Soy protein and its health benefits

Soy protein health benefits
Soy protein and its health benefits

A fit-healthy body- is the best fashion statement today. Just because you are not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy- is a famous saying. To stay healthy, it is very essential to maintain a proper balance between the important nutrients in your body. One of the important component of every cell in our body is Protein. It is an important building block of muscles, bones, skin and blood.  Our Body uses Protein to build and repair tissues. The strength of your Hair and Nails can be maintained by adding enough amount of Protein in your diet. Along with Fats and Carbohydrates, Protein is a Macro nutrient which means the body needs relatively large amount of it. Vegetarians and Vegan diets are often found lacking in Protein which further leads to several deficiencies in their body. So, this is where the ‘Soy Protein’ comes into picture. Soy Beans are considered as a rich source of complete Proteins. It serves a complete solution for all those who have low Protein level. Soy Protein is at the center of two of the top trends in Food, Nutrition and Health today.  Let us discuss about soy protein and its health benefits.

soy protein and health benefits
Research has shown that 69% of Indian Consumers are seeking food with Protein, i.e. they considered the amount of Protein present in that particular product while purchasing foods and beverages. Also, about 51% of Indians are actively trying to consume more Protein or can say are aware about the amount of Protein essential for their body. Consumers are moving towards more plant-centric diets- driven by health and sustainability concerns. More consumers are seeking towards higher Protein foods. 71% of Consumers are trying to increase the Protein intake by having Protein rich breakfast.

The amount of benefits associated with Soy protein and its health benefits

46%- it improves energy
39%- it supports to have a healthy immune system
34%- it helps in maintaining weight of your body
33% -helps in building the mass of your protein and its health benefits

Now, the question arises from where does Soy Protein come from…?Soy protein health benefits

It is simply the Protein portion of the Soybean, separated or isolated from the rest of Soybean.
A single Soybean consists of 36% Protein, 15% Mono-Oligosaccharides, 15% Dietary fiber, 18% Oil and 16% other components.
DuPont organised a National Bloggers meet on Dec 1, 2018 at Sahara star, Mumbai to educate and promote people about the benefits and the power of Soy Protein. More than 25 Bloggers and Health Professionals were present who shared their view about the goodness of Soy Protein and its health benefits.

soy protein and health benefits
After the initial introduction, Indranil Chatterjee who was the Regional Product Line Manager highlighted the benefits of Soy Protein. Further there was an interesting session discussed on Soy Proteins by Jean Heggie a Strategic Marketing Lead of the Company. The session was further carried forward by Jigna Sheth who was a Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant, her main agenda showered light towards the nutritional awareness of Soy Protein. There was also a Q&A session conducted where speakers answered to barrage of questions asked by the people. At the end a brief Quiz Buzz was conducted highlighting all the points discussed in the entire session.

Now let’s know more about DUPONT NUTRITION AND HEALTH

DuPont knows Soy Protein like no one else knows. DuPont Danisco an American Company with a legacy of more than 200 years combines in-depth knowledge of science, food and nutrition. DuPont Nutrition & Health holds many market leading positions especially in Probiotics, emulsifiers, Protein solutions and Pharmaceutical excipients, etc. DuPont Nutrition & Health also provides manufacturers with natural ingredients for the production of safe and healthy products.
DuPont Nutrition & Health has conducted years of research and development and established Soy Protein as a safe and effective alternative for all the daily Protein needs.

soy protein and health benefits
The main aim of DuPont Nutrition & Health focuses on:

1)Preventive Health
2)Smaller and local brand winning
3)Clean label and natural products
4)Next generation Pharmaceutical excipients
5)Industrialization of emerging markets.

Soy Protein is more than just a Protein. It is basically a superior plant based Protein based on its Protein quality and proven health benefits. Since Soy Protein is a plant-based Protein it has low fat content and saturated fat. It is also free of Cholesterol and Lactose.

Here are few reasons why Soy Protein is essential for a healthy diet:soy protein

Soy Protein is an Energy Booster-
Soy Proteins contains amino acids which can be found in Tofu and Soy milk. These amino acids can be used effectively by the body and be converted into energy.

Soy Protein is beneficial during Pregnancy-
Soy Protein product such as fortified Soy milk contains a good amount of Vitamin D, which is essential for stronger bones of both mother and child. Soy Protein actually increases bone mineral density and ensures good health of bone tissues for a growing foetus.

Soy Protein acts as a weight-watcher’s friend-
Soy Protein makes you feel tummy-tight, which helps to lower the intake of food and thus is helpful in losing weight.

Infant Formula-
Since many new born babies are unable to digest breast milk, during such situations Soy milk can be the best option, since Soy Protein is easily digestible source of Protein. It can be consumed from the infant stage for better growth and development in the future.

Cell growth and Regeneration-
Soy Bean oil is a rich source of Vitamin with smaller molecular structure. Soya can actually nestle inside your cellular structure and can stimulate it.

Soy Bean is a Powerhouse of Nutrition-
Soy Bean is a rich source of Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin K, Pottasium, Thiamin and many more. These are very essential components for the smooth functioning of different parts of your body.

Although Soy Protein is a Health booster but moderation is a key to the consumption of any food supplement in your daily diet. Some people are also found to be allergic to Soy Protein, so care should be taken and should consume Soy Protein to the limit your body’s supports. I hope I tried to clear all the information about soy protein and its health benefits , if you have something to add, do let me know in comment box.


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  1. Even I agree that Soy Protein is one of the best ways to increase our protein intake. The best part being that it’s a great alternative for vegetarians, non vegetarians & vegans.

    My favourite form of Soy Protein is Tofu😋

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  4. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    Thank you for sharing all this information with your readers. It’s great that largescale companies are now developing useful alternatives to traditional proteins like meat and other non-vegatarian products.

  5. Proteins are the building blocks for our body and as such is very important for all. Soy protein is a rich source of this vital ingredient and the fact that this protein source is plant based and natural very important as well. Soy protein should be inculcated in the daily diet for better health.

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  9. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    Very informative information about Soy protein.Didn’t now much health benefit of it but now I’m aware.Excellent info.

  10. Soy protein is a complete source of protein.I am very happy to know that people’s are spreading the benefits of it. My favorite soy-based foods include tofu and soy beans.

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    Jab main choti thi to Mother Diary ka factory delhi me bana , tab pehli baar soy milk k barey me suna n jaana, ye to bahut accha hai ki sab apni health ko le kar itna aware hain aur aap sab itne acche se explain bhi kar rahy ho 👏👏

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    Soy protein is something which is great to add in every family … This event was quite insightful

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