Top Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is the most diverse country with more than 17,000 islands, 300 ethnicities, and countless natural landscapes that are too beautiful to explore. The glorious temples and majestic temples, that are frequented by tourists there is much more to Indonesia to sweep you off your feet. has planned the most exquisite trip of top places to visit in Indonesia that takes you to some of rare jewels in the crown of Indonesia. The places are as follows:

  • Dieng Plateau–  situated at 6,562 feet above sea level it is the coolest destination in Indonesia. The destination has both cultural and natural significance. The sweeping mountains, views of jungles, and distant villages are worth the while. The sight of the multi-coloured lake, hot spring, and ancient Hindu temples are stunning. Tourists come here once a year to celebrate the most awaited festivals that include the traditional rituals, performances, and jazz above the clouds.
Dieng Plateau
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  • Borobudur Temple– the world’s biggest Buddhist sanctuary that is too beautiful and charming. The structure shows the reflection of the country’s long and intricate history that covers religion, cultures, customs, architecture and more. The sight from the temple is stunning it shows the views of jungles and faraway hills.
Borobudur Temple
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  • Komodo National Park– komodo are the most mighty and an alien kind of creature that is found in the Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. The three islands Komodo, Padar. And Rinca and have glorious hills and beach view along the breathtaking coastline, tropical hills, and underwater wildlife.
Komodo National Park
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  • Raja Rampat– the best and the liveliest underwater scenes in the famous tropical paradise are home to 530 species if coral, 700 species of mollusc, and 1300 types of fish. Raja Rampat is a destination that will take another world. The destination is a paradise for the birdwatchers, adventurers, and photographers.
Raja Rampat
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  • Mount Bromo– the volcano is surrounded by smoke and multicoloured sky and is the most iconic location in Indonesia. The excursion here will give you the experience to cherish for a very long time. Sweeping flower fields, waterfalls, lush mountains and hill, volcanoes and desert all are ecstatic and will take a day or two to explore.
Mount Bromo
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  • Ubud– Bali’s art and cultural capital are Ubud and it is charming and elegant to the extent that even words cannot describe its beauty. Once here visit the world-famous Tegalalang Rice terrace, lush tropical jungles, calming rivers and other features make the place of immense importance.


  • Lake Tobo– it is the biggest lake in Indonesia and it is stunning from all angles. It is double the size of Singapore. There are many viewpoints from where the sight of the volcanic lake can be seen. It surrounded by hills and lush greenery. There is a charming island in the middle of the Lake Tobo and this attracts millions of tourist but still, it is very calm.

Lake Tobo

Apart from the above places, Thomas Cook vacation will present some more hidden destinations that are not much frequented and you will love it to the core.

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