Hoodies have transitioned from their humble origins as work and sportswear, blossoming into a chic and functional wardrobe staple for every woman. Let us read more about the all-time favorite hoodies for women and explore some of the best ways to style them.

Different Types of Hoodies

Hoodies are available in various styles to suit multiple preferences and events like:

  1. Pullover Hoodie: A classic style without zippers, ideal for a casual yet fashionable look. Wear it with a pair of jeans, trainers and a blazer to create an effortless outfit.
  2. Zip-Up Hoodie: The zipper provides unmatched ease of use and adaptability. This is a must-have for chilly weather, perfect for layering over other winter pieces, such as a thermal or knit top.
  3. Oversized Hoodie: Savor the coziness of a hoodie with a carefree, laid-back vibe. It’s ideal for spending a relaxed Sunday afternoon doing errands or just relaxing at home.
  4. Crop Hoodie: This style is perfect for people who want to be warm yet stay trendy and fashionable. Wear it with skirts or high-waisted trousers for a balanced look.

The Best Fabric For Hoodies

The material that you choose for your hoodie has a significant impact on comfort and style. Here are a few well-liked choices:

  1. Cotton: Cotton hoodies require less maintenance and are ideal for year-round wear due to their harmonic balance of breathability and comfort.
  2. Fleece: Cozy and toasty fleece hoodies make the ideal wintertime companions. They provide excellent protection against cold winds, enveloping you in cozy warmth.
  3. Knit: The distinct texture of knit hoodies lends an air of refinement. They are a great option if you’re looking for an elegant hoodie.

Best Ways To Pair Your Hoodies

Hoodies for women are adaptable and can be easily worn for various events. Here are some creative outfit ideas to inspire you:

1. Casual: Team your zip-up hoodie with a solid T-shirt, high-waisted jeans or types of skirts and ankle boots. Accessorize the outfit with sunglasses and a mini sling bag. 

2. Athleisure clothing: For a sporty, cozy look ideal for everyday activities or exercises, pair a classic pullover hoodie with sleek leggings and athletic trainers.

3. Elegant: For a fun and unique evening look, wow onlookers by teaming an oversized hoodie with a tailored skirt and shoes.

Hoodies are more than just comfortable; they’re a statement of style and individuality. There’s a hoodie for every season and occasion. So, accept the rich heritage and infinite stylistic possibilities of hoodies for women and enjoy the combination of comfort and flair.

As the world is slowly opening up amid a lull from the pandemic, the prolonged confinement has affected children’s worlds in many ways. Finding ways to help them adapt to the new normal yet feel connected has become vital. Keeping this in mind, this Children’s Day, Nickelodeon – the leading kids entertainment franchise – is inspiring all the little ones to express themselves and feel comfortable, understood, and respected enough to be their authentic selves through their campaign #NoStressExpress.

As the hiatus of more than a year is about to end as schools are gearing up for offline learning, here are 5 ways to help children express their authentic selves and feel heard by doing things that will make them feel good! 

Decision making

Give your kids the opportunities to make their own decisions. This could be anything from what clothes they want to wear on that day, even if you have to take them to the supermarket dressed as a minion or what they want for dinner, music they want to listen to, or even as small as a hairstyle! This will help them feel more confident with their own likes and preferences. 


Art therapy

Art & Crafts is a simple way for your children to express their emotions without saying a word! In fact, art therapy has been proven to improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being through innovative self-expression for kids and gown-ups, as well! And don’t forget, it’s not just restricted to painting or drawing but could also include dancing, music, etc. 


Talk About Emotions

As a parent, you are your kids greatest role model for life. Show your kids about self-expression by talking your emotions and why are you feeling sad, happy, or angry. Use an emoji feeling chart to assist them with understanding their feelings, it will help them to communicate and emote better. 


Encourage them to express themselves through their hobbies! Perhaps they like to get creative through yoga, dance, or let out their pent-up energy through karate. It’s a win- win! Not only will they be able to express who they are, but they will also be keeping healthy and fit in a way they enjoy

It’s all about them!

Here’s a fun and interesting activity for your child – encourage them to make a scrapbook or journal of themselves. They can include their likes and dislikes, or their interests and strengths. Let them have the liberty to choose how to present this project. They could maybe stick in photographs or magazine cut outs of their favorite cartoon character that inspires them. 

Your kids will grow more confident and creative if you give them the liberty to do so. By guiding them to practice what they love to do, you will prepare them to be the best versions as they grow up and will be able to express better! In an endeavour to let kids express their heart out, Nickelodeon provides children an opportunity to communicate one’s feelings in a 10-second video and upload it on to stand a chance to feature on Nickelodeon channel. Go, get express-ing!

3P’s of Effective Parenting

Parenting has different aspects and to understand this one needs to know about the perspective of parenting. I am here to share some good parenting tips with you. We have covered a lot about parenting. We have started with A and now it is time to discuss the 3P’s of effective parenting with #ChatterBlogAtoZ. Trust me these tips are really helpful. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new parent or not. This blog will definitely help you!

