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Why not to label kids?

Kids are curious creatures. They want to know everything about everything. This is the stage of life where they learn and start to understand the simple things in life. And it’s our responsibility to nurture them and motivate them for all that they do. The brain of the child is in the development phase as the child is 5-6 years old.cycling with hubby
Every individual has his thought process set in the childhood. This is because the learning happens in the early years of life. Therefore we should never talk negatively with our children. We must never tell them they cannot do it, or taunt them if they’re unable to do such a simple task. Even if done in a playful way, the words get set into their minds and they start to believe in the same. That’s a major disadvantage because they would write off tasks and accept defeat even at times when they are capable of doing it. We need to take precautions in talking to them, and always remember to talk in a supportive manner, by which the confidence of the kids gets boosted and they feel like they can carry out any given tasks. This habit is essential to be inculcated in the children as once the child grows up, the chance of learning and adopting new perspectives towards life are scarce.

There are various ways by which we can teach them to live by a positive attitude.

One would be to show them the way to do the task. We can help them in doing simple tasks just by showing them how to do it once. I did one post on Organizing Tips | This Will Help To Get Your Child Organized
Let’s take cycling, for example, if a parent takes the responsibility of teaching the child how to ride a bicycle, then the kids takes interest and learns faster. Similarly, if a parent doesn’t take the time to teach the kid, the kid may not develop an interest in cycling and hence would not like to ride a bike when he/she grows up.
All these factors depend entirely upon the economic situation of the family, and the family environment. We need to keep the environment fresh and stress-free in order for the kid to be open to learning new things.

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Tiny Tots and their Toys

If you’re a mother of an active kid/child who loves to play, we know how cute he/she looks when he plays with his little toys. But what after he’s done playing? The entire house becomes a treasure hunt location for you, while you’re trying to find toys that are all over the place.

Messy Toys  for child
Well, I can’t handle it now!

This habit of scattering of toys eventually leads to an unorganized child. You need to teach him the ethics of playing and post-playing activities.

So where do you start?

Firstly, teach them not to scatter toys in the first place. Try giving them a specific location where they can put their toys after playing. Every time the kid throws a toy away, tell him to bring it back and play with it in the given area.
You could also make him/her learn while stacking the toys. All you have to do is bring him a narrow pocket to store all his toys. And make it a habit of storing all the toys inside, scattering free. Simultaneously, teach him to put the less used toys in the back, and the more frequently used ones in the front. This will teach him order and priority.

Arranged Toys
My Good Girl Angel!

Never give a kid many new toys at once.

Try giving him a new toy every week, so that he/she learns to play with it first and then moves onto the next one. This way he/she will know the value of each toy and will be surprised every week for a new toy.
It’s a casual approach for parents for bringing toys for their children, always try and bring some toys that help develop their brain and body. You could get them toys that help develop their motor neurons. Motor neurons are the cells in our body which help transfer charge from one body part to another, helping the cells to coordinate with muscles and the brain.

Kids Love Toys
Now she’s happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the best ways to give your kid new toys every week is by joining a toy library in your city. This is the modern day good parent option that a majority of city parents follow. The library gives your kid a new toy to play every week and replaces it with the old one. They also carry out a lot of research in giving toys to your child, that in-turn saves you the hassle of selection of new toys.

It is always THE BEST option to DONATE the toys that your kid doesn’t like to play.

There are thousands of children that never get to play with toys in their entire childhood. Donating old toys will teach your child the joy of giving and probably you’ll make someone’s day, win-win.

One soul, one body, two hands doing thousands of work…. Guess who?

Yes, you are right. It’s “THE MOTHER“.

Moms wear many hats: Caretaker, Chef, Storyteller etc. and there is definitely no end to it.

Adding onto another hat of “Entrepreneurship” for mothers (a.k.a “Mompreneurship”) means adding another responsibility.

Every mom is an entrepreneur by nature.

Mompreneurship can serve as incredible and aspiring role models.

And I think-“Motherhood and entrepreneurship go hand in hand”.

I can actually relate to this very well.

Apart from being a mother of a five-year-old, I am constantly onto earning money from home. This is not just to make money, but to start off with something different besides our monotonous routines. Mompreneurship offers a very challenging and a whole new level of WORK-LIFE balance.

