Life teaches you lessons more than that of you textbooks. And I believe in a little step further, that is Traveling teaches you more about life than anything else in this world. I have loved traveling, especially when it comes to road trips, these are my favourite kinds of travel. 

A journey that lets you be you, in your comfort zone, your effort of being in your space, your timings – basically you being your own guide! And when it comes to road trips – a car is your best friend. Post marriage, my husband and I have loved exploring places, during our weekends with a road trip. Despite having our own vehicle at times, we preferred hiring one on rent in order to experience different kinds of cars and their comforts. And post our kids this exersise has been fun too. Every now and then, I do come across certain applications, some car services and related ventures. Similar one was that of

You might be aware of certain second car, new cars re-seller apps. These platforms offer you their own algorithm, and calculation methods – if you want to search for a car that fits in your budget. Now, since I already own a car, I was curious to check this site, as I love to grasp knowledge from here and there, and everywhere. So, the curiousity led me to their cars payment calculator. When I clicked on the website to check the user interface and the ease, I was shook. The ease to find a car is impeccable. A layman like me, who would definitely run to my husband for such calculations, I was able to find results which just blew my mind. 

Let us begin from the beginning. If you are someone who loves traveling like me, or loves to go on a road trip with your self-owned cars, this is one website that will fetch the major answers. When deciding to buy a car the first thing you look into is the price. Does your budget fits in the car or type of car you want to buy. Rather what could be the possibile EMI or monthly budget you would want to set, to buy a certain car.  Correct? 

This calculator from will help you get that exact number of amount that you have to invest in.  During the pandemic we have seen all, like quite literally. The effect of COVID-19 on employment, the difficulty in transportation and commutations, the increasing fuel prices and a lot of other things has been a routine setback. So, post this situation and all though accumulated, you need to be specific or have a broader area of the amount you need for buying a car. 

There are times when you prefer using a small car, rather than opting for huge one, especially for the budget constraints. Let’s take it this way, if you want to buy a 15,00,000 car, so that’s your budget. But then you come to know that you could afford a used car but one that was way out of your budget in the same amount. What would you prefer? If everything is fine with the used one, there are chances you could look into the used one.  Now, the calculator works in the same way. It offers you calculation for any scenario – new or used car, trade in, no trade in, etc. 

One of the highlighting features of the website is such that it allows you to link to a specific calculation, now this is possible when the results are already filled in. There is a link that appears as your calculated results, all you need to do is press the calculation button. Anything that is quick and hassle free is a thumbs up. Therefore, this is one thing I noted is that the results appear instantly. Additionally, the effort to calculate car price that fits a monthly payment or loan payment amounts, printable amortization schedules, etc.

I have used random calculators available on the internet, but never been happy with the uniqueness and quick results. There’s often a loop hole, somewhere or the other. 

Additional features of the websites includes:

  1. figuring your MPG 
  2. calculating your fuel budget 
  3. exploring the cost of underwater trade ins.
  4. saving money with bi-weekly payments 

What intrigued me was the calculation of your fuel budget. Like what? You could get an approximate value of the out of fuel would you spend! That’s amazing. I would always do mental maths when we plan a road trip! And now I do not need to get my head into this and simply put in the details and voila! I have the fuel budget right in front of me. 

There are other calculators available on the internet, where one might be able to do similar things, however, I have never been impressed with the ease and the interface. 

I swear, next time my husband plans a random road trip to surprise me, I will surprise him with my fast calculations using the calculator! I am sure he will be surprised by the results and my quick wit! 

Do we all not desire to own our dream house where we can cosy up and spend quality time.
At times we feel stuck as we are not sure where to invest, how to invest, are we not getting
bluffed, is the deal worth it, or most importantly how much should i save so as to buy a
house without affecting the lifestyle. All these questions used to haunt me. I was perplexed
and going for professional help was possib;le only when I had a clear picture in mind. With
each passing day i wanted to buy my own house but then with my limited awareness and
unlimited doubts the simple task which truly is herculean task further got more difficult. At
one point despite being financially stable and earning well I had given up my dreams and
hopes to buy a new home.

