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When it comes to taking care of your oral health, there are many misconceptions that need to be understood.


The most common dental myths is  cavities by sugar candies. Acid is produced by bacteria after digesting carbohydrate that causes cavities in your mouth. Thus, it is not just sugar! Again, it is not the quantity of carbohydrates you consume that causes tooth decay, but the number of times your teeth are exposed. E.g. If you eat a lot of carbs for lunch, that is a big exposure. However, if you spend the day sipping some sugary drink, then that is a continue exposure which can cause more damage to your teeth!



This is a misconception! With a lot of dental problems, you don’t necessarily feel pain right away. Once symptoms appear, it has often increased. If you wait till a cavity hurts for a checkup, you may require root canal or extraction, which could have been otherwise prevented with a regular dental checkup.



Scaling or Cleaning weakens the teeth and makes them loose! That’s misinformation and most old age dental myth. However, scaling aims to remove plaque and calculus and keeps teeth and gums healthy! Calculus deposits form over time and may form semi calcified layer between gums and teeth. It may also result in pockets and gum recession. Scaling actually removes these deposits, it may give you the sensation of loose teeth, but it just removes bad calculus support which would otherwise leave you with no teeth!



Baby teeth are important! They provide necessary space for permanent teeth to erupt. Cavity in a baby tooth if not treated can cause premature tooth loss, resulting in gap which can close over time. This will give less space for permanent teeth to erupt and result in crowding. To avoid this, a dentist can provide artificial space maintainer. Also, child’s teeth should be maintained as healthy as possible. Chances are that if they don’t floss or brush their baby teeth, they won’t brush or floss their permanent teeth either. Good oral habits should be inculcated earlier.




Not only sugar, but also the acid in soft and sports drink causes damage to your teeth. They can cause tooth erosion by wearing the outermost protective layer of tooth i.e. enamel. Over time, they can result in heightened sensitivity and cavities. For healthy and refreshing alternative to soft drink, nothing beats water. Also, despite what you may think, brushing immediately after having soda is not a good idea. By doing so, you are brushing away the demineralized enamel caused by plaque bacteria metabolizing the sugar. Always wait for 20 – 30 minutes for the pH of your oral cavity to return to normal, so that bicarbonate in saliva will buffer the acid and fluoride will promote remineralization.



Your overall health is connected to rest of your systemic overall health. An oral cavity with periodontal disease and severe decay is more likely to cause bacteria to enter blood stream and contribute to other health issues. Research shows association between periodontal disease and diabetes, leukemia, etc.  With this most common dental myths, people tend to ignore and don’t relate with current disease they must be suffering.



Flossing does not create spaces between your teeth! But it helps prevent decay between teeth. Flossing helps to remove food debris nestled around teeth and gums, which helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.



At night while we are asleep, our salivary glands produce less saliva. During the day, our salivary flow is higher, and it otherwise provides cleansing effect that we don’t get at night. Therefore, one should brush at night before bed. Otherwise, food particles stay on our teeth all night and contribute to tooth decay.  Also, the choice of our diet plays an integral role in oral health. It is recommended to brush right after consuming sugary food or drink to prevent cavities.

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Sabka Dentist works to inspire better oral health in addition to helps folks feel great, appearance good and be more confident. For that society, Sabka Dentist is much more than the chain of Dental treatment centers. It is a driver once and for all oral health and well-being.



3 Tips to Finding a Car Racing Game That Fulfills Your Need for Speed

Over the weekend, we organized a gaming night where my friends came over to play some games. Being big fans of car racing games, one of my closest friends got me to check out this article which he came across and I found them to be really useful.

Great Car Racing Games

All this while, I’ve been thinking that I have played all the top racing games there is, only to find out after reading this article, that there could be more. Here are some tips on how you find car racing games that will definitely be worth your time.

Choose popular games that are highly rated

When you are about to start playing a new game, you might worry that you’re probably going to be unsure how good it’s going to be. The safest bet, therefore, is to look for games that are already popular. Some examples include Redline Rumble, Need for Speed and Fast Racing 3D. One common way to check for more popular games would be through gaming review blogs that specifically rate car games.

Alternatively, you can also find online forums and portals that discuss the latest games that are becoming popular. This way, you can easily find people online to play with. Not only does this make it interesting, but is a great way to compete for the hall of fame too. Certain games such as Hot Wheels, Track Builder, and Dream Car Racing are some good examples of popular online games.

