Peace in Mother’s arm  

Fair man, sitting under the tree, with a black hat and long jacket, playing a soft music on his violin. A passersby journo looked at him sharply and found as Mr George, the richest man of the city,  sitting quietly with out any security…

Man sitting under the tree

He calmly asked “sir, if I’m not wrong, are you the owner of X brand”.
He replied softly by nodding his head.

Journo asked him again, may I know why are you sitting here?

Mr George replied ” Holding a seat near this tree so that when I die I get a shade of this tree, which is grown on my mom’s cemetery. She was the one who took me in her arms for the first time and I want her to hold me again for the last time when I die”.

Journo had no words to speak after that. He walks away with deep thoughts.

Word count 150

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Ruling Out Thyroweight!

Not long ago, a friend of mine experienced major bodily changes post pregnancy – weight gain, fatigue, hair loss and mood swings. Very easily these were attributed to Post Pregnancy effects. After a suggestion from her relative, she underwent a Thyroid Test. The test results turned out to be positive for Thyroid Disorder. Today, regular medication is bringing her thyroid imbalance under control. She got lucky with early detection.
If given a thought, how many such people are present out there, completely ignorant of these signals their body must be giving and merely attributing it other more prevalent causes.
1 out of 10 Indians have thyroid disorder but over 70% of India’s population stay unaware, hence undiagnosed. 

Common reasons for ignoring thyroid symptoms:

1) Most people think it’s hereditary, hence can’t affect them
2) Probably it’s the sedentary lifestyle giving weight gain
3) I am crossing 30 so anyways hormones are changing
4) It’s just a minor weight gain, why should I go for test
A more prevalent symptom is thyroweight – weight gain with tiredness. Even though the most common one, this too gets easily ignored for its generic nature.

Celeb Talk – Taking Initiatives and Spreading Awareness

We all follow Bollywood irrespective of the genres we love, we all do sometimes look up to these Bollywood Celebrities. When Deepika Padukone upfront spoke about her struggle when she went through Depression, we all took Depression seriously. On the occasion of the Thyroid awareness month, an awareness campaign was organized, where Dr. Shehla Shaikh, who is a leading Endocrinologist with 25 years of experience and associated with major Hospitals like Saifee, Wockhardt threw light on interesting facts around Thyroid disorder. Dr Sheila sheikh

Also supporting the cause was well-known Bollywood celebrity Juhi Chawla. She shared her experience on Thyroid disorder and how to overcome it. She said, “Thyroid disorder is not something you cannot treat, just get a test done and if found positive, consult your doctor and start your pills as prescribed.” She also shared example of her husband who is a thyroid patient, and leading a healthy life by following a simple medication. The panel discussion led to one conclusion that women who majorly suffer from thyroid disorder, tend to ignore themselves, so Juhi added, “Be a bit selfish, and take care of yourself first and #RuleOutThyroweight”. Juhi Chawla at #RuleOutThyroweight event
These examples might have motivated you definitely. So how about you getting yourself and the loved ones around you checked if these symptoms persist.

Types of Thyroid Disorder:

Thyroid disorder can be classified into two types:

Hyperthyroidism – It is a condition in which thyroid gland becomes overactive leading to excess thyroid hormone production.
Hypothyroidism – It is a condition in which thyroid gland becomes underactive leading to less thyroid hormone production

Hypothyroidism is a far more common disorder than Hyperthyroidism:
Unexplained weight gain
Memory Loss
Slow heart rate
Weakness, nervousness, anxiety
Dry hair, hair loss
Change in menstrual cycles
Irritability, mood swings, etc.

If hypothyroidism is not treated timely or is not taken seriously can lead to cardiovascular and neurological disorders. For more information please visit
To conclude..
Let’s be more cognizant of the physical and mental changes happening within and around us and come together to #ruleoutthyroweight

Disclaimer: I attended a discussion on thyroid awareness facilitated by Abbott India Limited. Any opinion expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Abbott India Limited. Abbott India Limited does not assume any liability for the content of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment for people having thyroid problems. Any reader of this blog suffering from thyroid problems should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.’

Women are the real architects of society. – Harriet Beecher Stow

Women’s day celebration

                 Women’s day is nearing and we all are getting ready to get empowered for the day, I really don’t understand why do we need only a day to show the love and respect for women on 8 th March only, where will 364 days go, don’t we eat food daily In-fact twice a day, right? Then why the world celebrates international women’s day on particular date. As a human being, only two formation is available by God majorly, men and women, then why we need to say this is women’s day and this is men’s day. So other days are meant for whom?? Any answer?? Funny bones are tickling in my mind now. I think in India women are still considered as inferior part of human being and hence exaggerated so much to celebrate on women’s day. But to my knowledge women’s day should be celebrated everyday.

