating things makes you stronger.But a day comes, where you decide to take your kid and along with your husband to a place, where you don’t have anyone to interfere. This is an absolute best way to get relax.

Unwinding the calm in the chaos. People today are living a very busy and stressful life which is full of tensions and worries and it is putting an adverse effect on your kids too. So it is very essential to find a way which is free from stress and in such a case the most productive thing you can do is Relax, the only thing is you have to find the ways for it.

The key to unwinding is to find a small chunk of time where you can enjoy some kind of pampering. For many kids, a long hard day at school can also be stressful and tiring. The things which hardly matters to us in many cases does affect our kids a lot, in such conditions, it is necessary to provide them with some activities which can unwind them from their daily routine and provide some change.

There are several small ways which you can use for unwinding with kids

1. Meditation – There are several great books, apps and Cd’s available in the market that focuses on meditations for children. The goal is to inbuild the meditative scenes in the minds of kids when they are alone or are under stress.

meditation2. Storytelling about their day– Ask your child about their entire day and how it was? Don’t spend time in lecturing and debating with them, give them space and allow them to share the stress and worries they have.

3. Calming sensory tools– Depending on the choice of your child find them with some common sensory tools to calm them senses whenever they are under stress, etc.

toolsYour calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges is a famous saying by Bryant Mcgill. When you are stress-free and happy, definitely the atmosphere and the people surrounding you will also be happy. There are several places where you with your family especially with kids can enjoy and relax like the most common and the best place to have a vacation at any resort.

Resorts are the best place you can visit for relaxation that too with your family and with kids. Resorts across the country are the hot spots for people to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. Many resorts and hotels provide a special welcome for babies and toddlers. Resorts are the most convenient and cost-effective vacation for the kids. It is the place which makes the stay more comfortable and makes them feel as safe at home.

With kid-friendly amenities and several activities for kids, resorts are the perfect accommodation choice for a family getaway. While kids can enjoy at swimming pools and other outdoor activities, parents can unwind on a pampering spa day. Resorts are fun-filled with beautiful amenities for adults and childrens both. With all the water attractions, cooling sprays, waves and wild rides, the most important thing is to stay safe and keep your kids safe.

So, while you are on vacation with kids that too at the resort you should take some precautions like

1. You should keep eye on where your kids are playing in the resort.

2. Comfortable clothes should be wore and should ake swimming dresses for your kids and yourself.

3. Should carry sunscreen.

4. Should always be hydrated and make sure your kids are also drinking proper water.

5. You should take care of your so that they don’t get misplace around the resort, etc.

Sometimes you cannot control everything, you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out accordingly.

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Trekking with Kids

Our busy life, tight schedules often leave us with little or no time for our family and kids. I think every person should find ways to spend quality time with your family and the best way to contribute happiness and bring a smile to our loved ones is to take them on trips. One of the best way to help your family understand their environment, tradition, culture, the meaning of adventure and thrill is by taking them on trekking holidays and I think there is no other better place than India.

trekking with kidsIndia indeed has great family trekking places that teach us the importance of nature’s conservation, about different landscape etc. Doing a trek in India also helps us to realize the happiness lies in small gestures and basic things to experience rather than in materialistic things.

Trekking is another word for walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring the scenic beauty. Trekking involves walking through the hills and camping and carrying all basic requirements like food, clothes and shelter with you. Kids and even the youngsters love to go for the trek. You should plan a complete family trip to a place which involves trekking because the experience you will get will be breathtaking. You will love and enjoy to the fullest.

Is it possible to enjoy trekking with kids? Before having kids, trekking was one of my favorite activities whenever I used to travel. I still cherish the memories of climbing mountains and hiking through forests with friends, it was bliss. Despite the physical challenges, it is always one of the best ways of relaxing and experiencing new things. I believe every child should trek.

Travel agents nowadays also provide a complete service for the kids while treking. They keep useful stops with some inevitable snacks for them. Also, few games on the way of treking so that kids can enjoy and their trekking journey becomes more interesting. They provide necessary things for kids and also provides first aid facility whenever essential.

If you like to go on the trek but have to take kids with you, it becomes difficult to handle if kids are of small age. Here are some tips you can follow to solve this problem.

