Balzano Yoga Blender

Including fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet is a great habit to develop. It is a better idea to add fruits and vegetables into your diet if you are too lazy to cut them and eat them raw. You got it accurately. It is about squeezing fruits. Juicing will be easy if you have a decent juicer in your kitchen.

balzano juicer

Nothing beats a glass of fresh, delicious fruit juice before leaving to work or after returning home. To do so, you must first find an excellent juicer that meets your requirements.

A cool glass of morning juice might help you feel more energized and get your day started on the right foot! With the help of Balzano Yoga Blender, you can make mouth-wateringly delicious juices in a matter of minutes! What’s impressive about this blender is that it keeps the nutritional worth of fruits and veggies intact, allowing you to get the benefits. It also saves you time by providing you with a selection of healthy juices at the touch of a button!


The Balzano Yoga Blender has a novel Cyclonic Motion and an incredible 600W engine that guarantees excellent outcomes in a short measure of time! The blender is easy to clean and has a minimal plan that occupies little room on your kitchen counter.

The Balzano Yoga Blender Auto Seed Separation tool is a one-of-a-kind feature.

What more can the Balzano do? Why is it so expensive? Should you purchase it? Our article answers these questions.

Features of Balzano Yoga Blender

  • Super Quiet

The yoga blender is extremely quiet, with noise levels below 60 decibels, thanks to its moderate pace and precisely constructed assembly.

  • Save time, and it’s simple to digest

You can save time in the kitchen by using auto seed separation, and you won’t have to eat fruit seeds with little nutritional value.

  • The technology of stone grinding

The only blender that does not chop fibre and instead chews it between the teeth of specially designed plates, getting maximum nutrients from ingredients organically.

  • Technology for a cyclonic waterfall

The meals revolve in a cyclonic motion and are stone ground/repeatedly chewed; just like yoga and Ayurveda prescribe, we chew the food 32 times before eating it.

  • The texture can be controlled.

With the yoga blender, you can now fine-tune the smoothness of your drink. The only blender with a low speed and naturally pre-chewing of fibre in juices, smoothies, and soups, resulting in low oxidation and nutrient preservation.

Pros of bender:

  • It is known to create more squeeze than another juicer, henceforth gainful for colossal families. You can deliver a new glass of juice in less than a moment with the machine. It will save a lot of time, especially for a large family. They wouldn’t need to go without the nourishment they require.
  • A few groups accept that since juice machines prepare juice so rapidly, a large part of the essential supplements is lost all the while. In any case, the opposite is valid for Balzano Yoga Blender. Without warming or harming the supplements fundamental by the human body, the Balzano ensures valuable proteins.
  • Individuals as of now live in a swift-moving and rushed environment. They disregard the significance of eating and even eating regimens. Individuals go to juices to top off their bodies with the supplements they require.

Cons of blender:

  • It is powered by the mains and doesn’t consist of a battery.
  • Another component to consider while making juice is the sugar content, as the organic product may rapidly raise the sugar content of a generally good smoothie.
  • Another potential burden is the expense. The high cost of cold squeezed juice is referred to by numerous individuals as motivation to keep away from it.


The lone blender that utilizes an old-fashioned Ayurvedic strategy for squeezing and mixing, extricating 100% sustenance with fibre included, actually like biting and ingesting leafy foods. It guarantees that the entirety of the supplements from the veggies and organic products are conveyed to your body through the juice while likewise saving you time. Exploit the most innovative possible solution.

Balzano Blender Review

The invention of the blender has indeed proven to be highly helpful for humans. No other blender can work as efficiently as Balzano Nutri blender 500W. The heavy-duty Balzano Nutri blender 500W makes our work easy in blending anything in large and in small quantities. So be it your spicy dips or healthy dips, you can make all in super easy ways with Balzano Nutri blender 500W.

Balzano Blender

The best advantage of the Balzano Nutri blender 500W is that it comes very handily. So, now is the time to replace your traditional mixer with a Balzano Nutri blender 500W.  The blender is perfect for taking care of all your kitchen needs. I recently ordered my Balzano Nutri blender 500W, and I am totally in love with the blender’s Italian sleek design.

The Exclusive features of the Balzano blender that will make your purchase worth buying