                Inspirational woman

So to celebrate women’s day daily I am introducing to you this Women’s day to  my inspiration who is Dr Hemangi sane.  I believe that  Inspiration is always around us, you have to open your eyes to search around and get something into your life each day.

Dr hemangi sane on womensday
Dr Hemangi sane
Inspiration is a motivation  to reach your goal.  Since my sister is homeopathic doctor but she does the job in Neurogen hospital which is specifically for stem cell therapy under  Dr hemangi sane. My sister introduced to me to her and after taking her interview, my goosebumps became active…
 Her achievement
             She is a inspirational women, a doctor,  a fighter and true inspiration. You must be thinking doctors are always inspiration for somebody but she is not only a doctor who treats the patient.  She is a one who gives hope to an ending life.

She was 27 when she completed her MD in medicine  in US.  She achieved  her goal in life and about to begin a new era in her life.

Struggling life
              But life is full up and downs,  surprises and shocks too. For her this time it was a shock when she started feeling week day by day.  She went to the best doctors in US and the diagnosis she got was a terrible shock and she suffered from a disease Called Motor neuron disorder (MND/ALS). The disease whose other name is incurable.  She was heartbroken,  lost all hope and tired of running around doctors to hear that ” no it is not MND/ALS”  but the fact is fact.  But the will she had to live life without giving up made the God change his destiny.  She came to her hometown India. Where she tried all kind of treatment available medical or nonmedical just to fight against  the God’s decision.
Finally she was towards her way to reach the ray of hope.
       She met a person who was enormously genius Dr Alok Sharma Neurosurgeon researching under Stem cell therapy.
With all lost hope she took treatment with no loss no profit benefits and to just fight against all odd and fact that she will be no more within few years. 
But she is a true fighter and that made Stem cells work for her. She is not improved but she is living her life since more than 10 years.  She started working with Dr Alok Sharma as a motivational speaker and then she joined as Head of medical officer and now she is also Head of research and development team. Not only she fight for herself but she is founder of Asha ek hope foundation where she is  helping other mnd patient and try to change their life and give new hope of rays.
For me she is a true inspiration and a fighter and give a message of never giving up in life even if you are taking your last breath.
I salute such women who fight for long and reach the Everest with a broad smile in their face. This Women’s day I wish to see such more women’s of our nation who has shown such tremendous fighting powers to defeat death.
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Celebrate Holi festival with homemade organic Colors in 2018

Holi festival is called as a festival of colors; it signifies the good over evil. People all over India celebrate this festival with great fun and joy. Holi festival is celebrated by burning woods as a bonfire in front of our house, which is related to burning of Holika, also called as Holika dahan. This was a historical event in hindu culture and tradition.  On the very next day of Holi which is called as Dulhendi, people celebrate by smearing each other with Colors especially Gulaal and also splashes colored water and water balloons at each other. This festival is celebrated in the remembrance of fun Krishna used to have playing Holi with the gopis at Gokul. Although I enjoy the splash of colors and this colorful festival but I am always scared of the chemicals used in the colors. The Holi colors available in the market are very harmful and are made up of harsh chemicals, most of them are made up of oxidized metals and industrial dyes which can cause serious health and skin issues. However, this should not discourage any of us from celebrating such a fun-filled festival and should not restrict us sitting at home instead to be more protective and alert I suggest people to opt for Non Toxic, organic and natural Homemade Holi Colors. Many stores now offer natural colors but you can also make them at Home. Here are some of the Eco friendly, natural and Herbal Homemade Holi Powder recipe’s which are very safe for everyone including kids.

HOLI COLOURS    One of the basic methods of creating Holi color powder is mixing any flour (maida or wheat) with food colors, but even food colors do have chemicals nowadays so it is better to opt for natural one. Check out how you can make good organic holi colors at home.

  1. Red Color-

Red Color signifies sensuality and purity. In India, red color signifies a lot of things like it is the most preferred color for marriages and birth of child, even Women wear’s a Red bindi/tilak during festivals and ceremonies. You can use Red SandalWood Powder or Raktachandan as a red Holi color powder. Also, you can mix dry rose petals powder with corn flour to make red color and also Red Hibiscus flower dried in the shade can be used in the powder form. To get the Wet Red Color you can add water to above powder till it gets into a uniform solution.  Best way to get easiest red colour is to make beetroot juice  plus cornflour paste ,dry it under sun and then powder it to get fresh color.

  1. Green Color-

Green Color signifies life and happiness. To make a natural Green Holi Color Powder mix an equal quantity of pure Henna Powder with flour. To make wet Green color take fresh neem leaves and boil them in water, allow the mixture to cool and remove the excess water then dilute the remaining mixture as per requirement. To make in excessive quantities take all green leaves from garden and paste it and dry it under sun ,after drying just crush the paste with your hand and get uniform powder.

  1. green organic powderYellow Color-

Yellow Color signifies knowledge and learning. To make Yellow Holi Color Powder mix two part of turmeric powder with four parts of besan flour. For a water based color, boil Marigold flowers along with the pomegranate peels in water.


