11 Incredible Things to do in Jamaica with the Family 

Things to do in Jamaica
Things to do in Jamaica


Some parents think that Jamaica is not family-friendly due to the negative exposure on the media. Well, Jamaica couldn’t be more family-centered destination. Several Jamaican properties are primarily built to cater families only so imagine kid-friendly activities such as water parks, camping, candy booths and many more without the annoying bar noise or drunk guests.


Some families prefer a personalized house rental in Jamaica where parents can avail babysitting services and leave their kids on supervised activities while they relax by the beach, go on adults-only adventures or just take some alone time. But of course, since you went on a holiday together as a family, you have to share some exciting adventures in the island that are fun for all members of the family.

Check out this list below to find out about the awesome things you can do and see with your family in Jamaica.

Visit Devon House 

This place is one of the most significant national landmarks in Jamaica. This 19th century mansion was previously the home to the island’s first black millionaire named as George Stiebel.  He earned his wealth in Venezuela and decided to spend the rest of life on his homeland so he came back to Jamaica and build this mansion.


Swim with the Dolphins


That surely sounds exciting! This is one of those fun activities that all members of the family can truly enjoy. Bring your entire family to Dolphin Cove and fulfill an amazing opportunity to have close encounters with the dolphins. They are simply adorable and a chance to swim with them is one of the best memories that could last a lifetime. There are also opportunities to encounter friendly sharks and rays after you’ve made friends with the dolphins.

things to do in Jamaica
swim with dolphin  (image source : pixabay)

Take a Cruise

Ever been on a family cruise? You should do it! What is more relaxing than cruising with the family? You can see Jamaica on a different perspective while having a relaxing and exciting cruise along Montego Bay. Island Routes Reggae Catamaran Cruise offers all-inclusive family cruises that includes an exciting snorkeling and giant water slides.

Dunn River Falls

This is one of the most visited attractions in Jamaica and once you get there, you will understand why. Don’t let the crowd discourage you to visit this touristic place, you will surely miss out if you do. I sincerely advise you to spare a lay in and head early to Dunn River Falls to beat the crowd. Smaller kids may skip hiking up the top falls and enjoy the tiny attractions on the lower stage of the falls.

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Bobsled at Mystic Mountain

This is for the thrill-loving families! If you want to pump up some adrenaline into your family, then head over to Ocho Rios and visit Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures. Even just getting to the park itself is already an adventure as you’ll need to ride one the chair lifts that traverses across a rainforest. Try the famous bobsled ride that goes around the Jamaican forest.

7-mile beach

Yes, you read it right! It looks endless. This super long heavenly beach will surely make your jaws drop and your visit to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without visiting this beach in Negril. It is easily the  most beautiful in Jamaica. This pristine white beach has plenty of features that you can easily spend a day here. You can spend some time on the loungers and bask under the sun or take up some water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and tons others.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures

Another great attraction in Jamaica that mostly visited for adrenaline-pumping adventures ranging from ziplining to ATVs to river tubing to hiking. Their highlight activity is the zipline that goes through a rainforest giving a thrilling experience. Please note that kids have to be at least 6 years old to ride the zipline.

The real Jamaica tour

Don’t be one of those families who travel to a destination without getting a clear grasp of its customs, culture and history. Sign up your whole family to a complimentary Jamaica tour and get to know the island paradise. You will have the chance to see the ‘real Jamaica’ on the locals’ perspective. You’ll meet interesting people from the community and learn interesting day-to-day activities of the Jamaican people. Contact the nearest tourist office to know more details of the tour.

things to do in Jamaica
excited kids exploring the cameraSource:

Spend a day at Aquasol Theme Park

Perfectly situated in Montego Bay, families can enjoy a good day out in Aquasol Theme Park. There countless of rides and attractions that caters to every age. Older kids can enjoy the motorized rides while the younger ones can enjoy short slides or enjoy the playground with other kids.

