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B for Barcelona in Spain | Kids Friendly Travel Destination | #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019

Barcelona is one of the popular vacation destinations in Spain as it has so much to offer to kids as well as families. This city is totally a beautiful place which is entirely made for exploring. It has hidden gems and a whole new experience for the tourist. Keep up your family entertained with the world-class attraction spots in Barcelona with kids. Let’s fall in the beauty and the magic of the city with your family, of course!

Barcelona with Kids friendly destinationBest Time to Visit Barcelona with kids

Between the month of May and June or September and October is considered as the perfect time to plan your getaway in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona with Kids

Here are the top attractions that you and your family will love during your vacation period in Barcelona. Make sure to not to miss it. 

  • Discover the narrow and twisted streets of Barcelona by riding rented bicycles with your kids.
  • Experience the top view of the Mediterranean coastline with the Barcelona Port cable car available from Barceloneta.
  • Go swimming or just relax and enjoy family time at Barcelona Beach.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush at the New Ferrari Land at Barcelona. It has the fastest as well as the highest roller coaster ride in Europe.
  • Explore the famous street of Barcelona, La Ramla with your little ones in the Hop on Hop off the bus, Barcelona Bus Turistic.
  • Look for sea turtles, tropical fishes and other water bodies at the biggest Mediterranaim aquarium, L’ Aquarium Barcelona.
  • Witness a night show at Magic Fountains Montjüic, where water fountain dance to music and lights.
  • Immerse in one of the iconic places in Barcelona, Park Güell which is no less than a fairytale.

Get ready to awestruck with the amazing activities as well as exhibitions at Cosmo Caixa at Barcelona. Also, don’t forget to experience Toca Toca where you get a chance to touch the skin of the exotic animals.

Popular Places to Dine in Barcelona with Kids

Here are the list of Kids friendly restaurants during the visit to Barcelona.

  • La Nena

Enjoy the famous Spanish hot chocolate as well as homemade pastries and they have books and toys to keep your children entertained.

  • Semproniana

A well-decorated restaurant famous for French cuisine, Catalan cuisine and organizes cooking workshops exclusively for kids.

Kids Friendly Hotels in Barcelona

If you are planning to visit or currently in Barcelona, then you should take a look at these family-friendly hotels for the comfortable stays.

  • Hesperia Sant Joan (4/5 ratings)
  • Hotel Amrey Sant Pau (4/5 ratings)
  • Bonanova (4/5 ratings)
  • Pension Ciudadela (4/5 ratings)
  • BcnStop Parc Guell (4.5/5 ratings)

The city will never fail to surprise you. There is something special about this city which will tempt you to visit again. If you are visiting Barcelona, Viaje Seguro (have a safe journey in Spanish)

Let me know what you think about the place or got any tips for traveling Barcelona with your kids, then drop your suggestion in the comments below. And stay tuned for the next alphabet of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019.Blogchatter

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10 useful tips to traveling with kids stress-free!

Travelling with Kid

Traveling is supremely fun and a leisure activity. It is one of the favourite things for most of the people. So many people love to travel, plan their international travel, road trips etc. and dream about it all through their lives. But when it comes to traveling with kids, things can turn a bit stressful. You have to take care a lot of things when it comes to children. Managing kids is as it is very difficult and now when talking about traveling with kids, parents have to be extra careful and wise about their choices. They can no longer go with the flow and do last minute changes as children may or may not be able to adjust to the circumstances rapidly. Travelling with kids can be extremely fun if we plan wisely.

All the mothers have to be ready for everything and ensure all the essentials are in place. If you have travelled with kids before, you surely know what I am talking about! It surely isn’t as easy as it seems but definitely not impossible! Being a travel blogger and a mother, I take my daughter along on most of my trips and thus I have learned a lot of things on the go! So, here are 10 useful tips to traveling with kids stress-free!

Plan ahead:

I need not emphasize this much! All parents are habitual to planning. Our world will fall upside down if we don’t! So, traveling with children can be a little tricky so ensure you have your itinerary ready. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the journey. Bookings also need to be made well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Make your checklist:

Make a checklist of all the things you are going to carry on the trip. All the baby items must be carefully thought about. Extra clothes, baby care, toiletries etc. must also be on your list. A list will help you to stay calm and not forget any important item behind. Recharge all the devices, ensure you have cell phones pre-paid balance updated among other things.

