Fantastic Friday at the Classic Malts Selection Lounge at Lakme Fashion Week 2018

#LFW2018 is a classic example of how fashion has reached to a top level. Lakme fashion week tells you that fashion is what you wear, eat and what you drink. This is how we landed at the Classic Malts Selection Lounge AT LFW, where whisky turned the table into good chat and conversation between friends. Though I don’t drink, but learning about the heritage and history of single malts was a great experience.

With friends at CMSL AT LFW
Friends at CMSL AT LFW

Let me tell you the basics about whisky.

Whisky is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks made of charred white oak. It is a strictly regulated spirit worldwide with many classes and types. The typical unifying characteristics of all types of Whisky are the fermentation of grains, distillation and aging in wooden barrels.

Different kind of whiskey
Whiskey’s variety at CMSL AT LFW

Diageo hosted the VIP Classic Malts Selection Lounge at the event, and Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador, Jamie Walker, was present, creating hand-crafted cocktails and conducting malt tasting sessions.

Jamie walker at CMSL At LFW
Famous Jamie walker

The Classic Malts Selection represents Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies from its four distilling regions, which are Islands, Highlands, Speyside and Lowlands. The most pre-eminent malts include Singleton, Talisker, Cardhu, Caol Ila, Clynelish and Cragganmore.

Classic Malt selection whiskey
Classic Malts Selection whiskey’s

Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO Single Malt:

The Singleton is a Glen Ord Single Malt Whisky and has a warm fruity flavor and is little silky sweet. Aged in ex American Whiskey and Spanish Sherry Cakes, it has won numerous Gold medals in the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world. It is a form of distillery founded in 19th century and uses traditional methods of production with in-house malting. It involves a very long fermentation with slow distillation and produces very unique single malt.

Talisker 10YO It is built by the side of Loch Harport of Skye by Hugh and Kenneth MacGaskill in 1830. It appears in a brilliant gold color and It has a rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavors. It has long, huge, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetizing sweetness. Talisker 10-year-old Isle of Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky is best enjoyed from rocking glass on the rocks.

Cardhu 12YO: It comes in golden honey color. It has well balanced flavor of sweet and appears fresh and has a pronounced drying effect. It is short in height and gives attractive and drying after taste. Cardhu12 year old is a generous multilayered malt whisky. It is rich and has fruity, honey and nut flavors.
It was a wonderful experience being a part of this tasting and experiencing the CMS Lounge, a great place for all guests to unwind between shows.

PS: In no way I promote that drinking alcohol is good .  This article is clearly for the event which  I attended with my friends at Lakme Fashion Week 2018


Valentine Day 2018 is on the way, and time to celebrate  the love between same minded people. Couples and lovers wait an almost entire year for this day to express their feelings because Valentine’s Day is considered as a perfect day when people show feelings of love, affection, and friendship. It is celebrated in different ways worldwide and falls on 14 February every year. When you are in love, every single day becomes worth celebrating, and if it’s Valentine Day, not a single day will be more special than this.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, it’s a day to rebuild the spark in your relationship. Whatever may be the scenario Valentine Day holds phenomenal importance in every lover’s life, and this is the reason, they want to spend this day in a such a way that leaves an everlasting impact over their better half.

The gift ideas are suited best for every stage of a relationship, whether you are married or not or are just friends or are gifting to your parents or cousins. Etc. While flowers and a heart-shaped box of chocolates will always be a classic thing but here I have come upon some budget-friendly Valentine Day 2018 gift ideas.

