How to Calm Your Child?

Nobody likes a cry baby on an airplane, neither do they like them in the theaters. There are several times when people are seeing chit-chatting “Why do they bring their child to such places?” Well, it is only a parent who can understand what it is all about. They need to be quick and sometimes new parents tend to lose their patience too. So, this time on my blog I will be going a little deeper than this on the same topic, “How to calm your child?”

There are a lot of times when your child feels agitated or lose his temper, which might lead to breakdown and end up in expressing his anger in actions rather than just in words. There is a huge bubble we parents are living in, the mistake isn’t all ours, we have been brought up the same way. Whenever our child breaks down into tears what is the first thing we usually say? “Stop it!”, “Go to your room, now!”, instead this is a time when we as parents should be the one to calm them down. This is the time to let them know everything will be fine, all they require this time is to feel connected with you.

Below is a rundown of the tips and tricks, which I have been trying to and have worked upon to a lot of extents that will help you calm your child:

–      Stop Adding Up Your Anger on Him/Her

The first and foremost thing is you should not lose your temper when your child is going through the same set of emotions. There will be a time when you might regret your behavior, instead be careful. Whenever your child yelling, throwing things, and crying at the same time you have to take a step back on your anger and calm. Recently  we had marriage function ,during haldi I forced angel to go and dance, as other kids were fully enjoying. She did not got up from place. Suddenly my guilt brought anger on her and I started shouting on her. But later I realized that, I was wrong.  Its her wish, if she is comfortable, she will dance.  Even she started opposing me that I can’t force her to dance and we both calm down with hugs and tears. But I also made her realized that you should also involve yourself and not just sit idol.  She too understood and started dancing immediately.

There might be several reasons for the anger –

  • their insensitive demands
  • intolerable behavior
  • emotional breakdown

However, after you have done your part of the job of making them realize their fault you need to teach them to be calm again. And you are the first teacher, therefore, don’t let the temper extend.

–      Understand what the child is trying to say

There are innumerable times my child tries to tell me something while she is crying, which irks me sometimes. But I have made sure that instead of getting irritated, I give her a couple of minutes and understand what she is trying to say. This is one of the best tips to be followed. You not just understand what he is trying to say but also teach her where she is wrong and when she is right – indeed a practice for the future!

–      Calm her down

It is very important that when your child is angry or went through a breakdown be it for any reason, you need to calm her down. There are times I have seen little ones starting to cry their heart out where they are unable to breathe, well in any of such situations you have to make sure as a responsible parent to let them know that you are there for them, especially to the little ones. A hug with a rub on the back and peck on the cheek will make a huge difference. They will understand the situation in a much better way. I will take the opportunity to say that never leave your child while she is crying, calm her down and talk it out, it is very important and healthy at the same time.

–      Follow a zero-tolerance policy

Having mentioned the above points, it surely doesn’t mean that you do not scold your child ever. You as a parent have to teach your child, make her learn the lessons of life, definitely not with a stick but sometimes harsh words. At the tender age, the child is never well-behaved, they are children they are meant to be that way. It is slowly and steadily from you that they learn. Let them know they are wrong when they are at the moment, it might lead to tears and yelling, but tell them then and there. However, after making them know about it you need to hug them and let them know things will be fine followed by “Make sure you won’t repeat this mistake, right?”

It is quite possible that you have not been following such things with your child which may lead you to think you are a bad parent, but no. You are not a bad parent you can always make things right.

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I have been reading articles and watching parenting videos there are a number of tips you can point out, but if you could incorporate the above-mentioned points, things will be much better. We have always been saying that parents are the best teachers for a child but remember there is no better teacher for you than your own child.


Enhance Your Kid’s Learning Experience with Lipa Land


Education plays a pivotal role in every person’s life. Over a couple of decades, education industry has transformed a lot. With the advent of the digital world, it has boosted the education sector. We all know, there are plenty of apps which claims to be the best educational app for kids. Here is one app that I would recommend to my fellow parents to download: Lipa Land. Especially the latest version of it. I love the story part of it. It has Audio-books, picture books, story books too.  The Old version was paid but this version comes free for  months. Download the latest version from HereLipaland updated version

There was a time when I used to get really baffled whenever my daughter, Angel played games on my phone. I have already limited her screen time, but I prefer in that screen time, she should learn something rather than just playing mindless games.

Then, I heard a lot of positive reviews about this new app, Lipa Land. After downloading it from the play store, I was really impressed by the thoughtful idea behind the app. It was a great application for these new buds and busy parents. It has games, fun activities, DIYs, audio-books, relaxation sounds, picture books, stories and much more.

A Fun Way to Keep your Kids Learning even After School

When I found LipaLand, it was a blessing in disguise for me. For those who have no idea about Lipa Land, then let me give you a brief about this application.