Let’s learn together about how to be a good parent!


The first P teaches us about being polite. It has said that a child learns from their parents. So, you have to be polite with everyone around you and that’s how you will be able to teach your kids to be polite with their peers, elder, and animals as well. Make them learn about etiquettes, table manners, etc. Polite behavior will help them in social development. Praise them whenever they implement good manners in their daily routine.


Strengthen your bond with your child. Teach them in the best way about being proactive. Just demonstrate it in your own life. Make them learn about how to deal with a situation proactively. Help your child to conquer self-destructive behaviour and build, but be sure to have patience. Kids do have many questions and anyhow you have to answer them politely. Make them learn how to react to different situations.


As a parent, you definitely have the power to influence your kids towards success. We’re not talking about pushing them too far. We all want to help them in their success. You can teach them about specific skills, help them in visualizing what interests them more. Inspire them with creativity, communicate with them and help them to enhance their communication skills. Teach them how to utilize their leisure time. This is how you can help your child to be productive.

So here we have discussed the 3P’s of effective parenting. These tips I have implemented with my two kids! I can definitely say this will help you in raising your child better.  If you have not started reading my blogs then let me tell you, you have missed a lot! I hope you will love this series of A to Z challenges. 

Also, Read Three O’s of Effective Parenting

Third month of pregnancy – A crucial month to find out genetic abnormalities in fetus #Pregnancy-series

As addressed in the previous blog, I have decided to share my Pregnancy Stories, experiences, and everything related. My core idea to tell these stories is to share what I have gone through and to help anyone who needs it. Having said that I am well aware of the fact that each woman goes through different experiences. Each pregnancy is way different than others and that everyone goes through different complications, God forbid. But if anyone who relates to a similar condition they can easily go through my blog and seek help. So, in this blog, I will be speaking about the second and third month of pregnancy.

Why the second and third months together you ask? Well, these two months were a kind of mental recovery and taking care of months for me. However, there were a lot of realizations and mistakes I made even during these months, which I will be discussing in the latter part of the blog. However, these months were a continuous process, which you will realize by the end of the read below.

If you haven’t read my previous post, I will link it hereI have stated in this one that I have been going through complications because of Placenta Previa. Placenta Previa is a condition in pregnancy where the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb that is the uterus. This covers the complete or a part of the cervix opening. The placenta grows during the pregnancy period and helps in feeding the baby. This causes bleeding or spotting.

Things I realized were reasons for my complications

I consulted my doctor as soon as I saw spotting and experienced complications during my first initial month. However, after having concerned my doctor, I realized two major things:

  • This was my second pregnancy
  • My age and pregnancy complications

Speaking about the first reason, it was my second child that I was expecting. I had psychologically back in my mind that since this is my second pregnancy, I am aware of the drill. Little did I know that there is a difference.

My second reason played a major role. A woman undergoes several changes from hormonal to genetics to physical during every sphere of her life. I am expecting my child at 35. There are a lot of changes I am going through apart from the mood swings. Secondly, my body has its own needs to be fulfilled along with the health of my child too.

These were the two major reasons I realized and shook hands with that I have to take care of myself. The carelessness of taking bumpy rickshaw rides, traveling to Europe, and playing Dandiya and Garba during my first months won’t work or help me in many ways. However, these were the ones that invited complications for me.

Major Mistake Made from My End:

There are certain tests that you have to get done when you are expecting your child. This is one fact each one of us is aware of and well-guided about. Apart from the sonography (USG) , there are certain reports and tests, which the doctor asks you to get done when you are expecting depending on the month.

Well, since it was my second and third month of pregnancy respectively, I had to get an NT Scan done.

Third month of pregnancy– What is an NT Scan?

An NT Scan is a very common screening that is to be done during the first trimester of the pregnancy. This is one test that helps in measuring the size of the clear tissue, which is called the nuchal translucency.

However, I got that test done. The mistake that was made from my end was that I did not get the Double marker test done. This is one of the most important tests for pregnant ladies above the age of 35 years. This test lets you know that there is no genetic issue with the child and he or she is perfectly fine.

How crucial is Double Marker test?

The story goes such that the day I was scheduled for my double marker test, I was late in reaching the pathology and it was closed. And therefore, I missed two more days because of this, followed by dusheera, the alb was closed. I thought will go after 2 days. little i did know that this can’t be done after 14 week. I have written complete post on double marker test but for time being double marker test is done to determine any chromosomal malformation in the fetus.  The issue was that the NT Scan was to be referred along with the double marker test. Since I missed this test, I lost the chance to find out genetic issues till 19 th week of pregnancy as I will have to quadruple marker test.  Keeping positive  in mind, we waited for 19 Th week.