  1. Choose your trek destination wisely.
  2. Allow your kids to stretch themselves and be comfortable.
  3. Pack plenty of food and water.
  4. Start your trek early in the morning with all the protection you required.
  5. Take the camera with you, because the snaps you click will help to motivate your kid in future.
  6. Pack a basic first aid kit.
  7. Take plenty of rest when you going on a trek with the kid.
  8. Have a good company and enjoy your trek experience.

Yes, its true your journey might not be that simple when you go for the trek with kids because there are a lot of potential problems involved in it like will they walk? Will they allow a porter car to carry them? And what if they get sick? And many like this but if you take proper care and plan your trip wisely you will surely have a memorable trip.

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Sight Seeing with Kids

Everything has beauty in its own but you can feel and know it only when you see it, is what I believe. Be a traveler, not a tourist, try to gain knowledge from it, try new things, meet new people these are some of the keys to understanding this amazing world. This is what you should teach your kids too.

Selfie with FamilySightseeing means the act of visiting and seeing places and objects by people, especially during holidays. Depending on your interest and the distance you can go for sightseeing using any means of transport. Going for sightseeing during weekends and during holidays is followed by a majority of people nowadays.

There are many beautiful sightseeing places in India and each one is just beautiful in its own way. India has most of the ancient and exotic cultures which makes it exciting for sightseeing.  Mumbai city is well-known for beautiful places to visit. I myself a resident of Mumbai enjoy staying here and hardly miss any weekend going for sightseeing with my family especially with my kid.

SelfieBeing a born and brought-up  Mumbaikar, chances are that your school or parents paid homage to every typical sight seeing with kids spot in Mumbai city, but today when asked to our kids they turn up their noses for those places which we loved exploring with our family. Many just throw up with words and say there’s nothing exciting for kids in Mumbai but since I am a Mumbaikar and have visited a majority of places here so know it that Mumbai city is rich in its heritage and uniqueness.

Points to be considered when you are going for Sight Seeing with kids

  1. Choose the best time to go, which is convenient for you and your kids too.
  2. Choose the best place, the place in which your kid is interested.
  3. Be prepared to be flexible, to face new things happen during the journey.
  4. Take necessary stuff of your kids with you for the journey.

When you go for sightseeing on weekends especially with your kids, it means planning much in advance and pacing yourselves differently, no doubt they will have a lot of fun and will even get a chance to gain new experiences. You should take a very comfortable means of transport for traveling. To avoid them becoming a bookworm and to give them live knowledge about different places, you should send your kids to different educational trips.

family at tajmahal

 There are several benefits of going for sight seeing with kids:

  1. They get a chance to visit new places and gain more knowledge.
  2. When you take them to museums for a visit, they become more familiar with Indian cultures and traditions.
  3. Visiting historical places with your child helps them to expand their knowledge of what they are learning in school.
  4. If your child is very much interested in any of the particular place you visit, ask him/her to carry a notebook to note down the information which he/she learned from that place.

The benefits you and your kids can reap by visiting different places especially nature, historical places and the museums are immeasurable.

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Rides with Kids

Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul, is a famous saying. It is true for those who love to live life with some adventures and amusement. You should make sure your kids have interest in outdoor play too. Rides with kids make a kid feel relax and refreshed.

Jet SkiesBeing a mother of a six-year daughter I know how crazy kids are today to visit amusement parks and enjoy new and different rides there. From my busy schedule, I have to manage time to take my daughter to the park so that she can enjoy playing rides available there. Yes, it is true it is not possible for everyone to have amusements parks near your residential area because the establishments of amusement parks with new and exciting rides require a lot of areas and also money.

Since I am staying in Mumbai, I find myself pretty lucky in this case because we Mumbaikars are blessed with famous Essel world and Imagica to enjoy several rides for the people of all age groups. Yes, it is not always possible to visit those places frequently but yes we can plan and visit those places with entire family especially with kids. By planning a one day picnic to amusement parks you will get a chance to try and enjoy several rides. I myself feel like going and enjoying the rides which make me live my childhood days again.

For the small children who are not ready for big rides for them, Kiddie rides are available which are especially for small kids. Some of the famous Kiddy attractions nowadays are the Heliport, a unique helicopter tower ride, the Go Gator a friendly kid-sized roller coaster and also a speedway racing car. There are also coin-operated amusements rides which are available at different amusement parks, malls etc where you can take your kids to have a new experience.