Look out for games that let you play offline

Some gaming apps let you play offline. Most often than not, it is offered as an in-built feature giving you the option to download the game so it could be played without the need of an internet connection. You may also find that online gaming can be quite distracting at times and with an option to play offline, this feature can come in handy sometimes.

Additionally, playing an offline game lets you play whenever and wherever you want as long as you have a device with sufficient battery power. Since it does not depend on the internet connection anymore, you want to play car racing games more freely now. It’s a great way to kill time when you are in a remote area with pretty much nothing else to do. There are many free gaming apps offered that has the offline feature and it’s best that you look out for them.

Use Disney characters to create racing challenges

Sometimes, you might want to sit back and play a relaxing family-friendly car racing game that is suitable for everyone. This is especially important if you’ve got children who might be interested in playing a game or two. One way to go about it to choose a racing game with Disney characters in it. It’s a great way to find a game that is age-appropriate yet keep everyone entertained.

Some games such as Lightning McQueen and Cars 2 are the popular ones. There are few other popular ones that are inspired by movies such as Radiator Springs. They are a great way to experience your favorite Disney movies too. Certain games even allow you to interact with your   Disney characters. So, do watch out for those!


There are many ways on how you could go about satisfying your need for the adrenaline rush or simply playing a game that is both relaxing yet provides you with similar entertainment. Nevertheless, I hope you find the above tips useful as you begin to embark on a car racing journey or continue to look out for more entertaining games.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast – The Instant Remedies

When love gets speedy, then many couples enjoy the intense moments and express their love by kissing and sucking the skin aggressively. During this passionate moment the hickey occurs, no doubt that hickeys are nice to give and receive but become a problem when it becomes visible to others.

There are only a few numbers of people who are more than happy to flaunt it, and others dislike showing off the mark of love. Do you know what is a hickey? Well, Keep reading to know more about the love bites.

What is a Hickey?

Hickeys are not more than a bruise, and this bruise will occur when your partner is sucking or kissing on your skin hard. A hickey is also called love bite, love mark, a sign of love, and for some couple, it is a sign of ownership. A hickey is usually given and received on the neck or arm.

As mentioned above a hickey is a bruise, and like other bruises, it will also take time to heal. Do you know how do you get rid of hickeys fast? Many people are looking for some ways to get rid of hickeys because they feel embarrassed when this love mark becomes visible in public. Stop worrying! Give a read to this article and come to know about the best-proven home remedies for hickeys, through which you can getting rid of hickeys within no time. According to 100homeremedies, you can easily remove hickeys, if you know about some tested remedies.hickey

How Do You Get Rid of Hickeys Fast – The Best-Proven Home Remedies For Hickeys:

If you are looking for some natural ways to get rid of hickeys, then follow these remedies:

Cold Spoon:

Yes, it is the best way to get rid of a hickey. You need a frozen metal spoon and see the magic by following the below way.

The Things You Should Have:

  • Metal Spoon

How to Apply This:

  • Get a metal spoon and put it in the freezer maxim for 7 to 10 minutes
  • After a few minutes, get the spoon out and apply this cold spoon directly on the embarrassing love mark
  • You should cover the entire hickey with this cold spoon and see the effective results

Penny or Coin:

It’s sound strange, but it works incredibly. You can begin with scrapping with the edge of coin’s as it helps in breaking the blood clot and it is the easiest technique to get rid of the sign of love completely.

The Things You Should Have:

  • A coin

How to Apply This:

  • First of all stretch the hickey area with the help of your two fingers, In short, “keep your skin tight and ”
  • Once done, take a coin and begin with scrapping the edge of the coin in an outward direction and say bye to embarrassing hickey within a couple of seconds

Note: When you scrape the coin on the affected area then your skin might turn red – don’t to worry it will go away within a few minutes.


Well, it is another best way to get rid of a hickey. There is a need to massaging the love bite with a soft-bristled toothbrush. It might a bit painful process, but don’t to worry it can help break up the coagulum and even improve the blood flow. It is the fastest way to getting rid of an embarrassing hickey.

