Personal finance for housewives – Save, Invest and Manage your Money better!

Learning about finance and taking control of our own personal finance has now become like a basic necessity. No matter how much we try to ignore, the subject of money is a crucial one and we all, especially women, must make ourselves financially literate and avoid being heavily depended on our spouses for the same. So, here in this article, I wish to discuss all the aspects of personal finance for housewives and homemakers. You may or may not realize that your contribution in running a household is huge! If you take control of your spending and saving habits, you can witness a massive transformation. Yes, learning a little bit about SIPs and Schemes for women that various intuitions provide can help you big-time to grow your money.

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Before diving into any of the other money making or investing ideas, the first and foremost tip in managing your personal finance as a homemaker is saving. Yes, hold your cravings and reduce unnecessary expenses which lead to crash crunch every now and then. Prepare a list of your needs and expenditures so as to get a vague idea of how much do you need in a month and save the rest. This list will help you control any extra splurges and impulsive expenditure. You can also set a goal of saving a set amount of money and try to reach that goal every month. Open a savings bank account if you already do not have one and monitor your savings while you earn the interest.

Home makers are best accountants

Easy SIPs:

These days, SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans are considered one of the best investing options. It is a mode of investment with mutual funds but is a lot better when it comes to market risks. SIPs are generally low or nil risk investments where you can invest a said month every month/ quarterly for a long tenure say 10 or 15 years and save a good corpus. It can be as small as saving INR 500-1000 per month which is easily achievable for homemakers. SIPs’ gives a lot of returns and are much better than Fixed Deposits or having a regular savings account. When talking about personal finance for housewives, SIP just tops the list.

Mutual Funds:

Another interesting investment idea is to get into the Mutual Fund. You can take help from a broker or a friend who is into stocks and bonds to start investing in good returns. To explain mutual funds, it is just letting an expert handle your money and invest in stocks rather than you taking all the trouble. Mutual Funds of big and profitable companies and top Banks among others ensure good returns. You have the option to choose from multiple schemes which are best suited for your needs.

Gold Schemes:

This is one of the most popular investment options when it comes to personal finance for housewives. All the top gold jewelers and brands offer some or the other schemes for women. One of which in trend states that the customer has to pay 11 installments of a said amount and the 12th installment is paid by the gold brand itself so as to attain the desired jewelry in return. Another thing which you can do is buy small portions of gold every now and then with the saved money you have got and later convert it into a great jewelry design.

Women-centric bank schemes:

There are multiple schemes that bank run for women. Here is a very useful article by bank bazaar that talks about all the accounts and schemes that banks offer for women.

Government schemes:

There are many schemes by the government for the welfare of women. For homemakers, for entrepreneurs, and for working women, here are some useful schemes: Cent Kalyani Scheme, Mahila Udhyam Nidhi Scheme, Annapurna Scheme, Stree Shakti, Orient Mahila Vikas Yojana Scheme, Dena Shakti Scheme, India Post Schemes. You can avail the benefits for these by applying for them.
Apart from all these ideas, you must track your expenses and income in order to have an equilibrium on the financial front. As homemakers, you basically run a complex system which is your own house. So, personal finance for housewives is a subject which everyone must learn more about and start growing and saving your money by taking control of it and investing smartly. You can also take loans for your business which you started as hobby.

If you have any other ideas, do leave it in the comments below for the benefit of other readers!


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  1. Thank you for this informative and much-needed blog post. I have a couple of Mutual Fund investments which are also an easy option for housewives. First and foremost we must start tracking our expenditures!

  2. SIPs are a great way to save and invest money. They work for both likes of fixed deposit, Mutual Funds, Post office savings etc. Your savings tips will work well for anything who wants and save and invest money for a safer future.

  3. Being a homemaker women depend on their husbands for day to day expenses and what you have stated will give them more opportunities to multiply that money. Some of us are also foraying into being mom prenuers, however, small the return or investment it needs to be managed well.

  4. I too strongly believe in financial empowerment of a woman. Sad but true that not many know about various financial schemes . Your blog has given good information for the starters.

  5. Anita Singh Reply

    Being a housewife n mother of young daughter, mujhy bhi bahut paiso ki jarurat hoti hai, no doubt husband pocket money n ghar chalane k liye acche paise dety hain to main usme se hi bacha kar ek bag me rakhti hu, kyunki bank jaana ta funds me invest karna mere liye possible nahi hai

  6. As a homemaker it’s very important to save money for us. Thanks for this article ,now I will try to save more and your article would be helpful for me.

  7. Indeed, not just a home maker, me being a professional, also feel that we need to know the right instruments to save our hard earned money. While there are many schemes in the market, the right scheme associated with right benefit should be known to us.

  8. A homemaker knows the inside and out of a household and hence she can make the financial decisions and saving plans better. I have seen my mom doing it and now seeing my MIL doing it, and I am also learning in the process.

  9. Loved reading the blog, each and every point mentioned was just fab, thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of content, the blog had few of the best options mentioned that I had no clue about!

  10. These are some great suggestion that dont need one to be a rocket scientist. A homemaker like me and you can implement them to save some bucks. I would prefer investing in government schemes and SIPs but after careful studying all its aspects

  11. Nice article about the basics of important for everyone to start saving from day 1. SIP are a great way to get started.

  12. SIP are a great way to save whatever possible for anyone, specially homemakers who are dependent solely on the husband’s income.

  13. Definitely a penny saved is a penny earned. Great ideas for saving money , all can benefit from these tips.

  14. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    Lots of valuable information on managing our finances.Money saved is money earned indeed.Will take your tips and plan accordingly.

  15. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Being a home maker we have so much responsibility and these tips on how to save money is really going to help a lot

  16. This is a really informative post and I found one or two scheme’s that I didn’t have an idea about. Saving is definitely important for every person.

  17. Though Im working still money we all want to save. I am also planning to invest in mutual fund but I had no idea about those women-centric schemes. Have to explore it more.

  18. It’s really important to manage and control your finances. This post given right idea and knowledge on how to start.

  19. Kavita Singh Reply

    This is really helpful for every woman who is planning to save money. Finance management is a skill we all should learn.

  20. This is such a helpful foods for all womens who really want to save money and manage it properly your tips would help many of us

  21. Financial independence and management is important for everyone – homemaker, working girls or even kids. These are good options you have mentioned.

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