Feel the bliss of the peregrine vacation in the contentment of your own city with Raheja Exotica: The Ocean City

What if your house just looks like a fascinating palace that we just get a hit to experience at the vacation period? Well, you might be pondering that it doesn’t exist or it is too far out of the way from the word facts of existence. But, Raheja Exotica will support you to turn it into a tangible reality for you. As a child, I always yearned for a dream home in Mumbai, just like a castle with my Prince Charming. But when I grew up, I apprehended that it was merely a mirage. From the past, a couple of years, My husband and I are planning to move to a modish flat, which is roomy enough which bestows the best comfort in the city. We have accumulated quite a generous amount of money from the last few years. While mapping to look for a home, my husband decided to visit, Raheja Exotica which is mounted on the Madh Island, just off the coast of Versova. It resides at the outskirts of Mumbai which gives a break from the holy mess of the city. During my visit, I was so thrilled to finally visit my dream house.

We arrived within a few hours of drive from Mumbai at Raheja Exotica which is known as the Ocean City, the residential project is parted by the mundane chaos of the city. It has every bit of richness that you have been seeking in your dream home. When we overlooked the property, it was no less than a dream come true moment. Trust me, I am not even exaggerating. It was just like a castle, that every little girl aspires to settle down in her eternity. I have visited different properties as well, but Raheja Exotica has taken my heart at first sight. It was absolutely synonymous to the dream home in Mumbai. It is the newly built project by the Raheja Builders in the city that spreads around 32 acres with the 36 storey building which is sufficient to touch the sky. The residential estate is curated with comprehensive luxury and tremendous interiors that will surely take your breath away. This is a complete wellness center .

From a sea view point from the windows to the spacious and sumptuous interiors, each residence at the Raheja Exotica is not less than an impeccably styled home that offers the pleasure of island. They are offering plenty of luxurious apartments within a budget of 1.7 crores to 4.5 crores for 2, 3 and 4 BHK and bequeaths the surreal views of the metropolitan city, Mumbai.dream home in Mumbai

Add value to your life by experiencing varied amenities at Raheja Exotica

The residential flat at the Raheja Exotica is a high-class holiday home. Be it, diving into the pool or spending some characteristic time with your friends and family, it has everything. It gives the supreme satisfaction of the vacation at your urban place.

Furthermore, Sorento is the twin tower of the Raheja Exotica Township which bestows the serene beauty of the infinitely spread of the Arabian Sea from the windows of your residence. The craftsmanship of the building leaves you awestruck with the utmost elegance and privileged lifestyle by the Ocean City.

dream home in Mumbai

Moreover, talking about the amenities, I was overwhelmed by the array of facilities proposed by this exotic property. The tranquil beauty of the property is ready to make you fall in love with it. And you will just covet to spend your entire life within the walls of the apartment. Here is the list of some of the facilities that are bestowed to the individual.

  • A tremendous capacious Amphitheatre
  • An Operational Club House for your Recreational Activities
  • Well Equipped and Organised Business Centre
  • Rejuvenate your senses with a therapeutic spa
  • Well designed Multipurpose Banquet Hall
  • Utterly Pristine Swimming Pool
  • A Multipurpose Convenience Store
  • Games Room and Cafes
  • 24*7 hours Concierge services
  • Caters your Housekeeping and Laundry needs.

Well, if I keep on appending every aspect of facilities then it would be a never ending list. The premium facilities and great luxury for your dream house in Mumbai will tick off all your essentials. It is the classic amalgam of the European chic and modern sophistication.

An elite and well-crafted life is waiting for you at Ocean City. Are you ready to unfold the array of vacation feels, at your own comfort zone? Then you need to check out Raheja Exotica, one of the premium residential properties in Mumbai.

Watch the complete walkthrough of the property .




Top 5 Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

What could be more refreshing than travelling and eating, I am a mom traveler and I love to eat all the dishes around the world. There are many countries where you can go and eat the vegetarian food because the vegetarian food over there is absolutely tasty. Morocco the ravishing land of sun and rain is the land where the vegetarian dishes are even more delicious than you can even think. There is a huge variety of vegetarian foods  in Morocco and dishes which are not only tasty but also very nutritious. If you are planning Morocco Family Holidays then you need to try these top five vegetarian dishes which are absolutely amazing !


Vegetarian Foods in MoroccoPastilla

One of the tastiest Moroccan dishes is the pastille, as the name predicts, this is the most interesting dish I have tasted till now. This dish is the Moroccan answer of individual savoury pie. This is used as the appetizer but trust me this dish could be eaten as your once course meal and you won’t regret your decision. These are savoury vegetables which are puffed in the pie combines with the different types of Moroccan spices.

