Day 4: Hotel Raviz to Sargaalaya to Uru Wooden Ship

After day 3, a luxury hotel stays in the Raviz hotel at Kozhikode, Kerala we Started our journey to sargaalaya International Arts and crafts museums. The first impression after reaching the place was, why God has given everything here only. But frankly speaking, when we met CEO of the museum, we were amazed to see how they are handling poor artisans and their art which is gonna die, if not trained to the newer generation. But these local are not so rich that they can go to the city and sell their products, so this museum is giving these artists and artisans to market their products to tourists who come and buy some stuff for them.

Sargaalaya International Arts and crafts museums

Let me take you to the history of this museum. There are around 107  artisans who are working and making handicrafts for museums to sell under museums. They get their salary or stipend.

Sargaalaya International Arts and crafts museums

They train widows or poor lady who is also bread runner of family. This is a real craft village, where 240 women work day and night so that they can make their own handicrafts and sell in markets during the exhibition.  The exhibition is on from 10 am to 6 pm. Indias best museum which is responsible tourism under state government of Kerala, they are trying to save dying art by teaching the new generation the traditional technic of handicrafts.

Sargaalaya International Arts and crafts museums

We met world best artisan who makes the mat with traditional machines. We also met Mr Arun who can’t speak but has been awarded as the best artisan for Clay portrait, he has made more than 2000 design in his life. We also met students who are trying to save this art from a local village. The museum is doing a great job by giving the platform to seek their products in their museum. A must visit for every traveller and handicraft lover.

craft village, sargaalaya

After finishing sadhya at sargaalaya museum, we went to a place where Uru i.e wooden ships are made.

hand crafted lord ganesha

Generally when we hear the world handy craft, what comes to over mind is the small idols, toys or sculptures made of stone, sand or wooden material. But have you ever heard that big wooden ships are also made in India? It is the biggest handy craft not only in India but also of the whole world.

wooden ship model

So here is the story of a wooden ship making in India. Wooden Ship or Uru as it called is connected with the traditional shipbuilding culture of Kerala and the art and science of making these ships came from the Arab world many years ago.

Wooden ship1,Kerala

Wooden ship2,Kerala

inside wooden ship

view of wooden ship

Centuries ago, Arab traders traced their way to much sought after Kerala spices.

And after coming to know about the availability of good timber in the Kerala region skilled low-cost skilled labours, they began to place orders for the ship. Beypore in Kozhikode district of Kerala is the major centre for making urus in Kerala.

After visiting beypore we visited Thrissur and check in the hotel Joys Palace

Joys Palace,Kerala

Nowadays these ships are made on orders from Gulf countries like  Qatar, U.A.E. As discussed with a manager it takes almost 2 years to complete the one ship. The main engine is procured from Japan. The normal size is  150 by 23 ft. It’s approx.

price is 15cr, It has the capacity of carrying 25000 litres of water and 20000 litres of diesel. These ships are made on specific request. The view of ship reminds us the old stories of Arabian nights.

This is how our day #4 Ended.

On day 5 & 6 on #GoKerala Tour, we visited the famous Bahubali Fame Athirapilly Falls, Muziris Heritage Project, Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum & many more.

Unwind yourself in the majestic forest of Wayanad by zipline

The places in Kerala not only gives a pure atmosphere but also a beautiful experience of heaven. Especially the hill stations located in Kerala are must visit. Among the three hill stations of Kerala, we first visited the hill station Wayanad on the third day of our trip. It is located in the western ghats of Kerala.

Lobby Decoration at Windflower Resort and Spa

Wayanad hill station is a place famous worldwide for its inspiring beauty, greenery landscape, and beautiful environment. It has a various and wide range of plantations of tea, coffee, and cardamom.

This hill station gives an aromatic weather which attracts a lot of tourists all over the world. After 2 day traveling and visiting different places of Kerala, we planned to have a stay at this hill station. We booked our stay at windflower resorts and spa. After the second day of Kerala tour, we had a pleasant stay at one of the luxurious room of this resort. After having breakfast at the restaurant’s expansive open-air balcony we proceeded forward and had a look at the entire resort. The mesmerizing view and the unique interiors just stole our heart. It had an outdoor pool and also a spa for warming ourselves. It also had chargeable wired internet and a peaceful yoga room. We then tried our hands to the Zipline which is the best and longest Zipline in Wayanad (Vythri) and also in Kerala and it is organized by Mudd boots.