But my doctor literally shouted at me saying that how can be this careless and I should not have missed the double marker test. It was an important test in order to know that if there is any genetic disorder in the child. Because of the pregnancy as I mentioned, I was being lazy and this made me miss the test, which was a huge mistake.

However, later on, when it was week 18 and 19, I was supposed to get done quadruple marker test and anomaly scan, which I did on time. This is a test that should be done in order to prevent any kind of genetic disorder in the kid.  Do read my next blog on what happened in my Quadruple marker test as it was not expected as I wanted.

All that I went through during the first trimester

In the early and mid-second trimester, I used to get spotting early morning. However, by the first trimester, it stopped. This spotting was all because of the placenta previa.

There were several reasons that accounted for all the carelessness or mistakes that were made.

Expecting my second child and between that, I have to also give time to my first child, as she is now in second grade. She has to be sent to school, taught at home as I take care of her studies.

  • Secondly, the other thing accounted for in this way that we are getting our new home constructed. This is also taking our time.
  • Thirdly, the Europe trip, I will definitely be writing about it on my blog. However, shopping for the trip, preparing for it and everything else made me physically tired and exhausted.

All these accumulated in the exertion and exhausting my body physically. However, when I told my doctor about it, she told me that internally everything is perfectly fine, there is no issue or problem with the child growing in me or with my body.

Along with it, I myself felt a tad bit better than the first two initial months by the time the third month has begun. There was lesser spotting, I would not say lesser mood swings and laziness, however, it did improve to some extent.

All you must take care of in the third month of pregnancy

As I have been saying since my first blog that the aim of writing these blogs and publishing them is to help women to learn from the mistakes I have done. The third month of pregnancy as said is a crucial stage, people do not even tell a lot of their relatives and closed ones that they are expecting until they have crossed the third month.

The following are my learning till third month of pregnancy
  • Take a lot of care of yourself. Do not only depend on the others to remind you about your medicines (if any) or eating habits. Since I had only 8 hemoglobin , my folic acid and Iron tablets were really crucial. But when you have so many complications in your life, you gotta forget medicines. And more thing Never Take the calcium and IRON TABLETS together, as they both interfere in their absorption in blood. so always keep a gap of 5 hours between two medicines.
  • Do not miss any tests told by the doctor, these are important and there are time periods fixed for them. If you miss one day you might not be allowed to take the test any further.
  • Try not to physically exhaust your body.
  • Also If you are going thru many complications, don’t do exercise at all, until your doctor advises you.

I hope these are going to help you a lot and I will be back again with the blog on compulsory or mandatory test to be done during pregnancy. And let you know what all I went through and what were the better signs I was able to witness.

Disclaimer: These are my personal experience and may not be applicable to any one else.



Does first month of pregnancy decide the fate of your child ?

Hearing those sweet toy bells is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for a mother. There have been a lot of myths, speculations, and precautions that go around amongst the mothers. They say, “you bring a new life into this world.” Well, yes! I agree with it. However, there are a lot of things, which each woman goes through. There are certain unique traits seen in every month, which is different from every woman. Since I was no different I myself went through certain issues in my pregnancy. As everyone might not be aware that I am expecting my second child. Yes, so I would like to take this opportunity to tell my readers about it. I will be sharing each and everything that I went through starting from when I was the first month pregnant until the ninth.  So if you are a mom ,or expecting or trying to conceive, read it carefully till end.

This will be my pregnancy dairies – sharing my first-hand experience on every month. So here we go!

first month of pregnancyThe Announcement!

We had planned our second child for the sole purpose to provide our first child a sibling. This was the whole and sole purpose of hands down and nothing else. So, the announcement came to us and we were definitely happy about it.

Signs and Symptoms during the First Month of Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a chirpy one. Sometimes I had cravings to eat something so on and so forth. However, when I came to know I was second time pregnant, I was prepared for what might and might not happen. But my dear friends, you can never predict this. Every pregnancy is different. You are not aware of what might happen, how your body would react to it, and what would happen with you. However, you must not be reckless, I know being in that situation and saying that is hard, but you can always prepare yourself.

I have read articles before and even read articles in the first month of pregnancy. They did not much help me in my case. The reason was I wasn’t able to find anyone who wrote what I was feeling. However, if anyone goes through the same situation, I want them to help with my experience. Following were the signs and symptoms that I saw in the first month of pregnancy:

Apart from this, I was at ease that I did not suffer from vomiting. Whereas, some women might. Having said that there are also certain things that one must take care of, which I will be sharing with you all in the latter part of the blog.

There was something I wasn’t happy about

I vividly remember that when the news for my first child came to me, I was very happy. I felt happy within. There were new kicks about each and everything that I used to feel. Small joys brought me great pleasure. Eventually, when I was told that we are expecting our second child, the feeling wasn’t the same. Henceforth this happened with me at the beginning of the first month of pregnancy itself.

I did not feel excited or enthusiastic about it. Definitely, I want this child, all I am trying to say is that my body wasn’t telling me the same. During the first month itself, I became cranky. I wasn’t feeling joyous or excited. I did not want to write or do any creative thinking. I wasn’t able to. Initially, I thought that it might be because the first child was a completely new thing for me and me stepping into motherhood. This might have some kind of psychological reasons.

The doctor said I was completely fine and there are different signs and symptoms in each pregnancy. There are different events each woman goes through. It has nothing to do with the first or second child or with me per se. I was relieved on that part after hearing her words. However, little I knew this was just the beginning.

I never saw this coming

Apart from feeling cranky, bored, and lazy, there was something I never knew that bumped on me. While I had just gulped the lazy symptom, I came across another issue. I had started seeing spots during my first month itself.

So this was one thing that irked me, and I became restless to know what was wrong? I was fine with everything but this, why? I obviously took an appointment with my gynecologist and asked her all my questions.

I was told that this spotting was because of the placenta previa. I was worried about it since I thought that all this happened because I wasn’t much care during the first month. However, the doctor cleared it very vividly about the same.

To all those who don’t what placenta previa is:

Placenta Previa isn’t that common when it comes to woman, however, I would like to share this with my readers. One of the major reasons I would want to do that is I became very reckless when I saw all this happening to me. I had no one to let me know that this wasn’t a thing to worry about. There are several women who go through the conditions but do not know what to do. Of course, a doctor is an ultimate help, but I believe sharing my experience will help you. And as far as I believe once you know how and what to do through an experienced person you are much careful.

So, coming back to Placenta Previa, it is not “the most” common thing. Every 1 in 200 women suffers from this. However, this commonly happens until the third trimester. And I suffered through it in the first month of my pregnancy only. It is most common for women who have has:

  • More than one child
  • A caesarian
  • Surgery on the uterus
  • Twins or triplets

The exact cause of Placenta Previa is yet unknown, however, in my case, I suffered from the spotting because the mouth of my uterus was downwards.

Where did I go wrong? Precautions to be taken during the first month of pregnancy:

As accepted, I did not take care of myself as I should have in the first month of pregnancy. One of the major reasons was the happiness within, which I was not able to feel. Secondly, there are certain things every woman should take care of. Despite your pregnancy case is different.

The following are some of them which I feel according to my experience:

  1. Do not take bumpy rides – no rickshaw rides.
  2. Travel less, especially nowhere alone or far land
  3. Give your body rest
  4. Dancing and heavy activities must be avoided

The above-mentioned points, I believed were a myth and being an enthusiast on that end, I did not take care of it. However, let me clarify that my spotting wasn’t because of the rides or travel or dancing, it was due to the placenta previa.

My carelessness was seen since I traveled a lot during my pregnancy and my first month itself. Along with it, it was during the Navratri season when I came to know that I was pregnant. One of the major things that added to my carelessness was dancing.

Definitely, you all must be thinking every doctor’s advice to keep on doing some activities, however, my Indian readers must be well-aware of the difference between a Navratri dance and a usual activity. Once you are dancing with hundreds and thousands of others you tend to make a mistake. I would say, I did that too.

Eventually, until my fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, I have coped up with a lot of things. But this was my first month of pregnancy experience. These were the things I went through. So, having shared that, I will come up with my #PregnancyDiaries for the second month super soon. Please let me know your thoughts on same.




I am a mom and a human being too! So #MujheSabNahiPata

Someone wise once rightly said, “It’s not easy being a mother if it were easy, fathers would do it.” Giving birth is a wonderful and exquisite experience in every woman ’s life. It is a great feeling which can’t be expressed in mere words. But with great things come great responsibilities. As a mother, we are always expected to be prepared and be responsible for everything. To be honest, being a mom is so much more than I ever envisioned and comes with a sharp learning curve, that changes with every phase of the child’s life. All out event

Recently, I was invited for an event organized by All Out, for a fantastic discussion around the societal conditioning of mothers being omniscient and how there is a need for them to say #MujheSabNahiPata. I was lucky enough to share a bloggers panel with successful Bollywood actor and mother Sonali Bendre, Child Psychologist, Dr. Rupa Patel, Pediatrician Dr. Samir Dalwai, and Ruchita Dhar Shah, founder of the First Moms Club (FMC), a Facebook community for mothers.

The aim was to discuss the constant pressure on the mothers to know everything about their child’s well-being and how it has discouraged them from asking for help, for fear of judgment. The discussion commenced with Sonali and Ruchita, addressing the hardships of nurturing a baby and the eternal struggle as well as the pressure to be a know- it -all mommy.