Do your Home-Work:

Doing your home-work is of utmost importance. This is what you have been teaching your kids right? So, might as well you follow the same! Research about the place you are about to visit in order to carry appropriate clothes, shoes and medicines. If any of your friends or relatives have travelled the place before, ask them about the place as first-hand information is very useful and give you more insights than a vague internet search.

Pack Smartly:

Do not over pack or under pack, pack what is required. Ensure your luggage is manageable as carrying luggage along with kids can be a havoc.

Food is BAE:

When you are traveling with kids, you must carry food with you at all times. There are kid friendly recipes that I carry every time with me for my daughter. Children can feel hungry during the journey and hence you must carry light food and water. Avoid too much sweets and oily food that may create health-issues during the travel.

Keep First-Aid & Medicines Handy:

Needless to say, traveling with children means you must carry the necessary medicines and first aid box with you. Kids play around all the time and are notorious sometimes. You cannot take a chance of not carrying first aid during the travel.

Pre-plan games and entertainment:

Children get bored easily and may be troublesome during long flights or long bus journeys. Parents can pre plan games, family pass-times to avoid tantrums by your little monsters. You may also carry colouring books, story books or small toys to keep them busy.

Prepare your kids:

Children of all ages are super smart and can be understanding if you talk to them lovingly. The innocent souls grasp things swiftly. So as soon as your trip is finalised, start telling your children all about the travel, the route, the journey and how fun the new place will be. This way they will be expecting the change and adapt to it without getting a sudden shock. Make sure you make them well equipped with instructions like “not talking to strangers”, “not eating food given by random people”, “staying with you all the time” etc. This things truly help!

Choose kid friendly transport and hotels:

When doing your research, always check if the place or the hotel you are choosing is kid friendly. kid friendly places are always best for families and have all the necessary facilities. Your travel will be a happy one if your child is happy. So, do not miss out on this part!

Be an early bird:

When it comes to traveling with kids, it is important that you be the early bird. Reach the airport or bus station before time. Reach your check in spot before time and have a stress-free journey always!

These are some of the valuable tips that parents must know, understand and implement when it comes to traveling with kids. Another important thing is, do not worry and be panicky. Traveling is supposed to be fun and liberating so, let it be that! If you take care of all the mentioned things and have a strong faith that things will be alright, your trip will surely be a memorable one! So, plan wise and have a happy very journey!

blogchattera2zBeautiful Beaches in India – Heaven in summer while you #travelwithkids #BlogchatterA2Z

From Goa to Kerala to Mumbai to Gujarat my family has almost covered best and beautiful beaches of India especially South Western coastal lines. From largest to biggest beaches our vacations have been most of the times near beaches of India. Mumbai becomes too hot, that it can bake you in March to May. The major searches on my computer lead to beautiful beaches in India as we are travelling with kids. Beaches in India comes as saviour to beat the heat in summer.

As soon as vacation starts it becomes very daunting task for every Parent to handle their kids during vacation. Being a kid of wanderlust traveller my angel has become habituated to travel as soon as we get long weekend or vacations.  Best way to spend time with your kids for a small vacation is to beaches.  I think it is the best way of enjoy vacation with your kids as well as get some me time while watching sunrise and sunset.

In fact my daughter learnt her water cycle lesson on beach itself as I feel when you teach your kid at real time process, the concepts become clearer. Not only water cycle but also about aquatic animals, kind of sands, temperature fluctuations, kind of shells, turtles, star- fishes and so on. Recently when we went to Muzhappilangad longest drive in beach, we found a big white starfish which angel could touch and feel. We collected many shells to make decorative for home.  Other than beaches offer lot of adventurous activity which can be done with kids also. This is one of the aspect of my blog -Parenting while travelling.

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural places this earth offers us. Trips to beaches can be enormous fun and awesome hangout during vacations especially during summer vacation. To get rid of scorching sun and warming weather, chilling out on beach is the best option. Spending recreational time with family and living memorable memories with them is what everyone needs something to stay away from the stressful and busy life.