Then came the pandemic season where I realised that it is important to have your own
property so that there is no fear that tomorrow even if I am jobless and unable to pay I can
still have a roof on my head. I was panicked but then when there is a will there’s a way. I
finally decided to do my bit of research. The present rented apartment does not let me have
pets plus it is small. Therefore I was sure of one thing: that I will move to a house which is
spacious and I can have all my friends over there to have fun. Plus it will have space to
accommodate my pet. Taking one decision at a time I somewhat had a clear picture in my
mind. Now I further proceeded to move ahead and started to plan my expenses and start my
savings. Now savings and expenses is a very vague term. How to save and how much to
spend is a decision that needs ample research.

Here I came across mortgage calculators and then from there there was no looking back. It
is often said that if you have your problems written it gets easier to solve them. With the help
of a calculator I was able to get the figures which were earlier hidden and were giving me

I can proudly claim that with Mortgage calculator UK on board my dream to own a house
seemed much clearer without a pinch of fog. Ever since the calculator is my buddy and must
say my mentor and confidant. I put myself in different scenarios and understand the
workings and arrive at the figures. It saves my time and confusion which otherwise arise to
core. I put in the calculating variable including interest rates, amortisation and down payment
voila i am able to get the best value for me. The mortgage calculator tells me how much I
need to save and it’s the biggest question of the era that the calculator answered for me. I
am at peace as I have my figures and I know what exactly is to be done to get my dream
home where I can paint the walls and play with the fur babies.

3 Best Kitchen Hacks

As a mom with 2 kids, I am juggling between managing my tasks and taking care of my kids and family. And, when you have too many things on your to-do list, then ceaning takes a back seat. Well, to be honest, I am a cleanliness freak. Recently, I was searching for the best way to clean gas stove on Google. The gas stove is one of the essential parts of everyone’s kitchen. You cook your everyday meals on the gas burner. If you want to maintain the hygiene of your food preparation and longevity of your gas stove then you really need to focus on the cleaning as a part of its maintenance.

Coming back to my search results on the best way to clean a gas stove, I surprisingly found a few interesting hacks and some of them were quite similar to what my mom used to do in the kitchen. But some were a big failure or required a lot of effort. Let me share some kitchen hacks that I have adopted from my mom that sure work like magic! I have been trying them out for years so am sure you would find them useful too. These hacks will definitely make your regular tasks in the kitchen easier.  

My Top 3 Favorite Kitchen Hacks Directly Sourced From Mom’s Secret Book

Hack #1 – Boiled water for the rescue for Kitchen Cleaning

If you don’t like using them or there are no chemicals available in your house, then you can boil water in a pan and pour it drop by drop on the stain, and let it sit for a minute. Then scrub a little and if you are struggling then you can use a couple of drops of liquid soap and voila! The stain will disappear naturally. Well, this hack is my mom’s favourite but sometimes it can be a bit time-consuming. 

Hack #2 – Peeling potatoes without using a peeler

I have been trying this hack since I was very young. You can ditch peeling a potato with a peeler by just boiling the potatoes for a few minutes and then giving them a nice ice bath and the potato skin will peel off easily if you separate it from the center. 

Hack #3 – Make your citrusy fruit juice with ease

Are you struggling with squeezing a lemon even with the tongs and still not able to get out the entire juice? Then here is a hack that you’ll thank me later for. Refrigerate your lemon and then microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds. Then roll and press the lemon on your kitchen countertop and cut it equally to extract the juice. This process makes the lemon tender and that helps to take all the juice in one go. Also, I prefer to wrap the lemon with a muslin cloth or cheesecloth and then squeeze it for a seed-free experience. 

Best way to clean gas stove

Just like me, every mom in the home wants to make their kitchen as clean as possible. Sometimes the hacks for the best way to clean a gas stove might work for someone. But, if you are up for saving your time and effort, then I just found out a great quick fix to keep your kitchen clean and maintain its shine.

Recently, I stumbled upon a product that is specially made for kitchen cleaning and claims to remove 100% of the toughest stains. Then, after reading some positive reviews, I ordered Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner from Amazon in just 2 clicks. 

As soon as I got the order, I was excited to try the Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner on my gas stove. I heard that it was the best way to clean a gas stove, so why not give it a try! And on that particular day, we had cooked rice and pindi chole and definitely, there were tough oil stains in my kitchen. It was literally the day made for Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner to work its magic. With just a little of the product and less effort from me, it gave me a super clean gas stove with no streaks and an unbeatable shine. Can you guys believe it?