Food trip

Experiencing a destination through food gives you unique, savory insights of its culture and history. Jamaica is home to exquisite cuisines that has been inspired from many generations of merging cultures and interesting history. Jamaican cuisines are beautiful blends of Caribbean spices and its rich lands and waters. You should not miss Jerk Chicken and Ox Tail, both may sound odd but I promise you won’t regret tasting these top two Jamaican classics.

Head over to Discovery Point

Ever wondered where Christopher Columbus first set foot on this Caribbean wonder? Take the whole gang to Discovery Point and relive the moments when the world discoverer first stepped on Jamaican soil. 

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Maharashtra Ecotourism|Building a Greener and sustainable tourism

India because of its diversified nature is said to be one of the most popular Eco-tourism destinations in the world. Whether it is snowfall in Himalayan region or ancient caves in the Khasi and Garo hills and also be it the backwaters of Kerala or the unique sand dunes of Thar desert, India right from the decades has been a famous Eco-tourism hub for many. Among all the states of India, Maharashtra is called as a hotspot of Eco-tourism in India. Maharashtra Ecotourism is said to be the land of diverse factors with varying topography with unique and varying species of flora and fauna. Eco-tourism destinations not only allow the travelers to see some of the beautiful and rare natural wonders but also allows them to help the nature indirect way, because in majority of Eco-tourism places the money gained from the travelers is used for conserving and preserving natural environment.
If you are an Eco-adventure traveler and love to go for a trip which is full of natural world then let’s go for a refreshing journey through some of the best ecotourism destinations of Maharashtra.

Saguna Baug-
For an Ecotourism lover, Saguna Bagh is a best place to visit under Maharashtra Ecotourism . It is a place developed by a Gandhian freedom fighter Harikaka Bhadsavle with a strong motive of creating a farming outfit which can effectively support the social worker. Today hundreds of people visit Saguna Baug to find peace, happiness and gain the knowledge of hard-earned field of Agriculture. Trekking and various adventure activities can also be done at this place. The best part of saguna Baugh is that they cook what they grow and recycle the waste from kitchen to give fertilizer to farm which the are cultivating. Nothing is wasted here, every thing is utilized properly. You are not allowed to throw plastic inside the campus.

Karla Caves-
With lots of ancient architecturing of caves, Karla Caves is situated at the lap of Sahyadri range. Greenery and waterfalls lovers are the most attracted to this place. The mosses surrounding the caves and the mystic environment around the caves definitely looks picture perfect spot for Eco-tourism lovers to visit. During Rainy Season you can also various species of migratory birds. You can also enjoy visiting Karla Fort too. It is also a well known destination for people going for Trek. People here are so grounded that they dont believe in wasting and spoling the environment.

Bhimashankar, Pune-
Bhimashankar lies in the ghat region of the Sahyadri hills and it looks like a beautiful green carpet during Rainy season. It looks fresh and pure. It gives the view of bio-diversity of nature. With the abundant flora and fauna, dazzling scenic beauties, rare animal breeds, it is the place to explore with family and friends and make them aware that even eco-tourism travel can be so beautiful and appreciable. You can easily travel by road from several places of Maharashtra to Bhimashankar and the nearest railway station is Shivaji nagar railway station of Pune. Mostly trekkers who are expert in trekking, come here and enjoy the activity. Newbies should avoid it.

Matheran is said to be a hill station and has almost 28 view-points scattered all around the place. Matheran is famous for its amicable climate and various trekking points. This place is favourite of many tourists especially the people or students from the Mumbai who loves Eco-tourism, for them Matheran is their nearest and favourite spot during Rainy season. There are various trekking routes in Matheran, the most famous one goes from Garbert Plateau. There is also Chanderi caves for the trek lovers and the going for Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek helps the trekkers to explore the fort and also have a mesmerizing view from the peak. The best time to visit Matheran is from March to May, and during rainy season it is the best to visit Matheran.
The rain adds to the flawless beauty of this place. The roads and lanes become muddy but people dont want concret roads as they believe in sustainable tourism. They believe that this is the beauty of Matheran.