Playing on beach can benefit you and your Kids health in numerous ways:
  1. The beaches in India has a very rich source of silicon; it leaves the skin looking fresh and toned.
  2. Walking barefoot along the beaches works wonders, helps removing dead skin from the soles.
  3. Kids along with their family can also enjoy water sports available on beaches.
  4. On the beaches kids can enjoy doing other activities like swimming, cycling, playing outdoor games etc and can enjoy their leisure time under the open sky to the fullest.
  5. Doing several activities on the beaches helps kids to boost their energy level, helps increase their confidence level and also make them active and fit.
  6. You can also try new adventures available on beaches with kids, since trying something new helps kids gain a better sense of selfness.


Several precautions to be taking while going on Beaches:
  1. You should always carry a Sunscreen with higher SPF while you go to the beaches, because Sun, Sand and Salt together can damage your skin to an extreme if not taken care properly.
  2. You should carry enough water, energy drinks and snacks with you.
  3. Carry Mat, Hat or Cap or Umbrella whichever available to protect yourself from the direct effect of Sunrays.
  4. Wear Clothes which hide majority part of your body or else use Sunscreen after every few hours.
  5. Take First aid box.
  6. Wear flip flops or water shoes in the water.
  7. Always be aware of dangerous or poisonous jelly fishes on beaches. Stay away from them.
  8. Never cross red line made my life saver guard .


A day at a beach or a stay for few days near the beach area with family can be so much fun. These are just few of the many benefits of taking a family vacation with kids to the beaches. I hope this has motivated you enough to plan next vacation with kids to Beaches.


Ps : I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today is letter B and as per my theme I wrote on beautiful beaches in India which can teach your kids too while travelling, under the theme of #Travelwithkids



Are you planning for vacations during this summer with your kids and quite confused about the destination? Do not worry, this blog will guide you to select a best kid-friendly destination for this summer holidays. So, without any further discussion, check out these 8 best places in India for spending summer vacations with kids.



Mount Abu is a popular hill station in Rajasthan, which is located near the Gujarat border. It is a popular tourist destination during the summer season and it is a kid-friendly destination. This hill station is located at an elevation of 1,220 m (4.003 ft.) above the sea level.

Mount Abu

Here you can find many Hindu temples among which the most famous one is the Dilwara Temples. These temples are comprised of five Jain temples, carved in white marble between 11th and 13th centuries AD.

Apart from temples, the other popular place to visit in Mount Abu is the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, established in the year 1960 and covers the major portion of the mountain.

In Mount Abu, summer prevails from mid-April to mid of June where light cotton clothes are sufficient.

Things to do with kids: Visit Dilwara Temples, Boating on Nakki Lake, Explore Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Picnic at Trevor’s Tank, Trek to Guru Shikhar (If your kids are grown enough to trek easily).

Nearest Railway station: Abu Road (28 km away from the city).

Nearest Airport:  Udaipur (Domestic Airport) which is 210 km from Mt. Abu, Ahmedabad (International Airport) which is 231 km from Mt. Abu.


2.     Munnar, Kerala

MunnarMunnar is a town as well as a hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala. This hill station is located at around 1600 m (5,200 ft) above the sea level. Here, your kid will love to know more about the different flora and fauna along with the beautiful tea plantation estates. The greenery and ambience of the places in Munnar make it a beautiful place to visit with your kids.

The summers begin here from March and it continues until June. Munnar is the best places to understand Nature and its creation.

Things to do with Kids: A tour of Tea Valley, Village sightseeing, Bicycling, Sandal Valley Tour.

Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam (130 km from Munnar), Madurai (135 km from Munnar).

Nearest Airport: Cochin (International Airport) which is 110 km away by road.

3. Shillong, Meghalaya


Generally, the beauty of seven-sister states is being overlooked, but Shillong is one of the finest and beautiful Indian city. Shillong is a capital city of our Indian State, Meghalaya. This city is blessed with natural surroundings, valleys and plateaus.

The summers prevail from April to June, which makes the climate moderate to explore every side of this beautiful and calm city.

Shillong is often called to as ‘The Scotland of the East’ because of its spectacular places to visit. There are beautiful waterfalls, museums, canyons, etc.

