With the happy season relatively close, presently is the best open door for an all-new Indian wardrobe starting from suits for women to all kinds of ethnic wear. After a short time, various celebrations will come on your head, and your social timetable makes sure to be spillover with invites for the multiple events. From Holi celebrations to Diwali plus, you will have numerous occasions to march yours as of late organized storeroom that incorporates suits for ladies to sarees. Haven’t you thought about your design decisions for this large number of dates? You can unwind; we deal with you.

Usually, ethnic wear like suits for ladies was generally for occasions, festivities, and weddings in India. However, expect experts to be acknowledged that the ethnic wear market will continue to grow incessantly for the accompanying relatively few years. Furthermore, to remain with the pattern, the following are a couple of slick Ethnic wear to keep in your closet without a doubt! Beginning from Suits for Women.

  1. Earth colour Suits for Women

Novel occasions call for rich outfits like suits for ladies. The natural tones are presently a pattern, and suits for ladies of those tones are awesome. Showing solid shantoon straight kurta with a significant square printed plan natural shaded net coat, which has drawstring tie-up detail. Enhanced with two or three in number, shantoon gasped, remembering two side pockets and slip for end nuances. 

  • Sequin Saree

If you confide in the quieting down would be ideal thought; these sarees are not for you, given you’re willing to put it all out there. Sequin sarees are actually the thing we need for a fast shock of energy that requires hardly any work and is, at this point, beautiful every time you wear it.

  • The Anarkali Suit

Anarkali isn’t just about a suit style and Kalis. It is significantly more past these. One of the moving styles with the Anarkali is the cut Anarkali enhanced with stones and globules. Available in different surface choices, the clear surface like the net or the solid silk ones are the latest in the Salwar Suit style.

  • The Embroidered Salwar Suit

We Indians love winding around, and it could never run obsolete. Anything the winding around work may be added polish to the apparel. Look smooth in every festival with surfaces like silk, chiffon, and chanderi; thus, winding around suit wholesalers are rapidly selling the wound around salwar suit.

  • Kaftans

The kaftan design has vanquished a sweet pot in both western and Indian wear. Accordingly, without a very remarkable stretch, you can notice one to be in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether or not it’s lodging wear, maxi dress, loungewear, desi style, or party wear, it yet sorts out some way to be on the top summary.


  • Chikankari suits for Women

Stunning Chikankari outfits are made in contemporary diagrams and pastel tones. An unquestionable requirement is a proper suit set that integrates a pastel blue slipover sleeveless straight kurta, straight jeans, and a matching dupatta.

Nonetheless, over the course of time, as value and comfort started taking a middle stage in style, the entire format of ethnic wear was presented to an escalated update. Especially in the women’s section, the grouping today covers a broad scope of style clean – from intrinsically excellent to additional contemporary images, from everyday wear and effervescent wear to social affairs that befit even corporate gathering rooms. From Suits for Women to Anarkalis to office kurtis and sarees! And that is what we covered in this blog above—hoping to see this fashion being followed from your end.

Linen Dresses

Breathable, soft, lightweight, and soothing fabric is how I would define Linen. India is known for its luxurious fabrics – there is a luxury in not just wearing or owning a linen dress. The luxury of Linen begins right from its root, and linen takes a longer time to harvest and finally to make a fabric. Today when the temperature is soaring at its peak, linen can be your best companion. 

If you’re someone who is staying put and searching for breathable options to wear to the office or during day-outs – the hot and humid summer days, linen dresses are a must. I have been into linen dresses for years now. Be it my traveling days or days where I have to do a lot of outdoor shoots; nothing can go wrong with a linen dress. The linen dress is one staple I would always recommend to my readers, audiences, and even loved ones. 

If you ask me, where can we get a linen dress? Or where would I recommend buying one? Well, you will find a massive market in India for linen. Linen is available everywhere, from the street markets to many local stores and in branded showrooms. But how come a branded store offers you linen that costs thousands of rupees while the same linen is available for meager 500 rupees? Well, first thing, they aren’t the same linen, and get that thing out of your head. The quality of the linen is so much different from each other. Linen is a luxury brand, and one of the brands I would recommend – that sells authentic linen is Live Linen. It is one of the finest global brands for 100% pure linen clothing & home décor products.

