Tasks to accomplish while your little one is sleeping

If there were a dime for every time a mother heard, “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” she’d have a million dollars in the bank. Right? Even though sleep is crucial for a new mother, she may feel terrible about everything she can do when her baby is napping.

Tasks to accomplish while your little one is sleeping
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It’s a lot simpler to get things done that have been put off due to the baby’s presence when they’re asleep. While the baby is napping, it’s a good time to get some things done and keep your sanity. You’ll be able to pay more attention to your baby when you’re awake. You may have peace of mind if you don’t keep a continual mental checklist of things that need to be done.

8 Tasks you should try to accomplish while your little one is sleeping


There is more to doing laundry than merely throwing dirty clothes into the washer. After the timer goes off, the garments are sorted, folded, and put away, and the job cycle is complete. Laundry has to be done during the babies’ naps since they can’t access the laundry’s separate washing area.

Prepare Meals

Preparing meals may be time-consuming and difficult while caring for a small kid. This is very prevalent in traditional Indian households and dishes. Plan, cook, and preserve meals in large quantities whenever possible. Preparing all of the day’s meals simultaneously reduces the stress of remembering to do so at the right times, provided that the meals have been scheduled beforehand.

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Make a Decent Effort to Clean –

Unless you have full-time assistance, you’re wasting time worrying about keeping the home spotless. The lack of a permanent housekeeper is not anything to stress about. Instead, focus on the mundane but necessary chores that must be completed daily for the household to run well. All the dirty dishes need to be cleaned, the floor needs to be swept, and the baby caddy, mop bucket, and toy chest need to be put in their proper places.

Time for a Workout, some Yoga, or Some Me Time

Despite their organizational skills, many mothers tend to put their children’s needs ahead of their own. The best time to work out or try yoga is while the baby is napping. It aids in rejuvenation, keeps you physically and mentally well, and prepares you to be the best mother you can be. You can provide your newborn with the best care possible if you’re in excellent health.

It’s good for your brain to read and recharge regularly.

You are relegating yourself to second place if you always strive for perfection and prioritize your child’s demands above your own. At the times when you don’t feel like doing these things, sit down to read or watch the news, interact with friends or colleagues, and retrain your brain to think more authentically. Keeping your intellect in good shape might help you feel better physically and emotionally.

Perform your Hobbies

Find time in your busy schedule to engage in something that makes you happy. Put together some artwork or a scrapbook using images of your newborn. Have a nice shower after you finish your coffee (while it’s still hot), paint your nails, and settle down for a hearty meal. Make time for yourself, give yourself a little TLC, and complete your normal skin and hair care regimens.

Do Shopping

Making a grocery list and making an internet order are delicate tasks that may be done while the baby sleeps. A shopping list is a common preventive step employed while maintaining a property that needs maintenance. Either focus again and go out to the store or arrange to have the items on your list sent to you so you may shop in peace without leaving home.

Take ample Amount of Rest.

Prioritizing rest and rejuvenation above housework is essential. In the first few days after giving birth, you should take advantage of the baby’s resting hours to obtain some much-needed rest. As your stamina improves, you can multitask more effectively during rest periods by sleeping. If you’re feeling tired, it’s best for you and the baby to get some shut-eye so you can return to work.


You can alleviate at least one of the worries above by doing even one of these tasks while the baby sleeps. You need to care for yourself, whether catching up on sleep while the baby sleeps or enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sun go down.


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