Latest Valentine’s Day Gifts for the couple

  1. A Homemade card will add more meaning if it is created by you personally instead of buying it from any shop. You can create a poem or a note of appreciation in your own words and can express love to the fullest.
  2. Couple t-shirts are latest in trends in which you can write your own feelings, any message or your pics. You can wear them wherever you go together and feel the best.
  3. Personalised photo albums are the one which you can give as a gift to your Valentine with Red roses and Heart shaped Chocolates to add extra effects. The Photo Album basically can include photos of couples, which can be arranged in the form of a story with beautiful and unique romantic messages.
  4. LED Pillows and photo frames are also very much in trend to gift your loved ones and it gives very classy and materialistic look.
  5. Name pendant to show your love for your partner can also be made for both.
Valentine Day
Image Source
Valentine Day
Image Source
Image Source

You can also gift a handmade sketch of you as a couple, build it in a frame. Think Artly is a unique platform that offers customized portraits crafted in digital fabrication and etched in wood. Each gift is a reflection of love for your near and dear ones. The brand recently launched their backlit photos, a seamless blend of carved portraits and lamps for the perfect decoration of your Home, shops, and offices. You can visit website to get better ideas.

Image Source
Name frame
Image Source
Wooden Lamp
Image Source

You can also include products for Naturma to gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day 2018. This Valentine gift your loved one delightful boxes of love that includes products like, aloe vera gels, shampoos, lotions, and face creams which are not only highly effective for your skin but are also natural and eco-friendly. Naturma products are 100% natural and Handmade and use organic certified ingredients.

Valentine’s Day 2018 Gifts for Men
  1. Personalised violate or pen– This is the things which are carried by Men’s daily and if you gift your spouse with such gifts engraved with couple photo or name will surely be liked by them.
  2. An Engraved Shaving Kit– A shaving Kit is one of the certain things which Men’s use almost daily and if you gift your loved one this as a gift having the initials engraved with the personal touch will surely make your Men fall in love for you daily.
  3. A SprezzaBox subscription– This subscription Box is perfect for any guy who loves to dress perfectly every day for work. Typical items you can include in this Box are ties, socks, violate, handkerchief or grooming products, etc.
  4. Blueberry Bliss Combo– you can gift him with a Naturma Men’s combo which includes Blueberry Body Wash and Body Lotion, which provides aromatic scent.
Valentine’s Day 2018 Gifts for Women
  1. Birchbox– Meet Birchbox is a subscription service that provides a box with a selection of beauty products for her every month that ship straight to her door, you just have to mention the proper address. Every time her package will arrive she will think of you.
  2. Sterling Silver Jewellery– Jewellery and Valentine’s Day is a perfect fit. Sterling Silver Jewellery is something unique and is latest in trend to gift your Valentine. You can Check different designs of Jewellery from Aliame. The look and feel of its products are just adorable and eye-catchy, you just can’t resist purchasing. The sterling silver pendant which symbolizes the connection between two lovers features with 10 single cut diamond accents, which will surely sparkle when paired with any outfit.
  3. Diamonds– You will hardly find any women who don’t love Diamonds. Diamonds are said to be females weakness. If you want her to remember you and love you always and forever gift her with Diamonds on Valentine’s Day.
  4. A Cream Trio of Naturma Products– you can gift her with a gift hamper which includes a Day and Night Naturma face creams and a hand cream which will rejuvenate her skin and make her feel special.

Don’t forget to tell your Valentine you love them, because probably that will be the best gift of all on such a special day.

Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner. It is the most Romantic day of the year, whether you are spending the day with someone special or getting together with friends, the pressure comes on how to celebrate in stylish and some unique way.