So for all the budding Mompreneurship moms, here are some great cash generating ideas.


Teachers have the potential to transform lives and so do mothers. Hence, a really good option for many mothers out there is teaching. It is an increasingly demanding job. It offers the chance for us as well to continuously get better. It is a grounding and humbling profession. The satisfaction we get gives us heavenly pleasure.

What is ABACUS? P.C – mmebsabacus

The best kinds of educational teaching may include:

  1. Cue maths
  2. ย Abacus
  3. Vedic maths
  4. Handwriting
  5. Drawing
  6. Calligraphy


Other interesting things the attract mind would be crafts and projects. Imagine. Ever wondered how catchy colorful papers and art stuff are?! Ladies, what are you all thinking? Go for it engaging yourself into five minutes crafts origami and a lot more similar productive and captivating things.

Paper quilling
Paper quilling – P.C: Pinterest

They can be:

  • Quilling
  • Painting
Cake and Bake:

The latest trend in the world is Mother’s taking up baking cakes and getting orders from around the world. This is one of the major upcoming side-income streams for Indian mothers too. If ur a creative person, use creativity, the best way to put creativity.

Bake a Cake
Bake a Cake – P.C: primrose-bakery
Trousseau Making:

Make the bride happier by providing her all the stuff she requires for her big day.


Probably an interesting one is on the way. I can say shopping can be a synonym for ladies but mystery shopping would be irresistible. Getting paid for performing specific tasks such as purchasing a product asking questions, registering complaints, or behaving in a certain way and reporting it as a feedback is kinda fascinating, right?


With many women working in different sectors of the commercial world. Showcasing of products and artifact is as critical as getting and securing high profile jobs. World of advertisements. Exhibition of articles and commodities would get you some experience and enjoyment as well.


The way to not losing cool and Mind’s calmness and poise, reading can be one of the solutions.

Compilation of write-ups and checking-up on the managerial work can be interesting facet towards boosting up one’s aplomb.

This is nothing but an editor’s task.

You can go for the scientific editor, also as a social media editor, where you could create a blog and get it on the air for readers around the world.


Oh! Look at the hairstyle Priyanka got. ย truly talk of the town why not give it a shot? Starting with your own Beauty Studio or salon is a great way to learn about artificial beauty and cosmetics. New hair styles, a different makeover, sometimes change is a must. Life goes on, isn’t it? it’s a way forย Mompreneurship.

Tiffin Service
Cook Food & Earn More! P.C: financialexpress

Whilst some women have hands and gross and cooking mouth-watering meals. Show it to the world, girl! Start up your own tiffin services to any nearby offices you would like to deliver food to. Corporates require tiffin services when they are at work away from home. Let people know how magical it is to pamper your taste buds with delicious food.

Baby Care a Way For Mompreneurship
Baby Care

For mothers children are everything. Baby care services can contribute towards passing your free time and transforming your tiredness into cheer and youth. It brings pennies to your home along with happiness because of babies and fun, a nice combo, yay!!

Baby care includes:
Personal attention sittingย 


The easiest way to get link around the globe is clicking. The more you click the more earn.

Exactly! You read it right Clicking can make you earn your bread and butter. In the market, there are people giving sponsorships for merchandising their products through online media. So, ladies go online and join the club ofย Mompreneurship.


Look straight, chin up and mind focused. Yeah, you got me right. Image consultancy. Providing people with tips and tricks on personality development and personal image covering the wide spectrum of its aspects is a merry making way to light up the world Like Nobody Else. That ” *be all Smiles look*” is needed here!

P.s:ย  Every mom has a different situation, I’m not assuring each point applies to each one of you Mothers out there.

Feel free to comment and add your suggestions for mompreneurs.


what do you call a human who is showering utter love, who believes love is a sheer example of giving? For most of us the person would be a best friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend but for me, I call her my mom. Every day, waking up to a beautiful person beside me is a thing that fascinates me the most about being a child of God. I hardly have any words to define her beauty, charm, and charisma. Every time I look up to the sky I get a push, I feel blessed to have a Savior holding me, guiding and leading me to the path of happiness. Right from being nothing but a fetus she has given me the best protective cocoon to live in! The most beautiful and everlasting creature God has designed on earth is undoubtedly a mother.

With My Mother
My Lovely Mother

I wouldn’t always say ” I love you, mom!” to her but deep inside the core, every minute, every second, every heartbeat is gifted to her. I am so very grateful to have her as my mom.

She always rocks, molding herself as a kid to play around, chastising us when needed severely, I must say she’s a concoction of love, bliss, beauty, anger but no hatred.

I do not look up to stars and believe in my destiny, I have my mom, she is a lucky charm, above all. When we go shopping I never look at the mirror because a mother always picks up the best for her child. Once she compliments me, the games over, nothing else matters. I get tears rolling down my cheeks even at the thought of not being with her, it definitely haunts me the most.

She brings out the best in me. Since birth the only person in the entire world who knows me to the fullest and completes me is MUMMA. I’M YOUR GIRL, MUMMA. Your smile that wide grin you get on your face when your children look contented is all I want. I would never let your shine fade away. My soul is devoted to the greatest. For me, the person greater than god is my mom. I praise and dedicate every inch of my soul and body to her. Elderly people had rightly said,MAA KE CHARNO ME SWARG BASTA HAI!”. Touching her feet I realize I have a next to god person who cares for me 24*7 till eternity.

Words fall short to describe the pain and cheerfulness she goes through just to make the best possible household. She’s a kind of women who carries herself in a mesmerizing way, she looks after everyone’s needs and wants and masks her own wishes to let us grow. How could I even not think about the sacrifices she’s made to build a house into a home and a better place to live-in, in the vast lands? I give her full credits for whatever I am today and will be, she is the one who has carved me when I was just a mud ball, indeed shapeless! Making sure to get up early even before everyone wakes up and cooking delicious and mouth-watering meals for us is a true sign of unconditional love. Being by my side when the world was against me, ensuring me about my career choices, my decisions and moreover having faith in me more than I do is the thing I will chase till death kisses me and beyond.

I can now conclude, forever is not a lie, instead, it is a truth that keeps the thread equally balanced between life and death. My mom has a heart of deep abyss love and faith which will last as long as the sun shines and stars twinkle.


Ultimate Summer Tips To Beat The Heat For Parents And Kids

As we enter summer, and the kids have holidays for their schools. We think about the various activities to enroll them into. So let me ask you this, are summer holidays only for kids? the answer is No, they are for us parents too. That’s because all their activities are to be taken care by us. Following are the ultimate summer tips which are a simple and useful piece of script that will help you and your kid in this summer vacation.ย 

Always make them wake up early, do regular exercises or send them for a walk, it will help them stay healthy in vacations. Outdoor games are also a great way to stay fit.ย 

Swimming Pool
Swimming Gives Them More Energy.

Don’t let them waste time playing video games or games on smartphones.

Instead, try skill-developing games like chess and scramble which improve their concentration power and vocabulary. Also let your kids actively participate in outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming etc.

Cycling is the best way to stay fit

The child’s physical as well as mental growth are the key points to consider this summer. Along with outdoor sports teach them new things such as words and how to use them into daily sentences.

Teach them to make flags of countries and remember their capitals.

by doing this activity my little kid learned the capitals of various countries and also learned colors of their flag.

Let Them Play Real Games
Give them all the required stuff for crafts and make interesting paper items with them.

Try to analyze how brilliant your kid is. It will make them realize their potential and give them confidence in themselves. Do some social work this vacation, ‘visit old-age homes and spend some time with them, they’ll love it. Teach poor children to read and write, take your friends and their children with you

Parents Cycling
Summer Time Is For Parents As Well

Going out of the house for a holiday is always a fun activity for the kids as well as the parents.

Help your children rediscover the simple joys of life. If you’re busy at work, or can’t spend much time with them, send them to your native place to discover their roots. They will learn to occupy themselves without WiFi or Computers.

ย Take your children on a short holiday, preferably in India.

It’s always better to explore your own country first before traveling around the world

Out Door Fun
Out Door Fun.

Take them to your office if you can, let them observe how you work hard for your family. Let them help you in simple household chores like cleaning their rooms, making their own beds, arranging the shelves and other such small tasks. Teach them the basics of cooking.

