A couple got divorced and husband removed her from house and remarried. Only thing wife asked from judge to give three days in the same house in which she had lived from long time.

On the first day she cleaned the house and made everything on place so that her husband don’t have to worry and ask about the things.
Second day she made a lot of food stuff for him for a month and filled the fridge
Third day she seeded the honey bees comb in all outside windows.
And then she left the home.
Next day her husband enters the home with new wife and start living.
Slowly the honey comb started growing fast. Honey bees started spreading like air. It was getting difficult for the couple to stay in same house and people stopped coming to their house. They left the home and kept for sale. The first wife bought it again in half rate thru an agent.

PS: Inspired by a video which I saw but the whole article has been written to suit the image of #FridayFotoFiction

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri

        From last year itself I am watching Atoz challenge by blog chatter, but never took a pain to understand what is this exactly, but this year I went to whole website and understood what is Atoz challenge by blogchatter.
       The first thing I did was to sign up immediately I saw the link for Atoz  challenge by blogchatter.
         After reading the terms and conditions I could understand that this exercise will add good content to my blog which other wise I won’t write as I need some motivation to write always. 
      Since my blog is based on travel with kids I chose my theme for Atoz challenge by blogchatter same topic.  Which I’m happy to reveal as Travelling with kids 
In this series I would be sharing all the tips related while we travel with kids.
I’m already prepared mentally and started writing well in advance so that I don’t miss any day as I want to complete the challenge any how.
        As I know this Atoz challenge by blogchatter will boost my confidence as well as make me write more and more and gradually I will get habitual to writing.
 What Is Atoz challenge by blogchatter
People who don’t what Is Atoz challenge by blogchatter, let me explain to you.
Atoz challenge by blogchatter is challenge for blogger and writer to write 26 articles related to one theme, where on April 1st of 2018, you have to write articles which starts or has major keyword with Letter A. And on 2 nd April with letter B and so on… So except 4 Sunday of the month, you have to write on next letter of Atoz challenge. This challenge will make your blog more specific and your writing niche will be discovered more.
Not only this you get to read more and more people blog and meet new people to understand what’s happening in the industry.  .

First of all thank you so much for so much of love, I’m so glad that I have so good friends and followers who love my writing.
So as you all know it’s been a one year of my blog, let me tell you how I started this journey of blogging..
So many people have asked Me
Why blogsikka
To this my answer is
A) it’s just came to my mind when I was searching for my blog name and I wanted some things which is related to blog word (kind of immature thoughts) and also how can I share my views which has two sides of topic. Which relate to coin which has two face always attached to each other but facing in opposite sides. This is how the word blogsikka arrived.

Some people have asked me how did u thought of writing.

A) Since I was already on social media from long time and have followed many blogger in life, I found that whatever you do, it doesn’t have value until it gets documented somewhere. We as a kid usually used to pen down in diary and share our slam books with friends so as mature mom who loves to travel with kid, which is my main niche in blog. I wanted to experience my travel with my kid and share with other parents of the world.
Now since it’s 1 year old already,  and I have worked with various brand I feel that I am on a right path.
Im thankful to my family, friends and fellow bloggers who always inspire me to write more and more.

Now after lot of information on my blog let’s check the contest rules.

I’m. Sure you must have seen prizes.
Rules 1) subscribe my blog using your email id, on right side. – mandatory
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6) most engaging person on each platform will win the hamper. 

PS :I will check each Entry 2) no fake account will be entertained. 3) which winner will get which hamper will be decided by me. Winner announcement will be done on 18 March 2018 at 12 pm. So go ahead and follow all steps.

Winners :

Hello friend, congratulations 🎊 to each one of you who participated  and since I know you all did lot of hard work, I didn’t want to disappoint you. That s why decided to give 14 winners instead of 3 top winner. Top 3 winner please dm your complete address and all consolation paytm winner please send your paytm number on Facebook page. Winners of Blog anniversary contest

       Peace in Mother’s arm  

Fair man, sitting under the tree, with a black hat and long jacket, playing a soft music on his violin. A passersby journo looked at him sharply and found as Mr George, the richest man of the city,  sitting quietly with out any security…

Man sitting under the tree

He calmly asked “sir, if I’m not wrong, are you the owner of X brand”.
He replied softly by nodding his head.

Journo asked him again, may I know why are you sitting here?

Mr George replied ” Holding a seat near this tree so that when I die I get a shade of this tree, which is grown on my mom’s cemetery. She was the one who took me in her arms for the first time and I want her to hold me again for the last time when I die”.

Journo had no words to speak after that. He walks away with deep thoughts.

Word count 150

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri

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