Every woman is a Wonderchef in her own way if given the best quality food materials and amazing Kitchenware,  she can conquer the world. There is a saying that food tastes better when it is well presented, and to prove this who can be the better person than chef Sanjeev Kapoor himself.

The Man Behind Wonderful Wonderchef

Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has been always my inspiration and to all women who  love to cook in the kitchen. My mum,  my aunts have learnt cooking from Sanjeev Kapoor to impress their family members.  Sanjeev Kapoor not only teaches us how to make good food,  but also have made available the best utensils cookware and appliances to make food quickly and with the same quality. Sanjeev Kapoor along with co-founder and MD Mr Ravi Saxena from the company call Wonderchef,  which is the most trusted brand of quality kitchen appliances. Wonderchef have variety of products like pressure cookers,  vacuum flask, Bakeware,  tools and accessories for all healthy conscious customers.  Each and every product has been MD Mr Ravi Saxena uniquely customised and design to satisfy customer. Wonderchef have 5000 retail outlet and their products are also available at their website and other  E-Commerce site and also available thru TV ads. Wonderchef stands for top quality,  reliability and serves as a benchmark in the kitchen industry. It has 5 major categories.

Wonderchef Has 5 Major Categories.

1) Cookware Designed For Every kitchen :

  • Die cast cookware
  • Pressed and forged cookware
  • Pressure cooker
  • Special product like tandoori grill

Cookware of Wonderchef

2) Electrical Appliances

  • Blender, Jjuicer, Chopper, Mixer
  • Grill, tandoor, Toaster, Barbeque
  • Special Appliances
  • Ketan Coffee MakerElectrical Appliances

3) Bottle and Flask

Bottle and Flask
4) Bakeware

5) Tool & Accessories

Tool & Accessories at Wonderchef

Wondershare has around 350 + product available on also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Among them all, the best product which I like are cold press juicer,  air fryer, automatic bread maker to bake beds at home. Last but not the least the best-selling product from Wonderchef which caters to nutrition and Wellness,  Wonderchef Nutri blend the master Stroke in healthy blending and grinding.Nutriblend by Wonderchef

I have been using this Nutri blend from a year now, and I can bet that my kitchen has the best product which I named as my magic Nutri-blend. I would recommend every woman and housewife to have Nutri blend compulsorily because I believe that kitchen is incomplete without this product. Now they have upgraded  as 20 sec wonder. This  name is apt for this product as It makes grinding in less than 20 seconds,  this is only possible because of super sharp blade rotating at 22000 RPM which break down the food into digestible elements extracting healthy Micronutrient from your fruits and vegetable into the mixture.

Now with NutriBlend you will get recipe book as well— Look Good! Feel Good

Nuti Blend Book
Nutriblend have Unbreakable PC jars and comes in 5 beautiful colours, red white black purple and champagne. the most important part of this product at your home is that it has an autograph by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor.

This Nutriblend comes with warranty and services which are the best after Sales Service.

This newly upgraded version of Nutri blend Has three jars, one for grinding 1 for blending and the third one for heavy quantity of milk shake and lassi. As I said that the jar is unbreakable and they had designed in such a manner that you can make stand your jar inverted.

The Specification of Nutri blend


  • Item Weight: 2.2 Kg.
  • Voltage – 230V~50Hz.
  • Jar capacity – 300ml(Short Jar) & 500ml(Long Jar).
  • Loading Capacity – 80ml(Short Jar) & 250ml(Long Jar).
  • Motor — The 400W super fast motor blends & grinds in seconds.


With my personal experience, I can I sure that you can grind all Garam Masalas  from turmeric to prepare to cinnamon in any quantities. the cleaning of jar and lid  is very easy as all are detachable and wide enough to clean from inside.
To conclude I would say I use Nutri blend every day to stay healthy and fit and when I have a kitchen full of Wonderchef product,  I feel glad and proud that yes I own Wonderchef products in my kitchen. it inspired me to cook with pride for my family and Wonderchef products make my kitchen very colourful. Wonderchef cookware and appliances are a real pleasure to use since they have plenty of colours and design to suit your kitchen.
Lastly, The need for modern women’s kitchen ends at Wonderchef.

Selfie at Wonderchef
Selfie with Fellow Bloggers at Wonderchef

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