The Things You Should Have:

  • Soft Bristled Toothbrush

How to Apply This:

  • Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and begin by rubbing it on the affected area maximum for 2 to 3 minutes. When you are rubbing, it will help to improve the flow of blood immediately
  • Once done, wait approximately for 10 minutes. After that, you ought to apply a cold compress maximum for 10 minutes, then repeat the same process as required

Note: Don’t use a toothbrush if the affected area causes pain

Well, if you want to hide hickey instantly then here are some ways that you can follow to hide a hickey.

How to Hide a Hickey?

You can hide the love mark with the help of these things:

  • High Collar Shirt or Jacket
  • Green Concealer
  • Purple Concealer
  • Scarf
  • Make-Up Foundation (which is compatible with your skin)
  • Loose Powder


Surprisingly – you come to know about the natural remedies which help to getting rid of hickeys within no time. Good Luck!

Note: This is a guest post by Anna Steve.




Author: Krupa Shah

Krupa shahI’m a big believer in entrepreneurship. It’s an abiding passion of mine to encourage other women to take the plunge and start their own businesses; the benefits are myriad, giving you more control over your financial future and more social capital than almost anything else in modern times. Empowering women is my number-one mission, and women’s entrepreneurship is the best route to self-empowerment and social change that I know of, giving women the ability to excel on their own terms instead of being trapped in the limbo of a toxic and prohibitive work environment.  Thats why thought of sharing few points on Indian women entrepreneurs..

But starting a business isn’t easy, and requires buckets of hard work and preparation. There’s no easy path, no get-rich-quick scheme that will make your business thrive other than you. And while lots of people are going to give you practical advice for starting a business – how you want to incorporate, building your business plan, finding your niche – I want to say something to all the women out there that’s a little different: what do you, as a person, need to have in order to start a thriving business?

A Responsible Fear

It may sound counterintuitive; getting your confidence up is always a big part of any package of advice for people starting businesses. There are lessons on how to “fake it till you make it,” because confidence in you inspires confidence on the part of investors and clients. However, the fear of failure is an important motivator; as is the fear of irrelevance, or of simply not fulfilling your dreams. These are healthy fears that encourage both responsibility and risk-taking, keeping you perpetually on your toes instead of getting complacent or resting on your laurels. The right kind (and amount) of fear can motivate you to locate new opportunities, seek out new strategies and dig deep for that extra bit of energy needed to continually strive for more and raise the bar.

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Realistic Expectations

The vital importance of a vision that aligns with reality can’t be overstated; while overnight, runaway sensations do happen – your Ubers, your Twitters – in most cases, a successful business takes time to grow, and will occupy most of your time (what you don’t see in overnight success stories is the years of hard work it actually took to get there). You probably won’t hit a million in revenue in your first year. You probably will spend some nights sleeping on your office floor. Your team probably won’t gel as well as you expect it to, and you’ll have unexpected competition. There are a million different wrinkles you could encounter, and having a realistic idea of what your first five years are going to be like can and will both help you be more productive and avoid burnout. Burnout can ruin you, but having a realistic set of expectations can help you avoid it by showing you that you’re on the right path to meeting your goals.

Short and Long-term Goals

Speaking of goals, realistic performance expectations are one thing, but let’s not forget that you didn’t start this business because you had realistic expectations; you started it because you wanted it to become wildly successful. Far too often, entrepreneurs fail to connect the dots between their dreams and their business model, letting their long-term ambitions drive their decisions without any sense of a middle ground. It’s the error of mistaking your reach for your grasp and overextending yourself.

A Support Network

Starting a business might feel like the hard part, but that’s because you haven’t experienced the day-to-day slog of it yet. Running your own company means nonstop stress: managing your finances, managing your employees, keeping your clients happy, ensuring quality of work, healthily maintaining and growing the company’s value, intelligently investing in the company’s future, worrying where your next client is going to come from – it can be a lot, and it’s not something you can simply leave at the office. For this exact reason, depression is the great unspoken affliction of entrepreneurs.

You can help avoid or manage stress overload by making sure you have a network of friends, loved ones, and (importantly) colleagues you can connect with and lean on when things get difficult. We all know that confidence is the name of the game when you’re running the show, which means it can feel impossible to let your guard down and show vulnerability; this is especially true for women, who may feel the need to overcompensate in response to sexist assumptions. But the thing is that vulnerability is not the same thing as weakness, and having people with whom you can take off your armor and from whom you can both seek and receive comfort is a vital part of keeping your head above the water rather than sinking below it. This will be especially true in those first five years, which will constantly challenge and ask more of you.