Well, whoever is searching or trying out hacks for the best way to clean a gas stove, should stop right now and try out Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner launched by Cif. 

How to Use Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner?

The process of using Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner does not involve any rocket science. Just spray the product on the stain and leave it for 30 seconds and gently scrub it. The stain will come out within a couple of seconds.

The powerful molecules present in the product lift the stubborn and oily stains from the surface. It also removes the grease and results in a shining and sparkling kitchen in a matter of a minute. 

No kidding, Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner is definitely synonymous with the best way to clean a gas stove. The whole cleaning will become so much easier and effortless. Now, I don’t spend hours scrubbing my kitchen shelves and stoves to get a squeaky-clean look.

Reasons to try Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner

Well, I have already declared Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner as the best way to clean a gas stove. If this reason is not enough for you, then I am sharing 6 more reasons why Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner won’t be replaced by another kitchen cleaner for a long time.

  1. The spray bottle by Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner makes it handy and mess-free as compared to liquid dispensers. The overall bottle and spray nozzle looks tough.
  2. The quantity of the product is 700 ML which definitely lasts for a very long time as you need a couple of sprays to clean even the toughest stains and grease. 
  3. No streak marks are left at all which gives a very satisfactory and clean finish. 
  4. The aroma of the product is citrusy as it is infused with orange and tangerine oil and doesn’t leave a chemical-like after smell which is indeed the best point to consider as you will be using it in your kitchen.
  5. It is safe to use around food items, which is again a plus point.
  6. It is not only the best way to clean a gas stove but the powerful molecules in the product can clean your greasy chimney which is generally covered with oil vapors due to cooking. 

If you are tempted to give it a try then you can get your hands on Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner from Amazon or you can also get it from your nearest store.

I hope you find all the kitchen hacks and the best way to clean a gas stove beneficial for you. Try out all the hacks and do let me know which worked the best for you. I have tried and tested out of a lot of other kitchen hacks, so would you be interested in watching a video on it?  If you have other hacks that worked for you, do let me know in the comment section.

Also, I have made a fun reel with my daughter using Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner. Follow me on Instagram @sneha_261013 to know more!

As you all know, my baby was born during the pandemic. We didn’t have appropriate clothing for him, so my mom stitched his clothes from old t-shirts and other soft materials to tide us over. But there was only so many clothes she could stitch. This is where online shopping came to our rescue.

The way we look at e-commerce now is more from a necessity lens and not just as a platform for shopping.
The pandemic has brought so many changes in our lives. Most importantly it has made us understand the benefits of e-commerce websites when we need to shop. Today, while planning an outing, we need to consider so many factors. But the online world is all around us and everything is available at the click of a button.

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With the current situation, online stores are a boon, not just for you and I as consumers but even for small businesses who have found their margins diminishing.

Let us dive into the benefits of online store delivery facilities:

  1. Convenient – What I love about online shopping is how it has become a one-stop destination. I can buy my groceries, order my baby’s diapers and some fun activities for my daughter, all from one platform. Customers and potential buyers can be provided with a lot of information that make their shopping experience quicker and easier. The improved customer service means I know any grievances I may have will be quickly resolved.
  2. Saves times – As a mother of two children and running my own business as a content creator, I don’t always have the time or energy to go out for shopping. Thanks to e-commerce platforms, all I need are 15 minutes, the app and my card. I don’t even have to worry about carrying the bags home, or waiting in payment queues with two cranky children. I make my purchases and they are delivered to me within a week, sometimes the same day!
  3. Cost efficient – I didn’t think I would say this but sale time on e-commerce platforms is my favourite. I wouldn’t go to a store during sale time, not even before the pandemic hit and now, I only have to wait for the notification to pop up for deals, discounts or festival sales like Big Billion Days on Flipkart to buy all that my home needs. Most of my equipment that I need for creating content has been bought during one or the other sale!
  4. Information is private – The information shared during the purchase is private and never shared with a third party. Facility of cashless and contactless delivery is an added boon. One can make online payment through credit/debit cards or other online modes. Secure payment processing facilitates the transfer of online payments, client data, and other sensitive information and protects against fraud.
  5. Wide array of options – In a physical store there is often limited stock but in online stores the options are many. Thus, for online clothes shopping for instance, you have the possibility of getting the design, colour, or fabric that you need. Not just that you also get to choose from smaller designers who create unique and sustainable fashion.
  6. Anytime and anywhere – With e-commerce sites you can shop anywhere at any point of time. The physical stores close down but the website is operational 24 hours for 7 days a week. There is 24*7 customer support available regarding any queries which is amazing!
  7. Supporting MSMEs – Small businesses or the MSMEs are promoted on the online forum in many ways. It is through e-commerce sites like Flipkart that I came across quite a few budding businesses I could buy from. These businesses cannot invest on models or stores in prime locations to attract the customers. Here e-commerce platforms are a blessing for MSMEs.

