Kids Yoga

Gone are the days when it was considered that yoga is only for adults. Today, kids yoga has equally become very important and is in rage for all good reasons. Yoga for kids is essential as it has several physical and mental health benefits. Learning yoga from a young age can improve the kid’s focus, immunity, concentration, cognitive abilities, emotional quotient, and intelligent quotient. To help you with the same, Cure.Fit has started sessions on kids yoga which is very helpful, and I say this from my own personal experience. Your kids can practice yoga from the comfort of their homes.


Features of kids yoga sessions on Cure.Fit

You will find different videos that contain simple yoga postures and exercises for kids. The videos are exciting and involve them in the practice session. They have been designed and customized to suit the interest of kids and retain them in the classes. The yoga asanas that are included in the videos are easy yet compelling and explained in a way that the kids could perform it smoothly at their home.

Age-appropriate videos

The Cure Fit kids yoga pack have two sessions of three videos. The sessions are divided as per the age group of kids. The first session is kids yoga for 5 to 7-year-olds, and the second session is for 8 to 10-year-olds. The videos in all sessions are of 30 minutes. The categorization has been done to make it further suitable for the kids of the age bracket. The pre-teens and teen kids can practise the asanas in the second category. Even adults at home can use the same yoga postures to perform their early morning yoga workout session.

5 to 7 year age- The kids at this age are very active and their bodies, are quite flexible. If they start practising yoga from this age, their body can quickly adapt to the postures and help them embark on the beautiful journey of yoga. The videos are filled with fun and involve the kids with the activity without actually making them feel that they are doing yoga. Instead, it seems to be a fun play activity.  Thus, the kids play and stimulate their bodies at the same time.

8 to 10 years- Kids this age are eager to make their decisions and thus the yoga postures in this category focus to calm their minds and help them to stay focused and make their decisions. These postures help them strengthen their body and boost their immunity. Overall, with yoga postures from these videos, the kids improve their performances in academics and sports as well.

Why Cure.Fit?

The most important reason to opt for Cure.Fit is that it involves the kids in a way that they enjoy the session instead of getting stressed. The kids will look forward to their yoga sessions as the postures here are simple and useful for the kids. The postures help the kids develop confidence and calm their minds. Also, they need not go to yoga centres or pay a considerable amount as fees. Instead, under your guidance from their homes, they can perform yoga on Cure.Fit.

Organic Kids Clothing

Being in the blogger industry, I have developed more love towards enhancing my dressing style, taking care of my skin, and being physically and mentally fit. And, being a millennial mother, I would love to dress up kids every now and then. Here I am sharing organic kids clothing for your child.

Nino Bambino

As a result, my daughter, Angel has a knack for fashion too. But, my little baby, Aarit is still too young to understand anything about fashion. But he loves everything that I choose for him. I love dressing him up so he can develop his own sense of style.

Recently, I have posted a few pictures of Aarit on Instagram and everyone went gaga over his outfit in my comment section. So, recently I came across a brand, Nino Bambino. While scrolling, I found super cute and colourful outfits for baby boy and baby girl. And the best part is that they are made up of 100% organic kids clothing material which is super soft on the skin and totally wearable.

Aarit has worn three outfits from Nino Bambino, and let me review it individually.

  • Multi Colour Dungaree Set for Baby Boy By Nino Bambino: 

Nino Bambino 100% Organic Cotton Multi Color Dungaree Set For Baby Boy

Who said only girls can wear pink colour? This pink coloured dungaree with a white leopard print t-shirt will make your kid looks super stylish and trendy in the outfit. If you want, you can add a baker boy hat to make their look straight out of kid’s fashion magazine.

Get your Kid Cloth

  • Orange Coloured Slipper Print Romper By Nino Bambino: 100% Organic Cotton Full RomperIf you have been looking for a great way to style your kids, then you can never go wrong with a romper for your kids. Not only the cute slipper print romper looks cute but also it provides maximum comfort to your little ones.

Get your Kid Cloth

  • Cute Yacht Printed White Top & Button Set By Nino Bambino:

Nino Bambino 100% Pure Organic Cotton Top & Bottom Sets For Baby Boys

Want to keep it simple yet chic? Then this yacht print colour co-ordinated set for kids will steal everyone’s heart. Get it for your little baby as you don’t have to worry about co-ordinating the top wear and bottom wear every other morning.

Get your Kid Cloth

Why Would I recommend Nino Bambino outfits to every parent?

So, whenever I buy new things and if I like them, I love to spread the word about them. From talking about the fresh prints of clothing for babies to comfort level, let’s check out why you need to try Organic Kids Clothing Nino Bambino’s clothing pieces.

  • All the clothes by the brand are 100% pure organic kids clothing which means it won’t cause any rashes and allergies on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • The clothing items of Nino Bambino are QC checked and passed.
  • They are super affordable and the best part is that they have discounts going on their website.
  • The products are generally dispatched within 2 days when you order on Nino Bambino’s website and they provide a 100% Money back guarantee.

So, order the super stylish outfits for kids right now and share your pictures on Instagram and tag me on your baby’s outfit pictures too.