List of things Couples can Do and spend the Valentine’s Day

  1. Spa Day– A couple can together enjoy and have a relaxing Day at one of the best Spa in your area. You can ask for a special Valentine’s Day 2018 service. Some Spas also gives extra goodies such as flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries as a complimentary for a couple to make the Valentine Day more special.
  2. A Romantic Gateway– The gift of Rest, Love and Peace is always appreciated especially for a working couple who hardly get quality time to spend together and if it is given on Valentine Day, you will definitely won’t like to miss being with your partner and go to that extra mile to make them feel loved and special. Find a beautiful place and pair it up with a Romantic Candle light dinner, to make your Valentine fall in love with you over and over again.
  3. First Date Place– When Men remembers details of their relationship right from the beginning, women love this thing the most. I being a woman can understand this feeling in the best way. I will surely appreciate my husband if he takes me to the place of our first Date, order the same food and do the same things that generated first spark and blossom the root of love and romance in our relationship.
  4. To fulfill a long-awaited wish- No other day can be as special as Valentine’s Day to fulfill your partner’s wish. Be it a gifting him/ her with his/her favorite thing or do something special for her.
  5. Go for a long adventure Ride– Taking your partner on a Romantic adventurous ride will make him/her fall in love for you completely and strengthen your relationship which in turn helps create memories.
  6. But personalized 3-d gifts– 3D printed personalized Lithophane Lamps, keychains, night bulbs, Photo frames etc are the latest in trend and are loved by couples a lot.
  7. Go for a photo shoot– Spending Valentine Day together with a mesmerizing photo shoot on an amazing location is the latest one and is in full trend which is followed by the couples of all ages, this is one of the best ways to recollect the old and beautiful memories of past.
  8. Parasailing– Taking to the skies in a hot balloon and breathe in the spectacular sky and have the panoramic views from an extended height as far as your visibility, experiencing the freedom of being on top of the world, just can’t be express in words.
  9. Surprise your partner– one can decorate the house with red and white Balloons or can hire a Balloon decorator to decorate your house, decorate your house with beautiful floating candles of your partner’s favorite color and with flowers and prepare a special dinner personally which includes all the favorite foodies of your partner.
  10. Skydiving– With the name, some might find it risky, but the fact is, modern skydiving is as safe as driving to the airport to board the plane. The couple will surely enjoy the mesmerizing view from thousands of feet in the air, with nothing separating your eyes to view the fantastic vistas with the protective goggles.

Also, there is are several Valentine’s Day 2018 services and options given by Love Doodle in Mumbai which you can include and experience to make Valentine’s Day 2018 more special.

  1. Helicopter Ride– Valentine’s Day is a very special day to express love for your partner. So, dress up in your finest and take your partner to an amazing Helicopter ride and make her feel special. On Valentine’s Day 2018 you can book a private helicopter ride for 10 or 15mins and surprise your love with some beautiful and memorable memories. This private experience starts from Juhu and can take an Eastern Course or Southern Course. A special 1/2kg eggless cake is provided complimentary to ensure that the celebrations remain sweet.
  2. Helicopter RideDessert Butler Service– It is one of the best service provided by Love Doodle only in Mumbai.  An international set of desserts are created and served in style by experienced butlers at the service outlet in Powai. Your dinner table will be decorated with a red and white table-cloth with decorated candles with it. The food items they serve are the creations made from Ice Creams which are flown from France and some fresh bakes. They assure couple spend some amazing quality time with their partner. The service lasts for 2 hours.
  3. Dessert Butler ServiceCelebration on Island with Speed Boat: If you and your partner love water ride then you should opt for the speed-boat service of Love Doodle. They will arrange a speed-boat which will take you to a private island near Gorai where you will have a beautiful decor awaiting especially for you with romantic music, wine and snacks. All you need to do is spend this beautiful time dancing, talking, eating and creating some beautiful love-filled memories. This experience can be done in the morning – breakfast or in the evening – snacks. The time spent will be 2.5 – 3hrs.
  4. Singing Telegram: If you want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day 2018 with a musical message then you can book Singing Telegram service of Love Doodle. A Singer cum guitarist will be at their door at the booked time and will sing the songs which are pre-booked or our favorite of your loved one. He will sing 3-4 Bollywood songs for about 15-20mins for your Valentine. You can also add a bouquet of red roses and chocolates to make a complete Valentine surprise.
  5. Sailing: If you and your loved one want a private and special time to spend together with Sea, Sky and Snacks with wonderful decoration of Flowers and Balloons than your hunt ends on the Sailing service of Love Doodle. You will surely enjoy your partner’s company on a private yacht where there will be no one else, only the sea and some amazing memories that you will create. The private yachts start from Gateway of India and last for two hours.




  6. Digital Solo / Couple Caricature: If either of you or the two of you have a funny side and would like to capture yourself in a caricature then look no further as our artist will create a lifetime memorable Digital Caricature which you can save on your desktop/phone or even take a print and frame it.
  7. Book Lamp: If your partner loves camping or reading or if you want to have a romantic dinner date at home this lovely Book Lamp can help you with that just right light. Book lamp provided by Love Doodle is very portable, very easy to handle, comes with a chargeable battery with two color options.Book Lamp

All the Images are taken from Love Doodles Website.

