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Mumbai and summer seem to be synonyms to me now. Every Mumbaikar would relate with me when I say summers are like bread toasts on pan. It’s mid-May and we are struggling to beat the heat. Being a microbiologist, I know that summers are best temperature for microorganisms to grow fast and hence we tend to fall sick more. I am going through the same phase right now, because eating outside made me sick but as an adult, we can handle the situation. But what about our kids? Are they ready for summer? Have you made plans on how to make summer friendly for children? Are you making  amazing summer drink for kids.
I am sure you must have made all possible arrangements to make this summer cooler but with so many activities to distract them, food is never their priority. And since they aren’t receiving enough nutrition, they become more prone to diseases.

pediasure cookies and cream
Lara and mahesh bhupathi unveiling pediasure

Make your kids summer ready with Pediasure cookies and cream flavor- An amazing summer drink for kids

Recently I came across Pediasure which has launched a new cookies and cream flavored powder for kids. My daughter doesn’t like drinking plain milk and hence I always make sure that I add something which is healthy and tasty to drink. Pediasure comes as a saviour to me as it contains 37 nutrients which help support height & gain weight, and boosts immunity & brain development. The newly launched flavor is the best since kids love cream cookies so much!

The event was an eye-opener as the esteemed panel comprising doctors, nutritionist and celebrity couple Lara and Mahesh Bhupathi, discussed how summer growth if one of the most important time in a kids life. It is their #TimeToGrow.

Insights from Event

Us mommies also got to taste the new flavor made by chef kichaa aka Nihal, and it was such a treat for us adults I cannot wait to see how my kid will react to it! As a mother, I am super happy as I have now made my kid summer ready. Now I can send my angel for all summer camps with a bottle of Pediasure. I suggested to my friends to make kids summer ready by boosting their immunity, growth and development with such health drinks. Pediasure is a complete nutrition cup for your kid. Pediasure Cookies and Cream is truly an amazing summer drink for kids.Being a mother I know kids get bored of same flavor too so make sure you give Pediasure cookies and cream in different ways. Take it as a parenting hack from me and I know you and they will love it. For instance, you can make banana smoothie with Pediasure Cookies and Cream which is an amazing summer drink for kids one day.

Ingredients  for Banana and Pediasure shake

Banana mashed 1 piece🍌

Condensed milk 2 tbps

1tbsp PediaSure cookies and cream flavor powder.

1 glass milk

Honey 🍯



Take a jar, put all ingredients and churn it to give a nice smoothie texture and serve to your kids.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure


2)You can also try making a moose with whipped cream using PediaSure cookies and cream to make another amazing summer drink for kids.

Ingredients for pediasure moose

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar

2 tbsp of Pediasure’s Cookies and Cream flavor

One cup of plain vanilla icecream

Method :

Take double ice bowl 🍚 and stir all the ingredients to give a fluffy mixture and serve it small shot glasses and serve with lot of fruits.

amazing summer drink for kids
image source :pediasure

Or You may also like to make a spread and give it to your kids with oats bread, or make healthy ice candy of same banana shake.

If your kid is a fussy eater, these hacks can ensure your kid is getting proper nourishment.
I hope my tips and tricks will help to keep your kid summer ready and you can make many recipes using  Pediasure Cookies and Cream to make  amazing summer drink for kids.


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  1. These are some super classic pediasure healthy recipes for kods during summers.
    I am definitely going to try few. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Recipes are not only kids fav here but mine too…will try for sure!!

  3. This one is best. I give my son pediasure daily. The new flavor that they have launched is really good.

  4. The event was indeed quite insightful. And we got to know some amazing facts about kids nutrition. Am surely going to try a summer drink using Pediasure very soon.

  5. Loved the variety you shared to beat the heat this summer. And especially with the new flavoured pediasure I am sure my little one is gonna love it.

  6. It’s great to hear about pediasure cookies. Would surely try for my son. This way we can assure our kids eats healthy even while binge eating.

  7. Wow these are some really good receipes I need to save for my girl

  8. Wow, now these are some really great options to ensure kids have deliciousness along with healthy things. Pediasure is a great choice.

  9. adorable we Reply

    Wow that must be an awesome event… and just liking that moose…

  10. Shubhada Bhide Reply

    PediaSure is the perfect mil supplement for kids. I love the recipe you’ve made. I will definitely give this a try.

  11. I am using Pedia Sure for my kid and totally like it. It doesn’t have loads of sugar in it and is very healthy

  12. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Pediasure is a very well known brand . They have a good range of products designef specially for growing kids.

  13. Minakshi Bajpai Reply

    These recipes look delicious and healthy. I think kids will love such yummy recipes in summer.

  14. I’m sure my daughter will love all the recipes you have share will try them soon . Thanks for sharing.

  15. Amazing recipes, I am giving pediasure to my daughter and she really loves it, now it’s the time for yummy healthy recipes.

  16. The mousse looks too good to be true. We got hold of our box of cookies and cream and cant wait to experiment later today. Thanks momma!

  17. Awesome the recipes looks. Definitely going to treat my son with these recipes. Thanks

  18. Sonali Sonawane Reply

    recipes looks delicious, I’ll definitely try for my baby. Pediasure is one of my baby’s favourite health drink these days.

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