How to Turn Your Home into a Healthy Environment for Your Kids

We like to think about our homes as safe havens. Alas, more often than not, there is a multitude of threats preying on our good health and well-being. Moreover, young children spend a lion’s share of their time indoors and every year, millions of them get exposed to toxins. The tricky thing is that many of these risks are of elusive nature and quite hard to detect. So, it all starts with proper awareness and commitment to taking preventive steps to reduce the exposure to dangerous elements. It is high time to put together a healthier home environment for you and your family. So do you all dream of Healthy Environment for Your Kids at home.
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Exposing toxic presence

The first thing to do is to inspect your home for toxins. Everything from water and air to textiles and surfaces might hide toxic hazards. Where to start then? Well, furniture, paint, and flooring are a good place because they can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other perilous toxins. They can remain hidden for a long time, until you upset them during the renovation. Therefore, take necessary precautions before starting any improvement projects.
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Furthermore, if your home was built prior to 1978, it is very likely you have another problem— lead sitting under the top coat of paint on walls and windows or in floor varnish. When released into the air, toxic lead particles potentially cause developmental and learning problems. Unfortunately, home tests are not always accurate. Thus, your best bet is to hire a local contractor and safely remove this plight from your home. Healthy Environment for Your Kids is most important thing when you have active kids at home.


While at it, test the environment for naturally-occurring, radioactive gas radon. This menace is a leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers, yet it is odorless, invisible to the naked eye, and tasteless. The good news, though, is that there are many inexpensive test kits available at home improvement stores. They are also easy to use. Should you find this gas in dangerous quantities (4 picocuries per liter of air or higher), you have to contact a certified radon-mitigation contractor.

Cleansing the air
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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is two to five times worse than the one outdoors and World Health Organization agrees that this is one of the greatest health risks of today.  To make it worse, children breathe more air than adults, pound for pound. So, you need to do everything within your power to clear the air. Reduce humidity levels by using exhaust fans in moisture-riddled areas and spurring natural ventilation.

Note that you need to avoid air ionizers and fresheners that contain phthalates— they do more harm than good. Instead, opt for houseplants. Spider plants and peace lilies are just some of many natural air filters that are effective in combating toxins and pollutants. Feel free to shop around for quality industrial products in the league of HEPA air purifier.  Such a certified product is proven to improve the long-term respiratory health of your children.
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Keep an eye on carbon monoxide, which is a highly common hazard that originates from the incomplete process of fuel burning in household appliances like stoves and furnaces. It can lead to symptoms similar to flu. And when its level increases, carbon monoxide can even be fatal for kids. To steer clear of such scenario, install alarms and detectors in your home. Put them outside bedrooms and other sleeping areas. In addition, inspect and maintain your appliances and heating systems on a regular basis.

Always in the clear
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Be a conscious consumer and extra careful what you bring into your home. For instance, you have to know which products harbor dangerous chemicals and poisonous substances. Also, make sure to keep potentially harmful items locked and out of children’s reach. Cleaning products, pain relievers, cosmetics and personal care products are leading culprits behind poisoning in children. Seek natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, such as baking soda and vinegar.
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Finally, bear in mind that a clean home is a healthy home. You must never forgo regular chores. Dusting regularly is the key to preventing kids from breathing in contaminated dust. Namely, flame retardants and PBDEs from electronics can easily get airborne and cause a variety of health issues. It is a good idea to use a damp cloth for most dusting tasks and follow it up with the good old vacuuming. Just do not use older vacuum cleaners that tend to disperse the dust around.

On the safe side
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More and more parents are concerned about the negative impact of the home environment on the health of their children. And they have every reason to be. Every now and then, new scientific evidence and horror stories surface. The main problem is that the majority of hazards are not obvious, so it is best to assume the worst. You do not have to go out of your way: there are many simple and low-cost tactics to follow. Thus, get educated, test your home for toxins and tool up to bust them. Keep your little ones out of the harm’s way and empower their growth and development.  I hope all these tips makes you keep Healthy Environment for Your Kids at home.  

This article is a Guest post by  Stella van Lane is a mom and a passionate writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. 

