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When I was small, I loved studying maths, but over the years, as the grades started changing over time, it was hard for me to understand mathematics. We used to study simple number spellings, addition, subtraction, division, etc., in the primary section, i.e., 1st – 5th grade. And suddenly, when I came to the 6th grade, all of it got very intense. It went from simple addition & subtraction to algebra and geometry. Back then, I’d need help to evaluate which approach would be useful for the specific math equation or question.

Creta class app
Snehalata Jain -User of Creta Class

During my days in middle school or secondary section, we didn’t have platforms to refer to for maths or any other subjects for that matter, it was just our textbooks and teachers. I would feel awkward just asking the same questions again, and they would get annoyed if the students were not able to understand the sums. It was hard to learn and understand how to derive the value of x and then use different formulas to prove the value. We also had to remember these formulas for our exams, and again the same thing would confuse me, but somehow I excelled and moved towards the hardest part of maths, geometry, where we had to prove the theories such as the Pythagoras Theory, why LHS=RHS, or why LHS is not equal to RHS.

And cut to so many years later, when I had my daughter, Angel, the one thing that popped up, was her education and how will she manage it in this world, which is just a rat chase. I started thinking of ways that would help her study and understand her subjects better.

When she started attending school, I was so delighted to see how easy it was for her to understand those topics, methods, etc. I was happy to know that she was better than her mom with maths. And during her time there are several youtube channels, tutorial sites, guides, etc., available that help her out with some of the topics.

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We tried some of those websites, but they were not that great, that’s when we found out, about Creta Class, a math learning app specially designed for kids.

Creta Class – Best Application for Mathematics

Creta Class is the one-stop destination for kids who are interested in math and understand mathematical concepts better. It has a systematic curriculum for kids aged 3-8, and they use fun-based AI designed with animated videos, which fosters and maintains their interest.

Creta Class also provides 1-1 mentor service, who also keep a track of their progress, and provides maximum attention to them. This results in better understanding and improved problem-solving tactics.

Creta Class is an application developed by specialists from Ivy League and other world-renowned universities. One of their unique aspects is that they cultivate the idea of thinking skills from a young age. Skills include logical reasoning, data analysis, arithmetic, problem-solving, thinking skills, critical thinking, etc.

They have different topics mixed with activities such as addition & subtraction, overlapping shapes, lining the numbers, etc.

Creta Class supports all mobile devices, provides unlimited access to unlocked lessons, and has short 15-minute classes per lesson.

Best maths learning application
Creta Class App

Here’s how you can register for it:

  1. Click on the Creta Class link to know more details.
  2. DM us via IG (Creat Class India) if you have any questions.
  3. Buy the trial lesson and install the application.
  4. Start learning.

One can also try their demo sessions and observe how their kids are receiving and understanding the concepts.

All-in-all, I would recommend using this application for the betterment of your kid’s future, as it helps them with problem-solving, which is a critical skill and can come in handy in their life too.

For my daughter, Angel, I tried using different applications, websites, and youtube channels, but the one thing that worked well for the understanding of mathematics was Creta Class.

Check the Creta class course link


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