  1. Blue Color-

Blue Color signifies bravery and determination. To make natural Blue Holi Color Powder dry and powder the Neeli gulmohar or Jacaranda flower which blossoms in summer. For water based Blue Color crush blueberries and soak it in water. jacaranda leaves

  1. Brown Color-

Brown Color can be used as substitute to Black Color since many consider black color as inauspicious. To make natural Brown Holi Color Powder, mix 1 part of Henna Powder with 4 parts of Amla Powder. 

         6. Black color-

Though not considered auspicious for festival, This is easiest to make as it helps to purify your skin . yes i am talking about charcaol powder, its harmless and purify and clean your skin.

black charcoal powder


TIps: Since most of natural colors are made using fresh vegetables and flowers, so they easily get spoiled. To keep them stay keep them in refrigerator or use then fresh. Each person or infant is different, before applying color, always do a patch test.

If we a citizen of India understands the ill-effect of synthetic colors and use organic colors, we will not only ensure a safe celebration for our friends and relatives but also will feel happy to have contributed for well-being of environment too.

For Nature Pixel Organic and Natural Holi Colors made by Disabled people you can call/whatsapp 9910208007 or can write at [email protected]. It contains a pack of 3 colors each of 100gm for rs.260. The colors are made naturally by disabled people and the flowers they use are collected from the temple.

Holi is the festival of celebration and relishing food. Different communities in India celebrate Holi by preparing different Holi special food. The most popular and loved by all is Thandai with addition of Bhaang. North Indians prepare Shakarpara’s and gujjias while Maharashtrians make puran poli and Gujaratis make sweets like kheer, basundi and Halwa. Here present few Holi special dishes for Holi festival. Do read my blog on makar sankranti special recipes.

  1. Apple Coconut Kheer for Holi festival


1 peeled and grated apple

½ cup grated coconut

1 and ½ cup milk

½ cup condensed milk

1 tsp ghee

2tbsp sugar

Few dry fruits for garnishing



Heat the ghee in a pan and then add grated apple in it. Stir it until the apple part becomes semi-dry. Turn off the flame and allow it cool on room temperature. In another pan keep the milk on boil till it reduces ¾ of its volume. During this process stir sometimes in between and then add condensed milk. Allow it to boil for few more minutes and taste the sweetness if required then either sugar or condensed milk. Add the dry fruits. Mix well and cook for few more minutes. Turn off the flame and take the prepared rabri in a bowl and allow it to cool on room temperature. Then add the cooked apple. Mix it well and keep it in refrigerator and serve chilled.

apple kheer
image source : google

Tip: With the normal apple kheer I have added a twist by using coconut which not only increases the taste of the dish but also have anti-viral, anti- bacterial properties in it. It’s great for hair and for skin. This dish is highly nutritious with vitamins and minerals in it.


2. Sugarcane Juice Kanji Wada-


Sugarcane juice 250ml

Asafoetida (hing) ¼ tsp

Water 750ml

Red chilli 1/4tsp

Mustard seeds 2 tsp

Soaked urad dal 1/4cup

Salt to taste

Oil to fry


Mix entire sugarcane with the considered water. Then add salt, hing, mustard seeds and red chilli powder one by one and stir it properly. Keep this ready kanji (drink) one side for 2 to 3 days when it becomes sour. After 3 days when the kanji becomes ready then we will fry and add wada to the kanji (drink). To make the wada’s, blend the soaked dal in a grinder by adding few water while grinding. When the mixture gets grind completely, whisk it and then from this batter make the wada and put them in the heating oil. While making the wada the batter should not be very thick else the wada’s will not be soft. Fry the wada’s in the boiling oil and then mix them in the ready Kanji. Serve it cool.

sugar cane kanji wadaTip: Normally Kanji wada are made using water but to give extra taste and energy I have used sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice Kanji wada is a unique combination of sweet and sour taste. It works as a great appetizer. If you don’t like sweet kanji wada you can use water in place of sugarcane juice. Be careful to keep the kanji in clean place, otherwise it may get contaminated.

  1. Thandai Mousse-


2 tbsp Thandai Masala (available in market or can be made at home)

2tsp china grass in powdered form(optional)

1 cup milk

2 tbsp sugar

1 cup whipped cream

Few drops lemon juice


In a small pan add milk and china grass powder and ½ cup of water. Heat the pan and keep stirring the ingredients on medium flame. Allow the mixture to boil. Once the china grass starts dissolving add sugar and stir it properly. Now add the Thandai masala, and while adding stir it continuously. Allow the mixture to boil on slow flame till it starts thickening. One the mixture gets thickening sieve the entire mixture into a bowl (u will find undissolved particles of china grass left). Now take the strained mixture into a steel bowl and then keep it on a vessel containing ice cubes till the mixture gets cool completely. After that whisk the mixture thoroughly avoiding any lumps to form and then add whipped cream and lemon juice and whisk it properly. Take the ready Thandai Mousse in serving glasses and allow it to deep freeze for few hours before serving.

holi festival recipes
image source :sanjeev kapoor

Tip: Thandai is very rich and healthy drink since is rich in dryfruits especially almonds and pistachios. Thandai Mousse is an Indian festive twist to classic western dessert mousse. It is a complete nutritious delight. Bhaang can be added to Thandai for intoxicating effect.

