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India because of its diversified nature is said to be one of the most popular Eco-tourism destinations in the world. Whether it is snowfall in Himalayan region or ancient caves in the Khasi and Garo hills and also be it the backwaters of Kerala or the unique sand dunes of Thar desert, India right from the decades has been a famous Eco-tourism hub for many. Among all the states of India, Maharashtra is called as a hotspot of Eco-tourism in India. Maharashtra Ecotourism is said to be the land of diverse factors with varying topography with unique and varying species of flora and fauna. Eco-tourism destinations not only allow the travelers to see some of the beautiful and rare natural wonders but also allows them to help the nature indirect way, because in majority of Eco-tourism places the money gained from the travelers is used for conserving and preserving natural environment.
If you are an Eco-adventure traveler and love to go for a trip which is full of natural world then let’s go for a refreshing journey through some of the best ecotourism destinations of Maharashtra.

Saguna Baug-
For an Ecotourism lover, Saguna Bagh is a best place to visit under Maharashtra Ecotourism . It is a place developed by a Gandhian freedom fighter Harikaka Bhadsavle with a strong motive of creating a farming outfit which can effectively support the social worker. Today hundreds of people visit Saguna Baug to find peace, happiness and gain the knowledge of hard-earned field of Agriculture. Trekking and various adventure activities can also be done at this place. The best part of saguna Baugh is that they cook what they grow and recycle the waste from kitchen to give fertilizer to farm which the are cultivating. Nothing is wasted here, every thing is utilized properly. You are not allowed to throw plastic inside the campus.

Karla Caves-
With lots of ancient architecturing of caves, Karla Caves is situated at the lap of Sahyadri range. Greenery and waterfalls lovers are the most attracted to this place. The mosses surrounding the caves and the mystic environment around the caves definitely looks picture perfect spot for Eco-tourism lovers to visit. During Rainy Season you can also various species of migratory birds. You can also enjoy visiting Karla Fort too. It is also a well known destination for people going for Trek. People here are so grounded that they dont believe in wasting and spoling the environment.

Bhimashankar, Pune-
Bhimashankar lies in the ghat region of the Sahyadri hills and it looks like a beautiful green carpet during Rainy season. It looks fresh and pure. It gives the view of bio-diversity of nature. With the abundant flora and fauna, dazzling scenic beauties, rare animal breeds, it is the place to explore with family and friends and make them aware that even eco-tourism travel can be so beautiful and appreciable. You can easily travel by road from several places of Maharashtra to Bhimashankar and the nearest railway station is Shivaji nagar railway station of Pune. Mostly trekkers who are expert in trekking, come here and enjoy the activity. Newbies should avoid it.

Matheran is said to be a hill station and has almost 28 view-points scattered all around the place. Matheran is famous for its amicable climate and various trekking points. This place is favourite of many tourists especially the people or students from the Mumbai who loves Eco-tourism, for them Matheran is their nearest and favourite spot during Rainy season. There are various trekking routes in Matheran, the most famous one goes from Garbert Plateau. There is also Chanderi caves for the trek lovers and the going for Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek helps the trekkers to explore the fort and also have a mesmerizing view from the peak. The best time to visit Matheran is from March to May, and during rainy season it is the best to visit Matheran.
The rain adds to the flawless beauty of this place. The roads and lanes become muddy but people dont want concret roads as they believe in sustainable tourism. They believe that this is the beauty of Matheran.

Morachi Chincholi-
Morachi Chincholi, the name itself gives hint about the place. It is basically a village of tamarind trees and a town of peacocks dancing all around. It is said to be an auspicious one day picnic spot for fun and nature lovers. Nature has always showered blessings on this place. This place is located near Pune and is well connected by road transport. The main attraction of this place is its unmatched natural beauty and spotless fresh colours of the nature. It is also a hub of various recreational activities. There are several activities like puppet show, magic show organized there especially for kids. The location of this place is best for the people looking for break from daily life and who are in search of peace and love from nature. Local earn through the natural resources available and do not sell Chinese or technical things around this place.

One of the well known tourist spot in Maharashtra, Igatpuri is situated near Nashik. This place becomes alive will all around liveliness during Monsoon. It gives a true symbol of natural beauty with a complete freshness in the air. It is a place decked with several waterfalls, straggling greenery and lakes. Bhatsa river valley and Camel Valley are two main attractions of this place. You will get a spending view of nature and different species of flora and fauna, once you visit this place.

If you are planning to make your trip memorable as well as adventurous then Kolad is a perfect place to visit. It is said to be a beautiful destination in Maharashtra with picture-perfect homestays, sprawling campsites and many adventurous activities to try. Whitewater rafting is the most famous activity to perform in the waters of Kolad. Zip lining, canoeing and trekking are some other famous activities available in Kolad. Some of the nearest places to visit for nature lovers are Tamhini falls, Bhira dam and kuda caves, etc. Turquoise water and lush greenery make it even for exciting place to visit for Eco-tourism lovers. Dont forget to read my article on Durshet Forest Lodge. 

Tapola is popularly known as mini Kashmir. It is basically a small village at around 25kms from Mahabaleshwar. This place is quiet famous for boating and its rare scenery and natural landscapes. If you are planning to visit Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a beautiful place which one should not miss. An Eco-tourism lover will love to visit Kas Pathar at Tapola which turns into bed of flowers during Monsoon. A nature lover will like the view of Koyana Dam while if you are an adventure lover than enjoying several activities at Shivsagar Lake will be best for them. During the Season of Strawberry’s the fragrance of Strawberry farms will touch your heart.

After reading my blog, I am sure the search of nearby and efficient destinations in Maharashtra by Eco-tourism lovers will definitely end. What do you think about my take on  Maharashtra Ecotourism. Please comment below and add your suggestions too.


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  1. Matheran is among popular hill places to visit near Mumbai for a weekend trip. Will definitely love to visit all the places.. Nice nfo

  2. I was not very impressed with matheran because just like the northern India tourist places like shimla, the tourism is not well managed

  3. This will act as a Bible for a nature lover in me. Though I have visited matters, Karla caves and bhimashankara (small trek), I would love to explore the remaining ones.

  4. Out of so many beautiful places mentioned by you I have just got the opportunity to witness the beauty of Bhimashankar. These places are indeed the pride of Maharashtra and must visit.

  5. Ruchi Verma Reply

    I have already visited few but now got to know more wonderful place yet to explore… thanks for sharing

  6. The places sounds worth visiting. It would have been even more interesting if you had included the pics

  7. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    I really want to travel so much but hardly get a chance… Loved your post.. would really like to visit Tapola as you called it mini Kashmir!

  8. Thanks for sharing list… i never visited any of this place, but yes the list will help me to plan my next trip.

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