Christmas is all about celebrating the joy of Giving, be it smile or luxurious gift to someone. I remember as a child my mom used to be a very good storyteller and she always made me realize that Santa Claus actually exists in the world.

Whenever I used to see Santa Claus with jingle bells on roads and lanes followed by so many people, I used to feel he is gonna come to me and gift me what I want. But my mom used to convince me Saying if you sleep on time and do your homework, Santa will surely come to your bedside and keep a gift for you.

Every year Christmas morning used to be very happy for me, because I used to see big gifts on my bedside, with a beautiful card, saying you are a great kid and you deserve a best of all. But as I was growing I realized that my Santa was my parents. They made my dreams and imagination as it is, and never let me realize the truth. I guess this is what kept me always close to my parents.

Those days gifts which we used to like were, teddy bears or chocolates or some beautiful dresses. But gone are the days when kids love this gifts anymore and in fact, parents also have a different perception of gifts nowadays. They want something which is creative, engaging and educative. And this is what I thought of Giving my angel a gift of creativity with a touch of Christmas history. I gifted her a Christmas book. This is not just a reading book. Yes, I’m talking about a book which opens up to explore the kid’s knowledge with its creativity.


This is the book which made my daughter learn what is Christmas, why do we celebrate Christmas. This book includes Following chapters.

>The Nativity story

>The story of Santa Claus

>Crafts and coloring pages for kids to make Christmas accessories.

Please watch the video once to get a complete knowledge of this book.

All about Christmas book front cover
Front face of the book


 This book is Authored by Kajal Dharod, who also made Diwali book, during Diwali Festival. Don’t forget to Read the post here (IDiwali). All illustrations are my Aaba Kamthe. This book has 400 stickers, 7 chapters and 10 plus activities pages. This book starts with the introduction of The nativity story, where it shows how Joseph and Mary got married, following how Jesus was born in presence of an angel.

The story of St Nicholas to Santa-Claus. Then a small interview of Santa Claus, which makes you understand the life history of Santa Claus and how Christmas became special because of Santa Claus.

After those story chapters, here come the creative pages where you can make Santa beard, make Santa bags with gifts, hang stockings, write a letter to Santa, decorating Christmas tree with stickers, finishing with a Christmas doodle.

Creative pages
Santa Claus beard making craft

At last, you have a report card for your kid, whether your kid is naughty or nice. So ask your kids questions and fill the report card to Santa to check the truth. (shhh,!!!this is just for kids to understand and realize their own mistakes).

At least I would like to say that my daughter is super happy with this book which is being Designed by  which is a dose of Vitamin Simple.  So if you want to gift your kid, a gift of creativity, then this is your choice. Do buy on above link or you can pay paytm and also get couriered to your home at just Rs 349/- Rs.

Babies are so cute and vulnerable at the same time! You just want to keep cuddling and kissing them – but are afraid to bruise them. They are so tiny and small, but nothing that concerns them is a small matter! Especially for first-time parents!

Right from toys, to the clothes, to the baby care products – no decision is a small one! One would think that living in the information age, parents wouldn’t have to worry about choosing a bad product for their babies – but they couldn’t be more wrong!

Most of the baby care products available on shelves are made from synthetic ingredients with dubious certifications. According to some reports up to 3000 secrets, non tested chemicals are added in food products! And these are in our food products (and not personal care products) which supposedly have the stringiest of regulations. Can you stop to imagine what would be slipping into our lotions, hand washes and soaps?

Why babies require more protection from chemicals

More than 60% of the cream gets absorbed into the bloodstream – both adult and child.  If any personal care product contains harmful ingredients then it can cause long-term effects and affect the development of a child, more so because their immune system is still developing.

A baby’s skin is more sensitive and thinner as the sebaceous glands are also not developed till now. The potential skin damage is higher and hence it is better to make use of only chemical-free baby products.

Why Synthetic Ingredients should be avoided wherever possible

Many manmade or synthetic ingredients like Propylene glycol, Parabens, and Triclosan, mimic the natural hormones of our body and can become endocrine. Natural hormone process gets disrupted and can cause life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular disease or fertility issues.  They can also sometimes even affect the brain and result in difficulties in memory and learning.

