One player card game Solitaire has been popular for ages and it never fails to amaze and entertain the players.  As the tag line of the site says always free, always fun, all the time, the site Solitaire never kills the spirit of the users, rather it boosts their happiness.

One of my favorite sites to play the game is it is a free site where you can kill your free time in the most entertaining way. Rather it is not an exaggeration to claim that while I am on the site I forget all my worries and it works as a rejuvenating site for me.

The game is very easy to play plus the website is user-friendly and thus irrespective of being either on the tablet, laptop o mobile one can play the game with utmost ease. Importantly if you are playing the game and get stuck and want to undo or refresh it has that option also. Thus the game is perfect for exercising the brain.

Now when on the site what I like the most is that if I get bored with solitaire I have the option to play various other games. Thus no matter what they will entertain you. Each game on the site is carefully picked and placed here so that the visitors are glued to the site.

How to start the game?

My love for solitaire is for ages rather it has grown stronger and deeper with each passing day. The Classic Solitaire game automatically deals with the cards to the tableau. If you do not like the card or the stock or the game then the option to start the new game is there. The game is timed and starts only when you click the button. The game puts up a win-loss ratio and thus it works as a motivation to win the game. On the top right corner, there is the place that depicts the current score. Thus if you press the new button then the stats are not affected. Rather it shows me as the winner because when I am stuck I use and win the game. After all the site is there to help you do away with stress and not increase it.

The statistics button shows the number of games played thus despite spending hours as it’s addictive I know when you stop. The game has the option to ration the user, unlike the other gaming sites which just let you play mindlessly till the point you get irritated by the game.

how to play the classic game of solitaire?

It is easy and very simple just the set of the cards are required to be made. That is the cards need to stack in the sequence of K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and, A with no mixed suits. It may sound easy but then, in the beginning, one may get stuck but then gradually the game gets so intoxicating that you move from easy to hard levels.

To win the game it is needed that the cards are moved from the table to the foundation. The game ends when there are no possible moves. The game ends but one can start a new game.

Moreover, not only this game but there are several other games that one can play like Mahjong, Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid and many more. Of these, I love Pyramid the most. There is a pattern to remove the pyramid and thus display my creative skills here and win the game.

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