    With the way e-commerce sites like Flipkart are providing a platform and customers for new businesses, it won’t be long before MSMEs can rise to fame in the country. Personally, I was amazed looking at all the success stories on Flipkart and how several entrepreneurs have found their dreams coming true.

    E-commerce platforms are rightly synonymous with economic stability, growth and security. They can be a channel that showcases MSMEs and brings brand new employment opportunities especially in volatile times. It plays a key role in improving efficiencies and raising revenue, not to mention giving us online shoppers a variety of options to pick from.

10 Women Entrepreneurs of India 2022

Welcome, 2022!

The year 2021 was no less than a lesson. This year took “We are all in this together” quite seriously. We have learned so many things this year. From what family means to each one to learning and following our passion. “How to start your own business” was googled more than “How to find a job” according to research. We all have seen how people promoted “Vocal for Local” promoting small business stores, offering them a platform itself. And one of the most inspiring things was that women entrepreneurs found a new zenith in 2021.

We all saw how tremendously the Nykaa IPO did in the past year. It did so well, that the founder and owner of Nykaa – Falguni Nayyar became one of the richest women entrepreneurs of India. This made me think there are so many wonderful women entrepreneurs I know of who have been working so hard and with such passion – that I should write something about them.

So, here is a list of 10 Women Entrepreneurs of India to look forward to in the year 2022.

Disclaimer: This is not a survey article; all the rankings and descriptions are the writer’s thoughts and to promote the women entrepreneurs in India.

Falguni-NayarThe business queen did not just wear the crown overnight. She worked 20 years as an investment banker with Kotak Mahindra. It was after those 20 years she left her job to pursue her dream. One of the parts of the dream, as we are all aware of, came into the picture post the Nykaa IPO releases. Nykaa sells online cosmetics, skincare, and wellness products. Now it also has different branches namely, Nykaa Luxe, Nykaa Fashion, and others. The company offers more than 850 brands – both homegrown and international ones and has introduced 35 physical stores. She got the title of “Most Powerful Business” in the year 2017.

The Shark Tank India lady power! Yes, a lot of people had been wondering about the panel for Shark Tank India. But once you know who Ghazal Alagh is, there won’t be a little surprise left. So, Ghazal Alagh is the founder and CEO of the brand called Mama Earth. Yes! The brand has been doing all the talking in the market. There are influencers, celebrities, and people going crazy about the products by Mama Earth. This made-in-India company is led by Gazal and her husband Varun Alagh. Gazal has been vocal about how she came up with the idea for her brand. There were skincare brands in India that have already made a strong space in the market, what was the need for another? How did she think this would make any difference? Well, Gazal has said in her interviews that there were products and brands available for kids and adults but she faced issues with their ingredients when the duo was parenting their child. She said that there were certain toxins banned outside India but were used here. This was what needed to be changed. Mama Earth is a brand no one needs an introduction for. It has already been introduced and Gazal the woman and Mom’s power behind the brand is all in for success and adding a lot of achievements to her list.

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Malini Agarwal, you all know her right? Oh, sorry, my bad – MissMalini as she is better known as is one of the most recognized faces on the internet. When it comes to Bollywood – you know MissMalini has got you. So how did her journey begin? And why do we need to look forward to her journey specifically? Well, she founded a lifestyle blog around a decade ago, yes, the time when Digital Media had just been born. She took her passion for writing and Bollywood and mingled it to form MissMalini. Today, MissMalini Entertainment has a reach of over 40 million across every platform and has a huge list of some really powerful investors. She has outgrown herself in the past years from writing a blog to now being a writer of her own book. And the best part is? We think that this is her journey alone – well, she is paving her own path in this patriarchal world along with being a mom. That is definitely telling something about her, right?