  • The great blender is designed with a complete Italian concept. The design is sleek and compact, making it very easy to handle the Nutri blender 500W and use it.
  • This is also quick and easy to manage.
  • This expert design blender lets you effortlessly mix and grind the most challenging ingredients in just a few minutes. You can easily use the blender to blend wet and as well as dry ingredients.
  • The powerful rated 500W motor is potent and also comes with overload protection for continuous operation. The jars of the blender are entirely BPA free Tritan jars.
  • The product is super sleek and compact. This astonishing review will definitely force you to get your hands on the amazing blender.
  • Also, these Tritan material of these Jars are imported from the USA.
  • Unlike other blenders, it is easy to get the hang of Balzano Nutri blender 500W and also to control it. Also, you can manage the power with one single button. The easy twist operation of the blender allows you to pulse, grind, and blend.
  • As it is essential to make sure that the jar should be fixed tightly before you start the operation, the double interlock system of the Balzano blender makes the blending hands free.
  • You don’t have to stand in front of your blending jar for a long time, as the high quality and specially crafted stainless steel blades of the Balzano jar will provide you with the most satisfactory results in no time.
  • The leak-proof BPA Tritan jars make the storing of all the wet and dry ingredients super easy. The operation with the Balzano Nutri blender 500W is also with very less voice. The pots can also be cleaned effortlessly as they do not create any mess at all.
  • The excellent Nutri blender 500W comes with two blades which is- One blending blade and another grinding blade, and also with two other separate jars- One is 250ML jar and other 500ML jar.

So, Dear readers, these features make this Balzano blender super-efficient in terms of cost, maintenance, cleaning, and user experience as well. The blender comes with a universal blade, which is dishwasher safe and hence does not need any sharpening—the compact design of the Balzano Nutri blender stores very little space compared to bulky food processors. The food processor also tends to extract all the required antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins from your food for complete nourishment.


This blender is especially perfect for the Indian kitchen. So you do not have to think much before purchasing it. Place your order and start enjoying your delicious smoothies right away. The blender also allows the preparation for baby food in seconds. And also supports hands-free grinding with excellent double interlock functions. You can easily place the order online and receive the blender in a short time.

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Top 4 Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes

Be it on social media or in your home, everyone has become a Masterchef now. Almost every other person has instantly developed an interest in cooking and they are considering it as a therapeutic hobby. Well, it’s the truth. Being a mother of two children, I want my family to be fed properly and I love cooking new things for them. The article includes 4 Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes to try with your kids.

Today, let’s learn how to cook with kids at home in India to make the best of the time at home. These recipes are super simple and easy to make with your kids. Trust me, I have already tried them out with my daughter, Angel!


  • Bake a Chocolate Cake With Your Kids

Teaching your kids how to bake a chocolate cake is always fun. If your kids are small then ask them to help in basic tasks like whisking the batter properly or mixing the ingredients while you can do the proper measurements of the ingredients. 

Ingredients for Chocolate Cake: 

  • One and a half cup of all-purpose flour
  • One teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • One cup of sugar & water
  • One-third cup of vegetable oil
  • One-fourth cup of cocoa powder
  • One tablespoon lemon juice
  • One tablespoon vanilla essence

Steps to bake a Chocolate Cake with kids: 

  • Firstly, you can preheat the oven for 15 minutes up to 170 degrees C. 
  • Ask your kid to grease the baking pan and place the parchment paper into the baking pan.
  • Sieve the flour and add the ingredients simultaneously and let your kid whisk the batter. 
  • With the help of your kid, pour the batter into a baking pan and bake the cake for 25 minutes. 
  • Check the cake by inserting a skewer in the center of the cake and it must come out clean. It means your cake is ready to be served. 

You can ask your kid to decorate the cake with some chocolate syrup and sprinkle some dry fruits over it.  Chocolate cake is Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes and a most loving dish of kids. 

  1. Grill a Cheese Veggie Sandwich with Kids 

Let’s face it, we mothers have hidden nutritious vegetables inside the sandwiches which our kids don’t like! We can teach our kids to layer the nutritious vegetables inside the sandwich and add a layer of cheese which multiplies the taste of the delicious sandwich. 

So, here’s the recipe for the cheesiest grilled vegetable sandwich with kids. 

PS: Don’t forget to add as many leafy vegetables as you can. 

Ingredients for Cheesy Grilled Vegetable Sandwich: 

  • Six slices of multigrain bread (you can choose brown, white or multigrain as per your taste)
  • One cup mozzarella grated cheese or you can also opt for Amul cheese slices
  • A cup of chopped vegetables (corn, bell pepper, carrots, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and olives) 
  • One tablespoon of oregano and parsley herbs 
  • A handful of coriander leaves 
  • Two tablespoons of butter
  • One chopped garlic

Steps to grill a cheese vegetable sandwich with kids: 

  • Preheat the sandwich maker or griller for 10-15 minutes.
  • Let your kids mix the chopped vegetables, chopped garlic, and coriander in a bowl.
  • Then you can add herbs and salt according to your taste into the veggies.
  • Let your kids apply the butter on one side of the bread slices.
  • Spread the veggies on the other side of the bread and sprinkle some of the grated mozzarella cheese. 
  • Cover the bread with the other slice and place it in the preheated sandwich maker or griller.

Take out the sandwich once they turn golden brown and cut it two halves and serve them with some ketchup or chutney.

  1. Try Out Falooda Recipe with Your Kids

It’s summertime and we know that kids can’t go out and have kulfi or ice-cream. So, why not teach your kids how to make falooda at home which will be a perfect treat in this hot scorching summer. 