  1. Dhuska-


1 cup soaked chana dal

2 cup basmati rice

3-4 chopped green chillies

Few curry leaves

Few garlic chopped (optional)

Salt to taste

Pinch of turmeric

1/3 cup water

Chopped coriander leaves

1 medium chopped onion(optional)



Soak rice and daal for 4-5 hours. Grind chillies and garlic together. Make the paste of daal and rice mixture but it should not be very fine. Mix all the ingredients well. Heat oil in a pan then take a round spoon which you use for dosa. With the help of that spoon release the batter gently one by one. Allow it to fry golden brown from both the sides. Serve it hot.

holi festivalTip: This dish is originated at Bihar and Jharkhand. It is best served with aloo curry and green chutney. It tastes crunchy and is can be mild sweet if you add sugar to it.

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“Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision” is a true saying, if you have dreams and a determination to fulfill it, you will definitely achieve success in life. We all have a Wonder Woman inside us, the only thing is we ourselves have to pull it out, Women’s just have to know, their Strength lies in what and then should give 100% to cultivate it. So let’s get motivated on this women’s day.

As Women, We Must Stand Up For Ourselves. As Women We Must Stand Up For Each Other. As Women, We Must Stand Up For Justice Of All. Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but will have to believe in you.

Around the World, today Women have more Power than ever before. Gone are the days when Women were considered no match for all-powerful men in this world. Whether it is Film industry or in the field of Sports, be it in the field of medicines or in Research field everywhere Women’s have proved themselves as better than Men’s. Men still dominate decision making but still we have found an ample of growth in the number of Women in several sectors like in Parliaments and Cabinets, formal employment and education or in judiciary and police force, you will hardly find any sector where you get the absence of Female as a member. But still Women in public life are often subject to sexism and prejudice.

Woman achiever is one who can build a castle with the bricks other has thrown at her. India too has its own pool of bold and fearless Women who have achieved a benchmark not only in India but also overseas. Here I am going to list about such great and Successful Women’s, who with their Hard work and Dedication have achieved such a great heights in their life. So, here is the list of Top 10 Women Entrepreneur of India to follow on this women’s day.

1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw :Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

She is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Limited. Biocon was started in 1978 and started its evolution from an industrial enzymes manufacturing company to a fully integrated bio-pharmaceutical company. Under the leadership of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Biocon is a leader player in Biomedicine Research.


2. Chanda Kochhar :Chanda Kochhar

Chanda Kochhar is the MD and CEO of India’s largest private bank ICICI Bank. She is widely known for her role in shaping Retail Banking in India. She was awarded with the Padma Bhushan one of the India’s largest Civilian honor for her pioneering work in the financial sector and effective leadership during financial crisis and supportive business practices.

3. Naina Lal Kidwai :NAINA LAL KIDWAI

Naina Lal Kidwai was the first Indian Woman to graduate from Harvard Business School. She is an Indian Banker, Chartered Accountant and Business Executive. She was also the first Woman to guide functioning of Foreign Bank in India. She was listed among the world’s top 50 Corporate Women from 2000 to 2003 by Fortune Magazine. She is one of the most successful and famous Indian Business Woman of today.


4. Ekta Kapoor :EKTA KAPOOR

Ekta Kapoor is a daughter of famous actor Jeetendra and is sister of bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor. She is JMD and creative director of Balaji Telefilms. She has created a name and fame for herself in TV serials and film production. She bagged the Hall of Fame award for her contribution in the entertainment world at 6th Indian Telly Awards 2006.  At present she is researching her hands in the sector of web series and is achieving success in that too. She has been termed as the most successful Women of the entertainment world.

5. Indra Nooyi :INDRA NOOYI

Indra Nooyi is the current Chairman and CFO of the second largest food and beverage business PepsiCo.  In the beginning of her career she held manger positions at Johnson and Johnson and the textile firm Mettur Beardsell. She joined PepsiCo in 1994 and was named as president and CFO in 2001.


6. Neelam Dhawan :NEELAM DHAWAN

Neelam Dhawan is an iconic figure in Indian IT Industry. She is an inspiration for Women’s working in IT industry. She stepped her leg in IT world in early 1980’s when there was handful of Women in his industry. She is said to be a Woman with ‘never-say-die’ spirit.


