Precautions to take, things to do – Leh Ladakh travel guide! | Day 8

So, here the beautiful journey of Leh-Ladakh trip comes to an end after completing 7 nights 8 days journey. My sister and her husband left for Mumbai the very next day but few couples who took night stay at Pangong Lake came the next day back to Leh. After reaching Leh, they took rest in the afternoon and then went to the market in the evening for shopping. The very next day they took flight with beautiful memories back to their destinations. Today, along with the experience, I am sharing a complete Leh Ladakh travel guide and itinerary.

I shared the entire journey and the beautiful experience of Leh-Ladakh trip with you all as guided and discussed by my sister. I hope you all liked it. After reading my blogs on Leh-Ladakh trip, I am sure many of you might plan their very next trip to Leh-Ladakh. No doubt, you should definitely plan and should visit, but should go with all the necessary things and complete precautions.

traveling in Leh LadakhBelow is the list of things and precautions you should take care of while traveling to Leh. Complete Leh Ladakh Travel Guide!

  1. You should plan a trip in such a way, that you should keep 1-1 day ideal at the beginning and end of the journey.
  2. Couples if having kids of age less than 5 years should not travel to this place.
  3. People above the age of 60-65 having medical problems should avoid visiting this place.
  4. People having health issues like asthma, severe sinus problem or any other big illness and severe breathing issues should also avoid going to this place.
  5. It is advised to carry enough warm and woolen clothes when you plan to visit Leh-Ladakh.
  6. It is one of the cleanest places of India, where littering at any place and also throwing garbage anywhere is a serious offense.
  7. If you are a pure vegetarian, then carrying enough food with you is necessary or either you can opt for tours who provides pure vegetarian food like Heena Tours.
  8. Even after reaching Leh-Ladakh, if you face any health issues you must discuss it with your tour guide.
  9. It is the best place to visit for youngsters.
  10. If you are nature and adventure lover then you must visit Leh-Ladakh at least once.
  11. Many youngsters also opt for a bike tour to travel and visit entire Leh-Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh Travel GuideSo, after the complete Leh Ladakh travel guide. Here I am sharing the Itinerary of Heena tours for Leh-Ladakh trip.

My sister after returning from Leh-Ladakh trip also discussed some feelings of her regarding what she liked the most about this trip. She said the most she loved the helpfulness and friendliness of the people staying there, they were always ready to reply whenever you ask them about anything regarding that place. The changing weather of this place is another thing she liked the most, during the morning it was mild cold while in the afternoon it was normal temperature and during evening time, the place used to turn in heaven.

Then were the different Monasteries, it’s peaceful and the architecture she liked very much. The places like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake were the best places among everything and she wished to visit at least once again to this place whenever destiny gives her another chance to visit Leh-Ladakh. Overall she was just amazed by the entire Leh-Ladakh trip and had beautiful and memorable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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  1. Anita Singh Reply

    Aapne to itni saari useful information di hain ki koi bhi ab easily trip plan kar sakta hai ,
    Thanks for sharing each details

  2. Thanks for your tips, I’m sure they will be handy when I do plan my trip! I suffer from hay fever allergies- will those also be a problem to travel with?

  3. These are some very helpful tips . I would love to explore leh and also would follow these tips for a safe journey

  4. I have never enjoyed a travel series more. Your detailed travel diary of Leh-Ladakh makes me long for a much needed vacation. I am sure this would be of utmost help then.

  5. I already decided my son turns 8 years than will plan for leh ladak. it is not good for vegan people. I am pure on the vegan diet.

  6. I have been following your blog posts on Leh ladakh and impressed by the information you shared. Informative and fun.

  7. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    People always just discuss about the good parts of visiting a place and leave out the struggles! Really appreciate this post from you! Kids and older people, people with illness should not go… Really good points!

  8. You have covered Leh so brilliantly Sneha, each and every aspect is well covered in these posts. For travellers seeking information on Leh your blog is best.

  9. Leh Ladakh is in my wishlist since long. I have almost read all of your posts till now on Leh Ladakh. The tips are very helpful.

  10. You took us on a lovely virtual tour to Leh-Ladkh through your posts. This checklist for dos and donts is quite useful. Health should always be kept in mind first.

  11. Perfect summary of things to keep in mind before planning for Leh. We went there as a couple and are waiting for our son to grow big to travel it again on bike this time.

  12. I don’t want this series to end. I am virtually touring with the series. It’s a magical place but yes we need to take care of several things. Thanks for pointing out the safety tips.

  13. Wow, You listed out all things very well. Thanks for these tips. Leh Ladakh is on my list to visit in coming spring-summer time. This is really very helpful for me. 🙂

  14. As your rightly mentioned, keeping 1 day at the start to acclimatize is a must. Avoid any strenuous activities on this day and just let the body adjust to the low oxygen levels and minimize risk of altitude sickness

  15. Leh is a heaven on earth! A great post for those planning a vacay there. Bookmarking this 👍🏻

  16. I have followed all your leh-ladhak posts and I really feel we are ready to plan ours too based on the details shared by you. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for sharing this with me, I would like to visit the place hopefully in few years as my daughter is 2 year old.

  18. Loving the whole series on travel to Leh Ladakh. They have forever been in my wanderlust top5 places to visit

  19. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Now I can think of traveling leh as you have perfectly covered…thanks for sharing the details here

  20. Ladhak is a beautiful place and a tourist hotspot. Everyone wants to visit Ladhak once in their lifestime.

  21. Isn’t it the most beautiful place
    I still can’t get over it even after 5 years

  22. Leh ladak has been on my bucket list for so long and i have been wanting to visit it since long. This is such an informative peice of information

  23. I totally remember the pictures and videos my cousin showed after their trip to Leh Ladakh. Such a beautiful and serene place! And now your article! How I wish I could go there!!

  24. Kavita Singh Reply

    This is one of my dream destinations. I love how detailed information you provided. Bookmarking it.

  25. Leh Ladak is on my wish list. Good that you have mentioned these precautions. will keep them in mind.

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