And I am here to make it 10 times better than the regular falooda with a secret ingredient. Do you want to know? The secret is the best friend of your child’s nutrition of course, PediaSure. Yes, we are going to make PediaSureFalooda!

Why add PediaSure in a Falooda Ice Cream Recipe?

is one of the best child nutritional drinks available in the market. It helps in weight and height gain of a child naturally. Moreover, it is clinically tested and shows visible growth in 90 days. 

Ingredients for PediasureFalooda Recipe: 

  • 400 mL full-fat cream milk 
  • Three scoops of PediaSure
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Four tablespoons of rose jelly
  • Two tablespoons of rose syrup
  • Half cup vermicelli or falooda
  • One and a half tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 4 scoops of ice cream

Steps to make a PediasureFalooda with kids:

  • Take the cold milk and add scoops of PediaSure and mix it thoroughly.
  • Ask your kids to help you soak the chia seeds and keep it aside for 2 hours. 
  • Boil the vermicelli and set it aside. 
  • Take a glass, add the rose jelly, and let your kids add the soaked chia seeds. 
  • Then add the vermicelli, rose syrup and then add chilled PediaSure milk into it. 
  • You can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle some nuts on top.
  1. Make a Mango Smoothie With Kids 

Summer is the season of mango and we can’t complete our best home recipe without a mango dish, isn’t it? It’s super simple to make and you just need 2 ingredients. Your kids will love it too. 

Ingredients for Mango Smoothie Recipe: 

  • 2 fresh mangoes and 1 frozen mango 
  • 3 frozen bananas

Steps to make a Mango Smoothie with kids:

Just add the ingredients in the blender and blend it completely. Now pour the mixture and if you want you can top it with mangoes, cherries, and some nuts. 

I hope you will love these recipes as these are super easy and quick to make with your kids. It is always a great idea to engage your kids with something useful and it’s a great time for them to learn something new.  Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes for the kids. 

Share your photos of the recipes and tag me on my Instagram.  

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The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. Any omissions or errors at the author’s end does not assume any liability or responsibility on any party mentioned in the blog.

Boost Immunity in Indian Kids 

Is your kid falling ill constantly? In spite of giving medicines, is he or she taking a long time to recover? Well, the root of this problem is a lack of immunity. A list of proper nutrients is important for immunity in Indian kids. We have heard that food is as effective as medicine in gaining proper strength and immunity. A lot of researchers have proven that a human’s defense system is activated by the proper intake of food.

PediaSure- Boost Immunity in Indian KidsWith the occurrence of new diseases, kids with lower immunity are more prone to getting affected by these diseases. The food that we eat is also many times contaminated or adulterated with impure substances. As parents, we want to protect our children always even from small bruises. But, are we taking effective measures to address this concern? 

Here is a list of important nutrients that can boost immunity in Indian kids:

  • Calcium

We all know that Calcium is a mineral that helps to promote strong bones and teeth in a kid’s growing years. The calcium gets absorbed in the bones and makes them stronger. The amount of calcium absorbed is dependent on the amount of calcium consumed by the child. 

Broccoli, cabbages, nuts and dairy products are some superfoods that are rich in calcium.

  • Protein 

Protein plays an important role in building and repairing the tissues in our kid’s body. Every kid requires approximately 1 gram of protein per kg which roughly calculated as 18 grams – 25 grams of protein per day (it is dependent upon their total weight)

Legumes, nuts, seafood, lean meat, and eggs are some superfoods that are rich in protein.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are responsible for providing energy to the body’s cells. The body breaks down the carbs into simple sugars and they circulate through the bloodstream. Due to carbohydrates, kids stay super energetic throughout the day. 

Fruits, leafy vegetables, beans and bread (or chapatis) are some superfoods that are rich in carbohydrates.

  • Iron 

Iron is a super essential part of the kid’s meal. This nutrient helps the oxygen to move from the lungs to the other parts of the body. The muscles store the oxygen and use it for proper functioning. Deficiency of iron is very common in kids and can lead to serious diseases. 

Tofu, beans, peas, leafy vegetables, dried fruits, cereals and bread are some superfoods that are rich in iron. 

I know, you might be thinking that it would be great if we can find one superfood that contains all these nutrients for building immunity. And, here’s one brand that I recommend to every mother:

How PediaSure Can Help Boost Immunity in Indian Kids?

Believe it or not, PediaSure is infused with all the above nutrients along with Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, E Pre & Probiotic, Selenium, Copper and more nutrients that help in proper growth and increment in kid’s immunity. Apart from the nutrients it has high-quality protein that supports muscle development as well.

PediaSure is a nutritional supplement recommended by world-class pediatricians as it provides balanced nutrition in children from the age of 2 years and above. 

There’s certainly no reason to decline the goodness in the jar!  Even if your child is a fussy eater and tends to reject nutritious food based on their color or taste, they would love to drink it for its taste the way you would love to give PediaSure to them for its nutrition.

Has PediaSure helped Enhance My Child’s Immunity?