Now that you know where to source your linen, here is how you can style your wardrobe with these seven Linen Women’s Clothing from Live Linen!

Linen Petunia Shirt Dress

Linen Petunia Shirt Dress

This is going to be hands down one of my favorite dresses. A classic shirt dress – is a must-have in your wardrobe. Style a short dress during your travels and also for a day out. It gives you an easy-flowing feel, and it is effortless to style. Add a beach hat, some flat chappals, and a heavy bracelet to give your look a perfect travel outfit. 

Linen Moana Midi Dress

Linen Moana Midi Dress

Are you looking for a day-to-night outfit? Well, this Moana mini dress is a perfect fit. The sleeves give your attire a fashionable yet chic look. You can add flats for your footwear, a basic pendant, and a handbag for daywear. Wear the dress for a night outfit style this with a broad belt, a sling, and heels or rather pups. The dress will elevate your look instantly. 

Linen Hazel Maxi Dress

Linen Hazel Maxi Dress

This is one dress you can style both in the western and Indian ways. So, adding this linen dress will give you the style of two different looks. Accessorize the look with heavy junk jewelry to give your look that perfect boho look.

Linen Drizzle Shirt Dress

Linen Drizzle Shirt Dress

The drizzle shirt is a dress that might not fall into the comfort zone for everyone, and the look is breezy and gives a classy look. So, if you want to ramp up your look, the drizzle shirt dress is for you in a simple yet different way. The dress is long, with a shirt collar and a button-down dress. 

Linen Claire Midi Dress

Linen Claire Midi Dress

The Claire mini dress is outstanding. A dress that will give your look a high on fashion vibes, and you can style it the way you want to. The V-neck and cross fabric detail is an eye-catcher. The dress is perfect for a college-goer or someone who likes to go all casual and look up to date on the fashion scale. 

Linen Citrus Midi Dress

Linen Citrus Midi Dress

Yet another classy, boho dress by Live linen. The color of the dress is just as the name suggests, Yellow. This dress is a perfect summer dress, giving you all the lemon vibes. This is one of the linen dresses you must have in your closet, as this can be styled in several ways but gives you the perfect easy and breezy feel.

Linen Amber A-Line Dress

Linen Amber A-Line Dress

An A-line dress, be it in any fabric, is a must-have. I have a lot of A-line dresses in my wardrobe, but the linen one max out the rest. The material is so soft that it makes the look easier and more comfortable. Dresses like these are always in fashion along with them. You can style them in so many ways that it all the more makes them a definite add-on to your closet. 

So, these are my suggestions for the seven linen dresses that you must have in your wardrobe. These are high in class, give you the perfect summer vibe, and are comfortable.

Weddings bring a great deal of joy and commitment to people. The season of unlimited fun, emotions, dances, and outfits is around the corner and we are overjoyed. For guests, it is an experience that brings an unmatched zeal and for brides, an unforgettable event that would change her life and the start of a journey that would embark love and commitment to a person.

For a bride, a wedding is an event where she wants everything to be just perfect. From the venue to the outfits, to the accessories; everything means so much more to her than always. Looking for bridal jewellery ideas for a bride can be a tough task to take up. Doesn’t matter whether you are the bride herself or someone who wants to get good wishes across with some wedding jewellery, we got you at the right time.

Credit: blingvine

We have some amazing bridal jewellery ideas that you can pick any day and they would just make the occasion better instantly.

opt for monochrome. Shades of red, floral, and pastels are trendy nowadays. With brides looking for more and more new vibrant colours from the palette to their outfits, jewellery doesn’t fall far behind. At Blingvine, we have specially crafted a bridal jewellery collection that has more to offer than just the mainstream colours usually worn at weddings. Between colour-neutral jewellery that dazzles, colours that pop and go straight with your wedding outfits are our specialty too!