7. Priya Paul :PRIYA PAUL

Priya Paul has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wellesley College, USA and is an Indian Business Woman. She entered her family Business and is currently the Chairperson of Park Hotels. She has been conferred with Padma Shri award by the Government of India on 26th January 2012. Priya has also opened a new branch of hotels called Zone by the park and is a 4 star branch of Hotels.


8. Ritu Kumar :RITU KUMAR

Ritu Kumar is one of the renowned women in the field of Indian Fashion Industry. She has carved a niche or herself in designing a variety of wardrobe’s including Indian wear, Formal Evening Wear, Traditional Wear, Swimwear etc. She has also designed the costumes of three Miss India winning pageants. She was awarded with Padma Shri by the Government of India in the year 2013.

9. Shahnaz Hussian :Shahnaz Hussain

Shahnaz Hussain is a well known name in the Herbal Cosmetic Industry in India. She has introduced number of herbal products and is CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. Currently; her group has over 400 franchise clinics over the world covering over approximately 138 countries. In 2006, she was awarded with the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

10. Indu Jain:INDU JAIN

Indu Jain is known by many different titles such as humanist, spiritualist, entrepreneur and an educationalist but she is most prominent and best chairman of Times Group. In January 2016 she was awarded Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. She is the perfect picture of the successful Indian Woman Enterpreneur.


Women’s like these are a true inspiration for all the other Women who strive hard to achieve great heights in their life. Considering them as your role model, each one of us can be there where they are today. All we need to have is complete faith in ourselves and will power to achieve our goals. International Women’s day is celebrated on 8th March every year.

PS: This post is written as a part of the #AlexaTheIncredible campaign hosted by #womenbloggerwb”Women Entrepreneurs

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What is Organ donation and Why you should donate ?

Organ donation is very close to my heart . The word ‘Donation’ is basically a kind of gift given for the welfare of others with or without cause. Donation can be given in various forms like money, used or new goods and vehicles. Donation may also be in the form of medical care needs like medicinal donation, donation of organs and also donation of blood depends on the situation. It is believed that Maiden daan in simple words Kanyadaan is the biggest daan. But looking at the present scenario where Science has explored to a height and where everything is possible, organ donation can be said as the biggest daan (donation), although it was not possible in the past but today it is possible.

organ donation

Who can donate

There are two types of Organ Donation: Living Donation and Deceased Donation. Living Donation happens when a living person decides to donate his or her Organ(s) to someone in need. Deceased Donation is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ at the time of Donor’s Death with the purpose of transplantation to another person. Living Donors are basically family members or close friends of a person who is in need of a transplant. But in some cases a person donates his/her organs when desperately in need of money. While in the Deceased Donation an individual must be Brain Dead . Living Donors can donate limited number of Organs like one kidney, a part of pancreas, a part of liver because and they stay alive even after the transplantation. While in case of Deceased Donation, a deceased donor can give a Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, as well as tissues like Cornea and Bone Marrow also since the Donor in this case is Brain Dead.

Organ Donation

How to register for Organ Donation

Registration oneself as an Organ Donor is a very generous decision which not only save lives of others  but in return you gain a lot of blessings. Almost anyone, regardless of Gender, age or of different race can become an Organ Donor without any cost. The only essential thing is to create the awareness about Organ Donation, to make people understand how important and beneficial it is to donate an organ to others. One has to go to hospital and register as organ donor , hospital staff takes all necessary details and gives you a organ donor card, in case you want to donate a particular organ under living condition ,you have to follow some fixed norms made by Govt of India.  And you can always tell your Family about your good cause, so that after your death they can donate on your behalf.  So with the reason to create awareness among the people, Fortis Hospital Mulund in Mumbai  organized a Walkathon on the Occasion of Indian Organ Donation Day, 27th November, 2017.

Walkahathon by Fortis Hospital

With the intention of creating awareness about the loss of lives which occurs for the want of Organs. About 1000 people participated in the Walkathon including school children’s, adults as well as old age people.  Celebrities like GulPanag also supported by leading the walkathon. I was looking forward to this Walkathon since a long time, and finally I got the chance to attend such a special event. The best part of this Walkathon was to know that so many people are aware about the benefits of Walkathon, and so participated in large number. Attending the Walkathon, I realized that Walkathon is very important for everyone. It helps us to stay fit and healthy for a long time. A person feels fresher and healthier after a daily walk. I had a great fun and enjoyed a lot in this Walkathon with the company of small kids. The interactive sessions with them during the walk helped me to forget my tiredness.  I met two families Mahesh bichkar and Sneha Sunil Yevlokar. Their families have donated 6 organs each from the family members who has died in accidents. The recipient  families were overwhelmed and they were healthy ,fit and fine and were thankful to donor families. Organ donation


When a person donate an organ to the person in need, saves the life of a recipient and you can clearly see the happiness on the face of their relatives, so I think there is nothing wrong if you donate your Organs after Death, which can give new life to someone at some other place. Walkathon’s like these should be organized more so that the people who are not aware of the Organ Donation come to know about it. I have also organized a seminar in my Jain community about organ donations long back. And lastly this is my official declaration to the world that I have registered as myself for organ donation and donate my organs after my death. I want everyone who is reading it to register as organ  donor.