I have written a lot of blog posts about my experience with PediaSure. I have been happier with the results provided by this product. It has provided my daughter with every kind of nutrient that assists her in growth, immunity, and strength. 

I am so delighted that I made the right choice with PediaSure to enhance my daughter’s immunity. I suggest all mothers out there to give it a try. I am sure you will never regret it. 

If you’ve tried it, you can share your experience in the comments section below. 

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Learn the meaning behind Food Bias

Before sharing my experience, I would like to clear the term, ‘Food Biases’ for my readers. Food Biases are saying ‘no’ to certain food items without any concrete reason. Furthermore, neglecting or accepting certain food groups without any proper argument or reason behind it is a food bias.

Food Biases

Well, from the past couple of decades, I have been doing it. As a matter of fact, you might be doing it knowingly or unknowingly. For example, I went to the supermarket with my husband to buy regular household items and other snacks to munch. So, I was scrolling my eyes through the shelves of biscuits, cakes, wafers and more. But, my eyes just stopped on a packet of biscuits because the outer packing claims to be ‘high in fibre’. And, without thinking twice, I just purchased the packet. 

Likewise, little kids tend to avoid a new food item without any reason for it. They might not like the taste or maybe the visual appearance of it. But, it can be difficult to make them understand the benefits of that particular food item. 

How You Can Steer Clear of Food Biases?

My daughter has never been a picky eater but I can understand the pain of the parents when their child neglects certain food groups. Because getting all the nutrition from a single set of food seems impossible.

Here are some of the ways which have helped me to steer clear from the Food Biases:
  • Get creative with your food presentation skills

Sometimes, kids tend to eat those food sets which are visually appealing. Making a plain sandwich might not work but adding big eyes with cucumber and tomato slices make it irresistible. 

  • Tell them the importance of nutrients and vitamins for the growth of their body 

Explaining to them why certain food groups are actually good for their mental and physical growth helps them to understand why they should be eating it. Like telling them that eating something will make them strong and tall like a tree may help them visualize what strong and tall means.

  • Don’t be impatient

Never force or stuff your child with certain food which they don’t like, especially if they are trying it for the first time. Offer the food item to them again after a few days, maybe in a different form. Also, there are higher chances that your child will try out the new food item under a positive social environment – like a friend’s tiffin in school. So, give them their own little time to experience it.

My Daughter’s Result with PediaSure


While trying to help my daughter Angel steer clear of food biases, I was also searching for a nutritional drink which can also act as a health supplement for her physical and mental wellness. 

Then my Pediatrician recommended PediaSure to me. She explained that it has growth nutrients that support height, weight gain, immunity and brain development for your child. 

I tried and tested the product and I have seen visible growth within a span of 90 days. 

After trying it out for a longer duration, I am able to see the visible results, not just physically but mentally as well. She is more active than before and makes an extra effort to stand out from the crowd. 

The Grow Right Charter by PediaSure has totally helped me to track Angel’s overall performance. The proper nutritional intake has never been neglected on a structured mealtime schedule. 

I was delighted to discover about PediaSure. Due to the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables, I might not be able to give her complete nutrients but with PediaSure, it has fulfilled the nutrient requirement for complete growth of my child. 

Do try the above methods to avoid encouraging food biases in your child and tell me what your experience was!

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The Healthy Choice For Snacks When Going On A Keto Diet


You can hear a lot of people going on about their food restrictions. Suddenly, everyone seems to be worried about their calorie intake and everything. They are obsessed with numbers and nonstop counting. You hear all these numbers. You may not know what they mean. There’s a new trend of going on the famous keto diet. You have probably heard about it. It may sound complicated. But it’s not. Many have said that they’ve lost a lot of weight. If that’s what you want, you could try it.

Every diet says that you have to have three meals every day. Sometimes, it can really be hard for you not to eat anything in between. Snacking is also an important part of a healthy diet. But the hard part is finding a healthy snack that you like. Thankfully, there are a lot of products on the market today. You can try them one by one. Then, you can finally choose the one you like the most.

Apart from going on a diet, a lot of people have other restrictions. There are vegetarians and vegans. Also, there are some who eat gluten – free foods. Everyone has a specific taste. So, finding the right snacks for them is harder. There are just so many restrictions. Thankfully, many manufacturers have taken all of this into account. So, now, there’s something for everyone. You can read more about keto here.

What is a keto diet?

Going on this restriction is the new trend. Supposedly, you can lose a lot of weight. There have been some researches that prove this. Also, they say that it’s supposed to improve your health. You have to eat low carbs and high fats. Some doctors say that it has many benefits against certain illnesses and diseases. However, it can be hard to pull this off.

The most important thing that a diet has to do is to make you lose weight. If you want to try it out, you should that it’s far superior to others. You don’t even have to count so much. That part is just so exhausting. You can lose weight without tracking. You only have to pay attention to what you’re supposed to eat. There are some things you can’t eat together. There are some restrictions you have to read about beforehand. You can find some of the most common mistakes people do on this link


The right snack

keto dietEvery healthy way of life forbids junk food. So, you have to find the suitable healthy snack to keep you full between your meals. There are several types of foods you could try. If you don’t like to waste time prepping beforehand, you could buy some products.