Lipa Land is an educational app for toddlers. It helps to create an engaging and playful experience for them. It beautifully harmonizes the digital and real world. This app is suitable for 3 to 6 year old. It has a mixed variety of games, fun activities and bedtime stories – A perfect all-in-one app!

The app is divided mainly into four sections which include games, activities, stories, and relaxation. Every category has new things to explore for the kids. So, let’s check what all these categories have for our children.

  • Games

Lipa Land consists of a variety of kid-friendly games on their app. They make sure that you or your kids, don’t need to download any other app, especially for games. And, they have the filters to choose based on easy, medium and difficult levels.

  • Activities

Lipa Land has divided the activity section into the subcategories which are names as the Play, Talk and DIY. These activities help to develop social and mental skills of a child. In fact, they get to know about various things like what to do before crossing a road, what to do if you get lost in a shopping mall and many more. These activities train their brain and make them ready for any troublesome situations.

  • Stories

The subcategories of Stories are Books, Audio-books and Picture Books. From universe to wizard world, they have books on almost every topic which entice children. List of audio-books available on the app, let your child read or listen to their favorite book from the menu.

  • Relaxation

It is really difficult to sing a new lullaby every night before bed for your kids. But Lipa Land solves this problem too. There are numerous sound effects, relaxation audios and more, which will be put your baby to a good night of sleep.lipa land

What Makes Lipa Land Stand Out?


To be honest, before using Lipa Land, I used various other apps as well. I can totally see what makes Lipa Land stand out from others. Here I have compiled a few reasons:

  • Lipa Land is an all-in-one educational app for kids. Now, I don’t need to download different applications for activities, games, and stories.
  • A lot of advertisements on the apps makes me feel irritated. But, Lipa Land is completely free from Ads. Don’t believe me? Then you check it out yourself here!
  • Lipa Land is KID SAFE certified which means it is completely safe for kids to access the app on their own.
  • Beautifully illustrated stories help grab the attention of the toddlers. So, that they can enjoy the graphics while learning other things.


Best way to Incorporate learning into their leisure time


Now that you have read all about Lipa Land, I want to share my personal experience with this application.

As you know, I am a Mommy blogger. Writing blogs, updating my website and posting regular updates on Instagram can be no less than a herculean task. My husband and I try to give our maximum attention to Angel. But with Lipa Land, things have got easier than before. In the restricted screen time, I let her use the app. And the best part is that the app lets me track the stories or games that my daughter has played. Isn’t that interesting?

I always wanted my daughter to be an avid reader because reading helps to develop skills which makes you a better individual. And the unlimited access to storybooks on Lipa Land has helped to invoke reading habit in her. It makes me so happy when she keeps on discussing the new stories she liked and the new things she learned on Lipa Land. Currently, she is reading “The Asteroid Code” under the universe section in audio books.

It would be completely unfair to not to mention about the progress she has made after using Lipa Land. Initially, you won’t be able to identify the changes in your child’s social and mental skills. But, gradually it will become visible. Her confidence has improved too!

I am glad that I found Lipa Land and my daughter have been using this application for a while. If you are looking to bring fun learning in your kids’ life with the addition of beautifully portrayed illustrations, then I suggest that you must give it a try. You can download the application by clicking here and get 3 MONTHS FREE access!

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with Lipa Land in the comment section. I really want to know how it is helping your child’s performance.

For more updates and information about Lipa Land, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram!



Top 8 Quintessential Good Habits for Kids and Ways to Develop Them


From practicing how to write ABC to educating how to behave, parents have taught us everything. That’s why they are contemplated to be the creator of the environments and diverse experiences, where we, as a child, tend to absorb different things. Parents are the greatest teachers that the children will ever have. So, before imbuing with good habits in kids try to readjust them beforehand, as children are a large reflection of their parents. They will learn what they see. Adoption of good manners in kids will help them to cultivate a good character within themselves. I can truly connect with different parents on how they grapple with kids while teaching some healthy habits. But, I have found a way out for the growth of excellent habits in your kids. So, here is the list of good habits that every child should have. So, get ready to learn how to develop these habits in your kids.  To know More about good habits for kids Read Further.


  1. Guide them to be polite to adults or everyone around them.


Saying thank you and you’re welcome won’t cause any harm but it truly reveals the way you have raised your kids. Displaying utter respect to the elder people and younger siblings is a sign of practiced civility. Personally I have taught Angel to always speak golden words like sorry ,thank-you, and welcome.


How to develop it:


Ask your child to drop a” thank you” or “welcome” note once they are content with the service of anyone. Teach them to assist people who enter your home by asking, “Would like to have a glass of water?” or “May I take your bags off?”. Tell them to open the doors for their peers, elders, parents or any stranger who needs assistance.


  1. b) Promote a habit of physical exercise and eating healthy food items.