Organ Donation




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In the year 2000, Godrej collaborated with BrahMos, a Supersonic Cruise Missile, to deliver Air Frame Assemblies. And now 17 years later Godrej has completed its production of its 100th BrahMos Air Frame Assembly. They continued the company’s tradition of contributing toward building India’s defense capabilities.

On this occasion, Mr. Sudhir Mishra and Chairman and Managing Director of Godrej & Boyce Mr. Jamshed N. Godrej congratulated Godrej Aerospace for winning the order of 100 units of Air launched version of BrahMos Missile and starting its production.


BrahMos is a 2-stage missile with a solid propellant booster engine at first stage and liquid ramjet at the second stage. It has Stealth technology and super guidance system with advanced embedded software. The missile has a flight range of up to 290-km with supersonic speed.

Godrej Aerospace, which is a part of Godrej & Boyce Group of Company, handed over the 100th set of airframe assemblies to BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (BAPL) for use in its missile systems. It operates on “Fire and Forgets Principle” adopting varieties of flights on its way to the target. It carries a conventional warhead weighing 200-300 kgs. BrahMos Missile can be launched from Submarine, aircrafts, ships or land. It is the fastest Supersonic Cruise Missile in the world. It can be used for a precision strike to destroy targets on land and sea.

This BrahMos missile has the similar configuration for land, marine bodies, sub-sea platforms and uses a TLC (Transport Launch Canister) for transportation, launching, and storage requirements. It can cruise at an altitude as high as 15 km and as low as 10 m above the ground and maintains supersonic speed throughout the duration of its flight. BrahMos missile is extremely versatile and can be launched from positions on land, in air or water. The first successful launch of a BrahMos missile took place on June 12th, 2001 from a land-based launcher at the interim test range off the Chandipur coast of Orissa.


Panel Discussion
Dignitaries at Godrej BrahMos event



This company was established in 1897 and was incorporated with limited liability on 3rd March 1932. Since then the company is controlled by Godrej Family, Mumbai. Godrej and Boyce began their journey with the manufacturing of locks and then extending their business by the manufacturing of the number of things including products for institutions, products for industries and many more. This company has its Headquarter in Pirojshanagar at Vikhroli, Mumbai and operates in all major global markets. It operates across 14 diverse businesses. Its shares are not listed on any Stock Exchange. About ¼ of the Company’s Share Capital is held by Pirojsha Godrej Foundation.


“Godrej and BrahMos have been partners for 17 momentous years. Over that time, we have taken great pride in doing our bit for nation-building through our contribution to bolstering India’s defense capabilities. Therefore, it was a great pleasure and moment to see when Mr. Godrej hand over the 100th set of airframe assemblies to Dr. Mishra. So it was the truly proud moment for Godrej, BrahMos and India, and an assertion of our commitment to serve our country through technologically driven solutions and indigenous manufacturing.”

He appreciated the contribution of Godrej’s vendors in his endeavor. He said the designing part for the newer version of the BrahMos would be complete by 2019 and the delivery will start by 2022. He said Godrej and BrahMos have been partners for 17 long years. So was a proud moment for Godrej, BrahMos, and India.


Godrej over the years has made the immense contribution to BrahMos and Indian Defence Sector. Further, he said, “I am confident our partnership will continue to set new benchmarks and serve as inspirational role model for indigenous development and production of sophisticated weapon systems.” The delivery of the 100th set of combat worthy missile airframes marks another milestone in our long relationship.

The BrahMos missile is a secret universal supersonic cruise missile launching from ships, submarines, aircraft or any other land-based platforms. He said, besides the main airframe, Godrej also supplies control surfaces and nose cap. Godrej also supplies the Mobile Autonomous Launchers, Missile Replenishing Vehicles for the land launched versions. As we all know that Godrej Aerospace has been associated with BrahMos Programme since its establishment in 2001. Godrej is a dominant contributor manufacturing most of the metallic subsystems in the BrahMos missile.

Glad to be a part of this event
Attending the BrahMos event


“The joy of giving is greater than the joy of receiving”

is the famous saying.

A True Satisfaction is in #DaanUtsav.


There are some special moments in everyone’s life where they experienced the feeling of happiness, satisfaction and peace just by giving someone. God loves those who find joy in giving and contribute for #DaanUtsav.

 “Joy increases as you give it and diminishes as you try to keep it with you”. So the more happiness you give the more you get in return.

#DaanUtsav helps to forget problem & welcome happiness.