Taking your kids for rides involves a lot of risks if not taken proper care of them. The most common way children got hurt is by falling off or against a ride and in that case, they can even hurt their necks, head or can damage their face. Rides at restaurants and malls can be more dangerous for young children because they have a hard surface and lack child restraints.

Jet Skies Not all the kids love rides because many are scared and many don’t have the confidence or some may also have health issues like giddiness and vomiting. So, here at this point, I would like to give few suggestions: Depending on the age of your kid, they are allowed to go on a particular ride so right from the beginning you should make your kid enjoy small rides so that he/she can gain confidence and enjoy rides at every particular age. As a mom, I keep proper note of the strengths and weakness of my kid and then allow her to go on rides accordingly. One should not force your kid if he/she is not interested in rides, as I mentioned before not everyone likes to go on rides.

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A Peregrination means a long journey or pilgrimage, especially which is made on foot. This term is mainly used for a journey which is for an extended period of time or is of great distance. A Pilgrim is a wanderer with a purpose. Pilgrim can be to a place but it can also be for a thing. Some also go on a pilgrimage for peace.

People of almost all religion and caste go for Pilgrimage to their own God. People go on Pilgrimage in search of moral or spiritual significance. Indian Pilgrimage is as old as Indian Civilization. There is the number of Pilgrimage places in India. Hindus call the sacred places as tirthas and the action of going on a Pilgrimage to Tirth-yatra.

The number of places for Pilgrimage in India is:

Ajmer Sharif
Chardham (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri)
Jain Pilgrimage
Varanasi and many more

In India, there are a lot of people who still peregrinate from one place to another, some because of compulsion and some because of old faith and beliefs. It is believed in ancient time, people used to peregrinate for several days to reach their destination, since there were no vehicles or any way of messaging to your relatives. But, today the scenario is completely different you will hardly find anyone going walking for long distances.

Yes, it is true even today the practice of Peregination is followed by people but in situations like in riots, in any kind of hartal or for fulfilling wishes. Even today where science has developed so many many people still go walking to many religious places.

Schools, colleges and even Parents should motivate youngsters to have a habit of walking. They should be taught to prefer walking instead of the vehicle for a short distance. Seminars and get together should be kept to explain them about the importance of walking in life and its benefit. When asked to go on Pilgrimage to the youngsters living few majorities will say no because they have no idea of what Pilgrimage is and for what reason people go for Pilgrimage?. So, it is the responsibility of we as a Parents to make our kids know about Pilgrimage.

Children’s today if are asked to travel by foot even to the shortest distance, will not be ready to go. Today in such a busy life people are just not interested in wasting time to walk and reach their destination, they prefer to reach with the easiest and the quickest route. With the inventions of modern amenities and fastest route of transport, people have left the choice of peregrinated ignoring all its benefits.

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Overnight Travel

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”  by anonymous.

People love to travel at their own comfort. Many people love to travel at night and many don’t like. Different people have a different perspective on this. Presently, with a complete busy life, people nowadays prefer to travel during the night to save their daytime and to utilize their night time. Doesn’t traveling at night always affect your health…? I think it does because night time is the time made for rest, it is the time when the majority of people take rest after a long tiring day so that they can have a fresh and healthy morning a very next day. Overnight travel has both pros and cons.

But there are also some people especially the youngsters they love to travel overnight just for the sake of enjoyment. But isn’t it risky to leave your children to travel overnight..? almost daily we hear the news of drink and drive and rash driving by the youngsters especially during nights. Also, most of the accidents happen during night travel. Yes, it is true you should nurture your child in such a manner that he/she can be independent but care should be taken that they should not cross their limits.

If considering it in a positive manner, Overnight travel turns to be fruitful in many cases. Like, by early arriving in the morning, you have the full day for sight-seeing and on the other hand if you reach in the afternoon or later, your almost half the day is wasted and the remaining day you prefer to stay in the hotel room and take rest. Also in the case of day to day traveling it is better to travel overnight and reach your destination early morning so that you get the entire day to finish up with your work.

What if you have to travel overnight with kids? The situation will be completely different, you will have to think from the point of view of your kids. If kids night sleep is disturbed, your very next day will be completely ruined and so will your trip. So, when you are planning an overnight travel with kids you should take care of few things.