Things to do with kids:  Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Enjoy the magnificent garden of Lady Hydari Park, Visit Butterfly Museum which has different varieties of Butterflies from the different parts of the region, boating in beautiful Umiam Lake.

 4. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Bandhavgarh National Park is in Madhya Pradesh, which is a central state of India. This national park is famous for the densely populated Royal Bengal Tigers. However, leopards, white tigers, and deer also mark their presence. The mix of the tropical forest, this national park is also a home for different species of birds.

This place makes an ideal destination when travelling with kids as animals and birds are often been referred as the ‘friends of the children’ and at the same time you can teach your children the importance of the wildlife conservation.

Things to do with Kids: Jeep Safari, Visit to Bandhavgarh Fort.

Nearest Railway Station: Umaria (after Katani railway station), which is a 40-minute drive to this national park.

Nearest Airport: Jabalpur, which is 200 km away from the National Park.


5. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra


Mahabaleshwar is located at a height of 1,372 ft. above the sea level in the Satara District of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar gives the breathtaking viewpoints of the mountains and the valleys. This hill station in Maharashtra provides the glimpses of glorious past with colonial buildings and mansions as it was under the influence of foreign hands during the old days. It is nestled in the lap of mountain ranges of Western Ghats.

Mahabaleshwar is open for tourists all the year round; however, the summer season is considered as the best time to visit. Summer begins from April and continues until June.

Things to do with Kids: Visit Panchgani to enjoy the picturesque views of mountain ranges, Visit Mahabaleshwar Temple, which is an example of Maratha heritage.

Nearest Railway station: The convenient and the nearest is Pune, which is 113 km away from Mahabaleshwar.

Nearest Airport: Pune airport is the nearest to this place with a distance of 120 km.


6. Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg is quite special amongst all hill stations of India. It is nestled in between the lush green valleys and rolling hills. It is at the altitude of 3,500 ft. above the sea level. It has pleasant weather all the year round.

If you are planning to spend your summers in Coorg with your kids, then April to May will be the best time. The driving over the roads will give you a spectacular view of beautiful hills and valley along with spice and coffee plantations.

Things to do with Kids: Enjoy Abbey falls, which is a main attraction of the Coorg. You can also visit Dubare Elephant Camp – a home to many elephants, Visit Iruppu Falls – a pilgrimage spot as well as a waterfall.

Nearest Railway station: Mysore, which is about 120 km away from Coorg. However, Mangalore is also the nearest railway station with a distance of 150 km.

Nearest Airport: Either Mysore or Mangalore can be preferred.


7. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

By Omkar k (Own work)

Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, is a perfect destination for summer vacations if you are planning to travel along with your kids. You kid is going to enjoy the lush greenery of the town and its beautiful surroundings. Mussoorie is a preferred destination all the year round. The weather is cool and pleasant all time. The waterfalls, beautiful mountains give the breathtaking view.

Things to do with kids: Cable car ride, enjoy waterfalls, horse-ride in Mall road, boating in Mussoorie Lake.

Nearest Railway station: Haridwar (86 km from Mussoorie).

Nearest Airport: the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Road (Dehradun) Airport. It is 54 km away from Mussoorie.


8. Darjeeling, West Bengal


Darjeeling is a kid-friendly hill station, situated in West Bengal. This destination makes the dream come true of travelling in a toy train. This scenic ride starts from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, which is approximately 70 km stretch. Kids do enjoy this ride and spectacular views of mountains and greenery. You can visit Darjeeling during summers with children as the weather conditions become very pleasant and moderate to explore the natural beauty.

Things to do with Kids: Toy train ride, cable car ride, visit the tea gardens and Tiger Hills.

Nearest Railway Station:  New Jalpaiguri (73 km) and Siliguri (63 km).

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra (95 km away from Darjeeling).


Tips while you are traveling with kids

  • Make sure your kids remain hydrated.
  • Give them fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.
  • Look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide with SPF 30.
  • Avoid sunscreens that contains parabens or those which are scented or tinted.
  • Do carry medical kit along.
  • Don’t forget to carry your DSLR. The pictures may be useful to your kid’s summer vacation project.


So, You can read few tips for Summer Protection for kids on my blog.


Although the places I have mentioned are very cool & pleasant but still you need to be cautious when you are traveling with your little one.

Happy Vacations!

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