Vegetable tajineVegetarian Foods in Morocco

It does not matter which type of food you are going to eat in Morocco and whether you are a vegetarian or not. This vegetable tajine is this dish which is used to complement all the dishes you will eat in Morocco. Your Morocco family holiday will include eating this with almost all the dishes in a different restaurant. This food is the made by using the saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric and for the topping, they use dried fruits or nuts to create the effect of crunch and sweetness. And the most interesting fact is that it is made in the tajine clay pot. Tajine is the most healthy Vegetarian Foods in Morocco.

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Berkoukech soup is the most common Vegetarian Food in Morocco


Vegetarian Foods in Morocco

If you have been to Morocco then you might have tasted the best Berber soup there, this Berber soup is made by adding the assortment of vegetables fresh chickpeas,  pearl couscous,  fresh coriander in a tomatoey broth and the spices. This soup is the traditional dish of nomadic Berber people of Morocco. What can one ask on the cold nights but the bowl full of Berkoukech soup?


BriouatsVegetarian Foods in Morocco

These are the triangular pastries which are made with the stuffing of sweet or savoury vegetables and these fried pastries are the most delicious course of the meal for all the vegetarians. This dish is flavoured with the Moroccan spices and amazingly serves. After eating one you will crave more trust me!


Moroccan salad

For all the diet conscious people this salad is your way to maintain the diet and satisfy your taste buds while you are travelling. This salad is made by the fresh vegetables including red onion, coriander green capsicum, red tomatoes, olives chopped with cumin and vinegar a mixture of olive oil. You can expect to find this salad on an Italian menu as these all vegetables are the flavoured by the Moroccan spices. This salad is the production of  Morocco’s clash of North African and European cultures.

Next time you go for your Morocco holidays be sure that you have tried all these dishes and than you can suggest these vegetarian foods to others as well!

10 useful tips to traveling with kids stress-free!

Travelling with Kid

Traveling is supremely fun and a leisure activity. It is one of the favourite things for most of the people. So many people love to travel, plan their international travel, road trips etc. and dream about it all through their lives. But when it comes to traveling with kids, things can turn a bit stressful. You have to take care a lot of things when it comes to children. Managing kids is as it is very difficult and now when talking about traveling with kids, parents have to be extra careful and wise about their choices. They can no longer go with the flow and do last minute changes as children may or may not be able to adjust to the circumstances rapidly. Travelling with kids can be extremely fun if we plan wisely.

All the mothers have to be ready for everything and ensure all the essentials are in place. If you have travelled with kids before, you surely know what I am talking about! It surely isn’t as easy as it seems but definitely not impossible! Being a travel blogger and a mother, I take my daughter along on most of my trips and thus I have learned a lot of things on the go! So, here are 10 useful tips to traveling with kids stress-free!

Plan ahead:

I need not emphasize this much! All parents are habitual to planning. Our world will fall upside down if we don’t! So, traveling with children can be a little tricky so ensure you have your itinerary ready. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the journey. Bookings also need to be made well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Make your checklist:

Make a checklist of all the things you are going to carry on the trip. All the baby items must be carefully thought about. Extra clothes, baby care, toiletries etc. must also be on your list. A list will help you to stay calm and not forget any important item behind. Recharge all the devices, ensure you have cell phones pre-paid balance updated among other things.

Do your Home-Work:

Doing your home-work is of utmost importance. This is what you have been teaching your kids right? So, might as well you follow the same! Research about the place you are about to visit in order to carry appropriate clothes, shoes and medicines. If any of your friends or relatives have travelled the place before, ask them about the place as first-hand information is very useful and give you more insights than a vague internet search.

Pack Smartly:

Do not over pack or under pack, pack what is required. Ensure your luggage is manageable as carrying luggage along with kids can be a havoc.

Food is BAE:

When you are traveling with kids, you must carry food with you at all times. There are kid friendly recipes that I carry every time with me for my daughter. Children can feel hungry during the journey and hence you must carry light food and water. Avoid too much sweets and oily food that may create health-issues during the travel.

Keep First-Aid & Medicines Handy:

Needless to say, traveling with children means you must carry the necessary medicines and first aid box with you. Kids play around all the time and are notorious sometimes. You cannot take a chance of not carrying first aid during the travel.

Pre-plan games and entertainment:

Children get bored easily and may be troublesome during long flights or long bus journeys. Parents can pre plan games, family pass-times to avoid tantrums by your little monsters. You may also carry colouring books, story books or small toys to keep them busy.