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Eco Parenting | Building a Greener World with Eco – Friendly Child

Technological advancements, high graded gadgets, luxuries have all taken up the market space and are now not just the league of the adults, rather there is technology and use of efficient resources of the world in each and everything we are using as of the present frame.
However, wait! On what stake are we planning to do all this? Is global warming, continuous alarms belled by the natural resources, the UV rays inclining more and more not shaking us from within? If it is then why not inculcate a few habits in our infant and tiny – tot so that he makes the future world a better place to live in, Eco parenting is the definition of the same.

Eco Parenting
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Eco Parenting simply means to teach and inherit basic habits in your child from the very beginning so that later it is no more a task or responsibility rather a habit and way of living. Because even one can make a change, we always do not need an army to fight any kinds of combat for us. There are lots of health and environment safety apps to help us.
It cannot be said that we start keeping our kid away from all the materialistic pleasures however, the demarcation should be drawn and it should not be crossed by purpose and not just the forceful attitude of a parent. That complies the truest meaning of Eco Parenting, teaching and inculcating environmental friendly activities for that would make all the difference in the society in the coming future.
While talking about the same let us know about some of the things here and there that can be of utmost help to the parents while they are getting up to task and shape their kids to become more dependant and responsible citizen of the globe and its natural identities.

  • Every child loves getting dirty and play with the sand why not use this as a perquisite, and generate in him the habit of Gardening. He might turn out to be taking care of the greens which is the most important phenomenon to make a good change in the environ of the planet earth for the present times.
  • Encourage the little one to reuse as well as recycle each and every thing that they can. Do not inculcate in them the pride of selfishness, and tell them that a small thing has some value and that to use it is hooks and crooks is what life is all about. This will sure excite them and make them a better person when they grow up altogether.
  • Boast and shout in home” do not waste ”. Neither you should do this practice, nor it should be reaped in the kid. Food, drinkables, stationary products, papers and anything for that matter should not be wasted and shall be used until the time it works. The food in the plate should be finished and the left – over food should be used the next day or given to domestic help, pets but not wasted. They are the important assets of the globe and wasting them could lead our future in some serious issues.
  • You surely have many friends and cousins, if yes! Increase the practice of swooping a lot more from now on. Toys,  clothes, notebooks, novels, old cycles or anything for that matter should be shared and swopped as and when needed, so the valuable assets of the world not get flushed out early and we have ample of them to pass on to coming generations. Next time they ask for something new they can be treated by the products of their cousins or friends as well.
  • Electricity was, is and will be the need of the society if we have to be technically sufficient for the rest of the ages. Saving electricity from a very tender age should be taught to the kid. Turning off the lights and fans, plugging off the items they are using and a parent should keep telling that it is a bad habit to leave the lights and fan on all the time. This will make them a better youngster and will pass on to his next generation as well. The natural resources should be used optimistically and he or she should know this from the time they have got the brains to understand.
  • You must encourage the new found alternative of saving fuel and that is – car – pooling. Yes, car – pooling or sharing the same vehicle if you are going to a particular place is a habit that should definitely be encouraged. If friends and same age group children live nearby in the vicinity then they must use same vehicles to go for coaching, hobby classes, schools and more.
  • Say no to plastic bag. Do not just say it this time, do it. When your child looks up to you carrying your own bag while shopping and other stuff then it is he or she who will also learn from you and would never take up the opportunity to get the products in a polythene given by the shopkeepers. Teach them it is harmful for the place where we live – earth. Ex

These were the few things that could be taught to the child from a very small age so that he does not have to look up to anyone in the future when he grows up, rather he should turn out as an inspiration for the others who are not willing to save the environment.
Let us pledge together to be eco – friendly and make our offspring’s the same so that the earth is a better place to live in for you, me and all of the living flora and fauna residing as an earthling on the planet.

Eco parenting and green parenting

It should be propagated more and more with the help of mouth reference, so that this simple process can head to most house spaces and make the ultimate house earth a place of purity and betterment all over again.

If you agree with these points and have more points to add to this, feel free to comment below.


Are you summer ready !!!