Health benefits of this diet

If you didn’t know, keto appeared as a solution to treating neurological diseases. But, it’s been proven that there are many more benefits. Improving your way of life will improve your heart health. Your blood pressure and sugar will be regulated. It can also slow down your tumor growth. Some parents have noticed that their children experience less epileptic seizures. This could also help with your acne problem. There are a lot of products like Heka Good Foods keto bar that’s proven to be quite healthy and beneficial. So, you could try them out. See if you like them.


What to avoid?

You should be prepared for this. There are just so many things that you have to avoid. This is because most of them have sugar. Even those that are labeled sugar – free, you shouldn’t eat them. This type of eating has a lot of disadvantages when it comes to snacking. You can’t eat fruit even. Sugary foods are forbidden, too. So, you are limited in your choices.

You may be confused what to do. Thankfully, there are many helpful recipes and guides online. If you’re ever in doubt, you can look them up. You may even find a support group. When you are too lazy to prepare something, you can just buy a keto bar. It’ll satisfy your hunger for the time being. It’ll help you wait for your next meal. There are so many flavors to try out.

Top 5 Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

What could be more refreshing than travelling and eating, I am a mom traveler and I love to eat all the dishes around the world. There are many countries where you can go and eat the vegetarian food because the vegetarian food over there is absolutely tasty. Morocco the ravishing land of sun and rain is the land where the vegetarian dishes are even more delicious than you can even think. There is a huge variety of vegetarian foods  in Morocco and dishes which are not only tasty but also very nutritious. If you are planning Morocco Family Holidays then you need to try these top five vegetarian dishes which are absolutely amazing !


Vegetarian Foods in MoroccoPastilla

One of the tastiest Moroccan dishes is the pastille, as the name predicts, this is the most interesting dish I have tasted till now. This dish is the Moroccan answer of individual savoury pie. This is used as the appetizer but trust me this dish could be eaten as your once course meal and you won’t regret your decision. These are savoury vegetables which are puffed in the pie combines with the different types of Moroccan spices.

Vegetable tajineVegetarian Foods in Morocco

It does not matter which type of food you are going to eat in Morocco and whether you are a vegetarian or not. This vegetable tajine is this dish which is used to complement all the dishes you will eat in Morocco. Your Morocco family holiday will include eating this with almost all the dishes in a different restaurant. This food is the made by using the saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric and for the topping, they use dried fruits or nuts to create the effect of crunch and sweetness. And the most interesting fact is that it is made in the tajine clay pot. Tajine is the most healthy Vegetarian Foods in Morocco.

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Berkoukech soup is the most common Vegetarian Food in Morocco


Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

If you have been to Morocco then you might have tasted the best Berber soup there, this Berber soup is made by adding the assortment of vegetables fresh chickpeas,  pearl couscous,  fresh coriander in a tomatoey broth and the spices. This soup is the traditional dish of nomadic Berber people of Morocco. What can one ask on the cold nights but the bowl full of Berkoukech soup?


BriouatsVegetarian Foods in Morocco

These are the triangular pastries which are made with the stuffing of sweet or savoury vegetables and these fried pastries are the most delicious course of the meal for all the vegetarians. This dish is flavoured with the Moroccan spices and amazingly serves. After eating one you will crave more trust me!


Moroccan salad

For all the diet conscious people this salad is your way to maintain the diet and satisfy your taste buds while you are travelling. This salad is made by the fresh vegetables including red onion, coriander green capsicum, red tomatoes, olives chopped with cumin and vinegar a mixture of olive oil. You can expect to find this salad on an Italian menu as these all vegetables are the flavoured by the Moroccan spices. This salad is the production of  Morocco’s clash of North African and European cultures.

Next time you go for your Morocco holidays be sure that you have tried all these dishes and than you can suggest these vegetarian foods to others as well!

Wonderchef Nutri-pot

On 18th August, Saturday Wonderchef, the pioneer brand in the field of healthy and innovative kitchenware has launched a unique kitchen appliance. The event was held in Mumbai. They named Nutri-pot as ‘Kitchen’s Personal Robot’. Wonderchef  Nutri-Pot is an outcome of about 14 months of market research and product development.

Wonderchef Nutri-pot
MD Ravi introducing the brand

Some of the benefits of Wonderchef Nutri-Pot are:

  1. It provides cooking healthy food daily preventing over cooking of the food and keeps all its precious nutrients intact.
  2. It has 18 smart pre-set functions, which makes cooking of your favorite dishes more easier and smarter.
  3. It has a timer set within it, called as Delay timer through which you can set fixed time for any of your favorite dish and can use that particular time for some other use like shopping or for office work, etc.
  4. Along with the Wonderchef Nutri-Pot you also get a Recipe book which has customized recipes for Indian Kitchen written by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Nahid Khilji.
  5. One can also customize your own recipes using the manual mode of the product Wonderchef Nutri-Pot.
  6. It also has the quality of keeping the food warm for hours using the Automatic keep-warm function.
  7. It is a great product with 6 litre as the capacity and gives complete freedom while cooking as it requires no supervision and it cooks your given dish perfectly and silently.
    Wonderchef Nutri-pot
    Recipe book with nutripot

Why Nutri-pot is intelligent.