Wayanad adventure camp also has the longest zipline across the Karlad lake. Karlad is one of the beautiful lakes in the Wayanad. It is said to be the second largest freshwater lake in Wayanad and a famous boating and picnic spot. The zip line experience in Karlad is one of the best experience you can get in the Wayanad hill station. The Zip-line goes all across the Karlad lake and then comes back to its starting point. It is the beautiful place loved by all, especially by the peace lovers. But we did over a tea and coffee plantation which was longest and also highest in Wayanad.

Heading from Wayanad, We then visited Pranavam Retreat .it is made by Mrs. Rama and Mr. Ravindra. It is an adventure-centric experimental homestay with the residential accommodation. One can stay and cook their own food and can have a home like an experience in the beautiful atmosphere of Kerala.

Pranavam Homestay, Wayanad Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Wayanad. It is an elegant place made with a mixture of mud, wood, and tile. It offers luxurious rooms with unique architecture spacious family suites surrounded by plantation tea and coffee. It is one of the oldest homestays and is a place which keeps you completely away from the daily stress and strain of life. There we enjoyed delicious and yummy traditional Kerala food called as Sadhya. It includes a variety of dishes traditionally served on abanana leaf.

Sadhya is the traditional vegetarian feast of Kerala, usually served as lunch. It consists of boiled rice, side dishes, pickles, desserts spread on a single banana leaf. And we also made Pachadi which is pineapple and curd chutney.

After having lunch we travelled to Calicut. It was a two hours journey. There we checked in hotel Raviz. It was a 4- star hotel. There we went to a famous S M street and bought the delicious Halwa and the shopping lover can shop unlimited. And the most lovely thing was a variety of halwa.

After coming back from shopping we went to swimming pool. They have an awesome swimming pool, which they opened for us on a special request. This was our 3 day of Kerala trip and so far the experience was awesome, waiting for many more new places to visit.

After having fun on day 1, we started for Day 2.

Detailed Information About Kerala And its History

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As we all know Kerala is called ‘The God’s own country’. It is an enchanting and beautiful land, surrounded by the western ghats on one side, the Arabian sea on the other. Kerala is the land of ‘kera’ called as coconut. Kerala has its own traditions and culture.  Most tourists attracted places are beaches, hill stations, backwaters, bird and wildlife sanctuary etc.
Kerala is also one of the richest states in India with forests and plantations of rubber, cashew, and coconuts. It has a rich heritage of dance and drama like Kathakali, koothu, mohiniattam, etc. People here are very industrious and have the highest rate of literacy.
The mother tongue of Kerala is Malayalam and the people here are called as Malayalees. It is believed that Parasurama is the creator of Kerala. He converted a portion of the sea into land by throwing his axe.
This place has become one of the best tourist places nowadays. People all over the country wish to visit Kerala at least once to experience its divine beauty. Even I visited Kerala to enjoy during vacations with my family. Here is a list of the places I visited.


 St. Angelo is a fort facing the Arabian Sea. It is situated  3 km from Kannur, a city in Kerala state.  It was built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, he was the first viceroy of India. The Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese in 1663. They modernized the fort. St. Angelo’ s fort is a most important and historical monument and also a very popular tourist attraction of Kerala.


Six tourism policeman are posted for the protection duty. The fort has very spacious interiors. It also has decorative plants and a watchtower in it. The cliff-like end of the fort gives the amazing view of entire Kerala. It also has gravestone of Dutch commandments wide and two children with Dutch inscriptions. It has the remains of the early oil lamp lighthouse. It has the stairway which leads to the top of the fort wall.


It is overall a very ancient and beautiful fort to watch during a visit to Kerala. The most important part of Fort St Angelo is Old prison and jails where the prisoners used to be mentally tortured. The fort top view has a beach view which is quite beautiful.


It is a beach in the southwestern part of Kerala. It is located parallel to national highway 66 between Thalassery and Kannur. This beach is 5″5 km long and it is the only drive in the beach of Kerala where people can use their 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles for a drive. We got to do cot bike ride.


There are single seater or double seater cot bike ride. On a drive to this beach, you come across examples of Malabar cuisine in the shacks. It has shallow waters and is a swimmers paradise as the black rocks protect the beach from deep currents. This beach also has several water sports like paragliding, parasailing, and microlite flights but we couldn’t get a chance to do all.


