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3 Y’s of Effective Parenting

Welcome to the second last article of this A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z! It feels so amazing to discuss some of the great parenting tips. I hope those tips are helpful for you. So, let’s start with 3 Y’ of Effective Parenting. 

  • Yeasty

Yeasty relates to being creative and excited at the same time. And, when you are a parent, it is important to have both emotions. Because if you are creative and you put your ideas into reality, your kids will be inspired by you and they will tend to do the same. 

  • Yogic 

As you might know, the word yogic symbolizes being involved in the yoga exercise. The idea of adding this word into the list of effective parenting is to focus on exercise because it will encourage your children to be physically and mentally fit.

  • Young At Heart

As you tend to be a responsible parent, it gets burdensome to be lively all the time. But, being open-minded and welcoming your child’s perspective helps you to be young at heart as well. Don’t take too much stress over the little things. Try to have a positive outlook and encourage as well as support them in their decision-making. Because not only they will trust you more but also it will help you to make a stronger connection with your child.  

So have you enjoyed these tips? I have put a lot of thoughts and great tips that I could think of. If you have your special parenting tips, please share them in the comment section. 

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3 Z’s of Effective Parenting

I know being parents is a tough job, you have to be careful with every step. Don’t you agree? Raising the kids was never so easy but you don’t have to be perfect. You just need effective parenting tips that will help you as a mini-guide in your parenting journey. Be thankful to the #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge is allowing me to share my personal experience with you. You might have been reading my blogs, and you know today is the last alphabet from this challenge.

3Z’s that you have been waiting for, now it is the time to reveal the 3Z’s of effective parenting. Let’s get started with our last article with #BlogChatter. 

  • Zeal

Our first word with Z is Zeal which means to have great enthusiasm or energy. Enthusiasm and energy are directly related to kids, they immediately get pepped up for anything. Being a parent, you need to involve them in your workout activities. Take your child with you for a morning walk. Structured activities help teens to be physically active. These activities will allow them to experience positive emotion, skills, and character development. Remember you don’t have to force them, you just have to make the exercises and activities interesting.

  • Zappy

Zappy means energetic that a child should be. Nowadays kids are more addicted to mobiles and laptops. Trust me they have lost interest in outdoor games. You have to make your efforts by teaching them how you play at your times. Make them learn about the new outdoor games that you might have played at your school time. Play with them, give them the activity that describes their personality. Brainstorm their mind and challenge them for different activities.

  • Zen

Zen means calm attentiveness. To raise a zen child means to raise a healthy, creative, and expressive child. To make them learn, honor their natural wisdom, appreciate their decision, make them a part of your decisions, give them a practical and ask them to solve it. You need to grow yourself to make them grow.

So these are the 3Z’s of effective parenting that will help you to raise your child. I hope you have learned some great tips about parenting! For any doubts, you can drop a comment below!

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3 X’s of Effective Parenting

The journey of being a parent is a kind of a learning curve. The more you grow with your child the more you explore your parenting experience. Since we are coming to the end of the #BlogChatterA2Z challenge, I would like to share the best of the tips in this series. Because we will be surely meeting next year again for this challenge. 

Let’s discuss the 3 X’s of Effective Parenting in the A to Z challenge. 

  • Xany

The meaning of Xany is being energetic. I know it is not as easy as it sounds. Because a parent has a lot of responsibilities and that’s how being energetic comes into the picture. If you are full of energy and happiness, your child will surely replicate your behavior. But, if you are lazy and just lying around, don’t expect your child to be energetic. 

  • Xenacious

Xenacious means being ready for the change. Well, most people find it difficult to accept the change so, in the end, it becomes super annoying to adapt to the changes around them. When your child is a toddler, they will have a different liking and various ambitions but when they grow up into a teenager or adult their choices might change. So, try to be supportive and accept the change with open arms.

  • Xenial 

The word Xenial represents the quality of the person who is Hospitable or welcomes the guest and maintains a positive relationship with them. The reason behind including this word is it helps the child to learn how to maintain the relationship with new people and that can only be learned if the parents are welcoming or forming new relationships. It can be as easy as greeting your neighbor. 

3 X’s of Effective Parenting

These are the 3 X’s of effective parenting. I think these are unique tips and most people don’t consider them as covering these tips. But, I love to share my experience and connect with you all. 

Do let me know your opinions in the comment section. 

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3 W’s of Effective Parenting

If you want to be an effective parent, then you will always make the right decision for your child that aligns with their interest, isn’t it? And the road to being a perfect parent is never-ending. And becoming a ‘perfect’ parent is a cliche title because you can’t become one. You will make mistakes even after becoming parents for years.

So, never strive for becoming perfect. Always try to be an effective and impactful parent. So, in the A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, I am sharing 3 W’s of effective parenting. Also, check out the previous post in this series.

  1. Welcoming

Never abandon your kids no matter how wrong they are. You can show your anger for their mistakes but never leave them. Just welcome them with your open arms and open heart. Sometimes, it is important to consider your child’s emotions and place yourself in their shoes and check what they are going through.