Morachi Chincholi-
Morachi Chincholi, the name itself gives hint about the place. It is basically a village of tamarind trees and a town of peacocks dancing all around. It is said to be an auspicious one day picnic spot for fun and nature lovers. Nature has always showered blessings on this place. This place is located near Pune and is well connected by road transport. The main attraction of this place is its unmatched natural beauty and spotless fresh colours of the nature. It is also a hub of various recreational activities. There are several activities like puppet show, magic show organized there especially for kids. The location of this place is best for the people looking for break from daily life and who are in search of peace and love from nature. Local earn through the natural resources available and do not sell Chinese or technical things around this place.

One of the well known tourist spot in Maharashtra, Igatpuri is situated near Nashik. This place becomes alive will all around liveliness during Monsoon. It gives a true symbol of natural beauty with a complete freshness in the air. It is a place decked with several waterfalls, straggling greenery and lakes. Bhatsa river valley and Camel Valley are two main attractions of this place. You will get a spending view of nature and different species of flora and fauna, once you visit this place.

If you are planning to make your trip memorable as well as adventurous then Kolad is a perfect place to visit. It is said to be a beautiful destination in Maharashtra with picture-perfect homestays, sprawling campsites and many adventurous activities to try. Whitewater rafting is the most famous activity to perform in the waters of Kolad. Zip lining, canoeing and trekking are some other famous activities available in Kolad. Some of the nearest places to visit for nature lovers are Tamhini falls, Bhira dam and kuda caves, etc. Turquoise water and lush greenery make it even for exciting place to visit for Eco-tourism lovers. Dont forget to read my article on Durshet Forest Lodge. 

Tapola is popularly known as mini Kashmir. It is basically a small village at around 25kms from Mahabaleshwar. This place is quiet famous for boating and its rare scenery and natural landscapes. If you are planning to visit Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a beautiful place which one should not miss. An Eco-tourism lover will love to visit Kas Pathar at Tapola which turns into bed of flowers during Monsoon. A nature lover will like the view of Koyana Dam while if you are an adventure lover than enjoying several activities at Shivsagar Lake will be best for them. During the Season of Strawberry’s the fragrance of Strawberry farms will touch your heart.

After reading my blog, I am sure the search of nearby and efficient destinations in Maharashtra by Eco-tourism lovers will definitely end. What do you think about my take on  Maharashtra Ecotourism. Please comment below and add your suggestions too.

Visit Zoo with Kids

A zoo is a place where animals find peace within the arena, displayed to the public and they may also show you some good natural behavior when you visit them. When someone says let’s visit zoo, the first thing that comes to our minds is  We are going to see lot many animals, especially Wild animals. They are a very important part of our ecosystem.

zoo visitBut the original thought of what zoo is very much far from that till I saw Singapore zoo for the first time. The pink Siberian crane in 100 numbers makes you feel that you want to be the part of their families as they look so peaceful and super cute. I have seen many animals, birds, fishes and giant giraffe in the zoo which are super happy in a zoo.

zoo visitZoo trip with kids is the best thing because kids learn all animals name in one day itself and will never forget for whole life. They not only learn names but also their behavior, their species name and different types of animals in one day. Zoos also show how they take care of animals when they are sick along with their history and the kingdom from which they belong. 

In India, the situation is a bit different for the zoo as people don’t give importance to the life of animals and they misbehave with animals and hence so many animals become violent when you irritate them. So when you go to zoo with kids always make sure you teach your kids to behave properly in the zoo and never disturb animals.

Me With AngelZoo teaches people about how nature is important for us.It also gives us a clear idea of animal conversation. What is the best part is, it gives scientists the opportunity to study wild animals as Saving these jeopardize species is one of the major concern.

