Kid’s dental health- most important issue in early age of child

Kids dental health
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Tooth decay is one of the most common problems a child suffers in their growing years. Studies have reported that about 50% of the kids suffer from tooth decay and its complications between the ages of 3-9 years. Dental Park – kids dentistry is an exclusive pediatric dental clinic providing comprehensive dental care for general preventive needs for your children. Our goal is to help kids maintain their oral health and educate them on the importance of oral hygiene.  Kids dental health is always ignored by parents due to less awareness.

How Dr Kavita helped me! 

Dr Kavita Dani is a Pediatric and Preventive dentist having expertise in handling children for their dental problems. One of the most common reasons of decay in children is the modern diet and lack of preventive dental care. Dental Park – Kids dentistry aims at complete prevention of tooth decay in children by applying various preventive measures. One more reason is ignorance or lack of awareness of importance of milk teeth. She has been doing many workshop to make people aware of  kids dental health. 

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Some most common questions asked by parents to dentist

Q- Milk teeth are not important as they are going to “fall down anyway”.
A-Not all milk teeth will fall down at age of 6 or 7. Only the front teeth (incisors) will fall at this age. Molars or the behind teeth which are most commonly used for chewing will fall at around 10 years of age.

Q- Baby teeth can’t get cavities or treatment is not necessary.

If you have a tooth, it can get cavities. If left untreated, a cavity in a baby tooth may cause the tooth to become infected or abscessed, which can cause pain and swelling,” In addition, the permanent tooth is forming right at the ends of the root of the baby tooth, so any infection in the baby tooth can damage the permanent tooth. In fact, it is found that children who had cavities in their baby teeth were three times more likely to develop cavities in their adult teeth.  kids dental health is completely ignored in such cases. 

Q- Is brushing milk teeth necessary?
A – yes and absolutely. Brushing twice daily is necessary

Q- Will brushing reverse the decay?
No. dental decay is irreversible and tooth is the only organ which cannot heal itself. Only a professional can help your child.

Q- Why visit a pediatric dentist and not a general dentist for my child’s teeth problems.
A pediatric dentist has a specialized degree in treating dental problems related to children. Along with that a pediatric dentist can also foresee and prevent future dental problems such as crooked teeth.  kids dental health is best understood by pediatric dentist only.

Q- At what age should my child visit a pediatric dentist?
A. Ideally a child should visit a pediatric dentist at 1 year of age.

Q- Is the treatment expensive?
No. dental treatment is not expensive but dental neglect is. So it is recommended to visit a pediatric dentist once in every 6 months even if there is no problem.

Q- Will the treatment be painless?
Yes. Your child will be treated with utmost care and the treatment will be painless. We use all advanced technology to minimize the time use and finish the treatment as quick as possible.

Why I choose dental park?

Dental Park is a highly equipped pediatric dental clinic with all modern amenities. It is child friendly and every child is treated according to his personal need. All types of dental treatments like diagnosis, cleaning,x-rays, fillings, root canals, crowns, pit and fissure sealants, space maintainers etc are done under one roof. Sedation techniques are also available at thier centre.

Dental Park has recently introduced providing dental services at the luxury and comfort of your home with all the amenities that are present in a dental clinic. Their team visits you with a portable dental chair and dental unit that is equipped for all types of dental procedures. Home dental services are introduced as some children are fearful of the clinic /hospital atmosphere.  After I understood kids dental health I realised that, I was ignoring these facts.

They have been consistently providing dental check up and fluoride treatments at school levels for all the children. Other services available at Dental Park are braces, preservation of stem cells and diet counseling.

Diet counseling does not include simply eliminating sweets and chocolate. It is customized according to every child with the help of a high end software which is used to determine the future risks of decay as well.
They  believe in “prevention is better than cure”.
Keep smiling.

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  1. Ritu Kalra Reply

    Dental health needs to be taken care off right from the age kids get their first teeth and any issue needs to be addressed by consulting the doctor..

  2. Thanks for sharing the information! Yes dental healthcare is important even for kids, i always take care of my siblings!

  3. Very informative & helpful post. Indeed, kids dental health is best understood by pediatric dentist only.

  4. Dental health s most avoided and we rush to Dentists in severe pain. This post is a reminder for me to fix my dental appointment.


  5. I was not aware of the importance of dental health even during milk tooth. Would definitely check with a paediatric dentist for my daughter.

  6. Very informative post about dental care, Even I don’t aware of one of them. Eating chocolates is a habit in toddlers and brushing not properly can cause harm.

  7. Dental health and hygiene is important at every age. I make sure my kids brush twice a day and avoid giving them too many sweets and chocolates.

  8. My child refrains from sweet dishes and chocolates and we do brush twice. Hopefully, we could manage the milk teeth without any problem till the end.

  9. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Dental care is something mostly people over look and not care for. Your this article is so informative and useful for all

  10. Dental health and hygiene is equally important to us like our overall hygiene. This is such a detailed and helpful post. Thank you for sharing the details, sharing it right across

  11. Jhilmil D Saha Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing these relevant information about kids dental health, it will help me a lot

  12. Dental and oral care is very important at any age. You have shared some great information on kids dental health.

  13. Dental health is extremely important to maintain teeth and prevent decay. It is never too early to start brushing a bubs teeth.

  14. Oral hygiene is really important for kids, I try taking care of my daughter by Making her brush teeth twice a day

  15. This is quite an important topic and you have explained it well. Maintaining good dental hygiene in kids is so very important. ANd its always good to know the facts

  16. No chocolates or sugary snacks is the way which works for us. When we have sweet we always brush afterwords

  17. This is really informative Sneha.. You have answered so many questions which usually poke my mind.. My son is not fond of brushing his teeth and I always struggle to make him brush properly.

  18. Papri Ganguly Reply

    tooth decay is really common issue for kids and babies. Proper dental care is important for maintaining the oral hygiene and health

  19. This is a very helpful post. I have seen parents casually talk about cavities in milk teeth. This post busts the myth that milk teeth cavities can be ignored.

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