Go royal with the best-suited collection for you.  American diamonds, gold-plated jewellery, and the beauty of gemstones will never disappoint you and in fact, leave you asking for more. In a country like India, weddings are a week-long celebration of love and every day is equally special and filled with meaningful cultural traditions that take hearts away. At such times, it gets a bit difficult to select jewellery that syncs with multiple colours that a bride has to wear throughout all the wedding activities. Such times call for special jewellery that matches with everything and is as royal as it gets. With Blingvine’s range in jewellery suitable for all colours, you are all set to pick up your favourite accessory in a nick of time.

Lastly, weddings become all about memories. The jewellery a bride wears, from her necklaces to her earrings, bracelets to her pendants; as a bride, you want to cherish it all. Jewellery is something that can be worn again and again. With wedding jewellery, people usually struggle to reuse them due to their designs that are way too traditional to be worn again by again. At Blingvine, we are all about our customer’s emotions and aim to preserve them forever. What can be a better way to preserve memories than living them again and again? Nothing right.

A wedding is a special occasion meant to be celebrated. The feeling of finding love in someone doesn’t knock at a person’s door again and again. It is so rare, just like our collection for every bride out there. Find yours today at Blingvine’s official website!

Women Handbags

Handbags are not just accessories or daily essentials. They are believed to make a statement these days. You tend to carry one while you step out of your home. But what type of bag to carry with which outfit is still a big confusion for many. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as we are here to help you out in styling women handbags in spectacular ways which are comfortable enough and will elevate your styling game too.


So, let’s move ahead and discover the best ways to style women handbag in best possible ways right away.

Best ways to style women handbags

Women handbags are a lot more than a purse for women. They seem to carry the there entire teeny tiny world in that handbag. To make you look astonishing with your handbag, mentioned below are the ways that you need to try out.

  • Daywear

If you are planning to go for a casual outing or grocery shopping, then tote bag is the perfect go-to option for you. Tote bags are usually available in various sizes and honestly, you just can’t have enough of them. But if you don’t have one in your closet, add it right now! It is a must-have essential for styling your everyday outfit.

  • For travel

Travel bags are the best when you are moving or travelling. Definitely while travelling, you require fewer and only important things. Therefore, messenger bags are an idol option for travelling. Slings bags and travel bags are also available in various sizes ranging from small to medium. You can choose the one according to your requirements.

  • For evening

If you are planning to spend some time away in the evening, you might get confused when it comes to carrying the correct bag. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. Well, the answer is clutches. They are slim and sleek and will enhance your overall look instantly. Especially if you are planning to wear your little black dress or any backless dress. Remember those big handbags are a no-no for such evenings. They are most probably going to ruin your entire look.

  • Women handbags for work

When we talk about work, it probably creates the image of professional attire. You just cannot pair your bling clutch with your professional attire. In this case, you can go for a medium-sized bag with solid colours. Keep away your loud, flashy and large-sized bags. Pick a very subtle and decent bag which blends easily with your professional attire and makes you look dramatically sophisticated.


So these were the top 4 ways to style women handbag according to the purpose and the time of the day. Make sure to decide the appropriate colour according to your outfit’s colour palette. In case, if you don’t have any colourful handbags you can always go for the basic ones and pair them with your outfits accordingly. We recommend you to at least have a minimum of 3 different types of bags.

7 Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas

First of everything is special. Be it the first day at school, first love, first date, or first kiss. But the first year of marriage is like the first flowers of spring – warm and beautiful. 

Twelve whole months have passed since you have united as one, but the first anniversary refreshes all the memories you have spent together as one. 

You would definitely want this to be special for your husband by getting the best possible gift available to you.

Traditionally, a paper was regarded as a symbolic gift for the first marriage anniversary. However, the clock has become a significant gift symbolizing the passage of time.  

It is also wonderful to give a thought to more personalized gifts than just a mere clock.  Custom gifts have more emotions attached to them and make the best first gifts. 

We have wound up 7 best first anniversary gifts ideas that you can consider presenting your hubby on your day of love. 


  • Handmade First Anniversary Couple Portrait From Photo


Anniversary Couple Portrait

You may have an entire album of your photos together but a handmade couple portrait hung on the wall of your bedroom can give your relationship a very intimate touch. 