You can also opt for more than one service of Love Doodle to make your Valentine’s Day 2018 full of anxiety, surprises and memorable for your partner.

Valentine’s Day 2018 is only a few days away and if you have a Valentine or planning to make someone as your Valentine, chances will surely fall in trying to plan a best and perfect day. The above ideas will surely help to plan an awesome day for your Valentine and make Valentine’s Day 2018 as a memorable one.

Over time, Valentine’s Day has become a societal norm to celebrate, couples of today have hardly faith in true love, they are just interested in make and break system. You will find lack of true love and feelings for each other between young couples today. For college students and youngsters, it has become a status symbol to have a Valentine. But still, a majority of people value their love and try there level best to make Valentine’s Day special for their loved one. Hope you all have a memorable and enchanting Valentine’s Day 2018.

Repeating myself  I would say Valentine’s Day is a very special day to express love for your partner. So, dress up in your finest and take your partner to an amazing Helicopter ride and make her feel special. On Valentine’s Day 2018 you can book a private helicopter ride for 10 or 15mins and surprise your love with some beautiful and memorable memories. This private experience starts from Juhu and can take an Eastern Course or Southern Course. A special 1/2kg eggless cake is provided complimentary to ensure that the celebrations remain sweet.

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What is Organ donation and Why you should donate ?

Organ donation is very close to my heart . The word ‘Donation’ is basically a kind of gift given for the welfare of others with or without cause. Donation can be given in various forms like money, used or new goods and vehicles. Donation may also be in the form of medical care needs like medicinal donation, donation of organs and also donation of blood depends on the situation. It is believed that Maiden daan in simple words Kanyadaan is the biggest daan. But looking at the present scenario where Science has explored to a height and where everything is possible, organ donation can be said as the biggest daan (donation), although it was not possible in the past but today it is possible.

organ donation

Who can donate

There are two types of Organ Donation: Living Donation and Deceased Donation. Living Donation happens when a living person decides to donate his or her Organ(s) to someone in need. Deceased Donation is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ at the time of Donor’s Death with the purpose of transplantation to another person. Living Donors are basically family members or close friends of a person who is in need of a transplant. But in some cases a person donates his/her organs when desperately in need of money. While in the Deceased Donation an individual must be Brain Dead . Living Donors can donate limited number of Organs like one kidney, a part of pancreas, a part of liver because and they stay alive even after the transplantation. While in case of Deceased Donation, a deceased donor can give a Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, as well as tissues like Cornea and Bone Marrow also since the Donor in this case is Brain Dead.

Organ Donation

How to register for Organ Donation

Registration oneself as an Organ Donor is a very generous decision which not only save lives of others  but in return you gain a lot of blessings. Almost anyone, regardless of Gender, age or of different race can become an Organ Donor without any cost. The only essential thing is to create the awareness about Organ Donation, to make people understand how important and beneficial it is to donate an organ to others. One has to go to hospital and register as organ donor , hospital staff takes all necessary details and gives you a organ donor card, in case you want to donate a particular organ under living condition ,you have to follow some fixed norms made by Govt of India.  And you can always tell your Family about your good cause, so that after your death they can donate on your behalf.  So with the reason to create awareness among the people, Fortis Hospital Mulund in Mumbai  organized a Walkathon on the Occasion of Indian Organ Donation Day, 27th November, 2017.