Previously wild animals are imprisoned only for human pleasure. But now people came to know their importance even in India and even Govt is taking proper measures to save animals. 

With my Hubby and AngelA zoo is a place where animals live in bondage. They are put on display for people to view. The word “Zoo” is a short form of “zoological park”  or “Zoological garden”. There is a dedicated staff who takes good care of the animals, care of our wildlife some of which are on the fringe of extinction. If we see very keen, Zoos are the most beautiful places in nature. In many zoos, Animals are also studied and bred. People are getting a chance to learn about animals and it also helps zoologists preserve the spices out in the wild.

Most popular zoos in India:-

  1. Mysore Zoo, Mysore
  2. Nandakanan Zoological park, Orissa
  3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai
  4. Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad
  5. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling 

Right now our country is in the state of losing species at a fast rate which a big concern for us. 

If we look from the other side of the coin, Zoo teaches us that it plays a very important role in bringing all of us closer to animals and inspires us to take necessary actions to save our wildlife.

I have visited so many Zoos (Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Nehru Zoological Park) and spent long hours roaming with the new friends (Wild animals ) there. It is totally a different world. Not everywhere they kept animals perfectly, which is what I have seen. There is always a room for improvement.More attention should be paid to improve if you are really worried about the great care and protection.

We must take corrective measures to save our wildlife in Zoos. We can set educational programmes for students and let them understand the importance of conservation of wildlife.

Same way, Animal welfare programs makes us understand the conservation and recovery of species in the wild. People can donate to their best in Zoos. They can even visit the Zoo as good Zoos attract committed and skilled people to learn about their wildlife. 

Zoos try to help save them. If you want to be more environmentally conscious, you have to learn and understand the special extra care of those wild species from the ongoing global threats.Otherwise, without them, the world would be an inferior place.

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Yatch ride in Mumbai with kids

Yatch ride in Mumbai with kids is an amazing way to start your summer vacation. Recently I and my family got a chance to do a yatch ride along with the jet boat. Yatch ride is kind of speedboat or jet boat, where you can enjoy, relax in the middle of the sea, away from hassle bussle of crowded Mumbai.
Yatch rideRecently I got to know about the Floating restaurant in yatch near Worli sea link where you can spend good quality time with your family for lunch or dinners and sail under the Worli sea link. This is really fun when you move to the Worli sea link as you see the Marvel architecture so closely. Yatch rides with kids can be fun if you have many friends, where you can arrange good food, good company and music.
Yatch rideIn Mumbai, I have seen people booking the whole yatch for private parties during their birthdays, anniversary and also on valentines day. This year we did yatch ride with my kid during valentines day, which made us realize that the organizers and owners of this yatch take special care to Decorate this in a special way with balloons and decoratives. Yatch comes in different sizes depending on people you book from, from couple to 20 couple or too small engagement parties, every type of yatch ride is available in Mumbai.
In Mumbai, yatch ride provides various indoors games for kids so that kids can learn group work and also they arrange special kids food so that child takes away a lot of memories.