Wonderchef Nutri-Pot cooks your food faster. Wonderchef Nutri-Pot consists of intelligent micro-computer inside it, which keeps the pressure and temperature at an optimum level and thus prevents over-cooking and burning of food. It uses optimum amount of water for cooking. It also has tight-fitting lid which traps the steam rising from the food within the pot thus retaining all the important nutrients of the food cooked. The hard-anodized inner pot of this product is hard and non-reactive encuring years of hassle-free cooking.

Wonder chef Nutri pot
The design of Nutripot

The event was conducted by Managing Director Mr.Ravi with Chef Mr. Chetan. Mr.Ravi discussed about the product Wonderchef Nutri-Pot and also how to use it. Along with Chef Chetan he made two recipes live using Wonderchef Nutri-Pot, one is Dal Makhani and other one is Cake. The cake turned out to be very soft and it was just melting in the mouth. The recipes are mentioned below.

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  1. Cake 


1/2 cup Maida

500 gms sour curd

¼ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ cup of vegetable oil

½ tsp vanilla essence

5 tbsp powdered sugar


Seived  Maida, Baking powder and baking soda together and keep aside. Take curd in another bowl, mix powdered sugar well in it and add vanilla essence and keep it for rest. Now add oil after you see bubbles in curd. Stir it properly. Also add half cup of hot water or more if required. Then mix the sieved mixture in this and mix it well and then pour the entire content in the Wonderchef Nutri-Pot and set the timer for 35 minutes. The soft, fluffy cake will be ready in the mentioned time period.

  1. Dal Makhani-

Dal makhani made in Nutripot


¾ cup black soaked urad dal

¼ cups soaked kidney beans (rajma)

1-2 tbsp ghee

1 bay leaf (tej patta)

2 large tomatoes finely chopped

1 tsp coriander powder

½ tsp turmeric and cumin powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

¼ tsp garam masala

Salt to taste

2 tbsp fresh cream or as required

Water as required

Coriander leaves for garnishing



In a nutri-pot add ghee and sauté bay leaf for a minute till it releases its fragrance. Then add tomatoes and sauté for while add turmeric, coriander, cumin powder and salt one by one. Then add red chilli powder and garam masala powder and allow cooking the masala. Once the masala releases the oil add the soaked dal. Add the consistency of water. Then close the lid of the Nutri-pot. Allow it to cook for the desired time. Once the dal makhani is ready add the fresh cream and garnish with coriander leaves.


Difference between Pressure cooker, oven, and Nutripot

Pressure cooker and oven needs continuous supervision, whereas Nutripot don’t require supervision. Just tuned according to timer and temperature, everything will be done and stopped according to time. Even if you are office goer, you can schedule cooking and it will remain fresh when you come back.  Any-one can cook without any knowledge of cooking using recipe book. If you don’t want fry masala, it will taste same as you add everything together. Its one time investment and you save lot of time and energy.

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Pitambari Ruchiyana Masala

 Hello friends, before you head to read more towards my article, let me ask you some questions? Which is the dish that comes to your mind when you think about Mumbai??  Or let me ask you which is the dish you love eating at Juhu Beach or CST CANON. If you are a Mumbaikar you must have guessed it right. And even if you are not a Mumbaikar you must have got the hint by this time, yes your guess is correct, Mumbai is best known for its mouthwatering dishes like Vada pav and Pav Bhaji!!

Pitambari Ruchiyana MasalaTemptation starts the moment I see this mouth-watering dishes in Mumbai and being a Mumbaikar we always order either of the dishes when we go to a restaurant or we go for street food. In fact, we can say Vada Pav as our staple food since we cannot live without eating Vada Pav. I love the street food Vada Pav which is made hygienically and at almost every place in Mumbai, you will find the famous Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji or Chaat walas. All Khau gali’s in Mumbai serves different varieties of Pav Bhaji and Vada Pavs.

Pitambari Ruchiyana MasalaEvery occasion like Ganpati festival or any community festival, Vada Pav is a kind of fast food served to guest. Now the people who are not from Mumbai for them, here I have mentioned how you can make Aamchi Mumbai style Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji at home. Recently when I was shopping for masalas as they are an integral part of my kitchen, I came across Pitambari Ruchiyana Pav Bhaji Masala and Garam Masala. In fact, one of my cousins actually had recommended me this masala, when I had attended her anniversary home party. The pav bhaji was amazing and had given a RichTaste that all guest had praised her for her cooking skills. This made me buy Pitambari masala immediately as soon as I saw on the shelf.