The Moms Co. is a wellness brand that has made its space in the market and is ready to grip it strongly more than ever. The founder, Malika is the daughter of an army officer, she is an MBA graduate, a wife, and a mother – ah well, she is the perfect fit for Mom Entrepreneur! Malika has a story a lot of women in India would relate to. She had a simple life, yet she made her own way in her journey to be one of the top entrepreneurs in India.

She has said in her interviews how her husband and she would carry a red suitcase which would be filled with products for her daughter. As she was so used to the baby care products available in London. But at some point, this became a tedious job to ask friends to get diapers, baby lotions, moisturizers from abroad. And had to make a hard switch to Indian Brands. She then knew they would have to make something in India and hence, Moms Co. was born and there is no looking back since then.

Being a wife and traveling is a thing very happily accepted in Indian Culture. Though the culture is changing and now girls are traveling solo not just in India but abroad. Well, do you recall any familiar names who made this culture shift happen? Well, it is a no-brainer – Kamiya Jani! The founder of Curly Tales. Kamiya always wanted to be a news anchor. She started off with her journalism degree and her career being an editor, video producer, and finally being the anchor for ET Now. Kamiya had achieved her dream. But there was something she discovered that changed her life. She always loved going on weekend trips where she would discover new places, visit new cultures and that made her find her wanderlust feeling brimming with all strength. She left her job and founded Curly Tales, an online platform where you find the best places to visit, food to eat, and calm your thirst for traveling!

How does an idea click you cannot guess whatsoever? It could be while you are conversing with an old friend or while you go through your own experiences. Naiyya, founder of BabyChakra found her click when she saw her friends who were new parents struggling with certain problems. She did her research, went through hundreds of QnA threads on Facebook groups, and came with a resort. BabyChakra is a platform where parents can access local services related to parenting, maternity, and childcare. All your problems can get solved – all thanks to BabyChakra – rather all thanks to the mom Entrepreneur – Naiyya Saggi.

Working as a lawyer, fighting cases, and going through laws – Shouger Doshi, the founder of Rainmaker Consultants, knew she always wanted to be the Boss Lady! No one to command her what needs to be done, being seamless, as they say with her decision making. Well, how can someone be so sure about their career – well, Shouger gets it from her Dad. She considers him as an inspiration. She was a little quirky in her thoughts, why do we say so? Normally people want to pave their path just like their parents, especially girls, before marriage. But Shouger wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father accurately. She says, “I knew that eventually that is what I would do once I became a mother but the path was not as easy – being an entrepreneur looks glamorous, behind it there were ounces of blood, sweat, and tears. After entertaining many “what if I fail” thoughts, I decided to go for it, start small and take it one step at a time!”

It took Shouger 8 years to set up three companies and publish a book and make herself a name in the industry. She vividly speaks about her “self-doubt” being the biggest challenge in her journey. In an interview with us, when asked what it is being a mom and an entrepreneur? She said, “Being a mother is the most amazing, life-changing experience and all the moments with my son from the best part of my life. Being a parent is not my only identity – I am also a daughter, a wife, a sister, a business owner, a pet mom, an author and I like to don the many hats that life has bestowed me with” She adds “ So, I balance it by having great teams in place both at home and at work and by scheduling on Sundays for the entire week

Founder and CEO of Brand Communications, Tripti Gandhi, learns her own way – the skill, rather than the art of being an entrepreneur. She has 12 years of experience in the field of PR and marketing. Influencer marketing has become a thing today, with so many creators on the rise, Tripti has paved a path in the market where she is among the pioneers in the industry. She has not only managed her house, kids, like all of our amazing mom entrepreneurs in the list mentioned above but has made her a strong space in the market. Starting with a small team of 10 to 15 clients in her clientele, today, her company boasts a clientele of 300+ all spread across different sectors both domestically and internationally.

Another amazing addition in our list of Mom Entrepreneurs is Tejal. From her website to her Instagram page, you get the glimpse of her life. She has so much aesthetics and makes engagements an effortless gig. Her business The Mommy Network offers you services from getting you connected with different brands to offering you marketing and other services.