Tips to follow while doing yatch ride with kids

If you are going with kids in yatch do remember few things
  1. Always keep swim jackets for kids ready
  2. Do not leave a kid unattended in any situation
  3. Make sure your kids don’t go at edges to touch water
  4. Follow the guidelines given by lifeguard
  5. Don’t make your kid jump too much in yatch
  6. Yatch something gets lots of big waves so can be slippery
  7. Try and wear grip and comfortable shoes, possible wear,waterproof shoes.
  8. Make your kids learn good swimming if you are regular yatch rider. Blogchatter A2z
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Winter Vacation
Xmas time is the most amazing time as you have a winter vacation from 24th December to 2nd Jan usually in Maharashtra. From childhood, my parents have kept summer vacations for our native place and winter vacation for fun vacations. Even native place vacations were as good as winter but due to summer seasons, we could not do a lot of activities in native place, which is in my case in Rajasthan.
So as soon as we used to get Xmas vacation, my dad used to take either to Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Lonavala or Khandala. In Maharashtra, winter vacation is more important as they are shorter but the cold temperatures make it more worthy and loving. I still remember my trip to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani during Xmas vacation. Every hotel or restaurant is being designed for Xmas, with a lot of Santa Claus or snowy clouds design inside the rooms.
1) Mahabaleshwar: When you travel by car from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar you can see all the small houses to big hotels on the way is being lightened up by colorful leds and star-shaped candles hanging right on top as pole star on each house or restaurant. Since Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station in Maharashtra, we keep on going during summers also but winters are more amazing.
mahabaleshwarYou get to enjoy hot Maggi, hot tea, corn bhel, coffee and lot of spices to keep you heated. But that fun cant is explained in words, it has to be experienced only. The only problem in winter is that Mahabaleshwar faces a lot of fog in the morning which creates mishaps like accidents and so on. So be careful before you step out on a foggy day.
2)Lonavala and Khandala:  which is very close to Mumbai and most common destinations for one two days trip too. As you must have read my waterpark post in the last article, you must have got an idea how Lonavala has so many attractions like Imagica. Lonavala and Khandala are most visited destinations for Mumbaikar as they are serene n divine during winter and rainy season.
Xmas vacation with kidsWhat I love the best is the mountain drive or we call it as ghats, bit dangerous but still an adventurous one. During the rainy season this becomes most accidents prone area and hence you must be careful before you start. But winters are not so problematic. During Xmas vacation, Lonavala and Khandala have a lot of resorts organizing various camp activities for kids, so that they can enjoy winter to fullest. Don’t miss hot spicy sweet corn on Khandala ghat during winters. My kids love eating corns, carrot and sour raw mangoes in the topmost hill of Khandala.
3) Lavasa and Ambey valley: Place very near to Mumbai but its similar like a foreign destination. Once you are in Lavasa or Ambey valley, you would feel like either Switzerland or hilly European countries as it is so clean and neat and well maintained. Sometimes you don’t want to leave above places just because of its cold weather and chilling temperatures. Make sure you take sufficient clothing once you are there as your kids might feel very cold at this place during winter vacations.
Tips to remember while you go for Xmas vacation with kids during the vacation
  1.  Always carry extra jacket as you would never know about the temperatures.
  2.  Make sure you don’t fall sick as you are traveling. Colder temperatures can make ur kid very ill.
  3.  Always wear comfortable cloth whilst traveling.
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Best Water Park for Kids in Mumbai

Summer vacation without water park in Mumbai is like bhaji without pav. Just kidding but its really good way to beat the heat of this scorching summer. Today I am gonna share some insights abt Best Water Park for Kids in Mumbai.

From childhood, my vacations in summer had at least one day in waterparks. Nowadays even all foreign tour packages in summer add one day at waterparks like I had in Singapore. Adventure cove park in Singapore is the best water park for kids as well as for all age groups. If you consider safety, compared to India its 10 times better in Singapore.

The equipment, water rides, lifeguards, water jackets, floaters, everything in Singapore is of high quality. But Indian water park is not far behind nowadays. They all are improving much more now to give better fun and entertainment to customers. Today I shall give you list of best water parks in Mumbai which is safe and have amazing rides. For water parks in Phillipines do Read this.

The first best water park in Mumbai is

  • Aqua ImagicaThis is situated in khalapur near Pali district. Its approximately 2hrs distance from main Mumbai. The rides are for all ages. If you are water baby then you will love it for sure. The most amazing ride is the whirlpool ride. It was just a thrilling experience. But do not go if you have any health issues like heart problems or any disease which can give you a shock. Never leave a kid unattended except if your kids are a good swimmer. Don’t try and force your kids to go to rides which they aren’t comfortable.

