Top 5 Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

What could be more refreshing than travelling and eating, I am a mom traveler and I love to eat all the dishes around the world. There are many countries where you can go and eat the vegetarian food because the vegetarian food over there is absolutely tasty. Morocco the ravishing land of sun and rain is the land where the vegetarian dishes are even more delicious than you can even think. There is a huge variety of vegetarian foods  in Morocco and dishes which are not only tasty but also very nutritious. If you are planning Morocco Family Holidays then you need to try these top five vegetarian dishes which are absolutely amazing !


Vegetarian Foods in MoroccoPastilla

One of the tastiest Moroccan dishes is the pastille, as the name predicts, this is the most interesting dish I have tasted till now. This dish is the Moroccan answer of individual savoury pie. This is used as the appetizer but trust me this dish could be eaten as your once course meal and you won’t regret your decision. These are savoury vegetables which are puffed in the pie combines with the different types of Moroccan spices.

Vegetable tajineVegetarian Foods in Morocco

It does not matter which type of food you are going to eat in Morocco and whether you are a vegetarian or not. This vegetable tajine is this dish which is used to complement all the dishes you will eat in Morocco. Your Morocco family holiday will include eating this with almost all the dishes in a different restaurant. This food is the made by using the saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric and for the topping, they use dried fruits or nuts to create the effect of crunch and sweetness. And the most interesting fact is that it is made in the tajine clay pot. Tajine is the most healthy Vegetarian Foods in Morocco.

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Berkoukech soup is the most common Vegetarian Food in Morocco


Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

If you have been to Morocco then you might have tasted the best Berber soup there, this Berber soup is made by adding the assortment of vegetables fresh chickpeas,  pearl couscous,  fresh coriander in a tomatoey broth and the spices. This soup is the traditional dish of nomadic Berber people of Morocco. What can one ask on the cold nights but the bowl full of Berkoukech soup?


BriouatsVegetarian Foods in Morocco

These are the triangular pastries which are made with the stuffing of sweet or savoury vegetables and these fried pastries are the most delicious course of the meal for all the vegetarians. This dish is flavoured with the Moroccan spices and amazingly serves. After eating one you will crave more trust me!


Moroccan salad

For all the diet conscious people this salad is your way to maintain the diet and satisfy your taste buds while you are travelling. This salad is made by the fresh vegetables including red onion, coriander green capsicum, red tomatoes, olives chopped with cumin and vinegar a mixture of olive oil. You can expect to find this salad on an Italian menu as these all vegetables are the flavoured by the Moroccan spices. This salad is the production of  Morocco’s clash of North African and European cultures.

Next time you go for your Morocco holidays be sure that you have tried all these dishes and than you can suggest these vegetarian foods to others as well!


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  1. In sha allah, if I go for Morocco holidays will try all these dishes and will suggest these vegetarian foods to others as well!

  2. Definitely going to visit Morocco their style of cooking . Their foods look healthy and tasty at the same time

  3. All the dishes look colorful and yummy. I am going to book mark this post for my husband. He is a vegetarian and would love to check these yummies for sure.

  4. Ritu Kalra Reply

    The food looks so tempting and irresistible…it looks healthy too..any idea where can I find this in Delhi ?…wish to taste them

  5. We are booking a holiday to Morocco next year and I’m literally very fussy about food. Glad to see this post as vegetarian options are right up my alley.

  6. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    Great Veg options from Morocco.Dishes looks delicious and definitely healthy.

  7. Moroccan salad is a family favorite. The flavorsome food of Morocco is brought alive by your blog post. A very balanced cuisine indeed

  8. Being vegetarians we are always on the lookout for options, especially in foreign countries. Now we know what to look out for when we get to Morocco. The Briouats look really tempting.

  9. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    The Berkoukech soup looks really yummy! I love soups and this is something that I need to try if it is so famous! Thank you for sharing this!

  10. Anita Singh Reply

    Vegetarians k liye sach me traveling me ye dikkat hoti hi hai
    Aapne kitna accha option bataya jo ki kitna yummy dikh bhi raha hai 👌👌,

  11. Rohini James Reply

    Moroccan cuisine has always interested me however it’s difficult to get authentic Moroccan food in my city. Definitely bookmarking this post for my Moroccan adventures.

  12. woa! i loved this post! I am a vegetarian, and I am almost afraid to travel abroad only because of the limited and usually poorly made food options! I love the idea of Morocco, and now i can add this to my wish list of places to visit thanks to you and this post.. .all these dishes sound delicious and the photos are so appetizing – i’d love a foodie trip to Morocco 🙂

  13. Moroccan dishes activates my taste buds. This looks like a delightful meal. Would love to try Briouats

  14. These dished looks tempting. If i plan a trip to Morocco , i will surely gonna try these. For vegans having a good option to eat everywhere is bit difficult.. this post will surely help vegans in Morocco

  15. All these dishes looks so tempting, being a pure vegetarian I am really glad to know that yummy veg food is available in Morocco too. Will surely share it with my friends.

  16. Wow! All the dishes looks so tempting and must be so delicious.Hope to find a Restaurant soon that serves yummy Moroccan dishes.

  17. Ah, The vegetarian food. I can only understand its importance when as a vegetarian I can not find Vegetarian food while traveling. Saving the list for sure thanks a lot

  18. Ruchi Verma Reply

    You have shared great recipes for veges and all looks so yummy and delicious alongwith healthy benefits…Thanks for sharing!!

  19. wow, these dishes look not only mouth watering but also a treat to the eyes. great suggestions. will surely keep these in mind.

  20. wow, they almost got me drooling. Morocco is such a wonderful place with secret old world recipes!

  21. When the vegetable options look so tempting and delicious who would like to go for non-vegetarian. And a person like me can also live happily over such veggie cuisine.

  22. I found this post extremely informative. I had little knowledge of moroccon cuisine so this is really interesting.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing this with me, I think it would be really helpful for we have limited veg option..I am saving it for my trip

  24. What a great list. I am a vegetarian and I love moroccan salad a lot.

  25. I am a vegetarian and I loved reading your post. I have already bookmarked it. Thanks for writing and sharing with us.

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