A portrait can grow upon a person with time. A relationship may have ups and downs, and a portrait has the power to heal you through the downs. 

As a couple, you may change a hundred houses, but this handmade portrait of your best day will stay with you forever. Ou can also ask wedding photographers to provide a beautiful image of a couple and gift it on a special day. 

In fact, PortraitFlip has to offer a wide array of mediums to choose from. If you want a portrait as a table piece, go for watercolour but if you want it to form the dominating décor of your room, oil medium it is. 

PortraitFlip’s professional artists will do a wonderful job of making your couple painting look as realistic as the photo. A 100% money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions leave no room for complaint. This way, be assured that your portrait will be in good hands. 


  • Custom Star Map


Star map

If you have a snapshot of the sky on the night of your wedding, nothing can beat this gift. 

It frames the stars that aligned together on your best day. It is completely customizable, and you can personalize the template, colour, font and can add a message of your choice. 

Bring all the stars and sky you promised your hubby before the wedding on your first anniversary. 


  • Origami Wall Clock


Origami Wall Clock

Paper was considered as a traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary but has slowly been replaced with a clock. 

It can be a task selecting between the two since there are so many gorgeous options available in the market.

We have taken the burden off your shoulder and found mid-ground – an Origami Wall Clock. 

This modern clock has shown some detailed craftsmanship and comes in pastel shades to compliment any wall. It also works as a pleasant home décor piece. 


  • Vows On Canvas


Vows On Canvas

The centre of any wedding is the wedding vows. The words are embedded with a lot of love and the promise to be there for each other. 

Getting those vows imprinted on a canvas is a wonderful way to revisit your day of marriage and bring the colours back to life. 

Instead of keeping those vows locked in the chambers of the subconscious mind, get it framed and put it on the wall. So, the next time your husband does act as he promised, show him the vows. Power weapon.


  • Customized Anniversary Wine Carrier


Customized Anniversary Wine Carrier

One for each year. Nobody needed a reason to have wine, and this customized wine carrier lets you celebrate every milestone. 

It comes with three layers, one to use each year. Engrave your milestones and pop open a bottle of wine the day you achieve it together. 

The idea is to drink and grow together until you are wasted and old. 


  • Customized BoobleHead


Customized BoobleHead

Framing photos of the wedding has become old school. Obviously, they are your most cherished memories but definitely fabricated. 

Take out the moment of the day that you spend together and gift him a bobblehead made out of that moment. Original, realistic, and much more fun. 

A 3D scene of a regular day you have with him feels more like a marriage than the day of the wedding. Best part? It nods! 


  • Time Capsule


Time Capsule

People have done this since time immemorable, though their reasons were different. You do it for love. 

Fill a box with your and his favourite keepsake – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – and dig it the deepest bed of your garden. 

Years down the line, when it will be just one out of the two, this time capsule will take to the beginning of the era? 

Just in case you forget it there, your grandchildren will have an inspirational love saga to look up to.

You can also Check Handmade Gift Ideas 

Makeup Essential That Every Bride Should Include in Their Trousseau

Weddings are one of the most significant moments for everyone including the family, friends and of course the bride-to-be. With the enthusiasm of starting a new life altogether, there is emotional stress as
well. And, the top of all is shopping for the wedding trousseau. Only dream is to look best on d day. And brides start searching for beautiful bride gowns, Jewellery and most importantly bridal makeup products .

Makeup productsBeing a mommy, I still remember those days and it was no less than a hectic yet exciting task to cover up all essential in my suitcase. So, according to my experience, I can help you to tick off must-have in your wedding trousseau.

Apart from attire and other accessories, I will be focusing more on the makeup kits for the bride.

Because believe it or not, makeup can be the ultimate saviour on the days after your wedding. So, let’s check the list – make sure you add into your wishlist and start shopping!

1. For The Face

There are tons of products available in the market to get flawless, brighter and glowing skin, that every bride craves for. Primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blushing are essential products for the
base in the makeup kits for brides.
But, make sure to choose the right shade of the face products that suits and matches your skin tone.

