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Women empowerment is one of the hot topics that has attracted a lot of eyeballs off lately. The debate seems to be unending. From prime time debates to films and shows – women empowerment has been showcased with different perspectives. One such upcoming show on ZEE5, “Churails” is based on the same topic. The show talks about how women from different walks of life meet each other, unite, and starts a battle to expose their unfaithful husbands.

Churalis - Zee5 Show
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About the Show Churails:

As the name of the show suggests, “Churails”, it is a perfect metaphor what the world considers a woman if she courageous enough to fight for her rights. There have been a lot of times when we hear about cases of women being harassed, not just in the outside world but also in her house. The show successfully is able to portray the plight of women and how she when is adamant can fight for herself. I find this show a perfect portrayal of womanhood. The characters: a wedding planner, boxer, and a lawyer might be just another thing, but there is a character as a rough as a murderer.

The show is nothing more but a perfect portrayal of equality in its truest sense. If a woman is loyal in her relationship she deserves every right to receive the same from her partner. One of the best points that I took from the trailer was that the show is not just speaking about working women or housewives or a middle-aged but women from every walks of life.

Representation of Women in Society

We live in a society where people have boxed thinking regarding women. A woman is called names in every aspect of her life. From a working woman who works hard to achieve a career to a girl who wants to make a career in sports. Not only this but a woman who is a homemaker, asking loyalty and some respect in return is thrashed by our patriarchal society. The society concludes, rather calls an opinionated woman as “Churail”, so if that be #MainChurailHoon.

India has a lot of women achievers, who have constantly broken this chained thoughts and made us proud globally. They are names like Mithali Raj, Mary Kom, Hima Das, Saina Nehwal, are some of the names we can count on our fingertips. The diversity speaks in itself, not just in the practical world but also in the show “Churails”.

My Recommendation:

I would completely recommend the show “Churails”. The reason is not just it being a women-centric show but because the show has such a strong message that our society needs to address upon. It is not a man Vs woman, it is a woman VS the society in general. She needs to fight for herself if she wants to take a less-traveled path. This is one of the bubbles that the society has created for a woman, which this show clearly portrays.

These should not be just a topic of debate but a right to be implemented. The show has some amazing characterization and the story will make you binge watch it

 ZEE5 Upcoming show - Churails - Women take justice in their own hands
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ZEE5 Upcoming show - Churails - Women take justice in their own hands
ZEE5 Upcoming show - Churails talks on how women from different walks of life meet each other, unite & starts a battle to expose their unfaithful husbands.
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