Choosing Parenting Style

The manner in which children are raised can have a significant impact on how they react to different circumstances and may lead to behavioral difficulties if the parenting style is overly lenient, harsh, or inconsistent. . With numerous parenting options, including authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and uninvolved, choosing the right approach can be challenging. The key to choosing parenting style is to familiarize with the different options, understand their benefits and drawbacks, and see how they align with your own parenting goals and beliefs.

Authoritative parenting

This is a style of parenting that embodies both high levels of expectation and attentiveness. This approach involves creating a supportive and affectionate atmosphere for the child, yet maintaining clear and established guidelines. A situation that embodies the traits of an authoritative parenting style could involve recognizing feelings while also addressing conduct. The parent is open to hearing the child’s perspective and takes the time to clarify the reasoning behind their choices. This method, however, can be difficult to implement because balancing discipline and independence for the children can be a trial and error process.

Permissive parenting

A permissive parenting approach is characterized by being highly attentive to the child and low on strictness. Parents who adopt this style are often supportive and attuned to their child’s emotional well-being and provide a nurturing and affectionate environment. The challenge with this approach, however, is the lack of established rules and behavioral expectations.

Uninvolved parenting

Uninvolved parenting, which can also be referred to as neglectful parenting, focuses mainly on providing the child’s basic necessities such as shelter, clothing, and food. This style of parenting does not set any standards for social or academic behaviors and fails to offer emotional, relational, or self-esteem support to the child. The parent may show disregard, disinterest, or be unresponsive to the child’s needs beyond providing the bare necessities.

Authoritarian parenting

The authoritarian style of parenting is characterized by a high degree of strictness and low levels of attentiveness. This parenting environment employs the use of forceful control and punishments to achieve obedience and compliance. Parents who adopt this style typically provide no reasoning for rules or decisions and do not involve the child in discussions or allow for their input.

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Factors considered when choosing parenting style

Culture and community

Respective community and cultural norms can shape the ideology behind appropriate child rearing practices hence influencing the choice of parenting. For example, in an African traditional setting, authoritarian parenting is promoted as it is believed to be of more good than harm.

Family dynamics

The way family members interact with each other, including the bond between parents and the kids can influence the parenting approach one selects. Influenced by activities such as work and lifestyle, devotion of time and energy to parenting becomes a factor determining the parenting style. Uninvolved parenting for instance is common in a family setting that has both parents working away from home

Child’s temperament

Knowing your kid’s personal disposition, requirements, and abilities can assist in selecting a parenting method that fits them the best. For instance, for very obedient children, Permissive parenting can be considered by being low on strictness.

Balancing Parenting Tips while choosing parenting style

Setting Goals and Priorities.

The parent should assess the priorities for their family by releasing the significance of things that are not as crucial, enabling them to concentrate on the essentials.


The mode of parenting should be adjustable when required by certain circumstances. The parent should be willing to adapt and open to new approaches with time as the child grows and changes.

Seeking support and guidance.

Parents should approach friends and other family members for help and advice when faced with a dilemma on their choice of parenting. While considering their self-care also and that mistakes are a parenting process, they should not be ashamed of asking for help on matters parenting.


The best parenting style no matter the mode chosen is one that works for the whole family, taking into account all the discussed factors. Parenting styles can however changeover time as your family dynamic changes and as you learn more about your child’s needs and abilities. It is up to each parent to choose what kind of parenting style works best for their family and to continually reflect and adjust as their children grow and their needs change.


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