Baby Wearing and Parenting with compassion – reads her Instagram Bio. There is a thing about mom entrepreneurs she not just focuses on her business but keeps her family – along with her kids so compassionately. She is a proud mom entrepreneur. Sharing her experiences with her audiences, making them connects, answering their FAQs is all her page is about.

Oh, dear Lord! What an amazing list of mom entrepreneurs to look forward to. This is the India we all have been anticipating – the world where women entrepreneurs boast their success not just like any other business but tackling their houses and keeping in check with their children. We wish to add more names to our list each and every year!



What is IPO?

We all have been hearing so much about the IPO’s off-lately. People are talking and raving about it left, right, and center. But what is an IPO? What is the hype about it?

An IPO is an initial public offering that is open to people when a start-up or any organization decides to go public. In short common man can buy their shares from the stock market. Now, when I was looking up to know more about the entity, I was a little surprised to see the number of e-commerce platforms coming up and showing tremendous results. We all are well-aware of the Nykaa and Zomato IPO hurrah, right?

Flipkart is one of the most promising e-commerce markets in India. It has driven a lot of traffic and made numerous customers. It is definitely a pioneer in the e-commerce business in India. E-commerce is not just receiving a lot of traffic but eventually has proven to be the barrier to employment. From the delivery persons to the marketing, and customer care personnel. The employment rate has increased tremendously and played a handsome role in promoting the same. Flipkart is one of those platforms.

Zomato, a food-based e-commerce platform came into the limelight when it was subscriber 38 times. While the other amazing start-up that shined itself in the dark was Nykaa, which was subscribed whopping 80 times! Woah. Now, what do we see common in these two specific IPOs? Yes, they both are e-commerce platforms. We all are aware somewhere that digital is playing a tremendous role in today’s time and IPO is one of the sectors where it has shown amazing results.

So, if you are planning to buy an IPO, here are something that you must keep in mind.

  • Check the past performance, before investing:

This is one of the most common rules before you are investing in any asset. Doing a thorough background check of the company you are about to invest in. Take Nykaa as an example, where you can observe that the company was enjoying success. It is important to know about the basic numbers in the financial market, of how the coming was performing.

  • Assess and evaluate the company:

Now, post you have known about the company’s individual financial know-how. It is time to compare it to its peers. This way you get a fine idea of where does the company stands.

  • Read the prospectus carefully:

When I was initially applying for the IPOs, I too was not aware of what is with the prospectus? But in order to understand the company’s financial status, the prospectus would be a Bible to you. You come to know about the company details, the past performance and overview summary.

  • Don’t fall for the Hype: This is the most important step! Beware of investing anything that is being hyped. Paytm, the e-commerce platform for digital payments was one hype that targeted a lot of people. And today, the share prices of Paytm have reached almost half their price!

So, this is what are the things to be kept in mind while you invest in an IPO. Today a lot of e-commerce platforms are becoming public. So, you need to be very wise in what to put your money in and where not.

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All my readers, who have been a part of my extended family, know my journey so well. Sometimes, while I am writing my blogs, I feel no less than having a conversation with my people. And you are aware of how I have been working on my blog – as an influencer, a mom, travel, and lifestyle blogger – I also take care of my family. Rather, run my family.

My routine life is no less than a surprise sometimes. Each day is so different than the other- especially when it comes to food. Breakfast and dinner are rather easy to manage. But when it comes to the evening snack time, which happens to be Angel’s and Aarti’s favorite time of the day, each day is a surprise! Well, not just for my children, I am sure a lot of moms would relate with me on this. Snack time is no less than fun-filled banter with the kids. Everyday questions such as “What’s in for snacktime today? Mumma, what’s new? Something tasty? Something fun?” bring along numerous yes-no conversations. Am I right? Or Am I right!

Kids will always want something that is yummy, exciting, and fun, which translates to junk food in their minds. As a mother, like most of you, I am not comfortable giving them junk food every day. But I certainly do not want this banter daily around snack time – it is anyway hectic to decide what snacks to make. But, but – I am not here to share with you my sad story rather give you a solution to this banter that I found. 

Healthy noodles?