Mumbai and summer seem to be synonyms to me now. Every Mumbaikar would relate with me when I say summers are like bread toasts on pan. It’s mid-May and we are struggling to beat the heat. Being a microbiologist, I know that summers are best temperature for microorganisms to grow fast and hence we tend to fall sick more. I am going through the same phase right now, because eating outside made me sick but as an adult, we can handle the situation. But what about our kids? Are they ready for summer? Have you made plans on how to make summer friendly for children? Are you making  amazing summer drink for kids.
I am sure you must have made all possible arrangements to make this summer cooler but with so many activities to distract them, food is never their priority. And since they aren’t receiving enough nutrition, they become more prone to diseases.

pediasure cookies and cream
Lara and mahesh bhupathi unveiling pediasure

Make your kids summer ready with Pediasure cookies and cream flavor- An amazing summer drink for kids

Recently I came across Pediasure which has launched a new cookies and cream flavored powder for kids. My daughter doesn’t like drinking plain milk and hence I always make sure that I add something which is healthy and tasty to drink. Pediasure comes as a saviour to me as it contains 37 nutrients which help support height & gain weight, and boosts immunity & brain development. The newly launched flavor is the best since kids love cream cookies so much!

The event was an eye-opener as the esteemed panel comprising doctors, nutritionist and celebrity couple Lara and Mahesh Bhupathi, discussed how summer growth if one of the most important time in a kids life. It is their #TimeToGrow.

Insights from Event

Us mommies also got to taste the new flavor made by chef kichaa aka Nihal, and it was such a treat for us adults I cannot wait to see how my kid will react to it! As a mother, I am super happy as I have now made my kid summer ready. Now I can send my angel for all summer camps with a bottle of Pediasure. I suggested to my friends to make kids summer ready by boosting their immunity, growth and development with such health drinks. Pediasure is a complete nutrition cup for your kid. Pediasure Cookies and Cream is truly an amazing summer drink for kids.Being a mother I know kids get bored of same flavor too so make sure you give Pediasure cookies and cream in different ways. Take it as a parenting hack from me and I know you and they will love it. For instance, you can make banana smoothie with Pediasure Cookies and Cream which is an amazing summer drink for kids one day.

Ingredients  for Banana and Pediasure shake

Banana mashed 1 piece🍌

Condensed milk 2 tbps

1tbsp PediaSure cookies and cream flavor powder.

1 glass milk

Honey 🍯



Take a jar, put all ingredients and churn it to give a nice smoothie texture and serve to your kids.

amazing summer drink for kids
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2)You can also try making a moose with whipped cream using PediaSure cookies and cream to make another amazing summer drink for kids.

Ingredients for pediasure moose

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar

2 tbsp of Pediasure’s Cookies and Cream flavor

One cup of plain vanilla icecream

Method :

Take double ice bowl 🍚 and stir all the ingredients to give a fluffy mixture and serve it small shot glasses and serve with lot of fruits.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure

Or You may also like to make a spread and give it to your kids with oats bread, or make healthy ice candy of same banana shake.

If your kid is a fussy eater, these hacks can ensure your kid is getting proper nourishment.
I hope my tips and tricks will help to keep your kid summer ready and you can make many recipes using  Pediasure Cookies and Cream to make  amazing summer drink for kids.


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The content is not intended or prescribed as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always  take proper advice from your doctor for any medical treatment.

The magical Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste

                 Every  morning 7 am, alarms starts and make  all of us to get up and brush, but other than alarm the noise which I get irritated is my daughter tantrum for brushing teeth. From the day 1, I am making my angel brush forcefully and also clean her tongue daily twice. But this task makes me tiring and irritating. The problem with angel is that her senses are very strong. I guess she has superpower of smelling things from distance itself and thats the fact as she doesnt like strong smell of toothpaste used by adults. She wud either get irritated because of intense smell or she will started feeling nauseating everytime she sees the tooth paste.

           Recently I came across one amazing child friendly toothpaste from Mamaearth which is Mamaearth berry blast  kids toothpaste. This product is just made for such kids, who throw many tantrums to do  brushing thier teeth. When I tried this toothpaste with angel, she didn’t felt any strong smell and hence she cleaned her teeth without a single tantrum which she used to throw in morning. And when I asked her how is the taste, she said its amazing. This made me research on the product, and let me tell you why angel loved it so much that now she brushes twice a day. 😊 Mom me. Not only we teach her brushing but also save water while brushing. 
Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste

How Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste Changed angels attitude towards brushing teeth.