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A for Animal Fact List With Kids

Nowadays, getting productive during the quarantine period is not as easy as it seems. And, if you are a working parent and stuck with kids, then it is even harder to entertain them. 

A for Animal Fact List With KidsBut, don’t worry! I am here to help by A to Z Blogging Challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. As I have revealed my theme which is based on the Fun Activities to do with your Kids during Quarantine.

So, here is the first activity that you can try out with your kids i.e., A for Animal Fact List With Kids. It is a super amazing yet inexpensive activity that you can do with your kids. It will surely let you teenybop discover some fun and furry animal facts about our incredible wildlife on this planet. 

Why Animal Fact List With Kids?

The reason for choosing this activity is to educate our children with wildlife. Once, they will know the untold facts about these wonderful living creatures then they will eventually take the utmost responsibility of being sensitive towards them. These animal facts will increase their knowledge too. As a parent, you should collect relevant information about the animals and share them with your children.

Material Required for the Animal Fact List 

As I have already mentioned, this activity is super inexpensive. All you need a pen and paper. 

How to play “Animal Fact List With Kids” 

You don’t need a special skill to ace in this activity. Moreover, there is no specific process to play the activity. You can play this on your terms. 

  • Match the Animals and Their Facts

Just a paper and write about the list of the animals on one side of the paper and jumble down the fun facts of the animals on the other side of the paper. And share the paper with your kids and tell them to match the animals with their facts and let’s see how much they can get it right. 

  • Guess The Animal

It is pretty much the same as above but in this, you can tell your kids an amazing fact and give them a hint along with the fact and ask them to guess the animal. I am sure your children will love this activity.

Key Learnings 

This activity has helped to develop a great learning experience for the kids. Here are some of the points that were key learning points.

  1. We learned to discover the multiple threats that these animals face today. 
  2. We learned about some beautiful extinct and endangered animal species. 
  3. This activity helped us to grow sensitivity and responsibility to preserve these animals. 
  4. Exposure to the great wildlife of this planet. 
  5. We learn about the meaning of their actions and behavior.

My Overall Experience

It was such a great experience to discuss animals with my daughter. She loves to know more about animals. And you won’t believe it, we played this activity straight for three hours, which is unbelievable.

So, try out this activity with your kids too and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures and tag me @sneha_261013 on Instagram.

And stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘B’! Can you guess it?

Pregnancy Massage during the First Trimester

Getting a massage is a blissful journey. This is one luxury, which anyone would love to indulge in. We all have been living a life so stressful, fast, and tiring – both mentally and physically. A back massage from the shoulders, all the way to the spinal cord, until the hips. Don’t you feel it? But before we get diverted by the written pleasure, let us not forget the topic we are going to discuss today. Are massages safe during pregnancy? A lot of pregnant women have this one question in their minds, which has most of the time remained unanswered.

Pregnancy Massage during the First TrimesterI have been doing my research through it since I have stepped into my second trimester. I have been reading a lot about it. Along with it I also consulted my doctor for the same. Since this is my second child and my age have had a huge effect on the same. Therefore, I take extra precautions on my end to be careful with my health and the health of the child as well.

So, when it came to massages, I thought of taking those only after I am completely sure about it. So, I did my research on various things – from when should I take my massage, what should be avoided, are there any benefits of taking massage and one of the major questions, is it safe to take massages during pregnancy? So, to avoid the research on your end I would like to share my research with you along with my experience for the same. So, here we go!

Let us begin with the basic question:

What is Pregnancy Massage?

A pregnancy massage is also known as the parental or the postnatal massage. It is a term used for a hands-on massage taken during or after the pregnancy. The massage would usually last for an hour for a forty-five-minute session. There are professionals associated with the pregnancy massage and they use a massage table, this is no usual massage table. This table is designed in a way to accommodate the pregnancy belly of a woman. Along with the table, there are specially designed pillows with are called as the bolsters. This helps the pregnant woman to comfortable adjust on the pillow on her side. This is mostly helpful in the later stages of pregnancy that id posts the first trimester.

When should you not consider getting a pregnancy massage? 

There will be several articles that say that a woman should get the message anytime, or some may tell you to get it done during the third trimester, so on and so forth. It is alright to get a massage during pregnancy, what you do not get this when you should not consider getting one. However, what I have got to know is that there should be two typical scenarios when a woman expecting a child should think very carefully to get a pregnancy massage. There are the following:

  1. The first trimester:

There are reports which tell that women are most at risk in their first trimester to get a massage. Several massage therapists say a vehement no to their clients in their first trimester. There are risks of miscarriage, or induced labor during the first pregnancy massage in first trimestertrimester if opted for a pregnancy massage. Some of the massage therapists are most considerate of the high blood flow during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Secondly, there are certain pressure points. How are we even not mentioning pressure points when discussing the massage. There are pressure points, which are almost certain to initiate contractions. If you have a doctor’s prescription, they might still consider a parental massage during the first trimester. Most likely they refuse to give a pregnancy massage during the first trimester.

  1. Medical conditions also relate to pregnancy massage:

We all know the basic logic behind massage – it is the circulatory system. Their circulatory system is the one that engages the blood flow in the body. These could affect ladies with medical conditions and harm health conditions. So, the following are the issues where you must consider your doctor before divulging yourself into a pregnancy massage. Of course, the doctor will let you know, however, you should still consider asking them on a personal level.

  • High Blood pressure issues
  • Pregnancy risk concerns such as congenital heart disease
  • Any recent injury or surgery
  • An organ transplants

The benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

There are very fewer studies and research made which primarily focus on pregnancy massage. There are no “affirmative” benefits stated. However, there are still few studies which show multiple benefits for the pregnancy massage, which are:

  • A lower level of anxiety
  • A decrease in back and leg pain
  • Improved sleep cycle
  • Decreased level of stress hormones
  • Reduced muscle tensions and headaches
  • Reduced edema

Additional benefits that some other studies show are as follows:

  • An increase in the level of “feel good” hormones
  • Decreased levels of stress indicators
  • An overall mood lifter
  • Improvement of nerve pain
  • Improved circulation

Is it safe to consider pregnancy massage?

There are a lot of doctors who hesitate to recommend parental massage during pregnancy. There are a lot of reasons that follow up for hesitation. One of the basic reasons being the trainer who does the massage. There are very few professionals who lack certification of pregnancy massage or have a different technique. Therefore, during such scenarios where it is difficult to prove the certification the parental massage isn’t safe. It is all about the techniques.

We all are aware that any regular massage, even a basic one is all about the nerves and muscles, and pressure points. One wrong pressure and the massage could be fatal. Therefore, when pregnant the ladies have to be far more careful in choosing their professionals.

Secondly, as mentioned above there have been very few studies about the pregnancy massage. One of the major debates that are still prevalent of whether it is safe to get a massage during the first trimester. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor for the same and find a practitioner who has a certificate for the same.

This was my take on pregnancy massages; however, I have started pregnancy massage during my second trimester, avoiding it completely during the first trimester. I would surely let you know an updated version related to my experience.

Third month of pregnancy – A crucial month to find out genetic abnormalities in fetus #Pregnancy-series

As addressed in the previous blog, I have decided to share my Pregnancy Stories, experiences, and everything related. My core idea to tell these stories is to share what I have gone through and to help anyone who needs it. Having said that I am well aware of the fact that each woman goes through different experiences. Each pregnancy is way different than others and that everyone goes through different complications, God forbid. But if anyone who relates to a similar condition they can easily go through my blog and seek help. So, in this blog, I will be speaking about the second and third month of pregnancy.

Why the second and third months together you ask? Well, these two months were a kind of mental recovery and taking care of months for me. However, there were a lot of realizations and mistakes I made even during these months, which I will be discussing in the latter part of the blog. However, these months were a continuous process, which you will realize by the end of the read below.

If you haven’t read my previous post, I will link it hereI have stated in this one that I have been going through complications because of Placenta Previa. Placenta Previa is a condition in pregnancy where the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb that is the uterus. This covers the complete or a part of the cervix opening. The placenta grows during the pregnancy period and helps in feeding the baby. This causes bleeding or spotting.

Things I realized were reasons for my complications

I consulted my doctor as soon as I saw spotting and experienced complications during my first initial month. However, after having concerned my doctor, I realized two major things:

  • This was my second pregnancy
  • My age and pregnancy complications

Speaking about the first reason, it was my second child that I was expecting. I had psychologically back in my mind that since this is my second pregnancy, I am aware of the drill. Little did I know that there is a difference.

My second reason played a major role. A woman undergoes several changes from hormonal to genetics to physical during every sphere of her life. I am expecting my child at 35. There are a lot of changes I am going through apart from the mood swings. Secondly, my body has its own needs to be fulfilled along with the health of my child too.

These were the two major reasons I realized and shook hands with that I have to take care of myself. The carelessness of taking bumpy rickshaw rides, traveling to Europe, and playing Dandiya and Garba during my first months won’t work or help me in many ways. However, these were the ones that invited complications for me.

Major Mistake Made from My End:

There are certain tests that you have to get done when you are expecting your child. This is one fact each one of us is aware of and well-guided about. Apart from the sonography (USG) , there are certain reports and tests, which the doctor asks you to get done when you are expecting depending on the month.

Well, since it was my second and third month of pregnancy respectively, I had to get an NT Scan done.

Third month of pregnancy– What is an NT Scan?

An NT Scan is a very common screening that is to be done during the first trimester of the pregnancy. This is one test that helps in measuring the size of the clear tissue, which is called the nuchal translucency.

However, I got that test done. The mistake that was made from my end was that I did not get the Double marker test done. This is one of the most important tests for pregnant ladies above the age of 35 years. This test lets you know that there is no genetic issue with the child and he or she is perfectly fine.

How crucial is Double Marker test?

The story goes such that the day I was scheduled for my double marker test, I was late in reaching the pathology and it was closed. And therefore, I missed two more days because of this, followed by dusheera, the alb was closed. I thought will go after 2 days. little i did know that this can’t be done after 14 week. I have written complete post on double marker test but for time being double marker test is done to determine any chromosomal malformation in the fetus.  The issue was that the NT Scan was to be referred along with the double marker test. Since I missed this test, I lost the chance to find out genetic issues till 19 th week of pregnancy as I will have to quadruple marker test.  Keeping positive  in mind, we waited for 19 Th week.

But my doctor literally shouted at me saying that how can be this careless and I should not have missed the double marker test. It was an important test in order to know that if there is any genetic disorder in the child. Because of the pregnancy as I mentioned, I was being lazy and this made me miss the test, which was a huge mistake.

However, later on, when it was week 18 and 19, I was supposed to get done quadruple marker test and anomaly scan, which I did on time. This is a test that should be done in order to prevent any kind of genetic disorder in the kid.  Do read my next blog on what happened in my Quadruple marker test as it was not expected as I wanted.

All that I went through during the first trimester

In the early and mid-second trimester, I used to get spotting early morning. However, by the first trimester, it stopped. This spotting was all because of the placenta previa.

There were several reasons that accounted for all the carelessness or mistakes that were made.

Expecting my second child and between that, I have to also give time to my first child, as she is now in second grade. She has to be sent to school, taught at home as I take care of her studies.

  • Secondly, the other thing accounted for in this way that we are getting our new home constructed. This is also taking our time.
  • Thirdly, the Europe trip, I will definitely be writing about it on my blog. However, shopping for the trip, preparing for it and everything else made me physically tired and exhausted.

All these accumulated in the exertion and exhausting my body physically. However, when I told my doctor about it, she told me that internally everything is perfectly fine, there is no issue or problem with the child growing in me or with my body.

Along with it, I myself felt a tad bit better than the first two initial months by the time the third month has begun. There was lesser spotting, I would not say lesser mood swings and laziness, however, it did improve to some extent.

All you must take care of in the third month of pregnancy

As I have been saying since my first blog that the aim of writing these blogs and publishing them is to help women to learn from the mistakes I have done. The third month of pregnancy as said is a crucial stage, people do not even tell a lot of their relatives and closed ones that they are expecting until they have crossed the third month.

The following are my learning till third month of pregnancy
  • Take a lot of care of yourself. Do not only depend on the others to remind you about your medicines (if any) or eating habits. Since I had only 8 hemoglobin , my folic acid and Iron tablets were really crucial. But when you have so many complications in your life, you gotta forget medicines. And more thing Never Take the calcium and IRON TABLETS together, as they both interfere in their absorption in blood. so always keep a gap of 5 hours between two medicines.
  • Do not miss any tests told by the doctor, these are important and there are time periods fixed for them. If you miss one day you might not be allowed to take the test any further.
  • Try not to physically exhaust your body.
  • Also If you are going thru many complications, don’t do exercise at all, until your doctor advises you.

I hope these are going to help you a lot and I will be back again with the blog on compulsory or mandatory test to be done during pregnancy. And let you know what all I went through and what were the better signs I was able to witness.

Disclaimer: These are my personal experience and may not be applicable to any one else.



Does first month of pregnancy decide the fate of your child ?

Hearing those sweet toy bells is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for a mother. There have been a lot of myths, speculations, and precautions that go around amongst the mothers. They say, “you bring a new life into this world.” Well, yes! I agree with it. However, there are a lot of things, which each woman goes through. There are certain unique traits seen in every month, which is different from every woman. Since I was no different I myself went through certain issues in my pregnancy. As everyone might not be aware that I am expecting my second child. Yes, so I would like to take this opportunity to tell my readers about it. I will be sharing each and everything that I went through starting from when I was the first month pregnant until the ninth.  So if you are a mom ,or expecting or trying to conceive, read it carefully till end.

This will be my pregnancy dairies – sharing my first-hand experience on every month. So here we go!

first month of pregnancyThe Announcement!

We had planned our second child for the sole purpose to provide our first child a sibling. This was the whole and sole purpose of hands down and nothing else. So, the announcement came to us and we were definitely happy about it.

Signs and Symptoms during the First Month of Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a chirpy one. Sometimes I had cravings to eat something so on and so forth. However, when I came to know I was second time pregnant, I was prepared for what might and might not happen. But my dear friends, you can never predict this. Every pregnancy is different. You are not aware of what might happen, how your body would react to it, and what would happen with you. However, you must not be reckless, I know being in that situation and saying that is hard, but you can always prepare yourself.

I have read articles before and even read articles in the first month of pregnancy. They did not much help me in my case. The reason was I wasn’t able to find anyone who wrote what I was feeling. However, if anyone goes through the same situation, I want them to help with my experience. Following were the signs and symptoms that I saw in the first month of pregnancy:

Apart from this, I was at ease that I did not suffer from vomiting. Whereas, some women might. Having said that there are also certain things that one must take care of, which I will be sharing with you all in the latter part of the blog.

There was something I wasn’t happy about

I vividly remember that when the news for my first child came to me, I was very happy. I felt happy within. There were new kicks about each and everything that I used to feel. Small joys brought me great pleasure. Eventually, when I was told that we are expecting our second child, the feeling wasn’t the same. Henceforth this happened with me at the beginning of the first month of pregnancy itself.

I did not feel excited or enthusiastic about it. Definitely, I want this child, all I am trying to say is that my body wasn’t telling me the same. During the first month itself, I became cranky. I wasn’t feeling joyous or excited. I did not want to write or do any creative thinking. I wasn’t able to. Initially, I thought that it might be because the first child was a completely new thing for me and me stepping into motherhood. This might have some kind of psychological reasons.

The doctor said I was completely fine and there are different signs and symptoms in each pregnancy. There are different events each woman goes through. It has nothing to do with the first or second child or with me per se. I was relieved on that part after hearing her words. However, little I knew this was just the beginning.

I never saw this coming

Apart from feeling cranky, bored, and lazy, there was something I never knew that bumped on me. While I had just gulped the lazy symptom, I came across another issue. I had started seeing spots during my first month itself.

So this was one thing that irked me, and I became restless to know what was wrong? I was fine with everything but this, why? I obviously took an appointment with my gynecologist and asked her all my questions.

I was told that this spotting was because of the placenta previa. I was worried about it since I thought that all this happened because I wasn’t much care during the first month. However, the doctor cleared it very vividly about the same.

To all those who don’t what placenta previa is:

Placenta Previa isn’t that common when it comes to woman, however, I would like to share this with my readers. One of the major reasons I would want to do that is I became very reckless when I saw all this happening to me. I had no one to let me know that this wasn’t a thing to worry about. There are several women who go through the conditions but do not know what to do. Of course, a doctor is an ultimate help, but I believe sharing my experience will help you. And as far as I believe once you know how and what to do through an experienced person you are much careful.

So, coming back to Placenta Previa, it is not “the most” common thing. Every 1 in 200 women suffers from this. However, this commonly happens until the third trimester. And I suffered through it in the first month of my pregnancy only. It is most common for women who have has:

  • More than one child
  • A caesarian
  • Surgery on the uterus
  • Twins or triplets

The exact cause of Placenta Previa is yet unknown, however, in my case, I suffered from the spotting because the mouth of my uterus was downwards.

Where did I go wrong? Precautions to be taken during the first month of pregnancy:

As accepted, I did not take care of myself as I should have in the first month of pregnancy. One of the major reasons was the happiness within, which I was not able to feel. Secondly, there are certain things every woman should take care of. Despite your pregnancy case is different.

The following are some of them which I feel according to my experience:

  1. Do not take bumpy rides – no rickshaw rides.
  2. Travel less, especially nowhere alone or far land
  3. Give your body rest
  4. Dancing and heavy activities must be avoided

The above-mentioned points, I believed were a myth and being an enthusiast on that end, I did not take care of it. However, let me clarify that my spotting wasn’t because of the rides or travel or dancing, it was due to the placenta previa.

My carelessness was seen since I traveled a lot during my pregnancy and my first month itself. Along with it, it was during the Navratri season when I came to know that I was pregnant. One of the major things that added to my carelessness was dancing.

Definitely, you all must be thinking every doctor’s advice to keep on doing some activities, however, my Indian readers must be well-aware of the difference between a Navratri dance and a usual activity. Once you are dancing with hundreds and thousands of others you tend to make a mistake. I would say, I did that too.

Eventually, until my fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, I have coped up with a lot of things. But this was my first month of pregnancy experience. These were the things I went through. So, having shared that, I will come up with my #PregnancyDiaries for the second month super soon. Please let me know your thoughts on same.




Skill Development Books for Your Kids

Parenting is one of those lessons that life teaches you in varied ways. Once you become a parent it isn’t only a responsibility but life’s way to teach you beautiful lessons, hard way or harder lesson in a beautiful way. From learning to hold your newborn with utmost care to teach them to walk, speak, and learn – life teaches you all. However, there is a lot of time when parents like me and you seek help from books, digital articles, and even word of mouth. In a similar manner to make your little one learns some efficient skills, there are several skill development books available for the kids of every age. Today kids hate plain white and black plain books. They want more activity oriented books to read.

I never knew there could be books specifically made for kids of all ages wherein according to the age there are skills of art and crafts to writing, and sentence formation that could be taught to kids. I remember when I was a child, my parents used to make me hear moral stories, fables, and sometimes poems in order to impart upon our knowledge. I never thought that I would be confessing, and it will be this soon when I would say “Our time didn’t have the exposure our kids get.” I hope a lot of parents reading this would agree.

Coming back to the topic of developing skills in kids there are science experiments, Vedic mathematics, thinking power, and a lot more. I have been an ardent reader of online articles and books on parenting, I have read a lot about parenting and that how important it is to develop skills in our kids right from the tender age of 5. Kids are quick learners during that age. We all have been there, the A-B-C learned at the age of 3-4 is by heart even today, so are the nursery rhymes and not the periodic table, right?


Sometimes reading books to them soothes them, they start to visualize too. However, when once you begin to teach them the visualization, learning the power and thought power starts to develop in a better direction. How you can develop skills in your kids with books is to let them read and ask questions.