Walkahathon by Fortis Hospital

With the intention of creating awareness about the loss of lives which occurs for the want of Organs. About 1000 people participated in the Walkathon including school children’s, adults as well as old age people.  Celebrities like GulPanag also supported by leading the walkathon. I was looking forward to this Walkathon since a long time, and finally I got the chance to attend such a special event. The best part of this Walkathon was to know that so many people are aware about the benefits of Walkathon, and so participated in large number. Attending the Walkathon, I realized that Walkathon is very important for everyone. It helps us to stay fit and healthy for a long time. A person feels fresher and healthier after a daily walk. I had a great fun and enjoyed a lot in this Walkathon with the company of small kids. The interactive sessions with them during the walk helped me to forget my tiredness.  I met two families Mahesh bichkar and Sneha Sunil Yevlokar. Their families have donated 6 organs each from the family members who has died in accidents. The recipient  families were overwhelmed and they were healthy ,fit and fine and were thankful to donor families. Organ donation


When a person donate an organ to the person in need, saves the life of a recipient and you can clearly see the happiness on the face of their relatives, so I think there is nothing wrong if you donate your Organs after Death, which can give new life to someone at some other place. Walkathon’s like these should be organized more so that the people who are not aware of the Organ Donation come to know about it. I have also organized a seminar in my Jain community about organ donations long back. And lastly this is my official declaration to the world that I have registered as myself for organ donation and donate my organs after my death. I want everyone who is reading it to register as organ  donor.

Organ Donation




Kidzania Mumbai is a global indoor theme park in R-city Mall, Ghatkopar,  Mumbai. It is a place for the entertainment of children in the age group of 4 to 16. It is built with the motive of enhancing the social and educational talents of the kids.

Opened in August 2013, Kidzania Mumbai is India’s 1st and world’s 14th Kidzania theme park. It comes with the slogan as “Get ready for a better world”, and it truly does justice with it. It emulates the working of a real city, with real tasks to perform by the kids which in turn helps in stimulating their skills and talents.

Why Kidzania?

Kidzania represents industries, factories and shops present in the real world and also private and public services, entertainment, hospitals, airlines and much more, where the kids play the role of a pilot, chef, engineer, doctor, milkman, courier boy, businessman, banker, etc. At Kidzania children perform the different job for which they are either paid for their work or have to pay to get the service. It provides the kids with the opportunity to play the adult roles by allowing them to re-enact, emulate and participate in different activities.

Kidzania Hand Washing Day

Kidzania is designed for the betterment of the kids and has more than 60 real-world establishment and 100+ activities to perform. Toddlers have a separate section with play areas reserved for them called “Urbano’s House”, where they can participate in some of the role-playing activities suitable for them. Babies below 2yrs can relax and enjoy in the play areas of Urbano’s House. Adults are not allowed in the Kidzania area unless they are accompanied by children. Parents accompanying their children can observe and enjoy watching the role played by their kids in different activities.

Each activity offers a unique role, where kids learn financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence based on real-life instants. Throughout the Kidzania journey, kids learn how to earn, spend and save the Kidzania money which is called asKidzos”.   

As compared to the other theme park or amusement rides, Kidzania offers a completely different scenario. Its mission is to provide an environment that increases and improves kids talents and challenges themselves to experience new characteristics. It is a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence level in kids.

Kidzania Mumbai’s Global Handwashing Week

Importance of Hand Wash

Every Parent wish, their child always stay healthy. “Health begins with clean hands” is a famous saying & this #GlobalHandWashingDay let’s use good Handwashing is the 1st line of defence against the spread of the illness. Kids don’t always listen when their parents tell them to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, or when they return home after playing. So, we all know hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids away from getting infected. Keeping this in mind, Kidzania Mumbai organized a Global Handwashing Week on 15th October 2017. Their motive was to teach kids more about benefits of proper handwashing and side effects of not washing hands properly. On that day, they organized several activities and games to explain kids the different ways from where kids can come in contact with germs while touching several things like cell phones, remote control, etc. While playing kids understand the entire concept very easily and thoroughly.


Interesting Activites at Kidzania Mumbai

Iconic Match at Kidzania

A concept called as “Iconic Match” was used in which kids were asked to do a proper match of several items, which were all related to handwash. The other one was called as “Word Fit” in which the kids were given the task of solving the puzzle by rearranging the proper place of the pieces. Likewise, Kidzania organized several other activities and programs keeping in mind the well-being of kids.