Prepare your kids:

Children of all ages are super smart and can be understanding if you talk to them lovingly. The innocent souls grasp things swiftly. So as soon as your trip is finalised, start telling your children all about the travel, the route, the journey and how fun the new place will be. This way they will be expecting the change and adapt to it without getting a sudden shock. Make sure you make them well equipped with instructions like “not talking to strangers”, “not eating food given by random people”, “staying with you all the time” etc. This things truly help!

Choose kid friendly transport and hotels:

When doing your research, always check if the place or the hotel you are choosing is kid friendly. kid friendly places are always best for families and have all the necessary facilities. Your travel will be a happy one if your child is happy. So, do not miss out on this part!

Be an early bird:

When it comes to traveling with kids, it is important that you be the early bird. Reach the airport or bus station before time. Reach your check in spot before time and have a stress-free journey always!

These are some of the valuable tips that parents must know, understand and implement when it comes to traveling with kids. Another important thing is, do not worry and be panicky. Traveling is supposed to be fun and liberating so, let it be that! If you take care of all the mentioned things and have a strong faith that things will be alright, your trip will surely be a memorable one! So, plan wise and have a happy very journey!

Fazlani Natures Nest – A relaxing holiday & retreat resort near Mumbai!

Fazlani Nature Nest
Fazlani Nature’s Nest- reception

About the resort:

One of the finest nature-oriented resorts near Mumbai, Fazlani Natures Nest, offers everything that a city dweller needs to rewind and relax. Nestled at an amazing locale near Mumbai and Pune, the picturesque land is much more than a resort, it is a complete rejuvenation center for all those who wish to have a peaceful time amidst nature. For anyone looking for a relaxing stay, Fazlani Natures Nest located near Mumbai is the best option. They have many rejuvenation therapies, spas, organic food facilities and several other holistic amenities for a wholesome experience. It is a happy, relaxing retreat for the complete family. The best part is that it is no alcohol and no smoking zone. The gorgeous land also has a breath-taking Takwe lake view that offers the visitors a one of a kind stays.

My Experience:

I visited the resort for the first time and was taken aback by the spectacular property and picturesque location. It is such a pleasant view everywhere you see! The staff is supremely polite, and the hospitality is just so rewarding. We received a warm welcome at the resort and the entire experience has been perfect. Simply the way I would have wanted to rewind and relax! The fun part was bicycling the well-mapped lanes to see the full property. We also witnessed their well-kept stable in which there were several horses. Horse-riding facility is also available if one wishes to enjoy a ride. Another major attraction was the food which was so healthy and high in nutrition value. Made from fresh vegetables and fruits directly plucked from their own property farms. They practise the ‘Farm to Fork’ concept! All the vegetation is grown using organic farming which is again a huge plus! Here in the cities, we tend to eat a lot of junk and chemical foodstuff due to which there is a tendency to fall ill. Since this is a holistic health retreat, everything is taken care of appropriately. Fazlani Nature Nest


Much-Needed Relaxing Holiday Experience:

If you are looking for a holiday spot or resorts near Mumbai, Fazlani Natures Nest can be an ideal choice. Along with relaxing stays and spas, they also have many fun activities. There is something for everyone here and hence it is known as a complete family retreat. The lush greenery and breath-taking views leave one awestruck!
In most of the wellness resorts kids are not allowed but at FNN, kids are given special treatments and are allowed to experience some of the spa’s or therapies.

Fazlani Nature Nest
complete view


Detox and Wellness:

The food that is made available is a detoxifying diet. You can consult the doctors available and choose your meals accordingly. The treatments and food recommendations can also be made according to the Ayurveda and Naturopathy specialists for an overall healthy experience. And, this isn’t compulsory but a choice! That means one can opt for regular organic food also. Just to mention, everything that is served is supremely fresh, healthy and also very delicious!

Therapies and Spa:

Amarine Spa is the highlight of the resort. There is a Gymnasium, 3 Outdoor swimming pools and luxurious Hydrotherapy facilities available. Another highlight of this spa is that it features more than 80 body and beauty experiences integrating traditional and modern wellness practices with the expertise of their well-qualified resident doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physicians and fitness guides. The world-class facilities offer a worthwhile experience. It is truly a rejuvenation for the body and the mind.

Equine Therapy:

This is one of the most interesting things that I experienced and loved at the resort. Equine Therapy is also known as horse therapy. This was my first time at something like this and thus was awe-struck! It involves watching the horses running rhythmically for long durations for improved heart health, feeding them, therapeutic horseback riding etc. The benefits of equine therapy are immense some of them include improved mental health, relief from anxiety and stress, it is also used for patients with autism. It is the only resort which offer equine therapy.