You will never want your child to be a couch potato. Well, no one does. So, you need to tell them to embrace healthy habits of consuming green vegetables and associating in any physical games or exercise for at least an hour daily.  But if you have heavy weight kid and still active, don’t worry they look cuter. Don’t make them feel ashamed of their body, says you look cute but you need to be more fitter by avoiding junk.

How to develop it:


Here’s how you can develop healthy habits in your kids. Experiment with healthy recipes for your kids which provide wholesome nutrients to their body. Never encourage them to skip breakfast or hogging on junk food. Schedule a regular exercise or a fun sport with the family.

  1. c) Prop up the habit of reading books or even studying the labels of any food packets.

Reading is deemed to be one of the best habits in kids. It has the endowment to enlighten your kids at an early stage. And, reading the product’s information will benefit them to know the used ingredients, date of manufacture or even date of expiry, which we often neglect at grocery stores. Right?

How to develop it:

Gift them a bunch of books according to their interest and ask them questions which makes them inquisitive about browsing new books. Such questions like, “What do you like about the book?” or “Which is your favorite character from the story?” Also, try to tell them your own evaluations which will help to evolve the communication between the family members. Take your child to shop for groceries and ask them to read the labels and check out the other ingredients as well. 

  1. d) Let them know the significance behind “Sharing is Caring”

Throughout our childhood, our parents are teaching us the greatness of sharing. So, it is imperative to tell the new generation as well. This might sound a little cliche but trust me it will be absolutely appreciated in the future.

How to develop it:


Incite them to share their most prized possession with their siblings or a group of friends. The prized possession can be a new set of colorful sketch pens or their favorite food item. It will help them to be kind and generous.

  1. e) Refrain them to use digital screens for longer durations of hours.


Be it video games or internet games, these screens are not only harming their eyes but also abstaining them to go out and relish the game with their friends. I know, it is really difficult to tame kids to stay away from them. Their eyes are glued with the screen for consecutive hours. Well, I am in the same boat too. But, I have found this solution.

How to develop it:

Keep them out of reach of mobile phone or videos games from them or you can also schedule a fixed number of hours to play with it. You can also play offline games at home with your kids and suggest your family to partake in the game too.

  1. f) Make a rule to have lunch and dinner with the family at the dining table.

Most of the kids prefer to watch TV or indulge in some unnecessary activities while having their meals.  Well, it is not an acceptable habit but the best part is that you can improve it at the initial level.

How to develop it:

Set up the lunch and dinner on the dining table. Try to bring some interesting conversation on the table. This will help to make a great family bond and also exhibit good manners in kids.

  1. g) Telling them the importance of personal and oral hygiene to your munchkins

Your child might not fancy brushing up their teeth early in the morning. But trust me changing to a cute little toothbrush or a toothpaste might not help to make a huge impact, just like shown in the mundane advertisement. Don’t fret, I am here to help you out.

How to develop it:

Tell them the importance of oral hygiene and how it can influence their teeth if it is not done properly. Ask them to take the shower every other day. Prompt them to wash their hands before and after every meal.

  1. h) Direct them to focus on their mental health and engage in mental fitness activities.

It is the last point and the most overlooked one too. Just like a body, the mind demands to be treated with healthy things like love, care, and other positive emotions.

How to develop it:

It is essential that you and your child should trust each other. Ask them about their day or the activities they have performed in school. Try to address your child’s issues positively as well as practically.

Parents are the role model of a child’s life. So, a parent is wholly responsible for all the good and bad deeds performed by their child. If you want your child to foster these good habits, then it is necessary to start with yourself. Never force them to follow anything blindly. Try to give them facts, educate them about the pros and cons and moreover listen to their side of the story as well. Inspire them to be the best of the version of themselves.

I am a mom and a human being too! So #MujheSabNahiPata

Someone wise once rightly said, “It’s not easy being a mother if it were easy, fathers would do it.” Giving birth is a wonderful and exquisite experience in every woman ’s life. It is a great feeling which can’t be expressed in mere words. But with great things come great responsibilities. As a mother, we are always expected to be prepared and be responsible for everything. To be honest, being a mom is so much more than I ever envisioned and comes with a sharp learning curve, that changes with every phase of the child’s life. All out event

Recently, I was invited for an event organized by All Out, for a fantastic discussion around the societal conditioning of mothers being omniscient and how there is a need for them to say #MujheSabNahiPata. I was lucky enough to share a bloggers panel with successful Bollywood actor and mother Sonali Bendre, Child Psychologist, Dr. Rupa Patel, Pediatrician Dr. Samir Dalwai, and Ruchita Dhar Shah, founder of the First Moms Club (FMC), a Facebook community for mothers.

