15 th august 2018 is coming and we are going to soon feel suddenly patriotic and talk about freedom. Do we still need to talk about how our country got Independence? I think we should shift to present status now and think about what are current issues we want to get freedom from. Let me tell you my views on some topics which I want to get freedom from.

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Freedom from …

 Freedom from Malnourishment

Almost daily, we see in the news headlines about children dying due to hunger and many families committing suicide due to lack of food. Malnutrition has been a serious concern for the last three years; despite of many campaigns taking place still the problem of malnutrition had continued to affect the children’s on large scale. Malnutrition is a problem not just in the rural areas but nearly half of the children in poor families in the big metro cities are malnourished. Streets are the only homes for about 1000’s of kids in India. Over 93 lakhs children have severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in our country. About 795 million people in the whole world do not have enough food to live healthy life. Developing countries have major starving people, where 12.9% of the population is below level nourishment required. Malnourishment is a topic of biggest concern in India, so it is the responsibility of the Indian Government to take some major steps to free our children from Malnourishment for the better future of the country. Since it is said “Children are the future of the nation”. It’s request to everyone to start practicing not to waste food or if you have extra food then share it to someone who is hungry.

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Freedom from Excessive use of Mobile in kids

Nowadays Kids have become digital kids which is damaging their creativity and thinking power. Kids have stopped reading books as they love to read using either tab or kindle, which creates either Eyes problems or spondylitis problem in small age. Sometimes they become so addictive that when you snatch the mobile, they become aggressive. Technology is good but it’s affecting our human body. In future we might see humans with bend necks only, if it’s not stopped soon.

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Education Fee Hike

The Fee hike in private schools and colleges has become a major concern in our country. After Researching, the UP government will soon broadcast an ordinance to check illogical fee hike by private schools including all minority institutions in the state, in which classes from 1 to 12 charging fees over 20K per annum will come. Hope this ordinance will be passed, and the new rules will come in effect which in-turn will help stop schools from rising fees illogically. But, this is the initiative taken only in one state of the country, to solve this problem and eradicate it from the root such initiative should be taken in other parts of the country too. Recently, a private high school in Mumbai expelled 20 students because their parents were protesting against in-justified fee hike. Such is the status in many places of the country, with the aggressive moves of private players of education departments there have been increasing incidents of Parents harassment through frequent fee hike and unreasonable charges levied on school related material. Many initiatives have been taken place by the Parents association in different parts of India but the problem of fee hike has not ended.

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Freedom from Plastic

It has become our habit to use plastic in our daily routine. But from the day, it has been announced by the government to ban plastic, many substitutes has come in market for plastic and plastic made things but still the common people have not accepted this change completely. A ‘Freedom from Plastic’ campaign has been taken place to discourage the use of plastic materials with less than 40 micron thickness. This campaign includes rallies, advertisements and public awareness programs to be conducted to encourage people to give up the use of the banned plastic products. It has also been decided a fine of about Rs. 1lakh for those manufacturing and selling the banned plastic items. This campaign has come into effect from August 15, 2015 but has not been accepted in many parts of the country, but recently when government announced the ban on plastic from 21stJune, 2018 and also charged up to Rs.5000 if find using plastic, the use of plastic has been reduced but has not stopped completely. Also, a #breakfreefromplastic a global movement has been taken place to see a future free from plastic pollution since September, 2016. Hope we see a magic where we see plastic is completely vanished from earth.

Freedom from Perverts

Perverts are the one who behave wrongly or badly. Some Men are perverts but not all. I think all of us or can say majority of females must have seen perverts in some or the other walk of our life. Some might have daringly faced them but others might have kept mum because of society pressure. If I start writing on this topic I think I would never end. Looking at recent Rape cases in India, I feel Beti bachao needs  to be given a different perspective . After big fight for Female Foeticide, in last decade, now we are fighting to save child rapes and abuse. I wish God saves us from such pervertish minded people.

Potholes in Mumbai

Mumbai is well-known for having indefinite potholes especially during rainy season. Potholes in Mumbai and neighboring cities like Thane and Kalyan grab headlines every year during monsoon season. This year about five people have died in Maharashtra due to potholes. Looking at the continuation of the loss of lives due to the potholes, two citizens have taken the matter into their own hands to fill potholes in the city. The two citizens named Irfan Machchiwala and Mushtaq Ansari said they are doing this job as a part of social responsibility. They have started the campaign of filling potholes by filling 20-25 potholes in April this year on Western Express Highway. If Municipality works before monsoon ,many lives can be saved.

Train accidents across the nation

Trains are said to be the lifeline and basic necessity for daily travelling. The railways have maintained records of people getting crushed under wheels every year. In Mumbai itself I see weekly cases of railway accidents. Sometimes I have seen people committing suicide by jumping in front of fast trains, which is really painful but can’t we get freedom from such accidents. Recently I was travelling from harbor line and I saw man crushed under my bogie. The scene can’t be ever forgotten in my life. I wish the importance of life can be given more importance than petty issues.

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A couple got divorced and husband removed her from house and remarried. Only thing wife asked from judge to give three days in the same house in which she had lived from long time.

On the first day she cleaned the house and made everything on place so that her husband don’t have to worry and ask about the things.
Second day she made a lot of food stuff for him for a month and filled the fridge
Third day she seeded the honey bees comb in all outside windows.
And then she left the home.
Next day her husband enters the home with new wife and start living.
Slowly the honey comb started growing fast. Honey bees started spreading like air. It was getting difficult for the couple to stay in same house and people stopped coming to their house. They left the home and kept for sale. The first wife bought it again in half rate thru an agent.

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Some people have asked me how did u thought of writing.

A) Since I was already on social media from long time and have followed many blogger in life, I found that whatever you do, it doesn’t have value until it gets documented somewhere. We as a kid usually used to pen down in diary and share our slam books with friends so as mature mom who loves to travel with kid, which is my main niche in blog. I wanted to experience my travel with my kid and share with other parents of the world.
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       Peace in Mother’s arm  

Fair man, sitting under the tree, with a black hat and long jacket, playing a soft music on his violin. A passersby journo looked at him sharply and found as Mr George, the richest man of the city,  sitting quietly with out any security…

Man sitting under the tree

He calmly asked “sir, if I’m not wrong, are you the owner of X brand”.
He replied softly by nodding his head.

Journo asked him again, may I know why are you sitting here?

Mr George replied ” Holding a seat near this tree so that when I die I get a shade of this tree, which is grown on my mom’s cemetery. She was the one who took me in her arms for the first time and I want her to hold me again for the last time when I die”.

Journo had no words to speak after that. He walks away with deep thoughts.

Word count 150

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri