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Air Pollution! As you hear the word, it takes you to imagine traffic signal picture with a lot of honking, and Cars throwing hydrocarbons from their backside to your front glass. Isn’t it true?

Do you remember your mom saying, “don’t go out its too much pollution outside”? At least metro city moms do say this always when children go outside. But hey, are you safe inside your home, have you been sick even being at home? consider you enjoyed being at home and cleaned your home and Monday morning became the sick one! Why? Yes because the Recent study shows that not only outside but inside home, the environment can be 5x times dangerous than outside.

Do you think we don’t have pollution inside the home, Think again!!!

Let me take you to some of the most common polluted places in our home.

Do you have
1)Dampen walls

2)Corners of walls and furniture

3)Dry mobs for dusting

4)Vacuum cleaner

5)Asbestosis ceiling

6)Chipped or scrubbed Paint wall

7)Non-dust repellent furniture

8)Drainage system near bathroom or gardens, wash basins etc

9)Places or cupboard where you keep food grains

10)Fans, surface layers of cupboard or old newspapers and cardboard boxes.

11) Pets in your House

If your answer to all above questions is yes then your indoor environment is as harmful as outside.
Let me tell you what kind of pollutants this thing will release in your indoor air.
Before that let’s understand what is pollutant

“A pollutant is a substance or an Energy introduced into the surrounding that has harmful effects on the human body. This can be Voc (Volatile Organic Compounds), pesticide, spores, PCBs, oil, gases, and aerosols”


Let me take you now to each pollutant and Remedy for them so that we stay in #CleanAirBeautifulHomes.

royale atmos

Volatile organic compounds are the mixture of formaldehyde, toluene, chlorine and other gazes. The easiest way to detect them is to detect the unpleasant smell which is like paint stripper,  or like air fresher bathroom cleaner or pesticide. The best example of Voc at home is a wood polishing agent.

Tips to save your environment from VOCs.

-Do not use air freshener at home instead clean and purify your home using fresh flowers like Mogra, of lavender or Raat Rani (Scented Jessamine).
If possible make outside shed for such products if your works demand this product regularly.
Use fans to remove Vocs gases as even cooking in nonstick pans produces such gases in environments.
Do not buy unwanted Vocs products at home if not used immediately.

2) Lead
Do you know earlier all Paints used to contain lead especially oil paints, I still remember my childhood went in oil paints wall which used to have shines and reflection on the wall? During that time I had got spectacles, without any specific reason, including my siblings. Later on, I realized that those shining oil paints use to be as dangerous as today’s mobile screen, which had affected my eyes.

lead-royale atmos

Other than this, the paints used to have lots of lead, which is the most dangerous pollutant of all. Even if someone consumes it, it can lead nervous and kidney damage.

white lead

I always advise students not to put pencils in the mouth as it contains lead. I have seen kids eating chipped paints and they scrub it too. This can lead to chronic respiratory problems to those kids.

royale atmos

Use Royale ATMOS paints, which is a kind of green or eco-friendly paint as claimed by Asian Paints. And as a user of royale ATMOS, I too can assure you that yes it’s lead-free, odour free, VOC free paint. This is the first of its kind which gives wall, a smooth, beautiful look, as well as its activated carbon technology, absorbs harmful pollutants from the air. ROYALE ATMOS reduces foul odour to make fresh air, clean air inside the home. And top of it gives you pleasant fragrance for so many weeks after its application. The best thing is to let your kid draw her /his dream on the wall because Royale ATMOS is a washable paint.

Royale ATMOS work on paint science where binding agent plays the most important part in this technology. If the binder in the paint is good, the adhesion to the wall is strong. And it integrates to add toughness to dry paint film by binding the pigment of paint together.  If the paint passes the basic test of scrubbing, sheening and washability then the paint is of good quality.

Molds and fungi.

Dampen walls of the bathroom are exposed walls of the home to rains can cause damp walls inside the home. Because of humidity, moulds and fungi spring so fast, releasing millions of spores into an indoor environment. Once this reaches your nose, you start sneezing badly.