Let me tell you what magic Pitambari’s Ruchiyana Pav Bhaji Masala and Garam Masala did to my dishes. As soon as I opened the packet to add to my recipe, it gives me strong aroma of spices as it is made from whole spices and does not contain added color, preservatives & artificial flavors in it. After using it I got to know about some amazing facts about Pitambari Ruchiyana Masala.

Pitambari Ruchiyana Masala Product highlights:
  1. It has a Royal color and it is Rich In Taste.
  2. Perfect and Unique Blend of a variety of spices.
  3. Even a little amount can give taste and aroma in dishes, hence gives you feel of freshly homemade masala.
  4. Can be used to make multiple dishes: Veg & Non-Veg
  5. Enhances the taste and makes the food more delicious with its natural Flavor & Aroma like traditional masalas.
  • Recipe of Mumbai’s famous VADA PAV:


Pitambari Ruchiyana MasalaFor making Vada-

  1. 1 kg Boiled Potatoes(peeled and mashed)
  2. Oil for frying and tadka
  3. 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  4. 1 tsp Jeera
  5. 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
  6. 1 tsp haldi powder
  7. 1 tsp Pitambari’s Ruchiyana Garam Masala(as it has strong flavor and fragrance)
  8. 1 tsp Dhaniya powder
  9. Salt to taste
  10. 1 lemon
  11. Few curry leaves
  12. 2 cups coriander leaves

For batter-

  1. 4 cups Besan
  2. 1 tsp ajwain
  3. A pinch of haldi powder
  4. 1 tsp hot oil
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Water for making a batter (as per the need)


For preparing Batter:-

Mix all the ingredients and make a good smooth paste which should be not very thick and not very thin. Make sure the quantity should be enough to cover all the potatoes Vada.

For preparing Vada:-

Take oil in a pan, heat it, then add curry leaves to it, mustard seeds and Jeera one by one, allow it to crackle. Then add Ginger-Garlic paste and allow it to turn brown then add dhania powder, haldi powder, Pitambari’s Ruchiyana Garam Masala and salt and stir it properly. Now add the boiled potatoes and mix it well till the mixture is completely mixed. Then add salt, lemon juice if necessary and coriander leaves and mix it well once again. Allow the mixture to cool and then make small round balls from it. Then put the balls in the ready Besan batter and deep fry in hot oil. Keep stirring and once golden yellow to brown, remove them in a plate. Vada’s are ready.

Serving methods:-

Take the Pav or Bun, heat it on tawa using butter if you want or you can also have hot Vada’s with Pav as it is. Apply tamarind and dates chutney and green chutney and put ghati masala(available in market) inside the Pav and then put the Vada in between the Pav and serve with fried green chilies.


You can also make Jain Vada Pav by using Raw Banana instead of Potatoes. The only thing is you have to eat Jain Vada’s when they are hot.

  • Recipe of Mumbai’s famous Pav Bhaji-


  1. 3 potatoes peeled and diced (250 gm)
  2. 3-4 tomatoes finely chopped
  3. ¼ cup Green peas (matar)
  4. 200 gm cauliflower/cabbage
  5. ½  Capsicum finely chopped
  6. 1 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder
  7. 1 tsp Pitambari’s Ruchiyana Pav Bhaji Masala
  8. ¼ tsp turmeric powder
  9. 1 and 1/2 tbsp butter
  10. 1 tsp kasuri methi leaves
  11. 1 tsp coriander powder
  12. 1 onion chopped
  13. 1 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste
  14. Lemon
  15. Few drops of beet root juice (optional)
  16. Water to adjust consistency of Bhaji
  17. 4-8 Pav and butter to roast the Pav


Pitambari Ruchiyana MasalaFor making Bhaji:-

Firstly in a cooker take the peeled diced potatoes and Peas, cauliflower, beetroot and water together and keep to boil till one whistle. Allow it to cool and once it cools down to remove the excess water keep it aside and mash the boiled mixture and keep aside. On the other side, on the flame keep Kadai add butter and put Ginger-Garlic paste and onion and allow it to be brown in color. Then add small diced tomatoes and allow it to cook. Then add chili powder, coriander powder, salt, haldi powder and Pitambari’s Ruchiyana Pav Bhaji Masala one by one.

Add the boiled mixture(potato and peas) and add the excess water which was kept aside to adjust the Bhaji’s consistency. Allow it to cook on slow flame for 5-7 minutes and then add Kasuri methi leaves, chopped capsicum and coriander leaves. Add beetroot for color. (if required). Bhaji is ready to be served.

 It adds to a HealthyInnovation

For making butter Pav:-

Heat a pan add butter to it and place the Pav (cut from the centre) and roast it on the slow flame from both the sides. The Pav is ready.

Garnish Bhaji with butter, lemon juice and coriander leaves and served with hot crispy Pav.