Petroleum derivatives

Many baby products like mineral oil and petroleum jelly are made of a byproduct of petroleum. When applied to baby’s skin it reduces its ability to release toxins via sweat.


Parabens have consistently been found in tumours, establishing that parabens can be carcinogenic. They are present in most shampoos, conditioners and even moisturizers. Parabens are neurotoxins and are associated with hormone disruptors.


Fragrances are present in almost all commercial beauty and baby care products. They are usually added to mask the odour of the other chemicals that are used. Fragrances are again synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum products. Fragrances have been known to cause damage to the eye, and cause respiratory problems like asthma and other neurological problems to babies.

Benefits of using natural baby care products

Baby care products that are free of additives and synthetic chemicals in it are best for babies and kids.  Lavender, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond and Coconut oil are the most popular natural ingredients that natural mommies prefer.

Natural Oils: Many natural and cold pressed oils like sweet almond, jojoba seed oil and sunflower oil are of great use for home remedies for dry skin in babies. They do not cause any harm to the skin like what petroleum-based moisturizers can.

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties. Lavender oil can be used soothe skin irritations. It can even treat mild cases of eczema.

Shea Butter is derived from the nut of Karite tree –also known as the tree of life by Africans. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is suitable for use for the delicate skin of babies.

I have a big jar of raw unrefined Shea Butter which I use for my kiddo. It has a nutty, chocolate smell which he loves. He always tried to eat and lick some of it -something which I would mind if it were a commercial product! But I like that he enjoys having shea butter rubbed all over him.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is something you will always find on my kitchen counter. I lay to put it away! Coconut oil is very beneficial for babies as it helps to eliminate cradle cap. Coconut oil and shea butter are best home remedies to treat a diaper rash.

Aloe Vera: Whenever I need aloe vera – I just step into my garden! LOL! Don’t you just love this plant? Most of the skin care products have Aloe Vera in them as it is refreshing to the skin. For babies, it can protect from diaper rash very well.

I have slowly moved to natural and homemade products wherever possible. I even try to make my own homemade cerelac at home. The key is to begin small. Don’t let perfect be the enemy! Start with baby steps towards and a natural lifestyle and you will surely notice a difference in your family’s overall well being!

What baby products do you prefer for your little one? Do you use any specific natural personal care brand, which you trust? How are you protecting your family’s health? Share below!

Author Bio


Anjana Bhartia is a mommy blogger at She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way.


Creative kid learns better than others because of its own imagination. They learn more when they see more, when they experience more. Kids mind is an open canvas, which can be filled with creativity if given a right set of materials.

Mapology by Imagimake
Mapology by Imagimake

A playful kid is better than a studious child who is lacking self-confidence. I believe if a child is happy, he is grasping more things compared to the unhappy child. The playful child is always healthy than a studious kid.

Bachpan hai, use jeene do, khulke use udhne do.
Kyu pankh kaat kar use kitabon mai jhakad rakha hai, use khud jeekar sikhne do.

This lines came to my mind when I was taking my kid to Kerala trip after bunking school for 12 days. I was worried how she will cope up after she comes back from the trip. But my husband who is a better parent told me, that the things she will learn while exploring Kerala, can’t be taught in the closed classroom. And he was absolutely right. Now if you ask where is Kerala in Indian map, she knows where to point out and she will also explain the whole Malabar coast to us. Thanks to HolidayIQ and go Kerala Tourism for this lovely experience. But as a possessive mom, I thought taking something creative for the trip so that I could spend quality time with her during travelling.

While deciding what to take her to teach better. I took Mapology India with capitals, which is kind of puzzle which a kid can see, and solve and understand all the states and union territory.

Mapology by Imagimake

Puzzle of Indian states for better imagination
Mapology – Indian states and capital

The child only studies if taught in a playful manner. If I ask my daughter to learn the map of India using the book, she won’t learn but if I teach her in a playful method she would not only learn the names of states but also the capitals of each state. This is what Imagimake did it with me. I got a gift from imagimake which was mapology puzzle consist of a foam map which is a child-friendly material for 5+ kids that will never affect the child skin. This foam has an India map and states are cut in a such a way that, each state is differently coloured and perfectly shaped. On top of each state, they have one cut which is given for flag of capitals of each state. A picture will make u more clear. This map is really big in size which is 32cm*37cm and has 24 pieces of the puzzle. As some of the smaller states are merged to make bigger so that kid can solve it easily. This map also has union territories and their capital and also the name of the water bodies. Solving the puzzle is the first activity of this box.