1) 100% NATURAL ingredients – Mamaearth’s 100% natural toothpaste is specially formulated with high quality ingredients like xylitol, aloe vera and stevia for newly forming teeth and gums. Xylitol which is a natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation. Aloe Vera Gel relieves pains in  sore gums when new teeth is coming.: Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste
2) Color and smell : Transparent gel like paste which doesnt have any artificial colors added plus it has
FRUITY FLAVOUR of  strawberry which appeals to your child’s taste developing habit of brushing after every meal too. And the kids love to start and end  their day with Mamaearth’s berry toothpaste.: Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste
3) Safe even if its swallowed : since kids cant clean themselves completely sometimes they swallow, but we moms don’t have to worry with MAMAEARTH BERRY TOOTHPASTE as it is made without Fluoride, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, and Petrochemicals to bring you the safest products for kids.
blogchattera2zBeautiful Beaches in India – Heaven in summer while you #travelwithkids #BlogchatterA2Z

From Goa to Kerala to Mumbai to Gujarat my family has almost covered best and beautiful beaches of India especially South Western coastal lines. From largest to biggest beaches our vacations have been most of the times near beaches of India. Mumbai becomes too hot, that it can bake you in March to May. The major searches on my computer lead to beautiful beaches in India as we are travelling with kids. Beaches in India comes as saviour to beat the heat in summer.

As soon as vacation starts it becomes very daunting task for every Parent to handle their kids during vacation. Being a kid of wanderlust traveller my angel has become habituated to travel as soon as we get long weekend or vacations.  Best way to spend time with your kids for a small vacation is to beaches.  I think it is the best way of enjoy vacation with your kids as well as get some me time while watching sunrise and sunset.

In fact my daughter learnt her water cycle lesson on beach itself as I feel when you teach your kid at real time process, the concepts become clearer. Not only water cycle but also about aquatic animals, kind of sands, temperature fluctuations, kind of shells, turtles, star- fishes and so on. Recently when we went to Muzhappilangad longest drive in beach, we found a big white starfish which angel could touch and feel. We collected many shells to make decorative for home.  Other than beaches offer lot of adventurous activity which can be done with kids also. This is one of the aspect of my blog -Parenting while travelling.

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural places this earth offers us. Trips to beaches can be enormous fun and awesome hangout during vacations especially during summer vacation. To get rid of scorching sun and warming weather, chilling out on beach is the best option. Spending recreational time with family and living memorable memories with them is what everyone needs something to stay away from the stressful and busy life.

Playing on beach can benefit you and your Kids health in numerous ways:
  1. The beaches in India has a very rich source of silicon; it leaves the skin looking fresh and toned.
  2. Walking barefoot along the beaches works wonders, helps removing dead skin from the soles.
  3. Kids along with their family can also enjoy water sports available on beaches.
  4. On the beaches kids can enjoy doing other activities like swimming, cycling, playing outdoor games etc and can enjoy their leisure time under the open sky to the fullest.
  5. Doing several activities on the beaches helps kids to boost their energy level, helps increase their confidence level and also make them active and fit.
  6. You can also try new adventures available on beaches with kids, since trying something new helps kids gain a better sense of selfness.


Several precautions to be taking while going on Beaches:
  1. You should always carry a Sunscreen with higher SPF while you go to the beaches, because Sun, Sand and Salt together can damage your skin to an extreme if not taken care properly.
  2. You should carry enough water, energy drinks and snacks with you.
  3. Carry Mat, Hat or Cap or Umbrella whichever available to protect yourself from the direct effect of Sunrays.
  4. Wear Clothes which hide majority part of your body or else use Sunscreen after every few hours.
  5. Take First aid box.
  6. Wear flip flops or water shoes in the water.
  7. Always be aware of dangerous or poisonous jelly fishes on beaches. Stay away from them.
  8. Never cross red line made my life saver guard .


A day at a beach or a stay for few days near the beach area with family can be so much fun. These are just few of the many benefits of taking a family vacation with kids to the beaches. I hope this has motivated you enough to plan next vacation with kids to Beaches.