Rose Farming:

We were also given a fun and informational tour to their rose gardens! The beautiful and spectacular roses are grown with the utmost care for transportation. The Fazlani Group is known for the finest rose gardens in the country today. The floriculture business is a full-fledged one with exports in over 35 countries! It is a delight to see the gorgeous blooms in different colours and shapes. A very heartening experience for any nature lover!

The Village:

There is a special village set up in a complete traditional style amidst the resort property. It is based on the local Maharashtrian Warli art setting with cute huts with functional solar, hydro and mud treatment rooms. There are activities like Pottery and open-air stargazing among other fun experiences. A completely different feel from the hectic city life.

village look

The Wellness Park, Lake, and Swimming Pool

There is no greater joy than walking on the well-manicured gardens at Fazlani Natures Nest. Feel the blissful cool soil and green grass under your feet as you walk around and when you find your spot of peaceful Nirvana by the waters, simply park yourself on the viewing decks at one of the shamianas. Fazlani Nature’s Nest- where nature comes home.

Lake & Garden Views

Organic Agro Vegetable Farm

Restaurant at Fazlani Natures Nest only use Fresh farm vegetables grown right in front of restaurant. They grow Indian vegetables, Indian fruits, exotic vegetables and also fodder for all animals. The feeling of eating daily organic and fresh vegetables just mesmerized me being a Mumbaikar as we get only chemical treated vegetables.

Fazlani Nature NestOverall it was truly a worthwhile time at the Fazlani Natures Nest. The resorts and their facilities stay true to their name and fulfil all their promises. My expectations from the relaxing retreat were duly fulfilled and I am looking forward to availing their services again soon with my entire family!

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A mom asked another Mom “have you seen the Seven Wonders of the World”? The Other mum replied, I have seen many wonders of the world. The first mother was bit exclaimed and asked “what? But there are only 7 wonders of the world”. Second mom said “Yes my dear friend I see many wonders in my child eyes every day. Even sharpening a pencil look so wonderful, in her eyes. A fast moving local train, an airplane in the sky, an Old Bridge near sea looks like a wonder in her eyes.
Hey Friend, let me explain you…one day my daughter took me on a blind date with the world. With the surprise face and murmuring inside at that moment she said that I had gone insane. I said “no no it actually happened. My daughter once took me to her Dream place which is 1000 times better than this world. On Sunday morning when I went to awaken my daughter, she was smiling with a beautiful blush in her eyes. “Why are you so happy today”? You were smiling in your dreams. Mamma, I had gone on a blind date with someone” she replied. I said blind date with someone? I was shocked! then she said “mom a blind date with the whole world and guess what I was happy flying around the world! As a mother I wanted to listen to her dream world. She started with so many things which were not real but so beautiful. Her magical yet #TheBlindList made me #SayYesToTheWorld and I sat quietly to listen to her.

She started “I was sitting here when on the window I saw a person like Aladdin came on his magical carpet and asked me if I want to go around the world on his magical carpet. I said yes why not? I sat on a Carpet for a blind date with the world to see different places with different perspectives.

Aladdin started his magical carpet towards the sky. I reached a place which was completely surrounded by clouds, a cute Rainbow came in front of me along with the beautiful chair and I was made to sit. I was magically dressed like a Queen where the sun rays were giving me a proper natural like to click a selfie. We played with lot of cloud balls, rainbow ribbons and balloons. Fairies came and danced to the best music of the world.

Then Aladdin holds my hand and took me back to carpet. I asked him, are we heading towards any other place. He told me ‘yes dear I am going to take you another place.” The peak mountain which was surrounded by white clouds and oozing out a black orangish fluid like Lava and fire. Aladdin introduced me to this place called Mt Fiji of Japan. He said just have a look how beautiful fire comes out from a mountain even though it is such a cooler place. I had always dreamt of going to such beautiful place which is cooler and looks magnificent from bird’s eye view. This is the biggest mountain I have ever seen Aladdin.

Mount fuji
Mount fuji :Google source

I wanted to slide in the snow mountain but the carpet took me to another place.

Aladdin swiped the carpet to biggest waterfall of Croatia (krka). The beauty of the waterfall can’t be expressed in words. Surrounded by green and yellow plantation, blue water comes in a step manner. As if each step is reducing the pressure of the flow. The water was so clear that every coral reef was visible till sky. The amazing pattern of corals and varieties of fishes made me live there forever. But since I had to see many places more we just passed through the waterfall and got amazing water shower which bought my happy senses stimulated to its peak.