Foam based Indian map puzzle for better imagination
Indian map puzzle

The second activity of mapology is to take out the stickers from the paper which has a labelled capitals to stick on each flag. Once all flags are completed, you can teach your kids to put each flag on its state. So start from the state you stay like I taught angel by putting Mumbai at first place and then our natives and places which we went to holidays.

Flags and stickers of Indian map
Capitals and states

This is how kids remember fast and also understand the basic map of India. This map of India is so lightweight that you can carry easily when you are travelling. Since I had a lot of time in Kerala, we had spent solving this puzzle many times and the angel would reply with the name of state and capital. I’m so happy that my angel could learn the name of states and capital in so easy way, which I could not have Taught her by any means.

Indian map solution
Angel trying to solve puzzles by matching letters

Imagimake believes what all moms should believe, that Play should be an integral part of childhood and as a guardian or parents, we always strive to provide a fun and secure play environment for our children. Imagimake is committed to providing an innovative, delightful and safe play experience for our kids. All products are high standards with respect to quality and safety and content. They have been tested and certified by an accredited laboratory.

So all moms out there, make a tagline that imagination is the mind’s best friend and more imagination will bring more creativity. Remember one thing, Nothing better than creative play. So Play More, Play Safe.

To buy or know more about the product Log on to their website Imagimake  or connect the at  Facebook




Kids are called as the replica of God. They are our future. It is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their kids and of their sensitive skin. Baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive as compared to adults skin. It reacts more sensitively to external aggressors and needs extra care and protection.

Kidzania Mumbai is a global indoor theme park in R-city Mall, Ghatkopar,  Mumbai. It is a place for the entertainment of children in the age group of 4 to 16. It is built with the motive of enhancing the social and educational talents of the kids.

Opened in August 2013, Kidzania Mumbai is India’s 1st and world’s 14th Kidzania theme park. It comes with the slogan as “Get ready for a better world”, and it truly does justice with it. It emulates the working of a real city, with real tasks to perform by the kids which in turn helps in stimulating their skills and talents.

Why Kidzania?

Kidzania represents industries, factories and shops present in the real world and also private and public services, entertainment, hospitals, airlines and much more, where the kids play the role of a pilot, chef, engineer, doctor, milkman, courier boy, businessman, banker, etc. At Kidzania children perform the different job for which they are either paid for their work or have to pay to get the service. It provides the kids with the opportunity to play the adult roles by allowing them to re-enact, emulate and participate in different activities.

Kidzania Hand Washing Day

Kidzania is designed for the betterment of the kids and has more than 60 real-world establishment and 100+ activities to perform. Toddlers have a separate section with play areas reserved for them called “Urbano’s House”, where they can participate in some of the role-playing activities suitable for them. Babies below 2yrs can relax and enjoy in the play areas of Urbano’s House. Adults are not allowed in the Kidzania area unless they are accompanied by children. Parents accompanying their children can observe and enjoy watching the role played by their kids in different activities.

Each activity offers a unique role, where kids learn financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence based on real-life instants. Throughout the Kidzania journey, kids learn how to earn, spend and save the Kidzania money which is called asKidzos”.   

As compared to the other theme park or amusement rides, Kidzania offers a completely different scenario. Its mission is to provide an environment that increases and improves kids talents and challenges themselves to experience new characteristics. It is a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence level in kids.

Kidzania Mumbai’s Global Handwashing Week

Importance of Hand Wash

Every Parent wish, their child always stay healthy. “Health begins with clean hands” is a famous saying & this #GlobalHandWashingDay let’s use good Handwashing is the 1st line of defence against the spread of the illness. Kids don’t always listen when their parents tell them to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, or when they return home after playing. So, we all know hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids away from getting infected. Keeping this in mind, Kidzania Mumbai organized a Global Handwashing Week on 15th October 2017. Their motive was to teach kids more about benefits of proper handwashing and side effects of not washing hands properly. On that day, they organized several activities and games to explain kids the different ways from where kids can come in contact with germs while touching several things like cell phones, remote control, etc. While playing kids understand the entire concept very easily and thoroughly.