There are books from A-B-C, finding colors, learning through fun activities that entice them and they too are enthusiastic to learn in this way.


Just like any curious parent, there are several questions going on in your head, just like it happened to me. Researching and looking for my answer and through my experiences, I found that kids love to run their minds on finding things, something they would get in the end and with their hard work. Treasure hunt, colors, pictures are a few things they easily learn and also this helps then in identifying and developing skills too.

There are storybooks too, for the kids who are of the age of 3 to 6 where reading big words is a task, you can always read them stories, which makes them learn morals and develop visualization like the traditional way.


The following are the skill development books, which I would suggest that would really help boost your child’s skills.


This box has mini-books which as activities like vegetables sorting, food bingo, and others perfect for kids age 4 to 6 years.!!GSN_Smart_Shopping_All_Products!!&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7csuUApUpLT_YiYmdSmGg9tjDMBbiJlaRo_1Xbl60b9pWtsbpuNWRcaAojLEALw_wcB


Kids of age group 8 to 10 years- will learn how to solve problems. Once the word problem occurs, we adults consider it to be some household and office chores, but when it comes to the kids solving problems related to music, dance, and math are something they love.



When it comes to learning new things, general knowledge will be the first thing that any parent would want their child to be quick. Knowing about the country the firsts of every category, all these are easily available in this book.!!GSN_Smart_Shopping_All_Products!!&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7eS80XbzYv0uPJq5ztaIBFdgzvyFLjeHMhQR0x0hOTSGab8dzAzPhMaAqTTEALw_wcB


We all have been there, listening to grandma’s stories and being excited for it every time we visit her, or rather during the nights. Sudha Murthy’s books are exactly what you need.

Developing skills in kids is all that you can endeavor in your kid and not force. Each child has its own talent and skills, one might interest in learning math while the other in a treasure hunt.


How to Calm Your Child?

Nobody likes a cry baby on an airplane, neither do they like them in the theaters. There are several times when people are seeing chit-chatting “Why do they bring their child to such places?” Well, it is only a parent who can understand what it is all about. They need to be quick and sometimes new parents tend to lose their patience too. So, this time on my blog I will be going a little deeper than this on the same topic, “How to calm your child?”

There are a lot of times when your child feels agitated or lose his temper, which might lead to breakdown and end up in expressing his anger in actions rather than just in words. There is a huge bubble we parents are living in, the mistake isn’t all ours, we have been brought up the same way. Whenever our child breaks down into tears what is the first thing we usually say? “Stop it!”, “Go to your room, now!”, instead this is a time when we as parents should be the one to calm them down. This is the time to let them know everything will be fine, all they require this time is to feel connected with you.

Below is a rundown of the tips and tricks, which I have been trying to and have worked upon to a lot of extents that will help you calm your child:

–      Stop Adding Up Your Anger on Him/Her

The first and foremost thing is you should not lose your temper when your child is going through the same set of emotions. There will be a time when you might regret your behavior, instead be careful. Whenever your child yelling, throwing things, and crying at the same time you have to take a step back on your anger and calm. Recently  we had marriage function ,during haldi I forced angel to go and dance, as other kids were fully enjoying. She did not got up from place. Suddenly my guilt brought anger on her and I started shouting on her. But later I realized that, I was wrong.  Its her wish, if she is comfortable, she will dance.  Even she started opposing me that I can’t force her to dance and we both calm down with hugs and tears. But I also made her realized that you should also involve yourself and not just sit idol.  She too understood and started dancing immediately.

There might be several reasons for the anger –

  • their insensitive demands
  • intolerable behavior
  • emotional breakdown

However, after you have done your part of the job of making them realize their fault you need to teach them to be calm again. And you are the first teacher, therefore, don’t let the temper extend.

–      Understand what the child is trying to say

There are innumerable times my child tries to tell me something while she is crying, which irks me sometimes. But I have made sure that instead of getting irritated, I give her a couple of minutes and understand what she is trying to say. This is one of the best tips to be followed. You not just understand what he is trying to say but also teach her where she is wrong and when she is right – indeed a practice for the future!

–      Calm her down

It is very important that when your child is angry or went through a breakdown be it for any reason, you need to calm her down. There are times I have seen little ones starting to cry their heart out where they are unable to breathe, well in any of such situations you have to make sure as a responsible parent to let them know that you are there for them, especially to the little ones. A hug with a rub on the back and peck on the cheek will make a huge difference. They will understand the situation in a much better way. I will take the opportunity to say that never leave your child while she is crying, calm her down and talk it out, it is very important and healthy at the same time.

–      Follow a zero-tolerance policy

Having mentioned the above points, it surely doesn’t mean that you do not scold your child ever. You as a parent have to teach your child, make her learn the lessons of life, definitely not with a stick but sometimes harsh words. At the tender age, the child is never well-behaved, they are children they are meant to be that way. It is slowly and steadily from you that they learn. Let them know they are wrong when they are at the moment, it might lead to tears and yelling, but tell them then and there. However, after making them know about it you need to hug them and let them know things will be fine followed by “Make sure you won’t repeat this mistake, right?”