Croatia :krka Image source Tripadvisor

Then we headed towards Amazon forest where I could see only green colour and big leaves on tree. As if the earth is covered with thick Lush bushes covering the whole land. When I stopped for some food, so many amazing fruits falling on me in no time. I was covered with berries, limes, flowers, apples and lot of dried leaves and it was an amazing picture seeing myself covered in that picture. Suddenly it started pouring heavily we started for another place.

Mom after having great feast, Aladdin took me to a Beautiful Sea which was completely serene in blue and Wavy in its own tune. When we touched the surface of sea I felt the relaxing Breeze on my face. I asked Aladdin to take me inside the sea. To my wonder I saw another Beautiful world of life unveiled.  We went to the deeper part of the sea and so beautiful differently shaped aquatic animals, shells flipping up and down and oyster guiding to give me path. That was Great Barrier Reef.

Great Reef Barrier
Great reef barrier (image source :google)

After the amazing ride from under water he took me to a dark place named Spectacular Caves and Rocks at Staffa Island. The island of Staffa in Scotland is probably best known for its unique geological features, such as the many caves and the unique shape of the basalt columns which are also found in the Giant’s Causeway. While taking my carpet from that cave I saw many beautiful designs on rocks which can’t be explained in words. Best place for archeologist.

The whole caves were surrounded by beautiful insects behaving in their natural ways. Fireflies twinkling like stars, some small invisible animals roaring with quirky sound. Suddenly I see that a New Sunrise had arrived at the exit.
And what I saw sand filled place with golden pyramids and Aladdin introduced me to Egypt which had mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta, and with its long past deep history.

Egypt pyramids
Egypt pyramids

Moving from This place we landed to never discover and another amazing place where I found completely new world where animals are ruling the place. The entire animal family considered me as another animal and took me to the tip of another mountain. There was a smiling sun with bird chirping and butterfly flying over colorful flowers. Beautiful horizon connecting water and sky together. Waterfall cutting down the mountains to meet the water bodies silently smiling at animals and all animals enjoying the serenity of water.

Jungle book
Jungle book


I sat down to look at the amazing beautiful scene for a long time then the carpet it took me to a night sky where I took a swing on half moon and slept for an hour on moon and little star Twinkle and smile at me and said “hey you have enough taken the journey today away from your home.  it’s time to go back to home”. But a Traveler inside me did not wanted to go home so I went to take one more round around the globe but then mom, you came by and woke me up. My blind date with the world on Aladdin’s magical Carpet was disturbed but it was so wonderful as I was smiling whole day.

The whole conversation of me and my friend took us to blind date again and she said SAY YES TO THE WORLD AND LETS GO ON BLIND DATE WITH YOUR ANGEL AND ITS ALLADIN ON Carpet to explore the world . 🌍

Disclaimer :

Unless otherwise noted, I (Snehalata jain founder of Blogsikka. Com) am the legal copyright holder of all material on this website and it may not be used, reprinted, (partially) modified or published without my written consent. A link to this website must appear in all copies of any artwork or content, post written consent from me. The poem here is solely my creation and it cannot be used in any way.

Precautions to take, things to do – Leh Ladakh travel guide! | Day 8

So, here the beautiful journey of Leh-Ladakh trip comes to an end after completing 7 nights 8 days journey. My sister and her husband left for Mumbai the very next day but few couples who took night stay at Pangong Lake came the next day back to Leh. After reaching Leh, they took rest in the afternoon and then went to the market in the evening for shopping. The very next day they took flight with beautiful memories back to their destinations. Today, along with the experience, I am sharing a complete Leh Ladakh travel guide and itinerary.

I shared the entire journey and the beautiful experience of Leh-Ladakh trip with you all as guided and discussed by my sister. I hope you all liked it. After reading my blogs on Leh-Ladakh trip, I am sure many of you might plan their very next trip to Leh-Ladakh. No doubt, you should definitely plan and should visit, but should go with all the necessary things and complete precautions.

traveling in Leh LadakhBelow is the list of things and precautions you should take care of while traveling to Leh. Complete Leh Ladakh Travel Guide!

  1. You should plan a trip in such a way, that you should keep 1-1 day ideal at the beginning and end of the journey.
  2. Couples if having kids of age less than 5 years should not travel to this place.
  3. People above the age of 60-65 having medical problems should avoid visiting this place.
  4. People having health issues like asthma, severe sinus problem or any other big illness and severe breathing issues should also avoid going to this place.
  5. It is advised to carry enough warm and woolen clothes when you plan to visit Leh-Ladakh.
  6. It is one of the cleanest places of India, where littering at any place and also throwing garbage anywhere is a serious offense.
  7. If you are a pure vegetarian, then carrying enough food with you is necessary or either you can opt for tours who provides pure vegetarian food like Heena Tours.
  8. Even after reaching Leh-Ladakh, if you face any health issues you must discuss it with your tour guide.
  9. It is the best place to visit for youngsters.
  10. If you are nature and adventure lover then you must visit Leh-Ladakh at least once.
  11. Many youngsters also opt for a bike tour to travel and visit entire Leh-Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh Travel GuideSo, after the complete Leh Ladakh travel guide. Here I am sharing the Itinerary of Heena tours for Leh-Ladakh trip.