Ps : I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today is letter B and as per my theme I wrote on beautiful beaches in India which can teach your kids too while travelling, under the theme of #Travelwithkids



Adventures with Kids

The vacations are near and imagining our kids to be glued to either television or cell phone for entire day during those days will be very stressful task for all parents. The best solution to this is to take your kids to an adventurous holiday. Yes, it is a bit tedious task to find a good adventurous holiday spot and that to budget friendly, but this problem can be easily solved by research and also according to your kids interest. Adventures with kids is the new aspect of parenting while travelling. Kids learn lot of thing when they do adventures sports.

How to decide the best sports to enjoy Adventures with kids :

Today’s family adventure travel market comes up in wide range and are also very flexible. Adventures and sports comes in different varieties, different places offers different services and sports activities, it depends on us as, in which direction of sports ours and our children’s interest lies. The family that camps together stays together, in today’s stressful and machine life, it is very important to spend quality time with your kids, you should try to find out their strengths and weakness and should take every possible step to strengthen their strong points and to overcome their weakness.

The list of adventure to do while we travel with kids.

The list of adventures includes rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, river crossing, camping in wild, hiking through history, wildlife bonanza, and many more. There are different sport activities and adventurous sports for different age of kids. One should not force a kid to try any sport activity with doesn’t lies in him/her comfort zone. Yes, its true to encourage your child in different adventurous sports but at the end you should leave it, to the interest of your kid. It is not necessary to push your child directly to the high-profile and dangerous adventurous activities, you should first start with basic and commonly activities followed by majority of the kids in your surrounding. The basic sports activities like cycling, swimming, playing cricket, football, badminton or tennis or any outdoor activities, these are usually done by kids of all age group. You should allow your kid to make friends and enjoy such basic activities and then after knowing their strengths and interests you should encourage them. Nowadays lot of summer camps are held in city, who keep lot of activities which you also can enjoy while doing Adventures with kids.


Understanding the risk factor of doing adventure with kids

Moving your kid and guiding for  adventurous sports have in common the degree of risk, uncertainty but also self discovery. Though it involves risk for parents but after a particular age it will turn out with lot of benefits. Basically, adventure and other sports activities provides several benefits to kids,
1)It teaches self-reliance, team work and to leave in your comfort zone.
2) To feel free, fresh and healthy all time.
3) Makes independent and stress free.
4) Improves self-esteem and increases confidence level.
5) Helps to manage fitness and to stay fit lifelong.

A hard-core adventure lover look to challenge ourselves first and learn from their experiences. So, it is the duty of every parent to sow the seeds of adventure and sport in the mind of their kid and help develop their interest. According to the research the kids who are active in adventure and sports activities and very smart, fit and emotional balance as compared to other kids.

Ps : I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today is letter A and as per my theme I wrote Adventures with kids under the theme of #Travelwithkids


Let’s Travel! But What About The Kids?

Any time there are the holidays coming up or a long weekend, what’s the first thing that pops up in our minds? We usually think about taking a vacation, a long one or a quick getaway, whatever our time on hand and our budget permits!But for many couples, those with babies and toddlers, there are a few more factors to be taken into consideration while planning a trip. But yes, it is entirely possible to Traveling with kids and that too, travel smoothly.

Once a trip has been planned, there begins the fun of planning and packing for the trip. What to carry and what not? How much is necessary and how much is enough?  As far as children are concerned, of course, priority has to be given to carrying their essentials, especially medicines for them and food items that they absolutely cannot do without. It would be a good idea to throw in sunscreen and hats if you are visiting a hot and sunny place and woolens if you are visiting a cold place. Babies have a lot of paraphernalia but it makes good packing sense to carry only what is absolutely necessary.

Once the packing is done, it’s time to begin the journey! If planned right, the journey can be more fun than the destination! Whether you are traveling with kids by plane, train, bus or car, entertainment for the children needs to be provided. Books, special toys, puzzles, music, even a favorite blanket, all need to be carried that cater to your children’s taste.

What is necessary When Traveling with Kids

Baby wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and diapers if required are all a “must-carry”.  Any food that is carried needs to be the type that will not make a mess if dropped. Water has to be on hand in sufficient quantity and that too in a non-spill bottle or glass!  

If traveling with other passengers, parents should try their best to ensure that their children are not a nuisance to other passengers. Every parent can and should ingrain good behavior and a consideration for others in their children. Parents can definitely guide their children not to shout, run around and be a source of annoyance to the other passengers.