You read that right! Saffola Oodles, as quirky as the name, is instant noodles, but with a twist. It is a #NoMaida noodles. It is made with whole grain oats. Just like any mother, I was skeptical to try this as there are numerous products in the market available which claim to be “no maida” but we all know the reality behind them, right? So, I checked the ingredients- and as it turns out it has 0% Maida, these are Oats Noodle. And it has a very yummy masala taste, which is loved by my kids! You can vouch for my words that your kids would absolutely enjoy their snacktime now! It comes in a unique ring-like shape, which not just grabs the kids’ attention, but the shape also makes it easy to eat with a spoon or a fork and is easy to chew.

And the best part? It just takes 5 minutes to prepare! Isn’t that great? Also, you can customize your Saffola Oodles, there are some amazing recipes you can try out with it. My favorite way is to add finely chopped veggies in the noodles so that the kids also take their veggies intake. I love it when I make my own recipe of healthy noodles in a soupy consistency, the masala, the taste, and the slurp! To be honest, it is so yum, I would have never been able to guess that it is a healthy snack, but I think I am pleasantly surprised ���


We have all grown up hearing success stories of amazing people. How one finds its own path goes through a gazillion of barriers, sometimes, and yet succeeding. Success stories are often motivating to hear and read. Sometimes they inspire you to follow their footsteps while others carve their own path. I discovered I was among the second type. I have been very vocal about my journey – beginning as a passion, a hobby – I have carved out my own journey. Taking each step as a learning ladder. Falling, pausing, and yet again marching ahead.

Now that I look back, young Snehalata would be so proud of what I am today. Taking my blogging journey as a hobby nurturing it ahead by making it a career, when none considered it one! I never wanted to make fame out of it, it was always a happy place, my blog. So, while I went a step ahead, I learnt it is my happiness with writing, sharing and creating ideas, I never pressurized myself, as it was always me being happy. And I never had to.

Well, my taste and interests in blog themes and the slow transition will definitely tell you about my blogging journey. Beginning with the love for food – starting sharing my food blogs, slowly the interests in fashion and beauty products representing my views on xyz products. Traveling, one that has another place in my life, I shared my travel stories. Amd today being a parent – sharing my experience that I went through so that others can learn from my tricks, tips, and learnings.

And today I very proudly share my journey in each sphere on my blog. While seeking myself, within me – I found my Blog and somehow it became my happiness. The way I would like to call it my happy place. I am sure you too must be having your happy place, or something that fills happiness in you and that represents you in the best way! Seek for yourself, you will always find happiness.

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Before you plan to buy a home it is better to get a professional home inspection done. In most cases, you can make the purchase only if you are satisfied with the inspection like the Whistler Homes for Sale. Thus if you do not approve of inspection results one can cancel the contract, get the deposit, and get the contract null and void. Also, if you desire you can negotiate with the seller and reduce the price or make the repairs to resolve the existing problems. Thus a home inspector is required so that you do not face any issues. Therefore if you are looking for Calgary homes for sale then first connect with a home inspector.

Also, after inspection, if you observe that there are no problems in the house still getting a house inspection done will be of immense help. It helps you to ascertain the real value of the house. The home inspector gives a report which can help in either getting loan or further lending the house. A good house inspection gives you valuable insights in the property for future maintenance and repairs. The inspector will help you to make an informed decision regarding the actual cost of the house versus what are paying and if there is any difference then it can be sorted.

Thus it is clear that one should always be the best home inspector as the home is a fixed asset and will stay there for long. It is a fixed asset thus one should be careful before making the investment. Therefore to choose the best home inspector considers the following points:

  • Choose the inspector who wants you around the complete process of inspection- It is advisable to have the clients during the inspection process. It is desired to have a completely transparent process so that there are no hidden factors or loopholes that are discovered later on. Thus if you want to get a home inspection done ask the home inspector if ha the provision for you to be there or not. Explain to him why it is important so that he can explain to you the complete merits and demerits along with the pricing aspect. Thus as a buyer, you are in a much better position to ascertain things and be satisfied with the valuation process. If the home inspector does not allow you then it could signify any discrepancy in the process thus avoid going with such a home inspector. Therefore make it mandatory that the home inspector takes you for inspection rather than just showing you the report towards the end.
  • Check their experience- it is important that you select a home inspector who has experience in the task. There should be reviews about them on their website. Client testimonials along with home reports and a sample report will signify the working of the home inspector and whether or not you should go with them or not. Check the reports if they have clarity in their reports or not. How the reports are formatted. A good report should identify the defects, explain what their implications are, and give suggestions to improve them. A good report should have photos and if these are missing then it is a red sign and you should not opt for the home inspector.
  • Verify if the inspector is a member of ASHI, NAHI, InterNACHI, or any other professional inspector groups- it is mandatory that one chooses an inspector from any professional group. If the inspector is not associated with any professional groups then it is a red sign. Association from a group assures the quality of work or provides a guarantee that the home inspector is professional and has the required training. Also, it shows that the home inspector has an idea of the trends in the market and works accordingly.