My sister after returning from Leh-Ladakh trip also discussed some feelings of her regarding what she liked the most about this trip. She said the most she loved the helpfulness and friendliness of the people staying there, they were always ready to reply whenever you ask them about anything regarding that place. The changing weather of this place is another thing she liked the most, during the morning it was mild cold while in the afternoon it was normal temperature and during evening time, the place used to turn in heaven.

Then were the different Monasteries, it’s peaceful and the architecture she liked very much. The places like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake were the best places among everything and she wished to visit at least once again to this place whenever destiny gives her another chance to visit Leh-Ladakh. Overall she was just amazed by the entire Leh-Ladakh trip and had beautiful and memorable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Day 6 Leh Ladakh Diaries

Witness the beautiful Pangong Lake on Day 7

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’ #MyFriendAlexa and my topic is Leh Ladakh diaries. Today is Day 8 of the itinerary. Wait for all other days as I finish this challenge!

Witnessing the beauty of Pangong Lake – Day 7!

Leh Ladakh Diaries Day – 7

After a tiring and long journey of Day 6, they left for visiting Pangong Lake. Pangong Lake is said to be the best place of the entire Leh-Ladakh trip. Most of the tourist visit Leh-Ladakh to see this beautiful place. Pangong Lake gained popularity amongst the Indian as well as International tourists after the release of Aamir Khan’s movie 3 Idiots. At this place, the climax scene of the movie was shoot, which was liked by almost all the people who saw the movie, 3 Idiots. After which, it becomes a famous hot-spot for many other movies too.

The sparkling and mind-blowing Pangong Lake is situated in the Himalayan region of Leh-Ladakh at the height of approximate 4350 meters. This beautiful Lake is 12 km long and extends from India to Tibet, among which 2/3 lies in the Tibet region. Since this Lake connects India and China, a lot of security is maintained there. No water sports and no swimming are allowed in this Lake. It is a salty water Lake. The temperature of this place ranges from 5’C to 10’C because of which this Lake freezes completely during the winter season.  One of the unique features of this Lake is its color, which never remains the same and changes from light blue to green and even grey too.

It is a breath-taking 5-6 hour journey to reach Pangong from Leh. My sister and her friends left from Leh around 8:30 in the morning after having breakfast and they reached at the Pangong Lake spot around 2 P.M. While on the way to Pangong, their tour guide suggested them to visit Lake first and then have Lunch and take rest. On the way to Pangong lies the tourist spot Changla Pass, it is another highest point to see and click photographs. There are several modes of transport through which you can reach Pangong Lake but you should make sure whichever vehicle you hire, it should have enough fuel in it and should be completely fine since there are no Petrol Pumps on the way to Pangong.

Pangong LakeAfter reaching Pangong Lake, all the couples enjoyed the beautiful view of crystal waters and gentle hills. They clicked many Photographs since Pangong Lake is said to one of the best Photogenic places. The mesmerizing and the real beauty of the Pangong Lake makes it a favourite destination for film directors for shooting and filming. Many films like Dil Se, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, 3 Idiots, Waqt, Tashan, Heroes etc. have been shot at this place. There are few eatery stalls at this place, where you can enjoy having Maggi and some snacks with hot Tea and Coffee but they took their own snacks at the Lake. One can also find the famous 3 Idiots climax scene scooty model which actress Kareena Kapoor Khan drives in the movie for clicking photographs in the same pose. You will also find the local animal Yak ride there.

The best time to visit this place is during summer Season because during winters the Lake freezes to an absolute turquoise on which one can even walk and the temperature drops to a minimum of – 14’C. And during summer the weather is completely different with open and fresh air with normal temperature and you can also witness migrating birds and other flora fauna.

Many leave on the same day back to Leh, while some opt for a night stay at this place. If you are opting for a night stay, then tents are the only options for stay. The tents there are quite clean, comfortable and cozy. My sister and few couples left on the same day while few couples took the option of night stay to enjoy the beautiful view of the sky at night and also sunrise of Pangong Lake.

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Day 6 Leh Ladakh Diaries

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’ #MyFriendAlexa and my topic is Leh Ladakh diaries. Today is Day 7 of the itinerary. Wait for all other days as I finish this challenge!