It is quite possible that you have not been following such things with your child which may lead you to think you are a bad parent, but no. You are not a bad parent you can always make things right.

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I have been reading articles and watching parenting videos there are a number of tips you can point out, but if you could incorporate the above-mentioned points, things will be much better. We have always been saying that parents are the best teachers for a child but remember there is no better teacher for you than your own child.


Enhance Your Kid’s Learning Experience with Lipa Land


Education plays a pivotal role in every person’s life. Over a couple of decades, education industry has transformed a lot. With the advent of the digital world, it has boosted the education sector. We all know, there are plenty of apps which claims to be the best educational app for kids. Here is one app that I would recommend to my fellow parents to download: Lipa Land. Especially the latest version of it. I love the story part of it. It has Audio-books, picture books, story books too.  The Old version was paid but this version comes free for  months. Download the latest version from HereLipaland updated version

There was a time when I used to get really baffled whenever my daughter, Angel played games on my phone. I have already limited her screen time, but I prefer in that screen time, she should learn something rather than just playing mindless games.

Then, I heard a lot of positive reviews about this new app, Lipa Land. After downloading it from the play store, I was really impressed by the thoughtful idea behind the app. It was a great application for these new buds and busy parents. It has games, fun activities, DIYs, audio-books, relaxation sounds, picture books, stories and much more.

A Fun Way to Keep your Kids Learning even After School

When I found LipaLand, it was a blessing in disguise for me. For those who have no idea about Lipa Land, then let me give you a brief about this application.

Lipa Land is an educational app for toddlers. It helps to create an engaging and playful experience for them. It beautifully harmonizes the digital and real world. This app is suitable for 3 to 6 year old. It has a mixed variety of games, fun activities and bedtime stories – A perfect all-in-one app!

The app is divided mainly into four sections which include games, activities, stories, and relaxation. Every category has new things to explore for the kids. So, let’s check what all these categories have for our children.

  • Games

Lipa Land consists of a variety of kid-friendly games on their app. They make sure that you or your kids, don’t need to download any other app, especially for games. And, they have the filters to choose based on easy, medium and difficult levels.

  • Activities

Lipa Land has divided the activity section into the subcategories which are names as the Play, Talk and DIY. These activities help to develop social and mental skills of a child. In fact, they get to know about various things like what to do before crossing a road, what to do if you get lost in a shopping mall and many more. These activities train their brain and make them ready for any troublesome situations.

  • Stories

The subcategories of Stories are Books, Audio-books and Picture Books. From universe to wizard world, they have books on almost every topic which entice children. List of audio-books available on the app, let your child read or listen to their favorite book from the menu.

  • Relaxation

It is really difficult to sing a new lullaby every night before bed for your kids. But Lipa Land solves this problem too. There are numerous sound effects, relaxation audios and more, which will be put your baby to a good night of sleep.lipa land

What Makes Lipa Land Stand Out?


To be honest, before using Lipa Land, I used various other apps as well. I can totally see what makes Lipa Land stand out from others. Here I have compiled a few reasons:

  • Lipa Land is an all-in-one educational app for kids. Now, I don’t need to download different applications for activities, games, and stories.
  • A lot of advertisements on the apps makes me feel irritated. But, Lipa Land is completely free from Ads. Don’t believe me? Then you check it out yourself here!
  • Lipa Land is KID SAFE certified which means it is completely safe for kids to access the app on their own.
  • Beautifully illustrated stories help grab the attention of the toddlers. So, that they can enjoy the graphics while learning other things.


Best way to Incorporate learning into their leisure time


Now that you have read all about Lipa Land, I want to share my personal experience with this application.

As you know, I am a Mommy blogger. Writing blogs, updating my website and posting regular updates on Instagram can be no less than a herculean task. My husband and I try to give our maximum attention to Angel. But with Lipa Land, things have got easier than before. In the restricted screen time, I let her use the app. And the best part is that the app lets me track the stories or games that my daughter has played. Isn’t that interesting?

I always wanted my daughter to be an avid reader because reading helps to develop skills which makes you a better individual. And the unlimited access to storybooks on Lipa Land has helped to invoke reading habit in her. It makes me so happy when she keeps on discussing the new stories she liked and the new things she learned on Lipa Land. Currently, she is reading “The Asteroid Code” under the universe section in audio books.

It would be completely unfair to not to mention about the progress she has made after using Lipa Land. Initially, you won’t be able to identify the changes in your child’s social and mental skills. But, gradually it will become visible. Her confidence has improved too!

I am glad that I found Lipa Land and my daughter have been using this application for a while. If you are looking to bring fun learning in your kids’ life with the addition of beautifully portrayed illustrations, then I suggest that you must give it a try. You can download the application by clicking here and get 3 MONTHS FREE access!

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with Lipa Land in the comment section. I really want to know how it is helping your child’s performance.

For more updates and information about Lipa Land, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram!



