Fazlani Natures Nest – A relaxing holiday & retreat resort near Mumbai!

Fazlani Nature Nest
Fazlani Nature’s Nest- reception

About the resort:

One of the finest nature-oriented resorts near Mumbai, Fazlani Natures Nest, offers everything that a city dweller needs to rewind and relax. Nestled at an amazing locale near Mumbai and Pune, the picturesque land is much more than a resort, it is a complete rejuvenation center for all those who wish to have a peaceful time amidst nature. For anyone looking for a relaxing stay, Fazlani Natures Nest located near Mumbai is the best option. They have many rejuvenation therapies, spas, organic food facilities and several other holistic amenities for a wholesome experience. It is a happy, relaxing retreat for the complete family. The best part is that it is no alcohol and no smoking zone. The gorgeous land also has a breath-taking Takwe lake view that offers the visitors a one of a kind stays.

My Experience:

I visited the resort for the first time and was taken aback by the spectacular property and picturesque location. It is such a pleasant view everywhere you see! The staff is supremely polite, and the hospitality is just so rewarding. We received a warm welcome at the resort and the entire experience has been perfect. Simply the way I would have wanted to rewind and relax! The fun part was bicycling the well-mapped lanes to see the full property. We also witnessed their well-kept stable in which there were several horses. Horse-riding facility is also available if one wishes to enjoy a ride. Another major attraction was the food which was so healthy and high in nutrition value. Made from fresh vegetables and fruits directly plucked from their own property farms. They practise the ‘Farm to Fork’ concept! All the vegetation is grown using organic farming which is again a huge plus! Here in the cities, we tend to eat a lot of junk and chemical foodstuff due to which there is a tendency to fall ill. Since this is a holistic health retreat, everything is taken care of appropriately. Fazlani Nature Nest


Much-Needed Relaxing Holiday Experience:

If you are looking for a holiday spot or resorts near Mumbai, Fazlani Natures Nest can be an ideal choice. Along with relaxing stays and spas, they also have many fun activities. There is something for everyone here and hence it is known as a complete family retreat. The lush greenery and breath-taking views leave one awestruck!
In most of the wellness resorts kids are not allowed but at FNN, kids are given special treatments and are allowed to experience some of the spa’s or therapies.

Fazlani Nature Nest
complete view


Detox and Wellness:

The food that is made available is a detoxifying diet. You can consult the doctors available and choose your meals accordingly. The treatments and food recommendations can also be made according to the Ayurveda and Naturopathy specialists for an overall healthy experience. And, this isn’t compulsory but a choice! That means one can opt for regular organic food also. Just to mention, everything that is served is supremely fresh, healthy and also very delicious!

Therapies and Spa:

Amarine Spa is the highlight of the resort. There is a Gymnasium, 3 Outdoor swimming pools and luxurious Hydrotherapy facilities available. Another highlight of this spa is that it features more than 80 body and beauty experiences integrating traditional and modern wellness practices with the expertise of their well-qualified resident doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physicians and fitness guides. The world-class facilities offer a worthwhile experience. It is truly a rejuvenation for the body and the mind.

Equine Therapy:

This is one of the most interesting things that I experienced and loved at the resort. Equine Therapy is also known as horse therapy. This was my first time at something like this and thus was awe-struck! It involves watching the horses running rhythmically for long durations for improved heart health, feeding them, therapeutic horseback riding etc. The benefits of equine therapy are immense some of them include improved mental health, relief from anxiety and stress, it is also used for patients with autism. It is the only resort which offer equine therapy.

Rose Farming:

We were also given a fun and informational tour to their rose gardens! The beautiful and spectacular roses are grown with the utmost care for transportation. The Fazlani Group is known for the finest rose gardens in the country today. The floriculture business is a full-fledged one with exports in over 35 countries! It is a delight to see the gorgeous blooms in different colours and shapes. A very heartening experience for any nature lover!

The Village:

There is a special village set up in a complete traditional style amidst the resort property. It is based on the local Maharashtrian Warli art setting with cute huts with functional solar, hydro and mud treatment rooms. There are activities like Pottery and open-air stargazing among other fun experiences. A completely different feel from the hectic city life.

village look

The Wellness Park, Lake, and Swimming Pool

There is no greater joy than walking on the well-manicured gardens at Fazlani Natures Nest. Feel the blissful cool soil and green grass under your feet as you walk around and when you find your spot of peaceful Nirvana by the waters, simply park yourself on the viewing decks at one of the shamianas. Fazlani Nature’s Nest- where nature comes home.

Lake & Garden Views

Organic Agro Vegetable Farm

Restaurant at Fazlani Natures Nest only use Fresh farm vegetables grown right in front of restaurant. They grow Indian vegetables, Indian fruits, exotic vegetables and also fodder for all animals. The feeling of eating daily organic and fresh vegetables just mesmerized me being a Mumbaikar as we get only chemical treated vegetables.

Fazlani Nature NestOverall it was truly a worthwhile time at the Fazlani Natures Nest. The resorts and their facilities stay true to their name and fulfil all their promises. My expectations from the relaxing retreat were duly fulfilled and I am looking forward to availing their services again soon with my entire family!

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  1. Looks like you all had an amazing time. I would love to explore this getaway for its beauty and nature.

  2. Anita Singh Reply

    Wow, sach me aise relaxing holiday ki bahut jarurat hai, wish ki jaldi hi koi vacation mil jaye
    Bahut hi interesting place dikh raha hai, mind – body – soul sab relaxed ho jayega 👍👍

  3. Feel like taking a wellness break here right away! Such breaks are so good for the soul 🙂 what are the starting package prices?

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  7. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    Wow! An absolutely fab resort with so much activities to do.Looks like a perfect vacation spot away from city.Love your stunning pics.Will put it on my list.

  8. Hey me and my friends have already started planning for a trip to Mumbai or in the outskirts and i am gonna definitely suggest this one. Hope our experience turns out to be as good as yours.

  9. Fazlani nature’s nest looks good. Perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai. Great pictures and must visit place.

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  14. Ritu Kalra Reply

    Thanx for this wonderful post..we are planning to visit mumbai in march..would definetly check this out for stay

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    This is such a great destination nearby which we have not yet explored ..will sure check out ..

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  20. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    It seems like you had a wonderful holiday at this resort, and the facilities seem absolutely state of the art! I love discovering new resorts, thank you for sharing.

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  25. Fazlani Natures nest is a wonderful getaway from Mumbai. A place to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

  26. Fazlani Natures nest is a wonderful getaway from Mumbai. A place to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

  27. Fazlani resort is such a wonderful getaway, not too away from Mumbai, and has so many options. Love the spa, therapy, rose farming offerings at the property!

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  33. Amazing and refreshing experience at 68 acre wide spread landscaped farm with Indrayani river water shed filled up in the eyes forever. Courtesy of front office staff impressed us to assure that we will visit the place again and again and plan a relaxing stay at the rejuvenating resort.

  34. There is plenty of fascinating sightseeing places around Mumbai as well, situated at only few hours distance from the city. This includes Lonavala, Khandala, Karla, Panchgani, Amboli, and Mahabaleswar.

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