Food and soft drinks are available along with a lot of souvenirs to take from Aqua imagica. Now they have packages of aqua imagica plus Adlabs imagica along with a stay at Novotel hotel. I would recommend everyone to enjoy at least for one time to go and enjoy aqua imagica. Ps try and go as early as possible because later you need to stand in long queue for each ride. So start as early as possible as the park opens up.
Price per ticket ranges from 900-1500

  • Water kingdom: Situated in Borivali, you have to use water boats to reach to Essel world and water kingdom. It is one of the oldest water park and largest pool water park in Mumbai. The best part is waving time which is full of heavy waves, music and lot of masti.

Water KingdomEvery 30 min gaps you will find waves with music starts. It has a lot of space for relaxation near the wave pool. All other rides are so good for all ages and safe to enjoy. Again the problem is a long queue for every ride. All the best water parks in Mumbai provides facilities for food, changing rooms, washrooms and lot of souvenir to take back.  Prices range from 625-750

  • Tiku ji ni wadi -Situated in Thane Ghodbunder road, easy to take a cab from Thane station is one of the best water parks in Mumbai. Tiku Ji ni wadi has derived from word chikoo fruits as the place has a lot of chikoo trees, where people sit in swings and relax. The second zone of tikujini wadi has biggest lazy river where people can just sit on the tube and swim and relax in water if they want to enjoy high rise water bodies.

TikujiniwadiThey have a buffet section included in tickets. The other section of tiku Jini wadi has amusement park for kids. And most attractive part is dinosaur model which look like real animals.
Price ranges from 750-1000.

  • Suraj water park: This is too situated in Thane near the tikujini wadi only. The major attractions of this water park are they have different rides compared to the tikujini wadi. The lord Shiva with sun backdrop is the high light of this water park in Mumbai.

suraj Water park Price ranges from, – 700-900

  • Wet and joy park

Wet N JoyThis is situated in Lonavala. This is biggest in area wise and has a lot of places to click photos as it has a lot of graffiti on walls. From Mumbai, It takes two hours to reach this park but its Worth to enjoy during summer.

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Vacations with kids

Vacations are those days usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. It is a leave from regular work for a specific trip or journey. During my childhood days, I used to desperately wait for the vacations because during vacations we used to visit our grandparents at our native place.
When I think about my vacations as a child, the life we lived in the village with friends and the food and environment we experienced, cherishes my childhood days and I realize how much we had fun during vacations at that time period which our children of present generation fail to experience.
flying with kids
Nowadays, the scenario has completely changed, people from villages have shifted to live the lifestyle of the cities, there are hardly few people who are still staying in the village areas waiting for their children and Grandchildrens to visit them during their vacations. When no one stays at a native place the question to take our kids at the native place doesn’t arrive.
flying with kids
At present, the parents, today are making their kids join different classes to keep them all time busy. So, the kids of today’s generation just can’t differentiate between vacations and working days because for them all days are same. According to me, this is not completely correct, at some point you are spoiling your kids childhood, you are trying to make them smarter than their age, you are forcing your kids to move with the competitive world forgetting that they are just kids and it’s their age to live without tensions and enjoy each and every day.
It’s not like that you should not send your kids to different classes and make them perfect or should keep them update but the only thing is everything should be done at a proper time and with proper management. During vacations you should allow your kids to enjoy their life on their own, should allow them to do whatever they love to do, through this you will not only get the chance to know the hidden talents of your kids but at the same time you will allow your kids to live stress free life during vacations.
Vacations nowadays are filled with assignments and projects from school whereas in our times we do used to have assignments but they were fun to do. Those assignments were more of learning and gaining knowledge.
The scenario has changed completely when we talk about vacation, nowadays we plan the foreign tour, well in advance according to children’s vacations before going to the native place and enjoying with cousins and living native life.
I still miss my native place where I used to take my pets like cow and Buffalo for morning walk and feed. The most amazing part was diving in the small well. Plucking mangoes, Imlis, custard apple from any farm used to make us run like cats and dogs.
Wish  I get those lovely moments again with angel.

