I recently got an opportunity to attend an awareness event on diabetes, which I mentioned in detail in my previous blogpost. The event  taught me  the many factors to keep in mind when it comes to diabetes management. 

My mother has been living with diabetes for some years now. I am  concerned about her health, and attending the event made me realise that continuous glucose monitoring is a good option for her. 

One of the most important things in diabetes is that you need to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels, that is glucose. Now, when it comes to monitoring, we may think of going to the laboratory and getting a blood test. Since my mother is in her 60s, it is  difficult for us to take her for a blood test. The other thing that we tried was to test her glucose levels at home. But that involves pricking and leads to pain. 

It is during this event  that I learnt about continuous glucose monitoring using FreeStyle Libre. I went ahead and bought the same for my mother. Freestyle Libre helps us track her glucose levels without finger pricks. It is also very convenient to use. My mother took no time to learn how to use it. In addition , the data  she gets from the device can be shared with her doctor and he can adjust her medication accordingly. 

First things first, what is FreeStyle Libre? 

It is wearable tech, just like our smartwatches, and therefore, it does not require any kind of a prick in order to measure your glucose levels. The other products used a needle to remove a little amount of blood and then you use it to check your glucose levels. 

How to use FreeStyle Libre?

The sensor is put on the back of your arm, and this one can be worn for upto  14 days. Then all you need to do is to swipe the reader over the sensor and you can get the exact and complete picture of the glucose levels. 

Key Features of FreeStyle Libre

Here are some of the features of the device at a glance:

  1. One scan is all it takes to get your glucose reading. 
  2. You can also check the data of the past 90 days
  3. You can see patterns and trends in your glucose levels, rather than just a one-time reading
  4. It is water-resistant and can be worn at all times
  5. You can scan through your clothes making it discreet to check glucose levels anytime and anywhere. 

Advantages of using FreeStyle Libre

  • Conveniently measures and stores your glucose readings 
  • It is a painless scan, no pricking is needed 
  • It is user-friendly and you get 8 hours of glucose data 
  • it is water-resistant 

I am completely convinced that using Freestyle Libre has made my mother’s life easier and stress-free. Her diabetes management is on-track because of continuous glucose monitoring. 


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  1. I agree that now regular monitoring of blood glocose has become easier and is possible at home only

  2. Blood glucose monitoring is now painless and it’s easier to check at home now.

  3. This is an informative post with all relevant details about diabetes management

  4. Krishna Awate Reply

    Monitoring glucose without a prick seemed like a dream. Glad this is made possible.

  5. Blood glucose level monitoring is now painless an dcan be done at home itself. Your post is helpful.

  6. Freestyle libre is an outstanding product. Managing Diabetes will be much more comfortable

  7. Painless and prickfree? this is a dream for people with diabetics

  8. Sai prathap Reply

    It’s good to know that the sensor can be attached and will remain secure. Freestyle libre is a great product

  9. I saw someone using freestyle libre. It was in a supermarket and I saw them scanning it with a reader.

  10. Wow, you don’t need to prick yourself to check glucose levels.

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