Enjoying with FamilyWhenever I have traveled, I have on numerous occasions been disturbed by a child howling or shouting and the parents making no effort to control him or her. I’m sure that many of you have had the same experiences as I have.

Once the traveling with kids is out of the way and you arrive at your destination, the fun should continue. Most definitely, your baby or toddler will need some time to settle down in a new environment.  Parents, you need to be patient and understanding about this.

Outings and excursions, ideally, need to be planned around the baby’s or toddler’s schedule, i.e. naptimes and meal times should be taken into account. Of course, if that is not practically possible, then parents need to take into account that the child/children might get fussy or cranky at certain times.

What is Parents Responsibility?

That is when a very important issue comes in: support. You are spouses to each other and you are also co-parents to your children. You need to work as a team when it comes to handling your children. Do avoid criticising and blaming each other if the children misbehave or something goes wrong.

Do try to give each other time away from the children for a while. Husbands, take care of the children and let your wives go shopping or to the spa. Wives, handle the children and let your husbands go to play a sport or for male buddies drinking session. Your spouse will love you for this!

Parents, it’s equally important that you use your vacation, however short it is, to reconnect with each other as a couple. Spending time with your spouse in a different environment, i.e. away from home and routine, can have a rejuvenating effect on your marriage.

Do try your best to spend time with each other, without the children. Even if it is just for a short while, try to grab a cup of coffee or a drink together. Talk to each other, bring each other up to date on what is happening in your lives.

It is perfectly natural that young children might fall ill in the course of a holiday. Parents, please do not panic! Administer the relevant medicines that you are carrying to the child that is unwell. Do call up your pediatrician to ensure that you are giving the right dosage and following the correct treatment.

Angel in Funny moodParents tend to get very anxious when young children are involved. Do remember that children sometimes fall ill when they are exposed to a new environment and experience a change in the air they breathe and the food and water that they consume. It is reassuring to remember that children also recover equally fast.

A vacation can be called a success when you as parents, return from it, happy, contented, charged and with fond memories. If you return from it cranky, irritated and depressed, you need to rethink and rework your vacationing and parenting strategy with your spouse!

So parents, remember that children can be taught to enjoy vacations as much as you. Travelling to new places will serve to give a good exposure and good experiences to your children. Keeping this in mind, let’s get set to plan and enjoy the next getaway. Bon, voyage to you!

This is a Guest Post from Meghasi Bhatt,

Hello, I am Meghasi Bhatt. I started my career as a lawyer but somehow ended up as a teacher and now I have aspirations to write! My first novella Mutiny at Primrose High is available on Amazon and Flipkart and also as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.

Meghasi Bhatt


Christmas is all about celebrating the joy of Giving, be it smile or luxurious gift to someone. I remember as a child my mom used to be a very good storyteller and she always made me realize that Santa Claus actually exists in the world.

Whenever I used to see Santa Claus with jingle bells on roads and lanes followed by so many people, I used to feel he is gonna come to me and gift me what I want. But my mom used to convince me Saying if you sleep on time and do your homework, Santa will surely come to your bedside and keep a gift for you.

Every year Christmas morning used to be very happy for me, because I used to see big gifts on my bedside, with a beautiful card, saying you are a great kid and you deserve a best of all. But as I was growing I realized that my Santa was my parents. They made my dreams and imagination as it is, and never let me realize the truth. I guess this is what kept me always close to my parents.

Those days gifts which we used to like were, teddy bears or chocolates or some beautiful dresses. But gone are the days when kids love this gifts anymore and in fact, parents also have a different perception of gifts nowadays. They want something which is creative, engaging and educative. And this is what I thought of Giving my angel a gift of creativity with a touch of Christmas history. I gifted her a Christmas book. This is not just a reading book. Yes, I’m talking about a book which opens up to explore the kid’s knowledge with its creativity.


This is the book which made my daughter learn what is Christmas, why do we celebrate Christmas. This book includes Following chapters.

>The Nativity story

>The story of Santa Claus

>Crafts and coloring pages for kids to make Christmas accessories.

Please watch the video once to get a complete knowledge of this book.