The aim was to discuss the constant pressure on the mothers to know everything about their child’s well-being and how it has discouraged them from asking for help, for fear of judgment. The discussion commenced with Sonali and Ruchita, addressing the hardships of nurturing a baby and the eternal struggle as well as the pressure to be a know- it -all mommy.

All through the event and the conversations, I felt at ease that I am not alone in this ordeal. Listening to strong, empowering and beautiful moms in the audience speak on this topic was therapeutic. Every mother, irrespective of their career, face the challenge of being “invariably excellent” and fear of making mistakes. I am a mother and not a pantomath. I make blunders and I learn from them. But our society never gives us a chance to make mistakes and shames us if we do. While the burden of bearing the responsibilities of motherhood are manageable as we love our children, it is the burden of knowing it all that becomes unendurable.

I am a lecturer, blogger, and a full – time mommy to a 6-year-old girl named Angel. I still reminisce about the time when I held her in my arms for the first time after she was born – a magnificent moment of my life. I didn’t know then, that a tiny creature would add such dynamism to my life and take me on this thrilling ride of motherhood.

Thanks to the doctors and the internet, for guiding me through a lot of things, involving the nutrition and mental development of the child. But no one never told me how to be an ideal mommy. I was constantly transitioning between my job and the struggles of being a new mother, with the addition of sleepless nights and a hell lot of stress. I had to stay awake for the whole night to take care of my baby, which meant a loss of prior freedoms and a lot of adjustments. I am not grumbling because I know that’s a part and parcel of being a mom.

Speaking of my own #MujheSabNahiPata story, I remember when my little munchkin was just a year old and had started walking barefoot. One day, she fell off and suffered bruises on her knees and elbows. My husband and I immediately picked her up and gave her the required medication. But my husband was panicking more than me. He was really stressed and anxious about the incident and went ballistic and called me ignorant for not taking enough care of her.

I acquiesced that it was all my fault and I should be held accountable for the incident. But later on, after gaining composure, my husband supported me and apologized for his behavior. He asked me to stop feeling guilty and reasoned that it is not possible to control every situation in life. Some things just happen, and the mothers need to let go of their guilt At the event as well, all the mothers broke free of the societal shackles and tied a knot in their attires, as a reminder to share their #MujheSabNahiPata experiences. All out event#Mujhesabnahipata

Similarly, in a world of constantly emerging threats, it is impractical to guard your child against every situation, though as mothers, we always strive to do our best for the child. But while we are focusing on the million things for their well-being, small factors like a mosquito bite can result in dengue and get overlooked.

I am thankful to All out for addressing this issue by capturing one such #MujheSabNahiPata story in a moving video. I encourage all you moms out there to leave the fear behind and tie a knot in your attires, to remember to share your stories in the comments section, as well. It’s time to move above social norms and unite to help each other become more vigilant about the well-being of our children.

All out

The power of nurturing creativity in kids

Every child is born with an imagination power. It is the part of adults and parents to nurture their child’s imagination which in-turn will help kids to create new thoughts and things. Firstly imagining about something and then creating the new thing is how a kid learns. Creativity is the key to new inventions.

Creativity in kidsNowadays in almost all pre-schools and schools you will find kids given time for art and craft work. But what if parents at home don’t put efforts to expand the creativity power of the kids, they won’t be that active in school then. Creativity gives great opportunities for learning and also helps in overall development of your kid. Making your kid indulge in creativity you will find a higher level of smartness, activeness and intelligence in your kid. When children participate in creative play with vehicles, toys, blocks, waste boxes or cardboards, etc. they gain self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment that they did a great job of creating and inventing new things on their own.

Presently living in the world of technology and advanced games, it is becoming difficult to divert your kids from the devil electronic gadgets. They hardly go out to play or use their powerful brain for imagination and creativity. I still cherish the memories of my childhood days where I used to spend my spare time in solving puzzles, making utensils from mud, using empty matchboxes to make new showpieces or making crafty things according to the instructions given, etc. But, looking at the kids of today’s generation I feel like they are far from all this. So, thinking about the future of our kids, it’s essential to put efforts in moving our kids towards the right direction.

So, keeping in mind about the benefits of creativity and the fun and joy involved in it for kids, PediaSure has come up with an amazing idea by designing a fun-filled activity inside their boxes.

PediaSure is a nutritional supplement which provides complete and balanced nutrition to a growing kid. It is packed with 37 nutrients that help support a child’s growing height, weight, immunity and brain development and also all essential energy requirements. But what is even more amazing is the packing that PediaSure is offering now. With its Fun and Learn DIY activity box, it is a great way of building that creativity spark in your child.

Since we know if the root of the tree is strong, the tree will definitely grow strong and healthy. Likewise, if the seed of creativity is sown in your child right from childhood they will be great innovators in the future.