Teach them the value of things

Bonding with your kids must always be on your priority list. Reserve 45 minutes each day for talking to them, share stories from your
childhood. At times listen to their fears, help them understand and fight their fears.

All these activities will eventually help the kid grow and learn new stuff along with bonding with parents, that is the best part about summer holidays.


Welcome Summer

Welcome Vacations

So here comes summer time, schools are closed, gardens are open, playgrounds are crowded and swimming pools are full. What we have is the sun smiling at our skin and especially our small kids skin, who either gets skin tan or skin rashes or reddening. Even we moms suffer a lot since we too play with our kids on hot sunny days. Or are found inside blue chlorinated swimming pools.

I used to think when we moms met in the playground we either discuss our kids breastfeeding habits or food habits and moms of grown-up kids speak about the kid’s habits in school. But when we enter summertime, we moms discuss the skin rashes and the lotions, What we give our kids to wear, so that they are fully protected from the sun rays. We carry kids essential like hats or umbrella, even sunglasses to give them extra protection.

Child care

Is it Reallyย Important?

Now here comes a point when we say there are hardly any products specific to kids skin for summer.

So here is my answer to all those mothers, who are worried about their children’s skin,




kids skin care
Yoga With Fun

Sebamed has launched a new product with unique formula with pH 5.5 which is baby Sunscreen lotion, which protects skin from harmful UV-A/U-VB rays and tanning of your baby’s skin.


But How?

This pH 5.5 factor is utmost important because our normal pH of skin is 5.5 and if you use a product similar to your skin pH, it heals and moisturizes it to rehydrate your skin and you feel more soft and smooth, this applies to all from infants to adults. The Sebamed lotion comes in two variety with SPF 30 AND SPF 50. The only difference is they both protect you from different UV rays.

health care in summer
Product Which Gives Every Mother a Smile.

What do the Experts Say?

Kids careAccording to miss Bipasha Chakraborty, the speaker from Sebamed, the skin in summer becomes dry and dull due to scorching heat and tanning due to UV rays. So she showed us how should we apply Sebamed on kids skin. The most amazing part of Sebamed baby Sunscreen lotion is that it’s a water-resistant product, so now make your kid wear it even when they’re going for a swim.



No Reason To Fear The Sun.

How I came to know About Sebamed

Sebamed was the product which I came across at the name ceremony function of my daughter, she was full of red rashes since we apply gifted products to our relatives. sebamed sun lotionWhen I met my pediatrician, he suggested me only Sebamed lotion and soap for her skin, since my daughter ‘Angel’ has a really sensitive skin. From that day till date Sebamed has become the best friend for her skin who will be always there when she goes out in the sun.


Whyย Sebamed?

Multi Protect Sun Lotion

  • Sun Protection for the body
  • Available in SPF 6,10,15,20,25,30,50 and 50+.

Unique Features ofย Sebamed

  • Reliable UVA + UVB protection with the pH 5.5
  • Highly Effective UVA/UVB filter system combined with micro-pigments prevent sunlight-induced damages and irritations to the skin
  • Anti-Ageing skin protection with vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5
  • Natural Inulin and lecithin keep the sun-exposed skin smooth and supple to protect the elasticity of the skin
  • With Bisabolol, Suited for irritated skin
  • Water resistantย 
  • Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free

Does it Works?

skin protection in summer
Skin Protection In Hot Summer

Yes, Sebamed pH 5.5 baby sunscreen lotion has come as a boon for my daughter. Now I’m less worried about her skin.ย  Today’s event was basically in line with the launch of Sebamed sun lotion under a baby care category, the momย and kid under 6 years of age was part of ‘India book of records’ and performed yoga together in hot sunny weather.




Sunday Became Fun Day

summer health care

Now I can proudly say that I and my daughter were a part of that record, as we got a certificate of participating too.





With Blogger Ruchi Varma and Dipika Singh

My Sunday became funday with fellow bloggers and my friends.








I am also thankful to Dr. Simple Aher (a gold medalist) consultant Dermatologists trichologist and cosmetologist for guiding us through skin types and lotion to be used for our baby’s skin.
Sebamed Products are Available Online on various Shopping Apps like

Baby oye
Know more about Sebamed :-

Know more about Sebamed

Summer vacation with childrenSummer vacation with kids






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