Interesting Activites at Kidzania Mumbai

Iconic Match at Kidzania

A concept called as “Iconic Match” was used in which kids were asked to do a proper match of several items, which were all related to handwash. The other one was called as “Word Fit” in which the kids were given the task of solving the puzzle by rearranging the proper place of the pieces. Likewise, Kidzania organized several other activities and programs keeping in mind the well-being of kids.

Global Hand Washing Day at Kidzania

The standard of learning provided by Kidzania makes it globally a best and leading destination for out-of-classroom training.

check out my blog on Trendy and Designer Clothes for Kids to celebrate Diwali in trandy way!

iDiwali a Different way to celebrate Diwali with Kids

India a country known for its seasons, traditions, languages, food and above all of it is the festivals. Festivals in India are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, happiness and joy.Diwali and Deepavali is a festival of lights. It is one of the biggest and brightest of all the Hindu festivals. We love Diwali because it is the time of the year when the whole family is at one place. During this festival people do a lot of stuff like cleaning their house, cooking, shopping, crafting and also decorating their house but this time iDiwali book will change your way of celebrating diwali.

Diwali and Deepavali is a festival of lights. It is one of the biggest and brightest of all the Hindu festivals. We love Diwali because it is the time of the year when the whole family is at one place. During this festival people do a lot of stuff like cleaning their house, cooking, shopping, crafting and also decorating their house.

Renovating the house brings on a positive feeling and a great atmosphere while celebrating a particular festival. But out of all this what our kids are learning, frankly speaking, nothing!! For kids, it’s only about wearing news dresses, eating sweets and cracking fireworks.

Why do we celebrate Diwali, Have you explained this to your kids?

Do the kids understand that real essence of Diwali, have you ever explained to them why we Celebrate Diwali? Do they know the values of Diwali, why do we celebrate on the particular date, why do we light up diya. I remember my grand Maa never cracked any firecracker, she always uses to recite stories of Rama and Bhagwan Mahavira because Diwali is related to both. She used to chant mantras on Amavasya day to celebrate Diwali. Usually, Diwali comes on Amavasya.

Change the Way of Celebrating Diwali

This year we decided that we will bring some change In our Diwali Celebration so that my kid learns the real value of Diwali.
While I was looking for different way to celebrate Diwali
I was introduced to a book called – iDIWALI – An interactive Diwali story and Activity book. By @jammsnetwork This book has been Authored by Kajal DHAROD and designed by VITAMIN Simple UNBOX.

 iDiwali Book

This small venture is to create a simple and creative learning platform for young kids through songs, books, crafts and more as we centralize and integrate different ways of learning concepts.

iDiwali is new way of Learning & Engaging with kids

Let me introduce you guys to author Kajal, a mom to 4-year-old twins. Her background is in finance and marketing and she has worked on financial software for a long time. She had always loved to teach and take up teaching jobs as well and then got an opportunity. But her best engagement began when she had her twins. Her love for teaching and learning keeps growing as she indulges with her kids.

There is just so much to unlearn and learn with kids.

iDiwali Book

She aspire to be creative and bring new themes or approaches or present inspired concepts all to make learning simple and innovative.
Please visit  the website for more information:

Whats in iDiwali Book?

The book front cover itself gives u look of iPad, which my daughter saw and told me, Mumma new iPad, I said yes beta, a new one without a battery. and you have to operate yourself, she was happy and delighted with the front cover itself.

Moving to Chapter one, which was king Dasaratha family tree which explains the generation of him till the Rama generation. The story and chapter one has so much to do with colouring the pages and sticking the right stickers at the right place, which makes children understand the images of the Ram., Lakshmana and so on. Then comes as the story of Rama’s victory sequencing, where the child has to stick the correct sequence of stages of Ramayana.

iDiwali Book photo

The whole book has so much related to Diwali, it’s story and its Celebration, that I seriously couldn’t have explained my kid about Diwali in so depth without this book. The author Kajal aims to bring such books for every festival. So that child is aware of each and every celebration in depth. For more details about the book and its activity watch the below video.

Order iDiwali book and gift your 3-9-year-old kids a have enriching Diwali story experience with this new concept of an interactive storybook. 10 chapters – Diwali interactive hands-on storytelling and eight Diwali experience activities – all packaged into one engaging book.

