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The wide spread of the coronavirus has forced many individuals into their first experiences working from home, which means you may need your productivity approach. Your day will have a reliable, overarching structure, and here are some recommendations to help you fine-tune it to your needs. Modifications may be made to accommodate factors such as when you wake up, when others expect you to be accessible when you are at your most productive, and whether or not you have children or other responsibilities that need you to care for other people.

8 Tasks you should try to accomplish while your little one is sleeping

7:30 AM

You may get the most out of your day by beginning with a refreshing shower, a cup of coffee, some meditation, some light stretching, and a quick check of your most important apps, such as Gmail, Slack, or whatever works best for you.

No matter how fast the routine is completed, it would help if you did not skip it. Don’t waste time on social media or CNN before accomplishing something useful. Reading the news and scrolling through Instagram may not be the greatest way to start the day.

8:15 AM

Immediately address any pressing issues, and keep your supervisor and coworkers updated. Taking care of this first thing in the morning will allow you to dive headfirst into your workday without worrying about forgetting anything or keeping other people waiting.

8:45 AM

Focus initially on the tasks crucial to your success and creatively satisfying. Take advantage of your fresh, awake mind by focusing on something more important than mindless routines first thing in the morning. Even if your whole day gets derailed by an emergency, if you spend the first three-quarters to an hour and a half of it making progress on a meaningful activity or project, you will feel content with your work.

10 AM

Let’s take a break and get some coffee or tea. You have worked diligently for almost two hours and earned some rest and relaxation. Try sending a quick text to a few friends or family members to check how they are doing. Separating oneself emotionally from a group of people is not the same as physically withdrawing from them.

12:30 PM

Lunch! Go away from your desk to savor the meal in a new setting. The last thing you want is to look up from your keyboard and see that your plate is empty without having had a chance to enjoy your tuna melt because you were too preoccupied with typing. Moreover, if the weather lets it, try to spend some time outside and get some exercise.

1:30 PM

You are not the kind of person who wastes precious early hours poring through emails and doing follow-up work. See how much you’ve completed this morning by focusing like a laser.

2:30 PM

If you have to have a virtual meeting, try to arrange it for the early afternoon. Whether you’re an extrovert who thrives on interaction with others or an introvert who prefers quiet reflection throughout the workday, today is likely to find you feeling great and rejuvenated after a day of meetings and small conversations. Seeing one another will be very beneficial for both groups.

5 PM

End today’s tasks and map out your strategy for tomorrow. Before turning in for the night, jot down the three tasks on your to-do list that you must do the following day. You may utilize this to keep your attention on what matters most (and help you know how to kick off the next day with your best brain).

6 PM

It would help if you prepared a cocktail, video chat with a few friends and family members, set up dinner, dug right in after a hard day at the office, and do anything else you would like. If you want to give some meaning to the end of each workday, plan pleasurable things to do in some of the evenings. You’ll need to take your mind off work for a while to do this.


You have a lot of say over how you spend your day. Having even a broad framework to work from, such as this one, will make working from home much more pleasant, help you get much more done, and make this social isolation much more acceptable. It’s not worth letting go of your helpful, consistent habits simply because things are tough now. It implies that you need to settle for a solution that will do in the short term.


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