Lipa Land App –  An app for learning while gamingLipa land App

The moment my kid started communicating, I was always thinking about how should I keep her away from these omnipresent gadgets and help her survive with the social economic changes taking place. Television, cell phones, I-pads, video games and so on have made our kids very lazy. They have a list of excuses to avoid going outdoor. These habits of my kid made me worry about her future and I decided to work towards making her future bright. Recently, my friend suggested me an easy and fun loving educational app- Lipa Land app. I assure you that like mine, your kid is going to love this app too.

What is Lipa Land app…?


Lipa land App
angel playing with Lipa land app

Over the last few decades our education industry has undergone a huge transformation.  Education in form of different applications helps our kids to learn new things in a fun manner. It is one of the best ways to improve our kids’ talent and skills without worrying about the place and time. There are so many educational applications available on the market for kids which have several games with crazy characters and enchanting stories which keep our kids occupied. One such educational app is Lipa Land. This app encourages kids to ‘use the device to get out of the device’. It offers fun, innovative and valuable content for both parents and kids. In addition, it has many real-life based activities too. It is a learning program that has been designed to make every kid fall in love with learning. It aims to enrich kids’ development worldwide. This educational app does not only bridge the communication gap between teachers and kids but also between parents and kids. This app is designed for kids between 3-6 years.


Lipa Land App is mainly divided into 2 sections:

  1.     Children’s section-

In this section kids can enjoy playing games and use other features of the apps securely without any parental guidance. There are different themes called ‘Worlds’ which teaches kids more about that topic. Currently, there are 4 Worlds in the app, and new Worlds will be released regularly. Lipa land app in itself is as self learning app, which makes sure that your kids learn every level before going top level.  Until your kids become master in one world ,they are not allowed to play next world games. This does not mean that your kids will sit whole day to complete level, you can set time limit too.

  1.     Parent’s section-

In this section, parents can read articles on child’s development and education. They can also keep track about what their kids are learning from this app. There are also many real-world activities in this section which both parents and kids can play together which is beneficial as they spend more quality time together and understand each other better.  These outdoor activities are so fun and so easy to make that you and your kids ending up spending quality time together.

The learning content of this app helps kids to gain knowledge in 3 different forms i.e. Body, Mind and World. In the Body category, kids can gain knowledge about physical wellness, hygiene measures and precautions required and about how to live a healthy lifestyle. In the Mind category, kids learn about the social-emotional balance, academic competence i.e. about mathematics, science, literature and art which are well explained in the app. And, in the category of World, kids learn about ecological awareness, history and culture.

What sets Lipa Land different from other apps that are available in the market?


  1. This app can be installed on any android and iOS; tablet and phone. It can be used at home and in classrooms too.
  2. This app is internationally recognized and has reached global heights.
  3. It is one of the most trusted applications as it is developed by education specialists and is KIDSAFE certified.


At the end I will conclude by saying that my kid addresses this app as a “Jinnie” – an app which has all answers to all questions which she is looking for. I am relieved to see my kid so bright and eager to learn at such small age. Having access and using such educational apps makes learning smarter and easier for our kids.


Find more details  here

Choosing the best for my child : New Launch Mother Sparsh Unscented Baby Wipes  #SensitiveBabyWipes #SuperThickFabric

As a mother, I choose the best for my child. I am personally very careful about everything when it comes to my daughter. Mother Sparsh has come up with 99% water wipes which are safer to use! Mother Sparsh’s new launched sensitive baby wipes and it has it all: It is unscented, has Super Thick Medical Grade Fabric, it is Perfect for Hand & Mouth Cleaning. I started trusting Mother Sparsh after my doctor recommended me the chemical-free brand. Now when I actually am into their 99% water based wipes, I was amazed by the results of  Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes They are so gentle and nature on my child’s skin.

Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes

These 99% water based wipes are most awaited launch for Unscented Wipes variant of Mother Sparsh  99%  Pure Water Wipes. For all you new mothers, I will try and break down how it is beneficial for our children.

These are Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh! In my opinion for Mother Sparsh brand’s new launch of #SensitiveBabyWipes are the best available ones in the market.

These wipes are extra gentle and perfect for neonate sensitive skin! The skin of a newborn child is extremely sensitive. It is out in the environment newly after staying safely in the mother’s womb. First time experience of being a mom is unforgettable. Now, all the things and products you use must be safe and chemical free. Hence, these wipes specially formulated for extra sensitive skin of newborns. These baby wipes are made with the finest natural plant fabric and 99% pure water that are free from parabens, alcohol, sulfates, fragrances and any other chemicals which make them safest option to clean delicate skin of Neonate. The quality of the fabric is three times thicker than any other ordinary wipes which make them good enough to clean the baby’s delicate skin.

Neonates/Infants get the best Gift : #NewLaunch #MotherSparsh #UnscentedWipes!