2. For the eyes

Let your eyes speak more words by adding the eye makeup products in the makeup kits for the bride.
Eyeliner, eyeshadow pallets, eyebrow pencils or gels, eyelash curler, kajal, and mascara should be your holy grail when it comes to eye makeup.
It will assist you to give more definition to your eyes by making it appear larger and brighter. But, make sure to experiment with different colours and combinations before experimenting on important days.

3. For the Lips

Almost everyone loves the idea behind the soft and luscious lips. So, what can you do to make it more attractive? Using fruity lip balms, lip liners, lipsticks to make your lips stand out.

Try out different shades of lipstick in matte, creme and glitter before sticking to one. Use a lip liner which can give the illusion of perfectly shaped lips. Lip balm will shield your lips from any reaction while making
it soft and supple.

4. For the Hands

You might be wondering why to pay attention towards hands, but choosing a good nail paint and a hand cream can make a visible difference. Trust me, even the perfectly manicured hands will require some pop
of colours from nail paint and extra nourishment from a hand cream.

So, you need to invest in a good hand cream and a bunch of different nail paints.

5. Makeup Brushes

Essential products in Makeup kits for brides would never be completed without the mention of a sturdy set of makeup brushes and sponges, right? Applying makeup with your fingers is a complete no-no. Different
makeup brushes can help you to apply your makeup easily and help you to blend properly. So, investing in makeup brushes is completely essential. Makeup kits for brides can help to relieve the stress of looking good without even a makeup artist. Of course, you need basic makeup skills too. But, you can try out with different makeup products.

6. Jewelry

Add that extra charm to your whole look by matching the outfit with sparkling personalized getnamenecklace Jewelry .

Don’t forget to bookmark this article, because it will surely support you to tick off everything on your checklist. I hope this article is the complete guide on everything you need to own in your bridal makeup
vanity. If you want to know more about on such topics then do let me know in the comment section below.
Happy reading!

Why every girl should own a pair of pajamas in their wardrobe?

“I don’t own a single pair of Pajamas, said no women ever.” It is quoted truly as the pajamas are considered as the best friend for every woman. Who doesn’t love a soft and comfortable pair of pajamas rather than those high waisted tight jeans which make difficult to breathe. Pajamas for
women are just like the perfect outfit that every girl can happily prefer to wear.

Pajamas for women

Here are some of the reasons which truly justifies why every girl should have a couple of pajamas in their wardrobe.

a) Pajamas are cute yet stylish

Pajamas for women are available in different patterns and colours. You can never have enough patterns and styles in your wardrobe. There are a variety of online websites which have a tremendous collection of sleepwear. From gingham style to cute patterns, Zivame has it all. There are the availability of the versatile collection will crave you to buy more than one pair of pajamas. Buy online your favourite pair of pajamas and have tight sleep with your teddy.

b) PJs provides the best comfort zone

After a long tiring day, whether at college or work, all you need is a tub of ice cream, Netflix to chill and pajamas to be comfortable at your own place. Changing up your clothes from jeans to pajamas is the best feeling in this world and it surely releases your stress after a long tiring day.

c) Pajamas are for everyone

From the late teens to the late thirties or even forties, every woman prefers to wear pajamas
irrespective of their age. They can make them feel at peace while doing their own stuff. It is one of the luxurious things which can make everything better at the end of the day.

d) Get a good night sleep in the comfy pajamas

Good night sleep is interlinked to provide calmness to your mind. A pair of pajamas will make you feel relaxed and content which ensure to have a better sleep. As per the research, wearing loose pajamas will release happy hormones and prevent stress in your life. So, why not shop for a new pair of Pajamas?

e) You can also choose to rock the Pajamas look in style

Will you believe if I tell you that you can wear pajamas in your college too? Yeah, you have read it right. There are some days when you don’t feel like putting much effort into your outfit. All you need to do is take a cool graphic tee or a boyfriend t-shirt and pair it up with your pajamas. Now, you have
a super cute yet effortless outfit of the day.