Pitambari Ruchiyana MasalaTIP:

You can also add cheese to the Bhaji while serving if someone loves cheese. You can add extra spicy masala to Pav while roasting it if you want it to be spicier. You can also make Jain Pav bhaji using Raw Banana paste instead of using Potatoes.   

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Benefits Of VITAMIN E For Human Body

Vitamin – Vita+min =vital mineral for your body. Vitamin are not always produced in your body, some vitamins have to be outsourced. Vitamins are those important minerals with out which your cell compartment don’t work in your body. In simple words,vitamins are energy fuel of your body. Vitamin E work as fuel for our body.

vitamin E

Car will run with petrol but when you add special oil for engine, it works smoothly. Similarly body if starved for vitamins will work with all futuristic disease or symptoms or problems but when your body is filled sufficiently with essential vitamins, your body shines and work in sync. Make your body health first priority in life.

Taking a closer look at the lifestyles we live today, even though we feel and look healthy, there persists lack of some important nutrients in our body. We call it “deficiency”. What do we mean when we say a particular vitamin is deficient in our body? Vitamins are one of the major nutrients in our body and the lack of it is called its deficiency. A deficiency of any vitamin calls for a poorly functional body.

Vitamin E, an antioxidant and one of the essential vitamins our bodies need .It fights free radicals and prevents lipid destruction in cell-membranes. That’s why any source of food taken for Vitamin E should always be taken with lipids or oils, as it’s a fat soluble and it works better. Chemically, it refers to a group of  compounds which includes both Tocopherols, and Tocotrienols. Usually Vitamin E is found majorly in North American diet, which includes corn oil, Soya bean oil, margarine and dressing.

How to find out whether you are VITAMIN E deficient?

Then ask four questions to yourself.

Are you experiencing abnormal hair fall?

Do you get extremely tired at times?

Are you dealing with dull, dry skin and muscle soreness?

Do you feel weakening of eye muscles and the often fluctuations in your eye powers?

If its a YES, then there is a deficiency of a vitamin and that is the Vitamin E. Although you may not be able to realize it, these symptoms still exist. The only way to overcome these symptoms is for us to know how very important it is that intake of Vitamin  be absolutely appropriate.

Health benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in Keeping Skin Healthy:  It  helps in reducing the constant effects of the exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays. You prevent early wrinkles that develop with age.

Some gain weight, some suffer skin problems. It helps maintain these imbalances.

Vitamin E helps Destroy Free Radicals in the Body: Our body in holds both good and bad nutrients. It kills these bad, free radicals that serve harmful for our body.

Vitamin E helps keep our Eyes and Brain Healthy: Our brain and eyes are the healthiest when rich in Vitamin E. The vitamin acts as an antioxidant and helps kill the radicals that damage the eyes. It also helps in preventing diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Now that you’re well aware of the health benefits of the Vitamin E, I shall help you find the sources that are rich in Vitamin E.

Vitamin E

Eating a healthful diet that is rich in nuts, seeds and oil is one way you manage your appropriate intake of Vitamin E. The other is that is the Supplements that have become very popular these days as antioxidants. These supplements help cells from damage.You can use soy, safflower, sunflower, wheat and corn oils are key vegetable oil sources of Vitamin E. Peanuts, Almonds and Hazelnuts are some rich and easy picky Vitamin E sources.

Make sure you eat all the green leafy vegetables which are called the powerhouse of all nutrients. Fruits , Juices and  Cereals  make necessary food options for the intake of Vitamin E in abundance . One major thing which my mom told me for Vitamin E source is asparagus and aloe Vera. In dessertic environment people  eat this asparagus as it grows on aloe Vera and  hence very good.Let us make a dish which is full of Vitamin E. To know more About the vitamin E Benefits and its side effects read here

 Rainbow Salad 

vitamin E


1)green and purple Asparagus (purple asparagus has more anthocynanin pigment which is very good antioxidant.

2) beet root green.

3) purple cabbage

4) walnuts

5) hazelnut

6)sunflower seeds

7) olive oil and drizzle of sunflower oil or soy oil.


Just boil the fresh asparagus in water for two minutes.
Over cooking may destroy vitamin E. Cut all veggies in 5 inches.
Now take a pan, put some olive oil and sunflower oil add some garlic.
Saute all veggies, add salt, crushed nuts and roasted sunflower seeds.
These seeds are really tasty and I give my daughter all roasted ones because she loves munching on it.
Serve hot.

Tips : always eat fresh salad because vitamins E is a fat soluble compound and hence only show its property when cooked in oil.

If you really find difficulty to make this salad for  Vitamin E , doctors greatly recommend the #Evion Supplements , India’s no. 1 Vitamin E Brand. Evion is a fat soluble vitamin and its long term intake leads to its storage in the body.

Simple lifestyle changes will help you go a long way in fighting Vitamin E deficiency and regaining and retaining your youthful glow and health. With the right amount of Vitamin E intake in the diet and doctor-recommended supplements like Evion, one can live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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