Vaccine for Coronavirus

The COVID pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. The world is facing severe conditions due to the rise in the cases of COVID which is now being termed as the second wave. The lockdown situations are also getting extended with new guidelines and restrictions. Amidst this, the launch of more COVID vaccines in the country such as Sputnik V brings hope.

Vaccines are a great way to stop the spreading of the disease. WHO says that at least 60-70% of the world’s population needs to be vaccinated before the chain of transmission can be broken. So in case you’re on the fence of should you or should not get vaccinated, let me tell you now – vaccination is essential!

If you’re worried about safety, it’s better to #KnowYourVaccine than to allow rumours and misinformation to affect your decision making.

Vaccine for coronavirus – is it safe or not?

  1. Careful testing

There is a lot of research and quality control that goes into the development and manufacturing of vaccines. No vaccine is introduced in the country without the regulatory bodies clearing it for safety and efficacy. So you can be assured that vaccines like Covishield, Covaxin and recently Sputnik V are safe. And they help you from developing severe side effects in case you contract the virus.

  1. Side effects are normal

Vaccines are developed to teach your body how to fight a disease. It is therefore common to experience mild to moderate side effects. This happens because your immune system is learning how to fight. Low-grade fever and body ache are normal. But I also know of people who have got the vaccine with no side effects. That does not mean that the vaccine was ineffective. Everybody reacts differently.

  1. Vaccine efficacy

Vaccine efficacy is a percentage reduction in a disease that received the vaccine under a clinical trial. So if the vaccine’s efficacy is 91.6% as in the case of Sputnik V, it means that more than 90% reduction is seen in new cases of the virus.

Sputnik V

  1. Know Your Vaccine

With the amount of fake news spreading from WhatsApp university, it’s essential you gather the data from credible sources like WHO, govt bodies, etc. before deciding what vaccine to put. Even then, make sure you also consult your doctor and are prepared to deal with the side effects, if any.

A good way to know how you can trust a vaccine is by checking its performance, what kind of side effects it has and its high efficacy. Sputnik V, for example, is based on a proven human adenoviral vector platform with a long-term safety profile and no serious side effects. The quality and safety of Sputnik V are, among other things, assured by the fact that, unlike other vaccines, it uses a 4-stage purification technology that includes two stages of chromatography and two stages of tangential flow filtration. This purification technology helps to obtain a highly purified product that goes through mandatory control including the analysis of free DNA presence. In addition, the volume of nucleic acid is several dozen times lower in adenoviral vectors compared to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (1 to 2 mcg vs 50 to 100 mcg, correspondingly).

I know we’re all going through a déjà vu with the pandemic, what with talks of lockdowns and surging cases and vaccine stock getting over. It’s a difficult time for all of us but I know that we can fight this, together. So, keep your family close, don’t forget to wear your masks when you step out and maintain physical distance. Remember vaccines are your friends.

Take care of everyone and makes fitness your habit.

All You Need to Know about Vaccine for Coronavirus – is it safe or not?
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All You Need to Know about Vaccine for Coronavirus – is it safe or not?
A vaccine is a great way to stop the spreading of Covid-19 disease. Vaccine for Coronavirus has 91.6% of efficiancy in the case of Sputnik V.
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  1. Suchita Agarwal Reply

    You’re so right. Vaccines indeed are our friends. Have read a lot about Sputnik V. Hope it’ll be available soon.

  2. Have read up on most of the possible vaccines that can come to India soon. Of the lot, for me Sputnik V so far has the edge… High efficacy, trusted technology and a better safety profile

  3. This was reassuring. Am glad we have credible sources to read up on before getting vaccinated.

  4. I am truly impressed by the Sputnik V vaccine. Surely it will deliver as it promises. Your article has made me #KnowYourVaccine better.

  5. Side-effects had been my concern too since I have COPD. Extensive reading including this post has helped me come to terms with my fears and can’t wait to get vaccinated now!

  6. Rumours will always be there about anything but it’s important to know your vaccine and research its efficacy. It’s important to get vaccinated in all cases to fight back this disease.

  7. The condition right now is very critical, we all should understand the situation and we should opt for right vaccine ,is right choice.

  8. The pandemic is taking a toll on us and only vaccination can save mankind. Knowing about the vaccines is a wise step.

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