All about Christmas book front cover
Front face of the book


 This book is Authored by Kajal Dharod, who also made Diwali book, during Diwali Festival. Don’t forget to Read the post here (IDiwali). All illustrations are my Aaba Kamthe. This book has 400 stickers, 7 chapters and 10 plus activities pages. This book starts with the introduction of The nativity story, where it shows how Joseph and Mary got married, following how Jesus was born in presence of an angel.

The story of St Nicholas to Santa-Claus. Then a small interview of Santa Claus, which makes you understand the life history of Santa Claus and how Christmas became special because of Santa Claus.

After those story chapters, here come the creative pages where you can make Santa beard, make Santa bags with gifts, hang stockings, write a letter to Santa, decorating Christmas tree with stickers, finishing with a Christmas doodle.

Creative pages
Santa Claus beard making craft

At last, you have a report card for your kid, whether your kid is naughty or nice. So ask your kids questions and fill the report card to Santa to check the truth. (shhh,!!!this is just for kids to understand and realize their own mistakes).

At least I would like to say that my daughter is super happy with this book which is being Designed by  which is a dose of Vitamin Simple.  So if you want to gift your kid, a gift of creativity, then this is your choice. Do buy on above link or you can pay paytm and also get couriered to your home at just Rs 349/- Rs.

Babies are so cute and vulnerable at the same time! You just want to keep cuddling and kissing them – but are afraid to bruise them. They are so tiny and small, but nothing that concerns them is a small matter! Especially for first-time parents!

Right from toys, to the clothes, to the baby care products – no decision is a small one! One would think that living in the information age, parents wouldn’t have to worry about choosing a bad product for their babies – but they couldn’t be more wrong!

Most of the baby care products available on shelves are made from synthetic ingredients with dubious certifications. According to some reports up to 3000 secrets, non tested chemicals are added in food products! And these are in our food products (and not personal care products) which supposedly have the stringiest of regulations. Can you stop to imagine what would be slipping into our lotions, hand washes and soaps?

Why babies require more protection from chemicals

More than 60% of the cream gets absorbed into the bloodstream – both adult and child.  If any personal care product contains harmful ingredients then it can cause long-term effects and affect the development of a child, more so because their immune system is still developing.

A baby’s skin is more sensitive and thinner as the sebaceous glands are also not developed till now. The potential skin damage is higher and hence it is better to make use of only chemical-free baby products.

Why Synthetic Ingredients should be avoided wherever possible

Many manmade or synthetic ingredients like Propylene glycol, Parabens, and Triclosan, mimic the natural hormones of our body and can become endocrine. Natural hormone process gets disrupted and can cause life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular disease or fertility issues.  They can also sometimes even affect the brain and result in difficulties in memory and learning.

Petroleum derivatives

Many baby products like mineral oil and petroleum jelly are made of a byproduct of petroleum. When applied to baby’s skin it reduces its ability to release toxins via sweat.


Parabens have consistently been found in tumours, establishing that parabens can be carcinogenic. They are present in most shampoos, conditioners and even moisturizers. Parabens are neurotoxins and are associated with hormone disruptors.


Fragrances are present in almost all commercial beauty and baby care products. They are usually added to mask the odour of the other chemicals that are used. Fragrances are again synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum products. Fragrances have been known to cause damage to the eye, and cause respiratory problems like asthma and other neurological problems to babies.

Benefits of using natural baby care products

Baby care products that are free of additives and synthetic chemicals in it are best for babies and kids.  Lavender, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond and Coconut oil are the most popular natural ingredients that natural mommies prefer.

Natural Oils: Many natural and cold pressed oils like sweet almond, jojoba seed oil and sunflower oil are of great use for home remedies for dry skin in babies. They do not cause any harm to the skin like what petroleum-based moisturizers can.

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties. Lavender oil can be used soothe skin irritations. It can even treat mild cases of eczema.

Shea Butter is derived from the nut of Karite tree –also known as the tree of life by Africans. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is suitable for use for the delicate skin of babies.

I have a big jar of raw unrefined Shea Butter which I use for my kiddo. It has a nutty, chocolate smell which he loves. He always tried to eat and lick some of it -something which I would mind if it were a commercial product! But I like that he enjoys having shea butter rubbed all over him.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is something you will always find on my kitchen counter. I lay to put it away! Coconut oil is very beneficial for babies as it helps to eliminate cradle cap. Coconut oil and shea butter are best home remedies to treat a diaper rash.