New Adventures on Day 6 – Leh Ladakh Dairies!

Leh Ladakh Diaries Day – 6

For the day-6 journey, there were another few places of Leh Ladakh to visit, the most important one was the Alchi and Lamayuru Monastery. There was also an option of river rafting but for only those who drop the option of visiting Lamayuru Monastery, since the Lamayuru Monastery was far and also it was not possible to visit all the places and return back on the same day. Since my sister and her husband and few other couples who never did river rafting opted for it. So, the two buses took two different routes, all the places were almost the same except the Lamayuru Monastery and river rafting.  After having breakfast they left from hotel and first visited Shri Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place situated on Leh-Srinagar road and was created in the memory of the founder and the first guru of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev ji. T was the first time my sister visited the Gurudwara, she finds it very holy and peaceful.

Leh LadakhEveryone was asked to place some dupatta or cloth on the head before entering the Gurudwara and should be wearing full clothes, no shorts and capris were allowed. The man sitting inside the Gurudwara narrated the entire history behind the ancient stone of Gurudwara and how and why the Gurudwara was built. The story was very inspiring. After that, on the way, they stopped to see the Magnetic Hill. It is basically a small stretch of road located about 30kms from Leh Ladakh towards Kargil, one can clearly see the road ahead going uphill. The tour guide with them explained the mysterious story of Magnetic Hill, he said if you turned off the engine of the vehicle and stand it in neutral, it will start moving because of the magnetic force of the hill pulling the vehicles towards them. And so, like every tourist even they tried doing this and find it true to some extent. While some people try this, some people just pass through this place unaware of the Magnetic hill.

Then they all went to experience the new and thrilling experience of River Rafting at6 zanskar River. It is said to one of the wonderful activity on the land of Ladakh. For the River Rafting, they all were taken to the place where they were given all the information about the River rafting and also its prices. Once they all were convinced, they were asked to change the clothes and footwear available for River Rafting. There were three options for River rafting, Rafting for about 25kms, 16kms or 6kms. They opted for the 16kms one and for kids 6kms. After wearing the rafting costumes, they all were dropped on the starting point of the rafting, there the rafting driver explained all the rules to follow while rafting.

Leh LadakhIn the beginning, many were scared and nervous but as the Rafting started, they all got busy enjoying the rafting experience with beautiful scenery. The rafting driver also dropped everyone sitting inside the boat purposely to experience how cold the water of the Zanskar river was. At the end point, they saw was the Sangam point. It was a beautiful view, where you see two different rivers flowing in the same direction but not getting mixed i.e the crystal clear water of the Indus River and the muddy water of Zanskar River. After River rafting they all left for Alchi Monastery were yummy and tasty lunch was waiting for them.

Alchi Monastery is considered as one of the oldest and most architecture Monastery. The major attraction point of this Monastery is its temple having elaborate artwork with wood carving and also the view of huge ancient statues of Buddha. Several monks worship and perform ceremonies inside the temple. The temple entrance door still remains the same with low height and is made up of wood. After worshipping, they left back for Leh i.e. to their Hotel.

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In the interiors of Leh Ladakh! Exploring continues on Day 5

Leh Ladakh Diaries Day – 5

The very next day i.e. on day 5, after having breakfast they packed their luggage completely and then left from their tent rooms to visit some of the few places left to visit of Nubra Valley and then will continue their journey back towards Leh. Among those few places left to visit one of them was the most famous, oldest and the best surviving Monastery of Nubra valley of Ladakh named as Diskit Monastery.  The main attraction of that Monastery was the gigantic statue of Lord Buddha built on top of it. It faces the Shyok River towards Pakistan.

Leh LadakhAlmost all tourists who come to Nubra Valley love to Visit Diskit Monastery and experience the magnificent view of Nubra valley from the top of the Monastery. This Diskit Monastery was constructed during the 14th century by Changzem Tserab Zangpo but the construction of a huge 100-foot statue of Lord Buddha was started in the year 2006 and was inaugurated by the well-known priest of Ladakh Dalai Lama in the year 2010. After that almost all tourist visits this Monastery and like the huge magnificent statue a lot. The main part of this Monastery is a prayer hall which has several images of fierce guardians and it also has a huge drum inside it. Since this Monastery was situated at the high altitude it gave very unique and magnificent view of nearby villages and other scenic beauties. My sister and their friends loved this place a lot and also clicked memorable pics.