There are also power boating and a catamaran ride there. It is the most wonderful beach of Kerala and is also a must visit one and shore of this beach has lots of starfishes, shells, crabs.


The mystic quality of mountains and an awesome view of the hills has inspired many newly married couples to visit and have a long stay at this hill station in wyanad, Kerala. This Resort gives you lot of positive vibes when you enter.  This hill station has ‘The Windflower Resort and Spa’, which people prefer to stay.

Wind Flower resort

Surrounded by tea and coffee plantation and built in the centre of jungle or forest. You will find monkeys all over and they eat coffee beans a lot. Luckily we got a stay at Villa, which was upgraded for us from Rooms. Villa was so big to accommodate 2 families together. It had big king size of bathrooms equally like king-size bedrooms.  It has a luxurious and a traditional style architecture.

Wind Flower resort

The windflower RESORTS and SPA vythiri has a picturesque hill and carries a rich legacy of being a tea and coffee estate. It has beautiful suites and villas along with swimming pools and spa and treatments rooms for a luxurious stay with large Windows to have a beautiful view of nature. The accommodations have high ceiling and, warm and soft interiors, modern fixtures bathroom and free Wifi designated areas. The resort has the activity room with board games like chess, and SPA offers steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi and chilled shower and along with banquet hall.

Wind Flower resort

It provides a stunning view of the valley and serves world-class cuisine and tasty local delicacies.  It is the most wonderful beach best place to stay and enjoy during Kerala holidays. The food is so delectable and they serve all three meals for guest. People usually come to unwind and relax and get detox from the digital world for weekends. I wud highly recommend to people who want to see Kerala in an instant way if you come to Wind Flower resort and spa.

Signing for #day2 I would only say take life as uncertainty because if you accept the fear it becomes an adventure, and if you don’t accept it becomes fear. So #GoKerala and explore the unexplored-Kerala on your next vacation.

Thank you HolidayIQ & Kerala Tourism for the mesmerizing experience at Muzhappilangad Longest Driving Beach.
This journey is so exciting – check out the day 3 of my #GoKerala where I had best memories at  Longest Zipline in Wayanad

Kerala is one of the most common destinations for vacation. From the city of hassle like Mumbai and Delhi, people want to live in peace for some time and that’s why most of the people plan Vacations in Kerala. Usually, families go to travel planner and all the travel planner gives you same itinerary starting from Munnar, Allepy, Thekkady and Trivandrum.

Undoubtedly they are the best place to Visit but have u ever thought why Kerala is called as God’s, own country. The reason is Kerala is full of natural places and very much connected to oceans and lakes. The first thing which I imagine for Kerala is coconut trees and banana trees near, lakes and beaches. But frankly speaking HolidayIQ is showing us the other face of Kerala, which is yet to explore and we are as a wanderer, exploring the unexplored part of Kerala. If u guys wondering what Is HolidayIQ, then let me explain you, it’s a platform and a travel community where common traveller gives you honest Review of particular hotel or sightseeing. Usually, we see some websites have some reviews but when you go and experience it, you see the review you saw on a particular website is not true. HolidayIQ is a platform where a real traveller gives you a real-time review of that particular place. So next time when you visit any place, Do check in to HolidayIQ App and find out the real review of traveller’s  experience.

You can follow my profile on the holidayIQ app too for Kerala. Or my Facebook page for all Kerala related queries.

So today as Day1 we started our journey from Mangalore Ginger hotel to hotel Bekal Palace in Bekal which is in Kerala state. From Bekal Palace hotel, we went to Ananthapura Lake Temple or Ananthapadmabhaswamy Temple.

Lake Temple in Kerala

This is the Hindu temple built in the middle of a lake in the little village of Ananthapura in Kasaragod district of Kerala. This is the only Lake Temple in Kerala which has the original seat of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Trivandrum.

sunset at kerala

The lake in which the temple is built 2 acres. In the Right corner of the lake, you will see a small cave, which the deity Anantha Padmanabha chose to go all the way to Trivandrum. Hence both the place have the same name in spite of being on either end of the region.