All through the event and the conversations, I felt at ease that I am not alone in this ordeal. Listening to strong, empowering and beautiful moms in the audience speak on this topic was therapeutic. Every mother, irrespective of their career, face the challenge of being “invariably excellent” and fear of making mistakes. I am a mother and not a pantomath. I make blunders and I learn from them. But our society never gives us a chance to make mistakes and shames us if we do. While the burden of bearing the responsibilities of motherhood are manageable as we love our children, it is the burden of knowing it all that becomes unendurable.

I am a lecturer, blogger, and a full – time mommy to a 6-year-old girl named Angel. I still reminisce about the time when I held her in my arms for the first time after she was born – a magnificent moment of my life. I didn’t know then, that a tiny creature would add such dynamism to my life and take me on this thrilling ride of motherhood.

Thanks to the doctors and the internet, for guiding me through a lot of things, involving the nutrition and mental development of the child. But no one never told me how to be an ideal mommy. I was constantly transitioning between my job and the struggles of being a new mother, with the addition of sleepless nights and a hell lot of stress. I had to stay awake for the whole night to take care of my baby, which meant a loss of prior freedoms and a lot of adjustments. I am not grumbling because I know that’s a part and parcel of being a mom.

Speaking of my own #MujheSabNahiPata story, I remember when my little munchkin was just a year old and had started walking barefoot. One day, she fell off and suffered bruises on her knees and elbows. My husband and I immediately picked her up and gave her the required medication. But my husband was panicking more than me. He was really stressed and anxious about the incident and went ballistic and called me ignorant for not taking enough care of her.

I acquiesced that it was all my fault and I should be held accountable for the incident. But later on, after gaining composure, my husband supported me and apologized for his behavior. He asked me to stop feeling guilty and reasoned that it is not possible to control every situation in life. Some things just happen, and the mothers need to let go of their guilt At the event as well, all the mothers broke free of the societal shackles and tied a knot in their attires, as a reminder to share their #MujheSabNahiPata experiences. All out event#Mujhesabnahipata

Similarly, in a world of constantly emerging threats, it is impractical to guard your child against every situation, though as mothers, we always strive to do our best for the child. But while we are focusing on the million things for their well-being, small factors like a mosquito bite can result in dengue and get overlooked.

I am thankful to All out for addressing this issue by capturing one such #MujheSabNahiPata story in a moving video. I encourage all you moms out there to leave the fear behind and tie a knot in your attires, to remember to share your stories in the comments section, as well. It’s time to move above social norms and unite to help each other become more vigilant about the well-being of our children.

All out


Author: Krupa Shah

Krupa shahI’m a big believer in entrepreneurship. It’s an abiding passion of mine to encourage other women to take the plunge and start their own businesses; the benefits are myriad, giving you more control over your financial future and more social capital than almost anything else in modern times. Empowering women is my number-one mission, and women’s entrepreneurship is the best route to self-empowerment and social change that I know of, giving women the ability to excel on their own terms instead of being trapped in the limbo of a toxic and prohibitive work environment.  Thats why thought of sharing few points on Indian women entrepreneurs..

But starting a business isn’t easy, and requires buckets of hard work and preparation. There’s no easy path, no get-rich-quick scheme that will make your business thrive other than you. And while lots of people are going to give you practical advice for starting a business – how you want to incorporate, building your business plan, finding your niche – I want to say something to all the women out there that’s a little different: what do you, as a person, need to have in order to start a thriving business?

A Responsible Fear

It may sound counterintuitive; getting your confidence up is always a big part of any package of advice for people starting businesses. There are lessons on how to “fake it till you make it,” because confidence in you inspires confidence on the part of investors and clients. However, the fear of failure is an important motivator; as is the fear of irrelevance, or of simply not fulfilling your dreams. These are healthy fears that encourage both responsibility and risk-taking, keeping you perpetually on your toes instead of getting complacent or resting on your laurels. The right kind (and amount) of fear can motivate you to locate new opportunities, seek out new strategies and dig deep for that extra bit of energy needed to continually strive for more and raise the bar.

Also Check, Scanta – Best Employee Experience Tool

Realistic Expectations

The vital importance of a vision that aligns with reality can’t be overstated; while overnight, runaway sensations do happen – your Ubers, your Twitters – in most cases, a successful business takes time to grow, and will occupy most of your time (what you don’t see in overnight success stories is the years of hard work it actually took to get there). You probably won’t hit a million in revenue in your first year. You probably will spend some nights sleeping on your office floor. Your team probably won’t gel as well as you expect it to, and you’ll have unexpected competition. There are a million different wrinkles you could encounter, and having a realistic idea of what your first five years are going to be like can and will both help you be more productive and avoid burnout. Burnout can ruin you, but having a realistic set of expectations can help you avoid it by showing you that you’re on the right path to meeting your goals.

Short and Long-term Goals

Speaking of goals, realistic performance expectations are one thing, but let’s not forget that you didn’t start this business because you had realistic expectations; you started it because you wanted it to become wildly successful. Far too often, entrepreneurs fail to connect the dots between their dreams and their business model, letting their long-term ambitions drive their decisions without any sense of a middle ground. It’s the error of mistaking your reach for your grasp and overextending yourself.

