Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron

I have a friend who is a housewife and had a dozen of clothes to iron every day. She used to hate doing this as her iron was not easy to use. One day co-incidentally I met her and while having a conversation, she discussed her problem of old Iron and its difficulty in use. It was only a few days back that I read about the new Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron and its dynamic features. So, the moment she discussed her problem with me, the very first thing I suggested her was the Pristine Pink Steam Iron. I told her about the many amazing features of Pristine Pink Steam Iron one by one.

Let me explain why I suggested her Maharaja Whiteline Pristine Pink Steam Iron and its unique features.

Pristine Pink Steam Iron is an efficient ironing machine which can be used for removing all kind of wrinkles from the clothes. This steam Iron machine is powerful and is operable on 1300 watts, which allows you in removing the wrinkles from cloth in less time. It is light in weight and also very durable to use. The ergonomic design makes it look very classy. It also has 40 gms of steam shot capacity, which allows you to iron thick clothes easier as compared to ironing using other Ironing machine. Even the other type of clothes like cotton, linen etc can be done easily and firmly using Pristine Pink Steam Iron.

      The company Maharaja Whiteline has launched Pristine Pink Steam Iron as its new product.It gives you a great performance with elegant design. This Iron has a tank capacity of 150 ml which allows a consumer to iron several clothes without the hassle of refilling it very frequently. The design of Pristine Pink Steam Iron is made using several unique techniques. It has a swivel cord and ergonomic handle which makes this Iron more convenient in use. It also has an adjustable control knob which allows you to set the temperature of the Iron according to the requirement of the clothes. Along with such great features it also has vertical steam output feature through which you can easily iron even the hanging clothes and curtains. Because of its 40 gm steam boost capacity it helps to iron even the smallest and stubborn areas of the clothes.

It helps rejuvenate your clothes instantly and make them look new.It has a variable power steam settings and fast and easy filling techniques. This Pristine Pink Steam Iron is ISL certified and is safe to use at home because of its Auto Off characteristics. While ironing using Pristine Pink Steam Iron, you just have to give one push on the area and what you will get is crease-less fabric. 

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Just few days back, she called me and the review she gave after using the Iron for few days was just unbelievable. She was sounding very satisfying and happy. This is a review of one person but I am sure, if you decide to opt for Pristine Pink Steam Iron, your decision will be undoubtedly a correct one. Get more details in below link :



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  1. Ritu Kalra Reply

    I too have a Maharaja Whiteline iron at home since many years..but its a different when I change it, I will go for this one..

  2. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    Thank you for sharing your review and all this information. The product certainly looks very stylish. I will check it out.

  3. I too have Maharaja iron and it’s so durable and lightweight. The temperature are really good and I haven’t faced burning of clothes!

  4. Anita Singh Reply

    Kaafi impressive iron lag rahi hai 👍👍
    Iron karna sach me jhanjhat hi hai, recently maine steam iron liya hai jis me clothes hanger per hi iron ho jaatey hain hume bent nahi hona padta, waise to iron maid hi karti hai per emergency me main us se seconds me iron kar leti hu

  5. This steam iron sounds of very high quality. I am so impressed by the unique design behind the steam iron. Its really eady to use

  6. I love Maharaja Whiteline as a brand. I am using many of its appliances. They are all worth the money spent. This iron looks of great utility and has got good features.

  7. Good to know that it irons the most stubborn parts of the clothes as well. Loving the design and overall features Maharaja Steam iron has.

  8. It’s always a task ironing clothes. Thick clothes specially. Thanks for the description. Looks interesting.

  9. This surely sounds like an amazing product, loved the review for sure, thank you for sharing, I am bookmarking this right away

  10. Ruchi Verma Reply

    I am using same iron and must admit it is working so grateful without any complains with great results

  11. I was planning to buy a new steam iron since my iron is acting funny of late. Will check this out for sure. thanks for sharing this.

  12. this post comes at a time when I was looking for a new iron for our home. Great write up and perfectly explained.

  13. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    Since you have explained all features of this Iron so well, I’ll definitely gift my Wifey the same .Hope she will enjoy ironing loads of my clothes 😉

  14. Maharaja Pristine Pink Steam Iron features sounds great from. Your friend experience

  15. This is a smart choice iron, light weight and heavy on perfomance. Thanks for sharing the options, a must have for all household. Love the colour too.

  16. Maharajah steam iron looks amazing. I am seriously considering buying this.

  17. Thank you for the detailed review on this steam iron. I was meaning to buy a new one and will surely consider this too

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