Pajamas for women can turn out to be relaxing therapy. While buying your pajamas you need to keep a check on the material of the fabrics. The fabrics should feel soft on your skin. That’s why I personally recommend Zivame, as they have one of the best collection of the cotton pajamas for
women. When you don’t feel like doing anything, pajamas will be there by your side and turn out to be the best friend that you can rely on.

Seasons Vadodara launches its new store BAGH in Mumbai!

Ethnic wear for women
Ethnic wear for women

Here’s a great news for all the fashion lovers! Seasons, one of the most lovable brands of all the fashion enthusiasts has upgraded itself to a finer locale. Seasons has started its brand-new store in South Mumbai! The brand has multiple stores across India and now it has also spread its wings in the financial capital of the country. Its exclusive and supremely popular ethnic apparels will now be available in Mumbai! The brand is known for its Ethnic wear for women, for their designer prints, Kurtis and their novel styles. Their USP is the traditional touch that they bring to their designs. It makes them stand out of the league!

About Seasons: Get Best Ethnic wear for women

Seasons have stores in various cities and have their own specialties. The Banarasi and Lucknowi designer pieces are amongst the most in-demand fashionable ethnic wear for women. Their huge range of ethnic wear collection attracts a lot of attention from the fashion lovers. After the super success of their stores in Vadodara, Surat and Ahmedabad, Seasons is making a new beginning with their Mumbai store which is located at the plush locale at Hughes Road, South Mumbai. The store, Bagh, is touted to be one of their significant stores which will feature their best collection.

About the Launch:

The boutique was inaugurated with all pomp and show! Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame singer Ronkini Gupta and her band members performed at the event with melodious Sufi tunes and mesmerized the guests with the evergreen ‘Dumadam Mast Kalandar’ song. The event also marked the presence of several A-list models. Models Vijaya Dey, Priyasha Chaudhuri, Tashveen Sehgal and Revathi Acharya wore the stunning ‘Bagh’ ethnic collection. The latest collection has the best of colors, shades and designs which isn’t seen anywhere before!

Ethnic wear for women
Ronkini Gupta and her band members

Best Ethnic Wear collection for women

In the newly released Bagh collection, all the fashion enthusiasts will find the choicest of ethnic wear outfits for women. The designers have uniquely created the apparels which are meant for people with finer taste and style. Classy and elegant are the words that describe their beautiful collection. For all the women looking for simplicity, they also have a different section with simple yet gorgeous attires with a wide range. So, the brand ensures that they have something for everyone!

Ethnic wear for women
Models wearing best collection from store

Ethnic wear for women
Amazing collection at Bagh

The new store has surprising elements and the best rage in designer apparels. The printed Kurtas are being loved the most. The uniquely styled dresses and Kurtis have an unmatched beauty that one just cannot deny. Also, the Lucknowi Kurtas are the best-selling ones! Seasons store, Bagh, truly boasts of the best ethnic wear collection for women

About the store:

Since the 1950s, the corner building hosted the Mercedes showroom followed by a conspicuous Reliance Jewels. Now with Bagh, the building has been given a pleasant makeover. The store does complete justice to its location. The beautiful yellow that cannot be missed as you drive past the Gamdevi cross junction and from the inside, the hues of indigo color attract your attention. The stunning feel of silk riches and softly printed muslin simply embellishes the entire aura. The brand has a loyal share of customers. It has been receiving love and acceptance as it has come all the way from Gujarat. Now, the brand welcomes all the locals and Mumbaikars to experience their rich ethnic wear collection.


Stylish braids for womenThis is a Sponsored feature, all opinions given in this blog post are mine.