This can even lead to eyes, throat, and nose infection. And chronic factors can lead to asthma. These are the fastest, largest pollutants to cause allergy inside the home.

Spores are so lightweight that they fly in the air, and wherever they settle they grow a new colony.  This is how they spread on damp walls.

Tips to save from molds and fungi.

Keep your humidity of room using a humidifier.
Check your taps and bathroom fitting for leakages.
Use outside waterproof paint on your wall so that Rainwater doesn’t seep inside your walls and creating damp corners.

Always make sure that moulds and fungi don’t stay for long on walls, you can use either disinfectant to clean it or use dry heat methods to destroy it. Once I had used a hot hair dryer to dry the wall and to kill the growing mould n fungi on the wall.


Do you have ceiling or balcony with asbestos sheets on?

Is it intact?
If yes then no problem, but if it’s chipped and flaking then it’s a huge problem. Now let me share a personal experience. We too had a paint shop and all paint related products including paint thinner, lime powder, plaster of Paris, strainers, paints, wood polishes etc. I remember the dust which that environment has given us, made us suffering until today. My mom had continuous asthma problems. My dad has a chronic respiratory infection. The only solution to be we change our shop to only paint shop, and stop selling other products.

This asbestos can cause you asbestosis which can lead to death too if not taken care of. These flakes of asbestos if inhaled can make your lung infected. And also this asbestos absorbs maximum heat causing heat strokes in kids.

My mom had continuous asthma problems. My dad has a chronic respiratory infection. The only solution to be we change our shop to only paint shop, and stop selling other products.  This asbestos can cause you asbestosis which can lead to death too if not taken care of. These flakes of asbestos if inhaled can make your lung infected. And also this asbestos absorbs maximum heat causing heat strokes in kids.

Avoid asbestos ceiling, nowadays we have numerous options to use ceilings for our balcony.

Use your balcony to grow plants which are maximum Co2 absorber.

Grow more bonsai plants.

Grow more big size leaf plants which absorb lots of pollution.

Top 5 plants to reduce indoor air pollution

Aloe Vera, I have many as it doesn’t take much water, and commonly available and easy to grow.

Spider Plant (Chlorohytum Como sum)
same it ad as Decor to your wall and gives you clean and fresh environment as it absorbs most VOCs like xylene, formaldehyde n so on.

Gerber Daisies
Best for bedrooms as it has colourful flowers and smells good. It gives more oxygen during night-time.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’)
Easy to maintain
Requires less sunlight
Bedroom corner gets highlighted.
Removes all harmful VOCs and gases.

Bamboo palm

According to Chinese, placing a bamboo brings luck and health, but scientifically bamboo absorbs maximum pollutant from the indoor environment.
So it’s win-win for us, health + luck =successful life.

bamboo palm

At last but not least some more tips to make #CleanAirBeautifulHomes with more easy tips.

1) Always use wet mops than dry mops, anything when dusted dry, spread into the environment, causing harm to everyone. So always wipe your fans, furniture, corners of walls using wet mops.

2) use only LPG cylinder for cooking and no other appliances which release carbon monoxide.

3) keep a big carpet outside the door so that dirty shoes with so many pollutants do not enter the home.

4) Always make a routine to check the leakage of taps and inner pipelines

5) Separate the wet and dry garbage in two sets if dustbins and never try to dispose plastic at home. Burning of plastic can produce No2, CO, radon and more harmful gases affecting your sensory organs.

6) Use wet garbage to make Vermicomposting so that u can use bio compost as fertilizer and use natural pesticide than chemicals ones for your plants.

7) Smoking is injurious to health, so do not allow anyone to smoke inside your home.

8) Avoiding your pet’s hair fall using various solutions helps to stay clean.

Go green inside your home with Royale atmos wall paint and make your atmosphere good to breathe.

royale atmos

All Picture credit goes to Google.


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