Kidzania Mumbai is a global indoor theme park in R-city Mall, Ghatkopar,  Mumbai. It is a place for the entertainment of children in the age group of 4 to 16. It is built with the motive of enhancing the social and educational talents of the kids.

Opened in August 2013, Kidzania Mumbai is India’s 1st and world’s 14th Kidzania theme park. It comes with the slogan as “Get ready for a better world”, and it truly does justice with it. It emulates the working of a real city, with real tasks to perform by the kids which in turn helps in stimulating their skills and talents.

Why Kidzania?

Kidzania represents industries, factories and shops present in the real world and also private and public services, entertainment, hospitals, airlines and much more, where the kids play the role of a pilot, chef, engineer, doctor, milkman, courier boy, businessman, banker, etc. At Kidzania children perform the different job for which they are either paid for their work or have to pay to get the service. It provides the kids with the opportunity to play the adult roles by allowing them to re-enact, emulate and participate in different activities.

Kidzania Hand Washing Day

Kidzania is designed for the betterment of the kids and has more than 60 real-world establishment and 100+ activities to perform. Toddlers have a separate section with play areas reserved for them called “Urbano’s House”, where they can participate in some of the role-playing activities suitable for them. Babies below 2yrs can relax and enjoy in the play areas of Urbano’s House. Adults are not allowed in the Kidzania area unless they are accompanied by children. Parents accompanying their children can observe and enjoy watching the role played by their kids in different activities.

Each activity offers a unique role, where kids learn financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence based on real-life instants. Throughout the Kidzania journey, kids learn how to earn, spend and save the Kidzania money which is called asKidzos”.   

As compared to the other theme park or amusement rides, Kidzania offers a completely different scenario. Its mission is to provide an environment that increases and improves kids talents and challenges themselves to experience new characteristics. It is a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence level in kids.

Kidzania Mumbai’s Global Handwashing Week

Importance of Hand Wash

Every Parent wish, their child always stay healthy. “Health begins with clean hands” is a famous saying & this #GlobalHandWashingDay let’s use good Handwashing is the 1st line of defence against the spread of the illness. Kids don’t always listen when their parents tell them to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, or when they return home after playing. So, we all know hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids away from getting infected. Keeping this in mind, Kidzania Mumbai organized a Global Handwashing Week on 15th October 2017. Their motive was to teach kids more about benefits of proper handwashing and side effects of not washing hands properly. On that day, they organized several activities and games to explain kids the different ways from where kids can come in contact with germs while touching several things like cell phones, remote control, etc. While playing kids understand the entire concept very easily and thoroughly.


Interesting Activites at Kidzania Mumbai

Iconic Match at Kidzania

A concept called as “Iconic Match” was used in which kids were asked to do a proper match of several items, which were all related to handwash. The other one was called as “Word Fit” in which the kids were given the task of solving the puzzle by rearranging the proper place of the pieces. Likewise, Kidzania organized several other activities and programs keeping in mind the well-being of kids.

Global Hand Washing Day at Kidzania

The standard of learning provided by Kidzania makes it globally a best and leading destination for out-of-classroom training.

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  1. This is a best place to let the kids be on their own, learn and enjoy. Handwashing is very crucial for kids and when this is inculcated in such environment it always adds to learning.

  2. I have read a lot about Kidszania. Would love to visit along my kids. I think its the best place for kids.

  3. Glad that kidzania has a very interactive way to teach our kids with lots of fun

  4. Such fun places for kids are a necessity now a days as these munchkins dont want to go to parks.. awesome place this is ?

  5. My kids enjoyed a lot in kidzania that one is near to delhi. Its really a fun loving place with lots of different activities for kids to explore their talent and skills. Would love to visit at mumbai kidzania also. Concept of Hand washing with these activities can be great idea to teach kids.

  6. What a great way to inculcate good habits in children, definitely kidzania has some innovative plays to help kids educate in a fun way!

  7. Joshita JJ Reply

    Kidzania is a fun and safe place for kids. Teaching the importance of washing hands through activities is a great initiative…

  8. You have invented our plans to visit KidZania Delhi soon we don’t have KidZania in Chandigarh as of now but I really appreciate the kind of activities they introduced for the kids. best classroom training for kids

  9. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Looks like super fun event for kids. Wish they will open in Kolkata too.

  10. I have heard a lot about KidZania, such an amazing place for kids to play and learn life’s lessons. And that was a great initiative taken up by KidZania. I agree here washing hands is the first line of defence.

  11. Such an amazing initiative taken by them! Safe hands are such a necessity especially for kid’s because they’re unaware much about hygiene! Thanks for sharing ⚡️

  12. Firdaus Peerzada Reply

    Kidzania is actually a delight for kids. They really have a fun time here playing such innovative games

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