  1. You should make sure your kid is not tired and completes his/her sleep before the day on which you are about to travel.
  2. You should make sure to take kids favorite music albums or lullaby so that they get sound sleep.
  3. Your kids should be completed well before going on a trip.They should be ready to face the situation.
  4. The destination and the mode of transport you choose for overnight travel should be of your kids choice if possible.(they should be comfortable with it.)
  5. If you  have new born or a toddler always make sure you carry essential things .

As with every new day the night comes, with many advantages, the disadvantages cannot be neglected. If not emergency you should avoid night travel especially when you are with kids.


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Migration means moving from one place to another. Like humans, migration is done by birds and even animals, the reason might differ. We human beings migrate with the intention of settling permanently or temporarily in a new location. We migrate often over long distances and from one city, state or country depending on our wish. People may migrate as individuals, in family units or in groups.

It is in human species, even if they have everything, we always desire to have more and to fulfill them people migrate.  Does migration can always prove beneficial….? No, not in all the cases, it affects you and all our relatives in an intense manner.  Yes, it can be beneficial as in if you are very much interested to see and settle down at a new place or have to earn more money but when it comes to staying at your own place with all your relatives, it fully becomes impossible.

Doesn’t migration involves a lot of risk factor..?  Yes, it does because when you are deciding to migrate to some other country, you have to make sure you complete all legal allegations of staying there.  The list of things you have to face when you decide to migrate:

  1. You should be mentally and physically ready to experience and face new challenges in life and should be confident in your decision to migrate.
  2. You should be strong enough to settle down at a new place with new people and new surrounding, etc.

If you have kids, migration from one place to another affects the kids a lot. Once you decide to migrate along with you even the kids have to start their life in a completely new way, with a new place, new school and with new people. They have to leave everything behind just to be with you. So, you should always think about all the circumstances before migrating.

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Kayaking with kids

Kayak is a type of boat which is small, narrow and which is used by the means of double-bladed paddle and kayaking is a journey done with the use of kayak across the water.Wherever there is water body you will find people kayaking on them.A traditional kayak has a covered deck with one or more cockpits.

kayakingKayaks of the different range are available and are used for several outdoor water sports and water activities like diving, fishing, exploration and search during natural disasters.

Nowadays Ecotourism based on kayak trips is gaining popularity. In a warm-water vacation destination such as Sarasota keys, there the guided kayak trips take kayakers on a tour to the local ecosystem, wherein kayakers can watch dolphins, breach and manatees eat sea grass in the shallow bay water.  Have you heard about Surf Kayaking..? actually it is a sport or can say a technique used in surfing ocean waves using kayaks. Surf kayaking is popular in many areas consisting of surfboard surfers.

In India basically, kayaking is not that famous except few places like Kerala backwaters or Goa and some coastal regions of Maharashtra. We as a family got a chance to do kayaking at Keraka and shaguna baug (a village resort in Karjat). Kayaking is basically the first step to become a great sailor. If you and your family loves to do sailing, then kayaking is the best way to ger closer to water and natural habiat of aquatic life. Kayaking is usually done in slow and calm water as you need to experience and explore the nature and surroundings.


kayakingIs not like river rafting where you fight with water currents. Kayaking is more like a picnic on the water where you go and sail smoothly by paddling both sides to move. But before taking your kids, master the art or take expert help. You should know how to do SOS.

List of things to keep in mind while Kayaking:

  1. A kayak should be equipped with one or more buoyancy aid which prevents a kayak from sinking, when it is filled with water.
  2. A life jacket should be worn all the time.
  3. A helmet is often required for most kayaking especially for white water kayaking.
  4. You should also carry a whistle, which can to ask for help during danger, big ropes to help other kayakers, a diving knife and should wear water shoes.
  5. Proper clothing such as a wet suit, dry suit or spray top helps a kayakers from cold water and from different air temperatures.
  6. Make sure you understand the climate, temp, flora and fauna before deciding the kayaking for your family. Kayaking wih kids can teach a lot of things to your kids liks how to paddle, what are types of waves, animals so close to your eyes. You can ask them to see animals using water binoculars. And point down in notebooks. This way kayaking with kids can be very informative and learning experience. It is one of the best adventurous outdoor sport but if you are doing kayaking with kids then you should do it under the guidance and with proper safety measures.