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Unwinding with Kids

Being a mom, have you ever came across a  situation where you just want to run away from home or scratch your hair out. Well, I go beyond my saturation level when demanding guest comes to stay at home without prior notice. If you live in the joint family, this pain of tolerating things makes you stronger.But a day comes, where you decide to take your kid and along with your husband to a place, where you don’t have anyone to interfere. This is an absolute best way to get relax.

Unwinding the calm in the chaos. People today are living a very busy and stressful life which is full of tensions and worries and it is putting an adverse effect on your kids too. So it is very essential to find a way which is free from stress and in such a case the most productive thing you can do is Relax, the only thing is you have to find the ways for it.

The key to unwinding is to find a small chunk of time where you can enjoy some kind of pampering. For many kids, a long hard day at school can also be stressful and tiring. The things which hardly matters to us in many cases does affect our kids a lot, in such conditions, it is necessary to provide them with some activities which can unwind them from their daily routine and provide some change.

There are several small ways which you can use for unwinding with kids

1. Meditation – There are several great books, apps and Cd’s available in the market that focuses on meditations for children. The goal is to inbuild the meditative scenes in the minds of kids when they are alone or are under stress.

meditation2. Storytelling about their day– Ask your child about their entire day and how it was? Don’t spend time in lecturing and debating with them, give them space and allow them to share the stress and worries they have.

3. Calming sensory tools– Depending on the choice of your child find them with some common sensory tools to calm them senses whenever they are under stress, etc.

toolsYour calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges is a famous saying by Bryant Mcgill. When you are stress-free and happy, definitely the atmosphere and the people surrounding you will also be happy. There are several places where you with your family especially with kids can enjoy and relax like the most common and the best place to have a vacation at any resort.

Resorts are the best place you can visit for relaxation that too with your family and with kids. Resorts across the country are the hot spots for people to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. Many resorts and hotels provide a special welcome for babies and toddlers. Resorts are the most convenient and cost-effective vacation for the kids. It is the place which makes the stay more comfortable and makes them feel as safe at home.

With kid-friendly amenities and several activities for kids, resorts are the perfect accommodation choice for a family getaway. While kids can enjoy at swimming pools and other outdoor activities, parents can unwind on a pampering spa day. Resorts are fun-filled with beautiful amenities for adults and childrens both. With all the water attractions, cooling sprays, waves and wild rides, the most important thing is to stay safe and keep your kids safe.

So, while you are on vacation with kids that too at the resort you should take some precautions like

1. You should keep eye on where your kids are playing in the resort.

2. Comfortable clothes should be wore and should ake swimming dresses for your kids and yourself.

3. Should carry sunscreen.

4. Should always be hydrated and make sure your kids are also drinking proper water.

5. You should take care of your so that they don’t get misplace around the resort, etc.

Sometimes you cannot control everything, you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out accordingly.

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Trekking with Kids

Our busy life, tight schedules often leave us with little or no time for our family and kids. I think every person should find ways to spend quality time with your family and the best way to contribute happiness and bring a smile to our loved ones is to take them on trips. One of the best way to help your family understand their environment, tradition, culture, the meaning of adventure and thrill is by taking them on trekking holidays and I think there is no other better place than India.

trekking with kidsIndia indeed has great family trekking places that teach us the importance of nature’s conservation, about different landscape etc. Doing a trek in India also helps us to realize the happiness lies in small gestures and basic things to experience rather than in materialistic things.

Trekking is another word for walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring the scenic beauty. Trekking involves walking through the hills and camping and carrying all basic requirements like food, clothes and shelter with you. Kids and even the youngsters love to go for the trek. You should plan a complete family trip to a place which involves trekking because the experience you will get will be breathtaking. You will love and enjoy to the fullest.