Global Hand Washing Day at Kidzania

The standard of learning provided by Kidzania makes it globally a best and leading destination for out-of-classroom training.

check out my blog on Trendy and Designer Clothes for Kids to celebrate Diwali in trandy way!

Mark The Date: To be at The Krazy Kids Karnival

Festival time is already on the peak, and vacations are gonna start now, what’s your plan for your kids this Diwali vacation. Let me give you a great plan for your kid’s vacation. Be ready to mark the date on your calendar for the Krazy kids Karnival, on 4th-5th November 2017.

Now before you start getting excuses in your mind or not to go to Karnival, let me tell you, you will miss the real fun of learning with your kid. I am sure being a lovely mom for your kid, you don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy and learn with your kid with lots of food and adventures. Right!!
The Krazy Kids karnival has 6 major sections other than every minute fun.

1) Workshops: Every workshop has been designed in such a way that your kid learn from each n every stall. Drawing and painting is just a pinch of salt in sea.
2) Live shows:  the whole family will get entertained with the live shows at karnival, meeting your favourite cartoons characters like chota bheem, doremoan, gajju bhai, chacha bhatija and guru and Bhole and dancing in flash mobs with them and some live jazzy dance and music all the day.
3) Amusement rides: one thing which doesn’t require brain is to enjoy like kids by jumping on pumps and bunjee jumping and so on
4) Pop-Up Stalls: now this is gonna be fav of all moms, I’m sure you are coming with your husband to carry your stacks of bags 😂😂
5) Food and beverages stalls: For your thirsty throat and starving stomach.
6) Desserts and ice-cream stall: for the nice ending of the day when you the leave karnival.

Hushhhh!!! Still, not over, more to this list you have flash mobs, celebs, quizzes, adventure camps, magic shows, light shows, Mad science shows, kids rock band, art and craft and workshops.

Still thinking what is The Krazy kids Karnival?

It’s 2-day long karnival for kids aged 0-15 years, spread over 2 acres of fun space, which is full of workshops, creativity, fun amusement parks, crafts, ideas, stories, and food.

Krazy Carnival Where: City park, BKC, BANDRA MUMBAI

WHEN:14 TH – 15TH OCTOBER 2017

Entry Rs 200/- Per Kid / Adult, Tickets Live on BookMyShow
Free Entry for Kids below 3 Yrs.


Then go ahead and book now the tickets.

#krazykidskarnival #familyfuntime #whatsyourkraze

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The Times of India in collaboration with OPPO brings the 10th edition of the most coveted personality and talent hunt across colleges in India, OPPO Times Fresh Face 2017. India’s largest inter-college talent hunt contest announces round one of its auditions in Nagpur to be held between 31st July and 5th August. Participants can audition by showcasing their talent to the jury.

the theme for this edition is –What is your Fresh Factor?

The contest will take place across 13 locations in the city of Nagpur over 6 days where collegians can showcase their talents. Participants can audition at INIFD, Dr. Ambedkar College, City Premiere College, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Hislop College, GH Raisoni College of Engineering, GNIET, SB Jain College of Engineering, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science, Tirpude College, Lady Amritbai Daga College and Nagpur Central Mall.

City finale took place on 2nd September 2017 the celebrity guest – Also a renowned fashion designer Nikita Mahaisalkar along with the OPPO Times Fresh Face shortlisted winners who will compete nationally at the Grand Finale, which will be hosted in Mumbai. The two national winners will be awarded an OPPO F3 Selfie Expert Dual Selfie Camera phone and an international trip.

Excitement In College Students for OPPO Times Fresh Face Hunt.

The student prepares whole year to get into the finals of this event.  This is the decade of the event and has come with twisted rules this year along with showcasing their talent innovatively, with the head-turning personality and charming face, the contestant has to also show their influencing on social media.

I remember when I was in college I used to Admire beautiful girls and Lil crush on handsome guys, and always wanted to be part of the group.  This is a dream of every student to share a photograph with the page 3 celebs in the newspaper.

Contest Winner
The Winners – Abhi Bhajpai & Rajshree Patil

OPPO Times Fresh Face has become an expansive talent-pool where each year students have showcased some exceptional skills while following the theme of this edition – What is your Fresh Factor?

