This Rakshabandhan, We Celebrated Bonds Beyond Brothers!

We have reached that time of the year where festivities have begun sparkling in the entirety of its glory. And one of the most wonderful festivals – Raksha Bandhan – is not far off. Even though the times have been difficult, few people have made our lives comparatively easier and brought comfort in some or the other way.

So, when I came across Nickelodeon’s Rakshabandhan campaign where Dora, Rudra & other toons encouraged children to honour the frontline workers at Wockhardt Hospital, it got me thinking how we can celebrate our bonds beyond our brothers, our families.

That being said, here are 5 bonds that can be cherished and celebrated this Rakshabandhan!

Healthcare staff for their selfless service

Ever since the pandemic struck, the medical staff have been the backbone of the country. Not only have they sacrificed their time, energy, and efforts in these testing times but also kept us, and our loved ones protected from the novel virus. This year how about we celebrate Surakshabandhan by expressing profound gratitude towards them, cheering, and making them feel extraordinary? 

Our teachers for giving it their all

As much as difficult it was for kids to attend school remotely, it was equally hard for teachers to adjust to the new normal and guarantee that learning and imparting knowledge doesn’t stop. They have in a real sense made a special effort.

Vendors, security guards and sweepers for working during the pandemic

While we all were inside our homes, vendors gave it their all to ensure that the daily essentials were met. The security guarded our gates and helped us in numerous ways. Sweepers were combating the disease by maintaining the cleanliness. How about cheering them by giving few treats, essentials, etc. and celebrate Surakshabandhan with them?

This Rakshabandhan, let’s all pledge to break the stereotype and celebrate the festival in the most unconventional way. Your sweet gesture can brighten up someone’s festival! 

However, this rundown will be endless, we should commend this Rakshabandhan in the most offbeat manner. Happy Rakshabandhan! 

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    Very well nice post. I really love to read this.

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