A Support Network

Starting a business might feel like the hard part, but that’s because you haven’t experienced the day-to-day slog of it yet. Running your own company means nonstop stress: managing your finances, managing your employees, keeping your clients happy, ensuring quality of work, healthily maintaining and growing the company’s value, intelligently investing in the company’s future, worrying where your next client is going to come from – it can be a lot, and it’s not something you can simply leave at the office. For this exact reason, depression is the great unspoken affliction of entrepreneurs.

You can help avoid or manage stress overload by making sure you have a network of friends, loved ones, and (importantly) colleagues you can connect with and lean on when things get difficult. We all know that confidence is the name of the game when you’re running the show, which means it can feel impossible to let your guard down and show vulnerability; this is especially true for women, who may feel the need to overcompensate in response to sexist assumptions. But the thing is that vulnerability is not the same thing as weakness, and having people with whom you can take off your armor and from whom you can both seek and receive comfort is a vital part of keeping your head above the water rather than sinking below it. This will be especially true in those first five years, which will constantly challenge and ask more of you.

Financial Assets

Today, government and private institutions have made gaining financial help for starting a business simpler. There are numerous initiatives taken by the government for helping budding entrepreneurs, regardless of their gender. The only factor that matters here is the capabilities and determination to succeed.

Don’t give up if you face any misogynistic comments. Treat them like a stone on your way to success and kick it, don’t stumble upon it.

Technology to the rescue

In the digital era, technology has advanced to a level where everything you need can be done in just a few clicks. Use this very element to the fullest. They say technology and women never go together. Let’s prove them wrong, for I’ve seen many tech-savvy women who are out there to dominate the tech world!


These days, women are making their mark in almost every field. Due to the digital development all around us, you can start using your home as your first office and save up on the office space cost. Once you’ve made enough funds, that is when you can invest in a commercial space and accelerate your growth!

By making sure these areas are filled, you’re filling your toolbox with the right equipment to help your business succeed. Keep your eyes forward, but never lose sight of what’s right at your feet. Going into a new venture mentally prepared and thoroughly thought through with a healthy understanding of what it will take is probably the biggest key toward reaching your goals; after that, it’s all follow-through.

Here’s wishing all the budding and successful women entrepreneurs a very happy women’s day!

About the author :

Krupa Shah, an acclaimed virtuoso Indian artist. Krupa, has done some admirable work in the field of contemporary and abstract art.

From Maharashtra CM’s clarion call for helping the drought affected farmers in Maharashtra, to fighting for the justice for Asifa – Krupa through her paintings has raised funds and contributed generously for a lot of social causes.

She has been an active member of FICCI, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. With commendable on-ground work and relentless contribution to the field of art – Krupa has earned both, rewards and awards.

Krupa shahAttached is her profile for your reference. Here are her Instagram and Facebook handles that shall provide you glimpses of her work.

The power of nurturing creativity in kids

Every child is born with an imagination power. It is the part of adults and parents to nurture their child’s imagination which in-turn will help kids to create new thoughts and things. Firstly imagining about something and then creating the new thing is how a kid learns. Creativity is the key to new inventions.

Creativity in kidsNowadays in almost all pre-schools and schools you will find kids given time for art and craft work. But what if parents at home don’t put efforts to expand the creativity power of the kids, they won’t be that active in school then. Creativity gives great opportunities for learning and also helps in overall development of your kid. Making your kid indulge in creativity you will find a higher level of smartness, activeness and intelligence in your kid. When children participate in creative play with vehicles, toys, blocks, waste boxes or cardboards, etc. they gain self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment that they did a great job of creating and inventing new things on their own.

Presently living in the world of technology and advanced games, it is becoming difficult to divert your kids from the devil electronic gadgets. They hardly go out to play or use their powerful brain for imagination and creativity. I still cherish the memories of my childhood days where I used to spend my spare time in solving puzzles, making utensils from mud, using empty matchboxes to make new showpieces or making crafty things according to the instructions given, etc. But, looking at the kids of today’s generation I feel like they are far from all this. So, thinking about the future of our kids, it’s essential to put efforts in moving our kids towards the right direction.

So, keeping in mind about the benefits of creativity and the fun and joy involved in it for kids, PediaSure has come up with an amazing idea by designing a fun-filled activity inside their boxes.

PediaSure is a nutritional supplement which provides complete and balanced nutrition to a growing kid. It is packed with 37 nutrients that help support a child’s growing height, weight, immunity and brain development and also all essential energy requirements. But what is even more amazing is the packing that PediaSure is offering now. With its Fun and Learn DIY activity box, it is a great way of building that creativity spark in your child.

Since we know if the root of the tree is strong, the tree will definitely grow strong and healthy. Likewise, if the seed of creativity is sown in your child right from childhood they will be great innovators in the future.