Therefore once the above points are clear and the home inspector whom you are considering then it will further help you to get the property of your choice. Thus as much important, it is to find the property finding a home inspector is also of equal importance.

Balzano Yoga Blender

Including fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet is a great habit to develop. It is a better idea to add fruits and vegetables into your diet if you are too lazy to cut them and eat them raw. You got it accurately. It is about squeezing fruits. Juicing will be easy if you have a decent juicer in your kitchen.

balzano juicer

Nothing beats a glass of fresh, delicious fruit juice before leaving to work or after returning home. To do so, you must first find an excellent juicer that meets your requirements.

A cool glass of morning juice might help you feel more energized and get your day started on the right foot! With the help of Balzano Yoga Blender, you can make mouth-wateringly delicious juices in a matter of minutes! What’s impressive about this blender is that it keeps the nutritional worth of fruits and veggies intact, allowing you to get the benefits. It also saves you time by providing you with a selection of healthy juices at the touch of a button!


The Balzano Yoga Blender has a novel Cyclonic Motion and an incredible 600W engine that guarantees excellent outcomes in a short measure of time! The blender is easy to clean and has a minimal plan that occupies little room on your kitchen counter.

The Balzano Yoga Blender Auto Seed Separation tool is a one-of-a-kind feature.

What more can the Balzano do? Why is it so expensive? Should you purchase it? Our article answers these questions.

Features of Balzano Yoga Blender

  • Super Quiet

The yoga blender is extremely quiet, with noise levels below 60 decibels, thanks to its moderate pace and precisely constructed assembly.

  • Save time, and it’s simple to digest

You can save time in the kitchen by using auto seed separation, and you won’t have to eat fruit seeds with little nutritional value.

  • The technology of stone grinding

The only blender that does not chop fibre and instead chews it between the teeth of specially designed plates, getting maximum nutrients from ingredients organically.

  • Technology for a cyclonic waterfall

The meals revolve in a cyclonic motion and are stone ground/repeatedly chewed; just like yoga and Ayurveda prescribe, we chew the food 32 times before eating it.

  • The texture can be controlled.

With the yoga blender, you can now fine-tune the smoothness of your drink. The only blender with a low speed and naturally pre-chewing of fibre in juices, smoothies, and soups, resulting in low oxidation and nutrient preservation.

Pros of bender:

  • It is known to create more squeeze than another juicer, henceforth gainful for colossal families. You can deliver a new glass of juice in less than a moment with the machine. It will save a lot of time, especially for a large family. They wouldn’t need to go without the nourishment they require.
  • A few groups accept that since juice machines prepare juice so rapidly, a large part of the essential supplements is lost all the while. In any case, the opposite is valid for Balzano Yoga Blender. Without warming or harming the supplements fundamental by the human body, the Balzano ensures valuable proteins.
  • Individuals as of now live in a swift-moving and rushed environment. They disregard the significance of eating and even eating regimens. Individuals go to juices to top off their bodies with the supplements they require.

Cons of blender:

  • It is powered by the mains and doesn’t consist of a battery.
  • Another component to consider while making juice is the sugar content, as the organic product may rapidly raise the sugar content of a generally good smoothie.
  • Another potential burden is the expense. The high cost of cold squeezed juice is referred to by numerous individuals as motivation to keep away from it.


The lone blender that utilizes an old-fashioned Ayurvedic strategy for squeezing and mixing, extricating 100% sustenance with fibre included, actually like biting and ingesting leafy foods. It guarantees that the entirety of the supplements from the veggies and organic products are conveyed to your body through the juice while likewise saving you time. Exploit the most innovative possible solution.