 Are you irritated with bad messy, dried hair and always tie up scarf, when you go out? Then braids may be for you because they are best when it comes to protective hairstyle to make you look always beautiful. These braids  are fairly low maintenance, they are apt for Mexico or Caribbean vacation and also for every day hairstyle. These braids are so beautiful that every head will turn towards you when you try and most importantly you get in many colors, designs and length which matches with your natural hair.  Along with this, you can add your favorite pink, purple or blonde color to your braids to look more colorful and stylish which is easy to do.  Do you love African braid style, a special braided up-do, criss-crossed cornrows or maybe a braid bun, then Kanekalon Jumbo Braids or X-Pression Ultra Braids may be the braiding hair choice for you.  The one stop destination is Divatress, you’ll find all these above mentioned braids in the online website. They have amazing selection of braids for black women too that they are gonna surely  love. These  braiding hair can be customized to create truly creative look that sets you stand out in crowd. This Brand has braids that match your personal style or personality.  They offer various braiding hair from brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more.  Shop Divatress braiding hair collection today!
Crochet Braids for Women
Braids from divastressAre you regular braider? “if not, then crochet braids is the your choice. Crochet braids are easier to handle to give braid hairstyles easier than ever. Variety of braids are available in crochet hair styles today, from Wavy Faux Locs and Goddess Locs to Water Waves to all different kinds of Box Braids.  If you apply braids properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids. Even you would forget sometimes. Click on the following link to check  to Crochet Braids.
Loop Braids for Women
Color ful braidsThere are also many of the crochet braids now come with pre-looped holes which make crochet braids to get installed easily. Every day you can see designs and variety changes so, you will never be shortage of styles. This braids can save your lot of time when you are running out of time for any functions. Loop crochet braids are available in all brands like FreeTress, Outre X-pression, Bobbi Boss and more.
@Snehalata jain Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Snehalata jain ( ) with right and specific direction to the original content.

Readymade blouses, saree blouse

The best way to dazzle in classic Indian saree is to pick the right kind of saree blouse and make it forever endearing. The three-piece women clothing is all about wearing the right fabric and saree-blouse combination. These two factors are quintessential in enhancing the overall appeal of any saree and taking it to another level.

If you can decode these two things, you are all sorted in saree segment. Check out my post to unveil the types of blouse one should carry with different kinds of sarees and get ready to shop accordingly. All these styling hacks are provided by keeping the latest fashion trends and mindsets of modern women in vision. From lavish silk sarees to trendy chiffon sarees, everything has got covered to suit the fashion needs of every individual and the theme of every occasion. Discover these latest saree styling hacks with me and take fashion notes for your individual style. Check in…

Silk Sarees – Boat Neck Blouse

Boat Neck Blouse
Whenever there is a wedding function or some regal celebration, silk sarees take the front row of the cupboard and become the foremost choice of every Indian woman. The best way to highlight the charisma of these luxurious drapes is to sport attractive boat neck blouse and make the best of your ethnic avatar instantly. The exquisite boat neck pattern looks way chic and sassy when paired with lush silk saree.

Cotton Sarees – Closed Neck Boxy Sleeves Blouse

Closed Neck Boxy Sleeves Blouse
Cotton saree is the all-time fave of every Indian woman. The massive popularity of these sarees is because of the matchless crisp texture and fuller appeal. Also, the fabric is highly comfortable and skin-friendly. Always pick classic closed neck blouse with boxy sleeves to team up with cotton sarees and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment. Check out latest readymade blouses to find this pattern and make your wish come true instantly.

backless blouseA backless blouse is what a modern diva needs to pair with gorgeous georgette sarees and experience the best of this evergreen silhouette. Try this look for parties, wedding functions and family celebrations and become the queen of forever ethnic fashion. Do not forget to invest in the matching jewellery and accessories and get ready to look like million bucks.

Chiffon Sarees – Off Shoulder Blouse

Off Shoulder Blouse
How about maintaining the ‘bold & beautiful’ look this season!? Chiffon sarees are the most fave and foremost pick of modern era women as these ethereal drapes are easy to carry and sport at any hour. Slip into a sassy off-shoulder saree blouse with lovely chiffon saree and get ready to grab eyeballs.

Net Sarees – Sheer Blouse

Sheer BlouseAll the party lovers just can’t stay without an ample of stunning net sarees in their ethnic wardrobe. But along with that, make a space for slinky sheer blouse designs to enhance the overall party look and inspire others for best ever saree styling.

WRITTEN BY Manisha Dubey