Financial Assets

Today, government and private institutions have made gaining financial help for starting a business simpler. There are numerous initiatives taken by the government for helping budding entrepreneurs, regardless of their gender. The only factor that matters here is the capabilities and determination to succeed.

Don’t give up if you face any misogynistic comments. Treat them like a stone on your way to success and kick it, don’t stumble upon it.

Technology to the rescue

In the digital era, technology has advanced to a level where everything you need can be done in just a few clicks. Use this very element to the fullest. They say technology and women never go together. Let’s prove them wrong, for I’ve seen many tech-savvy women who are out there to dominate the tech world!


These days, women are making their mark in almost every field. Due to the digital development all around us, you can start using your home as your first office and save up on the office space cost. Once you’ve made enough funds, that is when you can invest in a commercial space and accelerate your growth!

By making sure these areas are filled, you’re filling your toolbox with the right equipment to help your business succeed. Keep your eyes forward, but never lose sight of what’s right at your feet. Going into a new venture mentally prepared and thoroughly thought through with a healthy understanding of what it will take is probably the biggest key toward reaching your goals; after that, it’s all follow-through.

Here’s wishing all the budding and successful women entrepreneurs a very happy women’s day!

About the author :

Krupa Shah, an acclaimed virtuoso Indian artist. Krupa, has done some admirable work in the field of contemporary and abstract art.

From Maharashtra CM’s clarion call for helping the drought affected farmers in Maharashtra, to fighting for the justice for Asifa – Krupa through her paintings has raised funds and contributed generously for a lot of social causes.

She has been an active member of FICCI, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. With commendable on-ground work and relentless contribution to the field of art – Krupa has earned both, rewards and awards.

Krupa shahAttached is her profile for your reference. Here are her Instagram and Facebook handles that shall provide you glimpses of her work.

Top 5 Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

What could be more refreshing than travelling and eating, I am a mom traveler and I love to eat all the dishes around the world. There are many countries where you can go and eat the vegetarian food because the vegetarian food over there is absolutely tasty. Morocco the ravishing land of sun and rain is the land where the vegetarian dishes are even more delicious than you can even think. There is a huge variety of vegetarian foods  in Morocco and dishes which are not only tasty but also very nutritious. If you are planning Morocco Family Holidays then you need to try these top five vegetarian dishes which are absolutely amazing !


Vegetarian Foods in MoroccoPastilla

One of the tastiest Moroccan dishes is the pastille, as the name predicts, this is the most interesting dish I have tasted till now. This dish is the Moroccan answer of individual savoury pie. This is used as the appetizer but trust me this dish could be eaten as your once course meal and you won’t regret your decision. These are savoury vegetables which are puffed in the pie combines with the different types of Moroccan spices.

Vegetable tajineVegetarian Foods in Morocco

It does not matter which type of food you are going to eat in Morocco and whether you are a vegetarian or not. This vegetable tajine is this dish which is used to complement all the dishes you will eat in Morocco. Your Morocco family holiday will include eating this with almost all the dishes in a different restaurant. This food is the made by using the saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric and for the topping, they use dried fruits or nuts to create the effect of crunch and sweetness. And the most interesting fact is that it is made in the tajine clay pot. Tajine is the most healthy Vegetarian Foods in Morocco.

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Berkoukech soup is the most common Vegetarian Food in Morocco


Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

If you have been to Morocco then you might have tasted the best Berber soup there, this Berber soup is made by adding the assortment of vegetables fresh chickpeas,  pearl couscous,  fresh coriander in a tomatoey broth and the spices. This soup is the traditional dish of nomadic Berber people of Morocco. What can one ask on the cold nights but the bowl full of Berkoukech soup?


BriouatsVegetarian Foods in Morocco

These are the triangular pastries which are made with the stuffing of sweet or savoury vegetables and these fried pastries are the most delicious course of the meal for all the vegetarians. This dish is flavoured with the Moroccan spices and amazingly serves. After eating one you will crave more trust me!


Moroccan salad

For all the diet conscious people this salad is your way to maintain the diet and satisfy your taste buds while you are travelling. This salad is made by the fresh vegetables including red onion, coriander green capsicum, red tomatoes, olives chopped with cumin and vinegar a mixture of olive oil. You can expect to find this salad on an Italian menu as these all vegetables are the flavoured by the Moroccan spices. This salad is the production of  Morocco’s clash of North African and European cultures.