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple

This Temple has a history of Lord Narayana. An interesting thing about this Temple is the crocodile guardian Babea.  the crocodile is a vegetarian crocodile, who only eats Prasad given by the priest. Babea has never harmed anyone including the fishes in the pond. It is very unpredictable to assure the timing of crocodile visiting the lake. If you are lucky enough to see the crocodile, you can also feed with your own hands. Another interesting thing about babea is that no one can kill the crocodile.

Once a soldier killed the crocodile, but very next day, the crocodile was back, this mystery is still unsolved because no one knows how it reappears after dying too. But since it’s protecting the temple and the cave, which the deity took to reach Trivandrum from Kasargod, it’s very fortunate if you get to see it.

kerala tour
The second destination was Bekal fort which is in north Malabar in Kasargod district. It is the largest Fort in Kerala in Bekal village measuring over 40 acres. The most important feature of this Fort is the water tank with its flight of steps. IV as a tunnel opening toward the south and I magazine for keeping amination with broad steps leading to the Observation  Tower. From the topmost point of the tower, one has an ample view kanhangad, pallikkara, Bekal and Uduma. This fort is very near to Bekal Fort Bekal railway station. This fort is actually built specially for fulfilling defence requirement. But now a good green lawn and a beautiful beach view. You can see PALLIKARE beach from the topmost point of Bekal fort. I highly recommend it as a family destination.

Just 10 minutes walking from Bekal Fort its  PALLIKARE  Beach, which is our third destination. We reached 5 p.m exactly before sunset to capture some beautiful moments near the seashore. The magnificent Skyview of sunset has left me to spellbound.

sunset at PALLIKARE beach

The footprints in the sea may not remain for seconds but memories of PALLIKARE beach will remain forever in my life. The cleanest beach in Kasargod district, less crowded. Just rewind yourself by diving in the sea and enjoy the water waves coming towards you. As the sunset and sky show you different shades of orange from the horizon, you swim in deep thoughts of your life and dream about your positive future. I enjoyed the beach with my beautiful daughter like a kid.  Thanks to @HolidayIQ and @KeralaTourism for a wonderful day of #GoKerala tour.

Surely I explored the #unexploredKerala today through my own eyes.

Don’t forget to check out Day 2 of #GoKerala tour where I covered Muzhappilangad Longest Driving Beach with HolidayIQ


Singapore Tour Day 3 –

Tricks and Fun At The Universal Studio.

After having lavishing breakfast at our Hotel we boarded the city bus to reach the Universal Studio. We are now used to this place that we can go around without any guidance. But our guide was smarter, he told us to go anticlockwise so that we don’t have to wait in a long queue so we started the journey of Universal Studio with first attraction by seeing sesameStreet spaghetti space chase .This ride took us to space mission with elmo and super Grover stopping Macaroni. Moving on, as we went to Sci-Fi City, we saw a huge Transformer character and clicked some pictures with the giant, since we were so attracted to the Transformer character.Selfie at Universal Studio

Extinction of the Transformer

We then went to the Transformer ride, and that was the biggest mistake we did as we got stuck in a queue of 500 people, we thought of going out of it again but behind us there were 200 more and hence we thought of moving ahead rather than going back, finally when we got a chance to experience the Transformer ride, I can’t express the feeling of enjoyment which we had in the ride. This ride is super high class and everyone must visit if you are entering Universal Studio. Without this sure Universal Studio is incomplete.

This ride is completely based on the movie ‘Extinction of the Transformer’. Initially I was worried about my daughter but to my surprise she enjoyed it more than me. This moment I realised that we need to prepare our kids to be strong and fearless from childhood itself.
Waiting in Queue

This ride is super high class and everyone must visit if you are entering Universal Studio. Without this sure Universal Studio is incomplete. This ride is completely based on the movie ‘Extinction of the Transformer’. Initially, I was worried about my daughter but to my surprise, she enjoyed it more than me. This moment I realized that we need to prepare our kids to be strong and fearless from childhood itself.

Universal Studio

Then we headed to ancient Egypt section which is known as the scariest ride of Universal Studio. After entering we realized that it’s not a cup of tea as the ride is too fast to sit on along with my daughter and the dark ride that’s why we came out to go another ride where we three can sit together. That landed us in Treasure Hunters which was really fun with the angel in this ride we have to find out the Lost treasure by moving in a small jeep. I must say in Singapore Universal Studios all rides are very safe for adults as well as kids, Including water world canopy flyer dinosaur ride Amber Rock Climb Jurassic Park adventures.