  1. Wise

Being wise doesn’t mean solving maths equations or doing science experiments. In life, it means much more than this. If you can distinguish between right and wrong without being biased then you are wise. You can’t make the right choice every time. But it is essential to be aware of the difference to make the best choice for your kids.

  1. Witty

When you are a parent, then you have to take care of your kids, household chores, and manage your professional work as well (if you are a working parent). You are always running on a low battery, but keeping a wittiness character can help you ease out throughout the day for sure.

Let me know in the comment which tip you are going to follow to become an effective parent. We are almost at the end of this A to Z Challenge. I hope I am teaching you new things to ace the parenting journey.


3 V’s of Effective Parenting

Parenting is a more committed and in-depth relationship that requires not only the contribution of the parents but also the children. The first step to becoming an effective parent is to learn and implement new things in your daily life and encourage your child to make an equal effort.

The A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, is giving me the opportunity to share some of the tricks that I have tried with my kids and it turns out to be great as well.

So, let’s start with the 3 V’s of effective parenting.

  1. Validate

Everyone in this world needs validation from someone subconsciously. So, make sure to be the person where your kids ask you for validation and that will only happen if you always extend your hand for support. Kids are sensitive, and it is essential to handle them with utmost care.

  1. Veracious

A parent should be a veracious person which means you should be always honest with your child. Because you would also expect the same from your child, isn’t it? So, why not start with yourself. Some truths can be harsh, but later on, they will be more comforting. Speak honestly and accept your mistakes if you made one.

  1. Versatile

When you become a parent, everyone expects you to be a rounder in every task. And, trust me, you will learn eventually. I have learned to draw different cartoons to make healthy and yummiest snacks for my children. Sometimes, I am not that good at maths, but it’s okay. So, be patient and try to be as versatile as you can be.


So, have you enjoyed these amazing tips? Then share your thoughts in the comment section below. And, don’t forget to read my next article about this series.

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3 U’s of Effective Parenting

Becoming an effective parent isn’t a one-time course that you will learn through a blog or a book, it is a whole life experience. You will learn new things and will make mistakes too. But, that’s completely okay and you don’t have to stress a lot about it because there is always room for improvement. That’s why I am trying to share my experience and learning in the form of tips in the A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z. I am sure a lot of parents will gain benefits from this whole series of challenges.

So, now let’s start with another alphabet. And, it’s 3 U’s of effective parenting.

  1. Uplift

As your kid will grow, people around them will always try to pull them down. But, if you have helped and uplifted them, then there are fewer chances for absorbing insecurities thrown by their peers or even elders. Push them to be better but don’t force them. They will surely seek your advice whenever they are feeling low.

  1. Understand

Understanding comes when you spend time with your child. And, it has to be on both ways which means, your child also has to understand you to make the bond powerful. So, spending quality time will help you and your child to learn about each other.

  1. Unique

You might often hear kids say that ‘You are not like other parents.’ This phrase can be good or bad depending upon the context. But it’s okay if you aren’t similar to other kids’ parents. You have a different uniqueness and quirk that makes you different yet supportive of your child. And don’t expect your child to be similar to other kids. Your kid has a different upbringing and they will surely be different. So, appreciate the uniqueness rather than complaining.


I hope these tips turn out to be helpful. Do let me know in the comment section if you want to read more about my parenting experience. Also, stay tuned for the next alphabet of becoming an effective parent. 

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3 T’s of Effective Parenting

When someone asks me what is the most difficult job in the world and i.e., hands down to raising kids. Well, almost all the parents will agree with this opinion. Like everyone, I have learned new ways of becoming an effective parent with my experience and I can’t conclude that I have become one. But, I can some of the great tips that would make an effective parent on this parenting journey by #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

I have divided some of the tips to become an effective parent into the letter ‘T’. So, let’s go through the 3 T’s of effective parenting.

  1. Thankful

We often teach our children to be kind and thankful to their peers, elders, and other living things and ask them to say thank you more often. But do you implement this advice to yourself as well? Saying ‘thank you to your child makes them happy and confident. It makes them feel that they are assisting you, even if they have done the slightest help.

  1. Transform

Transformation is the only constant. As your child grows up, they have different emotional needs, and being a parent you need to understand it. Transforming your nature and mindset towards your child gives them the freedom to follow their heart. Of course, you can always guide them and share your opinions but don’t let them be in a cage.

  1. Trustworthy

Trust is an important factor in every relationship and it has an equal and opposite reaction. The more you trust your kids, the more your kids will trust you. Don’t suffocate them with your values. Supporting them to be themselves and always be around them whenever they need you.


These are the simple yet effective tips that surely help you to make a connection for children. In the end, I will just conclude it by saying, let your kids bloom into a beautiful flower. They will learn new things and will surely make better decisions.

For any doubts or queries, you can drop a comment and share it, if you find this valuable.