Next time you go for your Morocco holidays be sure that you have tried all these dishes and than you can suggest these vegetarian foods to others as well!

How to Turn Your Home into a Healthy Environment for Your Kids

We like to think about our homes as safe havens. Alas, more often than not, there is a multitude of threats preying on our good health and well-being. Moreover, young children spend a lion’s share of their time indoors and every year, millions of them get exposed to toxins. The tricky thing is that many of these risks are of elusive nature and quite hard to detect. So, it all starts with proper awareness and commitment to taking preventive steps to reduce the exposure to dangerous elements. It is high time to put together a healthier home environment for you and your family. So do you all dream of Healthy Environment for Your Kids at home.
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Exposing toxic presence

The first thing to do is to inspect your home for toxins. Everything from water and air to textiles and surfaces might hide toxic hazards. Where to start then? Well, furniture, paint, and flooring are a good place because they can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other perilous toxins. They can remain hidden for a long time, until you upset them during the renovation. Therefore, take necessary precautions before starting any improvement projects.
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Furthermore, if your home was built prior to 1978, it is very likely you have another problem— lead sitting under the top coat of paint on walls and windows or in floor varnish. When released into the air, toxic lead particles potentially cause developmental and learning problems. Unfortunately, home tests are not always accurate. Thus, your best bet is to hire a local contractor and safely remove this plight from your home. Healthy Environment for Your Kids is most important thing when you have active kids at home.


While at it, test the environment for naturally-occurring, radioactive gas radon. This menace is a leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers, yet it is odorless, invisible to the naked eye, and tasteless. The good news, though, is that there are many inexpensive test kits available at home improvement stores. They are also easy to use. Should you find this gas in dangerous quantities (4 picocuries per liter of air or higher), you have to contact a certified radon-mitigation contractor.

Cleansing the air
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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is two to five times worse than the one outdoors and World Health Organization agrees that this is one of the greatest health risks of today.  To make it worse, children breathe more air than adults, pound for pound. So, you need to do everything within your power to clear the air. Reduce humidity levels by using exhaust fans in moisture-riddled areas and spurring natural ventilation.

Note that you need to avoid air ionizers and fresheners that contain phthalates— they do more harm than good. Instead, opt for houseplants. Spider plants and peace lilies are just some of many natural air filters that are effective in combating toxins and pollutants. Feel free to shop around for quality industrial products in the league of HEPA air purifier.  Such a certified product is proven to improve the long-term respiratory health of your children.
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Keep an eye on carbon monoxide, which is a highly common hazard that originates from the incomplete process of fuel burning in household appliances like stoves and furnaces. It can lead to symptoms similar to flu. And when its level increases, carbon monoxide can even be fatal for kids. To steer clear of such scenario, install alarms and detectors in your home. Put them outside bedrooms and other sleeping areas. In addition, inspect and maintain your appliances and heating systems on a regular basis.

Always in the clear
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Be a conscious consumer and extra careful what you bring into your home. For instance, you have to know which products harbor dangerous chemicals and poisonous substances. Also, make sure to keep potentially harmful items locked and out of children’s reach. Cleaning products, pain relievers, cosmetics and personal care products are leading culprits behind poisoning in children. Seek natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, such as baking soda and vinegar.
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Finally, bear in mind that a clean home is a healthy home. You must never forgo regular chores. Dusting regularly is the key to preventing kids from breathing in contaminated dust. Namely, flame retardants and PBDEs from electronics can easily get airborne and cause a variety of health issues. It is a good idea to use a damp cloth for most dusting tasks and follow it up with the good old vacuuming. Just do not use older vacuum cleaners that tend to disperse the dust around.

On the safe side
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More and more parents are concerned about the negative impact of the home environment on the health of their children. And they have every reason to be. Every now and then, new scientific evidence and horror stories surface. The main problem is that the majority of hazards are not obvious, so it is best to assume the worst. You do not have to go out of your way: there are many simple and low-cost tactics to follow. Thus, get educated, test your home for toxins and tool up to bust them. Keep your little ones out of the harm’s way and empower their growth and development.  I hope all these tips makes you keep Healthy Environment for Your Kids at home.  

This article is a Guest post by  Stella van Lane is a mom and a passionate writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. 

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