Far far away this is another great kid section ride where we can see your favorite Shrek 4D adventure and its story of love. Also, this section has a small roller coaster ride that kids enjoy a lot along with Enchanted Airways magic potion donkey live show, puss in boots, giant journey.

Next destination was Madagascar has a crate adventure. This section has live dances by Madagascar characters and it’s really fun to Watch and dance with them.

Hollywood amazing live show dancing Hollywood top songs. Also when we went to Minions section that Angel loved the most because she shopped her favorite  minions toys.

Singapore Tour Day Two

The second day of the Singapore Tour started with a fresh morning and with the excitement of visiting the Sentosa Park.
It’s a wonderful place to spend the day with your family. There are over 20 amazing attractions. Trying them all in a single day is a big task in itself.

One of the best rides there is the ‘Luge Ride’. It’s pretty much like Go-Karting just simpler. The Luge vehicle is made up of rubber that makes sure the kids are safe even after falling off. It’s an exhilarating activity for the kids as they get a total driving experience. Singapore authorities have taken extra care for keeping the rides safe. And it shows, even your kid feels safe and can thus have more fun.
Another mentionable attraction there is the ‘Wings of Time’. It’s a light show that takes your breath away. The entire experience of being present there is just noteworthy. It’s a must visit for families.

Some of the most memorable attractions in Sentosa Park

Sea Aquarium:

This is a must visit, even if you don’t have any affection towards marine life. The beautifully created massive S.E.A Aquarium is home to 100,000 animals of over 800 species. It has 49 different habitats in which the sea animals are perfectly placed according to their natural alternatives.

Madame Tussauds:

The world famous wax museum has to be seen to be believed. The beautifully crafted wax statues look truly realistic and lively.

Butterfly Insect Park:
The lifecycle of a butterfly is beautifully presented in the Butterfly Insect Park. From the early stage to the cocoon, to the transformation into a butterfly. It’s a real treat to the eyes.


Some of the other must see 24 attractions you shouldn’t miss are:

  1. Sentosa Merlin till top of head
  2. Tiger den 360-degree view of Singapore
  3. Skyline luge ride
  4. Singapore cable car for moving from one station to another station or you can take tram too.
  5. Silsola Beach 
  6. 4d adventure ride 

    Singapore Tour Attractions
    Trick Eye Museum Fun, We Totally Made it!
  7. Butterfly insect Park
  8. Signature of Singapore or images of Singapore
  9. Experience of Sky Diving
  10. 4D adventure land ( 3 rides)
  11. Butterfly inspect park
  12. Fort silos combat
  13. Images of Singapore
  14.  Madam Tussauds
  15. Mega Bounce 
  16.  Sea Aquarium 

    Singapore Tour Marine Life
    Marine Life
  17.  Sea Breeze water sports
  18. Segway fun ride
  19.  Sentosa Merlion
  20.  Luge n sky ride
  21.  Trick-eye museum
  22.  Tiger Sky Tower
  23.  Wave House
  24.  Wings of time

Food in Singapore Tour That You Should Know About.

The food is Singapore delicious. But you’re in the unlucky list if you are a vegan. The vegan parents and families have to survive on sandwiches and other such snacks. Even consuming French fries which contain potatoes are hard to eat because they are fried in the same oil as chicken.

Another common problem for Indian families and kids is a toilet for kids. There are all western style toilets in Singapore. The Indian kids might have a problem adjusting to them. Make sure you train your kids before leaving our country.
Never overfeed your kids and even yourself, the climate in Singapore is hot and the humidity levels are high. There are plenty of fruits and juices available for refreshment, it’s always better to prefer those, compared to soft carbonised drinks.

Other stuff that you shall carry on Singapore tour

  • Sunglasses
  • Caps
  • Chinese fans
  • Stroller for children
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Wet tissues
  • WATER bottle
  • Snacks

It’s always mandatory to carry a water bottle with you at all times. It’s also very preferable to bring snacks from home if you can. The children are more comfortable having home food in another country.

Day One of Exciting Singapore Tour.