Aloe Vera: Whenever I need aloe vera – I just step into my garden! LOL! Don’t you just love this plant? Most of the skin care products have Aloe Vera in them as it is refreshing to the skin. For babies, it can protect from diaper rash very well.

I have slowly moved to natural and homemade products wherever possible. I even try to make my own homemade cerelac at home. The key is to begin small. Don’t let perfect be the enemy! Start with baby steps towards and a natural lifestyle and you will surely notice a difference in your family’s overall well being!

What baby products do you prefer for your little one? Do you use any specific natural personal care brand, which you trust? How are you protecting your family’s health? Share below!

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Anjana Bhartia is a mommy blogger at She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way.


Creative kid learns better than others because of its own imagination. They learn more when they see more, when they experience more. Kids mind is an open canvas, which can be filled with creativity if given a right set of materials.

Mapology by Imagimake
Mapology by Imagimake

A playful kid is better than a studious child who is lacking self-confidence. I believe if a child is happy, he is grasping more things compared to the unhappy child. The playful child is always healthy than a studious kid.

Bachpan hai, use jeene do, khulke use udhne do.
Kyu pankh kaat kar use kitabon mai jhakad rakha hai, use khud jeekar sikhne do.

This lines came to my mind when I was taking my kid to Kerala trip after bunking school for 12 days. I was worried how she will cope up after she comes back from the trip. But my husband who is a better parent told me, that the things she will learn while exploring Kerala, can’t be taught in the closed classroom. And he was absolutely right. Now if you ask where is Kerala in Indian map, she knows where to point out and she will also explain the whole Malabar coast to us. Thanks to HolidayIQ and go Kerala Tourism for this lovely experience. But as a possessive mom, I thought taking something creative for the trip so that I could spend quality time with her during travelling.

While deciding what to take her to teach better. I took Mapology India with capitals, which is kind of puzzle which a kid can see, and solve and understand all the states and union territory.

Mapology by Imagimake

Puzzle of Indian states for better imagination
Mapology – Indian states and capital

The child only studies if taught in a playful manner. If I ask my daughter to learn the map of India using the book, she won’t learn but if I teach her in a playful method she would not only learn the names of states but also the capitals of each state. This is what Imagimake did it with me. I got a gift from imagimake which was mapology puzzle consist of a foam map which is a child-friendly material for 5+ kids that will never affect the child skin. This foam has an India map and states are cut in a such a way that, each state is differently coloured and perfectly shaped. On top of each state, they have one cut which is given for flag of capitals of each state. A picture will make u more clear. This map is really big in size which is 32cm*37cm and has 24 pieces of the puzzle. As some of the smaller states are merged to make bigger so that kid can solve it easily. This map also has union territories and their capital and also the name of the water bodies. Solving the puzzle is the first activity of this box.

Foam based Indian map puzzle for better imagination
Indian map puzzle

The second activity of mapology is to take out the stickers from the paper which has a labelled capitals to stick on each flag. Once all flags are completed, you can teach your kids to put each flag on its state. So start from the state you stay like I taught angel by putting Mumbai at first place and then our natives and places which we went to holidays.

Flags and stickers of Indian map
Capitals and states

This is how kids remember fast and also understand the basic map of India. This map of India is so lightweight that you can carry easily when you are travelling. Since I had a lot of time in Kerala, we had spent solving this puzzle many times and the angel would reply with the name of state and capital. I’m so happy that my angel could learn the name of states and capital in so easy way, which I could not have Taught her by any means.

Indian map solution
Angel trying to solve puzzles by matching letters

Imagimake believes what all moms should believe, that Play should be an integral part of childhood and as a guardian or parents, we always strive to provide a fun and secure play environment for our children. Imagimake is committed to providing an innovative, delightful and safe play experience for our kids. All products are high standards with respect to quality and safety and content. They have been tested and certified by an accredited laboratory.

So all moms out there, make a tagline that imagination is the mind’s best friend and more imagination will bring more creativity. Remember one thing, Nothing better than creative play. So Play More, Play Safe.

To buy or know more about the product Log on to their website Imagimake  or connect the at  Facebook


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