Engage with hands-on activities – cutouts, stickers, colouring, flap cards and more. With technology improving daily, parents can find some of the best apps for kids. These apps can help kids learn and have fun at the same time

Or else u can PAYTM Rs 299 and your full name + contact number to 9819903276 and order today!

Thanks to

Jamms Network For reference
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“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in Association with BlogAdda


Nihar Amla Shanti Pathshala activity

Ever heard about a dialogue from movie of Mr Amitabh Bachchan, ” because English is very funny language” what do you say is it funny?, well I don’t think so, because when I was admitted to New school after, seventh standard which was transfer from semi English medium to complete English medium school, I had suffered that trauma of not able to understand what teacher is explaining to me. Especially Grammar part was so much difficult to me to understand that I cried in front of my parents, that why did you change my school.

No doubt I was intelligent and good in studies, but the language barrier made me step back. In Hindi and Marathi I was scoring full marks, and even in maths, I was able to get decent marks. But what about other subjects, history geography, science? They were just like an alien language to me.

Reading was never an issue because I was from semi English medium, but understanding what has written was far difficult for me. The first unit test I failed miserably, but there is saying teachers are God to us. And one teacher whose name Mrs chaya vedpathak, who understood my problem and she was my Grammar teacher in school, told me to wait in school after school hours. Everyday she made me understand the Grammer and how to use vocabulary and thesaurus. She made me speak in front of her every day and correct till I do it grammatically correct.

In 1990 I don’t think we even had computers in school, forget about smart phones and new apps to make u learn everything in the quick span of time. That year in my school made me realize that my dad did a great job of changing my school, otherwise, I would not have learned English ever. My teacher made compulsory to talk in English in a classroom so that we learn to speak in a better way. This whole year same teacher taught me science history geography and Grammar,  and for that, I can’t thank her enough.

In fact, my gratitude toward her cannot be described in words. After a year and so I was excelling in the English language and command over language got better, making me participate in Juliet ceaser act, which had one page dialogue of the French English, where we used to speak “thou, are, ours and so on. I did my best and got the best acting awards for that act in annual function. So to make students learn better English Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, leading hair oil maker who is trusted brand in the country. Through its ‘Pathshala Funwala’ initiative, the brand endeavours to make education accessible to each student who wants to learn.

All you need is dial Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788.

So friends join the Nihar Naturals initiative to make English an easy language for everyone.

The Wizard of Oz, both the book and the subsequent series, is a story of four characters searching for their heart’s desires, which they eventually find within themselves. The tension in the story comes from a classic struggle against evil (the wicked witches) and uncovering deception (the wizard as a charlatan). The wizard conflict is particularly interesting since the wizard is not a simple bad man. In addition to his deception, he shows kindness and perception.

There are five primary characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, and the Wizard of Oz himself. Each demonstrates a set of strengths and teach us several leadership lessons:

Lesson 1:

Scarecrow: In life, we tend to hold ourselves back for lack of knowledge. But if we take the journey to learn, we’ll learn that we’re smarter than we think.

Just like the Scarecrow is a walking encyclopedia of all things, we must also learn that knowledge is powerful, and it becomes more powerful as information is more accessible and quickly available.

Lesson 2:

Cowardly Lion: Fear can keep you from so much. Whether fear of failing or fear of success, we tend to limit how we grow due to fear. There’s a wonderful but old quote that I love to reflect on regularly… “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Dorothy & the Wizard

The Lion can keep boasting about his courage; he’d much rather hide it. But he finally overcomes his fear. We should do things despite our fear. We must learn to conquer our fear and seek out challenges.

Lesson 3:

Tinman: Leadership is not so much about technique and a method as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration—of oneself and of others.

Dorothy & the Wizard

The Tinman had compassion for others as well as the passion for standing up for what he believed, often facing his fears to do the right thing.And just like he said, passion comes from within you. It is your enthusiasm, your zeal, your drive and your motivation that makes you do things and enjoy it to the fullest.

Lesson 4:

Dorothy: All you need is a vision and their determination to stay on course even when times are tough.

Dorothy & the Wizard

Dorothy vision was clear enough to give direction and compelling enough to entice others to join her on her journey. She allowed her team the freedom and opportunity to grow during their journey down The Yellow Brick Road.Wise leaders keep their people moving down the tough road- they deal head-on with obstacles, stay true to their values and mission, and always expect and give help along the way.

Tune into the all-new animated fantasy series of ‘Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz’ which starts 29th July, Weekends at 12:00 pm only on POGO

Yoga– how to inculcate this habit in your kids.

Yoga – since it’s International Yoga Day today I thought about writing my blog on the same, and how to inculcate this habit in your kids. And how yoga can help your kid connecting more with you. Though the journey and benefits of yoga have been known to everyone, but I won’t talk about that. I want to make sure that my kid understands the importance of yoga.

Yoga Day With Angel
Angel Copying Her Daddy. 

Since my family does yoga daily in the mornings, my kids at home have mimicked us doing same, we love this fun and healthy activity. Sometimes they do it incorrectly but it’s our duty to correct them, because slowly slowly they will be master it.  My girl Angel is about to be 5 years old and she has learnt most of the asanas while practicing yoga with me.

On This Yoga Day – What Attract Your Kids Towards Yoga

Her main attraction for doing yoga is colorful yoga mats, and secondly, I keep on telling her the benefits of yoga and how her tummy can reduce since she has a bigger tummy than her body size,

International Yoga Day
International Yoga Day 2017 With My Little Angel

she is trying hard so that she can work for a perfectly shaped tummy. I agree it’s too early to think on her figure, but she thinks about it sometime, and ask me, mummy, why my tummy is big. And I say because mom loves you so much that she over feeds you sometimes. (you could say, I’m pampering my child, but that’s mom love).

How Yoga Helps You To Reduce Your Tummy

sometimes she says if I eat only fruits and salad will I get a reduced tummy, I say yes beta it will happen… But every day we as a family make it a point to practice yoga, if not in morning then in mid-afternoon, so that we get some family time.

Little Kid Doing Yoga
My Little Angel Knows Why One Should Do Yoga

She loves chanting AUM (OM) while doing meditation, and because of yoga, she learnt Gayatri mantra too. Sometimes u can help them in doing difficult asanas, which help you to connect more with her and some laughing moments if she falls. This is how my yoga day takes place daily.


To know how to inculcate positive attitude in your child, don’t forget to check out this post.

blog train

Welcome aboard this blog train – My Parenting Mantra. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to drive it for over a month. We promise to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience.
Thanks to Lata who blogs at for introducing me.
Meet all our blogger moms who are part of this blog train here.

Why not to label kids?

Kids are curious creatures. They want to know everything about everything. This is the stage of life where they learn and start to understand the simple things in life. And it’s our responsibility to nurture them and motivate them for all that they do. The brain of the child is in the development phase as the child is 5-6 years old.cycling with hubby
Every individual has his thought process set in the childhood. This is because the learning happens in the early years of life. Therefore we should never talk negatively with our children. We must never tell them they cannot do it, or taunt them if they’re unable to do such a simple task. Even if done in a playful way, the words get set into their minds and they start to believe in the same. That’s a major disadvantage because they would write off tasks and accept defeat even at times when they are capable of doing it. We need to take precautions in talking to them, and always remember to talk in a supportive manner, by which the confidence of the kids gets boosted and they feel like they can carry out any given tasks. This habit is essential to be inculcated in the children as once the child grows up, the chance of learning and adopting new perspectives towards life are scarce.

There are various ways by which we can teach them to live by a positive attitude.

One would be to show them the way to do the task. We can help them in doing simple tasks just by showing them how to do it once. I did one post on Organizing Tips | This Will Help To Get Your Child Organized
Let’s take cycling, for example, if a parent takes the responsibility of teaching the child how to ride a bicycle, then the kids takes interest and learns faster. Similarly, if a parent doesn’t take the time to teach the kid, the kid may not develop an interest in cycling and hence would not like to ride a bike when he/she grows up.
All these factors depend entirely upon the economic situation of the family, and the family environment. We need to keep the environment fresh and stress-free in order for the kid to be open to learning new things.

Enjoyed reading My Parenting Mantra? Don’t forget to read what our next blogger mom Shalu who blogs at says about her Parenting Mantra. Also, do comment and let us know your opinions. We are all ears.

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