Studies show that most people when they are sad or depressed, but when they get involved in giving out something, it brightens up their mood and makes them happy. As in, a pregnant lady who suffers a lot of health issues, mood swings, etc during her pregnancy period finds joy,  happiness when she experiences a new life stirring inside her, when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, a playful kick in a tummy, etc and forgets all her problems, because it is her responsibility to take care of new life growing inside her. If a person thinks positive and keeps the intention of helping others, by hook or by crook he will surely find the correct path.

Most of us love to listen to stories, stories have power and they help us use more of our mind, imagination and creativity. One of the stories, I would like to share is, once there was a small boy, who was crossing through the forest carrying woods. On the way he saw an old man hungry, but had no food to give, he moved further and found a thirsty deer but had no water to give it to deer, he moved away and then he found a man who wanted to build a camp but had no woods, the boy saw this and offered woods to that man, in return the man gave him some food and water. Then he went back to the old man and gave him some food and gave some water to the deer. The old man and the deer were very happy, the boy himself was very happy since he helped someone who was in need.

Real Life Story of Unknown Heros

One more real-life story I’d like to share would be of the old man. There was a dim light near an ATM booth, which scared a hawaldar who was going on rounds, he saw small kids sitting in front of a giant man, having pen n pencil with books, he was shocked and couldn’t wait to reach the place. As soon as he reached closer, he found  20 students studying and a teacher teaching was ATM security guard. His eyes and heart melted like ice, he was overwhelmed by the gesture the security guard was doing by teaching the students, when out of curiosity he asked the security guard, about his profession, he named himself as Ex-army man Now retired, utilizing the dim light of ATM to teach the needy poor kids so that, the future of the nation can be saved. He said the only thing I have is knowledge and time which I can give to the kids this is a real example of #DaanUtsav.

Often with time, we feel like we cannot really give anything to anyone since we ourselves don’t have enough resources or time to give it to others. But this is not the reality, In the #DaanUtsav try to give to others, the more we give the more we get. There is a famous saying “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting”. There are so many things we can offer to those around us either by money or free of cost. If u have materialistic things to give, to others, who have less than you, give it. If you don’t have material possession to offer, give them your time, your knowledge, your love, efforts and support and also many others things which cost you nothing but values the most to the needy.

My Little #DaanUstav Deed for HIV Positive Kids.

Joy of Giving & #DaanUtsav for kids

Every year my hubby and I decide to make someone happy on occasion which we can make our best. This year we celebrated my daughter’s birthday with HIV + kids in Navi Mumbai Social Desire society. This is an orphanage for HIV + kids only. The moment we entered the room the kids, wished us saying good morning to us. We were so happy at first instance looking at their smiles, then we served them food, and smiling faces made our stomach full. We played games, distributed gifts and toys to them. We also had chat with them. This whole incident made us realize that joy of giving cannot be replaced with anything else in the world. My kids too enjoyed so much that, now it has become a ritual in the family to celebrate a birthday in morning with them and then celebrate with others.

#DaanUtsav for HIV+ Kids

Different people from different communities, of a different religion, find or can say follow many different ways to serve the needy. There are also many different centres in different parts of the country like ashrams, orphanage, etc, which serve the people in need of #. Someone once said, “To help the poor is to help yourself”. Practically it means that helping those in need will later result in internal satisfaction and happiness.

#DaanUtsav with Kids

At last, I would only say that the joy of giving cannot be put into words because the joy of giving has no end, it can only be felt. The joy of serving others can be felt on the face of the recipient. Basically, giving means ensuring that you are making someone happy by providing them what they need, the only thing is one should understand that,

”We make a living by what we get. WE make a life by what we give”.

DURGA PUJA 2017: Important Rituals for Durga Puja

India is a country full of festivals, Right after the national celebrations for Ganesh festival now is the time for the next big thing, it’s time to say Jai Mata Di everyone. A festival filled with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Durga Puja isn’t just about worshipping an idol for 9 days. What brings Maa Durga’s devotees together is the belief that ‘Maa’ will comfort them and ease them from all worries and fill their lives with happiness.

Akalbodhon (‘ultimate awakening of Durga’) in Bengal, Assam, and Odisha.

There are certain very special rituals that mark its celebration.

durga puja


The It is believed that this is the day when the Goddess begins Her journey from Kailash Parbat on Amavasya (New Moon Day). They say various Gods present the Goddess with a variety of gifts. In its 17th edition, Vodafone Aagomoni will see an eclectic mix of music and dance legends – Gulzar, Bhupinder Singh, Mitali Singh, Mamata Shankar, Usha Utthup, Soumyajit Das, Sourendra Mullick, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Indrani Dutta. It can be viewed LIVE on Vodafone Play app. If you are in Kolkata do try to make it to the celebrations on Monday, September 18, 2017, at Science City Auditorium, Kolkata from 7: 30 PM onwards.