Is it possible to enjoy trekking with kids? Before having kids, trekking was one of my favorite activities whenever I used to travel. I still cherish the memories of climbing mountains and hiking through forests with friends, it was bliss. Despite the physical challenges, it is always one of the best ways of relaxing and experiencing new things. I believe every child should trek.

Travel agents nowadays also provide a complete service for the kids while treking. They keep useful stops with some inevitable snacks for them. Also, few games on the way of treking so that kids can enjoy and their trekking journey becomes more interesting. They provide necessary things for kids and also provides first aid facility whenever essential.

If you like to go on the trek but have to take kids with you, it becomes difficult to handle if kids are of small age. Here are some tips you can follow to solve this problem.

  1. Choose your trek destination wisely.
  2. Allow your kids to stretch themselves and be comfortable.
  3. Pack plenty of food and water.
  4. Start your trek early in the morning with all the protection you required.
  5. Take the camera with you, because the snaps you click will help to motivate your kid in future.
  6. Pack a basic first aid kit.
  7. Take plenty of rest when you going on a trek with the kid.
  8. Have a good company and enjoy your trek experience.

Yes, its true your journey might not be that simple when you go for the trek with kids because there are a lot of potential problems involved in it like will they walk? Will they allow a porter car to carry them? And what if they get sick? And many like this but if you take proper care and plan your trip wisely you will surely have a memorable trip.

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Sight Seeing with Kids

Everything has beauty in its own but you can feel and know it only when you see it, is what I believe. Be a traveler, not a tourist, try to gain knowledge from it, try new things, meet new people these are some of the keys to understanding this amazing world. This is what you should teach your kids too.

Selfie with FamilySightseeing means the act of visiting and seeing places and objects by people, especially during holidays. Depending on your interest and the distance you can go for sightseeing using any means of transport. Going for sightseeing during weekends and during holidays is followed by a majority of people nowadays.

There are many beautiful sightseeing places in India and each one is just beautiful in its own way. India has most of the ancient and exotic cultures which makes it exciting for sightseeing.  Mumbai city is well-known for beautiful places to visit. I myself a resident of Mumbai enjoy staying here and hardly miss any weekend going for sightseeing with my family especially with my kid.

SelfieBeing a born and brought-up  Mumbaikar, chances are that your school or parents paid homage to every typical sight seeing with kids spot in Mumbai city, but today when asked to our kids they turn up their noses for those places which we loved exploring with our family. Many just throw up with words and say there’s nothing exciting for kids in Mumbai but since I am a Mumbaikar and have visited a majority of places here so know it that Mumbai city is rich in its heritage and uniqueness.

Points to be considered when you are going for Sight Seeing with kids

  1. Choose the best time to go, which is convenient for you and your kids too.
  2. Choose the best place, the place in which your kid is interested.
  3. Be prepared to be flexible, to face new things happen during the journey.
  4. Take necessary stuff of your kids with you for the journey.

When you go for sightseeing on weekends especially with your kids, it means planning much in advance and pacing yourselves differently, no doubt they will have a lot of fun and will even get a chance to gain new experiences. You should take a very comfortable means of transport for traveling. To avoid them becoming a bookworm and to give them live knowledge about different places, you should send your kids to different educational trips.

family at tajmahal

 There are several benefits of going for sight seeing with kids:

  1. They get a chance to visit new places and gain more knowledge.
  2. When you take them to museums for a visit, they become more familiar with Indian cultures and traditions.
  3. Visiting historical places with your child helps them to expand their knowledge of what they are learning in school.
  4. If your child is very much interested in any of the particular place you visit, ask him/her to carry a notebook to note down the information which he/she learned from that place.

The benefits you and your kids can reap by visiting different places especially nature, historical places and the museums are immeasurable.

PS: I am participating in the #blogchatterA2Z challenge and today’s letter Is S, so our article is related to sight-seeing with kids.

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