Mood swings during Pregnancy

Mood swings during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life, about which a married women is excited in her life. Although, every Pregnancy is different, the feelings and experience differ for every woman but there are many symptoms which are common almost for all. Pregnancy time period i.e. those 9 months are beautiful for many but for some they are quite challenging, they experiences quite hiccups along the way. If you are Pregnant or supporting someone who is Pregnant, you will find one of common symptoms almost in every Pregnancy are mood swings. At first, you might feel excited about being Pregnant but as time flies, you might also feel stressed or be overwhelmed, some of the very common questions which keeps on popping in your mind like  which creates Mood swings during Pregnancy.

How my baby will look?
Will my baby be healthy?
Will I be a good parent?

How I am going to manage financially?

Am I eating right?

Will I be good first time mom.

 Am I doing right things to prepare for my baby? Etc.etc

Pregnancy : phase of memories in every woman life.

For every woman, Pregnancy is a life changing event full of physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy has a powerful effect on emotions, every woman goes through a roller coaster of emotions, resulting in several mood swings. Basically, because of the fluctuating progesterone and estrogen levels, a Pregnant lady witness infamous mood swings. They might sometimes involuntarily cry watching at silly things or sometimes may be without any reason. You may even find them watching cartoon all the time or singing childish songs. They might be sometimes very happy and sometimes will be sad without reason. Some of them might desire to have something or to go at any particular place and might sometime crave for having different dishes. If the wishes of a pregnant lady are fulfilled, she will definitely be happy but in-case if you are not able to fulfill her wish, She will be sad or might even start crying and at extreme point she might even turn violent. Discussing about the mood swings of a Pregnant lady, I think it is very difficult to figure out How and why do mood swings happen…? But still in my further blog I tried my best to share some necessary points about mood swings in Pregnant woman.

Some typical Reasons responsible for mood swings during Pregnancy. 

Talking about this topic is a bit challenging task, since every pregnancy is different but still there are few commons reasons like:

Physical stress or fatique

This is one of the common reason causing mood swings since every pregnant woman is concerned about the future of the baby, about baby’s health, about delivery etc. such things causes a fluctuation in their hormones and can in turn affect their mood. Mood swings during Pregnancy is phenomena which happens in every women in different way.

Common health changes

There are other common changes through which the body of a pregnant woman goes through like heartburn, frequent urination, body or back pain, weakness etc. such changes also puts an adverse effect on their mood.

Change in Hormonal level-

Changes in the hormones known as Progesterone and Estrogen effects the mood of the Pregnant woman. These hormonal changes affects the neurotransmitters in their brain thus causes the increase and decrease in the amount of these transmitters. Such changes causes anxiety, grumpiness or irritation sometimes.

When do mood swings occur in Pregnancy?

Women usually experience mood swings during the first and third trimester of their Pregnancy. Some might even witness mood swings at every stage, so let’s see how does actually they face in all the three trimesters?

Mood swing during First Trimester

This is the initial phase of Pregnancy, since the body and mind takes time to accept the changes occurring in the body, especially for the women getting Pregnant for the first time. Mood swings during first trimester are quite common and almost every women experiences this, some being aware about it or some are unaware. Morning sickness, vomiting, anxiety, giddiness etc all come together for many and need to be handle with care.

Mood swing during Second Trimester

Second Trimester is said to be calmest and the best time period of every Pregnancy. This is the time when a pregnant woman can enjoy her pregnancyto the fullest. They hardly faces any mood swings if they are happy and in cheerful and peaceful surrounding.

Mood swing during Third trimester

This is said to be peak and a challenging phase of every Pregnancy. At this stage the body of a pregnant lady goes through many changes, they face a lot of problem in doing their daily activity especially while sleeping. They experiences heartburn and insomnia and gets tired easily. This is the

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Now, the question arise, are Pregnancy mood swings normal?

Yes, in majority of the cases the mood swings during Pregnancy are normal and should not be worried about unless you experience it continuously for many days. First of all, it is important for every Pregnant woman to accept the fact that they are not alone who experiences mood swings and thus should try to find ways to come out from them. If you are planning Pregnancy or u get Pregnant you should accept the fact that mood swing are just another aspect of Pregnancy. Sometimes knowing the facts of when and why you are experiencing mood swing, can help to cope up with this problem.

When should you take Professional help?

Being aware about the fact that the mood swing are common during the First and Third Trimester of Pregnancy, a Pregnant woman must be mentally prepared for it but still if mood swings lasts more than 3-4 days and affects your health, you should concern your doctor or to a health care provider and try to find out the reasons to come out of it. In many cases it is found Pregnant Woman suffering from stress and depression experiencing more mood swings.