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Jet Skiing with kids

Jet Skiing is generally any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation. Many people are crazy about water sports.  They love enjoying at beaches and enjoy the water sport rides a lot. Are you among the one who loves water sports? If yes you should not miss the Jet skiing  ride.

Jet SkiesJet Skiis in Maharashtra are available at Alibagh beaches, Goa and also at Kerala. If you are planning a vacation with family especially with kids and finding hard to choose any destination then you will be happy and satisfied enough if you select any of the above-mentioned places.

In the Jet-skiing rides, one can also take their kids with them, the only thing is you should make proper preparation and planning before going for water ride and should always position your kids in between two adults if they are very young. Jet skiing with kids will be very enjoyable with great experience.

Jet Skies While taking your kid for jet skiing there are some rules which should be followed. The coast guard available at the beaches will guide you completely.  A kid should be of at least 18 pounds and should fit properly in the personal flotation device of water sport.

Jet SkiesA kid should be positioned between two adults, the kid may want to sit in the front to feel the splashing waves but you should not be allowed them. Even when your kid is seated in the middle still the speed should be kept slow and controlled, your kid will definitely have a thrilling experience being on Jet skies.

You should have the proper practice of swimming in-case you or your kid goes into the water. You should be active enough to react to an emergency situation. While traveling on jet skies assume you kid goes overboard, among the two adults one should inform the driver to stop the engine and the other one should jump in the water, knowing about the boat traffic and other dangers in the water. Then swim your kid head above the water so that the kid is visible and then help him/her to reach back to the watercraft.

Jet Skies “Precaution is better than cure” is the famous saying, you should always take proper precaution and handle your kids with proper care to avoid dangerous situation to happen.

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House Boat vacation with kids in Allapuzha Houseboat

Are you planning a summer vacation with kids? With so many amazing places in India, you must be finding difficult to select one. But what if you get to know about a place with mind-blowing climate and an awesome experience of House boat? It will be just wow.

HouseboatThe Houseboat industry of Allapuzha(one of the place in Kerala) is famous in the world. It has been likened to a canal park during the peak season. I along with my daughter when visited Kerala, we had an amazing House Boat experience. Although the House Boat traveling is a bit expensive I am a travel lover so don’t mind opening my wallet for some unique and amazing experience.

The House Boats there are called “Spice Roots Luxury House Boat”, in which there is a variety of House Boats named as of spices like Cardamom, clove, cinnamon, etc. The House Boats are of different sizes which either has 1-room, 2-room, 3-room or 4-room depending on the size of House Boat. The meal was provided in the House Boat cruise itself or we can also prepare food with our own hands as the kitchen are also available for preparing food for your own taste.

They provide both veg and non-veg food. But you have houseboats which give you one-hour ride experience too, but I always enjoy the night stay in a houseboat as I love to see the calmness of water and feel the tranquil dark water.

The houseboat holiday is full of adventures, it gives the amazing experience of exploring the new environment and learning new skills. For kids, it is fun and at the same time very much exciting to play near water. My angel learned fishing from one of the travelers who always loved to talk about and do fishing only. In fact, we all did fishing in Kerala but never got any fish in a net.

HouseboatA houseboat is child-friendly and is the very safe way to spend the vacations with family. For, adults, house Boat offers a chance to relax, enjoy and spend quality time with family and just go hygge and feel cozy with friends.

At Allapuzha along with House Boat ride, it also gives many options to do dive and swim if you are a good swimmer. You can make your houseboat hold and do shopping like floating market of Thailand. Or on a sunny day look for a sandy beach nearby or a peaceful bay, where you can enjoy your day.

In the free time discover the nature with the family by clicking a lot of natural photographs. There are also cultural attractions available for the full family while you do houseboats ride. Some houseboat hold evening live music if it’s a huge group.

Knowing the House Boat experience, all House Boat’s vessels are equipped with GPS trackers, so that even if you miss your way while on House Boat, it can help you to find your way back to track. A House-Boat is an extremely safe way to spend your holiday with kids when you follow basic safety measures.

Don’t try to jump in the middle of water if you don’t know swimming. Never allow your kids to bump and bend in water .the child may fall. Motion sickness happens to kids if a lot of waves comes. Just enjoy the houseboat with kids and have fun.

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