What’s your fresh factor? Oppo Times Fresh Face is Your Solution.

Tell me guys, what’s your fresh factor? confident, smart look, unique, talent, height, smile, etc. After reading this article you would be sure to be part of the fresh face of this year. Oppo and Times fresh face have come up with Oppo Times fresh face 2017 to hunt out the fresh factor from the colleges.

Who doesn’t want to be famous, who don’t want to be flaunting their achievements and talent, at least I am? I remember when I was in college I used to Admire beautiful girls and Lil crush on handsome guys, and always wanted to be part of the group.  This is a dream of every student to share a photograph with the page 3 celebs in the newspaper.

Times fresh face is a subordinate of Times of India in collaboration with Oppo,  has come up with the 10th edition of personality and Talent Hunt across the college of India. This is the most awaited event of the year in every student’s  life.

oppo times fresh face hunt

The student prepares whole year to get into the finals of this event.  This is the decade of the event and has come with twisted rules this year. Along with showcasing their talent innovatively, with the head-turning personality and charming face, the contestant has to also show their influencing on social media.

200 auditions will be hosted in different colleges of India. This years edition fresh face is being held in phases, across 11 cities starting from Nagpur colleges and the students can also apply on Times fresh face website.

Different cities in which Audition will take Place

Mumbai, Delhi,  Pune,  Chandigarh,  Chennai, Kolkata,  Bangalore,  Ahmedabad,  and Indore.

Grand Finale will take at Mumbai and the finalist winner gets Oppo selfie camera F1 s phone and a trip to Europe.

oppo times fresh face hunt

The presence of Sanjeev Bhargava director of brand Times of India and Mr. Evan from Oppo India made the event more graceful. The Shine to the event came when Ayushman Khurana, the heartthrob of youngsters motivated the student to participate. According to him, such opportunities do not come daily and one must grab immediately as soon as they come. He clicked selfies with the last year winners and congratulated on being the winner of 2016. He said this is the best platform to showcase your talent on screen level.

oppo times fresh face hunt

I believe with Oppo times fresh face,  the pool of extensive talent will come together to showcase their unique talent in front of whole India.

oppo times fresh face hunt
Following this Ria Nalavade did a stunning performance with her sizzling moves of belly dancing the with traditional dance. Another winner from Kolkata Debayan who is one of the finest beatboxers in India mesmerized everyone with his technique with beatboxing. And the winner from Mumbai Aditya Nanda Times fresh face 2016 showed is acting skill by in acting Leonardo Caprio dialogue from the wolf. Never seen such talent in my life. They all were too good and well deserving to see at the top.
So come on student go and get register right away for Oppo Times fresh face through your college on the website.

oppo times fresh face hunt

Selfie With Tata Tiago

Selfie lo, Zara vouchers Jeeto! Sound interesting, if yes then start learning selfie clicking right away as there is a big contest by @TataMotors presenting #TigorStyleback that is Selfie With Tata Tiago!

In this contest, you have to go to mall mentioned in terms and conditions of Tata Motors official pages according to your city for Mumbaikars,  you have Viviana Mall left as R city has already done with it on 3rd and 4th June. Mark that this is promotional offer is valid on display vehicle at the below mentioned at the mall activation locations only.  Once the person gives his or her consent they get styled with the goodies available at the location, to click selfies.

You can participate on all three platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag with the hashtag as #TigorStyleback. The participant must upload the selfie picture between 12.01 AM to 23.59 PM along with the name and city they are participating from there are total 5 winners from each mall, so guys go and click selfie right away.

All the Winners of the will receive a Zara styling voucher as a gift by Tata Motors Ltd. So friends don’t wait and  watch, run and go and click a selfie with Tata Tiago.

It’s a golden opportunity to showcase your selfie talent and make the most out of it and I must say after winning this contest you will fall in love with the surprise prize you will be receiving.

So, let’s Pout, Click and Post!! FOR MORE INFORMATION Follow the image below.


Tata Tiago Contest
Follow This Simple Steps and Winsome!
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