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3S’s of Effective Parenting

Raising a happy and healthy child is one of the most challenging parts for parents. Parents are actually scared about how to raise their child, what would be the impact, etc. In this #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge, I am here to share my opinion on parenting. I have already shared a lot about effective parenting tips in my previous blogs.

Remember you don’t have to be a perfect parent but an effective parent. So today let us discuss the 3S’s of effective parenting. These 3’s will definitely help you in raising your child wisely.

3S’s Parenting

  • Spiritual

Raising the spiritual child means teaching them how to follow the path of virtue. As a parent, you should clarify what spiritual values are and how they can. Spirituality, morality, and religious ethics are important for your child. You should make them learn about spiritual beliefs and ideologies. Children do have thousands of questions to make sure you are ready to answer all of them.

  • Sensible

Teaching a child about responsibility can help your child grow sensible and dependent. Teach your child about gratitude, try out to make them learn through different chart patterns, what new things would they like to do? Try to understand them about changing him. Give your kids responsibility for getting under control but be with them to remind them how to do it. You can teach your child self-discipline. You can talk to them about saving money and long-term objectives.

  • Soulful

Nurture your child’s soul, give your child the undivided attention. Encourage them with their opinion with different ideas. Treating them with kindness, makes them feel about how important they are to you. They want to be respected. Don’t try to mould your child, instead learn to encourage, engage and embrace them. They wanted to feel respected. So show them respect and how much you love them. Your child always wants to feel important.


These 3S’s of effective parenting will help you to be a good parent. Thanks #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge for giving me an opportunity to share effective tips on parenting. Stay tuned with me for more such tips. So be ready to explore more about parenting. I hope these parenting tips are helping you in raising your child.

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3R’s of Effective Parenting

A genuine parent is the one who strives to make the best decision for their children. Your decision of reading this blog is the best because I will be sharing some beneficial tips on effective parenting with #BlogChatterA2Z. Successful parenting is not about achieving perfection but making your child learn.

We have covered a lot about effective parenting and now I am going to tell you how 3R’s will make parenting more effective. Are you ready? So let’s discuss the 3R’s of effective parenting!

  • Relax

The first R is how to make your child learn about being relaxed. Teaching kids to be relaxed with mindfulness is nowadays important. Relaxation for the kids promotes health and well-being. Build the habit of exercising and yoga, give them mindfulness activities. Mindfulness activities can often build happiness, attention, and emotional control. Mental and physical activities can help them relax.

  • Respect

Treating someone with respect means interacting with them in a way to show them love and care. When you respect someone, they will reciprocate with warm gestures. Sometimes it means doing things for them or listening to their instructions. Respect the physical boundaries, make decisions based on what’s right, not whom you like. Don’t forget to show respect for your decision.

  • Reward

Reward means appreciation that will help you to know more about your child. Treating your child with rewards will help them to grow with confidence and accomplish their goals. You can motivate your kid with the right kind of praise and gifts. Reward reinforce the behavior you want, yes you are helping your child recognize their achievements. Appreciate your kids when they help each other, and they build a good character. 

So here all about 3R’s of effective parenting. The above-mentioned tips will help you so that you can create stronger bonds with your child.

Make sure you always connect with your child emotionally and mentally. Have you ever read my previous blogs? If not, then do give a read to the blogs that will help you to be a good parent. Do you have any doubts? Just drop a comment below.

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3Q’s of Effective Parenting

I am again back with some amazing tips and tricks on how to become an effective parent. It is time to reveal the 3Q’s of effective parenting that will help you to be a great parent. You might have read some of my previous blogs on parenting. If not then do give them a read. You and your child share a special bond and trust me you have to make this bond stronger. Isn’t it? These tips will definitely help you.

So let us discuss the 3Q’s that will help you in parenting. 

  • Quick-Witted

Being quick-witted helps to analyze your child’s behaviour and how they are going to behave in a particular situation. Spending more time with help you to make quick-witted and knowing their action. You have to be prepared for shaping up their nature or interest. Believe in them and praise their efforts for developing the mindset. This will help them in developing their mind. Remember don’t overprotect them and set them free.

  • Quiet

Heated Arguments are not only worse for you but also for your kids too. Teach your child not to be stubborn, and how to be calm after the argument. Make them learn how to stay calm in tough situations. Yelling on your kids will not work, remember they are watching you and they learn from you. So, be their role model and handle them patiently.

  • Quirky

Help your child to understand the emotional changes. Being too strict and serious in front of your kids can change your bond with them. Show them that they can share anything with you, help them, play with them, teach them, and be a part of their discussion. Underestimating them will demotivate them. Be friends with them. Kids are always in search of friends and trust me you can be their best friend.

So here is all about the Alphabet Q. The above-mentioned effective parenting tips have helped many people. So now it is your turn to create a stronger bond with your child.

Make sure that you connect with your child emotionally and mentally. If you haven’t read my previous blogs with #BlogChatterAtoZ then gives them a read. Still, have doubts? Don’t worry just drop a comment below!

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