Shashthi: Kalaparambho (Pre-Puja Arrangements)

This day marks the beginning of the actual celebrations as the deity is believed to have arrived in the mortal world, on this day, with her four children – Ganesha, Kartik, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. The idol of Mother Durga is welcomed at pandals and devotees celebrate her arrival after a yearlong wait.

Saptami: Kola Bou worship

On Saptami, “Kola Bou” (Banana Plant) is worshipped and placed beside Lord Ganesha, signifying the arrival of his wife. Nine different plants are brought together and tied to the banana tree – each representing a Goddess – and they are collectively called “Nabapatrika” or “Kolabou”. The turmeric plant signifies Goddess Durga and is dressed in a yellow, red-bordered silk sari.

‘Durga Ashtami’: The Ritual of Rituals

This is considered the most important day of the festival – the day you tend to save your best clothes and make up for. Of course, people still want to stand in queues outside the crowded ‘pandals’ and they make sure they don’t miss the morning ‘pushpanjali’ (flower offering to the God)!

Major rituals on the day include the sacrifice of a bottle gourd symbolizing the end of the demon ‘Mahishasura’ who was believed to be half-human and half-buffalo.

Nabami: Pandal Hopping Day

The day commences with ‘Sandhi Puja’ which starts in the last 24 minutes of Maha-Ashtami and extends into 24 minutes of the 9th day.

Dashami: ‘Shubho Vijayadashami’

The final day of the long festive celebration. Women playfully smear the faces of their companions with sindoor (vermilion) as a mark of the victory of good over evil.

‘Ma Durga’ is immersed with the promise ‘Asche bochhor abaar hobey’ (May the celebrations resume next year) and the belief that she will now return to Mount Kailash to be with Shiva and the cosmos. People greet each other with the salutation ‘Shubho Bijoya’ – meaning ‘The Auspicious Victory’ – and exchange sweets and gifts, amidst the grief of the immortal power departing.


The Multi-City Creative Awareness Program #IamSecure Programme

One of India’s most reliable security solutions provider, Godrej Security Solutions, initiated a multi-city awareness programme and campaign for the consumers namely ‘#IAmSecure ‘. Creating awareness among women for Safety and security to be more proactive and taking care of their own security, introducing them to the various solutions and also educating them about the importance of learning self-defense for leading a safer and secure life was the core objective of this campaign. The first leg of this campaign was held on 17th Aug, in Mumbai at Godrej one. Over 150 women from different walks of life pledging to take charge of their security attendee the event making it a huge success in the eyes of Godrej as well as the responsible ladies.

Safety and security for women

The event began with famous Indian Stand-up Comedian Atul Khatri taking a humourous dig at the security preparedness among citizens in India. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Safety and security for women is a fundamental right’, which was moderated by Sunil Mehta, Senior Vice President & Area Systems Director – Central Asia, JWT. The panelist included: Mehernosh Pithawalla, Global Head – Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions Division, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd; Sandhya Shetty, model, actor, TV presenter and karate champion; Harshada Patil, a legal expert on cases pertaining to sexual harassment, senior representatives from the police force.

According to a recent report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in India, every day 312 burglary, 99 robbery, and 1281 theft cases are recorded. Women, children, and senior citizens are the victims of such gruesome incidents. Addressing the event, Lata Dattatray Sutar, Senior Female inspector, said,

“While the police department is working relentlessly to ensure safety and security of women in the society, it is also important for women to become more aware of their surroundings, rights and take charge of their security. A collaborative effort will further help to fight against this issue.”


Adding to Lata’s opinion, Mehernosh said,

“One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of security solutions in India has been a reactive attitude towards adopting solutions to safeguard one's valuables and loved ones. Society is getting more tech-rich and empowered, and yet we remain as vulnerable to crime as before. Today’s safety and security anxieties are tied up not just with personal safety, but with the safety of our loved ones at homes, workplaces, schools and campuses, public places and so on. Hence it is important that women too now take charge of their security and pledge to keep themselves as well as their families secure too. We need to make a fundamental change in our behavior and be more proactive about security.”


Sandhya Shetty, who spoke in detail how learning Karate made her feel more secure and confident opined,

 “As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is important that women should learn self-defense and be more aware of their environment and the security threats. I firmly believe that learning self-defense improves agility, alertness and adds to your confidence too as it reduces your dependencies on others for security.”

Godrej Security Solutions introduced its latest range of WiFi enabled DIY CCTVs called EVE. The Eve series is capable of directly streaming videos to the mobile handsets of the home owners and helps one to watch over their loved ones from across the world. The EVE range of CCTVs has an auto-record function.

Godrej Security Solutions introduced three of their latest innovations on this platform. The three products are a plug and play wifi enabled CCTV camera that allows you to watch over your loved ones from across the world on your phone, wifi enabled video door phone and a plug n play burglar alarm system called Eagle I-Lite that raises an alarm when unusual motion is detected.

To know more about how you can secure your home and family, please download the Safety booklet.