Learn the meaning behind Food Bias

Before sharing my experience, I would like to clear the term, ‘Food Biases’ for my readers. Food Biases are saying ‘no’ to certain food items without any concrete reason. Furthermore, neglecting or accepting certain food groups without any proper argument or reason behind it is a food bias.

Food Biases

Well, from the past couple of decades, I have been doing it. As a matter of fact, you might be doing it knowingly or unknowingly. For example, I went to the supermarket with my husband to buy regular household items and other snacks to munch. So, I was scrolling my eyes through the shelves of biscuits, cakes, wafers and more. But, my eyes just stopped on a packet of biscuits because the outer packing claims to be ‘high in fibre’. And, without thinking twice, I just purchased the packet. 

Likewise, little kids tend to avoid a new food item without any reason for it. They might not like the taste or maybe the visual appearance of it. But, it can be difficult to make them understand the benefits of that particular food item. 

How You Can Steer Clear of Food Biases?

My daughter has never been a picky eater but I can understand the pain of the parents when their child neglects certain food groups. Because getting all the nutrition from a single set of food seems impossible.

Here are some of the ways which have helped me to steer clear from the Food Biases:
  • Get creative with your food presentation skills

Sometimes, kids tend to eat those food sets which are visually appealing. Making a plain sandwich might not work but adding big eyes with cucumber and tomato slices make it irresistible. 

  • Tell them the importance of nutrients and vitamins for the growth of their body 

Explaining to them why certain food groups are actually good for their mental and physical growth helps them to understand why they should be eating it. Like telling them that eating something will make them strong and tall like a tree may help them visualize what strong and tall means.

  • Don’t be impatient

Never force or stuff your child with certain food which they don’t like, especially if they are trying it for the first time. Offer the food item to them again after a few days, maybe in a different form. Also, there are higher chances that your child will try out the new food item under a positive social environment – like a friend’s tiffin in school. So, give them their own little time to experience it.

My Daughter’s Result with PediaSure


While trying to help my daughter Angel steer clear of food biases, I was also searching for a nutritional drink which can also act as a health supplement for her physical and mental wellness. 

Then my Pediatrician recommended PediaSure to me. She explained that it has growth nutrients that support height, weight gain, immunity and brain development for your child. 

I tried and tested the product and I have seen visible growth within a span of 90 days. 

After trying it out for a longer duration, I am able to see the visible results, not just physically but mentally as well. She is more active than before and makes an extra effort to stand out from the crowd. 

The Grow Right Charter by PediaSure has totally helped me to track Angel’s overall performance. The proper nutritional intake has never been neglected on a structured mealtime schedule. 

I was delighted to discover about PediaSure. Due to the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables, I might not be able to give her complete nutrients but with PediaSure, it has fulfilled the nutrient requirement for complete growth of my child. 

Do try the above methods to avoid encouraging food biases in your child and tell me what your experience was!

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  1. Anita Singh Reply

    Pediasure bahut effective hai, grandson bhi khane me bahut pareshan karta tha, weak bhi tha to humne uske liye use kiya tha, bahut jaldi results mila 😊

  2. Wow I didn’t even know it was a thing. I would just ask why and people couldn’t answer why they avoided a food, unless they were like vegetarians or something.

  3. Actually followed the concept “Food bias” from your post very well. And so happy to learn that Angel is progressing so beautifully with Pediasure.

  4. Agree that right nutrition is much needed in growing years. Pediasure is serving it’s purpose to the core

  5. I agree right nutrition is important for kid and I also try making the same veggie and fruit in a better way by trying different recipes

  6. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    An interesting post. I agree with your approach and the points that you have raised here.

  7. Pediasure is a saviour for me because my daughter is a fussy eater and I always worry about her proper nutrition. Thankfully Pediasure solve the purpose.

  8. Right amount of nutrition with child favorite dish gets quite tricky at end of the day. Thanks to Pediasure we mothers can relax a bit.

  9. Now this definitely is the biggest challenge a mom faces. It is important to make our children eat every form of food, without being picky.

  10. Pediasure is one of the best health drinks and I have been giving it to my son since he turned two years old. It is a complete nutrition supplement along with a healthy balanced diet

  11. Yes, with some changes in presentation style, kids shown interest I eating certain dishes. Along with that, they definitely need all th nutrients.

  12. Good that Pediasure worked well for you.
    For me what works is that when a child is involved in the process of food making he/she knows the food and enjoys it. Still would keep the pointers in mind.

  13. I had used pediasure for my both girls and seen great results with this brand. in fact, pediatrician also recommended this for kids to fulfill the nutritional requirements of kids.

  14. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Pediasure is one which I am trusting from years for both my kids!! Nothing can beat their nutrients values!!

  15. Its a real challenge to make children eat every food. But we as parents should cross hurdles and raise them in such a way that they dont become picky eaters.

  16. Rejected any food due to biases isn’t a good idea since everything has different nutritive value. Pediasure is a great option for moms as it gives overall nutrition.

  17. Rejecting any food due to biases isn’t a good idea since everything has different nutritive value. Pediasure is a great option for moms as it gives overall nutrition.

  18. Rashmi Singh Reply

    Agree with you right nutrition is very important for kids and pediasure is a great option for this and our favorite too.

  19. It is really tough to make fussy food eaters eat everything specially vegetables and fruits. Good information shared by you.

  20. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Pediasure is one of the most trusted brand and I am happy that my both kids are Pediasure kids and this is helping them to grow right!!

  21. Indeed PediaSure has fulfilled the nutrient requirement for complete growth in child. Thanks for sharing your experience

  22. I give only Pediasure to my kids. My daughter likes the taste of pediasure. Now my son also likes to drink milk. I will also want to try those biscuits too.

  23. So many of my friends use pediasure for their kids. But those kids are quite fussy eaters.

  24. As one of the most trusted brands, Pediasure, I am happy that my kiddo is getting all the nutrients to grow right!! Glad to come across this article

  25. Yes Pediasure has been a consistent at our place too. My son loves drinking it and I’m happy due to the growth aspects.

  26. Pediasure surely keeps the diet balanced and also fills in the gap of nutrition level. My friend uses it and have very good results.

  27. Good nutrition is so important in the early stages of life – it makes your health.

  28. Pediasure is a great option for moms who want their kids to get all the necessary nutrition. A happy way to add milk to their routine.

  29. Very well said, we can work around the food biases by getting little creative and somewhat persuasive. Pediasure is a great nutritional brand when it comes to kids health.

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