So, following is the list which includes several ways to manage stress level during Pregnancy:

Drink plenty of water.
Eat well and healthy.
Read books.
Take a nap.
Go for a walk.
Talk frequent breaks from work to relax.
Get plenty of sleep.
Get a stress-relieving massage.
Do what you like to do in your free time to entertain yourself.
Try to leave her in pleasant environment and with positive people, etc.

At the end, here are few suggestions to cope up with mood swings during Pregnancy:
First of all, it is important to accept the fact that you are not alone who experiences the mood swing during pregnancy. It is basically a normal phenomenon, may be it differs from case to case. But if in your case if you experience frequent mood swing, it will definitely cause an alarm for your near and dear ones, to take proper care of you. I feel, the period of Pregnancy is not only meant for the mother, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of both the spouses. Even it is the responsibility of the relatives coming in contact with the mother, to create a positive environment and understand about her likes and dislikes. At last, one thing should be kept in mind that a pregnant lady should take good care of herself, should thing positive, should not take stress and try to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy because at that particular moment she is the priority. In a few years, you might forget about this but when you will look back you will miss them greatly.

Ps :This was my personal experience which i shared  if you have any ideas or tips please add in the comments below.

Kid’s dental health- most important issue in early age of child

Kids dental health
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Tooth decay is one of the most common problems a child suffers in their growing years. Studies have reported that about 50% of the kids suffer from tooth decay and its complications between the ages of 3-9 years. Dental Park – kids dentistry is an exclusive pediatric dental clinic providing comprehensive dental care for general preventive needs for your children. Our goal is to help kids maintain their oral health and educate them on the importance of oral hygiene.  Kids dental health is always ignored by parents due to less awareness.

How Dr Kavita helped me! 

Dr Kavita Dani is a Pediatric and Preventive dentist having expertise in handling children for their dental problems. One of the most common reasons of decay in children is the modern diet and lack of preventive dental care. Dental Park – Kids dentistry aims at complete prevention of tooth decay in children by applying various preventive measures. One more reason is ignorance or lack of awareness of importance of milk teeth. She has been doing many workshop to make people aware of  kids dental health. 

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Some most common questions asked by parents to dentist

Q- Milk teeth are not important as they are going to “fall down anyway”.
A-Not all milk teeth will fall down at age of 6 or 7. Only the front teeth (incisors) will fall at this age. Molars or the behind teeth which are most commonly used for chewing will fall at around 10 years of age.

Q- Baby teeth can’t get cavities or treatment is not necessary.

If you have a tooth, it can get cavities. If left untreated, a cavity in a baby tooth may cause the tooth to become infected or abscessed, which can cause pain and swelling,” In addition, the permanent tooth is forming right at the ends of the root of the baby tooth, so any infection in the baby tooth can damage the permanent tooth. In fact, it is found that children who had cavities in their baby teeth were three times more likely to develop cavities in their adult teeth.  kids dental health is completely ignored in such cases. 

Q- Is brushing milk teeth necessary?
A – yes and absolutely. Brushing twice daily is necessary

Q- Will brushing reverse the decay?
No. dental decay is irreversible and tooth is the only organ which cannot heal itself. Only a professional can help your child.

Q- Why visit a pediatric dentist and not a general dentist for my child’s teeth problems.
A pediatric dentist has a specialized degree in treating dental problems related to children. Along with that a pediatric dentist can also foresee and prevent future dental problems such as crooked teeth.  kids dental health is best understood by pediatric dentist only.

Q- At what age should my child visit a pediatric dentist?
A. Ideally a child should visit a pediatric dentist at 1 year of age.

Q- Is the treatment expensive?
No. dental treatment is not expensive but dental neglect is. So it is recommended to visit a pediatric dentist once in every 6 months even if there is no problem.

Q- Will the treatment be painless?
Yes. Your child will be treated with utmost care and the treatment will be painless. We use all advanced technology to minimize the time use and finish the treatment as quick as possible.

Why I choose dental park?

Dental Park is a highly equipped pediatric dental clinic with all modern amenities. It is child friendly and every child is treated according to his personal need. All types of dental treatments like diagnosis, cleaning,x-rays, fillings, root canals, crowns, pit and fissure sealants, space maintainers etc are done under one roof. Sedation techniques are also available at thier centre.

Dental Park has recently introduced providing dental services at the luxury and comfort of your home with all the amenities that are present in a dental clinic. Their team visits you with a portable dental chair and dental unit that is equipped for all types of dental procedures. Home dental services are introduced as some children are fearful of the clinic /hospital atmosphere.  After I understood kids dental health I realised that, I was ignoring these facts.

They have been consistently providing dental check up and fluoride treatments at school levels for all the children. Other services available at Dental Park are braces, preservation of stem cells and diet counseling.

Diet counseling does not include simply eliminating sweets and chocolate. It is customized according to every child with the help of a high end software which is used to determine the future risks of decay as well.
They  believe in “prevention is better than cure”.
Keep smiling.

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