19.00 Hrs. The Singapore Tour journey began, from home to the airport, we were extremely excited for our tour abroad. We reached the airport around 8.30pm. We started shopping and my little girl Angel found herself a play-area in the duty-free zone and she absolutely loved it. As we reached the hotel, it was better than we expected.

If You’re an Animal Lover You Should Not Forget to Visit These Places 

Fish Aquarium in the Singapore Tour
Huge Seal at Fish Aquarium

We started our day with an amazing River Safari in the afternoon.The river safari is one of the best experiences that we had on the first day. If you are an animal lover, especially an aquatic animal lover, then this is the place for you. There is a huge aquarium to explore the whole environment containing reptiles, turtles and lots of fishes.

Lazy Panda in the Singapore Tour
Lazy Panda chilling in the Amazon Tropics

The most exciting part of river safari was the ‘Amazon safari quest’.  There were beautiful flamingos in large flocks. Also, Tiger’s and Pandas were having a good time in the tropic environment. There was a special garden for spider monkeys. Those little creatures are so adorable to watch. It was an amazing experience in all.

This Rules and Safety You Should Not Ignore

Road Safety In The Singapore Tour
Road Safety In The Singapore Tour

In Singapore, the government and the people take their rules seriously. There’s a fine for not wearing a seat belt. You cannot just litter any area in Singapore. You are fined 500 Singapore Dollars for the first time you are caught littering the place in any form. If you are caught littering the second time, the fine is doubled,  I.e 500+500 Singapore Dollar’s, also you get a stamp on your passport (which is as bad as it sounds).
If you have a kid, it’s a must to carry a stroller with you. You can either rent it from the parks or carry your own from India if it’s convenient for you. It is a great deal for lazy kids.
Always carry a first-aid kit with you, yes, it’s a must because the roads in Singapore are so clean, that you can hurt your knee if you fall.

Things You Should Not Forget to Carry!

Angel With Panda

It’s always beneficial to carry a water bottle and food with you. You cannot just walk into a KFC or McDonald’s as they use a lot of oil while preparing their products. It may make you sick, you won’t like to get sick on a vacation right?
The climate in Singapore is hot and humid, don’t worry about feeling cold here, carry light,  unlayered and comfortable clothes for ease of travel.

Night Time In Singapore Tour

The night was an interesting time as we went for the Ian Station for the Night Jungle Safari. The wild animals are in their natural state and looked amazing in their natural habitat. I was excited to go for a walking trail, but I was too tired to walk, so I had to enjoy it through the tram. There are 220 species of animals but it’s only possible to see 33 species of them through the tram. This was an exciting ride and was one of the best parts of our day.
We then came back to the hotel exhausted, yet ready for tomorrow’s adventure

Fun & Masti With Imagica

The vacations begin, and the children are already getting restless. The best way to have a fun-filled time with your children and for yourselves is to visit Imagica.

Angel with Toys
Fun with Toys

I+A+S = Magical Options

The place is wonderful and pristinely maintained. It is the complete entertainment package for children as well as adults.

There are 3 options to choose from,





Snow World

As their names suggest, Imagica is an amusement park, filled with exciting rides.

Aquamagica is a fun water park to beat the summer heat, and Snow World is the place to go if you want to experience an actual snowfall in India.

We traveled there comfortably with Choudhary Yatra,  which was one of the smoothest rides in one of their luxury buses.

Family fun with Choudhary Yatra

Scream Machine Fun

Although, the rides that were coming up weren’t all that smooth. The rides like ‘Nitro’ and ‘Scream Machine’ are not really recommended for people with a heart condition. The ‘Scream Machine’ has been voted the 5th most scary ride in the World, and the scariest ride in India.

Scream Machine
Deadliest Scream Machine

The ‘i-for-India’ show is a spectacular 12-minute show that takes us on a helicopter ride across the entire nation, virtually. We experience the beauty of the country like never before. The ‘Mr. India’ show takes on an adventure where we virtually help Mr. India to win against the legendary villain ‘Mogambo’.

After Exciting Fun Some Relaxing Time

After a fun-day-out, the relaxing area seems like an island in the ocean. It’s well equipped with Air-condition and is very comfortable. The food at the ‘Novotel Hotel’ is delicious. The ambiance too is worth a special mention, it’s a blend of luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

Angel's Fun Time
Imagica Best For Summer Vacation

It’s an exhilarating experience for you as well your children to spend an exciting summer day at Imagica


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