The next best part is they are unscented! Mother Sparsh 99%  pure water wipes are fragrance-free, parabens-free and alcohol-free baby wipes which are gentle enough to use on baby’s delicate skin every day. These do not contain any harsh fragrances which make them perfect option for neonates. These are Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh.

mother sparsh 99% wipes


These wipes come with a Plastic Lid for Perfect Moisture Lock. So you can carry these wipes easily and use them even during traveling. They come with an enclosed resealable sticker and a protective plastic lid that helps to lock the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer and also prevents the entry of germ or dirt.

Now that I have explained that these gentle wipes are chemical free, you might be wondering about its ingredients. The Mother Sparsh wipes are 99% water based and the fabric is made from Medical Grade Cloth i.e. Plant-derived Fabric. It has perfect thickness and softness which makes it non-reactive, non allergic to your baby’s skin. mother sparsh wipes 99/%

The wipes are supremely gentle and hence are suitable for your baby’s Face, Hands & the Body. Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and contains the goodness of pure water that makes them perfect for cleaning baby’s face, hand and body. These wipes provide all-around protection to your child. mother sparsh wipes 99%

Biodegradable Wipes: Yes, these wipes does your bit for the environment – A natural and 100% Biodegradable Wipes. It means the wipes are not just safe for your child but also for your baby. Isn’t this awesome?

Three Times Thicker Than Ordinary Fabric wipes: Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are thicker and hence a lot more convenient to use. They are made from plant-derived fabric which is medically certified!

After trying a lot of products for my daughter, I found these wipes the best amongst the rest. They are soft and their thickness is truly perfect. And like you all know, I am a working mother with a lot of travel opportunities, these wipes have always been handy on all my trips. Their water-based natural fabric helps in keeping allergies and rashes at bay! It is safe and hence the best option presently available. I am very happy with how it aptly suits my child’s skin. As it has been recommended to me by many of my friends and also the doctor, it is safe to say that Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are a trustworthy option for mothers who are looking out for all natural wipes for their children. Let’s Accept It: Best Baby Wipes for sensitive skin #NewLaunch #UnscentedWipes #MedicalGradeCloth.



The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. My First time mom experience. 

Mother sparsh Becoming a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world and it becomes more exciting and beautiful when it is for the first time. As people say ‘only a sufferer  knows the feeling’ similarly, only a mother will know the depth of love, care, pain, fear, headache and joy of being a mother. From the time you get those dark pink lines on the pregnancy test you start imagining your life with the tiny blessing in your tummy. Talking to your unborn baby in the alone time, getting the first ultrasound, feeling that first kick in the tummy and all other to be mother things are so much exciting.

Mother sparsh
You feel a mixed spectrum of emotions. You are excited, happy, scared, crying all at the same time. You first care for the baby and then for yourself. Quitting your favorite sport or activity if it’s not safe for the child is just one of the sacrifices. In fact every part of your day is according to your new one. Remember the time when you started reading books about parenting or watching your tummy grow in the mirror almost everyday.

First time mom
And finally when the child is born, you stand at the top of the world making resolutions to protect your child from every evil. Watching the cute little steps, listening to lots of baby gibberish, that adorable pout and gorgeous little smile fills your heart with joy. And the fun part about being a mother is that it turns you into a superwoman.

AngelFor the First time mom Parenting is a tiring, demanding and a challenging job. Sleepless nights and tiring days are also a part of motherhood. But they’re worth it.

My #FirstTimeMom experience

Today, I will share my own experience of being a mother for the first time. The day my daughter was born was the new beginning of my life. A new life was born out of me, the baby which was a part of my body for 9 months, was now a new human. When I held her for the first time, I felt a whole marathon of tingling vibes all over my body. The things I felt at that time cannot be explained in words. Tears rolled down my eyes looking at the tiny pink, round chubby cheeked, gurgling wonder. She was so calm, her skin so soft, smooth and as beautiful as an angel. I noticed every single movement she made from blinking eyes to throwing hands and legs as if she wanted to tell me how happy she was with me. I named her Angel as she was the one for me.

Motherhood gave me so many life lessons. Everyday I learnt so many new things about her. Every single chore was a memory in itself. Singing to her while changing diapers, telling her stories while giving a bath or making my own lullaby. All of them are precious memories. As I was a working mother it was a little bit difficult and tiring to cope up with the work and the responsibilities of the baby at the same time. I used to wake up a number of times at night to check on her if she’s sleeping soundly. And not to forget the 3AM automatic alarm, when she would wake up and start crying. Despite all the difficulties, being a mother is a blessing. The relief and happiness you receive while watching them play, laugh, fall and stand is worth everything in the world. But being First time mom is neither easy as you have been loaded with myths and advices and how mother differentiate between right and wrong for her kids.