Leh LadakhSince we all Ladakh is famous for its religious and cultural festivals and also has a rich heritage of folk dance, so the tourists who love to know and enjoy the Ladakhi folk dance and its music do watch the show held by the local people for entertainment purpose. Even my sister and their friends took the tickets to watch the Ladakhi folk dance for some Rs.100 per person.  Four females performed on four songs which were all different with completely different attire. The dance they performed was though very simple but were very charming and enchanting,  basically, the female dancers were singing songs by themselves with just one person playing drum sitting on one side. The songs they were singing were in Ladakhi language, not understood by any one of them, which was obvious. But still they enjoyed the folk dance very much and the best part was that they all requested that drum player to play the famous Ganpati dance music and Garba dance music for which he was hesitating first but then played for all of them, which became an extra enjoyment for them.

Leh LadakhAfter enjoying this they all left for Leh with beautiful memories of Nubra Valley. On the way back they stopped at the point named as Khardung La pass which is believed to be the highest motorable road in the world. It is situated at an altitude of 5,359 meters and is about 39.7 km away from Leh.

All the tourist’s vehicles traveling to Nubra valley from Leh or vice-versa stop at this place to enjoy the mesmerizing view from such a high altitude and for photo clicks. Since it is at high altitude many tourists face the problem of low oxygen level and so should carry oxygen cylinders with them. This place had an Indian Army post and a temple. After leaving this place they reached Leh in the evening with lots of beautiful memories having completely tiring and adventurous journey. After having dinner, they were advised to take rest. Since we were having another tiring and traveling day the very next day waiting for them.

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‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’ #MyFriendAlexa and my topic is Leh Ladakh diaries. Today is Day 5 of the itinerary. Wait for all other days as I finish this challenge!

One of the must visit places in India Leh Ladakh – Day 4

Leh Ladakh Diaries Day – 4

Continuing from the Day 3 Leh Ladakh journey to Day 4 today. Nubra valley with its breathtaking views, eye-catching greenery, and friendly inhabitants is one of the beautiful and peaceful places to visit. The best time to visit this place is from July to September. At that time the pleasant autumn season lets you enjoy this beautiful and heavenly place. No matter which month you visit this place, the climate there is always pleasant and loving. Mostly the temperature is low and winter wear is must to carry, especially during night time, it’s very chilling. While traveling to Nubra valley from Leh, there comes a place called Khardung La Pass. From Khardung La Pass, it is a single lane road to reach Nubra valley. During the complete journey from Khardung La to Nubra Valley, you will find the areas having barren hills and lands without any greenery but at some places ice melting water is collected, which then is passed to the nearby villages through canals. So, after reaching Nubra Valley they took rest and the next day went for the sight-seeing of Nubra.

Leh LadakhIt was a beautiful place where they stayed at Nubra Valley. They were many tents of the same sizes and shapes were built. Each couple was given a separate tent house room for stay. It was a completely different experience to stay in the tent rooms. The rooms inside the tents were beautifully architect and were having all the basic necessity things. There was heater attached in every tent room on the sleeping bed. Outside the tents rooms was a small but moving water canal was present. The flowing water sound of that canal during night time was very enchanting. Also, there were many fresh Apricots trees outside the tents house, from which you can pluck and eats those fruits as many as you want. The place for having food was nearby and convenient.

After having breakfast they left for ATV Bike ride. ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. It is basically a track available to drive ATV bikes near Khalsar village. There were some people and some 10-15 ATV bikes in different colours. If you wish to go on a drive on the ATV bikes you have to pay the amount asked from them and enjoy. For per person, the charges were around 900 and on one bike a couple can travel together, where both can drive one by one under the guidance of the bike driver. He will sit beside you and will guide. He also takes videos and photos of your while driving and enjoying the ATV bike ride. The experience of driving an ATV bike was new for my sister and for many others present with her.  The overall experience of driving that bike was very lovely and adventurous. It was such a pleasant experience that many enjoyed that bike ride more than once.

Leh LadakhThen they went to see Sand dunes. It is actually a place located at Diskit Village at Nubra, basically at the place called Hunder. This area is also known as cold desert were you can see sand dunes spread to some specific location. There were some special kind of camels with a double hunch and also bit small as compared to the camels you must have seen at Rajasthan or at some other place. Tourists enjoy a camel ride there and also it is a beautiful place for photo clicks. The charges for camel ride were around Rs.200 for per person for some 15 minutes and more than 200 for more time. After enjoying at these places they returned back to their tents rooms. Where some couples enjoyed taking rest in the rooms, some enjoyed clicking photos while some enjoyed playing outdoor games.

In my next post, I will discuss about the next day journey of Nubra and about traveling back to Leh.

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‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’ #MyFriendAlexa and my topic is Leh Ladakh diaries. Today is Day 4 of the itinerary. Wait for all other days as I finish this challenge!