Y for Yichang in China | Kids Friendly Travel Destination | #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge April 2019 

It would be to completely unfair to not to include China in the list of kids friendly travel destination. Yichang is much more than munching on the favorite Chinese restaurant or admiring the gorgeous flowers in the city. It is the second most populous city in China. But don’t worry, the locals of the Yichang are super helpful. Yichang is completely blessed with the serene beauty and your kids will learn more about the Chinese culture. Yichang with kids and family is super fun.

Yichang with kidsBest Time to Visit Yichang with Kids

Between the month of April and June or September to November are considered as the perfect time to plan your getaway in this kid’s friendly travel destination.

I have compiled a list of things to do in Yichang. So, let’s check what all activities you can do with your kids.

Things to do in Yichang with Kids

Here are the top attractions that you and your family will love during your vacation period in Yichang. Make sure to not to miss it.

  • Get the view of the wonderland look alike feeling by visiting the Three Gorges Dam project in Yichang. The lawns, waterfalls and the lush greens add more beauty in it.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the famous spot of every Tourister, Three Traveler’s Cave. You can see the poems and drawings that are craved on the caves by the ancient people.
  • Meet one of the oldest yet endangered species on this earth sturgeon at the Chinese Sturgeon Museum which strives to provide the natural habitat.
  • Taste and shop for the different and unique flavor of Tea or even wine at the International Trade Building in Xiling.
  • Feel the Chinese culture while traveling on the Yangtze River cruise and also visit the nearby villages to make the best out of your journey.
  • Get the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature by visiting Baiguoshu Waterfall in Yichang.

Popular Places to Dine in Yichang with Kids

After ticking off all the things to do in Yichang. Here are the list of Kids friendly restaurants during the visit to Yichang.

  • Yichang Street Food

Enjoy the best Yichang street food that you should try out with your kids at Xiba River Side. You can taste the fresh fish with your family while enjoying the serene beauty of the Yangtze River in Yichang.

  • Taohualing Restaurant Chinese Dining Hall

Enjoy the typical Chinese cuisine at this restaurant such as Dry Noodles, Wuchang Fish, Dried Bean Curd and many more. This restaurant is situated at the Taohualing Hotel.

  • Prince Restaurant

Dine in at one of the famous and largest restaurants in Yichang. The interiors of the restaurant are decorated in European style. Also, they serve a variety of cuisines such as Hunan Food, Canton Food, and even local food. Get in this place and fulfill your appetite.

Kids Friendly Hotels in Yichang

If you are planning to visit or currently in Yichang, then you should take a look at these family-friendly hotels for the comfortable stays.

  • Ramada Yichang (4.5/5 Ratings)
  • Crowne Plaza Yichang (4.5/5 Ratings)
  • Junyao Jinjiang International Hotel (4/5 Ratings)
  • Yichang International Hotel (4/5 Ratings)
  • Taohualing Hotel Yichang (4/5 Ratings)

The fusion of culture and technology in Yichang makes it kid-friendly travel destination. The beautiful and surreal surroundings of the city will make you spend one more day in Yichang. Explore the Chinese tradition with your kids.

Let me know what you think about the place or got any tips for traveling Yichang with kids, then drop your suggestion in the comments below. And stay tuned for the last alphabet of the series of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019.

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  1. Yichang sounds fun and you have given complete information to travel with kids that really amazing

  2. Ruchi Verma Reply

    This looks so cool place and I am sure with kids it would be fun to explore in great way!!

  3. Thank you I was actually looking for suggestions on good kid friendly vacation destinations. And your post at the right time. Yichang seems to be a good option.

  4. Yichang sounds fun with kids. It seems like a great place to have a family vacation. i am going to add this place to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yichang sounds fun with kids. It seems like a great place to have a family vacation. i am going to add this place to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing. . Nice read.

  6. Sarah Shaikh Reply

    As they say , explore the unexplored. Yichang seems to be a place waiting to be explored by travellers.Good to know

  7. Loved reading your experience. Karan has been to China a few times but we are still to make a trip with Karma. We have friends there now so we are planning soon. Will surely add Yichang on our places to visit there. 🙂

  8. Jhilmil D Saha Reply

    Wow, Yichang sound like such a fantastic place to visit with the family.

  9. I still have to explore China. Thanks for sharing tips and tricks to travel with kids to this beautiful place.

  10. Wow i had not heard of Yichang. China is definitely on the must visit list. Will check it out

  11. Didn’t know about this place and have now added it to my list. Will love to take my kids there.

  12. This looks like a fun place to be. I have so many friends visiting China off late and they all have such good experiences to share.

  13. Papri Ganguly Reply

    The place looks just a dream. I never heard the name of this place. Would love to visit there someday.

  14. I had not heard about this place before but it seems like a great place to visit with kids. You have wonderfully described the place and experience.

  15. this looks like a nice destination fr travel with kids. I like places that is not overly crowded and peaceful.

  16. I visited china last year but I couldn’t visit this place. This looks great to visit. I am adding to mh wish list.

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