How I analyse that the  baby products should be natural :

On 7 th day after my daughter was born, we had naming ceremony at home. As usual I knew it that many people will come and touch the baby, so I was ready with hand sanitizer and wipes. Every time some one would come and touch he pinky cheeks, I wiped using wipes. After that some one came and gave her silver anklet and in minutes she developed rashes on her body. I thought this might be reason of infection. Since I was told to use wipes only, I never realized that it had alcohol. This touch of alcohol gave her burning sensation on rashes and she cried badly. Not only my daughter but I too cried badly with such mistakes I did. I immediately went to doctor and she explained me about how water based wipes are better than alcohol based. How child skin is so sensitive, she said you cant just use because it suited to other kids. My  #firstwaterwipes experience was so good that I am still with same wipes.

Mother sparshMany times, doubts crossed my mind if I’m doing the right thing, the right way for my child. Choosing the best baby products is again a tough task. The most important of them were wipes that are used for almost every activity. My doctor suggested me to use mother sparsh. Mother sparsh wet wipes helped me a lot in cherishing my daughter’s delicate skin. I couldn’t blindly believe on every baby product so I did a lot of research. I read reviews online and asked some friends about it. I also tried some other reputed water wipes but they proved useless as they were very soapy and over perfumed. But mother sparsh water wipes was a great choice for my daughter.

How Mother sparsh is best for child’s skin.

Mother sparsh wipesMother sparsh water wipes are perfect for every kind of infant skin- newborn, baby, toddler or a child as they are super comfy and are made up of 98% water. They are specially made for the sensitive and super soft skin of babies. These wipes are hypoallergic and doesn’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. They are designed to wipe away germs and dirt and moisturizes the skin without causing any infection, allergy or uneasiness. Unlike many other wipes mother sparsh contains ayurvedic segments and herbal active ingredients. They are clinically proven to be free of any kind of chemicals. Most of the wipes are made of polyster which irritates the skin but the fabric used in mother sparsh water wipes is purely plant based and gives a velvety touch and makes it biodegradable which is safe for the mother earth also.

They are enriched with water, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Most importantly they are free of parabens, alcohol and pH balanced. Also, the size of the fabric is comparatively bigger than other brands and the pack is resealable. I recommend every mother to use these wipes as these wipes are ultra soft on baby’s ultra sensitive skin. These wipes are super handy and can be used anywhere anytime to fresh and clean the child. Also, if you’re feeling a little lazy to remove your makeup or to wash your face. These wipes will come to your rescue.

You can now save your time from washroom visits every time your child does his or deed by using these wipes and spend a little for your rest or to play with the child. Also, if you want to share your own experience, do let us know in the comments section below.

And I am sure you all had that #FirstTimeMom moment in your life which is so special. 

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Mother sparsh : When you are #firsttimemom, you tend to be more possessive, more aware which is used on ur kiddos skin… The first thing which we use is the wipes and make sure they are hygiene, clean and natural.. Presenting… #Firstwaterwipes… 😍 India's first water based wipes and that's MOTHER SPARSH. It's clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes in #kids. With 100% plant based fabrics and 100% biodegradable property, these wipes have taken place in my baby's bag.  You too can protect your baby from those irritating diaper rashes with mothersparsh water based baby wipes. @mothersparsh Buy one at Amazon  #MotherSparsh  #FirstTimeMom #FirstWaterWipes #babyproducts #babyshop #parenting #momblogger #mumbaiblogger #wipes #hygiene #babycare #babycaretips #babyskincare

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This blogpost is sponsored by Mother Sparsh, India’s First water wipes Brand. But views are from my personal experiences. 

Kids in the Kitchen – Cooking Together and Bonding Together

Children are looking up to their parents since they represent great role models for them. Therefore it’s extremely important to let your child get to know you better and learn from you. After all, a childhood filled with parental love and support is a prerequisite for future healthy relationships and a successful life in general. However, a working parent can’t spend the whole day playing with their children and they must find alternative solutions. Luckily, we have a great suggestion – cooking together.  Kids in the kitchen is a unique concept that increases family bonding. Let the fun bonding time begin!

Benefits of family cooking

Cooking with your children is an amazing way to spend some quality time with them. On top of that, it has been shown to have a lot of benefits for their emotional and cognitive development as well. For instance, you can teach them new vocabulary and show them many exotic ingredients and different kitchenware that they have never heard of before. Furthermore, the kitchen is the perfect place to foster teamwork and show your child how every member of your team is equally valuable and that they need to do their part of the job in order for the meal to be a real success. We guarantee you that your children will feel super proud of themselves because they are trusted with an important task such as selecting groceries, measuring ingredients, peeling the veggies or setting the table. Finally, cooking together with your children will give you an opportunity to teach them about cleanliness. They will become aware of how important it is to keep the kitchen clean and the groceries well-organized in order to prevent potential food spoilage or poisoning. So, exercise the concept of kids in the kitchen more often at your homes.

