6 Mouth Watering Juices You Must Try!


1 medium banana
1 kiwi diced
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 cup crushed ice
Mint leaves for garnishing.

METHOD– Mix banana and kiwi pieces and fresh orange together and blend them in a blender to make a fine paste, then add crushed ice and blend it once again. Kiwi Crush is ready to serve to garnish it with mint leaves.

TIP– One can also add apple and lime if interested. This is a healthy drink good for health full of vitamins and protein. It is a good source of fibre and antioxidants.


30 my strawberry syrup
4-5 strawberry crushed
30 ml fresh cream
30 ml orange cold drink
Few Crushed ice

METHOD– Mix strawberry syrup and cold drink together. Then add crushed strawberries and crushed ice. Garnish it with cream.

TIP– You can make this drink with lychee or kiwi syrup also. It tastes and I smells very good. It is a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.


3 cup fresh chilled watermelon pieces
1 and 1/2 lemon juice
Sugar as required
1/4 cup any cold drink
Mint leaves for garnishing.

METHOD-Mix all ingredients I.e. watermelon pieces, sugar and lemon juice together in a glass, then add a cold drink and Pudina leaves.
To make it more chilled add crushed ice.

TIP– It is one of the best juice which helps to fight with heat and thirst during summer. It provides energy as it contains vitamin A in
good quantity.


1 medium size banana diced
2 cup pineapple diced
2 cup Lychee pieces
2/3 cup non-fat yoghurt
1 tap vanilla essence
Crushed ice

METHOD-Wrap Banana, pineapple and litchi pieces together on a baking sheet and keep it in a refrigerator for 15mins. After removing them from refrigerator blend it together and make the thick paste, blend it once again after adding yoghurt. Add vanilla essence and honey and place it in a glass. Garnish it with crushed ice and pineapple pieces and serve chilled.

TIP–  It is rich in vitamins and very healthy. It helps to reduce hunger.


5 tbsp blue mapro syrup or any blue syrup
3 scoop vanilla ice-cream
500 ml lemon flavoured soda
Crush ice

METHOD-Mix vanilla ice-cream, blue syrup and half lemon soda together. While serving to add half lemon soda, ice-cream and crushed ice.

TIP– This is a beautiful drink, with unique colour which makes a person feel thirsty. You can add any other colour syrup and a
combination of two also to make it more attractive. You can add mint leaves to make it more flavour full.


1 cup grated muskmelon
4 tbsp khus syrup
1 cup soaked basil seeds(sabja seeds)
1 lemon juice
1 tsp black salt
2tbsp sugar syrup
Chilled water crushed ice.

METHOD-After putting crushed ice in a glass, add grated muskmelon, khas syrup, lemon juice, black Salt, sugar syrup and chilled water
one by one. Before serving add basil(sabja) seeds.

TIP– It acts as a cooling agent during the summer season. It gives energy to the body and is full of vitamins and fibre.


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