Top 8 Quintessential Good Habits for Kids and Ways to Develop Them


From practicing how to write ABC to educating how to behave, parents have taught us everything. That’s why they are contemplated to be the creator of the environments and diverse experiences, where we, as a child, tend to absorb different things. Parents are the greatest teachers that the children will ever have. So, before imbuing with good habits in kids try to readjust them beforehand, as children are a large reflection of their parents. They will learn what they see. Adoption of good manners in kids will help them to cultivate a good character within themselves. I can truly connect with different parents on how they grapple with kids while teaching some healthy habits. But, I have found a way out for the growth of excellent habits in your kids. So, here is the list of good habits that every child should have. So, get ready to learn how to develop these habits in your kids.  To know More about good habits for kids Read Further.


  1. Guide them to be polite to adults or everyone around them.


Saying thank you and you’re welcome won’t cause any harm but it truly reveals the way you have raised your kids. Displaying utter respect to the elder people and younger siblings is a sign of practiced civility. Personally I have taught Angel to always speak golden words like sorry ,thank-you, and welcome.


How to develop it:


Ask your child to drop a” thank you” or “welcome” note once they are content with the service of anyone. Teach them to assist people who enter your home by asking, “Would like to have a glass of water?” or “May I take your bags off?”. Tell them to open the doors for their peers, elders, parents or any stranger who needs assistance.


  1. b) Promote a habit of physical exercise and eating healthy food items.


You will never want your child to be a couch potato. Well, no one does. So, you need to tell them to embrace healthy habits of consuming green vegetables and associating in any physical games or exercise for at least an hour daily.  But if you have heavy weight kid and still active, don’t worry they look cuter. Don’t make them feel ashamed of their body, says you look cute but you need to be more fitter by avoiding junk.

How to develop it:


Here’s how you can develop healthy habits in your kids. Experiment with healthy recipes for your kids which provide wholesome nutrients to their body. Never encourage them to skip breakfast or hogging on junk food. Schedule a regular exercise or a fun sport with the family.

  1. c) Prop up the habit of reading books or even studying the labels of any food packets.

Reading is deemed to be one of the best habits in kids. It has the endowment to enlighten your kids at an early stage. And, reading the product’s information will benefit them to know the used ingredients, date of manufacture or even date of expiry, which we often neglect at grocery stores. Right?

How to develop it:

Gift them a bunch of books according to their interest and ask them questions which makes them inquisitive about browsing new books. Such questions like, “What do you like about the book?” or “Which is your favorite character from the story?” Also, try to tell them your own evaluations which will help to evolve the communication between the family members. Take your child to shop for groceries and ask them to read the labels and check out the other ingredients as well. 

  1. d) Let them know the significance behind “Sharing is Caring”

Throughout our childhood, our parents are teaching us the greatness of sharing. So, it is imperative to tell the new generation as well. This might sound a little cliche but trust me it will be absolutely appreciated in the future.

How to develop it:


Incite them to share their most prized possession with their siblings or a group of friends. The prized possession can be a new set of colorful sketch pens or their favorite food item. It will help them to be kind and generous.

  1. e) Refrain them to use digital screens for longer durations of hours.


Be it video games or internet games, these screens are not only harming their eyes but also abstaining them to go out and relish the game with their friends. I know, it is really difficult to tame kids to stay away from them. Their eyes are glued with the screen for consecutive hours. Well, I am in the same boat too. But, I have found this solution.

How to develop it:

Keep them out of reach of mobile phone or videos games from them or you can also schedule a fixed number of hours to play with it. You can also play offline games at home with your kids and suggest your family to partake in the game too.

  1. f) Make a rule to have lunch and dinner with the family at the dining table.

Most of the kids prefer to watch TV or indulge in some unnecessary activities while having their meals.  Well, it is not an acceptable habit but the best part is that you can improve it at the initial level.

How to develop it:

Set up the lunch and dinner on the dining table. Try to bring some interesting conversation on the table. This will help to make a great family bond and also exhibit good manners in kids.

  1. g) Telling them the importance of personal and oral hygiene to your munchkins

Your child might not fancy brushing up their teeth early in the morning. But trust me changing to a cute little toothbrush or a toothpaste might not help to make a huge impact, just like shown in the mundane advertisement. Don’t fret, I am here to help you out.

How to develop it:

Tell them the importance of oral hygiene and how it can influence their teeth if it is not done properly. Ask them to take the shower every other day. Prompt them to wash their hands before and after every meal.

  1. h) Direct them to focus on their mental health and engage in mental fitness activities.

It is the last point and the most overlooked one too. Just like a body, the mind demands to be treated with healthy things like love, care, and other positive emotions.

How to develop it:

It is essential that you and your child should trust each other. Ask them about their day or the activities they have performed in school. Try to address your child’s issues positively as well as practically.

Parents are the role model of a child’s life. So, a parent is wholly responsible for all the good and bad deeds performed by their child. If you want your child to foster these good habits, then it is necessary to start with yourself. Never force them to follow anything blindly. Try to give them facts, educate them about the pros and cons and moreover listen to their side of the story as well. Inspire them to be the best of the version of themselves.

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