Set some ground rules – safety comes first

Cooking in the kitchen with your children can be extremely fun and educational, but there are some safety guidelines they must follow in order not to harm themselves. For instance, set the ground rules that they can’t play with electrical appliances like beaters, dicers, hot pans and stovetops. Additionally, keep reminding them that washing their hands is paramount before entering the cooking area in order not to get sick afterward. On the other hand, you can allow them to mix and whisk the ingredients in a bowl or use plastic cookie cutters so that they can shape the dough in any way they want to. Lastly, make sure to invest in high-quality cookware like that made by the amazing Anolon which your children will absolutely love to practice cooking with.

Cooking – fun and educational

Who said that you can’t dress up as pirates with your children and prepare a delicious Caribbean-inspired dish? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you truly want to turn your kitchen into a kid’s fun room, you can organize themed cooking evenings for your children’s birthdays or an entertaining night at home. For example, you can even create an international cuisine calendar where a certain week or day of the month will be dedicated to various cultures and their food, so your children can learn about them and have a delicious meal as well. Lastly, the more variety you introduce into the kitchen with different spices, recipes and preparation ideas, the more you’ll promote their creativity and development. So, the concept of kids in the kitchen will bring about overall development.

Invite their friends

Once your children are familiar with the kitchen and all the appliances, accessories and utensils, you can let them invite their friends over for a cooking night. By doing so, your children will create fond memories and develop their social skills. However, don’t expect them to start preparing soufflés and crème brûlées just yet. Instead, stick to something simpler like their favorite cookie, pancake or other easy sweets recipes, but let them decorate and even add their own unique ingredients to the mixture. Keep in mind that kids love to show off in front of their friends so it’s important to supervise them during their little cooking project so they can have fun and be creative. This way, you’ll have a chance to get to know their friends better which will help you create a deeper bond with your children as well.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to turn cooking into a wonderful bonding experience between you and your children. All it takes is ensuring that they are using the items in the kitchen safely and that they have enough different cooking activities that will help them be creative. Bon Appétit.

6 best music instruments for kids that they would love to learn!

Music is the food for the soul. It is not just a skill that one learns as an alternative, but it is one of the most precious things that can soothe and calm the minds of the listeners. Learning musical instruments helps the early development of a child. It helps them to learn a language more easily and have fluency in speech. Learning and listening to music stimulates the right brain and children are more confident, efficient and focused. There are tremendous positive points about introducing your kids to music at an early age. So, if you are wondering about the best music instruments for kids, here I have jotted down a comprehensive list to choose from!

Keyboard or Piano

best music instruments for kidsChildren can start learning a Piano at a very young age. A small Keyboard can be easily brought home for your kids to practice every day and master the art. Along with playing melodious tunes, your child will develop hand-eye coordination. Playing the piano with both the hands and using their brain to focus helps them increase concentration too! Children suffering from dyslexia benefit largely from playing Piano. It is a best musical instrument to learn as a child.


best music instruments for kidsThis is another attractive musical instrument that your child may love to learn. It is tiny, easy to carry and the most fun string instruments. If you want your kids to learn guitar, you can start with giving them Ukulele lessons first. It is actually the best musical instrument for beginners of any age let alone children. Your child can play all sorts of songs from folk to contemporary with the strings of a Ukulele. This is why it is regarded as one of the best music instruments for kids.


best music instruments for kidsThe flute is one of the ancient most musical instruments in India. It produces beautiful and soothing vibrations and sounds that purify the surroundings. It is super light-weight and easy to carry. Hence, it can be a great choice for your child to start with! An ideal age for kids to start leaning flute would be 7 years. It is the best musical instrument for anyone to learn and listen to!


best music instruments for kidsThis again is one of the oldest musical instruments in India. It requires a lot of concentration to play the harmonium as it consists of multi-tasking with playing the keyboard and also pressing the bellows to pump the air out. It may look similar to the keyboard or the piano, but these are very different instruments. If you want to train your children in Hindustani Classical music, a harmonium can be an apt choice.


best music instruments for kidsThe ideal age to start learning Table is 3 to 5 years. This is when children grasp the skill immediately and respond to it naturally. Tabla is one of the most loved Indian instruments. There is a misconception that it can be played only by boys, girls are equally capable of playing the Tabla with the same passion and intensity. It is a beautiful musical instrument for kids and adults alike.

Drums and Percussion instruments

best music instruments for kidsIf your child is a little older say around 9-10 years, he or she can start learning drums among other percussion instruments. Playing drums also need a lot of focus and concentration. There are multiple things to handle at the same time, hence, the child tends to develop focus and the skill of multi-tasking. It makes them more confident and versatile in nature.

So, if you want to make your child a music ninja, you have all the information here! All the very best and enjoy this new musical journey with your children!


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